Hey, White-Boy!

How Alex Met Jack

A story (C) 2002 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: zustara@hotmail.com. Not intended for redistribution, commercial use prohibited!

This is my first attempt at writing something like this, and I would very much appreciate any kind of feedback (to above address), hearing from you would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

It features an unlikely cast perhaps, but who cares? It's just a story, and is meant to be taken exactly like that. Also, English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male minors, and some crude language. All of the story (and its locations) are all completely made up, ie: none of these events ever took place, and no cute, furry little animals were harmed in any way in the process of writing this story either. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Special note: please be patient when reading, this story builds itself slowly, and takes intermissions between periods of action at times. I don't rush things! {VBG} It is a story with sex in it, not the other way around...


We moved together back into the showers. One of us, I'm not sure who, got the water going again. Hot this time, almost scalding hot. Damn, I was so horny I couldn't even think straight. My hands were all over him, first touching his delicate face, planting a small kiss on those precious lips of his. It felt strange, electrifying, to kiss a guy on the lips, something I haven't even done to my father, ever as far I can remember. Men just don't do such things I used to think. I felt my dick rubbing against his both soft and hard tummy as our bodies squeezed together, touching his dick too. My dick, when it reaches full erection, it pretty much stays plain hard, but Jack's... I could FEEL his rapid, excited pulse in it despite its stiffness. I closed my hand around it again, feeling it. It still was shorter than mine, and thinner. The skin over it was soft and smooth, much looser than mine. Gently, carefully, I pulled back his foreskin, which still covered his dick head. It felt...strange, it made my knees weak. I suppose a groan slipped out of me, and suddenly I felt his hands on my butt. They seemed as curious as mine, gently touching, squeezing, caressing the sides and back of my body.

The inside of the foreskin was pinkish in color, and his dick head was a deep crimson red, much in contrast to the rest of his organ. The knob was fairly short and rounded, and very shiny somehow. Water from the shower seemed to roll straight off it. As I let my hand wander up the shaft, I heard him sigh softly, and when I reached the head and gently rubbed it with my hand, those goddamn brown pretty eyes of his rolled right up into his skull, I swear! A louder sigh came out of him, his head tilted backwards, and his whole body shuddered slightly. I quickly took the opportunity to kiss him again!

"Look who's excited NOW!", I crowed triumphantly. "Li'l gay-boy is!" My comment may have sounded flippant, even in my own ears, but I was so amazed that I could bring pleasure to this curious creature that it was all I could think of to say.

New Guy Jack smiled that strange, knowing smile of his back at me. This time it meant something in the way of, "I'm just getting started here buddy, just you wait and see!"

He grabbed me, where I had previously expected no male to ever touch me, and as stupid as it sounds, as soon as his boy hand encircled my dick, I came. Yup. Yessir, like a fuckin' beginner, I could not help myself. My groin seemed to seize up, and then I was filled with an almost painful hotness as jizz started pumping out of me. I really have no idea how bad I sprayed him because my eyes were closed out of the sheer pleasure of it all. It felt like I emptied my whole damn body though, and when it was over, immediately, relentlessly, Jack went down on me.

Usually I go limp really quick after ejaculating, and the same thing started happening here. I never had time to deflate entirely though before Jack's wet warmness enveloped my member. With his tongue he quickly coaxed it back to life, not that it needed much coaxing mind you, I was still as aroused as I've ever been, and this was an entirely new sensation.

I've had quite a few blowjobs before, but by far this was the most satisfying. Jack wasn't the most skilled person technically I suppose, but... Well, I guess it must have been the kinky-factor at work here. I just never expected to get my dick blown by a guy, and this forbidden sensation just made it so much better. It was all I could do to stay upright as wave after wave of sexual pleasure coursed through me. I'm sure I would have squirted straight into his mouth had I not already emptied myself just moments before, but that did not seem right to me. I wasn't quite there yet I suppose, forcing a boy to eat my cum. Anyway, by then I was so out of my skull of hormone-driven animalistic excitement, at that moment I would have humped anything standing on either two or four legs I think.

There was something quite at hand, and a very pretty thing at that, and I didn't even blink as the thought crossed my mind. Pulling Jack up, I turned him around and was just about ready to... Eh... Mount him, when he spun around on me again!

"Non!", he said. Very firmly, but in an utterly cute way. "You can't do that."

"Why not?", I asked almost petulantly! "It's not as if I never butt-fucked anyone before! I can be gentle!"

"Mon cherie", he said teasingly - I wasn't sure if he actually meant it or not - and laid a hand on my face, his thumb gently caressing my lips, "You are too big for me. I would not want to risk you...damaging me." When had he started speaking with a French accent? I wasn't sure. It seemed all right and proper, somehow.

"I take it you are a virgin then?" What an utterly rude question to ask.

He nodded. "Oui. In the manner you are speaking of, yes."

Yeah, he could be right I suppose. As I felt myself start to cool off, to come down from that geostationary orbit I'd been flying, I realized it probably wouldn't have been the best of ideas. Suddenly, I felt insecure again.

He saw this change in me, and immediately remedied it by putting his arms around my neck and hoisted himself up. He crossed his well-developed and extremely shapely legs over my ass. I put my hands on his firm butt as he started rubbing himself against me, while planting kisses on his well-muscled chest, especially the nipples, which I found particularly enticing.

My arousal was back at full strength. I touched him as I'd never touched a lover before, my hands roaming across his beautiful boy body, not getting enough of him. We both grunted with lust, then groaned as we started climaxing (me for the second time). I felt myself quite near the edge, and feeling Jack tense up, I held him very close as his orgasm made him spasm. I must have dry-ejaculated just about then, because the seconds thereafter became quite hazy for me. We held on to each other after that, Jack sliding down enough so we were on eye-to-eye level.

