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A Hero

Written In Black



Three shots was all it took for him to go down. “Mr. Williams put the gun down,” yelled somebody. “John you have to put the gun down,” Agent Moran added from somewhere else. Had they listened to me this would never have happened.

Some one touched my arm and pulled it down taking the gun from me. “He's dead now John, please come with me,” Agent Moran said pulling me away from the dead body. “You are going to go with them for now John,” she says handing me to another officer.

They handcuffed me and put me in the police cruiser. “I'm sorry Mr. Williams this is just procedure,” one of them says as they close the door. I had killed him and there he lied with blood dripping from the inside of his jacket, still looking at me with that cold gaze. I had killed a person and the sad part is that inside it felt so good. He had gotten away with so much and now I had my revenge.

The room they put me in was cold. I noticed that right away, I had my arms pulled in close around me. I saw Mel on the way into the precinct. An officer was giving her a cup of water. She gazed at me as they led me past. This had gone to far.

I had been in that room for a half an hour, it could have been more I didn't know anymore. Who cared anyways I was about to be charged with first degree murder and I couldn't think of anything that could save me from that fate. I stopped asking why, I knew that at that time I was the most unlucky person in the world and I was bringing my friends down with me.

An officer walked in and placed a voice recorder on the desk. “Mr. Williams, my name is Henry Simms,” he said, extending his hand. “I am with the bureau. I would like to ask you some questions.”

What would you like to know?” I asked him.

I need to know how this all started. Start from the beginning,” he said.



Sometimes, in my dreams I can still see the glass from that night surrounding me. as I fall through it I can still see Helene shooting at me. “Die John!” she yells, “Die John!”and I can still hear Randy, my former doorman scream as the bullets hit his legs. It keeps me up at night and I don't know how to deal with it.

I made some decisions in the past months that have left me alone and scared of what my come next. I had received a paper with the words, written on it. Those words had me trapped for five months.

It was close to thanksgiving when it all came to a head. The movie based on my book, Hallway Hero had just premiered. Mel played herself in the movie and she was well on her way to being a movie star. Drew was also a part of the movie. His band, The Mikes played themselves in the movie. I was asked to do a cameo for the movie but I had declined.

I missed the movies premiere, I was too paranoid to go to it. The media began speculating about my whereabouts. The headlines read, Where is Jonathan Williams? Arthur had thousands of news magazines asking about me and the entertainment shows were paying top dollar for videos of me. I guess I could have taken it in stride but at that time but that paper Dominick Mayer had sent me had me on edge.

I guess you also want to know what happened to Craig and I huh? Well there was no Craig and I. He had moved on and no matter how hard I tried he didn't want to hear from me. I couldn't force him to do something he didn't want to do so I gave up. Yet I had more pressing matters to deal with.

I remember the specific moment where it all began. I was watching television. “Hallway Hero the movie has crossed it's seventy million mark at the box office, with it's second week at number one. sequel rumors are a-buzzing. As very big name stars prepare to play the roles, we spoke to Melissa Browning the actress playing herself in Hallway Hero. The actress is a favorite for the best supporting actress nomination.”

“Do you know where Jonathan Is?” The host asked Mel.

“Yeah off course,” Mel answered.

“Is this a marketing ploy?”

“No. He's just deep into writing his next book he is really busy.”

“There are rumors of a sequel. Is there an ounce of truth to that?” asked the host.

“Well I can't say yet. They have to get together with Jonathan to decide,” Mel says.

I switched the channel. There was yet another magazine show speaking of me.

“We spoke to Craig Peterson one of the true life characters in Hallway Hero at the premier.”

“Where Is Jonathan?” The host asked Craig. “Are you still talking to him?”

“Jonathan and I are at different points in our lives right now. I'm sure he is happy,” He answered, smiled and walked away. He looked real good yet he was there with somebody else. I noticed him holding his hand.

There you have it folks. The mystery continues. For more updates visit our website.” I turned the television set off when I received a phone call from Mel.

