The Hiding Spot

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them blue for me and you
And I think to myself: What a wonderful world!
(Louis Armstrong)

It was a rainy day at Frankfurt airport, when I arrived with my father to pick up our American guest. The school I go to is conjoined to a high school in El Paso, and therefore we pupils have the opportunity to invite students from there and get invited to USA. And now, on this gray and raining day in the middle of summer, Stan would arrive, he would stay for four weeks and then take me with him to Texas for another month. You can imagine, how upset I was to have a friend, a kind of a brother for full two months, although I didn't know of course if we actually liked each other. For except for some mails I didn't know anything of him.

When I finally saw him, as he was passing the passengers' door with the huge colored suitcase which I should use as a recognition sign, the first idea that came to my mind was: yes, he is slim! The second: and tall! He is right! Because these were the two attributes he informed me in his email. Next I saw his hair, standing upright like the pricks of a hedgehog, it was bleached in a kind of yellow, almost white, a color that surely didn't fit too well to his light brown skin - but to my surprise, I found that combination of colors somewhat exciting, and my first impression was: Wow! He had described himself as a guy who was mostly overlooked and not very graceful, but as I saw him the first time, I thought: wow, what a cute boy! Surely he didn't look like Mister Universe, and he probably wouldn't win a beauty contest - but what do I care for beauty contests? For these half dead styled puppies who dance on a stage like mannequins, boring as boring can be? I surely didn't care for those standard people, what I cared for were boys of flesh and blood who would suit me, as I was a boy made of flesh and blood and not a plastic puppet. For when I saw his eyes, this beautiful bright deep green eyes, when I saw the kindness in them, when I saw his mouth with the dark red lips which looked almost like made up, when I looked at his cheeks which were distorted in a smile from one ear to the other, half shy and unsecured, half self confident, when I ingested his shining traits in my mind, I thought: what a cute boy! Then I thought: a boy I could have a crush on. And my last thought was: I have to take care of myself not to do something silly!

I was rather glad that my father couldn't speak one word English - the only word he knew was "money", which he pronounced like "moning" -, so at our ride back to my home town Griesheim I had Stan all to myself. We talked of the flight and the family at home and the whole stuff that you usually say when you see someone the first time, and the more we talked the less shy he got, and when I interpreted the expression of his face correctly he was as happy with me as I was with him.

Finally we reached our terrace house in Griesheim, while the clouds disappeared by and by and gave way to a teasing and flattering sun. So we could have coffee and plum cake on our terrace, and my mother, who could speak a little English, was quite pleased with our guest. If she knew how pleased I was with him she wouldn't have been pleased so much!

For a long time we had a room in the basement for rent, but since we had enough money we left the room alone, it was actually empty and ideal for a guest. Unfortunately my father had used it as a workroom, therefore it was filled with hammers, saws and some thousand nails. As a guest room it was unusable, and so my own room was the only one left for a guest.

"You care to live with me in my room?" I asked Stan, when we were sitting on my bed, he curiously looking around, me curiously looking at him.

"Oh no", he answered cheerfully, "I have stayed for years with a cousin of mine in a room that was much smaller than that - so there's no real problem!" Gladly I looked in his eyes feeling the sun rising in me. Actually, to be honest, I was quite happy that Stan stayed with me in my own room - a room which I always had regarded as mine, where no one else had the right to intervene. Now there was Stan sitting here and I didn't feel the slightest discomfort.

With a evening bike ride around the neighborhood, where I showed Stan my school, the favorite spots where I would like to go with him the other day, and some special places of our little and uninteresting town, the day ended not too late. Stan was tired as was plainly to be seen in his face, as he had been flying towards a new day, and so we returned home and I showed him my bed, where he would sleep, whereas I would use a mattress on the floor.

He wanted to argue and intended to sleep on the mattress, but I defended this choice: "Don't you know that in the middle ages the guest would always get the bed and " - here I grinned offensively - "sometimes the lady of the house."

"Oh, I think, the lady is too old for me", he gladly passed back, "but if you think I have to sleep in your bed I will not be opposed to it and not hurt the old rules of the middle ages..."

"I see you are reasonable. Respect the law of the land!" And I began to take off my shirt.

I noticed how slowly and carefully we both undressed, as we were afraid that the other one could see more than was good to his eyes. But finally we had everything put off except the slip, and finally I could dare a look at his slim body out of an angle of my eyes, and what I saw pleased me a lot. "I'd like to touch him", I thought, but as I noticed that he observed my body as well, I said aloud: "Hey boy, you've never seen a beautiful man before?"

I could see how he blushed, yet he countered: "Of course, man, I see him every time I look in a mirror. But as there is no mirror in the room, I don't see a beautiful man now." He grinned with a broad and good humored face.

"What? This spider that you are calling beautiful? I will show you what a beautiful and strong man I am..." And in a sudden mood I jumped over to him and pressed his shoulders on the bed. As he was surprised I had good success; he had no chance to move and had to beg me to let him go. With a generous gesture I did that, but the triumph on my face quickly vanished, when he suddenly stroke back.

"The Empire strikes back", he shouted, and now we got into the best and most exciting wrestling match I had since a long time. We rolled down to the earth, our half nude bodies sticking together, pressing on each other, keeping the arms, the legs, the chest or the neck, I feeling fine by touching him everywhere, then we returned to the bed, where we could use the cushions as weapons, but suddenly, in the wildest and harshest fight you can think of, this old, rotten, rusty bed - CRAAASH! - cracked under the strain that came from our young forces! The mattress fell on the floor in the middle of the bed frame, and we both fell with it downward.

