High School Tryouts

I do not know if I've been gay for that long, and who likes labels anyway. But I've been a cocksucker since I am in early high school. The first time I ever put a friend’s dick in my mouth is one I'll never forget. It did not scare me away from guys, nor away from their cocks. It made me want it even more. That is okay with my friends. They did not abuse me because they also like cock.

I have plays basketball since junior high. That's about when I know I liked guys. Standing in the showers, all lathered up, talking to and watching my teammates naked is fantasy material for when I jacked off at home each night. I always ate my load too, so I will not leave any evidence anywhere. I had been scolded about jacking off. I had made an art out of coming in my own mouth.

My teammates know I watch them. Good, I want them to know. I want any one of them who will think about it and let me at him. Those I watch are tall or short, trim bodied, dark haired or blond, good looking all. Eyes are the first things I saw on a guy. His crotch is the second thing.

One night, after a ball game that we'd won, we are showering as usual. Four of my friends position themselves strategically so that the rest of our teammates cannot see what they are up to. And they all watch me watching them.

"Take your time, man," said Mark, who is closest to me. "Let the others get done. We're going out after we get dressed."

I know that "we" means me too. We have hung out together from the time we were in first grade together. Living in a small town allowed everyone to know everyone else. So it is usual that we are going out. Four smiles told me that something else is up though. Mark, John, Danny, and Rob—they are four of the prime guys on the team. I am a looker too. That's not an ego thing. I look like my dad, and my dad is a good-looking man. My eyes are hazel. My hair is dark brown, short, and combed neatly. My body is equally trim. I can hold my own in the dick department too. I like it that I am watched, even if on the sly.

Of the four, Rob is my best friend. He is a year younger and one grade back in school. He is the primest of this prime foursome. I know he likes me. We had been buddies since we were six years old. We did everything together. He had a brain in addition to his good looks. Rob is the classic good kid. Everyone likes him and He knows how to treat people well. I know a couple of the guys are envious that Rob and I are tight, like brothers.

The rest of the guys eventually left the showers and dress. I too turn off my shower and grab my towel. The foursome is just finishing rinsing off in the steamy shower.

"Do not get too far ahead of us," said Rob with a wink.

I wait outside on the bleachers. Everyone else is gone. The lights are down. I did not know where we would go tonight. We usually end up going out for ice cream on the warm summer nights. Then I remember the smiles of my buddies and feel a stirring that made me have to adjust my crotch. The guys come out of the locker room as I reach down inside my jeans.

"I know you like me, but really," jokes Danny.

"Oh sure, catch me trying to put myself together properly. Geez."

The embarrassment disappears quickly.

"Okay man, let's bug out of here. Wanna ride with me and Danny?" asked Rob.

"Sure. The Snack Bar?"

"Nah, not tonight. We got other plans, but you'll like it."

Rob follows Mark and John as we drive out of town. I know before long that we are headed for John's dad's property at the lake. Skinny-dipping with the boys? Hmmm, I thought to myself.

It takes a half-hour to arrive. We walk down to the water's edge. The sky is filled with stars. We are hours away from any large city so nothing in the sky is washed out. The moon is nearly full. It sparkles and shimmers off the lake. The water will be warm on this August evening. The sun had set only a couple hours ago.

John is already stripping out of his clothes, followed closely by Mark and Danny. I do not have to be asked twice, or once for that matter. The guys know I am a joiner as long as it is not going to end us in jail. None of these guys are troublemakers either. They are long-time friends and I know what they want because I want it too. However, I am not necessarily going to initiate it either.

Rob is the one who does. He comes over to me and helps me out of my jeans. His hand goes down to my crotch and he shows the guys the handful that he grabs. He plays with my cock and balls, feeling them and smiling at me. Then we go into the water and start some horseplay. Rob's lips finally found mine as he touches me. We stand, showing our bodies, and kiss for a few moments. The other three dogpaddled in deeper water. Rob whispers in my ear.

"I know you want to. So do I. You've want to for a long time. I have too. Go for it, man."

I kneel in front of him and take his half-flaccid cock into my mouth. Of the four guys here, he is the one I want the most. There were many times I almost told him that I want him to have sex with me. I come close on a couple occasions, but decide that if it is ever meant to be, it will be worth waiting for.

