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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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I was now in junior high school and I was a god. Look out grade schoolers. I had the body that everybody leered at with the perfect bubble butt and a very long dick, for a twelve year old. Then I met him the first day of the seventh grade.He was the man. I had no idea about sex. I had never thought of my dick except when my mother made me stand naked in front of the fan to dry off after a bath. I was always getting crotch rot. I guess it was prickly heat but I like the crotch rot. It sounded a lot more masculine. Anyway I would stand there and the wind would blow on my body and I would feel all funny and everything. I guess now that I probably had a hard on but I never looked. I realize that I get that same tingling funny feeling when I get hard. But enough of that you want to know about him.

He was all boy. He had no fear. I was the daredevil and I loved to make people laugh. He out did me. He challenged me to greater heights as we tried to best each other with our antics. He was the same age as me, just two days younger. We were the same size and colorization. Our hair was dirty blond with dark roots coming in. Our eyes were brown. We were always told we were full of shit. That is what made our eyes brown. His were darker than mine. Mine were a kind of golden brown so I guess he had more shit in him.

In him I saw a mirror image of what I thought that I was. He was exactly like me and I was exactly like him. We became fast friends and cohorts in crime. We got into so much trouble with everyone. Not violence or law breaking just mischief. By the ninth grade we were inseparable. Only one thing stood between us. I was gay and I was in love with him and I couldn't let him know it or he would kill me and never speak to me again.

I slept in pajamas when he was over or me at his house. The rest of the time I slept naked. My mom knew and it was no big deal. She said it let me dry out overnight. But around him...I always slept on the floor at his house. He had a big bed and asked me to sleep with him so we could talk. I stayed on the floor. At my house I had two beds so he got one I stayed in mine. If I ever got a boner around him he would be out of there so quick. I had to stay away to save our friendship.

Some people say our Lord doesn't have a sense of humor. I know that is wrong. The first day of ninth grade, first hour found me in P.E. class. I had a locker right next to him and we had to take nude showers.

The coach stayed in the locker room to make sure that every boy took a nude, soapy shower. He watched to make sure that we lathered up the smelly areas of our pubescent bodies. We had to soap our feet, top and bottom. Our arm pits, our butt cracks, and our cocks and balls. You know, a BBC-butt, balls, and cock. We washed the rest of our bodies too but those coach considered the most important. My problem... him. I always moved to the back of the center wall to the last shower head. He stood next to me. He took great pains in soaping his long cock with very sensuous moves and low moans that only I could hear.

We had two good friends that hung with us by this time. Paul and Aaron. They took the shower heads across from us and they put on quite a sex show of their own I swear those two are gay as hell. They would wash their cocks and balls as they faced each other. They would make faces at each other like I had seen in sexy movies. They would get sort of hard as they stroked themselves. They never got too provocative but the innuendo was enough. Of course their lockers were in our little alcove. Whoever designed this locker room had grouped everything in fours with a little privacy from the other lockers or shower heads. I think he must have been gay himself and dreamed of being in here with three other horny young boys.

I was feeling good about myself. I had made it through the first semester with no major problems. One morning I was sitting in Chemistry class after an exceptionally boring oral test on the periodic table. We had fifteen minutes free time till the end of class and I was sitting there with my own private version of a golden oldie playing in my head.

My penis in blue jeans is the only thing I long to see.

He's a walking talking work of art,

he's the one who stole my heart.

My penis in blue jeans is everything I hoped he'd be

A teenage idol from above and he belongs to me.

It goes on for several verses as you can imagine. I had unfocused my eyes and was staring at nothing out the window just singing this song in my mind when suddenly there was the perfect image of a pair of tight blue jeans in my mind. I could see the cock hanging left. The material worn thin in the perfect shape of a nice teenage cock. I was drooling. My image was saying over and over, "Please, I need you. You are the only one for me. Please help me out."

I simply said, "Yes, you know I would do anything for you. You just had to ask."

A hand gripped my shoulder and squeezed, "Thanks man, you are the best."

What had just happened? I was in shock. The bell rang and I filed out of the class. He was just in front of me. He turned, "Meet me at my locker and we'll walk together. You don't know how much this means to me. You're the best." He took off down the hall. I stood there staring after him. I looked at my feet. He had dropped a note book. I picked it up and put it with my stuff.

My last hour was study hall. I used this time to do my homework so I would have free time at home. I took out my books and his notebook was there. I looked at it. It was his journal. I started to put it away. I did a double take. The page I was looking at said, "I really tried to get Chris to open up today. When is he going to realize how much I love him. If I don't get him soon I'm going to go crazy. I can't help it he is just everything I wish I could be and everything I want."

My curiosity was peaked now. I started at the front of the book and read all the way through. The speed reading course I took two years ago was worth every minute right now. I was able to read the whole thing and go back for the real good parts. He talked about me. He talked about trying to get me hard in the shower. He was trying to get me worked up. He jacked off everyday thinking about me. He wanted me to sleep naked at his house like I did at home. He wanted to share the bed with me. He wanted to suck my dick and he wanted me to fuck him.