Breathlessly we lied there, surprised, stupefied, and looked around. Then we burst into a loud laughter like two little boys who had just played a trick on the teacher, and this was exactly the moment when our friendship started.


The days went by. The sun had returned to our country, as if Stan's arrival had something to do with it, as he had a certain magical power on the sun or an intimate relationship with the weather god - at least this appeared to me, for it had been raining for a long time. We went to the swimming pool to get some tan - even if Stan with his slight brown skin hardly needed it -, we rode around our town by bike, I showed him the forests and the fields, I showed him some old ruins of the middle ages what interested him the most, we went to Heidelberg, where I showed him the famous castle, we met friends of mine in my students' pub, where we drank pints of beer and smoked one or two joints, played billiards and darts; and on the weekends we went to our meeting hall near St. Mary Church, where there was a disco with a DJ of our school. But as modest as our country discos are - confronted with the real metropolitan clubs -, we had fun enough and even liked the music. I could see how Stan stood somehow in the focus of attention, especially of our girls. This was not astonishing, as he was coming from a foreign country and in our small town kind of an exotic animal, and because his German was not very good, everybody tried to speak English to him. So he was always surrounded by the best looking girls, what made me a little envious - or shall I say: jealous? Be it like this or like that, one thing aroused my curiosity most: he always talked to the girls in his good humoured and cheerful mood, but he never danced with one of them. Even if he could have had every one of them, and some of the girls really looked great... I didn't understand this, but I thought, he was too shy perhaps. I was confirmed in my opinion when he invited me to dance with him - free style of course and only to the speedy songs. He obviously was too shy to ask a girl!

At any rate I was happy to dance with him.

In the evenings our daily undressing routine was held, interestingly Stan didn't go to bed when I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, but he waited until I came back. So we undressed together, always observing the other one out of an eye angle - but never there was a word uttered over it, only some soft wrestling matches or cushion fights took place.

But when the light was turned out, when we had finished our whispering talks in the darkness and were supposed to sleep, I could hear a quiet, rhythmical, almost inaudible sound coming from the springs of my bed, where Stan was sleeping.

Very soon it was clear to me what was happening. Yes, Stan was slowly and carefully masturbating - that was, what was going on! Three things happened with me: I stopped breathing, I blushed and got excited at the same moment, and as I got horny (this feeling fortunately won), I also felt my dick rising in my pants. At once I thought that I shouldn't leave Stan alone with his job; so I pulled down my pants - carefully of course, so that he wouldn't notice - and stroke my growing erected penis in the same rhythm as he did, closing tightly my eyes and pretending as if I were happily dreaming. But this was not even a lie, because I dreamt of Stan's slim body, I dreamt of his hand curved around his meat which he shook and worked upon. I had one slight advantage, because the mattress I was lying on didn't make any noise compeered to the rusty springs of my old bed.

And when I finally heart a gentle moaning telling me he was Cumming I did like he did: I shot my seed on my belly with a light tremble, smeared it with my finger tips imagining Stan doing the same thing - or perhaps he used a paper tissue? And when my manly fluid was stained all over my belly and had dried I finally would find some sleep.

Our evening routine - which began with undressing and secretly staring, continued with some talk and the secret masturbation session afterwards, ending with a happy release of all the sexual tensions that we gave to each other - brought an idea into my mind.


Since some months I possessed some porn magazines which served as exemplars for my unchaste thoughts and works - as I had to confess them in the monthly shrift. I had exactly two of them, one contained only pictures of boys, the other one was mixed with girls and guys. And my idea consisted in showing Stan these pictures to change our secret night sessions into a full daylight routine. Of course I showed him only the girl-magazine, as I wasn't quite sure how he would react if he saw the other one with the boys. To that came, that I was not a hundred percent sure either what I actually expected from that. Could it be, that I longed for a more open and unrestricted friendship with him, as we anyway had our silent rocking session during the nights - even if it was only me who knew about the event? Oh yes, every day and every night I had this boy beside me, we slept in the same room, used the same bathroom, we ate at the same table and the same food - we almost lived like a long married couple together, or twins from different fathers, and - I tell you - I was happy every minute he stayed with me. But the only thing I could catch of him was his slim and exciting body covered by a (surely sexy but much too large) CK slip, and what was hidden between his waist and his thighs I could only imagine. Surely these precious things that he kept under closure like a treasure box in a pirate movie must send out a delicious odor, and they were surely to be touched in any way. And when not to be touched, I wanted at least to take a look at them...

So one afternoon, when my mom had gone out shopping in the mall not far away and we had told her that we wanted to stay at home doing something on the computer, I drew out the porno magazine. Page for page we went through this mirror finish magazine, which was after all well thumbed, because I had it in use for some time. But Stan didn't seem to be too interested in the pictures, only some of them caught his look, and as I noticed carefully they were those, where a girl gave a guy a blowjob, so the whole size of the erect penis was depicted in detail.

"So you do it to yourself by looking at these photos?" he asked me when we finished the lecture.

"Sure, sometimes. Don't you do it?"

"Oh well, of course. But I don't need any pictures you know. I just lie in bed at night thinking of this or that, undressing completely, when I'm sure that nobody will check me out. And then..." He grinned and made some unambiguous gestures.

Eagerly I sticked to every word, in my mind the picture of him lying naked in bed, his blanket uncovered, and in the very middle of his tall, slim body with the light brown tan stood a tall, but not slim, rather juicy bold rod like a flagstaff in all its pride, on whose tip the El Paso moon shone through the open window, and his hand slowly and softly sliding over his body and his awesome thing right in the center... "I must see it!" I thought and therefore I continued this conversation with growing interest.

