Chapter 4


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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      We headed over to Hometown Buffett® for a big breakfast of all we could eat. After emptying my stomach on the front porch the night before I was famished. We stuffed piles of food into our faces as our dads explained life in the queer lane. Gary knew his dad but he never associated his dad's lover, Jimmy Walker, with me, his boyfriend, James Walker Jr, can you get over it? I'm a junior. I have a dad. A fag, but a dad. I love him as a teacher, I will so try to love him as my dad. Man, that sounds cool, my dad. I can't get over it. I am just sitting and staring at him. He is my daddy. I don't want to go to school. I want my daddy to hold me.
      Dad and Tom Byrd had been off and on again lovers throughout highschool and college then Tom met Gary's mom and they tried being mommy and daddy for awhile. Tom had a cum thirst that couldn't be sated so the two had split, as friends. They have never divorced, they just don't live together. Gary's mom has a strong mother instinct and she raised her son the best way she knew how. She loves Tom but she has known him since they were in grade school and she knows that she will never be what he needs. They do get together for an occasional fuck which made Gary and I turn up our noses. "Mothers don't fuck". Our dad's laughed at us.
      Jimmy never wanted a woman. He was pushed into fucking my mother one night by a bunch he calls the Blues Club. I guess when he was in school a bunch of boys used to get together to fuck each other after a hot and heavy date where the bitch didn't put out. So one week end they were all off to college and home for their last summer. They had this big queer bash and decided that it was time that the virgin in the bunch did the nasty. Jimmy, dad, I gotta get used to that. Dad, I guess, had never, ever, you know...so they made him. His boyfriend then was a guy named Aaron James. Gary and I stared at each other, "Our English Teacher?" we shouted out in unison. Our dad's nodded as they tried to hold in their own laughter.
      Aaron took dad's cock in his mouth and sucked him until he was just ready to cum. He pulled his mouth off and shoved dad's cock up inside my mother as his friends lifted him up and down. They forced him to fuck my mother. She was in on the gag but she hadn't planned on getting pregnant from it. It was her first time and she got phat. The club boys took care of her and helped her along. In the meantime Tom had left and disappeared.
      Most of the boys from the Blues Club were trying to go the straight routine and several of them had kids. Dad floated about aimlessly. AIDS was everywhere and he was not into that scene anyway. He had a good friend named Chris that lived up in the foothills with an old man. He hooked up with him and became a party boy, being used by older men who wanted to have sex with boys for big money. Dad is much like me, small and very cute. Too bad he is not as cute as me but who could be?...Gary. Now that boy is cute.
      All of this was just to much to digest. I told our dads that we needed to find some clothes and get to school. My dad said that he didn't have time to go shop. It would not look good for the teacher to be late to school I guess. All I had on was a pair of shorts and a tee with shoes and no socks. Gary had on his jeans, freeballing, and the same shirt he wore yesterday. Everything else we owned was burned up. I didn't want to go to school but I was dragged there.
      As soon as we entered the front door someone yelled, "There they are." I heard running feet and turned to see a sophomore and a senior that I had seen around before running toward me. There were others behind them but I could not see who they were. The sophomore's name is Turner Youngman. His older brother, Cory was with him.--These are boys from Traveler--They told us that they heard about the fire and that their faculty advisor told them to take us to the club to get some clothes. As we turned toward the door the earth shook, walls rattled as windows and doors fell from their frames. A voice from hell reverberated from the bowels of the earth, "Wait!! You'll need a pass for that." The principal could strike fear in the Saints.
      Passes in hand six of us ran down the hill to the main street a block east of the school. We waited forever for the light to change to green then on across we went. There was a new donut shop on the corner and an office of some kind where the old school hangout had been. That was the door that we ran to. Inside it was all fixed up with big soft chairs set around at any old angle. A big fireplace was on one wall. There was a desk at the back of the room with an old man sitting three. He was about my dad's age so I guess he was just middle aged. He stood up and my heart skipped a beat. For an old dude he looked nice. He was thin and blond but very sun tanned. He walked up to us. His pants were tight and he had a bulge that was bigger than anything I ever saw. He had to have an grapefruit in his pants or something.
      "Dad, this is Jimmy Walker and Gary Byrd." Turner said. Cory had his tongue down the man's throat.
      "My name is JAMES." I demanded.
      "Oh, I'm sorry dude, I didn't know. This is my boyfriend Christopher and our brother Cullen." He introduced the others.
      I looked at him, "Boyfriend, as in..." With that he and Christopher kissed one another. Now cute is cute but Christopher was a dream come true. He was maybe twelve or thirteen and so fucking cute and he was gay. My pecker gave a pucker.