There is only one guy I want more. I am sure he will not be part of this circle of friends. But to have him would be heaven. It is lust driven, admittedly. His name is Brad. He is the perfect man. He is 6' tall, slim the way I like, blond, ruggedly handsome, and boyish at the same time. As far as I am concerned, to have Brad would be the ultimate. I do not know how big his dick is because he does not play basketball, so I have never seen him naked. The times I have undressed him in my mind does not count. We are not quite as close friends as Rob and me, but he is the kind of guy who will ask a favor of me in need. He will not be pissed off if I ask for one in return later. I have even made off-hand remarks about him to Rob, and then laughed it off.

Any one of this foursome is loaded sufficiently well to appeal to me though. Rob is my first taste of cock ever. It is 7" long, not too thick, cut, smooth, and tastes better than I had imagined. The texture of his skin, the smoothness of his cock, the purple head, and the length and straightness of his shaft all appealed to me. He did not ram it into my throat or make me gag. I slid up and down his shaft as if I have been sucking dick all my life. It is natural and I did like it, just as he had said I would.

Rob threw his head back and put his left hand behind my head, sliding in and out of my mouth a few times. He moans while I lick his shaft, suck just his head, and run my tongue beneath his smooth balls. I put one, then both of his balls in my mouth and play with them. Then I go back and give my full attention to his dick.

"How is he?" yelled Danny.

"Great! Oh, man, just great," said Rob, barely able to talk. "I love what you're doing to me, buddy. I'll return the favor."

I smile to myself. I wet my fingers and play around just at the outside of his asshole. I massage it without penetrating him. I just want this dark haired young god to feel nothing but pleasure as I give him the blowjob of his life.

I can do this all night. And to think that I have three more cocks that need attention too. Danny comes over and stands beside Rob. They kiss deeply. I reach up and fondle Danny’s dick. He is hung almost identically to Rob. I want to taste it, not just to play with it, so I let go of Rob's and go down on Danny's hard cock. It tastes different. If I are ever blindfolded and asked which cock is in my mouth, I think I can tell the difference. Danny's scent, though as pleasant and clean as Rob's, is different enough that I will know which cock I have in my mouth.

Danny gets down on his knees beside me and bends his head down to my dick. It is hard instantly as he slides his warm moist mouth over it. I am about 6 1/2" and a little thicker than Rob. I considered anything 7" or less to be a "nice mouthful." The idea of a longer dick or a real thick one has little appeal to me. As I am sucking Rob, I go all the way to his public hairs. I then move my tongue around the underside of his cock while I inhale his scent. Danny sucks me like an expert. He looks up at me as he sucks my cock. His eyes are shining in the moonlight.

John comes over next and kisses Rob. I again go down on the newest cock in front of me, inhaling and noting the differences. John is just over 6" and is the same thickness as Rob. I swallow him whole in one gulp and run my tongue along the bottom of his shaft as I hold his cock for long moments in my mouth.

"Hey Danny, how does he taste?" asks John.

Danny mumbles, not wishing to get off my cock. He keeps sucking. What he is doing to me, I do to Rob and John equally. I know I cannot take both in my mouth at the same time, so I did not try. It will have taken away from the pleasure I am getting and giving. I had always imagined one guy with me, but had not thought about getting four cocks to share. I cannot imagine it any better.

And then I heard a car door close. Christ, are we going to be caught out here? I look up at Rob. He urges me back onto his cock gently. The guys do not seem to be concerned. Nobody comes around the corner of the summerhouse so I kept sucking my buddies. Mark finally cannot stand it any longer and walks over to let me have his eight inches of man meat. Even though it is a little more than I can swallow, I give him all I can. He moans and throws his head back.

This is great. My buddy is sucking my cock, sending shivers up and down my spine. It feels better than I expect—lots better. He is good at it. No teeth—only smooth lips and tongue. I wonder what his first time is like. Some day when the five of us are together again, we will talk about all our first times. Sucking my first cock at 16 is something I will always remember and feel good about. I go from Mark back to Rob, to John and back to Mark, about every couple of minutes. Rob holds me on his cock a little longer when I go down on him again. In a couple moments, I can taste him leaking, and then I feel him shoot his load. I swallow it, tasting the sweet funky goo on my tongue and in my throat. I take his entire load, even the little that ran down the side of my mouth. I lick it up and swallow it all. Then I lick his dick and clean him up.

"Thanks buddy, that is nice," he said as he kneels down to kiss me.