"And you do that every night? Once or more often?"

I noticed that he blushed a little, but the whole matter seemed to excite him as much as it excited me: "Almost every day, yes, but usually not more often. I did it formerly two or three times a day, but it is too exhausting, so I am tired the next day. Therefore I keep a once-a-day-schedule, and that's fine and healthy."

Furthermore he told me that he sometimes even stood at his open window at night, completely nude, let the wind and his hands caress his body, only being a little afraid, if someone could watch him from the other windows.

"So in your holidays here must have given you a break in this schedule?" I asked him, just being aware that I knew better.

He blushed again, and as I saw him standing here, with his shy but equally waggish green eyes, his head lightly red like a little schoolgirl at her first date, I suddenly felt a warm shivering running along my back, and I was close to pulling him near to me and hugging him - it was very hard to refrain from doing so!

The best he could do in this embarrassing situation was not to answer, instead to ask back: "And you? You watch the pictures and do it then? In the afternoon where no one is at home or at night?"

I explained to him, that it was only on rare occasions I used the mag: "It's getting boring after some time". I added that I liked it almost the same way as he, because I used to sit on the small balcony that extended my room, but as there were only gardens and fields behind, I didn't fear no dirty looks. "But if it is fine weather and I am just horny as a rabbit in springtime I go to my ... hmm ... special place and do it there." Almost I whispered these words, as if I wanted to entrust him with a great secret - what it actually was.

Stan seemed to be highly interested in my secret, he moved a step nearer to me and whispered back: "Which special place?"


I looked in his green eyes, then at his wide open mouth, then I let my eyes wander over his T-shirt, until they finally rested on his crotch. Now I became more and more bold, thinking how he might look without his clothes, wondering if that swelling in his pants had been caused by a pleat of his Levi's or by an erection. Of course I preferred the second idea. I even moved still nearer to him, what actually was impossible since our legs and hips already sticked together. "Listen, Stan, are you as horny as I am?" He nodded with a boyish grin. "I'm so horny I could do it right now!" To underline my word I put a hand on my crotch and pressed it in a hurry, whereas Stan's eyes grew larger and larger. "But this is shit because my mom will be back any minute, so it wouldn't be any good. But we can go to a special place if you like to do it there?"

My eyes returned to the bump on his pants, and I felt a sudden warm and easy feeling at the same place when I noticed that it had moved a little bit on my proposal - and this time it was surely not just a pleat! I took it as the best answer he could give.

Of course he wanted to know where we would go to, but I put my digit on my lips and said: "Psht! It's a secret place, it's absolutely secure, so you will not tell anybody."

Still a little skeptical, but excited he agreed that we both would go there by bike right now, take two towels and the porno mag with us - "and don't forget a box of Kleenex", I completed cheerfully. When we were leaving the house my mom was just returning, so I told her we went to the swimming pool. When I told her this lie I only hoped, that she wouldn't take a look in my wardrobe to find my swimming trunks still at its place. -

We left Griesheim, passed the swimming pool which was located outside the town at a lake and entered a huge forest area, the Griesheimer Wald. Since one year I met a friend in the neighbor town called Bickenbach, with whom I played guitar, and it was on this way to him, when I had checked out a certain part of this forest. What exactly had aroused my curiosity wasn't clear to me, but I took a sandy side path, which was not even comfortable for the bike. But after some 300 feet I came to a clearing, behind that clearing began a large plantation of beeches, surrounded by hazelnut bushes and rose hips, and even young pine trees. For some unknown reasons this area attracted me - perhaps because it was grown so densely that you couldn't see through, and so I wanted to know what was inside. Probably I expected a corpse lying there, or a couple making love? - But no crime and no sex awaited me when I cautiously stepped into the shrubbery; rather I found a second little clearing in the middle of the grove, covered with fat elephant grass, a tree stump, on which I sat down and, when I looked to the bushes and the young trees around this tiny spot, where nobody could see me, where I was safe and out of sight for the world, I felt a sudden urge in my loins, and as it was a sunny day and warm enough even in this wood I undressed, touched my growing erection, pulled it ahead, pulled it back, felt so good, and when I came in that afternoon I unloaded my seed at the next beech trunk and watched the drops run down.

Since that time the little clearing in the plantation was my hiding place, my secret and private port, where I could withdraw, undress totally, where I could walk around nude and aroused, where I could dream of boys who would accompany me to that place. To me it was some kind of a holy place solely created for my longing for love. -

And now Stan was with me, hence I felt strangely upset and aroused. Was he the boy whom I dreamt of while staying there? My thoughts were a little confused, I just didn't know what would come out of this experiment. When we turned to the sandy side path, which went straight to the plantation, I told him to leave the bikes at the edge of the clearing, so no casual walker would be lead to the meeting place. "We are almost there", I announced to him, and his face brightened. When we passed the large clearing, my beech plantation right in front of us, I told Stan the whole story of my hiding spot, only leaving out the content of my dreams. I begged him to swear not to tell anybody about it, and after he did that with a broad smile, I put my arm over his shoulder, what he did to me in return, and together we walked side by side to the grove. "You are the only one who knows about that."

We fought our way through the thick shrubbery, and finally reached the little clearing in the center. "Do you have already a hardon?" I asked him frankly when we stood on the grass and took a look around.

He blushed a little, and we both stared at his pants. Yes, there was something growing, as much was sure, so he nodded. "And you?" he asked back.