“Hello Mel,”I said into the phones receiver.

“Well hello there stranger,” she said back. “How are you?”

“I'm fine. I just saw your interview on TV.”

“Really I'm sorry hon they chopped that all off,” she said. “Well I'm in the city I was wondering if you might want to meet me for dinner?”

“Well Mel I'm kind of busy and I just started writing can we do this some other,” I start and she cuts me off.

“John you can't possibly be living like this. Honey Helene is dead. She can't mess with you from the grave. I expect you at my hotel in an hour and please bring Michael's Journal I want to read it,” She says before hanging up with me.

I had forgotten all about the Journal. Drew had given it to me months earlier. I thought it best for Mel to read it first. Deep down I know that the Journal belongs to her.

I put on a black hoodie. I made sure I had my mase, my cell phone and I grabbed Michaels Journal from my closet. I had moved from my old apartment. I couldn't deal with what happened there. Every time I went by that place an image of blood and glass enters my mind so I sold it. I headed towards the subway platform.

I wasn't safe and I knew that. Dominick could be anywhere so I kept a low profile. I didn't tell anyone about the letter that he sent me so no one knew what was going on with me. I couldn't let them worry, especially not my parents they had worried enough. I took self defense classes. I even bought a gun and learned how to shoot it at a shooting range.

I was extremely paranoid. My apartment was wired with an expansive security system. I had a camera built into the door that was wired to a computer terminal. There were motion sensors everywhere and the windows were bullet proof.

I put in the code before I shut the door. I looked back behind me to make sure no one was there. I lived my life like this now. If there was any possibility that Dominick was coming for me I wouldn't make it easy for him to take me.

I still hadn't regained some of my memory so I didn't know what Dominick looked like. I had formed an image of a male Helene in my mind and I always looked for someone who fit that image. Sometimes I saw that same exact person and it scared me.

I hailed a cab and told him where to take me. I looked at the city as we made our way to the hotel. I always loved the city at night. The lights that Illuminated the empire estate building always had me transfixed. Tonight they were red and green for Christmas. The lights shone vibrantly in the snow and the purple sky.

“You going to meet your girl, yes?” asked the driver in a thick accent.

“No, just a friend.” I answered as we passed times square.

“I have seen you before, yes?” I nodded. “Yes, I remember you. You are the book writer. That book Hero in the hall.”

“Hallway Hero,” I corrected.

“My wife, she read your books. We just saw your movie. Fantastic.”

“Thank you, but I really don't have a say in the movie making. I just signed the contract.”

“Yes but you write book that make movie. I read book. So much better,” he says and makes me smile.

“Can I ask you question?”


“What about this boy Dominick? What happened to him?” I froze. He noticed. “I'm sorry am I crossing line with question?” Every time I heard that name It made me uncomfortable.

“No your not crossing the line. He's in jail,” I replied as he pulled up to the hotel.

“OK, I tell you what, you sign my book and I give you ride no charge,” He said as he extended his copy to me. I signed it. “Thank you much,” he said as he pulled away. I looked over to one of the buildings there was a huge billboard advertising The movie.

The news stations were going crazy and so were the message boards. Everyone wanted to know where I was. There was a whole website with sightings of me. Almost all of them were fake but they had one of me at the grocery store. I had my agent contact them and they removed the picture.

Mel was doing good for herself. She had just bought a house in Beverly Hills and she was getting ready to start her third movie. The last time I saw her was months ago when my second book, A forgotten Hero was released.

I took the elevator to her floor. Her room was at the far end of the floor. As I walked towards it I felt somebody following me. When I reached her room I knocked really fast. I didn't get an answer so I knocked again. “I'm coming,” Mel yelled from the other side. “Are you alright?” she asked when she opened the door. Whoever was following me was gone.

“Yeah I just thought that,”I began to say when she hugged me and looked out to the hallway.

“John there is no one there. You need to stop this paranoia.”