      "They look to be a solid boy's fourteen," the man was saying. Cory ran to the back and in a moment he returned with brand new Levi's 501s, Abercrombie and Finch pull over shirts in several colors, and Adidas joggers.
      The boy named Cullen looked out from the back, "Boxers or briefs?" I looked at Gary. We both blushed and quietly told him briefs. He came out with two new pairs of socks and two pairs of FTLs. We looked around for a place to change when Christopher giggled at us. "Your dad said you were gay. We would like to see you naked. I'll show you mine." With that the little kid pushed his pants down to show me the biggest dick in the entire world. That fuck stick came up to the middle of the little kid's chest. It was as thick as a...as, well thicker than anything I ever saw. He pulled his long foreskin back and showed me a deep purple head that was all shiny. A drop of stuff like I get when I'm horny was in the piss slit. I couldn't help myself, I licked it off. He giggled.
      I was already boned. I pushed my shorts down and tugged at Gary's jeans. He popped his buttons and let them fall. Everyone walked around and leered at us. I felt so embarrassed but good somehow. "Guy's this is the Friends' Club. We are sanctioned by the school and have four faculty members as advisors. We have several parents that are involved. Basically we are a gay/lesbian support group but we have a lot, and I mean a lot, of non-fag members. Friends of Fags, we call them. I guess the correct term is now LGBT, for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender and our friends. Everybody is welcome here as long as they come in peace."
      "We'll let em cum in pieces if they want, a piece in his mouth, a piece in his, a piece in mine."
      "Cory, that will be enough. Boys if you are ever bullied or feel threatened. If anyone makes a move on you that you don't like you can come here. We just tested you by getting you naked. You are precious and everyone of us is perving on your booty. All of us would love to suck your cocks and eat your asses out but guys, even here you did a very dangerous thing by getting naked in front of us. You don't really know us. We could eat you alive then burry you in the desert and no one would ever know where you are. Please don't ever do this again." The old man that the boys called dad told us.
      His name was Chris. He got down on his knees and held my underwear out for me to step into. My hard cock was right in his face. He looked up at me, "May I suck your cock?" I trusted him. I really did. I moved forward and shoved my cock into his mouth. I took Gary's hand. He moved beside me. We looked at each other and then we kissed. The man was good. I got off in seconds. He had his hand behind my butt and was pulling me into him as I kept on shooting my cum into his mouth. I looked down at him as he pulled my underwear up. Just as my cock got to the waist band a last drop of cum oozed out. He licked it up and tucked my cock away.
      He turned to Gary who nearly knocked me down getting his cock in the man's mouth. Gary is noisy when he has sex. All of us giggled as he moaned and worked his hips in the man's face. I looked at the other boys and everyone was boned. When Gary finished the man put his cock away as he had done mine. Christopher already had his cock out. Chris, have to remember that. Chris took the monster in his mouth. I watched in awe as every bit of it disappeared into the man's mouth.
      Cory and Cullen were laughing. They were jacking off as Turner held a cup of coffee in front of their cocks. They both shot huge loads of really thick cum into the hot liquid. Turner turned and held the cup out as Chris pulled his pants down. Turner had a big cock and he wasn't much bigger than me. He fucked Chris's mouth. Cory had to take the coffee from him so it wouldn't spill. He was fucking like a dog in the park. Chris had his hands up the kids butt and I looked real close. He had his fingers up in the kid's butt. I looked at Gary and smiled, he smiled back
      All at once I remembered who Cullen was. He was that Prince guy that was gonna be king or something. These guys all left school just after it started. I was just at the corner one morning on my way to school when these big black SUVs came from everywhere. Kids were laying on the ground screaming and men running everywhere then all of these kids got in the SUVs as they burned rubber getting out of there.
      Yeah, I remember. It was all over school that Cullen was big shit and he had been going to school right here and nobody knew. Then just before Thanksgiving they all came back and Cullen wasn't king or nothing. Chris had to answer the phone. He sat there drinking a cup of coffee with two loads of cum in it as Turner showed us around the club. On the wall next to the donut shop was a long counter, like in a restaurant. There were freezers full of ice cream and all kinds of soft drinks. There was a pass through window into the donut shop. In the back corner was a big grill and a deep fryer. Cullen fixed me a Dr. Pepper and Gary had a cherry coke. Not out of a can or bottle. A fountain coke with cherry flavored syrup squirted into it. I tasted it. It was the best ever. Turner told us that my dad and Mr. James used to hang out here with Chris when they went to our school They rebuilt the place and supplied it with old time favorites and flavors. They told me to wait until after school when the grill was open. They said that we had never tasted a cheeseburger like we were going to taste here.
