I could see the manager of the McDonalds staring at me again as I nursed the last of the warm, rich liquid out of the cup. Being inside for a while and the hot coffee had warmed me up. In addition, the six sugar packets had given me a bit of an energy boost. I realized now though that I was pressing my luck staying so long, so I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door.

I'd spent the day panhandling at the intersection of Pickett and Duke Streets, not the best, but certainly not the worst location. I'd learned over the last two years that there was a pecking order for everything you had to be able to defend yourself on the streets `cause no one comes to your aid, and you sure as hell didn't want the police involved. I'd made seven bucks, which was shit compared to what I could make over at one of the Van Dorn street spots; but the bigger guys had gotten those prime locations first.

It was getting dark and I needed to get back to my hole. I shivered as I made my way down Duke Street, passing the nearly abandoned Landmark Mall. By the time I got to the overpass it was pretty dark, I made sure no cop cars were around before I slipped off into the bushes.

The shivering was non-stop at this point, the cold was seeping through the layers of dirty clothing and the ragged old coat I had on top. Worst of all, my feet were cold; the threadbare socks weren't doing a fuckin thing to keep them warm. The TV at McDonalds had said that it was 22 degrees, with the low expected to be around 5. My teeth started to chatter... lack of motion was obviously cooling me down more.

I waited for the other guys to show. There were four of us that used this set of bushes to hide, sleep, and live. No full names, no real friendships, and only the bare minimum of trust they wouldn't kill me in my sleep, and I wouldn't do them in. That's about it... well, that and the warmth.

On the coldest nights, the four of us would get as close together as we could, pulling things over ourselves to share heat. At each camp I'd joined, I'd been taught some of the skills necessary to survive on the streets, and I was grateful.

"Damn," I thought to myself. "Where the fuck are they?"

My teeth were chattering so hard that they were beginning to hurt, so I stood up and started moving around. It helped, but not enough. Finally, it dawned on me that they weren't coming. It was too cold, and they were going someplace warm maybe a shelter.

"FUCK!" I said loudly.

I couldn't go to a shelter. Being seventeen, if I showed up at a shelter alone, the staff would call Social Services and I'd be in some foster home faster than you could blink an eye. Only three more months till that was done, but for now no fuckin way...

"Think!" I said to myself.

The tunnel under 395 wouldn't work no wind, no rain, so no reason for it. I would be just as cold. The only option I could come up with was the mall, so I grabbed my bag and headed across the cloverleaf, around the fence, passed the Sears Automotive Center, and across the parking lot to the doors. Entering through Sears, I looked around the nearly deserted store. So many clerks and so few customers... they'd be watching me constantly. I exited the Sears into the mall, continuing my quest to find a place.

The old mall was dingy and failing, word on the street was the mall cops weren't too diligent. But no cop was gonna let some scraggly kid stay very long.

On the lower level, I passed many closed up stores, and I was looking at the entrance to Macy's when I noticed the sign for the mall's restrooms. I'd been in there a few times to pee and wash up. This set tended to be cruisy - not that anyone would be interested in me. Right now, all I wanted was to use some hot water to wash my face and clean up a bit.

I headed down the long hallway, passed the management offices no one sitting at the front desk, and entered the bathroom. The door was jammed open, so I'd have no warning if a cop showed up; I went into the stall to pee anyway.

I'd been in there less than a minute when I heard footsteps. Looking back over my shoulder as I finished up, I could see black shoes, black pants, and a white shirt on a guy.

"Shit," I muttered quietly ... a mall cop.

I heard more footsteps approaching really fast and really loud. Well, there went my chance to clean up. I zipped up, flushed, trying to act normal and opened the stall door as this other man entered the bathroom.

"Jason," he said, looking directly at me. "I wondered where you'd run off too. We have to leave NOW! Your momma's gonna be pissed if we're late for dinner. Wash your hands and hurry up!"

He stood there looking impatient, and I was just stunned.

"Hurry up!" he ordered.

The cop looked at me, at him, and then back at me. I could only imagine what was going through his mind. Who would have a dirty kid in ragged old clothing ... my momma had used the term bedraggled for animals that looked as bad as I did in the mirror.

"Come on, young man! We don't have all day!"

I finally found my voice. "I'm coming..."

I guess the cop didn't want to have to deal with whatever was going on, so he turned and left the restroom.

I washed my hands, put them under the air dryer for a moment, then followed the man out.

I tried to look at the guy; but it was hard, considering the pace he set. Tall, a lot taller than my 5'7"; older, his goatee showed a lot of white, but not OLD; nicely dressed, but not flashy. He led me down the hall, through the Macys and out into the parking lot. I never really even thought to disobey or question. I just followed him to a black car nice, a Caddy.

"Hop in," he said, with a much softer tone.

He slipped into the driver's seat while I got into the passenger seat, and started the car.

"Hope I didn't scare you too much," he said.

"You startled the hell out of me," I admitted. "But thanks for getting the mall dick off me."

"I saw you head down the hall, saw him follow, and knew you were in trouble. Anyway, I'm Justin."

"Casey," I replied.

"Nice to meet you Casey. What are you doing cruising Landmark Mall?"

"I wasn't cruising," I defended. "I was trying to warm up, clean up, and pee."

"Warm up?"

"Yeah! Haven't you noticed its fuckin cold outside?"

"Well, yeah," he admitted. He reached over and adjusted some settings on the dash. "But I tend to stay indoors on nights like this."


"So, Casey, is there someplace I can drop you off?"


"Casey, what's wrong?"

"Fuck it..." I took a deep breath. "I don't have any place to go."

"Where's home?"

"I got kicked out over two years ago. Since you know about cruising the mall, I figure you're gay. My Dad found out I was gay and threw me out."

"Damn. Sorry to hear that. Where have you been living?" Justin asked quietly.

"Where ever I can. But it's too cold out tonight to try to sleep in my normal places, so I was trying to find someplace indoors."

"What about a shelter?"

"Naw. I'd end up stuck with Social Services if I go to a shelter. Last thing I need is taking a chance on a foster home."

"They're not all bad."

"I figure. But some are and it's a crap shoot. Hey, my butt's getting warm!"

"I turned on the heated seats."

My stomach took that moment to growl.

"Hungry?" he asked.


"Ok." Justin flipped a little switch on the console between the seats. It was then that I noticed the car was a stick shift.


"Yeah, I like to be in control, especially what I'm driving."

We took off out of the parking lot.

"Sweet car," I admitted.

"Yup. The ATS is Cadillac's answer to the BMW 3 series and I think they got it right. The turbo charged 2-liter I4 engine combined with the 6-speed manual transmission means great acceleration."

I sank back into the leather seats as he got us out onto Duke Street, where we went passed my bushes, and over I-395. He made a right onto a side street, and a few minutes later we were in front of some nice townhouses. He pushed a button, the garage door of one opened, and he pulled the car in.

I was still just moving on the momentum from that first moment in the mall bathroom. I followed him through a door in the back of the garage into what looked like the rec room of the townhouse, then up the stairs into a really nice kitchen.

"Nice digs."

"Thanks, I like it. So, what do you like to eat? I'm not a fancy cook, just a good, basic one."

"Anything, dude. Living on the streets, you learn to stop being picky."

"How about a grilled steak, baked potato, and green beans."

"I'd say that was fuckin awesome!"

"Tell you what, Casey. How about I show you to a bathroom, and you grab a shower. While you're getting clean, I can wash all your clothes."


"Oh, there are clothes here that will fit you," he said with a grimace. "I'll grab you something to throw on till yours are clean."

I followed him upstairs, where he led me to a hall bath. He flipped a switch for what quickly became obvious was the heater. "Drop your clothes outside the door and I'll get them in the wash," he said as he retreated through the door. I stripped and put things on the hall carpet. I cranked up the water and stepped into the first shower I'd had in weeks.

I found a dispenser on the wall with bath gel, shampoo and conditioner. I think I scrubbed until my skin was raw. I'm sure I drained the hot water tank and turned my skin into a prune, but damn it felt good.

Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed a towel and dried off. On the vanity, there was a stack of clothing which, like he said, fit me reasonably well. There was also a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and brush. I brushed my teeth, something I hadn't done much in the last two years, and then started trying to comb my hair.

"FUCK!" I yelled as I hit a knot. I thought about my momma again, she's always use a brush to get the knots out of the dog's hair. Strange, I hadn't thought about her in a long time, and now twice in one evening. I took the brush and ran it over my hair. The sandy-blond mop on my head looked better than it had in a while, not that it looked good.

Opening the bathroom door, I noticed a set of doors across the hall were opened, exposing a washer and dryer with the washer running. I could also smell what I figured must be dinner coming up the stairwell.

Walking back down the stairs, I noticed the table was set for dinner. Justin was at the island and I could see smoke coming up from what appeared to be a grill. "It's a grill-cooktop," he answered my puzzled look. "Didn't want to go outside constantly in the winter."

I nodded in agreement.

"How do you like your steak?"

"Ummm... pink, you know, no blood or such."

"Gotcha, medium it is."

"Can I help?"

"Sure, put ice in the glasses. Pick your poison on drinks, there is a choice of iced tea, diet soda, or fruit juices. I'll have a Diet Coke, please."

While I got the drinks ready, he put everything on the table.

"Bon appetite," he said.

"Thanks! I haven't eaten like this in years..."

A few minutes of silence passed as we ate. As I shoveled the food into my mouth, I took the opportunity to look at Justin closely. His hair looked light brown at first, and then I realized it was dark brown with a lot of white in it; short on the sides a just a bit longer on the top. His goatee was almost completely white. But his skin wasn't wrinkled so maybe prematurely white? I looked up a bit and found his blue eyes staring back at me.

"Trying to figure out how old I am?"

"Yeah, the white hair makes you look older than your skin says you are."

"So how ancient do you think I am?"


"Thanks!" he said with a laugh. "I turned fifty last June."

"You're tall too! You were hard to keep up with in the mall."

"I get complaints from folks that I walk to fast. I've been told I'm all legs."

I gave him a puzzled look. He stood up and I realized he was right.

"I have a 36-inch inseam and I'm not quite six-foot four. So, more height in my legs and a shorter torso," he said. "Changing the subject, clean and fed, what's your game plan?"

"Like I said earlier, I need to find some place warm," I admitted. "In a couple months, the shelter finally becomes an option, but till then..."

"The guest room upstairs is available."


"It's clean, warm, and unoccupied."

"Are you sure?" I asked. I was a bit leery... trust was something I no longer had for anyone. Period.

"Yes, Casey. No strings attached. It's supposed to be in single digits tonight. And this is just the start of it five, maybe six days of nights near zero ahead."


"It's a double bed, has a heated mattress pad, warm covers..." he paused. "Heat, a roof, and a lock..."


"Yeah, you can close and lock the door if you like, not that I'm going to put the moves on you."

"You don't seem the type..."

"Hehehehe, too true... Casey, you are welcome to stay as long as you like."

"Thanks," I said quietly.

"I'm serious," he added.

"But you, you don't know me..."

"I know you are a guy that needs a roof over his head and a chance to have a life again."

I started to cry, tears streaming down my cheeks. Two years, it had been two years since anyone cared. All of a sudden, his arms were around me. The crying turned into sobs, and I buried my head into his shoulder. Human contact, caring, supportive... you don't know how much you need it till you don't have it.

The sobs went on for a long while, but finally I got control of myself.

"Why?" I sniffed.

"Honestly, why not? Truthfully, it is how I was raised, see someone in need help them out!"

"Thank you," I said while inhaling through my nose hard trying to pull everything back in.

"Here," he said handing me a cloth handkerchief.

I blew my nose, then used another section to wipe my face.

We cleaned up the dinner dishes, mostly loading them into the dishwasher. With the kitchen neat and tidy, he led me upstairs and showed me the room. It was... it was elegant to me. Deep green walls complimented dark wood furniture and lighter green bed coverings.


"Thanks. We enjoyed decorating it."


"My lover and I," there was a hitch in his voice as he said this.

"What's wrong?"

"He was killed last July. A nasty car accident involving a drunk driver."

"I'm so sorry..."

"Thanks. Maybe that's why I'm so willing to help."

I wrapped him in a big hug.

"Thanks," he whispered gently into my ear.

"We can help each other."

"Maybe we can, at that," he agreed. "Are you tired?"

"Not really," I admitted.



I figured we would head downstairs, but we stayed on the top floor with him leading me into the master bedroom.

"Holy Shit! You could play volleyball in here."

"Not quite, but close... I guess."

The room stretched the entire width of the townhouse and was easily a third of the depth.

"It's 24 by 15," he explained as he looked at the awe on my face. "The door back there leads to the three-story bump-out that is 10 by 11 and has the master bath on this level. The other door goes to the walk-in closet."

"Damn dude, you must be rich."

"We were comfortable, the settlement on the accident cleared the mortgage and then some. So, I can easily manage it."

He walked to one end of the room, opened an armoire, exposing a large flat screen television.

"Sofa or bed?"


"Do you want to lay on the sofa or bed and watch? I'll take the other."

Before I could answer, he went into the closet and came out with what looked to be soft, plush, blankets.

"Can we share the couch?"


We went to opposite ends of the sofa and our feet mingled in the middle. He tossed one of the blankets to me and flipped on the TV. He turned to Family Guy, and we sat there laughing. It was truly unreal. How could I go from sleeping on the ground in the center of a group of bushes to laying on a couch watching Family Guy in less than 24 hours? I shuddered a moment thinking about it. I felt Justin's hand on my foot. I looked up and we smiled at each other.

We watched Stewie try to take over the world during several episodes, and finally I started to yawn.

"Bedtime, kiddo," he said

"I'm afraid if I go to sleep this dream will end."

"It's no dream. And those yawns of yours mean you need to sleep. I put out toothbrush and toothpaste earlier, do you need anything else?"

I shook my head no as I went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and found Justin waiting for me in the hallway. We walked into the guest room and he pulled back the covers.

"No one has tucked me in in years," I said quietly.

"That's gonna change for a while," he replied with a smile. "Good night."

He bent down and kissed my forehead.


He turned the light off and closed the door. I curled up under the covers, nestled my head on a pillow, and was out quickly.

The next morning, the room was glowing from daylight leaking around the curtains when I woke up. I looked over at the dresser and noticed a clock almost 8:30 a.m. I was stunned. I'd slept for over ten hours. I climbed out of bed, went into the bathroom and did the morning routine. The doors to Justin's bedroom were open, I looked in and didn't see him. I went downstairs and found the kitchen empty, but I could hear his voice.

I followed the sounds down to the ground floor level and saw Justin on the phone in the back part of the room. I hadn't noticed when we'd come in from the garage the night before, but there was an office in the bump-out as Justin had called the area.

He smiled and put a finger up.

"I'll be online all day so just send me an e-mail if you need me, Jess. And of course, call my cell phone if there's an emergency. Have a great day! Bye."

He hung up the phone and smiled.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!"




"Pancakes and bacon?"

"That sounds amazing!"

"It's just pancakes and bacon."

"Most days my breakfast was bread and water."

He had bacon frying on the cooktop quickly. Then he pulled a small bowl out of the fridge and started spooning batter onto a griddle. Soon after, I was feasting on a big stack of pancakes and bacon. Yum!

The rest of the day, he set me up with a TV, a spare laptop with access to the internet and other things to keep me entertained while he worked. About four o'clock, I was watching some mindless show when he appeared.

"OK. Work is done for the day. So, first we should probably plan on going grocery shopping; I don't have much in the fridge. We also need to get you some clothes."

"You don't have to buy me anything." He set an expression on his face that told me not to argue. "Do you have scissors I can use?"

"Of course, I have scissors."

"Cool, I want to chop off some of this hair while I have the chance."

"How about we go someplace and have your hair cut."

"You're doing so much... I don't want to be a burden... it's OK."

"Let's settle one thing here and now, you are no burden. You are no hassle. You are not inconveniencing me. I'm happy to help. I can easily afford to buy you some clothes, get your hair cut, and feed you."

I wanted to cry again. He must have realized it.

"No tears. No need for tears - just a big smile. Let's go..."

I followed him downstairs and into a closet that I hadn't noticed before.

"Try this on," he said, handing me a nice leather coat.

I looked at him with a questioning look.

"I kept a few things... you know, memories."

"Ah. I wondered."

"I spent a lot of time cleaning out things I didn't need to keep, donating to charity. I did keep a few things this coat, books, odds and ends; I wanted to have something to remember him by."

"That was nice." It was obvious it was still too fresh for him to talk about much.

"Anyway, let's go."

He hit a button as we went into the garage, and the door went up. We got in the car and headed out. We turned the first corner of the community, and he pulled over to the curb while rolling down my window.

"Hey Kyle, Rodney!"