“Hello Mel you look good,” I said trying to change the subject. I knew somebody was following me. Whoever it was stepping fast behind me. I couldn't tell her about the paper.

“You can't change the subject that fast,” She said and I pulled out the journal which did change the subject if only for a moment. “He wrote this for all of us. Did you read it John?” I shook my head.

“Mel you're wrong this is for you not me,” I tell her.

“No John this is for all of us. He would want you to read it,” She said. “But enough of this what aren't you telling me? I want to know what's got you so spooked?”

“Mel I'm alright and there is nothing to tell,” I could tell that she's wasn't buying any of it. She gave me a long stare but then she moved on to other things.

Have you heard Craig?” she asked and Inside I cringed. “I talked to him at the premier. He's doing good. He said that he wanted to talk to you.”

What?”I asked. Any news from Craig had me at attention.

“John let's go the limo is waiting downstairs for us,” Mel said avoiding my question.

The limo drove us downtown. I knew that we were driving further away from my apartment and I didn't like that. I just wanted to be at home.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Oh this little place I know.”

I watched the city in silent desperation as the limo drove us across town. I wished I would have stayed home. At least I had control over what happened there. I looked away in silent desperation.

“Have you talked to Aaron and Meghan?” I nodded “They've been in the city for a while and you still don't talk to them.”

“I haven't had the time. With writing and all.”

Ten minutes later the limo pulled up to a fancy looking restaurant. There were several reporters and photographers outside waiting for us. I cringed as they rushed the limo. A big man opened the door and helped us out. A second later another big man joined us and helped us inside the restaurant. Where every one I know yells, “Surprise.”

I wanted to leave but he stopped me from leaving. That face. “Craig?” tears were coming from my eyes. I couldn't believe it. I walked over to him. I stopped when I noticed he was talking to someone and holding his hand. He didn't even notice me.

“Happy birthday Son,” said my father.

“Oh thank you Dad,” I said as he hugged me.

Aaron and Meghan joined us. “I just read the book It's great.” Said Meghan. I smiled but I was really choking. There he was the love of my life and he was there with somebody else.

“Have you seen the movie yet?” Aaron asked me.

“No,” I stopped when I noticed Craig was looking at me. “I can't go back to that.”

“Happy birthday to you,” Sang my mother from behind me. I turned to her. She held a cake with a number two candle on it. I smiled. My mother always put the wrong number on my birthday cakes. I blew the candle and everyone applauded.

“You thought we forgot your birthday huh?” Asked Mel.

“No actually I forgot my birthday.” That seemed to hit a sour note with my everyone they just looked at each other. “Oh come on it's a joke.” I lied trying to brighten the mood. Everyone gave uneasy giggles.

We sat and ordered dinner. Craig stared at me through out the whole dinner as I caught up with everyone. Meghan and Aaron were doing great In New York. She had gotten a job in a local magazine and he was running a skateboarding business in Brooklyn. Mr. Peterson sat next to me. “I hear a rumor of a sequel,” Joked Mr. Peterson. Mel just smiled getting his joke. I let out a small laugh.

“You know I finally read that book?” said my father to my shock. “Hey I wanted to read it this whole time.”

“Dad you weren't supposed to do that,” I said, giving him a disapproving look.

“I read it too said my mother,” I couldn't believe it. “I never knew you felt this way about these things John. I never knew it was that rough.”

“Well I'm still here,” I said as I looked over to Craig.

He seemed to understand and nodded his head. Then he looked back to the guy he was with. Now that hurt and all of a sudden I really needed an excuse to leave. I excused myself and walked over to the bathroom. I really just wanted a way out. I lost him now. I noticed an exit door on the other side. I took it and walked away from the restaurant. I pulled my hoodie close to me.

“John!” someone yelled. I hailed a cab. I got in as he pulled over and I never looked back. My cell phone rang. I shut it off.

I had the cab pull over a block or so from my apartment. It was just a precaution. I couldn't be to cautious. I felt the pocket in my hoodie to make sure I still had the journal. I really wanted to read it.