Very similar things happened in my jeans, so I unbuttoned them with the greatest calmness, even if inside of me everything was on fire or - to be more exact - a hurricane blustered through my stomach: "We should do something about it!" I broadly grinned to him and slowly let my pants fall down to the grass. Surely he had seen me a dozen times in my slip, namely when we went to bed, but he never had seen me with such a huge swelling which stuck out of the shorts!


He stared at me breathlessly, nodded slowly, while my eyes turned to his bulge again, which was now plainly to be seen. In a short second his pants fell down to earth, and we both laughed and sighed with relief at the same time. This could not be compared to our undressing ceremony every night when we went to bed, undressed and dared only a gaze out of an angle. No, here we were free and easy: we stared with all interest and voluptuousness, with all our desires and longings at the other one, we felt that everybody wanted to see the other one, and I guess this knowledge made us so free and happy, as if a stone weighing a ton had been taken away from our hearts. We laughed, jumped foolishly around with our pants still on our ankles, we pressed our fingers on our erections to emphasize their outlines, until Stan finally cried: "Off with the knickers!"

And off with those boring clothes which we had on, and as we were standing there, totally nude and free, we looked at each other, stared at our juicy erections that stood in front of us like two swords which wanted to fight, his penis still covered by his foreskin whereas mine was totally blank.

"Hey, it's as tall as you", I said pointing to his developed member.

"Yeah, people call it a 'walking stick'!" He grinned, put his penis right in his hand, and pulled the foreskin back, so that his gleaming glans stood out. "And this here is the knob!"

I felt my mouth water when I gazed at this gorgeous virile organ that he showed me. "So you show it to everyone who wants to see it?" I felt how his eyes were wandering over my body - and especially my genitals - as my eyes were in return, and I felt he liked what I presented to him. "But I am sure a lot of girls have already seen it?"

He blushed again and didn't say anything. I took the huge bath towel out of the backpack, so we could both lie on the grass and have a light hearted wanking session.

"Oh, that is exactly what I was looking for all the time when I went there." I told him the whole story of my secret hiding place, of the afternoons that I spend here stroking my rod and walking nude and excited among the beeches. While I was speaking to him, we slowly rubbed our stiff members, observed the other body freely, with wide, longing eyes. Very close we lay on our towel, so close that my moving arm touched his, and because I prefer to masturbate with my left hand, whereas he was right handed, our upper arms and shoulders ground against each other, but nobody was annoyed by that contact, on the contrary everybody was pleased to get a feeling of the sex motions of the other boy.

Then I stood up. "Listen to what I do here when I'm alone and feel like a part of the nature around us." I walked some steps, he accompanied me to the next tree. "Look, I like to tease the beech trunks like that." I pointed my hard cock against the bark of my favorite tree which stood next to the tree stump, that tree I used to dowse with my seed, then touched it softly with my glans, slid it over the surface, as if the beech had a soft skin with which I could play and not a hard matter of which I had better to look out. Stan did the same, just touching upon the gray, shining bark of the young tree. Then I moved over to a thin twig nearby, bent it down with the shaft of my penis and let it chirrup again. We both laughed, and at a single blow we had the wildest play together with the leaping twig: when he pressed it down with his cock, I would keep it up, and so the poor twig had to bend between our tools, we cheered and chuckled as little children when they play marbles. And it was not by chance, that our penisses came nearer and nearer during this game, until they finally fought with each other, our stiff and hard swords, hot and strong, but without any sharp edges - and this game went on and on with loud laughter, until our sweat ran down our bodies, as if we were lifting heavy weights.

"Stop", he finally exclaimed, "I give up. You've won." Our penisses rested where they were, and this meant: they sticked together, side by side, as if they wanted to say "hello" to each other.

"Hey, it's fun, Stan!" I answered. "You got a strong dick. But I really want to know who's got the taller one."

We moved closer and held our member upside, from the balls up to the top. I got a very warm and tender feeling while we did that, and I noticed that Stan felt alike. We stood there, letting our penisses stick together without the aid of our fingers, and I had to admit that his tool was somewhat longer than mine, as he also was an inch taller than me. So I admitted: "When I won the sword fight by exhausting the opponent, you have won the size contest."

We laughed and were not far away from hugging. Be we merely stayed where we were, now rooted like two exotic trees with merely two branches which seemed to have grown together. I looked in his eyes and found them sparkling and flashing, and I guess mine must have shown the same hungry look. Now I knew that I've at least found the boy whom I always waited for. And the boy whom I had waited for has a simple one syllable name: Stan, and he stood right in front of me, naked as God created him, and I stood by his side, in a similar costume, and we both knew, that we had entered one corner of paradise.


Of course there was still a lot to discover in this paradise, but our hands were not lazy to start this job. Soon we fumbled together with our two branches, didn't forget the bags, which built up their brushwood, and I was so glad to feel his hard balls filled with a sea of boy seed, as they were sticked to my balls which were as stiff as them.

"Now, who is the most beautiful man in this forest?" Stan readopted a topic that I had set up at the start of our friendship.

I whispered the true answer in his ear. "Surely this is you." Now I walked back a step, therefore losing the body contact to him, and added: "But behind the seven mountains live the seven dwarfs, and they got a seven times bigger cock than you!" And as this was a rehearsal of a theater play, he jumped on me, and like in the first evening, when he were undressing, we wrestled and fought, but now - and this made a big difference - completely nude with two stiff boners.

Absolutely exhausted and sweating like pigs we finished the wrestling match. Fortunately I had a water bottle in my backpack, so we actually wouldn't die of thirst. While he eagerly drank, I held his prick in my hand and played with the tip. I just couldn't let it go - it was actually too beautiful to be left alone!