After school he was at his locker with the door open and his back turned. I quickly put his journal in his locker then I tapped him on his shoulder. "I forgot that I have to go to the dentist today," I lied. "I'll see you tomorrow." His face dropped. I could almost see the tears behind his eyes as I hurried away. I got on my bike and rode like the wind. I put my bike in my room and shut all of my curtains.

Later the doorbell rang. I carefully peeked out. It was him. He was crying. I stood there and watched him. After while he left. He had his head down as he walked to his house kicking at rocks on the ground. I felt like a heel. I went to my room and cried. I couldn't believe what he had written. I thought it was a cruel joke. I got up and locked my door and took my clothes off. I got in bed. I heard my mother knock. I ignored her. She came back later and demanded that I get up and talk to her.

I sat down at the table. She shoved a bowl of hot vegetable soup in my face. I love her soup. It is so thick with small chunks of vegetables to that you can get several varieties at once instead of a mouthful of potato or carrot with nothing else. She sat there looking at me as I ate. "When are you going to tell him?" I looked at her blankly. "Don't give me that. You are my son. I can read you like a book. You have been in love with him since the day you met. You have been hiding it from yourself so long that you can't even accept reality now. He is trying to come out to you. His mother is heart broken because her son has a broken heart. He is sitting at home crying his eyes out right now because of you, again."

I sat there eating my soup as if nothing was going on around me. How could this be happening? Did my mom really know I'm a queer or is she just fishing? Maybe she is talking about something else. I looked at her. Nope we're on the same page. She knows.

"Yes son. I know that you're gay. You might outgrow it. I doubt it. I have seen that look before. My brother is gay you know." I looked up, startled. "Oh yes. I have watched him all of his life. I know what to look for. I still love him and I still love you. I want you to be happy and you won't be happy without him in your life."

I yawned and got up to put my bowl in the sink. I kissed her and went back to my room. I turned off the lights and got back into bed. I had a fitful night. I dreamed about him all night. In almost every dream we made out for a while then he got up and walked out of my life forever. When my alarm went off I was crying because he had left me, again. I got dressed and moped my way to school.

He had it in for me in P.E. but I was ready. He was washing himself and got a full bore erection. I simply turned my back and bent over. I washed my feet with my ass spread wide open in front of him. I watched as he kept stoking himself. I couldn't see his face but I could see that he was still facing me. I put my hands back and washed my butt hole taking care to let him see me shove my soapy fingers all the way inside. I heard a moan. I think Paul and Aaron were moaning too. I stood up and let the hot water pour on my face and hair. I turned slowly so that they could see my full erection.

Paul was bending over and soaping his ass. Aaron moved in and pushed his cock all the way in Paul's ass. I looked around to be sure nobody was around. Aaron just kept fucking. He was jacking off. Not playing with himself, jacking off. I started too. He started to cum and he aimed it at Paul. His thick cum was hitting Aaron and Paul right between them. I aimed to the same area and mixed my cum with his. Aaron was finished and he pulled out. I could see right up Paul's ass. It was wide open and cum was running down his leg. He turned into the shower spray and let it wash his butt clean.

We all headed for our lockers. He said, "That was so fucking hot. I can't wait to do that."

"When you're ready, dude." Paul said.

"You know who I'm waiting for. He is the only one who'll take my cherry." I had been putting on my sock. I looked up. All of them were standing there naked and looking at me. He was jacking off with his dick right in my face. I looked straight at it as his piss slit opened and a shot of cum fired out to hit me right in the face. I opened my mouth to say something and he pushed in firing another load into my mouth. I pulled back and scooted to the back of the bench.

Paul was laying down on the bench jacking his dick. "Poor baby. He didn't get off in there." He took Paul's dick in his mouth and sucked him off. By now I was dressed. I shut my locker. And headed for the door.

He caught me at my locker, "So are you going to tutor me in Chemistry today, dude." I mumbled okay and left. I saw him in Chemistry but we didn't talk. He smiled at me. After school he was at my locker. We didn't say a word. We got on our bikes and rode to my house.

We went to my room. He pulled his shirt and shoes off and grabbed me. I pulled in tight. He held me. I moved my face to him. He kissed me. He pushed my pants off. He was naked in a heartbeat. He took my dick in his mouth and sucked me dry in seconds. I returned the favor. He rolled to his back and pulled his legs to his shoulders. "Do me." I didn't know how but I tried. I pushed in. I hurt him. I didn't know better. It felt so fucking good. I started to fuck him. He was fucking back. I went into sexual overdrive as I plowed his ass as if there were not going to ever be another ass to fuck.

I collapsed on top of him, spent. His cum was on his chest. It glued us together. He pulled my face to his and we kissed. We awakened when my mother said, "It's about time. You should lock you door though."

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