From the Journal of Michael


Am I a lie? Are we all a Lie? My life is a lie. Not the type of secret you might think just the secret that will end my life. When you are part of a social crowd you have to keep up an image. Especially when it's the popular crowd. My problem is that I am a part of two crowds. Two crowds completely opposite from each other.

I would consider leaving one for the other but I had to much to lose on both sides. What could I lose, you ask? Well I could lose my friends. No really I mean that. Being with the punks I can be myself. I can play my music and I can sing, I can be friends with Drew, but with the popular kids I have to hide myself. I know what your thinking If it's so bad why do you keep coming back? there are two people that keep me coming back. Mel and John.

I imagine that these people I speak of will some day read this after I am gone. So let me tell them that I have never met three people as special as they are. Even though they tore me apart I will always be loyal to them.

I'm in love. Yes I'm in love with the most beautiful person I have ever seen. If only she would notice me as much as she noticed him. Mel, The one that took my heart, my life that was in love with John. Jonathan, who was Drew's crush.

Why don't you tell her?” I think to myself every time I see you.

What are you writing?” Mel asks every time she sees me writing here. Her red hair drove me wild. Those bright eyes and that beautiful smile.

Just some home work,” I would reply.

Have you seen John?” she would then ask breaking my heart. I would facilitate the heartbreak by pointing to John who would just happen to be walking by us.

John, my friend. He was so far away from all of us. He was higher than we could all be. So much popular than I could ever dream of. He was everyones friend, and the nicest guy you could ever meet. He was untouchable to me, too perfect maybe. Yet as I realized these things I knew that Inside he kept something. Yet he balances everything so well. Always moving. Always here always there.

Then last but not least there is Drew. He was there for me and I was there for them. I guess I should really say he was my best friend. He was my wing man when the populars weren't around. Of all the people I knew he needed me the most. I was his rock. I hope that when I'm gone he would be strong enough for himself as I was for him. I hope that he finds what he needs in some special that can relate to him.

Why would I be gone?” because my days are counted and I know that. I have cancer and I am no longer living for me. I'm living for them. That's my secret. Nobody but me knows.

Hi guys,” Said John as I write. “I want to run for president.”

That's a good Idea you know you would win,” I said. He had a loyal following. He was the prince of our court. The leader of the populars. As far as I was concerned he held them in his hands.

Yeah but I heard meatball is running. She would have my head,” John Said as the bell rang.

Why does Drew put up with me? There he sat alone and bored as everyone talked to their friends sharing extremely shallow versions of their lives. He sat alone as I sat with those that ran this school. If it wasn't for John and Mel I would be right over there sharing my shallow life with him.

Are you paying attention to me?” John asks breaking me away from my writing.

John I'm paying attention. Go on,” I said. Yes go on share with me your whole life. Share with me what you keep inside. Tell me why you ignore Mel when she practically throws herself at you. Tell me why you are staring at Charlie Ireson.

Well I need at least fifty votes to qualify,” he said but I was no longer aware that he was there. Melissa Browning, the gorgeous Melissa Browning had just made her way through the door of our crowded English class. She could stop time and for me she often did.

Hi John,” She said completely ignoring me. Giggles came from somewhere behind me as she sat next to John and not me.

Mel am I that invisible? Am I not good enough to warrant an acknowledgment that would make my day. Do I not deserve to hear your voice say my name,” I thought and then I will write.

Hi Michael,” She finally said sending my heart a jolt.

Hi Mel,” I shyly responded. Then the smile came. Somewhere across the classroom I knew Drew was laughing at me. He would tease me for hours later.

Michael are you doing anything after school today?” Asked John. What could I say? He had me in school but Drew needed me after school.

Yeah I have to do something with my dad,” I lied but it kept them from knowing. Drew deserves my attention as much as they do. Even if he has to wait.

I had to balance them. I feel myself breaking apart inside. Like I said I am living for them now and my days are counting down. My doctors said that I wouldn't make it till the end of the year. I want to be there for all three of them. I want them to remember me at my strongest.