These two guys in the driveway of another townhouse turned around and waved. As they approached the car, I realized it was a dad and son from the strong resemblance and apparent ages.

"Hey, Uncle J!" The son called out.

"Guys, this is Casey, he's going to be staying with me for a while. Casey, this is Rodney and his son Kyle."

The dad was handsome and obviously military. The son... the son... oh my fuckin word. I started to chub in my pants. I couldn't see enough to suit me in the failing light of a winter afternoon; but he was tall, clean-cut; an all-out fuckin hunk!

"Nice to meet you," Rodney said, shaking my hand through the window.

Kyle waved. "Welcome to the neighborhood."

"Thanks," I said quietly.

"Stay warm tonight," Justin said. "We're going to do some shopping."

"You too," Rodney responded.

Justin rolled up the window, and we drove off.

"They were nice," I said.

"Yup, Rodney's a good friend. He watches the house when I'm on travel."


"And I'm guessing you found Kyle, umm... easy on the eyes."

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"That boner you sprang was a good hint."

I just sat there embarrassed.

"No need to be embarrassed, he's an attractive young man."

We drove down to Springfield Mall and Justin led me into the Macy's men's department. He grabbed jeans, khakis, polos, dress shirts, sweaters and piled them into my arms. When I thought my arms couldn't hold any more, he led me to a dressing room and told me to start trying things on. I stepped out from time to time when something fit really well.

"Hand me the stuff that you like," he said, sitting in the chair outside the room.

I was only handing him things that I really, really, really liked.

"Dude, stop holding back. We're not going to do laundry every day."

He stood up, put the clothes I'd handed to him on the chair and walked passed me into the stall. "Let's see, these fit and these. These showed off your butt. You looked cute in this." Soon the pile in the chair was significantly larger. "Got it?"

"Sir! Yes, Sir!"


My eyes bugged out when I saw how much he spent on clothing. We walked out of Macy's into the mall with a lot of bags. He took me into this hair place that was deserted on a frigid Thursday night. The lady looked at my long-ish, scraggly hair, and then at Justin.

"How do you want it," she asked.

I didn't know what to say. "Nice," was all I could think of.

Before anything continued, Justin was in front of me with a book. He started showing pictures of current, popular haircuts. I saw one and pointed, "Like that!"

Justin looked at me, then started chuckling as he went and sat in a chair. Less than thirty minutes later, the lady spun the chair around. The transformation was amazing. If I didn't control myself, all these things would have me crying constantly. My hair was short on the sides, a good-bit longer on top, and she'd put some gel in it to pull it up in the center. While it was stylish and a bit messy, it was definitely in the `clean-cut' category.

"So, handsome, ready to hit Target for groceries?"

"I'm getting a little hungry," I admitted.

"Food court?"

We ate, then hit Target for the groceries and drove home. Once the groceries were put away, Justin helped me get my stuff in the guest room closet. While we were hanging things up, he started talking to me.

"So, you were really taken by Kyle."

"Huh? What? Why would you say that?"

"Hmmm... the boner you threw when you met him. The clothes and haircut you chose. The nervous tick when I just asked you."

"Yeah. OK. I admit it. Not that I have a chance with a stud like that, and anyway, he's such a hunk, the son of a military guy, no way he'd want to be around a fag."

"Well, let me straighten you out on a few things. First, his Dad is a retired Marine and works as a consultant now. Second, the entire family has been good friends since we moved into the neighborhood. Rodney, his wife, the three boys, they aren't the uptight, conservative, military family you're making them out to be. I guess the biggest fact that we need to get clear is Kyle's gay. That's one reason why I introduced you this evening."

"WHAT?" I probably deafened anyone within ten miles!

"He's gay. He actually came out to Liam and me about a year ago. He wasn't sure how to tell his folks. We talked it over with him for a few weeks, and finally when he was ready, we had his folks over and sat with them while he told them."

"You are fuckin with me! There is no way that boy is gay!"

"Should I call him, have him come over and let you see his rainbow underwear?" I gave Justin a light smack at that. "Liam and I always said we should have earned a toaster for converting him."


"OK. Old people joke. Back in the late 90s, Ellen DeGeneres had a comedy show where Melissa Etheridge supposedly converted her into being a lesbian, thus making her quota for converting women into lesbians to earn a toaster."


"You had to be there."

"Back to Kyle."

"Yes, he's really, truly, honestly, gay."

"Oh, shit! Well, at least maybe we can be friends."

"I'm sure of that."

Friday was a repeat of Thursday without the shopping. With temperatures not getting out of the teens during the day, I really didn't have much motivation to go outside. To be honest, I felt so safe in the house, it was going to be hard to get me to leave for any reason.

About four, I heard the phone ring. When Justin came upstairs a few minutes later, his work done for the day, he announced that we had been invited to dinner.


"Well, the invitation was extended to include you when they found out I had a guest."


"Look, Liam and I have been friends with a number of the neighbors since we moved in. Cindy and Don live directly across the street. She made a big pot of chili today, some cornbread, and invited us over. I'm going to throw a Bundt cake into the oven now for dessert, and we'll head over about six. Don't worry about it."


"I already explained your situation. Cindy's like a second mom to me. She's in her early sixties, about to retire from a government job and watches out for me. She and Don were part of the group that kept me from falling apart after Liam died."

"How long were you two together?"

"Twenty years."

"Shit! That's like, as long as my folks."

While the conversation continued, he pulled out a mixer and start making the cake.

"We met at a bar, hit it off, dated, moved in together, and eventually bought this place together. Then some drunk ended it all smashing her big-assed SUV into Liam's little Miata. He died on impact, so at least he wasn't in pain long."

There were tears streaming down Justin's face at this point, so I got up, walked over and hugged him.

"This is when I get to help you," I said quietly.

"Yes. Yes, you do! Thanks. Here," he said handing me the Bundt pan. "Have you ever greased and floured a cake pan?"


He proceeded to explain the process, having me do it, then poured the batter into the pan; and slipped it into the oven.

"Now we wait."

Dinner was nice. Like Justin said, Cindy did act more like a mother to him. At one point, she warned me not to call her grandma. She didn't want to feel 'that old' she explained.

Saturday morning, I got up about seven and wondered what the game plan would be for the day. Justin was already downstairs, and it didn't take long for him to have waffles and sausage in front of us. We sat at the table just talking about all sorts of things trying to get to know each other.

I noticed the clock said it was 9 when the doorbell rang.

"Answer that?" Justin asked as he cleared the table of our dishes. "If it's anyone selling something, just send them away."

I went to the front door, opened it, and immediately started praying that the underwear I had on would hold my dick down so it wouldn't show in my sweats... it was Kyle. I looked up into his deep green eyes.

"Hey!" He said. "Is Uncle J around?"

"Ummm... yeah... he's..." Great, act like an idiot. I stepped back to let him in. Damn, he was tall.

He bounded up the stairs to the main floor. I closed the door and followed.

"Hey Uncle J! You about ready?"

"Oh, shit. Forgot all about it Kyle."

"Oh," you could hear deep disappointment in his voice.

"Can you give us a few minutes to clean up?"

"Ummm..." Kyle seemed a little puzzled.

"I introduced you to Casey the other night. Probably couldn't see him too well in the low light."

"Sorry, I honestly didn't recognize you." He gave me an appraising look from top to bottom and back to top.

"I got a haircut," I explained.


"Casey, I promised to take Kyle out to Udvar Hazy today."

I looked at Justin like he was speaking a foreign language.

"Sorry, it's the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum extension they built out by Dulles Airport. So, you and I need to get cleaned up so we can go. Give us a few Kyle."

I followed Justin upstairs, grabbed a quick shower, went back to the guest room and was stumped what to wear. It had been a long time since I'd had anything to choose from. I was standing in the closet, wearing my sweats, looking at everything when Justin came in.

"You didn't close the door..."

"No worries."

"What's wrong?"


"Here," he said reaching into the closet. "Where these jeans, they show off your cute butt. This polo shows you have a nice tight little body, and you can wear that new coat we bought with it all."

"My body's nothing compared to Kyle's."

"True, but different circumstances, he's been working out for the last four years, lacrosse, basketball and all that stuff. You've been living on the streets."

"Wear your jock, it will help contain you."

I blushed. Justin didn't comment, he just left the room closing the door behind him. I threw on the clothes Justin recommended, went into the bathroom and styled my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and honestly didn't recognize the reflection I saw. Instead of the haggard, unkempt bum that I was used too, the one that stared back at me in the dingy mirrors of gas stations and fast food joints; here was a teen age boy that I had to say did look pretty good. One thing I did have to admit, Justin had an eye for what made me look good.

"Ready to go?" Justin asked as I came down the stairs.


The three of us went to the ground floor, Justin and I grab coats and we got to the car. Kyle headed for the back door.

"Dude, with those long legs of yours sit up front," I suggested.


We got on the road headed west, with me sitting behind Justin. Kyle turned in his seat.

"So how do you know Uncle J?" He asked.

Deer in the headlights. I should have known this was going to come up.

"I'm helping Casey out a bit like Liam and I helped you," Justin slipped in.

"Oh," Kyle said a bit quietly. Then the lightbulb must have turned on over his head."OH! A friend of your family?"

I decided to have courage. If Kyle was going to like me, he'd have to know the real me anyway. Justin started to say something, but I interrupted.

"He rescued me Wednesday night."


"My folks threw me out of the house a couple years ago when they found out I was a fag." Saying that Kyle grimaced a bit and I wasn't sure why. "I lived on the streets for two years; Wednesday night I got fuckin lucky to meet Justin. Well, to be honest, I was rescued by him."

I went on to explain the meeting in a bit more detail.

"Damn dude, that's fuckin messed up," Kyle said. I'm sure a look of disappointment spread across my face."Hey, I don't mean your part of it. I mean that your folks would throw you out." Then all of a sudden, he started to laugh.

"What?" I asked a bit defensively.

"I'm picturing the look on your face when Uncle J stormed into that bathroom and started telling you to get a move on. He can be a bit intimidating."

"Yeah, but having a mall cop about to kick your ass... let's just say that it was less scary and more welcome."

Kyle asked me a lot of questions about living on the street. From time to time, I used the word fag and noticed he'd put a weird look on his face.

Finally, he interrupted."Dude, we're all fags... but say it with pride. When you say it, it sounds like you agree with the haters. You say fag like a put down."


"Uncle J was the one that set me straight on this. Or at least as straight as I can get. I'm gay, a homo, a fag, you name it; but they're all just names, and I have to own them all with pride and dignity. Can't let the haters put me down."

I just smiled and nodded my head.

The museum was fun. I got to see a space shuttle, a Concorde, and this really cool jet called a Blackbird. We ate at the McDonalds in the museum, and I was stunned at how much food Kyle could pack away. We didn't finish up looking at stuff until closing time.

"What do y'all want for dinner," Justin asked as we got to the car.

"Asian," Kyle said.

"Thai? Vietnamese? Korean?"

Kyle looked at me from the front seat.

"Don't look at me," I replied."I've never had any of that."

I couldn't see what he did, but all of a sudden, Justin said 'Call Thai.' I was puzzled, but the car filled with the sounds of a phone dialing. A female voice answered, and soon Justin had reservations for a table for three at six-thirty.

"Probably not too busy due to the weather," he admitted after disconnecting the call.

We drove into Arlington and got to the restaurant in time for the reservation. The staff seemed to know Justin well and treated us royally. Kyle and Justin ordered lots of appetizers and small plates, saying it would let me try a lot of new things. The food was amazing, spicier than I was used to, but not so hot that I couldn't eat it.

What surprised me most was when the waitress asked about dessert, both Kyle and Justin lit up. They ordered something called fried roti dough, mango and sticky rice, but the real surprise was a warm flourless chocolate cake.

"OK, what gives with the desserts?"

"I don't like sweets out typically," Justin admitted."Usually they are factory made, or made with low quality ingredients. This place, on the other hand..."

"This place uses the best ingredients," Kyle interjected. "And what they don't make, they have made especially for them, like their ice cream."

"You didn't order any ice cream."

"Well, the roti dough comes with taro root ice cream, and the cake comes with Thai coffee ice cream."

The three desserts were, like the rest of dinner, presented beautifully on the plates. But the presentation was nothing compared to the taste. The three of us split all three so I got a good taste of each.

When we got home, I got the impression that Kyle didn't want to leave. I wanted him to stay, but... what to do? Finally, however, he said goodnight and headed home.

"Dense or clueless?" Justin asked me after the door closed.


"That boy is into you and wanted to stay. Were you dense? Or were you clueless?"

"I knew he wanted to hang around, but..."

"He wanted to spend more time with you. You two could have watched a movie or something."

"Oh," I said and hung my head."I didn't think of that."

"Uncle J to the rescue."


Justin grabbed his iPhone and started typing I assumed a text. Within seconds of hitting send, his phone chirped.

"Okay, all set. He's coming over after his family gets home from church service tomorrow. Told him we'd do a movie marathon downstairs."

I gave a big smile.

"However, I'm going to have an emergency at the office, so you two get to have the movie marathon... at least till dinner... alone. Hmmm..."

He grabbed his phone again and started typing. Moments later the phone chirped yet again.

"I was right," Justin explained."Monday being a holiday, the schools are closed. He's staying over tomorrow night so the marathon can go late! I have to work, so I'll go into the office. We can put him in the room next to you, and then it doesn't matter how late you two stay up."

"Are you playing matchmaker?" I asked.

"Well, I know you're smitten, and I can tell he's interested. Let's just say I'm trying to give you two time to figure things out."

I wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug."I don't know what I did to deserve you in my life, but thanks!"

About one the next day, the doorbell rang and it was Kyle.

"Hey," he said with a shy smile.


I looked up at him... tall boy. I wondered what it would be like to be wrapped in those arms. That was it, my dick started to firm up. Stop it!

"What's the first movie? Uncle J getting things set up?" he asked as he headed to the rec room.

"He ummm... He had to go into work."

"Shit, that place he works is crazy."

"Yeah, something about the project going off track. He didn't think he'd be too long. He got into his Netflix account before he left so we can pick whatever we like. He also made a huge tray of loaded nachos."


"He recommended a few movies," I said as we made our way down into the rec room."Mambo Italiano is a comedy set in Montreal; Latter Days is a kinda dark love story; But Wait I'm a Cheerleader is another comedy..."

"Let's start with the first one. We're gonna watch a lot of movies, and Uncle J has good taste."

The movie started, and I was stunned. What Justin hadn't told me was these were gay movies, and it was a gay love story. We sat on the sofa, each at opposite ends with our feet sorta near each other in the middle not touching, but close. The movie was a riot, we both laughed and chuckled. We both ate the food in front of us, munching throughout. From time to time our feet would bump each other in the middle of the couch. At first, we both would pull back, but as the movie progressed, we left them together.

After Mambo, we chose Latter Days which Justin had said was a dark love story. For me it was hard watching Steve Sandvoss' character, Aaron, struggle with coming out, being excommunicated, attempting suicide; I started to shake. Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him, soon we were repositioned on the sofa him in the back, me spooned against him with his arm protectively around me.

As Aaron returned to LA, reunited with Christian and found true love, I felt Kyle give me a light kiss right behind the ear. I turned my head to look at him and his mouth quickly found mine. At that moment, I also realized that his dick had gotten hard and was pressed against my butt.

My mouth opened and let his tongue plunge inward. I sucked on it, cherishing the fact that we'd connected at least this much. His hands moved a bit, and I worked to turn my body so I faced him. One of his legs wrapped over me and pulled me into his body tightly. Our hard dicks ground together as our tongues continued to explore each other's mouths.

Finally, Kyle pulled away just a bit.

"You're one fuckin hottie, you know that?"

"Huh? You're the hunk. Thursday evening, I boned up just looking at you standing in your driveway."

"I'll admit, I didn't do that Thursday night. I couldn't really see you... you know sitting in the car plus that mop you had on your head hid your face too much; but damn, yesterday morning I was glad I had a jock on when you answered the front door, I chubbed up so much!"

"Hehehe, Justin told me to wear a jock yesterday `cause he knew I'd be throwing bones a lot and I did."

"He set this up, didn't he?"

"Yeah. There's no emergency at the office, though he did say he was going to get some work out of the way. Plus, he's planning to go into the office tomorrow so we can have the house to ourselves."

"Damn! That's why I call him Uncle J. He's the best. So was Liam."

"He has barely said anything about Liam. I know they were together twenty years."

"Yup, and they were planning to get married. In fact, Liam died about two months before the wedding."

"Oh, shit."

"Yeah, oh shit is right. I miss him. They got me through coming out to myself, to my folks, to my brothers. After he was killed, I stayed in the guest bedroom many a night. None of us were willing to leave Justin alone in the house. He's always been a solid, stable kinda guy, but after Liam was gone, he was a wreck."