The water had stopped again, but we were so hot despite that, it would not have mattered anyway. I looked into his wonderful, sexy brown eyes and saw my own feelings reflected back at me in them. Dammit! What was I feeling here, really?!? Please oh please, tell me it's only lust, not love! I couldn't stand it if it was!

Hot tears welled up in my eyes, I could not do anything to stop it. I was so much in turmoil, traces of sexual excitement still dancing around in my mind along with the confusion over the acts I had just taken part in. I cried, I admit that. It started out as a sniffle, then rose in intensity until I bawled like a baby, and my knees gave out on me, making me slide down along the wall until I was sitting on the floor. All the while, Jack was there speaking soothingly in French to me, touching, caressing doing what he could to calm me down, while I wasn't understanding a word despite actually having studied the language (although without putting much effort into it I must admit).

Finally, my breakdown had reduced itself to a shuddering whimper, I thought I was back in control again.

"It's OK", Jack said to me, gently stroking me as he sat in my lap. "It's all right, I'm here with you." He was back to his normal (?) American accent again, which made me more comfortable I think. I felt his body, smooth, strong and warm where it touched mine. The other parts of me were growing cold from being wet and exposed, sitting as I was in chilling water on a ceramic tile floor.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm alright now", I said, my voice husky. Trying to move with Jack still firmly placed on top of me. I blew my nose in my hand and scraped off the goo against a metal grate.

"Oooh! Look at the mess I made!", he said and giggled boyishly. Yeah, I had a patch of sticky, icky stuff stuck to my stomach, now starting to dry and get even stickier and ickier. Jack's flat tummy was equally decorated. He grinned at me, not his usual, much too grownup grin, but an entirely childish one, like he knew he'd done something naughty but had enjoyed it anyway. I could not possibly stop myself from smiling back, then starting to laugh. It felt good. Yeah, I was still kinda confused mind you, but it did feel really good, being able to laugh like that. I think, if I hadn't laughed right there and then, I would have become so frightened by my experiences I would have gone away somewhere and harmed myself in some manner. The guy with his blown-out brains was not present - at least in my conscious mind - at that time, but maybe somewhere deeper down. Anyway, I started feeling good about myself again, relieved. As I've said before, I'm not suited to brooding.

"Don't get up! Just wait right there, okay?" The kid scuttled off out into the locker room, it sure was a sight to behold. I heard him rummage around in his bag out there, and he soon came back with a bottle of shampoo. I already had mine of course, his stuff seemed a lot fancier, the bottle was a deep orange-yellow and the front sticker full of garish colors, silver print and stuff. It probably was quite expensive.

I got up off the floor and turned on the water, a more sane temperature level this time. I washed off Jack's semen from my body as best I could while feeling him standing there nestling in right beside me. It felt good. I patted and stroked him on his shoulders, massaged his beautiful neck with both my hands. My dick began to harden again, but I didn't want more sex right then. It was purely my body's reaction to the stimuli it was receiving through my skin, not from any conscious action on behalf of me directly.

"Would you like me to wash you off?", he asked innocently. Damn that kid! Of course I did!

I took up his bottle and started reading. I saw things like aloe vera extract, re-moisturizing formula, pro-vitamins... Lavender scented. "Lavender scented!" I scoffed loudly. "What is this bullshit? You're not putting any god-damn lavender scent on me!"

Again, he gave me that smile of his. I instinctively knew what it meant. "Yeah, maybe so, but it sure as hell will turn YOU on one fuck of a lot to soap ME up with lavender, white-boy!" Yes, he was right, as kinky as it sounded, it would feel really good.

"Hugo BOSS, man. No god-damn lavender here in this bottle!", I said and held mine out to him.

"Suit yourself!", New Guy Jack replied with a laugh.

We got to it, being more efficient rather than erotic I would say. As he massaged my dick with shampoo, I had a giant hard-on of course, but we didn't concentrate on it. We sure ENJOYED the experience, but we weren't over-doing it if you know what I mean. As I felt Jack's groin area, I noticed a very faint trace of stubble. He was shaving off his pubic hairs! Ah-HAH! I felt like pointing it out loudly, but I could tell he knew I knew just by looking at his face. Yes, that slight grin again.

As for me, I'm kind of semi-hairy I guess one could say. Not so much on my upper body, but I got hair on my legs and ass (but not on my back, thank goodness), some on my lower arms and a small string going up from the groin to my navel. Jack was almost entirely clean. Not that he shaved his entire body, his hairs were so fine they almost weren't there at all.

I silently wondered if mine bothered him. If so, Jack hadn't said anything about it, so I plain decided it did not. Actually, I had never even thought much of my hair before, "it comes free with the rest of the package" had been my attitude up until that moment. Maybe I should...? No. Hell no...! I couldn't believe I was even contemplating it.

We rinsed off together and moved out into the locker room. Here was another danger signal I should have been watching out for, if I'd even been listening for it at that stage (which I wasn't). I actually took all my stuff and moved it across the room next to his locker, just so I could be close to him for a little bit longer.

We got dressed in silence, simply enjoying each other's company. We touched now and again, just a pat on the rump or a caress of a cheek every now and then. After Jack had strapped on his rollerblades, he shouldered his big hockey bag and I almost thought he would get crushed under it, he seemed so small in comparison. But the guy had strength in him, I knew that by now. Before we exited, we kissed again. Damn, it felt so nice. It wasn't a true French kiss with tongues and all that, it was just a long, good-feelin' All-American kiss out of a classic Hollywood movie. I held one hand on his neck just where it connected to his head, and let the other wander down to his shapely butt and let it stay there for as long as the kiss lasted. Jesus, I still could not understand what I felt for that guy, so all I could do afterwards was to grin stupidly at him.

