Chapter 6


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitioiusly,
and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business
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Do your remember this from chapter five?

     So like here we are in the locker room and everybody is perving on us. We really looked buff, we had worked out, we spent hours water skiing and that builds big muscles and it's fun too. But what had most of the pervs talking is that we neither one had a bit of a tan line. We were deep dark tanned from head to toe. Even our arm pits were dark as well as the bottoms of our feet, though not as dark as the rest of us. When we told them that we spent all summer in the woods with hundreds of naked men and boys they freaked; some of them said we had to be fags. Gary got up in this one dude's face and stared him down. "I got your fag hangin bitch boy. Anytime you think you're woman enough to take it bring it on, cause I'll beat the fucking shit out of you then fuck the rest out of you until you call me daddy and follow me home for more."
     We'll see how the rest of the year goes when that word gets around.

Now let's see what comes of that threat.

     I got this really kewl call from Cory. He told me that I had thirty minutes to get my ass up to his house cause Chris was gonna give me a birthday party. I ran to tell dads and they already knew it and had a bunch of shit all ready to take and they pushed me out the door. Fucking Gary like knew it too and he just sat there looking around and whistling like a nit twit. He never whistles unless he is up to something and I told him he could whistle on my dick or I was gonna whistle up his ass. He pulled his pants down, right there in the car and stuck his ass up to my face. I was laughing so hard I couldn't whistle but I took in this big old breath and blew as hard as I could up in his big wide butt hole. He giggled then let my air back out but it had an ass smell coming back out. Some dudes in a big pickup honked their horn and held their thumbs up at us then they kissed each other. I was kind of embarrassed but it was kewl to see them kiss and all that.
     I learnt that this cute little blond boy named Theo was fourteen and this other dude that is so fucking hot called Donny was fifteen, same as me. It was really my birthday and Donny would have his the next day and Theo had his the last Tuesday but all of us got together on my birthday and had each other's balls. I never got so fucked nor felt so loved. I mean Gary loves me and he holds me and he makes me feel all gishy when he sucks on my ear and tells me how much he loves to be with me but having a hundred cocks fucking me and cumming on me and going into my mouth was way cool.
     Theo is some sort of super cock freak, he has to get fucked and I watched him take this kid Jeff who has a cock that is bigger around than a coke can and he fucked Theo several times. There is a kid named Chad what has a twelve inch cock but it is not as thick as mine and Kyle has a huge cock that is long and thick and Theo had all of them in him and I got to suck on him so that I could see them go in and out of him and it was kewl. Gary laughed at me cause I had like cum and other stuff all over my face from being down there watching from up close and all but it was fun and Gary licked some of it up then he kissed me so I could taste it. Theo likes to have his ass eat out after a hot fuck, I mean like who don't, but we just kinda hooked up and stayed together most of the time so we ate each other after each fuck. Theo has a long tongue and he eats good.
     Cory got this one game going before we could have cake and ice cream. Chris said that he wanted every cock swinger creamed out so nobody would be fucking the cake. That cracked me up but I learned that my crack was going to be up. Me and Theo and Donny got into this triangle thingy so we could each suck a dick then everybody, dads, grownups, boys, all of them had to shove their dicks up our ass but they could only cum on us. So like I was sucking Donny's big old cock, man it is nice, over six and a quarter inches and so thick and his cum is sooooo good. I could see between his legs and shit and all of these guys were like jacking off and watching us and I could feel these different sized cocks slide in my ass and kind of fuck around. They made me feel pretty good but they quit too quick then I would feel their hot splooge slime over my face and I heard guys laughing and saying `get his face too' and `don't miss him' and shit. Donny's cock went soft after his second or third load and my cock was kind of sore but we just sorta nursed each other until everybody was done. I guess the big dudes went last because I know that some real small cocks were in my ass at first but I never got hurt at all and I heard that Chris was the last one up in me, I watched him as the cum shot in my face outa his big ol dick.
     Gary is so nice to me and he loves me and takes care of me and everything and he said my dick was all red and it looked kinda sore so he put some ice cream on it and I almost died from the pain but he licked all of it off then he almost died because he pushed a gallon of ice cream up my ass. I saw them do the same thing to Theo and Donny as they said that the cold would help us feel better. What felt better was getting the ice cream sucked out of my butt by Gary. I wanta do that at home and eat my ice cream that way.