So how was your day?” I ask Drew when I meet him after school. He would shrug. I know what that means. He's mad at me. “Drew what's wrong?” he doesn't answer.

I see the bruises on his back as he takes his sweater off to change. It hurts to see a friend in pain. “Michael can you hand me my guitar,” he asks knowing full well that I saw the bruises.

He hit you again?”

It's no big deal. It could have been worst,” He said trying to change the subject as he played a riff.

Drew, you cant live like this.”

I have to live like this. I ain't rich like you are. I have nowhere else to go. Now are you going to play or what?”

I tried playing but my heart wasn't into it. How could I let this happen to him. Me that lives in the big house. “Drew if you want to you can crash at my house tonight.”

No It's best if I go home. Plus your parents don't want me around you.”

Yes my parents. Those bastards. They hated anyone or anything that wasn't like them. “I can sneak you in through my window. They would never know.”

Hey I might be poor but I have my dignity. I am not going where I'm not wanted. Thanks for the offer though.”

Something in me kicked in. tonight I would play and sing like I never had before. I am going to play away my feelings. I am going to play away my pain.

I didn't know what was real anymore. Everything was moving so fast and I don't know what to trust anymore. It has been so long since this all began. Sometimes I fear that this will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Mis Browning Christopher is ready for you,” said Geoffrey the photographers assistant. That's where it all began again during that publicity shoot. It was the publicity shoot for Hallway Hero the movie. I was in New York city for the premier and a Surprise Birthday we had planned for John.

Please sit here,” Christopher, the photographer said. They had set up a boiler room to look like the one Helene had put us in when she had us kidnapped. I was even wearing the same clothes I had worn that day. The hair stylist was styling my hair to make it look dirty. The make up artist made my face look dirty and bruised. 

Here you go,” said Geoffrey, handing me a bolt cutter and placed a tool box at my feet. He then chained my hands. The bolt cutter was the tool I used to break free from the chains. There was another man that looked eerily like John chained somewhere in the back ground.

As I looked around my surroundings it all came back to me. Like a dream I relived those two days again. The two days Helene had kept John and me in that Boiler room. I screamed as tears came from my eyes.

Mel that is Great,” said Christopher, breaking me from the flashback. The flash from his camera had me transfixed as more tears fell. “Let's move on.”

Are you alright?” Geoffrey asked me. 

Yeah I just had a flashback,” I said to him.

Really?” asked Christopher. “I didn't mean to, if you want to stop we can do the classroom shoot.”

No that's alright I just need a moment,” I said, heading towards my dressing room. I walked in and picked up my cell phone. 

I kept in touch with Meghan every day. I think we needed each other you see. Unlike John who dealt with everything himself I needed support. I couldn't place that all on John. “Hi Meghan it's Mel how are you?”

What's wrong Mel? Did you have another one?” Meghan asked. 

Yeah this one was a stronger one,” I told her as more tears came to my eyes. “It felt so real Meghan. It was like the first time I was on set. Do you remember the one I told you about when I shot the hospital scene where Michael died. It was that real but this time it was the boiler room.”

Mel I think you need to get some help. You can't let this consume you. You see what it's doing to John, he doesn't talk to any of us these days,” Meghan said. “Why don't I meet you for lunch? We can talk some more.”

Sure Meg. I'll have a car pick you up,” I said then I hanged up. As I looked to the mirror I noticed an envelope with my name on it. I reached to it and opened it. Inside the envelope there was a piece of paper. The paper read,

It's not over Mel, not by a long shot...

“Mel are you ready?” Geoffrey asked from the outside of my dressing room.

“Geoffrey did anyone come into my dressing room?” I asked him as I opened the door.

“Yeah, just the cleaning guy but he was only here for a second.”

“Where is he?” I asked.

“Christopher sent him home for the day. Why did he take anything of yours?” Geoffrey asked with a concerned gaze.

