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Dear Reader,
Yes, I know that it's been a while since I've last added to the 'History with Him' series.  The flame within me has, for a while, been snuffed not out of lack of interest, but because of certain rather distubing events taking place in my life.  If it wasn't for the graces of certain people, I wouldn't be doing this.  In fact, to be honest with you, I'd be asleep on my Queen-sized bed, drooling lakes on a tired pillow.
Here we go...and the journey continues.

History with Him


Unabashedly dressed in the colors of fire and earth, they twirl sleepily onto the street.  One leaf falls onto my head--merely a silent caress--sliding off and grazing my numbed ears as November's whisper blows through the trees.  Dressed in a dark brown sweater and khaki pants, I sit on the steps of my school, waiting for the late bus to pull up the driveway. My fingers fold the permission pass given to me by Spanish teacher into an Origami crane.  More and more students enter the the school as the time nears four o'clock.  The late basketball game was destined to be a blast.  The Sailors were supposed to play their cross-town rival at a home game.  I smiled, though not caring, I enjoyed thinking about looking at those sweaty varsity players jump and down meaninglessly.  Once again, I admonished myself for not trying out for the team.  I had the height, surely being a six foot sixteen year old in our town is a plus, and to think...those afterschool showers would be a dream.  Nevertheless the fact I didn't try out, I should still be at the game, cheering on the school, and staring at the bulges bouncing throughout the game.  But instead, I chose to go home and finish reading that Anne Rice novel I had started.  Besides, I'm not exactly the shining portrait of a school spirited teenage male.  Frankly, I think I fare well being so.  There is enough of "those" around my school.  And some of "those" ought to have some spirit exorcised out of themselves. 

My watch read "three twenty".  Five more minutes until the bus would pick me up.  I yawned.  These autumn days, I thought, are so blissfully lazy.  Those thoughts occupied my head until someone sat next to me.  This stranger, so instrusive into my daydream, I loathed for a brief second.  I realized it was Ben, clad in a black fleece and jeans oh so deliciously tight.  He smelled delicious, warm and inviting, and yet imbecably manly.  I looked into the seas of his eyes and smiled, saying "hi" in the process.  With that, I looked away and stared at the leaves forming patterns on the street.  He moved closer to me, his scent driving me crazier as time slowly continued.  But I was to persevere, and I held my silence until the bus crawled up the school's driveway.  As I sat down in the bus, I wondered why the hell he bothered to sit down next to me.  Ben had his own car.  It puzzled me even more, though, when he jumped aboard the bus, handed a sheet of paper to the driver, and passed me, taking a seat all the way in the back of the bus.  I sighed.  And I wondered.

One week had passed since us four had that fateful encounter at Blake's house.  None of us had spoken since.  Our eyes met quickly in the hallways and smiles were forced.  In fact, when I had said "hi" to Ben only five minutes ago, it had been the first time I have talked to him since that day.  And now, as I sit, puzzled, in the middle of bus, the door closes, the ignition is ignited, and the marigold yellow airplane on wheels takes off.  What was I doing?  I had "sex" with this beautiful man...and now, I choose to ignore him?  I was afraid that it was true -- and I didn't like any of it.  But somehow, a part of me wanted to ignore him, to shut him off from my life.  But then I also knew that I would not be complete, would not be...myself, if I did so.  And thus, with a determined smile, I stood up.

"Sit down, you dumbass!" remarked the bus driver, glaring at me from the front mirror. 

I sat. 

Oh my, I thought.  Now he's going to have a coronory and we're going to crash and I'll never ever see the light of day again.  Once more, perilous thoughts.  I smiled, remembering my original plan.  This time, however, I didn't stand straight up, but just walked, half bent over to the back seat, plopping down next to a slumbering Benjamin Arnold. 

My ass touching the plastic leather woke him.  He smiled.  The blues in his eyes burned into my heart.  I found myself struggling as I searched for words to break the silence.

"Hey, Ben, whereya going?" I incquired nonchalantly.

"To your house." he answered.

I gasped.  He gasped jokingly in return.  I smacked him lightly on the head.  He took my pants, freed me of penile tension, and went down on me.

"" I moaned, "...stop..."

I pulled free from him, shoving my dick in my khakis.  He exhibited surprise as I stood "half"-up once more and moved back to my seat near the middle of the bus.  By then, my stop was nearing, and I noiselessly gathered my belongings in one bundle and moved to the front.  My head was reeling.  Millions of thoughts occupied my neurons as the bus pulled up onto the mouth of my street.  Once I stepped off, the bus door closed behind me, and I, in a state of wild excitement and agitation, spun around to behold the bus drive by, Ben still sitting in the back seat.

Continued in part 6: "halogen"

( I haven't started yet!  Well, I'm sick so poo!  If you have any ideas, do send them to the address you see below.  Thanks mucho!)

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