     Nobody did mess with us at school, at all. When Gary gets pissed nobody better cross his ass or they're dead meat for sure. I think that Chris fellow really likes us cause we got this special invite to his house for some weird Halloween party. I don't know what no Queeing is but this kid name Cullen is one and they had this party to celebrate Halloween like they do in his country called England, I think that is somewhere around New York or St. Louis, up in there somewhere. My dad says he's gonna beat me till I learn my gegrafy, geografy, oh what the fuck, I gotta learn where the states and shit are before school starts or he's gonna put me back into kiddie garter and make me start all over again.
     We spent a lot of time up at Chris' house all year. He got like this great big old swimming pool in his back yard and it is hotted up with sunlight running through this long black hose thing and it feels good, cept when the wind blows. When the weather is real nice Chris lets us go over to his house up the street from our dads' and we get to swim there. Gary he is like this great diver and he got to try out for the school dive team. Cause he dove the best of all the guys trying out and he got on the team and now he goes over to where this one kid that left his legs in a house in rack—Iraq—where there is some kind of war or something, but he dives with no legs. He has his boyfriend to help him to get out of the pool and there is this elevator to take him up to this board that is taller than a tree but I like to watch him dive off of there. When he is flying through the air you don't see that he don't got no legs, he just cuts through the air so neat. I talked to these other guys what went to school with him and they say that he was a metal winner diver and won these trofies and stuff for his school. I learnt that Chris used to dive and his dad bought that house so that he could dive. I got to seen all of his ribbon and metals and shit that he won. He got a lot of them.
     After summer was over Turner and Cory and all of the guys came home with a lot more dudes than they had when me and Gary got our houses burnt up but then they went to England and New York for a boxer day or something and came back with loads more boys. They got another house next door that they had to move into for some of them and that is where they had this party for halloween. It was neat. They all walked around singing this old song thing and got these little cakes and we had jelly and stuff to put on them and we even had real punkie juice that Harry Potter made for them and it was good. I liked that and I want some more. I got the receipt for it and I'm gonna make some if dads will buy me a pumpkin.
     We're doin okay in school I guess but my dad is going to make me take this medial English stuff. I don't know bout that but I read a book sometime bout medial England and these nites on horses that wear this medal they call armer and they have this long stick with they joust other nites with so it might be fun but I can't be with Gary then but he says hes gotta swim more and won't be there noway but we can see each other later. It is neat getting to sleep with him every night cept he wants me to do him to much. I like him to do me it feels so good noing that he loves me and he has all of hisself inside of me and I like to feel him lick on me after and that makes me feel all gooder. He likes for me to lick on him too and I like to do that a lot but my booty feels all lonely and shit without him in me.
     We got that pin that the guys in Chris' house wears and we wear it on our blue jeans. This one dude at school picked up my jeans one day while I was dressing after class and he smiled at me then he looked around and pulled his flap over to show me his pin. He asked me if he could fuck me sometime and I thought Gary was gonna kill him but I said okay so Gary looked at the dude and he was cute and he pulled his pants down and showed this big old hard cock and we said okay if we could fuck him and he told us that he would like us both to fuck him at the same time.
     We had to let him come over to the house after school that day and he had Gary lay down and then he got up and sat with his back to Gary and took Gary's cock all the way up inside him. I guess it wasn't too bad cause I got on my knees and pushed my cock up alongside of Gary's and I didn't mind sharing my cock with Gary's cock rubbing right beside it and we...oh yeah, Gary says we double dicked the faggot's asshole. I never cummed so much in my life as I did while Gary and me rubbed our dicks together up in that kid's ass and Gary cummed so much that it ran down his balls and got all over the sheets and shit then I made him fuck Gary while I ate our stuff out of his ass and then he fucked me and it felt pretty good cause his dick is sorta bigger than ours is then we all laid down and sucked each other and switched around so everybody got to suck everybody and everybody got everybody's cum in their mouth and up their ass. We let him cum and stay all week end when we don't go to Chris' house.
     He brought his boyfriend who is a senior and they stayed for most of the Christmas holiday. Gary and me got double dicked for New Years and I hurt for two days but I kinda want to do it again.
     Chris told dads that we could go to this birthday party for Cullen in Vegas but my dad had to teach class and he couldn't go so he made both dads sign a bunch of papers and stuff and we rode his bus and went up to this big tall building that had like this big roller coaster way up in the air and it was more n a mile to the ground and we got to ride it naked all day long and somebody grabbed my dick and started beatin me off and told me to grab the guys dick next to me and beat him off and we were like spinning round and round and going up and down and beating each other off and I cummed so fucking good and that shit just flew up in the air and fell to the ground. When we got off I looked down and all of these tiny people were down there looking up at me. I wunder if I cummed on them, I hope so, maybe they like my splooge.
     So like Cullen had this band from England that he knew the kids from when he went to school there and they came and they played for his birthday and one of them had a birthday too so we all made them lay down and we all got together and everybody jacked off and splooged both of them so that theyre all white with gallons of cum from boys and grownup men. I heard somebody say that there were more than one hundred and fifty dudes who slimed them and they looked like it. Some of the guys got down and licked the cum up and I wanted too but Gary wanted me to suck his dick and he cummed for me so I was okay, I guess he got boned watching so many dudes whacking in front of each other, that was super hot and I couldn't wait to go to our room and get Gary to fuck me.
     Gary and me like shared our room with this kid named Theo and he loves to get fucked and Donny and Ricky and Eric all shared our room and we all fucked each other all night long. I don't know who all I fucked or who fucked me but the next morning cum was running down my leg in the shower and Gary was rubbing it all over me and laughing at me but he had cum on his legs too so I didn't much care.