      Next along the line of our tour was the Wall of Fame. The top row of pictures blew me away. There were rows of pictures of teenage boys. I looked at the names. I saw Gary's dad. I saw my dad. I saw Mr. James. There was even a picture of Chris. The pictures had all been taken when these guys were in school. They were all labeled Blues Club. I was trying to see the picture of Gary's dad. Cory smiled at me and took it down along with the picture of my dad. I looked at Mr. Byrd, "Dude, he looks just like you." I held the picture up next to Gary and they looked alike. Gary was holding the picture of my dad up and everybody said I looked more like my dad than Gary looked like his. How weird is that?
      The next row was pictures of kids from my school. Cullen was up there, and Cory, Turner, Christopher. There were other boys that I see around the school all of the time like Tim and a kid named Jim. Turner pointed to ten of them and said that they were all his brothers and they all lived together in Chris's house.
      We sat down in the easy chairs and learned about the Friends' Club, how it came to be and what it stood for. I wanted to join. They told me that I already had. Chris had us turn our chairs so that we could face him. He started asking questions about Gary and me What we had, what we wanted. What kind of bike did I have? What kind did I really want. Did we have a computer. He asked us about our music and what tv shows we liked. He was really very nosy.
      At eleven mom came in with Gary's mom. Chris jumped up and went to them. He hugged them and kissed each of them on the cheek. "Jenni, Judy, here have a seat. You want something to drink, some coffee maybe." Suddenly he stopped and stared at Judy, Gary's mom. "You are radiant. It looks so good on you. How far along are you?"
      Ms. Byrd blushed and looked at mom. "How do you know?"
      "It's obvious little mother. Tom's?" Ms. Byrd nodded. "Does he know?" She shook her head no. She couldn't figure out how the man knew that she was pregnant. I looked at Gary. His eyes were wide as he starred with an open mouth at his mother.
      "Shut your cum hole big boy before someone shoves a cock in it," did I say that out loud? Everybody was laughing at me so I guess I did. I so wanted to slink out of there, right then. "You're going to be a big brother."
      Ms. Byrd was only two weeks late. I didn't know what she was late for but the grownups did. She had not been to the doctor but had taken a home test. Chris called his doctor for a referral to a pre-naturalist. "Ouch!" Gary just slapped the back of my head and told me it was pre-natalist, a baby doctor. Mom corrected him and told us it was a doctor that works with pregnant women to help them watch their health while they are feeding a growing infant inside of them.
      Okay, I studied health class and all of that sex education but this was just plain sick. Still Ms. Byrd looked very happy. Chris had an apartment over the club where mom and Ms. Byrd could live. That meant that Gary and I were going to continue to live with our dad's. I am not too sure about that but I do want to know my dad as dad, not as my teacher.
      A pimple faced teenager came through the front door with ten large pizzas in his hand. Chris paid him as the boys tore the boxes open and gave each of the women a plate piled high with salad and pizza slices. Mr. Byrd and dad walked in. They came straight to us and hugged us. They got pizza and sat down with all of us as we talked.
      Chris had ordered a bunch of stuff for us to be delivered at our new house this afternoon. He wanted to be sure that someone would be there. Other boys had come in and were standing around eating. A senior named Jerry said that he would drive us home after school. I found out that all of the boys there, including Jerry were Chris's sons.
      It was almost time for school lunch to be over. Gary and I had to go back with seven boys. We passed four boys on our way up the hill. They all said hi. I found out that they all lived with Chris too. All of these boys were cute and they all lived together. I wonder what they think about Chris being a cocksucker. I don't think that I can let my dad suck my dick.
      Jerry had a big van. It turns out that this is the van that the kids use to get to and from school. They all call it the family party bus. Each boy of age gets to drive the van each week. Jerry, Tim, and Cory are the only ones in highschool that have their license. There are five boys in college but their class schedules don't always allow them to be able to be at the school when it lets out. They all like it this way.
      After school we piled in to the van and went to our new home. Everybody piled out and went inside with us. I wasn't sure if this was okay but I knew some of these guys and I wanted to know about their family. As soon as we got inside every body got naked. They stacked their clothes in neat little piles by the front door. Some of the new boys looked at Gary and me and waited as we finally caught on and stripped.
