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I'm feeling rather emotional and sleep-deprived tonight as I type this. So, shall we see what happens?
Thank you very much to the wonderful readers out there that have helped make writing such a wonderful know who you all are...
Gratefully happy, Mike

History with Him


The chandelier cast upon the walls rainbow-colored diamonds. Shirley Temple still lay spilt on the floor. Outside, the dark had just began to creep upon the trees. A faint wind began to blow through the opened windows, chilling my naked and exposed body.

Blake, still naked, and boyishly warm and embarrassed, screamed, "Mike, don't! It's only Seth!"

I dropped the chimney stoker that I had gripped quite tightly in my right hand and slid the curtains to the left.

Shock, a whole lotta red, and erections galore!

I beheld in my vision a rather mortified Benjamin Arnold, who, only several hours earlier, I had seen in school, thanking me for saving his ass from Fedele's after-school detention. He was fully clothed, clad in a white undershirt too tight I could see the perfect contour of his chest as well jeans zippered open, a beautifully formed five inch teenage cock waving at me. I saw horror in his deep blue eyes. A comely bird he seemed, as if trapped in a cage, with me standing before him, naked, and fully sporting an erection. His hands were failing miserably in an attempt to suppress a smile from Seth, who was standing beside him, pants down, and hands stroking vigorously on his own erection.

"Holy shit!" screamed Blake and I in unison.

"Uh...hi guys," asked Seth, "want to finish Ben's job?"

We both shook our head, despite rather inflammatory protests from below, and took to dressing ourselves. Ben uttered a guttural "excuse me...uh..." zippered up as best as he could his still hard cock, and smiled. "Hell, you guys give one helluva show." Blake and I were rather shocked at this remark from a guy that we always thought to be "of the others". We were even more shocked when he bent down and took Seth's hard cock in his mouth. For the next minute, Blake regretted having put his clothes back on and watched a blonde beauty's head bobbing up and down on his best friend. I went gathering up the truffles strewn on the carpet and closed the windows, which were now starting to let loose the furies of the chill November air upon four teenagers marveling at the beauty of each other's bodies.

"Drool with your mouth closed, " I whispered in Blake's ears as I smacked his ass playfully, "we're not exactly in shortage of water here."


"Yeah, Blake?"

"Uh...never mind."

"Ok. Well then, would you like to see something?" Not waiting for him to answer, I took it upon myself to walk over to the two heavily engrossed soccer players. "Excuse me," I said, as I pulled Ben off Seth's throbbing cock, "but I do believe you owe me one, Ben." He smiled. Once again, those two enchanting flashes of blue made me grin. The heat that emanated from the cock three inches away from my face was tremendous. I grabbed its six inches and slowly started to stroke it. Ben had done quite a nice job in moistening it for my hands (and hopefully for my ass later). I was about to bring its full length into my throat when I remembered that I still had that annoying chocolate stickiness in my mouth. Smile. My hands reach to squeeze his tight buns. "Mike!" is his impatient reply, "Suck it now, please?"

"Sorry Seth..." I joked, a wave of guilt washing over me after remembering Blake.


Mumble. My eyes search for him, and finally rest at the couch, where he was busy bringing Ben to states of ecstasy through caressing his obviously erogenous nipples.

"Who's up for dinner?"


"A dip in the hot tub?"

I smiled. It seemed as if I knew everything, as if I was so fucking sure of myself, as if... When in reality, I was shaking inside. My thoughts raced against my heart as I led the way to the kitchen. Blake set the table while I prepared the Indian food. Ben and Seth took seats at the bar and looked at both Blake and I with humor and a devilish twinkle in their mischievous eyes.

"How do you want me to heat the chapati, Blake?"

"Just throw it in the microwave for forty-five seconds?"

"What the hell is chapati," queried Seth, "sounds yummy!"

Seth, perhaps the shortest of us four, made up for his lack of height at 5' 8" with the length of his penis. Later, I thought, would I finish what I was about to attempt with that seven-inch monster, with Blake hopefully assisting. He took his seat next to Blake as Ben and I brought forth appetizers of kabobs and samosas and steaming platters of tandoori. Ben sat at my feet, setting his plate on his lap.

"Ben, hey! There's room here." I said, placing my hand on the spot between Blake and myself.

He took his seat between us and started ravenously on the chapati. I myself was starving but was amazed at the speed of Ben's attack on the Indian bread. Gently I tapped him on the back and said, "Don't choke, Benjamin."