"He seems pretty good now."

"He went through grief counseling, put his life back together some, and is starting to get back to the way he was."

"He's such a loving, giving man. You can't understand what he's done for me in less than five days."

"From the story you told yesterday, quite a lot. But enough about him..."

With the Kyle pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. He gently kissed my forehead, and then started kissing his way down my face, across my chin and down my neck. He pushed open the collar of my polo shirt and worked on my chest. His hands moved quickly, and starting tugging my shirt off me.

"You taste fuckin good."

His tongue licked each of my pits leaving them wet then moved to my nipples. I'd never had sex with a guy; hell, I had just started jacking off to porn which is what my dad found so I didn't know how intense it would be when he started nibbling my tits.

"Oh, fuck!" I moaned.

I could feel my cock twitching with each bite and lick. It wasn't many seconds before I realized I was soaking my jock with precum.

"I love your nips. They're getting all hard like little erasers," he said as he rubbed his fingers over them. He bent over and licked my hard tits sending shivers down my spine. After paying a bit more attention to my tits, he let his tongue run down the center of my abs to my belly button, and start licking it.

"You're making me squirm," I laughed.

"That's just the start."

He got to my jeans and started to pop the button.

"Hey, do I get a chance?"

"Sure." With that, he lifted up and pulled off his shirt, then bent over, took me in his arms and flipped us so I was on top.

"Damn, you're strong."

"I work out most every day."

"It shows!"

I leaned over and duplicated what he'd done to me. Kissing, licking, tasting all the way down his body. I spent time enjoying the flavor of Kyle.

"You said I tasted good - you're delicious!" I told him as a worked my tongue on his tits. From the throbbing I could feel between his legs, I could tell he was enjoying it! "Do I get to pull your pants off or you get to take mine off first?"

"Stand up," he ordered. We both got off the couch facing each other. "Hands on buttons! Pop! Now the zipper, down! Now slide them jeans off!"

We both slipped our jeans off completely and stood facing each other, each wearing a jock that was straining to contain hard dicks.

"Who goes first?" I asked. I'm sure the lust in my eyes showed.

"Both of us. Lay down flat."

He climbed over me putting his jock in my face while his face buried into mine.

"FUCK!" He groaned."Your precum has soaked into your jock. It's tastes fuckin good!"

I put my mouth on his jock and started sucking his juices out of it. My hands each went to a butt cheek and started kneading while I continued to suck his jock. His dick finally pushed out of the strap, and I wrapped my lips around the head of it.

"FUCK!" He groaned again. He bucked a little, forcing his cock further into my mouth, causing me to gag a bit. "Sorry."

"You're my first," I admitted. "Go easy!"

This time he let me adjust to take his cock into my mouth. I lapped at the tip of the head to get more of the precum. As I did this, he put his lips around my cock and started working down the shaft. He got about halfway down, and then came off.

"I've had a little practice," he admitted. "I have a toy I learned on."

I'd made it about a quarter of the way down his cock and kept working.

"Pull off a second." I followed his order, and he then flipped onto his side. I repositioned myself and started working on his cock again. This let me take things at my own pace.

Kyle bottomed out into my pubes when I was only three-quarters of the way down him. His suction was really getting to me, and his hands were all over my butt. In fact, his fingers would frequently find my hole and tease it.

I was determined to hit bottom, and kept trying until I felt his hair on my lips.

"FUCK! You did it!"

Like Kyle, I'd had my hands on his ass, and I worked to find his hole.

"OH, shit dude..." He moaned around my dick. "Cum... gonna... cum..."

I felt his cock throb in my mouth and pulled back enough so that I could taste his cum. As I did, he pushed the tip of his finger into my hole and it triggered me.

"Unh..." Was as much as I could get out as my mouth was flooded with his cum and I in turn shot into his.

I swallowed what seemed like a gallon of spooge; savoring the salty-sweet taste, and then letting it slip down my throat. I nursed on his cock until it softened and he got to squirming. He let my cock out of his mouth and I did the same.

He lifted up and repositioned so we were face to face. We each got to taste a bit of our own cum as we kissed and licked the inside of the other's mouth.

"That was awesome," Kyle said.


"Like I said before, you're one little hottie... well, little everywhere but where it counts!"

"And you're one fucking hunk with a nice hunk of meat between your legs."

"I gotta pee," he warned. With that he climbed off the sofa and went into the adjoining bathroom. When he came out, I did the same.

Still naked, we curled up in each other's arms and he pulled a blanket over us. In the afterglow of my first sex with another guy, it wasn't long till I'd fallen asleep in his arms while feeling the regular rise and fall of his chest.

I awoke with a start at a mechanical noise.

"Shit! The garage door," Kyle's voice had a sleepy tone to it. He still had his arms wrapped tightly around me so I couldn't move.

Before either of us woke enough to do anything, Justin walked through the door from the garage.

"Well, I think the best thing to say is BUSTED," he laughed.

"You shouldn't be surprised, Uncle J, you set this up!"

"I'll admit I arranged to get you two alone, but I didn't think I'd come home to find you two this far along."

I started to sit up.

"Umm... guys we're all guys, but I don't think I want to deal with the sight of two naked teens post-sex. How about I run upstairs and try to figure out dinner. You two can dress and join me when you're ready."

With that he turned and went up the stairs to the main floor.

"I... that... FUCK... what?" I just couldn't get a clear thought out.

"Dude, get over it. He set this up, he's not mad, he's not upset. I bet he's pretty proud of himself right now." Kyle kissed my neck and let me go.

I stood and we both got dressed quickly. Arriving in the kitchen, I guess I still had a deer-in-the-headlights look.

"Casey, no worries, I sensed something between you two yesterday, and wanted to give you two time alone. I just didn't think you'd move this fast... I hope you both enjoyed it. Just be fair and honest with each other, make sure you communicate your feelings."

"Understood, Uncle J." Kyle pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

"That's a great way to communicate," I said, once he pulled his mouth away.

"Sure does help!" Justin admitted.

"What's for dinner?" I asked.

"How hungry are you two after all the food I left for you?"

"We worked up an appetite," Kyle said with a snicker.

"I bet you did."

"We'll need our energy levels up for tonight too," Kyle added.

Well, that confirmed it for me... this wasn't a one-time thing! WOO HOO!

"Then lots of protein and carbs."

"Aw, something easy is fine," I put out.

"Pizza," Kyle said excitedly. "Meat lovers! Man need meat."

"I bet you already got a lot of meat," Justin quipped back.

I felt myself start to blush.

"Looks like he's a blusher," Kyle laughed.


Justin grabbed a phone and called Pizza Hut, ordering two large meat lovers pizzas.

"Another movie?" He asked.

"Sure," Kyle and I concurred.

We traipsed downstairs and Justin got 'But I'm a Cheerleader' started. The three of us were sitting down in the rec room when the doorbell rang. Justin hit pause and ran upstairs. He returned moments later with two big boxes, a roll of paper towels and some paper plates.

"Anyone need a fresh soda?" He asked. We both nodded, so he grabbed each of us a fresh soda from the fridge in the garage.

We chowed down on pizza and laughed our asses off. After the movie ended, Justin said good night.

"It's early," I said.

"I have a conference call with the office in New Delhi early tomorrow morning."

My puzzled stare made it clear I didn't have a clue what was going on.

"They are ten and a half hours ahead of us, so the call starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 8 a.m. for us. For them it starts at 4:30 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. So, neither side gets great hours," he explained.

"Ready for another movie?" Kyle asked after Justin left. I was again curled up in his arms on the couch.

"Not really. How about we take a hint from Justin."



"Okay, what do you want to communicate about?"

"You, me, us, pasts, futures... family, friends, school - no, no school. So far, I know that you're Kyle, son of Rodney. Hell, I don't even know your last name, or you mine."

"Fair enough." He sat up and let me turn to face him. "As you said, I am Kyle son of Rodney and Rebecca Nelson; brother of Kevin and Kenneth. Yes, you do sense a thing with the K's not sure why, but my folks picked it. I'm seventeen, and turn eighteen in two months. I'm a student at Thomas Jefferson High School which is a magnet school for STEM."


"Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I'm in the technology track at school. I play lacrosse and basketball; but none of them well enough to get a scholarship unlike my brothers who are both in college on athletic scholarships. I've been accepted to three colleges George Mason, University of Richmond and ODU. I work out regularly, which is good since I love pizza, chocolate, and steak. I enjoy comedies, SciFi, and thrillers. Hmm... oh, and I recently met this little hottie that I really, really like. Your turn."

"OK, I'm Casey son of Beau and Enid Smith. I was born and raised in Moatsville, West Virginia. I'm fourth of six kids with two older brothers, one older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister, all of whom I haven't seen in two years. I'm seventeen and turn eighteen in three months. Like I told you yesterday, I've been living in different places and panhandling to live for the last two years. I love pizza, chocolate, steak, and most any food ... living on the streets you learn not to be picky at all. I enjoy comedies and especially SciFi, I want things that cheer me up or put me in a good mood. I like all sorts of music. And I recently met this handsome hunk that I really, really like."

With that Kyle leaned forward and kissed me.

"How tall are you?"

"I'm the runt of the liter, I'm only six-three."

"Runt of the liter?"

"Both my brothers are six-six."

"You're eight inches taller than me; no way I'd consider you a runt. Can I ask a question?"

"You just did," he laughed.

"Okay, I won't ask."


"I was going to see if you wanted to go upstairs, get naked in bed, and see what comes next."

"That sounds wonderful!"

We went upstairs, did what we needed in the bathroom, and went into the guest room. With the door closed, we stripped down. Kyle pulled the covers back and we climbed on.

"What do you want to do?"

"I want, I want..." Kyle looked at me with a serious expression as I choked on the words. "I want you to fuck me." I finally got out quietly.

"You do?" He seemed concerned.


"Do you have lube?"

"Oh. No, I don't. Let me check the bathroom."

I went and checked the medicine cabinet and then started digging through the vanity.

"Guess what I found?" I asked holding a tube of KY. Kyle was laying on the bed with his dick fully erect, it was resting against his abs.


"That looks delicious!" I exclaimed as I climbed on the bed and started lapping the precum that was starting to fill his belly button. I then pulled his dick into my mouth and started practicing on, taking it as deep as I could.

"Swing around."

I turned so that my cock was near Kyle's mouth. I guess I missed what he wanted, as he used his strength to move me so that my cock laid on his chin. I was puzzled, and I got confused when his fingers started playing with my hole. All became clear a few moments later, when his tongue started lapping at my hole.

I came off his cock in an instant."Are you sure that's smart?"

"From the videos I've seen, yeah... you're clean just ummm... musky, like when I ate your pits; it just tastes like you."

With that, his tongue returned to my hole and started darting in and out. The attention had me moaning.

"I hope Justin is a heavy sleeper..." Kyle laughed.

"I don't give a fuck... just eat my ass. I want you to fuck me."

"I'm gonna!" With that he plunged his tongue back in my hole. I could tell that what he was doing was relaxing it as each time he pushed one of his fingers in, it went deeper and deeper.

Finally, I'd had enough. "You gotta fuck me, Kyle." He was still lying flat on his back, and I pulled his cock away from his abs again. I grabbed the lube and slicked his dick.

"Oh, shit... a condom?" He said.

"Do you want one? I've never had sex. You've never had sex."


I started pushing lube into my hole, held his dick up and squatted over it. I held the head against my hole and pushed down letting it pop gently into my hole.

"Oh, FUCK," Kyle moaned as the head of his dick was nestled in my hole.

I started sliding slowly down his shaft. It took a few minutes till I bottomed out. I let it stay there for a few moments before I was ready. Then I leaned over and kissed Kyle deeply, as I put my arms around his neck.

"Roll us over, baby." He rolled and had me on my back quickly. I pulled my legs back towards my chest to let him have access to my hole."Fuck me, please!"

Kyle gently pulled his dick back till just the head was in me. Then he very gently pushed back in. He repeated the process a few times, letting me get used to his fucking. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in deeply. I started to tear up.

"What's wrong cutie?" he asked.

"I met the most amazing, gentle hunk. He's sexy, he's sweet, he's caring, and he's showing me how wonderful being fucked can be. I can't believe I'm so blessed to have you do it for me!"

Kyle leaned over and kissed me gently. His dick moved slowly in and out, it was rubbing something that sent chills through me. He must have read my mind,"It's your prostate. In the pornos they call it the love nut! Rubbing it and poking it can cause you to cum."

"It feels so fuckin good," I moaned."Shoot in me! Do it!" I urged. He changed his angle and started really stroking my love nut as he called it. "FUCK!" I groaned.

Kyle sped up his pace and the constant stimulus started to push me over the edge. I wasn't touching my cock... I was stroking his chest, and I was about to shoot.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK!" I yelled as I shot across my chest, onto my face and beyond.

"Cumming!" He yelled as he buried his dick in my clenching ass. "You're milking me off!"

I could feel his dick throb in my ass. The feeling was amazing, knowing he was shooting cum deep into me; and the feelings got better as he started licking the cum off my chest, and then my face. He shuddered one last time, and then collapsed down on me. What was left of my cum stuck us together.

"That was abso-fucking-lutely the most amazing thing ever," he raved. "I can't wait till you fuck me." With that his mouth came down on mine in a passionate kiss.

My mind was racing, he wanted me to fuck him. Holy shit! He wanted me to fuck him! Damn, I was lucky! I put my hands on his head and kept the kiss going. Finally, he ended the kiss, and I took in a lot of air to fill my lungs.

"I'm not sure I have the right to ask you this," he started. "Would you be my boyfriend?"

My eyes burst opened and looked deep in his. I searched his face for meaning. I couldn't believe this handsome hunk wanted to be my boyfriend.

"You heard me. I'm communicating my intent, just like Uncle J told me too. I know it's fast, but damn, a fucking hottie like you, all that passion, all that emotion, all these feelings. I've got to make you mine. And once you fuck me, I'll be yours as much as you're already mine. That is if you'll have me."

"I'll have you for a long as you'll have me."

"As long as I can... I must be crushing you," Kyle finally said as his cock popped out of my hole.

"Crush me all you like. I don't wanna not be with you."

His eyes searched mine. "Never dude."

"Your folks might have something to say about it."

"Well, we'll cross that hurdle when it happens. So, you ready to fuck me?"

"I'm so fuckin wiped and I want it to be perfect, like this was for me. How about we sleep, and then I fuck you."


We cleaned up quickly, and then curled up in bed together. I'd never slept with anyone, but curled up in Kyle's arms, I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly. I woke up needing to pee and noticed the clock said four-thirty. I slipped out of the bed and went to the hall bath. After I finished up I, found Justin coming out of his bedroom.

"Good morning," I said.

"Wow... and good morning."

It dawned on me, I was standing there naked.


"Don't worry about it. Go back to bed and I'll talk to you this afternoon. I need to get a quick bite of breakfast before I leave."

I went back into the bathroom and grabbed a towel.

"Can we talk while you eat?"


I followed him down to the kitchen, where he started putting together his food.

"What's on your mind? That the deed is done?"

I looked at him with surprise.

"You two weren't all that quiet last night."

"Oh, sorry."

"I can forgive. It was obviously a special occasion."

"Yeah. More than you can imagine."


"He wants me to be his boyfriend!"

"Moving fast? Love at first sight? Somewhere in between?"

"Can we just say all of the above? He made me so happy all day long and then last night was amazing."

"I'm happy for both you," he said with a guarded tone. "Just keep your wits about you; both of you. I don't want either of you hurt."

"Not going to happen, he was so gentle last night. So loving."

"Sounds like you do have it under control. Look, I have to run for work. We'll talk over dinner tonight."


He hugged me and took off with food in hand.

I went back upstairs and tried to slip quietly into bed.

"Morning, Hottie," Kyle said to me as he wrapped his arms back around me.


"Ready to fuck me?"

"Oh man," I said. It took only a moment for me to bone up.

His hand ran down my body and wrapped around my hard cock.

"I see you are! It's not going to take as much prep work. I've used my dildo to practice."

Kyle rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs back. I got between them and started licking his balls. I wasn't sure I could eat his ass, but as I worked my tongue closer, it just smelled musky like he'd said. I let my tongue work around his hole, and then started pushing in and out. I wanted his hole to relax like he'd done for me.

"That's it, baby, eat my ass," he cooed.

I used my hands to spread his cheeks a bit more and let my tongue get in deeper. He'd been right, his ass was musky, but tasty! I'd heard the term butt muncher, and now I knew what it really meant!

"Fuck me! Come on Casey, I need you in me!"

I kept eating a bit more, it was... it was addictive.

