Chapter 2


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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      Christmas vacation was soon upon us. We had become one. I learned that his love and fears had been identical to mine until he came out to his mother. His mother and mine were like sisters. They spent so much time together that one would think that they are family. His mother had to talk. She needed someone in whom she could confide. Our lives became an open book as these two women shared everything about us to the other. I wouldn't be surprised if his mother didn't know how often I had hershey tracks in my underwear.
      He heard their coffee talk. He could sit by the heat vent in his room and hear better than he could if he sat next to them. Something about the duct work magnifying the sound like a megaphone. He already had it bad for me. That was the reason he had confessed to his mother. He was mortified when his mother had told mine of his infatuation with me though.
      He had been to Paul's house and confronted him and Aaron about their activities at school. He was sure they were gay. He was also concerned that they would get harassed by the phobics if they kept on with their antics. He got his first blow job from them. The three of them were meeting up and doing three way sucking for several weeks as he made plans to get into my pants.
      When Paul and Aaron let him watch them do the big thing he went ape. He had to find out what that was like. He refused to do them or let them do him. He was going to make me fuck him or die in the attempt.
      Now we were in my bed. We had confessed our love, our fears, our desires. My mother had made us come down to supper. She had called his mother with the good news and he was to spend the night, in my bed, without pajamas. All through dinner my mother smiled at us and wiped tears from her eyes. I can't believe that she is okay with a queer for a son.
      Back in my room I stood and stared at him. I made him feel really self conscious so he fidgeted about a lot. I was just letting my eyes feast on my dream come true but he didn't know that. I broke my stare and walked up to him. I pulled his tee shirt off and opened his jeans to let them pool around his ankles. We had not put on underwear or shoes and socks to go down to eat.
      His body was perfect. I walked around him and looked, just the way I had wanted to look for the last two years. It was as if looking in a mirror. I'm not kidding, we were identical. I think that if we counted cock hair we would have the same count. His limp cock hung over his ball sack. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I dropped to my knees and took the soft phallus into my mouth. He moaned as he placed his hands on the back of my head.
      I wrapped my arms around his thighs and let my hands move up to his tight globular butt. I pulled him all the way into me. I wanted to make myself part of him. His cock was growing inside my mouth and snaking its way deep into my throat. I had to move back and readjust so that it would go down. It was trying to fold in half as it engorged on its life giving blood. Once nestled deep in my throat I began to hum and moan. I hummed my favorite song about him, My Penis In Blue Jeans. That song was perfect for him.
      He was trying to get away from me. I held on tight. He spoke, "Come on dude, don't be so selfish. I need you too. Let's get on the bed so we can do each other." I knee walked to the bed, not willing to ever release the suck hold I had on him. It was fun getting up on the bed but I never let go of the prize I had in my mouth. He was laughing at me as he got me into position. His mouth engulfed my turgid man pole and I exploded into his mouth.
      He sucked every drop down. He told me that I was unfair. He wanted to suck awhile. My cock was sensitive. He pulled off but he rolled to his back and made me get on top of him. I liked this even better. I was able to get another foot or two of his cock into my mouth as I buried my chin six inches deep in his sandy colored crown of pubic hair as my nose nestled between two gigantic testicles with his silky soft scrotum caressing my nostrils.
      I took another foot of cock down my throat as he spread my legs and locked his lips on my ass hole. His tongue was working all around that dirty place but again I was not going to come off of my well earned prize. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the sensations that engulfed my fourteen year old soul. I would lay here forever.
      My fingers found his pucker and they found remnants of our earlier adventure. I used my own ejaculate as a lubricant for my fingers as I shoved them up inside that dark place that my penis had traversed only a short time before. I felt his prostate as I entered in and his body lurched upward, driving his amazing cock deeper into me. I was sure that given the amount of cock that I had taken in that it would surely be coming out somewhere by now. I hoped not. I wanted his cream. I craved his cream. I was sure to die if I didn't get it and a lot of it right away.
      I began to move two fingers back and forth over his tight butt nut and prepared for my reward. My cock went back into his mouth as his fingers invaded me making me feel exactly what I so much wanted for him to feel. As a unit we fired one volley after another at each other. We traded shots of cum between us for a good hour or two, or at least two or three minutes.
      I was so out of breath and I could not take the pain of his sucking mouth on my cock one more second. I rolled away from the center of my universe to lay on my back and gasped for breath. I could hear his labored breathing beside me. We held hands as we came down, ever so slowly.
      I opened my eyes to his movement on the bed. I gazed into his dark brown eyes. I swear that they were milky from the two enormous loads of male baby batter I had pumped into him. His eyes were smiling as wide as his mouth was. He lowered his face to mine and locked me in a kiss that forever sealed our love.
      I was giddy with the thought of him. I felt like the proverbial school girl with her first crush. I spoke into his mouth, "Fuck me. Show me the love you have for me." His eyes opened and stared into mine as I shoved my tongue back into his mouth, searching for more of the taste of me on the backs of his teeth and along the roof of his mouth. I managed to get my legs around him and rolled my body back. He raised his butt up and nestled into place. He reached between us and placed his cock at that once undiscovered entry way.
      He sucked the breath out of my body then blew back into me, filling my lungs to capacity with his air. His cock came in at the same time as his air did. I sucked in his air and his cock went all of the way inside of me with one quick slide. He held perfectly still. My eyes were open. He slowly opened his and looked down on me. I began to play my hands over his back. I hurt. I hurt so bad that I was sure I was about to cry. He had taken me the way I had taken him. I am sure that he had hurt as I was hurting. I was going to do this.
      He began to kiss my face. He kissed my neck and ears. His lips sought out any area he could reach. I began to espouse my verbal love for him. I praised him and offered up words of love. He slowly withdrew the eighteen wheeler he had parked in my ass. I felt an emptying sensation that I wasn't sure of. He stuffed me but I didn't want to be unstuffed. I felt his glans at my sphincter. He paused then he pushed back in to me. I let out a gasp as again I was stuffed. He began a rhythm and slowly steadied into his niche.
      Stars began to circle the top of his head. My body began to relax as waves of pleasure engulfed me. He was slow and methodical as he made steady, even love to me. It was love. I had fucked him. He was loving me. I felt like I had cheated him. I began to fuck back at him. My pelvis took on energy from deep inside and began to do a tango with him. I wanted this dance. I wanted his cock in me more than ever. As much as I love sucking him I love being fucked by him even more.
      We had both just had massive orgasms. We were immature fourteen year old boys with five and a half inch dicks and balls the size of pecans. We didn't have the cum factories of an older teen. It took us a long time to recover. I was glad. That meant that we could fuck for a long time. I turned to look at my bedside clock and turned off the light. He never missed a stroke as he continued to love into me. His moans of pleasure were met by identical ones from me. We verbalized our love for each other as we lay in union, one forever and ever. I would always be his wife. I would always let him be where he was right now. I would always do everything within me to make him happy and make his life the best it could be.
      His cock expanded as his thrusts into me became hard. He shoved in so far that my guts were in my throat. His cock expanded in my ass and his lovely cock blew its thick juice into me, time after time. Lights danced about the room. Beautiful colors lit up the entire place leaving no shadows. An eerie, orangish glow covered the wall as red and blue light flashed around.
      My mother knocked on the door. His house was on fire.

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