     Me and Gary saw this one kid called Cody get fucked at school by a whole bunch of guys and so we ran. Cody came into shower and he was like looking around you know like checking the other dude's out and shit and he got boned so somebody said he was a fag and wanted to get his ass fucked like his brother did. My dad told us that his brother was blown out of the back of a pick up truck and killed and I didn't think that it was right for those dude to talk about a dead kid like that so I grabbed my clothes and told Gary to run and we ran out into the weight room and got our clothes on and then left. Somebody told the police that Gary and me were in the locker room and they made us let them stick this cotton ball on a stick in our mouth and take some blood then they wanted to know what we saw. I was scared but my dad told me that I would want someone to tell if they saw me get hurt so I told them about everybody I could remember and I guess Gary gave them the same name but about three weeks later this whole bunch of boys never came back to school and we had this sembley where the principal got up and said that some kids raped a student and they were all going to jail. He reminded us that the school has a zero tolerance about bullies and hurtin other kids and name calling and a lot of shit like that. I know a bunch of those guys and they wouldn't a done nothing if the others didn't do it first. In fact Gary and me we fucked some of those dudes ourselves. You remember Paul and Aaron? They got sent to juvy but I think they got out and are being home schooled or something. Me and Gary are going to ride our bikes over there this weekend and find out.

     So like we found out that Paul and Aaron were in the locker room but they didn't do nothing. They each got a two week suspension for not going for help and they had to testify against the others like me and Gary did but that was okay cause I met that Cody dude who now lives up at Chris' house cause somebody poisoned his old man and he is in the hospital for awhile till he died.
     Our summer is going to be different this year. Chris had to go somewhere and some of his boys are staying with friends. Me and Gary got the best of the bunch in that Theo, Kenny, Curtis, Cody, Billy, and Eric get to stay with us until Chris gets back. When he gets back dads promised us a trip or something that we would like. I don't know, I kind of like what I got with six more guys to sleep with every night. I have learned to love sucking Gary while we are both getting fucked and we swap around so that by the end of the week every body has done everybody every way then we start again.

Hangin' hard, dude.