"Fuck me, man!"

I was scared. What if I wasn't good enough to satisfy him? What if I couldn't do it well enough? I pulled my face from his hole, looked up into his pleading face and knew what I had to do. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube. I started spreading some on his hole, then worked some in deep with my fingers. His hole fully coated, I made sure I had a good coating on my dick. I positioned the head of my dick against his hole and pushed gently until it gave in and let the head slip in.

"Oh, FUCK YEAH!" Kyle screamed.

I was glad Justin had left for work; there was no way he wouldn't hear us.

Kyle's hole yielded and my cock slipped in quickly until my pubic hair was rubbing his balls.

"That's it," he urged."You're all the way in! It feels so fucking good... so much better than that rubber toy."

I leaned over and kissed him lightly. He put his hands on either side of my head and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. As he let go he looked deep into my eyes,"FUCK ME!"

I pulled my dick back about half way and then slid back in carefully. I stopped for a second, then thought about how he'd fucked me.

I pulled my dick until only the head wrapped by his hole and then thrust back in. I started fucking him, in and out, but something didn't seem to be there. Oh, he looked happy, but I remembered the shivers I got... his prostate. I started changing my angle a bit until I found a hard nut, I pulled out and hit it again. That's it... he shivered!


I was like a kid with a new toy. Well, he was fun to play with.

"Your hole's so hot, so fuckin tight!" I groaned

"I'm getting close," he warned.

I picked up the pace, trying my best to rub his love nut in all the right ways. It was only moment later that we were both ready to blast...

"Cumming!" I yelled as his hole clenched and grabbed my cock.

"FUCK, FUCK... FUCK!" He yelled once again as he shot all over his chest.

As exhausted as I was, I wanted to just collapse on him; however, there was this yummy looking cream all over his chest. I used my remaining strength to bend over and lick his chest clean. Then I did lay down on his chest.

"That was fantastic," I whispered into his ear.

"You're telling me. I've never shot so much in my life. Hell, I shot more onto my chest than I buried into your ass last night."

He wrapped me in his arms and we both drifted back to sleep, one sticky mess.

I woke up, feeling Kyle get out of bed.

"Everything, okay?"

"Gotta pee..."

We took turns in the bathroom. I grabbed some sweat pants and Kyle put on his jeans. We padded down the stairs and he helped me dig around enough for some food. He seemed to be very comfortable in the kitchen.

"You know where everything is."

"Remember, dude, I lived with Uncle J quite a bit after Liam died."

"That musta been hard."

"Yeah, it was. As much as I missed Liam, I knew I had to be there for Justin!"

After breakfast, we went back upstairs to clean up. Kyle quickly stripped the bed; the sheets were a big cum covered mess. Throwing them into the washer; I figured showers were next.

"You first or me?" I asked.

"How about together?"


"Grab your towel and follow me."

Kyle grabbed a towel and left the hall bath. He started into Justin's bedroom.


"What? Oh. Look, Uncle J let me use the shower in the master bath while I stayed here. It's gonna be fine."


We traipsed through Justin's bedroom and into the master bath, I was still concerned... I wasn't comfortable with my status in the house.

"This is huge," I exclaimed.

"Well, it's the whole bump out. I like Uncle J's model more than ours, especially cause the master bath is out here. In mom and dad's, this is a sitting room and the bath eats up space where Justin's TV is."

He reached into the huge stall shower and turned it on. We stripped down and both got in. He reached over and pumped a little shampoo into his hands from the dispenser. Within seconds, this wonderful young man was shampooing my hair and making it a sensuous experience.

We spent a long time exploring each other's bodies, till I figured both of us would be prunes. Dried and dressed, we curled up on the sofa in the rec room and talked. We were talking quietly when we heard the garage door rise.

Justin's face broke into a huge grin as we walked in from the garage.

"How's it going Uncle J?"

"Good, the meeting went really well and I got a lot done at the office."

"What do you do?" I asked, realizing I really didn't have a clue.

"I'm the head of software testing for a multi-national software development company. We have a major release of our software coming out soon. For this project, one of the core development team is in New Delhi. The call had folks from India, Germany, Ireland, New York, and DC on the line. Anyway, I'm hungry; how about I reheat some of the pizza for lunch? I can add a few other leftovers if that's not enough."

"Sounds good," Kyle and I agreed.

We followed him upstairs and sat at the island while he got things ready.

"Uncle J, what's the game plan for Casey?"

"What do you mean?"

"School, life, you know..."

"Shouldn't you be asking Casey?"

"We have been talking. But there are a lot of questions we can't answer."

I sat there nodding.

"Okay, school... nothing we can do about it at the moment. You've missed what, two full years; we can't enroll you without documentation; you get the point. But I have been thinking, once you turn 18 we can get you a new social security card, driver's license, etc. In the meantime, we get you started studying to take the GED. Then we can go from there. Life, I think that's up to you. What do you want?"

"I want to stay with you, and I want to be with Kyle," I admitted.

"Those two aren't diametrically opposed to each other. Well, at least till Kyle leaves for college. But that's a hurdle you can tackle then. We don't have to solve everything immediately."

The three of us sat there eating pizza and discussing plans. Unfortunately, it finally came time for Kyle to go home. He grabbed his duffle bag, put on his coat, and headed to the door. I followed him to the front door and gave him a big kiss before he left.

When I got back to the kitchen, Justin looked at me with a big smile. "Why so droopy?"

"He's gone. I won't get to sleep with him tonight."

He put his arm around my shoulder, "It may feel awful, like the end of the world, but he'll be over tomorrow after he gets home from school."

That definitely perked me up. Later, I helped Justin make dinner and clean up afterwards. I'd just put the last plate in the dishwasher and Justin was scrubbing the last pan when the doorbell rang.

I went, answered it for him, and was surprised to find Rodney, Kyle's dad at the door.

"Good evening, Sir," I tried to be appropriate. "Justin's in the kitchen."

"I'm not here to see Justin," he explained. "I'm here to talk to you."

"Yes, Sir."

I led him through the living room and into the kitchen.

"Hey Rodney," Justin said jovially.

"Justin." Rodney's voice seemed a bit curt to me.

"What's up?"

"I'm here to talk to Casey."


"Don't play innocent, Justin, you know what's going on."

"I know that Kyle and Casey are smitten with each other," Justin admitted.

"From what I heard at dinner, it's a lot more than smitten. Becca and I were told that Kyle's now dating Casey. We always meet the gi... sorry, we always meet who our sons are dating. We like to know the person a bit, get to know the family. Becca had a short meeting, so she can't join us, but I'm sure she'll get the opportunity very soon. So, Casey tell me about yourself."

"Yes, Sir," my nerves had my stomach in a knot. "I'm Casey Smith. I'm from Moatsville, WV. I won't bother telling you about my folks, they kicked me out of the house two years ago after they discovered I was gay. I have been living on the street, mostly panhandling until Wednesday night when I met Justin. He rescued me, though I still don't completely understand why. I hope to get my GED once I can get an ID and such after I turn 18. That's about it, Sir."

"Not going to try to finish high school?" Rodney asked.

"No, Sir. I missed too much, part of my sophomore, my entire junior, and almost all of my senior year so far. I'm not stupid, but there's no way I could make up all that in a short period of time. Justin recommended I study now and take my GED; then if I can figure out how to pay for it, on to community college. If not, hopefully, some technical training so I can get a good job."

"I honestly don't think paying for community college should be a worry," Rodney explained.

"I think you're right," Justin concurred.

I just looked from one to the other.

"I get the strong impression, Casey, that you've been adopted. Justin may be Uncle J to Kyle, but I'm thinking he's Dad J for you."

I looked at Rodney and fully digested what he said. Finally, I looked over at Justin who had his arms open. I leaped out of the chair and into his arms.

"Just remember, Cindy's not grandma," Justin laughed.

That set Rodney to laughing as well.

We sat there and talked for about a half-hour when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Justin said. "I have a feeling I know who it is."

Moments later, Justin returned with not one, but two guests; a woman, who I assumed to be Kyle's mom Rebecca and my favorite hunk!

"Mom, this is Casey. Casey, this is my mom Rebecca Nelson."

"Mrs. Nelson, it is very nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Casey. I hope Rodney hasn't been giving you a hard time with his grilling."

"No, ma'am. He is just being a good parent, and then giving me a few insights into Dad J."

"Dad J?" Kyle and his mom both asked at once.

"I may be your Uncle J," Justin explained. "But Rodney said that it appears that I'm adopting Casey."


The five of us sat there for a while, I got to explain my circumstances again, and to find out more about Kyle's folks. Finally, it was late enough that Kyle had to head home for bed. Justin and I walked them all to the front door, I shook his parents' hands, and then he gave me a quick kiss.

It was kinda lonely not having Kyle in bed with me, but I was mentally exhausted and crashed quickly.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Kyle and I spent as much time as he could afford after school together. Tuesday night, his folks had me over for dinner. Wednesday night, we ate with Justin.

Wednesday night, when Kyle was heading home, he let me know he had plans with some of the guys he hung out with at school. I told him I'd see him Friday. That got a big frown.

"Don't want to join us?"

"I didn't know that was an option."

"Okay, let me turn it around ... would you like to join us?"

"Kyle, I'd like to be with you every minute of every day. What are the plans? Do they know you're gay? Will they be okay with your boyfriend joining in?"

"We're going over to Christian's place to play Xbox. No, they don't know that I'm gay, and I guess we'd have to hide the boyfriend thing. They know about Uncle J, and we could keep it at that... you're staying with him."

"You gonna to be comfortable with this?"

"Well... I don't wanna dump my friends, but I want to spend as much time as I can with you."

He had a puppy-dog look on his face.

"You're impossible to say no too. What time should I be ready tomorrow?"

"School's over at 4, so we should be here about 4:15, at Christian's by 4:30."

"Dinner at your place, so home by 6:30?"


I spent the day studying, and as 4 approached, I thought about what to wear. I chose jeans and a rugby shirt that I figured gave me a reasonable look. I wasn't trying to turn Kyle on, just fit in. The doorbell rang at 4:15 and Kyle was standing at the door.


I nodded my head and followed him out to a big station wagon.

"Casey, this is Dougie and Matt," Kyle explained as I got into the back seat.


They both responded with "Hi."

"Let's go man, times a wasting!" Dougie said.

With Dougie driving, we took off to Christian's house. I felt a bit out of place at first, Matt and Dougie were about Kyle's size and they'd all played lacrosse together for the school. When we got to Christian's house, the guy that answered the door was another hunk, but in the compact size like me. I guess I needed to stop comparing, these were straight boys, and Kyle was hooked on me.

I was odd man out on Xbox, they all had profiles set up, knew the game and had played a lot before. They were playing something called Gears of War and were really into it. After a while, Kyle took pity on me and handed me the controller with his profile up. He quickly showed me how the controller work and I was thrust into the game.

"That's it!" Christian enthused as I got some good shots in.

"Damn, Kyle, he's better at this than you!" Dougie agreed.

"Beginner's luck," I announced.

"Well, keep it up!" Matt encouraged!

I ended up having a blast. Kyle and I took turns in the game, and I did a pretty good job keeping up with the action.

About 6:30, Dougie drove us back to Justin's. I guess Matt was able to walk home from Christian's. We had dinner with Kyle's folks and more getting to know me time. After dinner, I was saying good night when Kyle handed me a little note card. I looked at him puzzled.

"Open it when you get home."

"Okay. See you after school tomorrow?"

"That you will!" He leaned down and gave me a kiss.

I walked home and found Justin sitting in his bedroom reading.

"What you got there?"

"Oh, it's a little note that Kyle gave me."

"Something interesting?"

"I haven't opened it..." I stopped and carefully opened the envelope. I pulled the card out and read `Your Invited'. "An invitation?"

"Well, open it."

"You are cordially invited on a dinner date," I read aloud. "It's for tomorrow night."

I looked over at Justin, and found him grinning from ear to ear.

"You know about this, huh?"

"Yup, he said he wanted to do something nice. We planned this out over e-mail."

"Are you going to give me the details?"

"Nope. I'm just supposed to have you dressed and ready to go tomorrow night."

"No clues?"


"Mean," I teased him, sticking out my tongue.

"Don't make me take you over my knee, young man!" he gave right back.

We both burst into laughter.

I spent most of Friday the way I'd been spending the last few days reviewing the GED prep books that Justin had purchased for me. I went upstairs about 4 and grabbed a shower. Dried and ready to dress for my date, I found Justin had already laid out clothes for me.

"Justin!" I called out after I'd gotten dressed, except for one accessory.

"Don't know how to tie a tie?" he asked from the door to my room.

"Not a clue."

He spun me so that I faced the mirror and tied the tie for me by reaching over me.

"I'll teach you how another time," he confirmed.

I looked at myself in the mirror. "You do know how to dress me." I was wearing black loafers, black slacks, a light blue dress shirt, light blue and black tie and a grey v-neck sweater.

As we came down the stairs, I found Kyle waiting at the bottom. My hunk was more hunky, or would that be hunkier; let's just say, damn he was looking good! Dark brown pants, a blue shirt a color Justin explained was called French blue, a blue and brown tie, and a brown leather blazer.

I walked over and pushed up on my toes giving Kyle a kiss.

"So, what's the plan?"

"Dinner out with my hottie. I tried to pick some place special," he explained. "Ready?"


I followed him downstairs and into the garage. Kyle pushed the door opener as we went in, and I assumed we'd go out into the street. Instead, he got behind the wheel of Justin's car, and I stood there staring at him. He got the car started and rolled down the window.

"Are you going to climb in?"

"We're taking Justin's car?"

"Yeah, he loaned it to me."

At that moment, I began to realize just how much Kyle really did mean to Justin. Kyle pointed us east on Duke Street and we headed into Alexandria. We were sitting at the light at Pickett and Duke and I couldn't take my eyes off the median.

"Penny for your thoughts," he said quietly, I felt his hand on my leg.

"I was thinking how many hours I spent walking that median with my little sign begging folks for their spare change. This was where I panhandled that last day. I made seven whole dollars. There were days when I just wanted to step into traffic in front of some speeding tractor-trailer and end it all. Now I'm sitting here thinking how fucking lucky I am, I never got really sick, I finally got out of that hell, and I met you."

"Casey, if there is any way I can do it, you will never know that life again."


He continued driving until we were in Old Town, and finally parked on a side street not far north of King Street. I'd never really spent much time in the Old Town neighborhoods - not good for panhandling. We walked a couple blocks and came to this old, brick building with a sign above the door Gadsby's Tavern.

"Good evening," Kyle said to the hostess. "We have reservations for two under Nelson."

"This way Mr. Nelson."

She led us into an adjoining room and seated us next to a window. "Your server will be with you in a moment," she said before retreating.

"This place looks old."

"It was opened before the Revolutionary War. George Washington truly did eat here. It's a neat place."

I looked at the menu, the food sounded interesting but the prices concerned me. Kyle must have read my mind.

"Don't you dare look at the prices! We're going to enjoy a really nice dinner."

"Yes, Sir!"

We finally agreed to share the mini crab cakes and the Smithfield ham biscuits for appetizers. I ended up getting the filet, while Kyle got the lamb-chops. We sat and talked about the week, Kyle's school, my studies, and I learned more about Kyle's brothers. I was pleasantly stuffed when the waitress offered dessert. Kyle asked for the check.

It was cold, hovering around freezing, but not as evil as it had been earlier in the week. We returned to the car, and Kyle drove us up Route 1 a ways before heading back into a neighborhood I wasn't too familiar with.

"Where are we?"

"The neighborhood is Del Ray, mostly residential but there are a few places along Mount Vernon and Commonwealth Avenues."

He pulled into a parking spot and we climbed out of the car. He led me down across the street and into a small storefront.

"The Dairy Godmother," I read. "Cute."

"Best frozen custard around."

I ended up with a small waffle cone of chocolate and Kyle got a vanilla. We ate in a corner of the store and I had to admit it was good, really good.

After the frozen custard, Kyle got us back into the car and started driving north. We crossed the Fourteenth Street Bridge into Washington DC, and he took us on a driving tour of the monuments at night. I'd never really spent much time looking at the monuments, if I was near them I was trying to find money.

A little before 11, Kyle pulled the car into the garage.

"Thank you for an amazing night," I said, leaning over the center console to give him a kiss.

"The night's still young."

We closed the garage door, went inside and found Justin on the couch watching TV.

"A good evening?"

"Wonderful," I replied.

"Thanks Uncle J for all your help setting this up." With that Kyle tossed Justin the keys to the car.

"No problem, boys."

"We're gonna head to bed," Kyle explained, taking my hand and leading me up the stairs.


We got upstairs and each took a turn in the bathroom. Ready for bed, Kyle pulled back the covers and we climbed on.