As we separated outside the arena, Jack said to me, "See you 'round, white-boy!". That was his goodbye, then he skated off into the distance. I stood there like a big idiot, watching him disappear. Then I shook my head, hoping it wouldn't be too long until next time we met.

Coming home wasn't too fun in comparison. My parents love me and all, but they get quite upset when I behave badly, and I did get yelled at big-time this time to be sure. They did calm down later however and thought it was good of me to admit what I'd done on my own, and said that we'd fix this somehow. But they sure weren't happy about it at all. I think it was just as bad knowing I had disappointed them, as getting yelled at. Worse maybe, because the yelling stops eventually while disappointment lingers.

Next day I was suffering awful pangs of guilt. I had been unfaithful to my girlfriend, and I hadn't even been bothered about it when it happened! What should I do? There was nothing else than to admit what I'd done - yet again! - however hard it would be. She would hate me for it, I knew it, Jennifer was so strict with things like that. She'd said if she ever found out I'd been fooling around with another girl she'd kick me in the nuts hard enough to prevent me ever having children. I believed her too, and Jennifer had up until now been just about the only thing I seriously cared for, apart from the rest of my family.

We didn't share any classes even though we had several common subjects. Our school is too big for that, so the only chance I had to see her during the day was when there was a break. At lunch, I went to the park where we usually would meet up. I looked around for Jack on the way there, but the kid in the red jeans jacket was nowhere to be seen. I wondered if he had stayed home today, or where he might be.

I found her sitting under a tree in the central portion of the park. There weren't many around that day, which was a bit strange as the weather was fantastic, but good too since I feared there might be some loud shouting going on in the near future.


"Uh, Jennifer...", I started. I was feeling horrendously guilty, and even though I dreaded it, I knew I had to discuss this with her right away; I DO try my best to be as honest I can in a relationship. "I think I have something to tell you, and you're not going to get very happy about it."

She looked up at me. "Is it about Jaques?", she asked. (She spoke good French, and fair German too. As I said, Jennifer's a smart girl.) My breath caught. "Yes, I think I know what you're going to say." She had this peculiar look in her eyes, like she was watching a stranger standing beside her.

I felt somewhat relieved. "You do?", I said. She was obviously thinking I'd insulted him again or some stupid thing like that.

"Yes, he came to see me this morning. He told me what happened yesterday and wanted to know if he'd messed anything up between you and me, and if so, to apologize for it. He was quite sincere about it actually." Her voice was sterile, void of all emotion. I could not tell what she was feeling.

As I heard what she was saying, I froze solid. I absolutely Could Not Move. My heart started beating fast, my blood pounding in my ears. Not from excitement mind you, but out of pure terror! "Sssoo, you already know...?", I managed to press out through stiff lips. "How the hell did he find you anyway? I never even told him I had a girlfriend." Actually, that last part, I'd intended to keep inside myself, but it came out anyway. Argh!

She frowned at the implications of that statement, but it was entirely lost on me. I was too damn frightened for myself and my reputation to notice it. "DUUHHH, hello!?!", she said, clearly annoyed. "I guess he might have ASKED someone, like, 'does Alex Ross have a girlfriend?', 'what's her name?' You know, the guy IS pretty smart after all, unlike some other people I won't mention here and now." Yes, one could say she was fairly ticked off. Not that I'd blame her the slightest of course, it was all my fault after all.

"Oh. Sweet. Jesus." I was a dead man. A gay kid had asked around for my girlfriend. I was so fuckin' dead. Even if I could get around the inquiry without being thrown out on my ears, I would be the laughing stock of the entire school!

Some of my thoughts must have been plain to see on my face because with an annoyed look on her face, Jennifer tugged on my arm to make me sit beside her. "Oh will you relax, Alex?! He could have seen us together yesterday for crying out loud. Stop worrying about yourself for a second will you!"

I sat down next to her. I wanted to put my arm around her shoulders, but I just couldn't. Not after what I'd done. My feelings for her were completely unchanged, she was as hot as ever. More so now perhaps, now that there was an invisible barrier between us.

"Technically, this constitutes infidelity I would think", she said flatly, refusing to look at me.

"We're not married", I offered jokingly. It fell horribly flat on its face. "...So, are you very angry?"

"Angry... Not so much angry as disappointed I think." Yeah. Just like with my parents. I sure do know how to fuck up... We were quiet for a little while, then she said, "You know, for a guy who shouts 'faggot' at someone at noontime, then goes on to have sex with that same guy in the afternoon, that's really a change of heart. When you so flippantly said you'd changed yesterday I did not believe you, but it seems you really did mean it after all!" She laughed a little and I tried to laugh and her laugh turned into sobs.

No, it wasn't so funny after all. She was so amazing it made my heart ache. Here I go and ruin everything for us, making her cry and all (and even I wanted to cry, but I blinked back the hot, stinging sensation in my eyes), but she got herself in control really quick again. She never did like to cry in public or otherwise, to wet her face. It was considered a weakness in her book I think.

I offered to wipe away her tears, and first she refused. I feared she was going to reject me there and then, to ask me to leave and never even look at her again, but then she reached out and guided my hand which was still holding the paper napkin - the very hand that yesterday had held Jack's stiff member - towards her eyes, and let me dab away the wet spots. A moment of uncomfortable silence followed.

Suddenly, she asked this really weird question... "Was it good?"

I knew what she meant, I think. "The sex?"

She nodded faintly.

"God-like I would have said, if I wouldn't be so totally embarrassed about the whole thing!"

She stroked my forehead tenderly, moving aside the more boisterous curls of hair. "Oh, Alex... Stupid, stupid Alex.", she said, affectionate in a way even. Yeah, that pretty much summed it up I think, stupid Alex.

I was thinking she would forgive me, in time. And I would do anything - ANYTHING - to win her trust back and keep it forever. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is as strong a promise I could ever hope to make.