“No but I need you to get me a car as soon as were finished here,” I said. “Come on.”



“Where did this come from?” I asked myself, putting my journal down. Tears were coming from my eyes. Michael had written this. He was living for us. I wish I knew sooner, I thought. I would have read more but it got to me.

I took a deep breath as I got off the elevator. The head of the studio that produced the movie wanted to meet with me. We were In talks to produce the sequel to Hallway Hero and he wanted me to be more involved with it's production. I was ready to decline. I don't really want to be a part of that and I really wanted to be as low profile as possible.

I walked over to the receptionist that escorted me to the conference room. The head of the studios was there with several other important people and the director. My agent sat on the other side with my lawyers.

“Mr. Williams it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm Austin Smith.” said the Director extending his hand. I shook it and smiled. I greeted the rest of them and we sat to negotiate.

They had doubled the amount I was paid. They wanted me to have a cameo in the movie as well. They also wanted me to write the script. They felt it would give legitimacy to the story.

Arthur and I walked away to another room and he asked me what I wanted. “Arthur I don't want to be a part of this. I don't want to write the script and the only reason I'm letting them do the movie is for Drew and Mel,” I told him and he nodded.

“How about you let them get someone to write the script but you have final approval on the script?” Arthur asks me.

“I like that.” I said. “The cameo I can do but not until the end of the shoot.” Arthur nodded and led me out of the room.

The director and the rest of the studio heads entered the room when we did and they sat around the table. “What are your clients terms Arthur?” asked one of the studio heads.

“We have simple ones,”said Arthur.

“What is that Arthur?” Said the head of the studio.

“My client would prefer not to be involved at the level you would like him to be. He wants final word of approval on the script..”

I explained it to them carefully leaving the part about Dominique out. They seemed to understand. I would do the cameo at the end of their shoot but that would be the extent of my involvement. I signed the papers and they offered to take me out to dinner to celebrate. I declined and Left for my apartment. That night on the news they announced the sequel.

I pressed play on my answer machine. “John call me I'm serious. I really need to talk to you,” said Craig's voice. It hurt every time I heard it. The second message clicked on. “John this is Craig again. I was going to go by your house but it occurred to me I that I don't know where you live now. I called your agent and asked for the address but they wouldn't give it to me. Call me John.”

The third message was Mel. “How dare you leave. I will have your head for this. Meet me tonight at my hotel It's important. If you don't come I will have no choice than to disown you.”

I looked at Michael's Journal. I wanted to read from it again. I went to pick it up but The phone rang. I let the answer machine take it. “Hey Open the door It's Craig. I'm outside.” I froze.

The phone rang once more. “John answer your phone please. Let me in I need to talk to you it's important that I do talk to you. I won't call again John.”

I walked over to the door and looked a the camera screen. There he was. Craig the one I would die for. He knocked on the door. “John I know you can see me. Please answer the door. I need you to answer the door.”

I hesitated a minute before I started to unlock the door. There he was looking at me as I looked at him. I wanted him more than I ever did. I just needed him to acknowledge me. I needed him to let me in. I needed him to say yes.

“Come in Craig,” I said he stepped inside I quickly closed the door.

“Nice dark place you have here John,” He said. I took him in once more. He was so close.

“Craig why are you here?”

He pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. I already knew what it was.

Stay away Craig, John is mine now...

A chill climbed down my spine. I quickly walked over to the door and locked it. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed the note Dominique sent me. Craig followed me to my room.

I handed Craig my note and waited as he read it. “We need to find out if he's sent anybody else a letter,” Said Craig as he handed me back the paper.

“I don't want to get anybody else involved,” I said. He looked at me for awhile.

“When did you get your letter?”

“A few months ago.”

“And you didn't call the police. John you can't live like this. It's stupid and you can get hurt,” Craig yelled at me. I began to walk away from him but he held my wrist. “ John you have to realize people care about you.”

That hit home. I pulled away from him. “I know that Craig that's why I didn't want to involve anyone. I care enough to do that.”