As we were eating, Seth proposed the idea of watching one of Blake's father's porn movies. When Blake left to fetch "Linda's Luscious Lips Kiss Meat" in his father's upstairs bedroom, Ben reached over and kissed me. My mouth was full of the fire of spice and I gagged. Ben laughed and slapped me on the back in joyous revenge.

"What time is it?" Asked Seth, obviously feeling left out.

"7 p.m.," stated Blake, as he popped Linda into the VCR, "what time you need to get home?"

"No time at all, Blake. My dad's not home until the weekend. So..."

"Yeah, sure," replied Blake, "you can sleep over. In fact, all of you can sleep over. Dad and Mom will be home around eleven so we'll have plenty of time for Linda and her lips and the meat they kiss. Hehe..."

The movie started with Linda, legs spread open and moaning furiously loud (as if she was dying), in a vice between two men, both who had long hair, and were sweating profusely. "Iwww," I explained, "...yucky!" Blake and Seth agreed but Ben just smiled. I took the control and fast-forwarded to, what seemed to be, once more two guys and a girl. This time around, both guys had nice, firm buttocks and cocks to match. Two minutes into the scene, we notice something funny... Seth made us all laugh when he pointed out, "Holy fucking green grass of the earth, that girl's a he!" Indeed, the "woman" being fucked on one end and sucking on the other, was truly a man. Balls included, "he" proceeded in making us all hard, obvious of the bulges slowly rising in our assorted pants.

I put down my plate first and unzipped my pants. Ahh…the freedoms of release! Ben followed suit and soon all of us had cocks out, pointing at the TV. And then, remembering a gay porn movie I saw recently, I took Ben's hand from his cock and put it on mine. My free hand, in turn, started stroking his. I motioned for Ben and Seth to do the same and, a minute later, us four were engaged in a no holds barred hand fuck. Ben was going up and down quite torturously slow. His hands squeezed gently on my glans and did not fail to pleasure my sensitive nutsack. Soon I was moaning in unison with the three other guys I shared the couch with. My free hand went to my mouth to be moistened and then quietly stroked Ben's rosebud. Playfully, I explored the area outside of it, but, impatient as I was, went on ahead to "three-fingering" his asshole. He gasped, moaned, and cried out in pleasure, pain, and ecstasy. We were being brought into higher states of consciousness, as our cocks slowly grew accustomed to the feel of another's hand other than our own. The tension built, intensified by the touch of skin, by the interlocking of lips, and by the gasps of pleasure.

I came first, erupting in volleys and volleys of come upon Ben's hand and my still-clothed body. Seth followed suit, his seven-inch cock throbbing immensely in the glow of the TV. Unlike the rest of us, he had taken off his shirt, now proudly displaying a chiseled physique covered in his own seed. As I went to the floor to further explore Ben's asshole with my tongue, Seth took Blake's cock in his mouth. I played with the sixteen year old's delicate rosebud with as much skill as a toddler. Nevertheless, he succumbed to the amounting pleasures and came, drooling rivulets of come down his beautifully formed cock. All three of us then took on the task of "sharing" Blake. I sucked on his balls one by one while Ben and Seth slowly went up the length of Blake's cock with their mouths. My tongue teased furiously on what base of Blake's cock I could get and eventually he exploded. Come flew into our mouths, hell, even into our noses. We laughed if off, both Ben and Seth obviously surprised at the amount of come Blake could spew forth.

Linda's lips kissed meat on screen without notice. Its viewers, four teenage boys, one half naked, were busy fervently lapping up every last drop of come on their faces and that one, shirtless individual, Seth. Even the sound of Mercedes pulling up into the driveway was ignored. The eventual opening and even the slamming of the door weren't heard.

"What the fuck is happening here?" Screamed an Armani-suited man, silhouetted in the doorway.

"Aww shit, my father!" cried Blake, hastily shoving his cock back into his khakis.

The man came over and knocked each of us off Blake, whom he took by the ear and threw, onto the ground.

"God damn it! My own son sucking cock! I'm so proud!" Blake's father said sarcastically as his startled son started to rise.

"Suck cock, will you? We'll see about that!" he said as he kicked Blake back once more onto the floor.

"Mr. Winokur! What the fuck are you doing?" screamed Seth.

"Stay out of this you cock-sucking queer!!!" Blake's father then went over to Seth, grabbed him by the hair with one hand, and herded Ben and I with the other out of the door.

The last I saw of was Blake, tears in his eyes, looking sorrowfully at me. He mouthed "I'm sorry" and then collapsed a heap on the floor next to the spilt Shirley Temple.

Continued in part 5: "autumn"
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