"Jesus, Jennifer, I am so sorry." I think she could tell I was being sincere, because her hand clasped around mine; we were bonding again, silently re-building our common roots. "And by the way", I said after a while, with a mischievous grin. "He seduced me you know, it was NOT the other way around!" She dropped my hand in order to punch me in the shoulder. Hard! "OOWWW!", I yelped.

"Oh yeah? You believe that if it makes you feel more comfortable you snake!" She could have been mad at me, but she too was grinning. Didn't I tell ya she's wonderful, my girl? Well anyway, we didn't speak much after that, there was just one question from her, and it was very direct. Other than that, we merely sat against the tree, holding hands like it was the most natural thing in the world. I felt her warm, soft skin against mine, and I was starting to become comfortable. Not just with the Jennifer-and-me situation, but with what had happened yesterday too, and even the thought I might start to get known as New Guy's bitch around the school. I just didn't care at that moment. All that mattered was making Jennifer happy again.

Then some of the guys I used to hang with turned up. "Hey, Alex!", Lefler said. "We've been looking all over for you man, and here you are, making girls swoon as usual!"

Well, it seemed my reputation was still intact. Damn, it almost made me disappointed. I laughed in a generic way at his comments, exchanged a few words with the guys and sent them on their way. I wanted to be alone with Jennifer right then, for as long as I could.

Oh yes, her question... Yes. She said to me, "Do you want to do it again?" I didn't answer, but I think she knew anyway.

The rest of lunch break went quickly, and as I entered Mr. Nichol's class - he was our English teacher - he took me aside at the door. "They want to see you, Ross", he said quietly. "Please go to the Principal's office."


"Y-yes, Sir", I said. "Right now?"

Mr. Nichols nodded his lean, almost bald head just once. "RIGHT now." He was a good teacher and an decent guy, not mean in any sense of the word, but I could see he meant business now. He'd probably heard too about 'Faggotgate' as I had come to think of it, and that had probably changed his view of me I think. I regretted that, as I said, Mr. Nichols is an OK guy. There aren't too many teachers I could say that of, and it would be unfortunate if this made it one less. I took my leave and hurried off. I had no trouble finding the way, I had walked it a number of times before.

"Alexander Ross, is it?", the Principal's secretary asked in a dry, mechanical voice, and I responded. She must have recognized me from yesterday, but she asked anyway. "They want you in the conference room, it's just down the hall there", she said and pointed to her left.

The walls were clad in wood paneling here, rather fancy. The rest of the school was more spartan, but I guess the brass wanted to have their areas a bit more luxurious. I knocked at the door, and a voice replied, "Yes, come in!"

I opened the door, and felt my heart sink. There was a whole bunch of people there, and I was all alone. They were going to squash me like the bug I was, I was sure of it!

The room was shaped like a rectangle, it was quite a bit longer than it was wide and the door which I had entered through was at one of the short ends. The opposite wall held tall windows framed by thin white curtains that barely blocked any light at all, the view outside was of the small Teacher's garden behind the main school building, with trees, hedges, flowers and stuff. Walls and ceiling was all dark wood paneling, with wall-mounted old-style lights on the sides. The middle of the right wall was decorated by a portrait of John Higgins II, the founder of the school. The floor was some kind of black, or possibly dark gray stone. A long hardwood table stood in the room, complete with a whole lot of chairs around it and some lamps with hemispherical shades made of frosted white glass.

"Do come in properly, Mr. Ross", the man sitting at the far end of the table, behind the windows, said. "We've been expecting you." I entered fully, and closed the door behind me. "Have a seat", the man suggested and pointed at the chair directly opposite himself. He was dressed in a strict business suit, seemed to be in his mid-fifties, thinly built and with a receding hairline, 'Dracula style'. With that, I mean his hair kind of retreated back only at the sides of his forehead, creating a point parallel to his nose. He kept it slicked back, and together with his lean, hawkish features and steely eyes he reminded me a bit of an image I'd seen once of Anton Szandor LaVey, the guy who started the Satanist church. It kind of made me chilly, not that I'm a really religious/superstitious person in any way, it was just the grimness of the situation, I think, that made me feel that way.

I wasn't sure, but I'd probably seen him before at times but I wasn't certain. He had probably given speeches on the last day in school before a summer or winter break or such, I never pay much attention at such ceremonies.

"Ah, uh... Thanks", was all I could think of saying. I began to study the faces belonging to my execution squad. The man who had spoken to me was the head of the school's board of directors I think (and I could not remember his name). The Principal, Susan Montoya, and Headmaster Robert Kirchner were both there, just my luck. I don't think either of them were particularly fond of me as I had had reason to see them both on occasions before. Two others were there as well, people that I'd never seen before, a man and a woman. And New Guy too! I hadn't spotted him until just then, perhaps because he was sitting between the two people I didn't recognize, and he wasn't wearing his red jacket! Instead, he was dressed in a quite strict attire, a dark, knitted cardigan thingy with buttons at the neck and a white shirt underneath, and - I think, it was hard to see with him sitting down - dark chino pants or something. Those other two - his parents, maybe? They seemed quite strict, and as properly dressed as Jack was.

My heart sank, I'd never expected to have to face his parents over what I'd done! They probably weren't too happy about my outburst either.

Anyway, let's just say I had a lot of unfriendly eyes pointed at me at that moment, and I was feeling sweaty, nervous and miserable again. The chairman took up a pair of reading glasses and put them on low on his nose, fingering his notes. "I see you have managed to build yourself quite some reputation around here, although not in the manner most would have expected...", he began.

"Yes, Sir, I understand, and I want to add that I'm re-" The lanky guy cut me off with a sharp look. It was clear he hadn't meant for me to speak. I fidgeted and didn't dare to continue. 'Really sorry for what I did. It was stupid of me. I'm sorry Jack, please forgive me!' That's what I WANTED to say.