Danny puts me on my back in the shallow water. John and Mark lay down beside each other, holding each other as they kiss. I go back down on John. Danny lay between my legs as I wrap them around his body. Rob gets between Danny's legs and eats his dick like an expert. Danny's moans echo through my dick. I feel close to coming. I keep my full attention on John because I feel his cock twitching. In a few moments, his cum spurts out into my mouth. He tastes just like Rob, though it is creamier. He probably had not jacked off in a couple days. I clean off his cock, leaving it slick with my spit.

"Thanks man. That is awesome," he said as he went to lie between Rob's legs.

I turn my attention to Mark.

"I cannot wait to come," he said as he smiles. "Do me good, bud."

And so I do him good. I finger his ass as I suck his big dick. I eagerly lick his balls, sucking them into my mouth as well, tickling them with my tongue.

"Yeah, put your finger in me, man. Let it slip inside me."

I do as I am told while sucking with the intent of making him shoot all he has to give. I do not have to wait too long. His load shoots out of his dick and hits the back of my throat. As the first shoots ran down, the rest of it oozes out, thick and creamy. I swallow as fast as I can so I do not miss any, while probing his asshole with my middle finger. He shudders and moans out load.

I shoot my load into Danny's hot mouth at the same time. I cannot hold it back any longer. He swallows it and keeps licking his tongue over my cock shaft. When he finally lets my cock go, I cannot believe how hard I still am.

I lie down beside Rob and share sucking duties on Danny's cock. The taste of Danny's cock and the taste of Rob's spit are an incredible mix. Rob will suck him for a minute and then point the cock in my direction. I will suck the head and Rob licks the shaft. Then I will give Danny’s cock back to Rob. Mark lies between my legs and sucks my dick while John continues to suck off Rob.

Rob is the lucky one to get the first taste of Danny's hot load, but I grab his cock and get the last of it and cleanup duty as well. We all lay together in the water, holding each other and kissing five ways. We are all still hard or semi-hard at worst.

Next thing I know, I have a cock filling my ass. It goes inside me in one smooth motion, with enough spit to make it easy. I am relaxed because I do not expect it, so it did not hurt. The brief pain I did have passed and the unidentified cock thrust inside of me in steady rhythms. I look around to see who it was. As is fitting, it is Rob. He smiles at me as he plows into my ass. I clench his tool in my tight virgin hole. Rob gets my cherry, and makes me feel great in doing so. I discover very quickly that I love being fucked.

"Yeah man, grip my cock shaft. Make your ass tight. Oh damn that's nice."

It takes almost ten minutes of being hammered by a 7" cock, but Rob moans loudly and shoots his cream inside my tight ass. I am no longer a virgin. When Rob pulls out, Danny enters me, using Rob's cum as lube. When the full length of his cock is inside me, he begins a rhythm that is slow and steady, deep thrusts, pulling out almost to the head.

"Damn you got a tight little ass, man!" he said.


"Yeah, a little, but it feels so good. Take my cock, bud."

"Gimme all you got, Danny. I'll take every fucking inch. I've wanted you guys so bad for so long. Fuck my hungry hole!"

He plows me deep, feeling nice and full in my asshole, letting me feel the pubic hair at the base of his cock shaft. Before too long, he grunts and yells out that he is coming. I push back on his cock as he shoves it in deeper. When he is fully spent, he pulls out.

Danny's cock is out of my ass and Mark's is in me two seconds later. I grip it, the way I did the other guys.

"Holy fucking shit, man. You are tight. No wonder these guys like it. Goddamn, that feels good. Oh yeah, let me fuck you good. I promise a big hot juicy load for you. Now you know you're getting fucked, bud."

Now this is the type of cock I love up my ass. Mark's is long and a little thick, massaging my insides where the guys had just barely teased me with theirs. Mark knows how to fuck me. His is the best fucking so far, though I will never throw Rob or Danny out of bed. He gets back on his heels, and fucks my hole with just the head of his cock.

"Stop teasing me, fucker. You know I want it all. Give me your cock or I'll shove my ass on to it!"

"Ah, but teasing you is fun. You know I can give it to you deep. But this makes me feel so good. Just a couple minutes more, then I'll give it to you."

And so he does, and then shoots in me for a long moment. John does not lose any momentum and gets down behind me. He enters my wet asshole easily. He fucks me good. It feels good to have a slightly smaller dick in me again. Man, does he give me a great piece of cock in my hole.

