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I'm sorry I haven't added a new part to this story. I was having a really bad case of writers block. One so bad that it has prompted me to re imagine and rewrite the whole story. I am sorry for this but the story will be much better and will finally have a direction that will lead to part three, A Hero In Doubt the conclusion of the Hero Saga.


A Hero Written In Black

A Hero In The Hallways Part Two Re imagined

They handcuffed me, placing me into the police cruiser. “I'm sorry Mr. Williams this is just procedure,” one of them says as they close the door. I had killed him and there he lies with blood dripping from the inside of his jacket still looking at me with that cold gaze. I had killed a person and the sad part is that inside it feels so good. He had gotten away with so much and now I had my revenge.

Jonathan Williams


I never thought that he would do this to me. Finally I could come close enough to let him know how I feel and he turned away from me. How do I proceed when he doesn't want me near? How do I turn away when I know that I love him?

Craig Peterson


That day is still with me. I still have the dress. Every time I see it I cry to myself. Now he leaves me this journal, telling me in his own words what he felt and the secret he should have told me long ago.

Melissa Browning


Three will come to rely on each other, two will be lost and one life will be changed forever...

A Hero Written In Black

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