"Well, I'm sure you know all about what this meeting is about, so let's cut straight to the chase shall we. Normally we would take more time with a matter such as this, but considering the severity of it, and", here he lowered his head and stared straight at me with those steely, penetrating eyes of his over the rim of his reading glasses, "...Your aforementioned track record, we decided to expedite matters. As of the week after the next, you are hereby expelled from this school."

I went completely numb. People continued talking about 'setting an example', 'unacceptable behavior' and 'keeping up the moral standards of society' and things like that. I even answered questions and pleaded not to be punished in this manner. Yet they were all adamant. I had to stand up and take the consequences of what I'd done (and it wasn't the first time I'd done foolish things either they reminded me, they'd given me plenty of chances to better myself already), and they needed, as they already explained, an example to show up. The university deal was at stake here it seemed, although I didn't understand how my thoughtless comment could have jeopardized that whole thing. They were probably over-exaggerating, using it as an excuse to get rid of a troublesome student I figured.

Even though I technically was allowed to attend school for another week, I wasn't expected to show up. In fact, they encouraged me to leave right away, and only take time to clear out my locker. And, of course, I was off the hockey team too. I just sunk down in the chair and hoped they would be finished quickly so I could leave that awful place. That was easily the worst moment of my life.

Suddenly a bright voice I didn't expect piped up. I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about here, yeah, it was New Guy of course. "I have a different suggestion", he said brightly.

Heads immediately turned to look at him. Not many kids command that level of attention from grownups, but he did it. "And what would that be?", the chairman asked. Not in that derogatory manner many grownups have when asking just that very question of a minor, but an intrigued one.

"Let him stay in school, and as punishment have him spend a couple hours every day and do his homework with me instead, to teach him homosexuals are human beings too. After all, what could he possibly learn from his mistakes if he was simply tossed out on the street? It would likely just make him even more angry."

The reactions were immediate. People began buzzing amongst themselves until the chairman cleared his throat loudly. "Are you sure that is such a great idea, Jaques? Mr. Ross has documented violent tendencies, and-"

"I'm sure he'd never attack me, Mr Peters", Jack replied calmly, looking straight at the chairman. "Besides, we spoke yesterday after hockey training, and he apologized for insulting me and calling me a faggot." People's eyebrows certainly raised after hearing that word out of the mouth of a kid. Jack turned and looked at me for a quick moment. I sure as hell hadn't apologized for anything yesterday, but his words, and the look made me feel warmer inside nevertheless.

"Well well...", Mr. Peters mused. "But Jaques, why didn't you say so before?"

Jack shrugged in a boyish, innocent manner. "Maybe I felt like keeping Mr. Ross on the grill for a while, Sir. He deserved it after all, apology or not." I felt like guffawing out loud. He hadn't forgiven, nor forgotten my insult yesterday in the showers, but now it seemed the slate was cleared. That was his way of telling me just that.

People started laughing at that comment, I could not help myself grinning. The sly little minx, he had planned this all along, I was sure of it. Doing homework with him, damn that cute little bastard!

Mr. Peters took off his reading glasses, slowly folded them up and put them down on the table. "Then it is all settled, I guess. ...Unless the Legrands have any objections, that is?" He turned to the people sitting next to Jack. They turned to their son, and started speaking quietly in French. I couldn't actually make out what they were saying, and even if I did, I'm not sure I'd understand it. My French isn't very good after all.

"No objections from us, apart from you keeping a close eye on Mr. Ross here, and his future conduct", the woman said. Her accent wasn't quite as good as Jack's I noted, and she had dark, almost black straight hair. Her husband, which seemed to be about her age, in his forties, was a lighter brown in shade, and a little wavy. They were both fair-skinned. Jack certainly seemed to be their child, taking traits from both of them. I was starting to grin here, feeling my luck had changed for the better.

"Very well then", Mr. Peters said. "Susan...? Will you please announce the verdict, this is your territory after all."

The Principal gave him a glance. "Alex, you'll get two hours of detention each day for the next six months." Aaaw man! Two hours! "These you will spend here on school grounds, in the company of Jaques Legrand, and possibly an assistant teacher from the school if the Legrands so choose. You will be allowed to continue attending your hockey training, but your two hours must still be served even if it is after training. If you do not accept these terms you will be forced to stop attending JHH, is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'am. I understand completely." It was clear as day to me. Jack grinned back at me, he even winked an eye. Nobody seemed to notice.

The Principal did not seem as amused however. "Please note, Mr. Ross... One more step out of bounds, and you WILL be thrown to the sharks, that I promise you. This is your last warning, and your last chance. Your detention starts on Monday, so you have today and the weekend to yourself to think things over."

I still smiled as I replied, "Yes Ma'am, I will behave, I promise."


Oh fuck! I felt as if I was walking on fluffy white clouds as I left that dour conference room, alone. Even though they had dismissed me, they stayed behind to discuss...well, whatever. My behavior, undoubtedly, and why it was wrong, and A Bad Thing to give a guy like me another shot at it. In the hallway, which was completely deserted since everyone else was attending class, I heard a strange, faint rumbling sound coming up from behind me, I looked behind me and saw Jack gliding along effortlessly, he was wearing his 'blades even with those fancy clothes on.

"Wow, isn't that great?!", he asked and took my hand as he casually turned in a circle-motion around me, facing me with his feet sticking out in either direction. His momentum spun me around half a revolution before friction stopped him.

"Well, 'great' isn't perhaps the word I'd use", I said and squeezed his hand a little. It felt good, doing it in a public place like this when nobody else could see it. "Two more hours a day in school, and with a teacher at that... Well, it could have been worse I guess."

"There won't be a teacher, Alex. I'll make sure of that. I can probably get us to spend that time at my place too, or yours if you'd like."