Then we lay side by side on the towel, breathing hard and sweating even harder, our faces turning to the sky, whereas our hands slowly exploring the other one's body. It was a marvelous and great feeling to touch and to be touched, knowing that these were the fingers of a friend who slid over my skin, played with the navel, twisted my pubes, until they reached their goal which stood there waiting exactly for them and wanted to be touched and rubbed.

"Hey, Hanno, do you like to dance with me?"

I turned my head to him, but didn't say anything, because I was surprised in the first instance. Dancing - here?

"Don't say no! I got a portable CD-player with me, so we have music, and to that we can have a slow dance." His eyes gleamed of excitement, and as I was curious what he actually had in mind, I nodded. Why not dance in the summer sun, without any cloths on in the middle of a beech plantation? It surely was the right place to do it!

Stan quickly climbed over me to get his CD-player out of our bag, then we stood up and everybody got an earphone. My erection had made a short break, as I didn't quite know what would happen now. But when Stan hugged me with the player in this hand, and I hugged him, and when we listened to Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, a slow and dreamy tune, dancing closely together and our bodies penned up, the erection came back very soon - and not only mine. Well, after one minute, when we were slowly dancing, cheek pressed to cheek, when we had shut our eyes to feel the music and the other boy, our penisses were stiff and erect as before, and gladly they rubbed at each other like two dogs sniffing their smell.

"It's so beautiful", I whispered, when the song was over, "please play it again, Stan." We saw in each others eyes, not far away from kissing, but still recoiling from doing it, so we rubbed our noses like the Eskimos do when they fall in love.

Three dancing rounds we had together listening to the same lulling melody, until we finally were sweating again like hell, and until the CD-player was going to slip off Stan's fingers. We just didn't notice that we held our hands, while we were sitting down, didn't say any word, but only laughing with our eyes. Silently we emptied the water bottle, looking in each other's faces, using again our fingers to feel the sex of the other boy.

"Do you want to come with me, Stan?" I asked him softly.

"Everywhere you want", he answered in the same tone.

So we got up, took our hands, and walked through my little beech plantation, attentively looking for roots or stones which might do harm to our bare feet. But it was so awesome to walk with him through my secret paradise - the garden Eden which was my own, but like Adam I had been alone, and one night God came and built up another boy for me out from my rib, and this boy was called Stan. "Hey, do you know, that you are my Eve and I am your Adam?" I asked him waggishly.

"I your Eve? Take a look, stupid Adam!" And he stood in front of me, getting his penis hard again and showed it to me, letting his knob pointing directly to my face.

I blushed. "Oh Stan, I take everything back! You are surely not my Eve. You are ... my Stan!"

We smiled, but he still wasn't content. "As a penance you have to kiss it!" he ordered like a strict priest to which I just made my confession. But I hesitated. "Kiss it!" he ordered again. Oh, how I desired to kiss it - only I was too shy to perform the act. Until this moment everything what we had done in my hiding spot was like a boys' game: we compared our manhood to each other as many boys do, wanking together to show the other one, who is the best, who comes the first, who has the most to shoot. But kissing the other one's prick was just a different thing - it passed a certain frontier, a line between a "normal" boy and ... a gay boy. I actually didn't want to be a gay guy, a queer, a faggot, but on the other hand: I was just longing to get this large and throbbing member into my mouth. Was I a cocksucker? Was I really a bloody cocksucker? - Stan must have felt my inner fight when I stood in front of him, my face getting somber, my eyes in a slight despair. He came nearer, took my hand and put it on his waiting cock. "I forgive your sins, my son", he said to me in an easy mood, "when you just rub my cock and do your job as good as you can." Gladly I accepted, took his present in my fingers and wanked it as hard as could.

Of course during this action my own branch came to life again, and soon we did it mutually. I even dared to caress his slim hip with my free hand, while he stood opposite to me, our eyes moving between our lower parts and faces to watch how the good feelings that we gave each other came to the eyes and lips. And these lips... whenever I saw his mouth, these dark red lips that he had opened a little to wet them with his tongue - whenever I saw these lips I felt a sting in me, a strong drive to approach my face to them, to press my mouth on his mouth and share a long, an endless long kiss... But then I cringed at this idea: me kissing a boy? The yes' and the no's hurry-scurried in my poor head, so I just stood there, happy and sad the same time, that I was just too shy to do exactly that what I was longing for.

I felt that we both came nearer to our release, I felt that from the movement and the shiverings of our bodies, I felt that from our faces which lightened up with the coming bliss, and so I was rather surprised, when Stan suddenly said: "Don't do it, Hanno, just cool down for a moment, don't cum now!"


Halfway mad because of the effort I laid my head on his shoulders, he let my body go, and I let his. We were both trembling, breathing hard and heavy, as if we just had run twenty miles, and only our erections were pressed together like two lonely walking sticks. Then Stan took my cheeks in his hands, looked into my eyes and said softly: "Do you mind?" I didn't know at all what he actually meant, but I only closed my eyes, expecting his mouth on mine, and shook my head. Oh no, I didn't mind whatever he liked to do with me!

But it was not my mouth he wanted to kiss. He hardly had my positive answer, so he suddenly knelt down and pressed my throbbing penis against his lips and gave the whole shaft one kiss after another - bottom-up. When he reached its bare top, he opened his lips a little more, just to let it slide in --- and after some seconds half of my hard member had disappeared in his throat.

I let out a deep and satisfied sigh.