"This time you fuck me first."

"Okay." I reached over to the night stand and pulled out the lube that Justin had gotten for me.

"What's that?"

"It's called Boy Butter, it's a lube that Justin gave me, us... gave to me for us to use."


He got up on all fours on the bed. I looked at him, wondering what he was doing.

"Not gonna get on your back?"

"Doggie style, baby. Climb on and mount me!"


I crawled behind him, spread his cheeks and ran my tongue up his crack. As before, his hole was musky and a bit damp. I let my tongue work up and down and then pushed it into the pucker.

"That's it, eat me!" he growled.

I took him for his word and started working my tongue in and out of his hole a bit, then decided to nibble around it.

"Oh, shit! That's wild," he groaned as my teeth lightly clamped down on his ass ring. "Fuck! It's like when you eat my tits, only fuckin better!"

I spit on his hole, worked a finger into it, and opened him up a bit. Sensing that I needed to get to fucking, I grabbed the tub of Boy Butter and put some on three fingers. I smeared some on the outside of his hole, then pushed one of the lubed fingers in.

"Ohhh..." He moaned. "Smooth and easy!"

I worked the finger in and out a bit, and then added a second.

"That's it, fucker. Open me up!" His steady narrative and encouragement had me hard and starting to drip.

I took my cock and rubbed the head against his hole, leaving a trail of precum on it.

"Put it in!"

"Not yet," I said forcefully. "I'm playing with my new toy!"

"New toy?"

"Yeah! Your hole, baby!"

That got him laughing right as I lined up three fingers coated in lube and slid them in.

"Oh, damn! That feels good!"

I spun them around, worked them in and out and really teased his hole.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Get that dick of yours lubed up and FUCK ME!" he demanded.

I couldn't tease the boy any longer. I slicked up my dick, put the head at the pucker and started pressing in. I grabbed his hips and held him steady as I worked my cock in inch by inch.

"Fuckin fill me up!"

When I hit bottom, I held still a few moments, letting him adjust. He might have played with a rubber toy, but this was only his second fuck.

"Okay, hottie. Pound my hole!"

I pulled almost all the way out, and then pushed back in deep.

"That's it Casey. Work it! Long dick me!"

I grabbed his shoulders and really started to work my cock in and out. Pushing in hard, pulling back fast.

"Oh fuck!" he cried.

I kept working my angle a bit trying to find his prostate. It took a few stabs, but when I hit it the shiver that ran down his spine was noticeable!

"FUCKkkk..." he moaned.

I reached under him and found his hard cock dripping slime onto the bed below. My hand had lube on it, so I started jerking him while I fucked him, but it was a bit awkward. Kyle pulled the pillows under his chest, and dropped down so his ass stuck up a bit more. With his arms free, he reached back and took over stroking his dick while I fucked his hole.

"Don't cum!" I ordered.

"Aw man! Aw fuck! I need to shoot!"

I ripped my dick out of his hole, pushed him over onto his back, his rock-hard prick was lying against his abs. Already slick with lube, I grabbed it, pointed it straight up and sank my ass down on it!

"Oh, fucking word!" he screamed as my ass hit bottom.

I clenched my ass as I lifted up, and then relaxed a bit as I sank down on it.

"Milk me, baby!"

It didn't take many bounces till I felt his cock twitching in my hole.

"FUCK!" he yelled.

I grabbed my dick and jacked it hard, planning to shoot on his chest as he came in my ass. But he had other ideas and swatted my hand away.

I felt his cock throb a few more times, and finally it stopped.

"Get that dick back in my ass!" he commanded.

I pulled off his cock, watching it splatter cum debris across his abs, pushed his legs up, and slammed my dick back into his hole. It only took a few strokes in and out till I was painting his guts with my cum!

"Sweet fucking hole!!!" I groaned as I shot.

"You're a fuckin awesome fuck!"

"So are you, baby!"

I collapsed down on his chest, getting cum all over me in the process. We lay there a few moments, with me still on top of him. Finally, he rolled us a bit so we were face to face in each other's arms. We fell asleep stuck to each other.

This started a pattern with us, during the week I'd hang with Kyle at his place, or with him and his friends playing video games. Some nights, we'd have dinner with his folks, others with Justin. There was no set pattern; just an easy, flexible schedule. On Friday, he'd come over to Justin's and spend the entire weekend with me. Five weeks later, I was home alone one afternoon when the doorbell rang.

"Hi, Mrs. Nelson," I said letting her in the house.

"You know, Casey, I think you calling me Becca would be better. You were raised well, good manners and all; so, let's just go with that, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

She raised an eyebrow at that, and then chuckled.

"So, as you know, Kyle's eighteenth birthday is less than three weeks away, and I've been planning a few surprises. His brothers are coming home, but won't arrive until well after he's headed over here for the weekend. We were thinking about everyone going out for breakfast Saturday morning, then all of us spending the day together finished up with dinner out and cake at home. It's not really his birthday, so he won't be expecting it."

"So, Justin and I would need to get him to breakfast. I think we can do that. What are you planning for his actual birthday?"

"I figured we'd all do Saturday, and then a small family dinner that Wednesday night."

"Okay." I guess my reply should a bit of disappointment.

"Young man, if you don't consider yourself part of the family, then we must be doing something wrong!"

"No, ma'am. I'm just dense sometimes."

"Okay, I'll give you all the details as we get closer to the day. Then you and Justin just need to get him to the diner on time Saturday morning."


That night after Kyle left, going home to do homework, I explained the birthday plans while Justin and I cleaned up the kitchen.

"What are you getting him?" Justin asked.

"I don't have a clue ... and more importantly I don't have money."

"Casey, I don't think he'll care how much you spend on him. He understands your circumstances. More importantly, you have access to money."

"I don't..." is as far as I got started before he put his hand up.

"Let's call it an allowance, you're cleaning the house, making dinners, doing the laundry, and more. You pitch in a lot around here and I greatly appreciate it!"

"Justin, you're not my parents. I'm not paying rent or anything. I need to help out."

"Why don't you just follow Rodney's advice?"

I sat there puzzled for a minute.


"Yes, Son?"

That's all it took, I burst into tears and found myself wrapped in Justin's strong arms. It took a few minutes for me to get ahold of myself. Justin just kept me in his arms, letting me adjust.

"You've needed to do that. You've needed to end a bad chapter and start fresh; hopefully, life we me, life with Kyle can be the start of that new chapter."

I just shook my head yes. My emotions under control, we went back to cleaning up.

"So back to what you're getting him, something romantic? Jewelry? Something practical? Do you know what his folks are getting him?"

"They are getting him a laptop for school."

"Very nice."

"Becca said they were waiting to see where he went, but figured a laptop would be the most practical."

"Nothing to add on there unless you want to get him software. Other options? How about a romantic dinner?"


"Well, the plans are for Saturday, and then Wednesday. What if you did something one of the other nights?"

"That could be nice... I know what he likes."

"And I could disappear completely."

Justin and I schemed on how to pull off a romantic birthday dinner. Since Kyle would be with me all day Saturday and Sunday, Friday would be the most logical.

The next three weeks went by quickly, and that Friday I spent the day in the kitchen. Justin helped me by setting the table and doing a flower arrangement that was magnificent.

"How's the food going?" Justin asked as he finished setting up the dining room.

"So far so good. I have the tossed salad with blood oranges chilling in the fridge, the steaks are marinated, and the vegetable skewers ready to grill. I have the rolls formed and ready to bake. I have two chocolate volcano cakes ready to bake at the right moment. Plus, there's coconut gelato in the freezer. Kyle should be here in an hour."

"Okay, I'm going to take off then. I'll be home about 11. Don't forget that we need to be at the diner at 8 a.m. Don't stay up tooooo late."

"I won't forget."

Justin took off and I kept working on dinner. I'd worked the schedule with Becca and she was actively delaying Kyle's arrival until 6. A few minutes before, the phone rang.

"He's on his way," her voice rang out cheerily.


"Enjoy, bye!"

I slipped the rolls in the oven. Turned on the grill-range. Grabbed a single long-stem red rose from a bud vase and ran to the door. I heard Kyle's key in the door and stood with the rose behind my back.

"Hey cutie!"

"Hi handsome," I said while wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. Once I broke off the kiss, I handed him the rose.

"What did I do to deserve this?"

"I'm giving you your birthday present a bit early. Come on, I need to get to the kitchen."

In the kitchen, Kyle sat at the island while I pulled dinner together.

"It all smells wonderful," he said as I got things finished up.

I plated everything. "Time for dinner," I said. "I wanted to do something for your birthday."

"This looks amazing, and the table looks phenomenal."

We ate having quiet conversation. With dinner done, I put the chocolate volcano cakes on desert plates with a scoop of the gelato.

"You really out did yourself," he complimented. "I couldn't have asked for a better dinner. How'd I get so lucky... cute as fuck, cooks better than Betty Crocker, and a magician in the sack."

I know I had to be blushing. "You love me. You shower me with love every day. You treat me better than anyone has ever done."

"Let's clean up," he said. "We need to take this celebration upstairs!"

We cleaned everything up quickly and headed up the stairs.

"When's Uncle J getting home?"


"Good!" He went into the bath and grabbed our towels. Coming back into the hall, he grabbed my hand and led me to Justin's bathroom. He turned the water on in the two-person plunge tub.

Once the tub was mostly full, he climbed in and sank into the water. I was about to sit opposite him when he reached up and pulled me down so my back rested against his chest.

"So, where'd you learn to cook?" He asked as his hands roamed over my chest.

"My mom taught me the basics. Dad J has been polishing my skills for the last two months."

"Dad J? So he's officially Dad now? Hmm... Uncle J, Dad J. Are we too closely related to date? Cousin?"

"Too funny," I laughed. "Yeah, your dad said it best, but it took a while for me to admit I really need Justin to be Dad. I need to replace those bad spots in my past with something positive Dad J, and most importantly you!"

"Well, like I said cute as fuck, cooks better than Betty Crocker..."

"As I recall, you also said I was a magician in the sack. Can I try to make this big dick of yours disappear?"

"Fuck yeah!"

I could feel his dick rising between us and I pushed it down a bit. I grabbed some conditioner and used it to slick up his cock and put some on my hole. Not the best lube, but I was improvising. I really just needed to get it in. I put the head of his dick against my hole.

"Time for my magic trick," I laughed. "Abracadabra..." with that I slid his cock in me and sank steadily down the shaft until it disappeared.

"Quite the magic trick," Kyle teased.

"Yeah, and for the second part, I'm going to magically make cum appear!"

I started bouncing on his cock, but was trying hard not to splash water everywhere. He would thrust up into me and I would drop down on him, but we weren't getting the timing quite right. After the second wave of water splashed out of the tub, I started to get frustrated.

"Why don't we dry off, go to our room, and you can pound my hole!"

"Sounds like a plan."

We did a very basic dry job, cleaned up around the tub, threw our towels in the hall bath, and ran for the bedroom. I noticed it was only 8:15 when we got to the bed.

I lay flat on the bed and pulled my legs up to expose my hole. Kyle grabbed the lube and worked some in quickly with two fingers. Just as quickly, he slicked up his dick and then started pushing it back in deep.

"Fuck me, HARD!" I demanded.

Kyle looked down at me with concern and fear. He'd always been gentle, always so full of passion, but I wanted to really feel his fuck!

"Come on, FUCK ME! Show me what those muscles can do!" I urged.

He grinned, leaned over and kissed me deeply with his cock buried in my ass. Then he pulled the shaft back till just the head remained and slammed it back into my ass.

"Aw, yeah Baby! That's it!"

He grabbed my legs, pinning them to my chest and using them to give him more leverage to fuck my hole.

"Tight fuckin hole! My fuckin hole! I'm gonna work that hole till you beg me to stop!"

"Own it Baby! Make me know you fucked my ass!"

Kyle started an almost gutter chant as he pounded my ass. He pushed my legs deeper into my chest and really worked my hole. He found my love nut and worked it hard.

His insistent pounding was intense. I tried to work my hole around his cock to get him off; but his abuse of my love nut had me quickly teetering on the edge.

"I'm gonna shoot!" I warned him. He picked up his pace and continued his assault on my prostate. "Cumming" I yelled.

I pumped shot after shot of cum across my chest, hitting the bottom of my chin. Kyle slowed his pace a bit, letting his cock rub across my joy button in and out, in and out.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned as he kept up the stimulation.

"My fucking ass! Gonna show you want it means when I say I own that ass!"

I looked up at him as he just kept the fuck going, hard, deep, and most importantly sending shivers throughout my body with every stroke.

"Come on Baby, shoot!" I urged.

"Hehehe, this is my hole!" He changed his angle and started pounding my prostate harder. His pace became more regular, a steady in and out that kept me excited, kept me in full on rut; and most importantly, had me hard again pretty quickly.

"That's it!" He said as my dick stiffened back up. I tossed my head and noticed that it was 8:50, shit he'd been fucking me for over thirty minutes.

"Feels so fucking good," I cooed.

The minutes continued to pass as he continued fucking me.

His work on my love nut had me dripping, and the shivers started to intensify.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I groaned as I shot without touching myself for the second time.

This time my ass clenched hard on his cock.

"FUCK!" he bellowed as he shot deep in my hole.

"Oh my fucking WORD!" I finally was able to get out. "That was so incredible."

"Damn, damn, damn, that's why I call you hottie!"

Kyle let my legs down as his cock finally softened and slipped out of my hole. He leaned down and kissed me deeply.

"Clean up?" he asked.

"I guess we should..."

He slipped down my body and licked the cum off my chest and abs. Then he pushed my legs back to my chest and plunged his tongue into my hole. He'd never eaten my ass out after he fucked me, so I was surprised. He licked and sucked for a few moments then pulled away to declare, "Yum... tasty!" With that he went back to cleaning up my hole.

He finally did sit up between my legs. "I think that finishes up the clean up!"

"Not quite!" I scooted around and worked my mouth over his dick, licking the remains of two loads from it.

"Now we're both cleaned up!" he said as I let go of his cock.

"Damn right," I agreed.

"You know it's only 9, but I'm pretty tired."

"Well, let's lie here, cuddle up, and get some rest. Maybe we can get round-two in later."

We did cuddle up, my head on his chest, his arms wrapped around me very protective. It didn't take long for both of us to fall asleep. It was a bit before 7 in the morning before I woke up. In trying to disengage from Kyle to go to the bathroom, I woke him.

"Morning, Baby," he said with a groggy voice.

"Morning... be right back."

"Come back quick, we never did have round two."

"Don't you remember, we have to get ready to go out for breakfast."

"I was hoping we could just snuggle," Kyle said. "I don't wanna shower and get dressed."

"Come on, Justin is gonna be waiting for us. He's got plans, some diner he wants to take us too."

"Well, we can't disappoint J! Plus, he's your Dad... he could spank your butt!"

"He'd never..." I started then I just burst into laughter.

We got cleaned up, dressed, and found Justin having coffee in the kitchen.

"Ready?" he asked.

We drove to the diner and went inside. "Surprise!" rang out as we got to the table!

Kyle'd told me that his brothers were taller. When they stood, I was still surprised what a difference eleven inches really made.

"Hey, Justin," first one than the other brother said.

"And you must be Casey, or as the e-mails have described you, the little cutie. I'm Kevin. This is Kenneth."

"Nice to meet you both."

I ended up sitting between the Kyle's brothers and enduring the third degree. It was obvious they were both extremely protective of their younger brother.

After breakfast, Justin handed Kyle the keys to his car and let the four youngsters ride together to the next event. We ended up at a place called Top Golf in Springfield.

We got clubs and balls, then went to one of the hitting bays.

"So how does this work?" I asked.

"You just have to drive the ball aiming for the targets. Hitting the center of a target gets you the most points," Kevin explained.

"Huh? How does it know?"

"All the balls have a chip in them, you register them with the system over there, and then it knows to tally the score to you."

"Oh, cool. Now if I only knew how to hit a golf ball."

"We'll show you. It's more fun than skill."

Kevin, Kenneth, and of course Kyle, took turns showing me how to swing and improve my swing as the fun continued. It was fun watching the three brothers together, they were highly competitive, but there was also a lot of love between them. In other words, they were typical brothers. The other thing that was interesting was how much the three brothers looked alike though Kyle was the runt of the litter. The boys were a good blend of mother and father, neither parent could disown them, nor were they exactly like one or the other.

After golf, the birthday caravan proceeded to Old Town Alexandria, where we went to a quasi-fast food place called Nandos.

"What's good," I asked as we walked in.

"It's all about chicken!" Justin chimed in. "You need to figure out if you want it on the bone or boneless for a sandwich. Then decide how hot you want it."