"Well, uh..." I suddenly felt my face flush with embarrassment. "I'm not sure... Jennifer, you know...", I added lamely.

Jack grinned mischievously. "You don't have to worry. We can be just friends too if that is what you want."

Strange thing is, I DIDN'T want him just as a friend! I wanted to feel him again, hold him in my arms, and despite Jack's nonchalant demeanor, I think he felt the same as well. But I couldn't go there if it would mean hurting Jennifer again, because she was as important to me as Jack just had become. I just didn't know what the hell I was supposed to do...

Jack must have read my face like an open book, because he gave me a look of intense sympathy and squeezed my hand in turn. "Well, until you decide, Alex, your little secret stays safe with me", he said solemnly. I knew what he meant by that, and felt comforted. He squeezed my hand again, then slowly let go. "You probably should get back to class", he added.

"Yeah, thanks. And by the way, I really am sorry I called you...that...yesterday."

Jack gave me a boyish, innocent grin. "Think nothing of it, my friend. I have already forgiven you."

I blushed up to the roots of my hair. "Uh, well... Thanks again, for helping me in there... I, ah, I guess I see you 'round then?"

"Monday, at the latest, white-boy." And with that, he was off again. Those pants of his fit him as well as the stretch attire I'd seen him wear the day before... It was strange how my way of looking at him had changed in just a little over 24 hours.

Damn, Monday afternoon was both a very long way off when I thought of Jack, and so close, so close when I thought of Jennifer... Fortunately, I managed to catch up with her at the end of the day. Or rather, she caught up with me just outside.

"Hm, are you guys getting off early today", I asked. Jennifer studied drawing on Friday afternoons and we usually didn't see each other because of that.

"I cut class today, I wanted to talk to you." I was very surprised, she never did that under normal circumstances. "I asked Nicole to tell the teacher I had a headache and had to go home. I wouldn't just leave without a word you dummy." She hooked her arm around the dummy's arm, and we started walking.

Ah. Of course! I smiled sheepishly. Yes, it would have been uncharacteristic of her to simply walk off. "Well, I survived Faggotgate, they're not going to impeach me", I replied.

That made her laugh. "Is that what this is, 'Faggotgate'? I had no idea it had been blown up to such proportions, Alex!"

"Neither did I until after lunch. I came THIS close to being expelled, you know." I held out my hand with thumb and index fingers nearly touching. "I think that qualifies the incident to be labeled Faggotgate." I made sure to keep the capital 'F' prominent.

"Geez... I didn't know! Expelled?"

I nodded. "New Guy, Jack, he saved my ass, literally. Made them consider a different punishment, which is what I need to talk to you about." I explained the detention plan to her, and I could see she wasn't particularly thrilled about it. "As you can understand, I need to know that if the thing that, uh, happened, were to happen again you know... How would you react?"

She frowned. Any other girl would have said something like, 'how the fuck would you EXPECT me to react, jerk!', slapped me and walked out on me. Jennifer... Well, she merely asked, "Assuming I knew about it, I suppose?"

I nodded. "I wouldn't keep secrets from you, you know that."

She seemed even less thrilled now, if possible. "Hmm, that raises a whole lot of new questions, doesn't it? For starters, are you in love with him, Alex?"

I got extremely uncomfortable. "I'm in love with YOU, Jennifer!", I assured her as sincerely I could. It was the truth after all, god-dammit!

"All right. Let's just say - as an example! Don't blow your top here or anything - that you're in love with both of us, okay? Then what? You are aware he's a minor, aren't you?" I shrugged. So what, so was I! "This is a real quagmire you're getting yourself into, buddy-boy."

Well, I certainly agreed to that. We discussed the quagmire a bit further, but I couldn't stop thinking about the issue she'd raised. Did I really love Jack? I wasn't sure there was such a thing as love at first sight (or even love after having watched someone strip down naked and then had hot steaming sex together), when had I come to conclude I loved Jennifer? I'd certainly been attracted to her right away. When did that change into love, what had been different from now? I wasn't sure anything was different, except she certainly hadn't let me bed her on the first date, or even the seventh. I liked that about her, she was so assertive, so strong-willed.

She could also be uncomfortably blunt at times too. "So, have you had, like, intercourse with him or what?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin at hearing what she said. "Jesus Jennifer, what's that got to do with anything?!"

"Just answer the question! Or are you chicken? If that's the case, why don't you just say so? We don't HAVE to have this conversation you know!

That was so evil of her, forcing me to answer! Of course we needed to have that conversation, I wouldn't be able to sleep again if we didn't, And she just had to go and ask such a question? I sighed. "No, I'm not chicken, but do I ask you what you've done with other guys you've been with? Of course not!" I wasn't sure she'd even been with anyone else but me, but I tried to sound offended and to make it seem like it was her fault. "...But, F.Y.I. no, I have not had INTERCOURSE with him...! He wouldn't let me." I really shouldn't have said that last thing, it was an open invitation for her to continue the current topic. Motor-Mouth Alex strikes again...

"But you wanted to, didn't you?" I'm sure she was just teasing me now, but there was no hint of it on her face, she seemed as serious as ever. Well, I sure HOPED she was teasing me.

"What is this, twenty questions?!", I asked back, my face blooming red in color.

She sniffed at me. "Alex, The main thing is, I'm as unsure about this as you seem to be", she replied calmly. "I do love you and I don't want to be without you, and I'm sure you're speaking the truth when you say you love me. And then there's Jaques..." She used his true name still, even though I did not. "Should I pretend he doesn't exist, that you being with another guy doesn't 'count', and simply let you frolic around with him as you wish? I don't know!"

"That's a very unfair thing to say, Jennifer!", I admonished her strongly, almost angrily. "I don't want to 'frolic around' with him, that's not what this conversation is about!"