I've never had such a feeling before, I hardly knew that it existed at all. So much stronger than doing it by hand... oh, what a moist and foamy happening: "Stop", I shrugged when I noticed, that it wouldn't take very long until I released my cream. "Stop, or otherwise you'll get a mouthful of my load!"

Reluctantly Stan removed his lips from my hard on and let it stand before his nose. "Calm down", he begged me again, "calm down... we got a lot of time and have another a lot of fun before us!"

I had blind confidence in him. "Oh yes, Stan, you do me so good." I sighed and had to swallow hard. "Boy, what a bliss!" He stood up and I took his hand. What we actually had done, was not very reasonable, for all along this tender loving exercise we stayed at a corner of the plantation where it was not too dense, and a thoroughly watching walker who would come along the forest path would have picked us out. "Come, we return to the little clearing, where our clothes lie. On the way there I will surely lose a lot of steam." Hand in hand we walked back.

I have surely lost a lot of steam.

Hand in hand with another boy! I swelled up of luck and joy. Because exactly that was one of my fantasies, when I went there lonely and horny: to have another boy with me, whom I could love, and ... kiss, and ... suck --- yes, all these together in one act! --- and with whom I could walk hand in hand, nude and free, through the forest. What a luck I had!

We had arrived at the little clearing, my hiding spot, our heat cooled down to some degree, although we were still sweating like mine workers; good luck, I had a second bottle of water with me which we emptied in less than one minute.

"How was it?" Stan asked so shyly, as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

"Oh perfect, Stan, it was... yes it was overwhelming! And you liked it too?"

He nodded passionately. "Yes, I liked it very much, because you got a... nice cock, you know? Really well made for my mouth!" He laughed and took my limb member in his hand, which quickly swelled anew. "You're a good boy, Hanno, and you have a good cock. How about doing the same? I really can recommend it; it gives you a nice and - yeah - plain feeling in your mouth. And a good taste!"

I was uncertain. "You truly think that?"

He nodded again. "It's an easy job - and not at all filthy or alike."

I still hesitated and took his hand again, while we were sitting on the towel. "I like to take your hand, Stan, it gives me a good feeling. I mean, like..." I let the sentence uncompleted, because I wanted to say: "...being in love with you", but I didn't dare. "You know I've never done this before. I mean, with a boy."

"And with a girl?"

I hesitated again, but decided to tell him the truth. "Neither."

He took my head and drew it to his shoulder. It felt good to rest there, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed just this moment. As I reopened them I saw that his cock had found its old size and was standing like a column, lazily waiting for my mouth. And: without any further words my head wandered along Stan's chest, made a short stop at his right nipple, which I took between my lips like a playing child, but I longed to go deeper down, and passing his navel I finally reached his throbbing member. Everything was clear, and everything was so easy either. At first I closed my eyes to get the feeling of my licking tongue purely and without intervention. It went around the edge of his foreskin in small circles like at the edge of a crater. Then I pulled back his foreskin, disclosed his glans. Because actually I wanted to taste this glossy glans, and for some time I appeared like a child licking an ice-cream bowl. But it tasted even better! For now for the first time I got an impression how a man smells at the place where he is actually and without any doubt a man, and the decisive place of his own sex. - His sex! His sex! Like a litany this word rumored in me, while I licked the tip of his penis; his sex is what I want! This was plainly clear to me now, and I was so glad that I had this sex right in my hand, and right in front of my mouth. So I saw no reason to hesitate anymore, and I took it as tightly as I could and put his glans between my opened lips. - Finally I got it! Finally I had him, and I heard Stan moan loudly and gladly. I got it, and I swallowed it, until I got no breath anymore and had to cough. But I didn't want to stop, so good it tasted, so fine it felt inside my throat, so sensitive Stan reacted to my attempts. And again it went inside of me, not so deep now, as I knew the point, where it began to hurt, and now it was even more satisfying, when I sucked it and let my tongue slide along the skin...

I was happy as a lark! I had my first boy inside my mouth, the first and nicest I could have - what did I want more? And I really did my best to reward and regale him, to make him as satisfied as I was when he gave me a blowjob.

Finally he also cried out: "Stop, Hanno, stop please, please stop..." I knew what this meant and took his hard rod out of my mouth, like him kneeling before him to watch if something would find its way out. Stan trembled and shrugged, as he had a cramp, but he laughed with his broadest smile, so I knew that it was nothing that hurt him, but gave him pleasure. After some minutes he calmed down without giving his semen away.

"I like it to last long", he explained to me, when we both were sitting side by side on our towel again, "it's better to do it a long time and to have fun." Earnestly I nodded. I admired him, as he seemed to have so much experience in those matters, whereas I was a bloody beginner.

"It's so good to do it with you", I said. And suddenly I got a strong urge to hug him, and as he didn't refrain from that, we lay on the towel, hugging each other as we had done it with the blues dance, and my cheek felt so good beside his. Even if I still didn't dare to kiss him: to be so close to him was so nice and comfortable that I nearly started to cry of joy.

In the meantime the sun had already left our secret love spot, what was actually a great relief, because it wasn't so hot anymore, but the time had passed so quickly, that it was a lot after our usual supper time, and how I knew my mom she would sit there looking at the clock and be breeding of anger. "Hey Stan, we have to leave. It's high time!"

"And what are we doing with those?" He pointed to our half hard members, which lay or almost stood lazily on our bellies.

"We have a whole night before us!" I answered, he grinned, then smiled, and hugged me for a whole minute.