      The door bell rang. All I had on was my tighty whities. I said fuck it and went to the door. Some college kid handed me a big tray full of vegetables and two gallons of Guava Juice, whatever the fuck that is. Someone grabbed the tray of food and put it on the dining room table. Every body made a mad dash to get handfuls of carrot sticks, jicima, broccoli, cauliflower, I mean you name it, if it grows in a garden it was on that tray. A paper bag had little cups of some sort of dip. I thought it would be like Ranch dressing or something. It was something else. It had a kind of a light tan color to it but it was really good on the vegies. It was made out of finely ground up sunflower seeds and mixed with the oil off of something called tofu. I learned that all of the boys had taken on a total vegan diet. They don't even drink milk. They do eat eggs but Jim Watkins told me that no one here was going to turn their stomach into a grave yard for a dead animal. Put like that I agreed.
      Well introductions went around. Cory and Cullen were a couple. Jim and Eric were a couple. Jan and Lew, Jerry and Tim, then Art and Mike I know Art. He is in some of my classes. He had a lot of trouble at the beginning of the year then he disappeared for two months but everything must have worked out for him.
      I met Trevor and Alec, Christopher and Turner. They introduced six boys that just came out from New York to live here. Frank, Branden, Jace, Eric, Mike and Kenny. Kenny and Eric are in middle-school. Kenny has a big brother that didn't go to school. There were five more boys from our school that no one would name. It seems that there is some big sex scandal going on and the five boys are in hiding. There are also five college boys in the house. One of them is Chris's boyfriend. Turner's big brother is boyfriends with Lew's big brother.. All thirty two of them are gay and they are all naked when they are at home. Everybody has sex with anybody and nobody minds if the other's watch. Sometimes they all get together in one big room and everybody does everybody.
      I was exhausted just thinking about all of this. A cell phone rang somewhere. Cory dove for his clothes. He hung up and said to get dressed. The truck was on its way. They had just called for directions. We just got our clothes on when we heard a big truck outside. Gary and I went to the door. The man asked for us by name. We told him who we were and he started to move stuff inside.
      First thing off of the truck were two of the sweetest bikes I ever saw. Then I saw the box with a computer logo on it. It just got better and better. Everybody was running back and forth to the truck carrying box after box to Gary's and my room. We had XBOX, a big tv, Ipods, tons of CDs, Stacks and stacks of new clothes, everything we could ever want.
      I sat and looked at all of it. I was overwhelmed. Gary had his mouth open as he stared at it. I started to pop off again but thought better of it. Cory put his arm around me, "I know what you are thinking but don't worry. It is all yours. My dad is very rich and he is doing this because he likes you. There are no strings attached to any of this. You don't owe him or any of us anything. We are sorry about the fire but it brought two of the neatest kids I have ever known together. And it has brought each of you together with your dads. I think that it was a good fire."

      Believe me, things just got better and better for Gary and me. Our mom's decided that they liked living together. They figured it was our dad's turn to put up with us, is what mom told me. We see them nearly everyday. They got a house with the money from the insurance company. They built it on our old lot and sold the lot where Gary had lived. There is a new house there too. All in all nineteen houses in the neighborhood were burned. The fire storm just cut a path right through the whole area burning two or three houses then jumping across the street. Nine of the houses were totaled, like mine, and had to be rebuilt. The others were fixed up.
      We found out that the fire started in the old man's garage next door to Gary's old house. The old man was cooking a steak outside when the wind came up and started blowing his charcoals around. He pushed his grill into the garage then the wind blew the door open and hot coals blew everywhere. The garage caught fire and the wind fanned the flames over to Gary's house and on and on and on until the whole neighborhood burned down. The old man was not at fault. Everybody's insurance paid to fix their houses.
      I missed having Paul down the street but me and Gary get on our bikes and ride over there all the time. He and Aaron finally got to do Gary and I got to watch. The next day they did me. Sometimes when we go over there we swap off and we'll each do one of them. I like to compare how tight their asses are to my super tight boyfriend. God, I love that boy. We have so much fun.
      Our dad's have talked about sex to us and there is nothing that we haven't been able to ask them. They are talking about having a father and son party and they want to know if we are down with that. I kind of think that it might be fun to do. We have met most of dad's old friends from school and they are really neat and some of their sons are bitchin'. Most of their sons are too little but the older ones...I know the one they call Hamm bone. Shit that kid is hot. I guess his dad was my dad's first real boyfriend so it's only natural that I do the son, right?
      School is almost out for the summer and we are talking about going on vacation. I don't know yet where we are going. Gary and I are voting for the beach. Gary's mom is due to have her baby in the fall and there is no way that Gary and I won't be here for that.

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