She blushed a little. "Yeah, sorry. That was a bit inconsiderate of me I know. But that's how I feel, dammit! Please try to understand what it is you're asking of me!" It took a lot to make her swear, so I had to take her words for it.

"I do understand, and please believe me when I say, I would have stopped thinking about him and only concentrated on you, like you deserve, if only I knew how! That's why I'm opening up my heart and soul to you like this. This isn't easy for me either, dammit."

She stopped and turned towards me, then she reached out with both hands and caught my own, and with a strange sadness in her eyes and voice, she said, "But Alex, then you ARE in love with him. Don't you see?"

And I guess I did.

I, Alexander Howard Ross, was in love with a boy. That was the scary truth, so help me whatever deity there might be out there.


I'm sure that you who is reading all this has noticed a certain change in the way I express myself in these later chapters, compared to especially the first. It's something I did on purpose, not just in order to show the growth I went through as a person (or so I should hope, at least), I'm also reliving a time of my life which will never come again... It makes me think back and see myself as the person I was.

Yes, I would think I grew, with me discovering that I am bisexual, loving both a boy and a girl at the same time. At the time, it did not feel as much as growth however. It was more like an explosion, and I was barely able to hang on!

So, what happened next? Well, me and Jennifer, neither of us could really figure out how we should tackle this new situation. She did promise though, she would not dump me - at least not immediately - if I happened to stray off the straight and narrow path again, but she could not say that would hold true forever. I understood, and I was so happy, because Jennifer really was the light of my life. It was such an unique situation for both of us, there wasn't any cookie-cutter that fit it, no recipe with bullet points detailing exactly how to react at every step. We simply had to make things up as we went along.

She asked me jokingly how many times we two had had sex together. I wasn't sure, ten, fifteen, maybe? We had been together for months, yet we did not sleep together that often. When we did, it became so much better because of it I think. Still, she continued, and said she would not get jealous as long as I did not sleep more with Jack than I had with her. I did not believe her, and I'm sure I wasn't supposed to either. But it shows what a unique girl she was, that she'd even consider saying such a thing, even as a joke.

Did it turn her on, thinking of me and him together? I hardly even dared to consider the thought, but maybe. Maybe it did, and that's why she hadn't told me to fuck off as soon as she saw me earlier at lunch, and was willing to cut me some slack too... Well, nobody's perfect. So what if it did make her excited? I wouldn't think any less of her because of it!

I looked at her pretty, lightly freckled face, put an arm around her shoulder and drew her in close. She smelled good, a bit like Jack's lavender shampoo, and that made me relax. She put her arm around my waist, and in such a manner we walked home to her place, where we separated. It wasn't the time to go inside with her even just to touch or snog a bit, but we separated as good friends. No, more than that; as lovers still, I believe.

I went home to my place, it was quite a bit of walking to do from where she lived, but I had things on my mind so I hardly noticed. My parents didn't come home until later, and my kid sisters were out playing somewhere I think, they weren't around the house at least. I just laid down on the bed and thought things over until I felt like I was like a small rodent, running around and around in a little wire wheel like crazy, not getting anywhere. I had to get up and do something, so I started on my neglected homework. It did not go well, I had too much on my mind to be able to concentrate properly. All I could think of was how me and Jennifer was going to be able to stay together, and running my hands over Jack's well-muscled buttocks.

When my parents got home, I again explained what had happened that day, and that I was not going to get expelled. They took it fairly well, at least they didn't yell any more at me, but they were curt in their responses, still disappointed in me. Mom said I was grounded, for how long they would decide later, and I didn't argue. It did feel unfair, I had apologized and I was already going to get punished with more schoolwork, grounding me on top of that was excessive. But as I said, I didn't argue. I guess a part of me felt I did deserve it after all. Hockey training, school and detention, that was all I was allowed. Hanging out with friends, no. Hanging out with Jennifer, no. After dinner I went upstairs to my room and sat down with my textbooks again, hoping to do better progress now. Really, I couldn't, but I still tried.

Saturday was equally bad, my kid sisters annoying the hell out of me, constantly teasing me with their sing-song 'Alex is grounded! Alex is grounded!' until I was ready to burst a seam. Fortunately, mom stopped them just in time and shooed them out of the house. I barricaded myself in my room and didn't come out for the entire day except to eat and visit the bathroom. Not much homework was done that day either.

Sunday, now that was different...

Expecting more of the same as the day before, I kept to myself. Mom was away to meet some of her friends I think, and chat with them or whatever the heck they did together, leaving dad to watch the kids. I did not include myself in that description. Around midday however the doorbell rang, and I wouldn't have gone down and answered it if my dad hadn't shouted, "Alex! I'm on the phone god-dammit, go get that will ya!", from downstairs. I dragged myself out of my chair and went out of my room for the first time in hours.

New Guy Jack was there to visit me, and I didn't know what the hell to say.

"Hi!" That was what HE said. He was wearing a pair of blue Adidas football shorts and a different tank-top today, one without any sides on it, also blue, and it showed off his tanned arms and chest quite nicely. He had his 'blades on of course, but not the red jacket. The sweat-band was back on his head as well I saw, plus a pair of weird, bluish-shining mirror sunglasses with integrated headphones that he had pushed up on his forehead.

I just stood there for a few seconds, blinking. "Uh, hi", I returned in utter surprise.

"Wondering how I found out where you lived, are you?" He giggled. Obviously, I was. "It wasn't too difficult, my parents got the entire school file on you, address, grades and everything. Oh boy, have you done a lot of stupid things or what, that file was like half an inch thick!"

"You read it, I take it?", I asked calmly.

He nodded, and I felt myself blushing again. So okay, the kid knew all about me now, not only what I looked like naked, but my background as well. So what? I tried to shrug it off and pretend I wasn't annoyed.

His smile faded. "Sorry Alex, I can see you're upset... I guess I shouldn't have. After all, that is confidential stuff."