“That doesn't make sense. John. You could be killed and then where does that leave everybody? Where does that leave me?”

Where does that leave him? What the hell was he talking about? “Craig, I can't do this . I can't not now.”

“But you're going to let him hurt you? Possibly kill you? John we have to call the police and let them handle this,” he said as he walked over to the phone.

I watched as he spoke on the phone. Maybe he was right. Maybe I was just being stupid. Too bad it took him to make me realize. “What's the address here?” he asked. I gave it to him. “The cops will be here in a few minutes.”

I sat down and looked outside the window. Craig sat next to me. The warmth from him gave me comfort but knowing he was no longer mine drove me mad. He seemed to inch closer every time I inched away.

“Why did you leave yesterday,” he asked.

“I had to,” I whispered. I wanted to look at him. I wanted to look at his face.

“You had to? What does that mean Jonathan?” he asked as he got closer.

“Craig please.”

“John I need to know something.”

“Craig don't,” I said and walked away from him. I knew what he wanted to ask me and I wasn't ready to give him an answer. He walked over to me and pulled me around to face him.

“I need to know what you feel about me. Tell me john.”

“Craig no I can't. You have someone now and I can't come in between that.” I wanted to tell him everything. The way it felt every time I called and he didn't answer. The betrayal I felt when I saw him with that other guy. What I felt right then when he was close.

“John I Love you. I always will. I just can't wait for you. I want you back too John. I am asking you back,” he said as he got closer. He pulled me close to him. “I need you John. Not having you. Not knowing where you are kills me. Every time I hear your voice on my phone I cry, but you know what I gave you your space. It's been a long time, and now I am asking you. Do you want me back?”

“Craig what about that guy you were with last night?” He looked at me and smiled as he shook his head.

“John that's my brother Dean.”

“Since when do you have a brother, and why where you holding his hand?”

“He lives with my mother and I held his hand because he has an anxiety disorder. He gets very claustrophobic when he's in big crowds. When I hold his hand it calms him down. I brought him to meet you.”

“Why didn't you tell me you had a brother?”

“Because I just found out? My mother had him when I was at that hospital. My father never knew. When I went up to meet her he was away at a boarding school.”

“Craig, I'm sorry.”

“Don't be sorry just answer my question.”

“Yes Craig, I want you back.”

I pulled in closer to kiss him but the door bell rang. “It must be the police,” I said as I walked over to the door. Craig smiled as I unlocked the door. “Damn it,” I thought.

“Are you Mr. Williams?” I nodded. “ I am detective Abrams,” Said the tall man as he stepped into my apartment. “And this is my partner Detective Moran,” he said as his partner a tall woman walked in.

We showed him the letters. He asked us some questions and for some contact information. His partner checked the apartment. They took the letters for evidence. I didn't tell them how long I've had the letter.

“What's with all the security?” Asked detective Moran.

“He's a little paranoid. After what happened last year,” said Craig. She wrote something down in her note pad.

“What happened last year?” Asked detective Abrams. I filled him in. Detective Moran kept writing as I spoke Then she inspected the door and the windows.

“This is very safe place you got here huh? It would be safer for you to stay here than to go anywhere else,”Said detective Moran. “But we are going to have a police cruiser placed outside until Dominique is found.”

“Dominique has failed to show for his weekly sign-in at the hospital this week. No one knows where he is at this point,” Added detective Abrams. “We've contacted his parents and they are cooperating with us until we find him. I assure you we will.”

Yeah like you guys found Helene, I thought as I shook his hand. “Thank you.”

I closed the door when they left and made sure all the locks were closed. “Can you stay here?” I asked Craig he nodded.

“Where were we?” he asked as he kissed me but we were quickly interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Let it ring it's probably Mel,” I said. We started to kiss again but the feeble voice from the answering machine stopped us from kissing.

“John I need your help. I only have a few days left they are killing me. Help me,” said the voice from the answering machine.

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