"I recommend the chicken breast sandwich; get it with the peri-peri sauce, and then add spice to it as you like with the bottles that you can get on the table," Kenneth suggested.

"The sides are all really good, I like the fries and mashed peas," Kevin added.

It was then that I noticed that the brothers had me between them and Kyle was pushed aside.

After a hearty and delicious lunch, we all walked down King Street to the waterfront. The spring day had luckily turned warm. We ended up at a little shop that rented bikes and the ride headed south along the Potomac River. We ended up riding down to Mount Vernon and then back up, taking most of the afternoon. While on the bike path, we mostly rode two-by-two. Who was beside you would vary as we made progress. The thing I noticed was that Kyle and I were never the odd man out. We got back to the rental shop late in the afternoon.

"My legs are going to feel this," Justin admitted.

"It wasn't that hard of a ride," Kyle teased.

"But it was the first big ride of the year, and I haven't been getting to the gym much of late."

"We need to change that Uncle J!"

"Yeah, maybe the three of us can go," I hinted.

"That sounds smart. So, what's next," Justin asked, turning to Becca and Rodney.

"Dinner," Becca explained. "We have reservations at 7. We can head home, get cleaned up, and then head out."

"Sounds like a great plan."

This time Justin drove his car with Kyle and me in the backseat. The brothers rode with their parents.

"This has been so nice," Kyle said as he leaned into me in the backseat. "Thanks Uncle J!"

"I didn't have much to do with it, other than show up."

"Yes, yes you did! My folks, my brothers, they are so accepting of me, of Casey, of us, because of how you and Liam set things up."

"Don't sell your family short," Justin said. "They accepted Liam and me from the day we moved into the neighborhood. Your mom was at the front door within minutes of our first arriving. She stayed and helped us with the movers all afternoon. Your dad showed up later and helped us too. They've always been there when we needed them."

"You're right! I'm so fuckin lucky!"

Kyle had his arm around me as he snuggled up.

"Thank you, Lover," he said quietly.

I shuddered a bit at that. I looked forward and saw Justin staring at us in the rearview mirror.

"What did I do?"

"Last night's dinner was amazing, and now I realize that you set this it up for us to start my birthday weekend in the most romantic way possible. Like I said, I'm fuckin lucky!"

"I'm the lucky one," I replied as I ran my fingers through his hair.

I could just see Justin's face, and realized he had the biggest smile on him.

"How about some tunes, Uncle J?"

Justin's hand moved over to the center console for a moment, and then music filled the car. I'd gotten used to Justin's very eclectic tastes in music, never knowing if you'd be listening to classical, country, hip-hop, R&B, house, trance, club, or pop. He seemed to have a playlist for any occasion. This one seemed to be romantic pop songs.

The song that started I didn't recognize. The woman's voice was saying `then it hit me from nowhere, everything I feel about me and you..." The song was interesting as she realized that `I think I fell in love with the eighth world wonder.'

"Who's this Uncle J?"

"Kimberly Locke. It's called "Eighth World Wonder."

"Yeah, that's you," Kyle said to me.

The song changed to one I recognized. Selena Gomez started explaining how she loved her `boy' like a love song. When she started the second verse, I wrapped my arms around Kyle and sang quietly into his ear. `Boy, you played through my mind like a symphony. There's no way to describe what you do to me. You just do to me what you do. And it feels like I've been rescued, I've been set free... you are magical, lyrical, beautiful, you are, and I want you to know baby, I, I love you..."

Kyle turned and kissed me deeply.

"I know I surprised you a few minutes ago calling you my lover; but I can't think of anything that is more appropriate."

"Lover... yes, you are my lover. I can't believe," my hushed voice cracked. "I can't believe how much love you give me and how much I love you!"

We kissed very deeply.

"May I be the first to say congratulations," Justin crowed from the front seat after we broke the kiss.

"Well, it's your fault," Kyle said with a laugh!

"Or we could say it was your divine intervention!"

"Don't give Uncle J any ideas that he might be divine!"

"Devilish is more like it," Justin concurred.

We got to the house, cleaned up, and dressed a good bit nicer for dinner.

"Any idea where we're going?" Kyle asked Justin.

"I would assume one of your favorites; but no, I haven't been clued in."

Kyle looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm with Dad," I admitted.

The doorbell rang, Justin answered it, and Kevin came bounding in. "I'm your guide to the restaurant," he explained.

With that, the four of us went downstairs, climbed into the car, and headed out. We went up Beauregard, turned onto West Braddock, and then continued east.

"Turn onto Windsor Avenue," Kevin said pointing to a side street coming up.

"I know where we're going!" Kyle exclaimed. He's was nearly bouncing up and down in his seat.

When he didn't continue, I just looked at him.

"Oh, sorry... Bombay Curry Company!"

"I didn't know you liked Indian," I said. "I've never had Indian."

"He'll eat anything that's cooked," Kevin laughed. "He's not a sushi person!"

"Yeah! Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Irish... the list goes on and on."

At dinner, I got to sit next to Kyle. I got the distinct impression that either Becca or Rodney let Kevin and Kenneth know that they weren't to monopolize my time. Like the Thai restaurant, the food was spicier than I was used to, but not so hot that I couldn't enjoy it. I tried one bite of Kyle's Chicken Vindaloo, which he'd told the waiter he wanted Indian hot. Atomic was more like it. Justin recommended butter chicken which I really liked.

After we finished eating, the dishes were cleared away and everyone started piling presents in front of Kyle. The first present, from his folks, was a really cool notebook computer that flipped around into a tablet. Kenneth gave him a new backpack and a few other things for college, while Kevin gave him a subscription to Office 365.

I had never thought to ask Justin what he was giving Kyle. So, I looked on with interest when he handed Kyle a small box.

"Kyle, I couldn't have made it through Liam's death without you. More than anyone, you were there constantly last summer and fall to get me through it. You heard me rage, cry, scream, and damn near every other emotion. Through it all you helped me keep it together. I think it fitting for you to have this, and before you ask; yes, I've already talked it over with your folks."

Justin had a few tears around his eyes. I looked at Kyle whose eyes were getting wet. He opened the small box and pulled out a set of what looked like car keys.

"The insurance company finally paid off on Liam's car and well... Liam would have wanted it this way. Plus, I thought you'd need a car to get back and forth from college."

"Uncle J..." was as far as Kyle got before he sobbed. Justin got up and walked around wrapping his arms around Kyle.

"You know I love you. You know he loved you," Justin said just above a whisper. They held on to each other like a person holding on to a life preserver. "So, would you like to see your present?"

"Umm... yeah!" Kyle perked up.

We all got up and walked out of the restaurant.

"Push the button," Justin said.

A few rows over in the parking lot, a car beeped. Kyle did it again and followed the noise.

"Holy shit!" Kyle exclaimed when he got to the car. "This is fuckin awesome!"

The boy showed that his legs were good as he started bouncing up and down, higher and higher.

"Bitchin car," Kevin roared.

I stood there looking at the car in amazement. It was a sporty little coupe, but I didn't recognize what it was.

"I love the color," Becca said.

"It's called Blue Pearl," Justin explained.

By this point Kyle was sitting in the driver's seat beside himself!

"The BRZ has a 2-liter, 4-cylinder boxer engine, has a six-speed manual transmission and gets good gas mileage. I upgraded it to have the 17-inch alloy wheels, and of course the subwoofer to make sure your music cranks!" Justin explained

Kyle climbed out of the car and went back to bouncing up and down again before he went over and gave Justin a huge hug.

"Uncle J, this is amazing... I don't know how to thank you."

"You already did," Justin replied calmly. "In more ways than one."

"I'll be back in a moment," Rodney said. He disappeared into the restaurant and it was only then that I realized that we'd left without anyone paying.

"Oh, we told them we'd be back and they know us well," Becca explained seeing the concerned look on my face.

While we were standing there, both Kevin and Kenneth explored the interior of the car. I was a bit concerned that they'd be jealous or envious, or one of those emotions. Kyle was next to me when Kevin walked up.

"You did good bro. Mom and Dad kept telling us all that you did for Justin," Kevin said.

"He and Liam did so much for me; I didn't think I could ever repay them."

"Looks like you did, and then some in Justin's opinion," Kevin replied.

"Yeah..." He paused for a minute. "And you said you didn't know where we were going for dinner!"

"I didn't," Justin defended himself. "Your dad drove it over. No one else had seen it till now."


Rodney reappeared and said we should head back home. I turned to head to Justin's car.

"Ahem..." Kyle coughed.

"Oh, I wasn't thinking," I admitted. I got in the passenger's seat of the little coupe while Kyle slipped into the driver's seat. The other two cars left and we were still sitting there as Kyle looked everything over.

"I can't fuckin believe this," Kyle finally got out. "This is so amazing..."

"Well, start it up!"

He turned the key, put the car in gear, and pulled out of the space. It was clear he was being a cautious driver as we drove up Mount Vernon Avenue, turned onto West Glebe, then onto South Glebe before taking the ramp to get up onto I-395 heading south. As soon as we cleared the ramp, the cautious driver flew out the window as Kyle showed what the coupe could do. I was pressed back into the bucket seat as we accelerated rapidly up to about 65.

"I'm not stupid," Kyle said. "I'm not going to get a ticket! But I really want to see what this thing can do." He squirmed a bit and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. "Here, call Uncle J and tell him we'll be a few minutes late getting back."

I pulled up the contact list, dialed Justin's number and he answered on the first ring.

"Let me guess," Justin's voice sounded amused. "You're going to be a few minutes driving around."

"Yup," I replied.

"Well, at least he's not trying to call and drive at the same time. I'll let everyone know that cake and ice cream will be delayed a few."


Kyle took us down the interstate passing the normal exit. He surprised me when he got off at the Edsall Road ramp and headed west. Almost immediately he turned off Edsall onto Cherokee Avenue, made a sharp right, and slowed for a moment.

"This is about the best road for trying performance in the area," Kyle explained.

I just nodded in response.

He pushed in the clutch, revved the engine and took off. I'd never been on the road before, but it did twist and turn, rise and fall more than anything I knew of in the area. A little bit later we came out to Little River Turnpike and Kyle turned right heading home.

"I can tell you want to play more..."

"Yeah, but I can't delay the rest of the party... and we can go for a long ride tomorrow!"

"Smart boy!"

We got to the house and Becca came out of the kitchen with a big cake covered with candles. I felt a small pang of envy, thinking about my siblings' birthdays that I'd missed and my mom's cakes that I always enjoyed.

We sang happy birthday, and then the birthday boy blew out the candles. Kyle cut the first slice and then Becca took over. The cake was dark, rich, and moist.

"Becca, this is the best chocolate cake I've ever had."

"It's my mother's recipe," she explained. "I'll share it if you like."

I nodded as I savored the next bite.

With cake and ice cream done and the conversation winding down, I noticed a lot of yawns.

"I think it's time I headed home," Justin said. "Do y'all have plans for lunch tomorrow?"

"Not really," Rodney admitted.

"Then come over after church, say twelve thirtyish."


As he stood, I looked at Kyle. We'd never been at his folks on Saturday night and I wasn't sure what to do.

"I'll meet you out front in time for church," Kyle said as he stood.

"Sounds good, Son."

I caught the expressions on Kenneth's and Kevin's faces and wondered exactly what they meant. I didn't think Kyle saw them. We hugged everyone and departed.

"Did you see the looks on your brothers' faces?"

"Yeah... I don't think they realized we're sleeping together, at least not openly. Plus, I think it kinda freaked them out how relaxed Mom and Dad were about it."

"I'll be honest, I still freak out at that sometimes."

"True that... I'm still stunned. It's not like my folks are ultra-conservative, but I wasn't sure how they would take things. I don't think they'd let us sleep together at our house."

"Still, pretty cool for parents."

When we got to the house, Kyle cornered Justin in the kitchen.

"Uncle J, I..."

"Like I said, it would make Liam very happy."

"Thank you."

"Kyle, you were my life preserver after the accident."

"I didn't do that much," Kyle countered.

"Fuck! Yes you did! Night after night you listened to me when I needed to scream, yell, rant, rage; you let me do it and then helped me settle back down. On the nights when I needed to cry my eyes out, you held me through it, and then helped me perk up enough to face the world. You helped me go through every closet, every cupboard, every spot in this house and decide what to give away and what to keep. You sat next to me at the trial, at the sentencing; you were there through everything."

Justin walked over to Kyle and hugged him like he was the most important thing in the world.

"You call me Uncle J, and once in a while I do call you nephew; for me you are and always will be family."

When they finally let go, I notice the tears that had dripped down both of their faces.

"Now, time for bed!" Justin ordered.

The next morning, Kyle and I had breakfast with Justin before heading over to the Nelson household. We went inside and found everyone ready for service. As it was a nice, warm, spring day, we walked down Beauregard, across Little River, and up a little to the Methodist Church they attended. The service was far different from the Evangelical Church I'd been raised in.

Kyle and I went back to Justin's after the service and helped him get the last of lunch ready. Everyone showed up about twenty minutes later. Lunch was busy with conversation as everyone tried to catch up on final things with Kevin and Kenneth before they headed south.

"I'll drop Kevin off at school," I overhead Kenneth say to his mom.

"I thought you two were at the same school," I said, a bit confused.

"Nope. Same city, different schools. I'm at Virginia Wesleyan College, while Kevin's at ODU. Parking is easier at Wesleyan, so I keep the car. Plus, our campus is suburban while ODU's is definitely urban. If Kenneth needs the car, I take it over to him. We're less than thirty minutes apart."

"Cool. ODU is one of the schools Kyle's considering."

"I don't think so," Kenneth interjected into the conversation.

"Huh?" was my best response.

"Well, are you moving to Norfolk?" Kenneth asked.

"We hadn't really gotten that far," I admitted.

I could feel the red starting up my neck.

"So, Kyle," Kevin turned to his brother. "Have you made a final decision on college?"

"I wanted to talk it over with Casey, Mom and Dad; but yeah, I have. Mason has the best IT program of the three. It's convenient, relatively affordable, and has some other perks. Plus, then Uncle J and I will have one more thing in common."

I looked at Justin confused.

"I got two of my degrees from Mason," he commented and then turned back to his discussion with Rodney.

"Uncle J's a smarty," Kyle said.

I just sat there for a moment. Finally, Justin took pity on me.

"Since the look on your face says you want to know; I got my BS in Computer Science from Mason back in 1988. I got an MBA from Virginia Tech through their northern Virginia campus in 1996 and a Masters in Information Systems from Mason in 2004."

"Holy Shit," I said. "And I'd be happy getting a GED."

"I think you can do more than that," Justin replied.

"Yes, Sir!"

"The best option would be get your GED, go to NOVA for two years; and if you do well, then transfer to Mason for the last two years."

"So, we could do our Junior and Senior years together," Kyle said very excitedly.

"That's a lot of money. I'd be happy with a vo-tech school. You know, get a skill that I can use to support myself."

"If that's what you want, then we can plan that way," Justin said. "Just don't limit yourself based on money."

"That's what parents do, dude," Kyle said to me with a nudge.

"Well, some parents," I said with a bit of sharpness in my tone.

"Yeah! Great parents like mine and your dad!"

I just smiled at that.

"So, well let's just see how I do..."

"Agreed," Justin said.

After lunch, Becca, Rodney and the boys headed back to their house so that Kevin and Kenneth could hit the road. They had about four hours to get back to school.

"So, Uncle J, can you give tell me some good roads to take the car on?" Kyle asked.

"Well, if you two don't mind a ride along, I can show you some great ones."

"We never mind you as a tag along," Kyle said. "Well... most of the time."

Justin and I burst into laughter and Kyle blushed.

As we got to the car, I announced, "I'll take the backseat, Justin, I have the shorter legs."

"Thanks. I'm sure you'll get to spend a lot of time in the front seat."

Justin had Kyle start down I-395 and then continue on I-95 until we got down to the Occoquan River. We headed north on Ox Road and turned onto Hampton Road.

"Where are we," I asked.

"Don't know the name of the area, we're south of Fairfax Station," Justin explained. "These roads twist, turn, dip and rise."

"Wooo hooo..." Kyle yelled as he took one of the sharper turns.

"We'll end up going through Clifton and back up into Fairfax."

I sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was clear that Kyle was having fun; and possibly more important was that Justin was enjoying Kyle having fun. I got the impression this was helping both of them heal. After about an hour of driving the back roads of Fairfax County, Kyle pulled into a gas station to fuel up. He climbed out to pump the gas.

"You made him very happy!"

"Ya think?"

"I think it makes you very happy too!"

"Yup. I think Liam would be very proud."

"I never met the man, but from what I've heard about him over the last two months; I concur."

"How about dinner?" Kyle asked as he climbed back in the car.

