They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead of a warning.



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Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Conan and Iolo: (pronunciation, Yolo)

by Larkin


Part 4. The Mission:

"So you know what? Now we got two wars. They're killing people with hi-tech weapons and watching their fuckin stocks climb on the Dow. I can't believe how fucked up it is."

Iolo was in earnest. "We gotta do something!"

I nodded in agreement.

"Conan, will you go to the march with me in Washington, we have to leave tomorrow? I mean like, we have to take a stand."

I said that I'd have to ask my Mom and he interrupted me.

"Fuck your Mother, we can't take a chance. We just have to go. How much money do you have?"

I said, maybe $50 or $60 bucks.

Iolo was acting like he had a million things to do and said, "Great, the bus leaves for Washington an 7am. Call me and we'll connect. Oh, and bring a sleeping bag!"

I was swept away and I guessed that I didn't have a will of my own but I no longer cared. All I cared about was Iolo.


I showed up at the bus station and Iolo was so excited that he could barely contain himself. He canvassed the group to find that the only others who were going to the march were an odd collection of lesbians that were for gay marriage. We sat together at the back of the bus where we could make-out unobserved.

He looked at me smiling and said, "I don't know how to thank you other than to say, I love you."

We cuddled and cooed as the bus pulled out and onto the highway towards some great adventure and me and Iolo were going on it together.


During the trip I told him how my dad had left before I was old enough to even remember him. One day when I came home from school there was a man visiting my Mom.

He came up to me and said, "Hi Conan, you might not remember me but I'm your Dad."

It caused me to think inwardly for a moment and then I turned to Iolo and said, "That was years ago."

Iolo laughed sympathetically and said, "I don't think I even have a Dad. My Mom got pregnant from smoking too many cigarettes."

He went on. "So I guess we are boys without fathers. You turned out ok but look at what a fruit I turned into."

I asked him about his brother and if he had really abused him when he was little.

He was silent for a moment as if he was sorting out conflicted thoughts. "First of all is that we have different fathers. Maybe that's part of the problem. You know,... I didn't mind the sexual stuff that much. It made me feel like I was important and useful but it was all the other stuff. For all I knew, I might have even been born gay but he was always so angry and resentful and pissed off all the time and I had no idea why. I think he hated that I even existed. What am I supposed to do, kill myself so he can live in a world without me?"

Iolo's complicated relationship with his brother was beyond me but I felt closer to him for telling me about it.

I had never been to Washington before and I admit that I was awed by the size of the city.

"Conan, do you know how great this is, you coming with me to protest this fucked up war?"

I didn't know where we were going except that we were following the lesbians down a broad avenue and soon more and more people on all sides of us were all going in the same direction. I remember seeing the tall obelisk of the Washington monument off in the distance and thinking how it didn't look real. Iolo was bubbly with excitement and he tugged me along with him. When we arrived at the Mall, we squeezed into an expansive sea of people. Way off in the distance flanked by giant TV screens people were speaking.

Iolo said, "That's the Vets, even they're here speaking against the war."

He was serious for just a moment and said, "I wish my brother was here."

The entire day was a blur of excitement and colorful sights and we were both left feeling like we accomplished something. At the end of the day the crowd broke up and we found a park where people like us were bedding down in tents and sleeping bags. We talked most of the night and I got hardly an hours sleep but the thrill and excitement never left me.

The next morning, looking grubby we got on the bus home. That's where we finally got some sleep.

"I have to go home first. My Mother is probably having a fit by now."

Iolo, "No, come over, just for a minute."

"Iolo, I not in the mood to see your brother, he scares me."

I was relieved when we found no one home.

I knew what was going to happen when Iolo began pulling off my shoes and socks. He climbed on me and we kissed. He had taught me how thrilling kissing was. I had always thought that guys don't kiss, especially other guys.

He said, "Come on, Conan, don't be that way. You'll be missin out."

Then he showed me how to really kiss. He pulled off his shirt and behaving as if he was in a hurry.

Iolo hung on me and we kissed again and then he said, "I want you to fuck me. I never wanted anyone to fuck me before but because of the way I feel about you, I want you to fuck me."

He tugged and kicked his pants away until he was naked. Iolo raised his legs and pulled me down on him. We kissed and embraced like we were the only ones in the world. He reached down and aimed my cock between his raised legs. He said in a soft but urgent whisper "Fuck me."

We continued kissing and I slowly pushed myself up inside of him. He sounded as if he was crying.

I said, "Are you ok, am I hurting you?"

He said, "Yes.., I mean no, just fuck me!"

Out of nervousness or the intensity of it all I came suddenly. Leaving my cock in him, Iolo began to jerk himself off. We kissed and he came. We were both a bit disoriented by the haste and the awkwardness of the event. I slowly began to dress when I heard the front door to the apartment slam.

Iolo mumbled, "The asshole is back."

Both of us began to dress in a hurry. Iolo's brother stuck his head in the door. "Oh look, two fags havin a fag party."

Iolo yelled back, "Don't you ever knock, asshole!"

I took it personal but what could I say, we were two fags having a fag party.

Frank was now standing in the open door blocking our exit. "You know what, I going off to defend our country so sorry ass faggots like you can do all you're fag stuff and destroy our country. Fuck you! You don't have an ounce of patriotism or honor. How can a cocksucker have any self respect when he's on his knees suckin dick!"

Iolo stood up and screamed, "We was just in D.C. marching against the war and I saw the Vets there who were also fighting against the war so get the fuck out of my room!"

"Oh, now on top of being a homo, now you're a whiny ass commie protester!"

Iolo screamed as loud as he could driving his brother from the room. Then he dropped down on me weeping. I did my best to comfort him but I was genuinely upset and now even more fearful of his brother.

Iolo was sobbing and his voice was muffled in my lap when he said, "He leaves in two weeks for Afghanistan and he doesn't even know that I care enough to be worried. I know he's an asshole but I don't want anything bad to happen to him, he just so fuckin stubborn."





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