I kept my sour look on for a second or so longer, then my face cracked. I started grinning, how the fuck could I be mad at him? "Ok, apology graciously accepted dude!", I chuckled. "But what the heck are you doing here?"

He shrugged. "Well, I don't know. I was bored and thought maybe we could watch a DVD or something. I brought one." He held up the package for me to see.

I was surprised again to say the least. "Well, uh... We don't have a player, just a ghetto VCR", I had to admit. My parents weren't really that well-to-do, it was all they could manage to afford the house and send us kids to school. Actually I wouldn't have been able to attend a place like JHH anyway, but my dad got an inheritance from my uncle who died a couple years before, and that kept us buoyant. That's why my folks got so upset when I misbehaved because they worked their butts off to keep me fed and clothed, and that was how I repaid them, by almost getting myself thrown out of school. Yeah, I wasn't too bright at times.

Anyway, Jack was ready for my response. He showed me what I expected to be a portable CD player hanging on a strap that went across his chest and over the shoulder. Sony DVD Discman, it announced on the die-cast aluminum exterior. I could see the cord leading up to his glasses. LCD screens in a pair of sunglasses, that was hot stuff!

I goggled. "Dammit kid, that thing must have cost like five hundred bucks!" His smile told me it was a LOT more than that.

"So, are you interested or what?", he wanted to know.

"Yeah sure, but... Well, my dad's home, and my sisters are a pain in the ass, we'd never get any peace..."

Jack shrugged absently. "Okay, we could go to my place then. I have a better player there." Actually, he wasn't bragging at all when he said it. It was just a plain statement.

"Except, my folks have grounded me", I complained. "I'm not allowed to go outside again until I'm fuckin EIGHTY."

Jack lost it. He laughed harder than I'd ever seen him do up 'til then, he almost fell on his butt, standing as he was on his rollerblades but I managed to catch hold of one of his smooth arms, and that stabilized him. "Oh man, I'm so sorry! You have my sympathies..." I couldn't stop myself from joining in.

Just then my father came along to see who it was I was spending so much time talking to. "Alex, who's this?", he asked, not suspiciously, more curious I'd say.

"Hello Mr. Ross!", Jack said readily, having quickly recovered himself, and stretched out his right hand as he smoothly skated up to the door. "I'm Jack, the guy who landed Alex in a tub of hot water." Christ, I'm so happy my dad has no idea how close to the truth that statement was!

My father seemed even more curious now, shaking Jack's hand. "So, is that it, huh? Well, you two certainly seem to be quite well acquainted, despite what happened..."

Jack nodded with a smile more meant for me than my dad I think. "Yes Sir. That matter is behind us now. I came to see if Alex was allowed to go watch a movie with me at my place."

"Well, he IS grounded...", my dad started.

"Aww PLEASE dad?", I begged. Something I hadn't done for years might I add. Kids beg things of their parents, I wasn't a kid anymore. Fuck, I was even allowed to drive a car if I'd had one. (I had my license at least!)

"Hmm. I really should check with your mother, Alex. I'm not sure if she..." He looked at me suffering, then he suddenly relented. "Oh all right then, I guess just this once. But don't get any ideas in your head, strictly speaking you're still grounded!"

"Thanks, dad!", I said and gave him a quick hug, then I rushed off up the stairs. "I'll be right back!", I yelled down to Jack. I snatched my own rollerblades from the closet (a low-end model in the range, but they served me well enough), and sprinted downstairs again.

My dad passed me in the hall on his way out back into the kitchen. "You boys have fun now, but be back in time for supper. Don't make me regret giving you a break like this, ya got it?"

"Yeah, I got it."

I hurriedly strapped on my 'blades, anxious to get going. Precious seconds I could spend alone with Jack were ticking away! Funny, I wasn't thinking about Jennifer anymore all of a sudden.

I noticed a fresh scab on Jack's left knee, and pointed at it.

"Yeah. A little accident", he agreed sheepishly. "Nothing serious. Now, let's go. I'll race you up the block, okay?"

I agreed, and as we left my house, we set off down the street. Jack's acceleration was phenomenal, but my top speed was greater. I won fairly easily, which he gave me full credit for. We slapped each other's backs, congratulating each other for a good race. As we continued, I put my left hand on his right shoulder, feeling his hard muscles working under the skin as we skated along. Yes, living sure was good right then.

Jack's parents rented a big, white house up on the west hills, it wasn't quite a truly luxurious neighborhood exactly, but it sure was a whole number of notches above my place. And it was uphill almost all the way there, which made our legs ache, as well as puff and pant heavily when we finally reached our destination. The house was considerably wider and deeper than my parents', three storeys high above ground (plus a basement), and it had a double garage. However, Jack's parents didn't have any cars, so these weren't used for anything else but storage, Jack told me on the way. Eventually, they would set up a computer center there in the basement so they'd be able to more efficiently continue their study, but everything was on hold at the moment because the installation of the fiber-optic cable for their internet connection had been delayed. Jack prattled on, and I didn't catch much of it. Not that I'm a computer illiterate mind you, they just don't interest me much that's all, and I didn't own one myself. I didn't even have any video games.

Jack gave me a small tour of the grounds, which were fairly impressive; the house had a very well-kept garden with a tall, dense hedge around all sides except the front, and quite a lot of fancy flower arrangements. We came to the back side, and the first thing I saw was a big fucking trampoline, green in color. Not one of those wussy things you can buy on the home shopping network and use indoors, but a real one, like those Olympic competitors use. It was square, and like nine or ten feet to the side or something, I mean, really huge. Next to it was a sizeable swimming pool, and beyond that, a small, round garden pavilion, also white. The garden also had a number of fruit trees placed seemingly at random amongst the flower arrangements. I could see a few different kinds of apple, plus pears and plums too.