"I know this little Italian and Greek place in the heart of old, downtown Fairfax," Justin said.

"Sounds good, how do we get there?"

Justin gave Kyle directions, and soon we were parked out front. The place was a small restaurant in a historic building. It was a family style operation with a menu that had a lot of things I didn't recognize. At Kyle's recommendation, I had a Gyro; again, something I'd never had growing up, and I began to realize how limited my early years had been.

When we got home, Kyle parked in front of Justin's place with the car as far to one side as he could get it, so Justin could get the Caddy out. I figured it was time for Kyle to head to his house, but instead he came inside.

The three of us sat down to watch TV with Justin turning on the Simpsons. By the time Family Guy was ending, I was getting puzzled as Kyle had never stayed this late on a Sunday night.

"Night guys, I need to get to bed," Justin explained. "I've got an early start tomorrow morning."

"Night, Uncle J, and thanks for everything," Kyle beamed.

"Night, Dad. One more show or do you need to go home?"

"I'm ready for bed," he replied. "Let's head upstairs."


"I told Mom and Dad that I'm going to be sleeping with you. I know they aren't 100 percent comfortable with it, but my lover and I aren't going to be separated."

"Holy shit! Are they pissed?"

"Well, we had a lot of long talks, but I'm a few days from 18, being level headed and was able to... how did Dad put it? Adequately respond to each concern they raised. No, they're not completely comfortable with this, but they aren't angry. I think they've always known we've been sleeping together. I just made sure it was clear that I'm not going to be separated anymore."

"Wooo hooo... did you say anything to Justin?"

"Yeah. He's cool with it."

"Well, then let's go upstairs! You just made me one happy fucking boy and I want to show you how fucking happy I am!"

"Sex on a school night!"

"We just can't let it impact your studies!" I teased.

Kyle's butt was dragging a bit when he left for school the next morning. I found Justin down in his office on a conference call, checked his coffee mug, found it empty, and took it upstairs for a refill. I put it down on his desk and retreated upstairs to study. About an hour later, Justin appeared.

"You seem pretty chipper this morning."

"Yup, I got to sleep in my baby's arms last night. Justin are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Definitely. Kyle and I talked on the phone Friday afternoon. He let me know he was going to talk to his folks when he got home from school. I guess it all got lost a bit, between your romantic dinner and the birthday celebrations."

"And his folks aren't pissed?"

"Did they seem pissed this weekend?"

"No, but I wasn't watching them too closely. I didn't know about this till last night."

"I talked with both of them Saturday on the bike ride. I got each of them to ride with me and we'd let everyone else get well ahead of us. I'll admit they have concerns, but I think they get it that Kyle's head-over-heels in love with you and nothing, and I do mean nothing is going to stand in his way at this point."

"They could do what my folks did... he could have ended up on the streets."

"Never. First, they aren't that type of people. Second, he'd just move in with us anyway. Changing the subject, how are your studies?"

"Good. I'm ready, once I can take the test."

"On that note, I've been doing a little research on getting a copy of your birth certificate. You were born in Philippi weren't you?"

I nodded my head, yes.

"So, we'll drive out there on your birthday, go to the county courthouse, and get it."

"You still have your learner's permit. With that and your birth certificate, we should be able get you a driver's license quickly. Then you apply for a new copy of your Social Security card. With all that, we can get your GED done, then worry about community college."

"That sounds awesome."

"One thing, we're doing this on a school day. You know Kyle's gonna want to go."

"I'll work it out with him. I can make sure he understands school comes first for now."


Wednesday morning, I woke up with Kyle curled up next to me. I thought a moment about my lover... now a man! I needed to wake him up in a manner befitting his becoming a man. I pushed down under the covers a bit and started giving him a sloppy blow job. I worked up and down while making sure my spit coated his cock. He was waking up slowly as I got him hard and wet.

"Fuck, what a fucking nice way to wake up! UP!"

I pulled off a second, "Happy Birthday, Lover Man!" With that I plunged his dick back into my throat. He ran his fingers through my hair as I continued to lavish attention on his cock. Finally, I felt like things were ready. I pulled off, squatted over him and lowered my ass onto his shaft.

"Fuck, fuck fuck!" He started thrusting up as my ass sank lower.

"That's it, Mr. Man, fuck me! Show me what my man can do with my ass!"

His thrusts turned fast, like a jackhammer working into my ass. I leaned over to kiss him, and he threw his arms around my neck. He used his strength and size advantage to roll us over so I was on my back without ever pulling his cock out of my ass.

"The best fucking birthday present EVER!" he exclaimed.

"That's it mister, fuck my ass, it's yours, it's always yours, but mark it again!"

His thrusts had moved from the frantic jackhammer to long, deep, powerful slams that found my prostate and made me squirm. He was truly amazing at hitting my love nut and making me feel wonderful while he fucked me.

"Don't you dare cum," he hissed at me.

"You're gonna make me cum," I warned him.

With that, he changed his angle so that he missed my prostate, which did help me back down a bit from my orgasm. Then he started fucking harder and I was working my ass, trying to milk him. He leaned over and kissed me deeply, burying himself in my hole. I felt his cock start twitching, and he moaned into my mouth as the kiss continued.

"Damn, baby, that was nice! Now, I want your cream in my hole as another birthday present!"

The light bulb went off in my brain that's why he hadn't wanted me to cum.

"Roll over," I suggested.

He got up on all fours instead. "Mount me!" he ordered.

I lubed up my cock and slid in easily.

"That's it baby, FUCK ME!"

I started thrusting in and out... I wasn't far from shooting when I started, and knew I wouldn't last long. I aimed my cock as his joy button and tried to wear it out.

"Oh, fuck!" he exclaimed as I hit it repeatedly.

I kept focusing on him and tried to push off my own climax. I was sawing in and out and rubbing, hitting, and otherwise stimulating the hell out of his prostate.

"I'm gonna cum," he yelled.

His ass clenched my dick as he shot for the second time that morning.

"FUCK!" I moaned as I dumped my load in his hole.

I collapsed on his back as the last of my cum dribbled into his hole.

"Happy Birthday," I whispered in his ear.

"That's a birthday present I won't forget!"

"Unfortunately, you need to get cleaned up and go to school," I reminded him.


"We have dinner at your folks tonight. Then we can have more dessert here afterwards."

"Deal," he agreed. He rolled out from under me, grabbed his robe, and padded out of the room and into the hall bath.

That afternoon, I went over to help Becca get things ready for the `family' dinner.

"Thanks for your help," Becca said.

"No worries, I'd do anything for Kyle."

She stopped and looked at me with a curious look on her face.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm just amazed I guess. I see the same looks, I hear the same words, you two really did fall in love, love at first sight..."

I'm sure I blushed a bit, thinking about the first time I saw Kyle.

"Now it's my turn to ask what?"

"I'm not sure it was love at first sight," I admitted. "The night Justin stopped in front of your house and very quickly introduced me to Rodney and Kyle, it was... it was more lust for something I thought was unreachable."


"I didn't think... hmmm... okay, so here's the handsome military looking guy and his very hot, clean-cut, straight-boy son."

She burst into laughter.

"Exactly," I continued. "I'm surprised you didn't hear me when Justin told me Kyle was gay. I didn't believe him."

"When did you know, if you don't mind my asking."

"I think Justin called it `smitten' on Saturday, you know... we both were looking at each other and such. But Sunday, Kyle and I were watching this movie... Latter Days... and the lead character gets outted and then attempts suicide. He gets treated horribly by his family who try to straighten him out. It was really bothering me. Kyle... Kyle took me in his arms and comforted me while we watched. That tender, loving, comforting attitude," I paused. "He shows that every moment I'm around him. It's hard not to be in love with such a loving person."

"He talks about you in much the same way," she admitted. "You know parents want to make sure their children are making the right choices. He's 18 today, you're 17... we keep talking to him... not to stop him, not to change his mind. I think it's more we want to make sure he's thinking straight and considering everything correctly."

"You and Rodney, you're good parents! I wish mine weren't so closed minded. My dad is so much the my-way or the highway type. Kyle told me that he adequately responded to your concerns."

"I'm curious," Becca started. "I know you're from West Virginia. How did you end up in Alexandria?"

"Well, I stayed in the basement of a friend's house for a couple nights, you know a `sleep over'. But that couldn't last; fortunately, Jimmy had just gotten his license, so he borrowed his folk's car and took me over to Philippi, thinking I might find some help there. Moatsville, it's a map dot with nothing really there; an unincorporated little village. Philippi is a small town so there's a bit more and more importantly it sits on major roads. I was able to hitchhike on US 250 down to Elkins the first night. I didn't have any luck in Elkins, so I hitched again and got to Harrisonburg. I could tell the trucker that took me was concerned, but I'm guessing I'm not the first kid that a trucker took somewhere to escape something. I spent the rest of the summer panhandling in Harrisonburg, avoiding the cops, trying to find places to stay... but it's not that big of a city and I got the feeling that some of the cops were starting to get suspicious of me. I got out on I-81 and got a ride with a trucker to Front Royal. From there I got another trucker to get me to Fairfax. I spent a lot of last year in this shanty camp located in the center of a cloverleaf where I-66 and route 50 cross. It's all guys there and most of them have jobs."

"What? Why do they live in a camp if they have jobs?"

"Justin called it underemployment. They work as busboys, dishwashers, you know minimum wage jobs at the mall, but they can't afford a place to live nearby and the mall doesn't have good bus service from places where they could afford to live. So, this community got started in one of the cloverleafs. Tents, poles holding up tarps, you know anything guys can put up to protect them from the weather. The guys have it all figured out. A couple of the office buildings near the mall have showers in their bathrooms that aren't locked. On Saturday mornings if you're careful, you can go in and grab a quick shower while the building's open but not very occupied."

"Damn, I never knew..."

"Like everywhere else, homeless isn't seen let alone understood. Some are folks that don't fit in, castaways, crazies; but there are lot of homeless that have jobs. The cost of living here is so high you can't get by on minimum wage alone."

"I've heard about that, but never understood."

"At Fair Oaks, there were a few good intersections that were close to the camp. You have to be the first one to an intersection in the morning if you want to stake claim to it. Others were a mile or two away. If one of the bigger or crazier folks showed up, I just moved on. I did that for about a year, but the Fairfax police kept stopping to check on me. I hid my id, told them I was 18, and did my best not to be in the same area each day. But after enough hassle from the same cops I moved east."

"So that's when you found the burning bush over here at I-395 and 236?"

"Burning bush?"

"Yes. That's the type of bush you were in. It's called a burning bush because of the way it looks in the fall like it's on fire."

"Gotcha. The nice thing about that location is I could move between Fairfax County and Alexandria City, so no one got too used to me."

She raised an eyebrow at this.

"Some of the intersections on this side of 395 are good, and they are in Fairfax County, so you hit them one day, and then some of the others in Alexandria the next. Keep changing so folks don't get too used to you."

"It's just so wrong. Why didn't you want to go into a foster home?"

"I'm sure some of them are very nice, but you hear stories about others. It's a crap shoot, and I preferred to take a gamble on myself."

"You're an amazing young man," she said.


"A fifteen-year-old, kicked out and forced to cope without any support. You survived without getting into prostitution, drugs, or crime. You didn't give up... and most importantly, you survived."

"I'll admit there were times I seriously thought about just stepping into oncoming traffic while I was begging for money. Just end it all..."

Becca held out her arms, "Come here, son."

"I hope you never have those feelings again."

"Thanks! You know that's almost exactly what Kyle said when I told him that."

"And I meant it!" Kyle said from behind me.

"How long have you been here?"

"I got to hear most of the story. Sorry, I wasn't spying, but you haven't really opened up on all of it, and I wanted to know."

"All you had to do was ask," I said.

Becca let go of me and I hugged and kissed Kyle.

"I didn't wanna dredge up bad memories," Kyle admitted.

"I can talk about it. They are bad memories, but they don't haunt me anymore."

"You weren't at home, so I figured you were here."

"I was supposed to be helping get dinner ready, instead we've been talking."

"I've been getting to know my son-in-law better," Becca said.


Kyle and I got the table set and helped Becca with dinner prep as much as she'd allow. Justin and Rodney showed up at almost the same time and we had a very nice lasagna dinner with a big tossed salad.

We sang happy birthday again, and Justin grabbed a box he'd brought with him. I was concerned he had more presents, but it was a cake he'd picked up from a bakery.

"This is delicious," Becca said. "What's the flavor?"

"Mango," Justin responded. "I got it at the Indian place over at Braddock and 236. They cater weddings, so they do a lot of cakes. I guess to keep the business up, they sell whole cakes or slices."

"It is really good," I agreed.

It was wonderful having Kyle live with me. Yes, we spent a lot of evenings at his folks' place. We also spent a good bit of time with his friends from school. But no matter what we did, come the end of the evening, we both walked over to `our' house.

The Friday before my birthday, I was home alone reading. A couple weeks earlier, I'd mentioned to Justin that I wanted to get to the library so I could get some books. He had a number of boxes full of Liam's books that he hadn't donated as he'd been letting Kyle read them as he got the time. I'd found a number of science fiction authors that I'd never read, but was definitely enjoying.

I was sitting in the sun room getting lost in the plot when the phone rang. I typically let the calls go to voicemail, the few that weren't some telemarketer; the phone's caller ID announced `Call from Kyle Nelson.' I jumped out of the chair and grabbed the phone.

"Hello baby," I said.

"Hey, is Uncle J there?"

"No, he's at the office. What's up?"

"Dougie had an accident on the way home. We're at the hospital."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Dougie and Matt got the worst of it."

"You want me to call your folks?"

"No. Mom's in the city and will have to take METRO out. Dad's out in Ashburn today. Uncle J's closest."

"Okay, I'll call him. You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah. I love you."

"Love you too."

I hung up and called Justin's cell. He didn't answer the first time, which meant he was busy. I called again and he answered.

"What's up?"

"Kyle, Dougie and Matt were in an accident. Kyle says he's okay, but wants you to come to the hospital.

"Which one?"

"Oh, shit. I didn't ask. What's nearest to their school?"

"They're probably at Fairfax, but could be at Alexandria. I'll call Kyle."

"Can you pick me up on the way there?"

"If they are at Fairfax, yes. If they are at Alexandria, no."


About five minutes later, the phone rang. "Hello."

"Be ready in about ten minutes. We're headed for Fairfax."


Justin pulled up out front, and I ran down the front steps and hopped into the car.

"Did he tell you anything?"

"Evidently, they were pulling out of the school driveway and a car came around the curve and t-boned Dougie's car."

"Oh crap."

"He claims he's okay, but I'm guessing something's up."

As we drove over to Fairfax hospital, Justin called first Rodney, then Becca and told them about the accident. He promised both he'd call with better details once he had them. We got to the sprawling complex about fifteen minutes later, and both ran for the ER. We got to the front desk and asked for Kyle Nelson.

"Family?" the gentleman at the desk asked.

"I'm his uncle and I hold medical power of attorney," Justin explained. "This is his brother."

"One moment." The gentleman made a call, and shortly a volunteer showed up and led as back into the ER. We got to this little cubicle with a bed in it and found Kyle lying there.

"So, this is okay?" I asked as I noticed the splint on Kyle's left wrist. He also had a bruise on the left side of his face.

"Well, yeah," Kyle said a bit timidly. "Nothing's broken. It's just a sprained wrist, and the bruises are from where the books slammed into me."

"How are Dougie and Matt?"

"Dougie's a mess of cuts, bruises, and more. Matt is bruised and scraped up, but they didn't think anything was broken. I'm lucky I was on the far side of the car."

I desperately wanted to hug, hold, touch Kyle; but wasn't sure what I could and couldn't do in the ER. Finally, I just put my hand on his. That got me a huge smile.

"Love you," he said quietly.

"Have Dougie and Matt's parents been called?"

"Yeah, they should be here or soon."

Justin stepped out of the cubicle. I could hear him as he talked to one of the nurses.

"There were two other boys with my nephew."

"One's in 5 and the other's in 6," she said, and pointed off a bit.

"May I check on them?"


Justin walked down the hallway leaving us alone.

"Why didn't you tell me you were hurt?"

"I didn't want you to worry. It's nothing major."

"I did worry. I worried a lot. You sounded shook up, and I was sure you weren't telling me the truth."


"Look, Justin's right. If we're gonna make this work, it's all about communication. You have to trust me, and I have to trust you. No lies. No hiding important things. No half-truths."

"Okay. Okay. You're right, I should have told you."

"You got your cell phone?"


"Hand it here."

He gave me the phone and I sat in the little plastic chair in the back corner of the cubicle. I dialed as Kyle tried to look back at me.