I told my mom that we had a blowout and had to walk home from the swimming pool (for that reason we had let the air out of Stan's tire in our garage, so that everything appeared plausible). But she was really not good humored and told us, it should be time for us to get to bed a little earlier than usual. Oh, if she had known that this was not a penalty, but a reward!

So at 11 o'clock it was time to go to bed, but this time our usual evening routine changed a little. First, we had two huge erections in our slips, as we didn't have our release this afternoon, and we both put our hands between the legs of the other one. Second, when the bathroom sessions were finished I locked the door by key, because we didn't want to be disturbed by curious parents. And third, after the light had turned off, Stan slipped on my mattress and not on his usual sleeping place.

"Do we really need our slips tonight?" I whispered as soon as he lay beside me. This was only a rhetorical question, and so I put them off, or, to be more exact: I slipped under the blanket and pulled his pants down, then gave his nude penis some kisses and lickings, then it was Stan's turn and he did the same with me. Or to be still more exact: he didn't just repeat what I had done to him, but gave me a long and lasting sucking. I had to pull down the blanket too to see what he was doing with my dick - and he was doing so fine! Even if it was dark in the room there was enough light coming from the moon outside that I could see the contours very clearly. I stroked his hair, bent my legs around his back, and wanted to cry my joy out loudly, but as we both knew that there was the danger in person of my parents still sitting in the living room I only brought out an oppressed sigh. When he came to my balls, licking them and putting them into his mouth, I was getting more and more crazy, I was beginning to tremble and to shrug, and I hardly could keep myself under control. He spread my legs upright, so they were pointing to the ceiling, as he wanted to show me a gymnastic exercise. But Stan - so far as I knew him - was not interested at all in gymnastic exercises, but in the tiny hole that was placed some four inches away from my balls. He started to put apart my buttocks to have an easy way to it. And then he started to lick it with the tip of his tongue, slowly and thoroughly, as if he wanted to clean it.

"Stan", I whispered, somewhat surprised, "what are you doing?" But he didn't answer, too much occupied with his licking job, and anyway my question was kind of superfluous, as it was plain to see.

Up to this moment this very hole had not stood in the center of my interest; it was simply too far off my looks and was made for something else than bringing sexual pleasure. That was, what I thought about this topic. Until this moment! For when Stan started his job with his tongue I got a strange and weird feeling: the soft bruise of his nose mixed up with the spittle of his tongue, his firm hands which spread my buttocks and knead them slightly, his digit which pointed to the center and even entered it a little - all these unknown touches were thrilling and gave me some kind of new pleasure, pleasure I even hadn't thought of before.

Finally Stan left that place and climbed up between my legs bending over my body, breathing hard and smiling. "Did you like it?"

I looked in his eyes, and again I had a strong desire to kiss him - if I only hadn't been so shy! "Oh Stan, it was something really new and exciting; I didn't think that this could be so fine!"

His face was only some inches away from me, I lay on my back and he bent over me. To a certain degree I felt like a girl whose lover lay on her, ready to take her innocence away. But what was Stan actually doing with me? I stroked the soft skin of his back with my finger tips and entwined my legs around his bottom. Yes, I felt like a man and a woman at the same time, I felt like belonging to him, and I felt that I wanted him, oh yes, I lay there in my own room, in my bed, and I wanted him so badly as I never wanted anybody or anything. "Stan", I whispered, "do you want to have me?"

He looked surprised, not really knowing what I wanted. "To have you?"

"Yes, do you want to ... fuck me?" There it was, the four-letter-word! I span our two erections with one hand, our two large and juicy cocks, which appeared to like each other so much, an I knew I wanted this hard member in my body. I was surprised by my own words and my own desires, because until then I never had felt such a longing. "I want to have you inside of me, Stan", I continued gasping, almost losing my temper, "right now." He still looked bewildered, hardly believing his own ears. "I want you to come to me, please don't say no. Please fuck me." Our looks became very dense and strong. "Fuck me", I repeated, and then Stan's face came nearer and nearer to my face, almost touched it, so I could feel the breath of his mouth. "Fuck me", this time hardly to be heart, only by his close ears.

"I will fuck you", he answered tenderly, "I will do it."

His face moved down another inch, and our lips came together. "Fuck me", I murmured again, and then his lips were pressed on mine, his tongue entering my mouth, and then my tongue played with his one and showed him my little room called throat, and we gladly kissed and hugged and pressed our bodies against the other one.

Inside everything was on fire. I kissed a boy, and he kissed me too, I felt his tongue in me and I put my tongue in his mouth, I wetted my tongue with his spit and he wetted his with mine... When I had been in paradise this afternoon, I was now in seventh heaven. I felt that my lonesome life had come to an end and another life, a thrilling and exciting one, had started.

Suddenly we heard some footsteps in front of the room, it seemed that my parents were going to bed. Stan put his hand on my mouth, we both stopped our love game to listen what happened outside. Some murmuring sounds, some steps on the marble floor, flinging a door - silence.


Breathlessly we lay there side by side, stroking each other, softly kissing, but without making any sound at all. "You still want it?" Stan asked me after some minutes. I nodded, and he begged me to slew and kneel like a dog presenting him my bottom at its full size. "If it's hurting, tell me. Just relax and trust me. I won't do you no harm at all."

I gulped and tried to relax. How I was so eager to get him close to me, as if I missed him for all my life and wanted to make up leeway in one embrace! First he only put a finger in me, as he did before, but now a little deeper, deeper than before, and I sighed a good lot, because there hasn't been anything in there before like that.