When he is done shooting his load, he pulls out. I get another piece of cock in me in mere seconds.

"You guys fucking horny or what?" I said.

Mark walks in front of me and kneels down, wanting me to lick and suck his dick. Danny comes over to me the same way. I go from one cock to another as I take a third one up my asshole. John comes around and he too kneels in front of me, asking me to give him head. I am not surprised that Rob is inside of me again, pumping away a little slower this time. He knows what my ass feels like, so he wants to take his time and enjoy it.

Rob too walks up to where the other guys are and kneels in front of my mouth. I swallow his cock just as I had swallowed my three other buddies. The taste is as good as the first time.

Wait a minute. I am still being fucked. I had not paid much attention, but I should have known something was up when Rob kneels down. I look at all four of my buddies. They are grinning from ear to ear. I put each cock back in my mouth one more time, sucking each one and counting at the same time. Four hard cocks to play with and suck. I held Mark's and Rob's in my hand as I suck Danny's cock and then John's cock. Four hard cocks to play with and suck. Hmmm. But I am still being fucked, slowly and rhythmically. It is just like Rob fucking me.

When I turn my head, Brad is laying behind me, smiling as wide as my other four buddies had been. He hump my ass in a slow, steady rhythm that feels as good as the four previous cocks I had been fed. His blond hair shines in the moonlight. His smile shows pearly white teeth. He licks his lips as he humps me.

"Hi buddy. Welcome to the boy's club. Like it?"

"Oh yeah. You're awesome. Fuck me man, oh fuck me so good."

"These guys are right. You're so fucking tight it's amazing. I have not felt like this in a long time. You will not guess how long I've wanted your ass."

"Why didn’t you ask?"

"Because I like your friendship too. If you were not amenable to this, I was afraid I would lose you for a friend. If it was meant to be, it would happen.”

Brad withdrew his cock and put me on my back. He re-enters my hungry, well-fucked hole. He puts my legs over his shoulders and then bends forward to kiss me. His strokes are long and slow, steady and hot. He smiles at me when we stop kissing.

"I can fuck you all night. I hope we do this again."

"Oh yeah man, anytime you want."

I take Brad's cock for nearly fifteen minutes. When he feels like he is going to come, he slows down. He wants me to enjoy this. Our surprise guest is getting what he finally wants. And so am I. He bends down one more time and kisses me as he unloads into my wet hole. I can almost feel the cream inside me. His cock is slick with it and he bucks his hips as he shoots.

He stays inside me and lies on top of me. We kiss with warm passion. His lips are sweet. His tongue explores my mouth. I look up to find my four buddies paired up, holding each other in warm embraces, kissing. Rob and John are together with Mark and Danny next to them. Not to my surprise, we are all still hard, or hard again.

I smile at Brad. I look up at Rob, who makes eye contact with me.

"Hey buddy. Come and fuck me some more," I say to him.

"Yeah man. Love to."

"You two really are tight, aren’t you? I have heard it, but I guess I had to see it. He's all yours Rob. I'm jealous as hell too."

"Yeah, we're tight. The man's like my brother. You're all hot, and I'll take any one of you anytime, but my heart belongs to my bud."

I did not fully know that until that moment. Rob loves me. Love trumps lust. Nothing wrong with lust though. Brad is fine, and we will fuck again. Actually, not just fuck—because he has a bit of love for me too.

Brad goes over to John and kisses him, taking Rob's place without missing a stroke. I may want Rob first and best, but these guys are all part of my heart. There may be sex between us now, but there is also ten years of history.

Rob puts my legs over his shoulders and puts his cock inside my cream-filled ass. Sex is done for the night. Now we make sweet love in the shallow warm water of the lake. The moon shines down upon us. The rest of the world disappears for a while. All I care about right now is the man inside me, fulfilling my fantasy for real.

Rob and I are together almost every day. The other guys, including Brad, always celebrate our basketball victories and losses the same way; at the lake. When it is too cold for that, we hide out on Brad’s barn. We can make out just as well inside the summerhouse as we can make out in the water.

The only thing that breaks up our sex is when we go off to college. Vacations brought us back together. College graduation broke us up finally. But we six had great sex for six years. We will always be special to each other, no matter what. Boyish sex in innocent times is a memory to hold on to.

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