If you are under 18 or it is illegal for you to read a story with sex between homosexuals please do not read this.

My High School Buddy & Me

Part 1



Kevin Humprey <kevin_humprey@yahoo.com>

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Kevin, 21 years and 6 feet tall. During my high school days, I had a crush on one of my classmates. He's name is Hank. He is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and he is one hunk of a guy. So what I mean is that, the girls in my school would queue-up to just take a picture with him just for a minute.

He used to come over to my house to study Physics and Chemistry every night. This turns me on very much and I had to wank myself to bed thinking that he his in front of me naked. My love for him went quite long even after we graduated from high school. Till the end, I didn't tell him that I had a crush on him.

Now that I'm 21, one day he makes a visit to my house. After so long I'm seeing him and he is still the same Hank from high school but he is much more handsome now. So I invited him in and we talked to catch up with things over the days. It was getting pretty much boring just talking, so I invited him for a game of Scrabble and he said ok. We were sitting on my bed and playing. As we were talking and playing, I noticed something when he was sitting in like a meditation position. I saw one hell of a bulge under Hank's shorts. It was more obvious when he was lying against the wall and it was getting larger by the minute. By just looking at it for few seconds, I was getting a swell under my shorts.

I was thinking whether to ask him about it or not. Then I realized, he might think that I'm gay. Instead, I asked him, "What is that Hank?" duh! As if I don't know what it is.

"What is what" he replied.

"There, that thing that is growing under your shorts" I said.

"Oh! That. Don't you know what is that? It's my crotch," he said with a grin in his face.

As he spread his legs wider to expose his bulge, he said, "Wow, look at yours, it's expanding too"

In humiliation, I covered my swelling crotch with a pillow and he continued, "There now, don't be shy. We are adults and I understand your feeling" and pulled my pillow and threw it to the end of my bed and told me to continue playing. As his was growing, he was giving it a good rub. I started to wonder that he might be gay too. So I took the first move.

"Hank, I have something to tell you," I said.

"What it is about? " he asked.

"What do you think about guys having sex with other guys?" I asked.

"I don't have anything against gays and for your knowledge, I don't mind having sex with a guy " he replied.

"So, what you mean is, that you are gay too? " I asked in suspicion.

"Yes, I'm gay and I know that you're gay too" he replied.

"How do you know that I'm gay?" I asked.

"It's simple, first, when I was having a bulge, you reacted to it with a countering bulge of you own. That was obvious," he said.

"Secondly, I know that you had a crush on me since high school and for your information, I had the same feeling for you" he continued.

In a stammering voice, I told him that it was true that I had a crush on him since high school and I was scared to tell him so, that he might think that I'm gay.

"Don't worry about it. I'm here to start a new relationship with you, more than just a friend " he said in a very convincing tone.

To be continued...

Well, here's the end of part one, hope you liked it, tell me about it at kevin_humprey@yahoo.com if you didn't like it, well that's too bad.