"Is it OK?" I nodded, still sighing a little. He put his finger out, spit on my hole, and repeated the action, now much better sliding than before. "I have to wet it, you know, to wet the gangway to let a fat guest in." Oh, how I invited this fat guest! And this time it was much better than before.

We kissed again, as he put his finger out, what I hardly noticed. His kiss became more urgent, so fierce, that I almost fell sideward to the floor. Then I remarked something big, now, not his digit, something much bigger... I moaned.

"Ouch", I cried, my lips pressed to avoid too much noise.

"I hurt you?"

" Go on. I was just surprised."

"Just relax, Hanno, just relax." I tried. The thing moved on, with some force, but my constrictor fought the enemy; yes, until now it was a foreign force which wanted to enter me, I had forgotten how much I wanted it some minutes ago. Now I was alarmed, now I thought: this can never be of any good, what a fool I have been to want this happening...! Stan stroked my hair and my neck, tenderly and with so much love while murmuring: "Relax, I won't hurt you, I just will be in you." His voice soft and seducing, his breath just at my ear, his hand on my head, so soft and sweet... and I let him go.

I let him do, as he was slowly pushing his penis inside of me. I let him do, as his glans had penetrated me. I let him do, as finally everything of his cock was inside of my body.

"OK?" he asked again, still caring for me. As I was so overwhelmed by this unknown excitement, I couldn't say one word, and so I turned my head around to find his face, and while he began to move his penis in a slow and gentle rhythm, we exchanged a deep and lasting kiss. I cheered! Stan was inside of me, as close as nobody had been before! But he was not only close with his body to mine, but he had got so close during this whole crazy day... so close to me, that I wanted to explode, of joy to have found a friend, a cute friend, a lovely friend. He started to move his penis, pulling it back, pressing it forward, then starting the game again, over and over, and I felt him, oh how I felt him so strongly, his virility which I longed for so eagerly without losing my own virility, I felt every spot of his meat how it was rubbing against the skin of my tunnel, the hard sausage that filled me out like a key filled out the keyhole, and I had the funny feeling that this key fitted exactly!

"OK!" I answered happily while he fortified his efforts - how strong and heavy they got now - and how much I like that!

"Stan?" I turned to him behind me, but I didn't have to turn so much as he was just in reach. - "Hanno?" - "Please fuck me harder." - "You want?" - "I want to be fucked." Another push. "I want to be fucked by you." - "Yes, I'm gonna fuck you." - "Fuck me!" - "Yes, I fuck you!" - "Fuck me with your cock!" I was going crazy now. I just didn't know what I said. I was only my body, this gorgeous cock inside of me, which gave me so much pleasure, and nothing else in this world really cared, nothing cared except for Stan and his great cock. "Fuck me, Stan." - "I fuck you." He paused a second then returned to his routine. "I fuck you, Hanno!" He was getting crazy himself. Every word was whispered, but in a manner of a shouting, demanding whisper - I wanted him and I told him and he wanted me and he told me. We just wanted ourselves without caring, what else in this world happened. Our world was just we two. We two. His cock and my ass. - "Fuck me, Stan!" I was losing my breath, as he pushed his meat as hard as possible in me; I was at the edge of crying, of lamenting, of whining, but I loved every touch, every hit of him, I eagerly longed for harder pushes, for a never ending fucking paradise, my body jumped, my limbs got weak, but I had such a total trust that he never would hurt me but spend only pleasure I didn't care I just longed for more, for more, for more...

"I fuck you, Hanno!" he cried again in a whisper, right in my ear, which he licked with his tongue, as he wanted to eat it. Then I heart a hard breath of him, a suppressed moan, a sigh, a shiver, that passed through his whole body and took over to me, so we both trembled and shrugged, as he finally was cuming inside of me... I felt a warm fluid, something soft and cozy, I felt his seed as it was flowing out of him, out of my boy, out of my lover just in me...

Some long minutes we stayed in our position and didn't move. Stan licked my ear lazily and happily, his penis rested in me, got a little softer, but still left it there. Then he pulled it back, and we rolled on a side. Happily we looked in our eyes. It had happened, it really had happened! It had happened for the first time in my life.

"Did you like it, Hanno?" His voice sounded very tender and loving. His hand lay on my chest.

I nodded, whereas I was stroking my erection, because this one had still to be satisfied. "It was --- a great experience, it was --- the first time, you know." I was grateful.

He kissed me with all tenderness he could give. "Do your thing", he said and looked to my belly where I masturbated. "Let it out, Hanno. I want you to let it out. Let it out for me!" And I let it out. I trembled, I took Stan's hand and put it on my balls, I quivered like in an electric shock, I sighed and gasped, I looked in his eyes, he looked in mine, and while I grasped his soul by the look a large and steep fountain shot out of me, right through the air and found its way on my belly. Stan smiled. I let out another fountain, and then the rest was only flowing over my body. Stan was pleased and smiled. "You got it!" then he took a finger to the puddle and tried a little of my sperm. "Hmm, fine!" He bent down and licked as much he could find on my belly. Then he bent his head over me and kissed me. All my semen that had lain on my belly was flowing in my mouth, all what I had given away I was given back.

Our kiss was very intensive, we moved the fertile stuff back and forth, mixed it with our spittle, swallowed a part, and played with it like two innocent children played with marbles. But innocence had long gone.

Finally everything was eaten. We parted our mouths and lay side by side, out of breath. Silence covered us. Darkness invited us to sleep. The odor of love flew through the room. Everything was calm and peaceful.

Everything was right.

Then I hugged Stan and we kissed again. "I love you, Stan", I said. He murmured something I didn't understand. Then we slept together in one bed.