"Hey Becca. He's basically okay. He has a sprained wrist and a few bruises," I explained. "He's also been told to tell the whole truth in the future!"

"Well, I'm glad he's okay. I should be home in 20 minutes or so and I'll head over to the hospital."

"I wouldn't," I said. "Call first, we might be out of here by then."

"Will do."

"Do you want to call Rodney, or should I?"

"I'll call him."

"Thanks. Bye!"

"Thank you. Bye!"

"Now I'm in trouble with my folks."

"Why? No. Why?"

"They're gonna be mad about this."

"Your mom didn't seem mad, just concerned. It wasn't your fault, was it?"


"Then why would they be mad?"

"I don't know."

Before the conversation could continue, Justin returned.

"Dougie's wrist is broken, he's a mess of bruises and cuts. Matt's bruised and cut, but nothing sprained or broken. The nurse said you should be released shortly. The doctor has to finish the paperwork. I talked to both parents and they are all happy everyone is okay."

"Thanks, Justin."

They were releasing Kyle when his phone rang.

"Hey Becca," I answered. "We'll have your son home soon."


I let Kyle sit in the front seat as Justin drove us home. Becca was waiting with Cindy and Don in their driveway across the street. All three walked over as Justin parked. Becca gave Kyle a gentle kiss on the forehead.

"He's banged up, but okay," Justin announced.

"Dougie's car made the sacrifice," Kyle explained.

Cindy had a curious look on her face.

"It's an old Dodge Man-wagon," Kyle explained. That brought more puzzled looks. "A Dodge Magnum station wagon. We called it the man-wagon!"

"It's a big car, so better in an accident than some of the little tiny things around today. Can we go inside? I'd like to sit."

We all went inside and ended up in the kitchen. About thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang and I went and let Rodney in. After Rodney confirmed his son's reasonably good health, the conversation went back to more general topics.

"What's the game plan for your birthday?" Cindy asked.

"We're leaving first thing in the morning for West Virginia; get a copy my birth certificate at the court house, and return."

"That's great," Don replied. "You'll be able to get all your IDs, a license, and start really living life."

"That's the plan at least," I laughed nervously.

Justin turned towards me with a look on his face I read easily.

"Sorry, I know..." I started. "Just remember three months isn't long enough to restore 100% of my trust."

"Fair enough," he responded.

"Did I hit a sore spot?" Don asked.

"Seems you did," Kyle interjected. "I'm guessing Casey's concerned that once he has all his identification in place, he'll get dumped back on the street or something."

"What's the old saying? Once bitten..." I started.

"Twice shy," Kyle completed. "I get it. I'm not criticizing. Just remember none of us did the biting!"

I just smiled at that.

"We should be getting home for dinner," Becca said.

"So should we," Cindy added.

"If you need anything, call us." Rodney put in.

"Night all!" Justin called out as they all headed out the front door.

I helped Justin heat up some leftovers; we ate quietly, and then watched a little TV. Being Friday night, Kyle didn't have to spend the entire evening in homework hell as he called it. After a couple shows, Kyle started to yawn.

"Bedtime," I said.

"Night, Uncle J."

The two of us headed upstairs. I hit the restroom first and did all my prep. When I walked into the bedroom, Kyle wasn't changed for bed yet.

"What's up?"

"You mentioned trust when we were at the hospital earlier. You wanted to be able to trust me..."

"Yup. If you're calling me, I just wanna know what's really going on. That's all. You don't need to sugar-coat it or hide things from me."

"Well, then when everyone was here, you didn't seem to trust Justin and I. Don't you know I love you?"

"Kyle, I know you love me very much, and I believe that Justin cares for me deeply."

"I hear a `but' in there."

"Like anyone, I have moments of doubt, insecurity, concern. Remember, I lived on the street for over two years because the two people I should be able to trust the most tossed me out of my home, my security."

"But we're not them."

"No. No. You're not... Let me try this another way. Why didn't you tell me you're hurt your wrist when you called?"

"I didn't want to upset you."

"But I love you and I was going to find out eventually."


"Have you had to call your mom or dad when you were injured before?"


"And they got mad?"


"So, you were trying to avoid me getting mad?"

With that the light bulb went off over his head.

"Yeah... when I broke my wrist a few years ago, it was a stupid stunt. Mom was really angry. I didn't want you mad at me."

"Do you get where my doubt is coming from?"

"Okay, I get it."

"Now why don't you get cleaned up and let's get to bed."

He went into the bathroom, cleaned up, came back in the room, stripped down and joined me in bed.

"We have to be careful of your wrist," I said. "But I'm guessing we can work around it."

"Sounds like you have a plan."

"On the bed, face up, legs spread, Mr. Hunk."

He followed orders and I got between his legs. I started licking his balls and quickly his shaft firmed up, lifted away, and eventually hit his abs. As my tongue worked its way up the shaft, his right hand started rubbing my head. I was gonna lavish a lot of attention on his dick and make this one memorable blow job!

The following Tuesday, I woke up in bed alone. There's a lot things Kyle can be called, but a morning person isn't one of them. I figured I should get up since we were heading to West Virginia early. A battle I had lost, getting him to stay in school. Fortunately, he wasn't missing much in class or so he claimed.

I'd just swung my feet out of bed when the door opened and Kyle entered.

"Oh FUCK!" I let out as I looked at him from head to toe. He was standing there in his lacrosse gear helmet, shoulder pads, and a jock. "You look like a fucking wet dream!"

"Well, I wanted to give you something special for your birthday!"

"I get to fuck my hunk jock in his gear?"

"That's the idea." With that he climbed onto the bed on all fours. He used a pillow to prop up his arm to protect his injured wrist. His muscular ass was framed by his jockstrap and I could see that his dick was already stretching the pouch.

I got in behind him and slipped my tongue into his ass crack. I started licking his hole, working along the trench. It was, like always, musky, the scent of Kyle. I spread his cheeks, letting my tongue get deeper in the crack and finally pushing into his hole. I knew what drove him crazy; I started alternating between tongue fucking his ass and nibbling on the edges. This got him squirming quite a bit, so I grabbed his hips to hold him steady.

"Damn, baby, you know how to tease a guy's hole."

"I'm 18 years old today, so I'm taking ownership of this hole. This is my fuckin hole! I get to tease it, eat it, and fuck it as needed."

"I've created a monster!"

"Hey, you set the rules on your 18th birthday! You own my hole and turnabout is fair play!"

"Damn right! Now show me how you're gonna take possession!"

I'd pushed more than enough spit in his hole, so I grabbed the lube and slicked up my dick. I put the head against his hole and pushed gently, letting the head just slip in.

"Aw, come on!" he groaned.

I pulled the head back out and popped it in again.

"Please! Fuck me!"

I repeated this over and over, teasing his hole with just the head.

"Tease! Please, please, please fuck me!"

"I told you this is my fuckin hole! And I'm staking claim!"

I teased him a few more times. Then after popping the head out, I slicked my shaft up good and pushed in balls-deep.

"Aw, YEAH! That's it man, fuck my fuckin ass!"

I started deep fuckin his hole, pulling all the way out and plunging all the way back in. I'd make sure his hole had just closed up before I pushed back in.

"Damn, dude, you've been practicing!"

I laughed at that. "Only on your ass!"

I looked down at my man, all sexy in his gear. It was a real turn on, hell he was always a fuckin turn on. I shifted my angle a bit and sped up my strokes. I could see the shivers running down his spine.

"There are two things wrong with this picture," I said.


I pulled my cock out of his hole.

"Flip over!"

He moved quickly to comply on his back he pulled his legs towards his chest.

"That's it! I wanna see who I'm fucking and I wanna kiss my lover while I fuck him!"

I reached up, unsnapped the chin guard and lifted his helmet up, then I buried my dick in his hole and leaned over to kiss him deeply.

I started humping him with quick strokes that must have been hitting the right spot as he started panting.

"You're getting me real close," he warned.

"I'm right there too!"

I bent over and kissed him again, which triggered him. Cum shot up onto my chest, hit my chin, and then dripped down onto him. His hole started clenching, spasming around my cock. I plunged in deep and shot volley after volley of cum in him.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That was amazing!"

"Happy Birthday, Lover!"

"Finally! I'm an adult!"

"You know, most people say their birthdays don't really change much. I think this one is going to have a lot of big changes for you."

"Damn right!" I looked over at the clock. "Unfortunately, we need to get cleaned up. But remember this, seeing you in your gear was a real turn on."

"We may have to get you some gear too!"

"Wooo hooo!"

As I helped him take everything off, I asked. "How'd you get ready?"

"I woke up, had my gear stashed in the other bedroom, got it on and came to take advantage of you!"

"I like how you think!"

"Shower time."

We went into our bathroom and used the shower together. Not the optimal arrangement in a tub, but it was fun.

We ate a quick bite of breakfast, then piled into Justin's car, heading west on I-66. The trip out took about four hours so we got there at lunch time.

"Any recommendations?" Justin asked as we pulled into town.

"Not many, we could hit Fox's Pizza if it's still there; or there's a KFC."

"KFC is faster, pizza sounds better," Kyle said.

I ended up giving Justin directions and we found Fox's was still there. In fact, looking around not much had changed in town since I'd left. We grabbed a table and ordered.

"What's the town known for?" Kyle asked.

"The guy that played Lurch on the original Addams Family was raised here. He was born in Pittsburgh and went to college over in Buckhannon. That's about it."

We were eating our pizza when I heard my name, "Casey!"

I looked up and saw my oldest brother, Dylan.

"Hey, Dylan," was the best I could get out.

"Where the fuck have you been? Why... why'd you run off? What's going on?"

Justin looked up at Dylan, "Why don't you join us."

"Kyle and Justin, this is my oldest brother Dylan. Dylan, this is Justin and Kyle."

"Hi. Can you answer my questions?"

"Sure," I was trying hard to maintain my composure. "I have been in Alexandria, Virginia most of the time. I didn't run off, I was thrown out. And I'm here to get a copy of my birth certificate so I can have a life again now that I'm 18."

"What do you mean thrown out? Dad said he found a note and you'd run off."

"Well, Dad can say what he wants. The truth is he found out I'm gay, beat the shit out of me, threw me out the door and told me to get the fuck away from the family."

I thought Dylan's eyes would bug out of his head.

"He beat you? You're gay? Holy shit... Why didn't you come to me?"

"Well, I don't have the bruises to prove it anymore, but you can ask Jimmy Mitchell. He saw me afterwards. Yes, I'm gay, Kyle's my lover. You were in college and Dad was paying for it."

"Mom thinks you ran away. She's been worried to death. She could never figure out why you left. I can't really get my head wrapped around everything. Did you live with these guys since you left?"

"No, I wasn't that lucky. I lived in on the streets for most of the time. I got lucky and rescued by Justin three months ago. I met Kyle a few days later. I'm trying to get my life turned around. Take my GED, go to community college..."

The look on my brother's face went from distressed to painful as I told him more and more about my life. He seemed to be clueless about what had really happened. I was trying hard to just let it all be, but he asked the wrong question.

"Can you come to the house?"

"Never. I'll never go near that house again."

"But mom..."

"Dylan, she must be one great actress, but mom knew. Jimmy went over to try and get some of my stuff. She wouldn't let him have it."

"So, they both lied to us all this time."

"Yes. Being gay was a sin and they wouldn't tolerate it in their home."

"Fuck. I don't wanna lose you."

"You don't have to, but you'd better keep it quiet or you'll lose everyone else."

"I'll check with Bryce and Sophie, I don't think they know either."

We sat and talked while finishing up the pizza. Justin wrote his phone number and I put down my Gmail account address so Dylan could write.

"Where are you headed?" he asked as we got up to leave.

"We're going to the Clerk of the Court," Justin explained. "We need to get a copy of his birth certificate, so he can become a legal person again."

"I work over at the County Assessor's office, let me help."

"Thanks," I said.

With Dylan's help, it only took about an hour to get through the process. We were out front of the court house ready to go.

"Justin, Kyle, please take good care of Casey. I will be in touch, I promise. I don't know about your other siblings, but I could care less if you're gay or straight. You're still my brother and I love you!"

He wrapped me in a big hug with tears streaming down his eyes.

"I love you too," I said quietly.

The ride back was more somber than I'd expected. Justin drove with Kyle and I in the back seat. I lay down on the seat with my head in Kyle's lap. Those two-selfish people, formerly known as my parents had taken so much from me. It hurt! It hurt bad! Knowing that Dylan cared was a big positive, but now I wondered about my other siblings. Maybe... just maybe. By the time we got into Virginia, my mood had lifted; focusing on the positive.

I sat up and held Kyle's hand.

"You know, you are good at being a life preserver. I can easily see how much you helped Justin when Liam died. You do it for me every single day. You take the pain away, give love, and restore me to a wellness."

Kyle blushed.

"Well said, Casey! You're a good man Kyle Nelson!"

The red in his face got deeper and deeper.

We got back in town about six-thirty.

"How about Thai for dinner tonight?" Justin asked as we got to the beltway.

"Sounds good," I admitted.

We got on I-395 headed north and continued up to the Shirlington exit. We found a space in one of the parking garages and walked over to the restaurant. The hostess and a number of the staff at the bar greeted Justin by name as we walked in. We were led pass the host stand, into the main dining room and to the first large table.

"Surprise!" rang out as we got there. At the table were Rodney, Becca, Cindy and Don.

"Happy birthday, young man!" Rodney stood and gave me a big hug. After that I got hugs from everyone.

I showed my birth certificate to everyone, and then we discussed the big news of the day. We spent considerable time before and after ordering, talking about running into Dylan and what the future may hold for a renewed relationship with my siblings.

I was getting more familiar with a variety of foods, so I tried the Panang chicken and found I loved it. As the dinner dishes were cleared away, I expected the waitress to offer dessert menus. I was looking forward to the fried roti dough. Instead, the staff appeared behind me, put a large chocolate cake in front of me and joined everyone at the table singing happy birthday.

"Make a wish," Kyle said.

I blew out the candles, getting them all.

"Your wish is going to come true!" he reminded me.

I grinned. "Good!"

Everyone got a slice of cake and commented on how good it was. The table was cleared again, and I figured it was time to head home. I was surprised when presents were piled in front of me.

"Holy crap," I exclaimed as I opened a laptop computer from Rodney and Becca.

"We figured you needed one for school," Becca explained.

Cindy and Don gave me a backpack and other supplies for college.

Justin handed me a card. I opened it to find a note. As I read it, first I gasped, and then I burst into tears.

"You... you... you shouldn't have..."

"You'll need it to get back and forth to school. The only thing is, you don't have your license yet. So, we get that, then we pick out your car."

"But... it's too much," I was stumbling over my own words.

"I told you, you're not a burden, you're not a hassle, you're my son. Between the insurance on the car, the life insurance, Liam's 401K, the settlement on the accident, I'm doing okay. Wipe the tears, say thank you and smile!"

"Thank you!" I hopped out of the chair and hugged Justin tightly.

I sat back down and looked at everyone. "Thank you very much!"

"There's one more gift," Justin reminded me.

I looked at him to my right, as he said it, and then turned to my left to find Kyle down on one knee beside me. I started shaking.

"For three months, you have made me the happiest guy in the world. I made you my boyfriend in the first three days, my lover in two months, and today in front of everyone here, I'm asking you to marry me."

"Yes!" I was able to eek out.

He slipped the silver band on my finger.

"I promised Mom, Dad and Justin that we wouldn't get married till we finished our bachelor's degrees. But I want to make sure you understand just how much I love you."

He stood up. I stood up. He took me in his arms and kissed me deeply.

I got my license and passed my GED. Kyle's dad got a promotion that took him and Becca to Norfolk to live. Justin sold the townhouse, bought a house in Fairfax City that became our new home. My second year of community college, Justin met a guy from his company's UK office Angus. Angus transferred to the US during my first year at Mason and they got engaged during my senior year. Kyle got his BS in information systems and operations management while I got a BA in social work.

The summer after graduation, there was a double wedding in the back yard. I was a wreck as Kyle put the ring on my finger. Even more of a wreck as I put the band on his. My siblings stood and cheered when the minister pronounced us married. A short while later I got to cheer as my Dads got married.

Kyle and I are still living in the basement of Justin and Angus' house. We're both working on our master's degrees at the moment. Kyle wants to work for one of the big data center companies out in Loudoun County. Me, I want to help kids who end up on the street with nowhere to turn. I've been there, I know how to find them and hopefully I'll be able to help them. Dad J reminded me that being a foster parent or adoption is always an option, but he also said he's not quite ready to be Grandpa J. I just laughed.

They are getting ready to tear down the old Landmark Mall. I walked in the other day and walked down the hallway to that bathroom. A part of my life is going away with it it was the end of a very bad chapter and the start of a very good story!

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