Hooking Up Wif Matt

The Fucked Up Schoolies Roadtrip


This is a continuation to another story of mine, Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens ( which is available on Nifty and at my blog )

So if you haven't read that, it doesn't really matter, but it might flesh it out Josh and the other characters a bit more and stuff...

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You guys all know the drill, if you're not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don
't know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, maybe drug use and yeah, gay sex.
So, if you
're not old enough, best keep moving along.
But, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, hey, get a load off haha...




...Faris was balancing on his shoulders, his muscles tensing against the cold tile of his lounge room floor. We were sliding around from the tanning lotion we caked on earlier, his hands gripped my arms tightly for balance as I hovered up above him.

I was holding myself in a push-up, my feet propped deep into his leather lounge, my arms stretched out on the floor in front of me. Faris was twisted under me, his hairy arse up and waiting eagerly for my dick, his shoulders and chest under my head, occasionally his legs would bend back it and grip awkwardly around and onto my arse.

Upside-down fucking, basically. His favourite. He loved to watch me press and stretch my arms as I lifted myself, and every time I lowered myself, I felt his tight, warm hole tighten and throb around my dick, and watched his eyes squint in ecstasy.

I had my hands on either side of his head, staring down, sweating and watching as he grumbled each time my cock slammed right down deep into his hole, my balls thumping and tickling at his arse.

My cock slopped inside one last time and I felt his hole snap around my shaft, I watched as his cock exploded with sprog, slithering down his own hairy abs, spurting up onto his tight, sweaty pecs. Some had splattered onto my stomach upside down, it dripped back down onto him, settling on the nape of his neck. The blood began escaping my arms, my own cock start to shudder.

With a noisy squelch I shot my load deep into Faris. I could feel my dick slopping in and out like a plunger, my knob ripped up and out of his hole faster and faster. My arms began to hurt, but I gave myself enough strength to balance myself and rip my cock out from his over flowing, sprog filled asshole one last time.

I felt my warm load dribbling and erupting from inside him, decorating the floor underneath as it leaked out. I lowered myself slowly on his panting, sweating, oily chest, his sprog squished onto my sweaty wet stomach, my dick dribbled out it's last lonely shot, filling his hairy belly button.

Faris was grumbling deep inside, out of breath. He slowly ran his tongue down my stubbly chin, slowly dragged himself to settle his legs up onto the lounge, either side of mine. We rested.

"...Fark..." He managed to grunt.

I just nodded and smiled at him.

He took a deep breath and slowly lifted me up with his powerful arms.

"...oi, gotta go clean up...you over flowed me." Faris said, with a smile.

"...gross." I laughed.

I watched Faris leave. He looked cute all sweaty and hairy and covered in sprog. I flipped myself around to sit on the cold tile, staring out of the massive glass doors, looking out at the sun on the afternoon ocean. I heard a familiar tone and Faris answer his phone in the other room.

I reached over for a pair of board shorts that we had thrown off earlier after being on the balcony. Someone trudged down the hallway loudly, half running. It was Khalil. He stopped when he saw me. Not that seeing me naked was a shock, he'd seen that all the time, he just winked at me. I held the board shorts awkwardly in front of my dick.

"...Bro, we're out..." He said, like I had heard so many times before.

I just nodded slowly.

Khalil disappeared after Faris. I stood up and stretched, my phone buzzed from across the room. Fumbling with my board shorts, I picked up my phone and read the message from Faris.

"...back soon bro" was it all said. I just nodded to myself as I heard their car speed off down the street...

I guess I should go back to the beginning of that, hey? My name is Josh, I just turned 17 about two weeks ago. Nearly half a year earlier I had a 4 month stay in Middle Acre Correctional Facility for Troubled Teens, a juvenile prison, where I met Faris, the bloke I was just fucking. Oh and I met Khalil there too, the other guy, though I had not fucked him...well, not yet anyway haha.

I'll take you back a year. It was the end of November and I had been out of Middle Acre for a couple of weeks, spending the long weekend down at a beach house with my Dad.

While I was down there I hooked up with a bloke named Ryan, he was around my age, and hot. We hung out for a bit while he was down on holidays, it was awesome.

Middle Acre had cemented my feelings towards guys, though I still struggled to bring myself to admit it out loud. Playing with Ryan added to my confusion, though I loved every minute of it.

My whole holiday was leading up to seeing Faris at Christmas. He asked me to come stay with him then because by that time he would have been out of Middle Acre.

Faris had turned 18 by now, not that it really mattered to me, but his social life had jumped up a few notches. He was constantly busy, always doing something, he was nearly impossible to organise things with. Eventually, we worked out a TXT relationship, where we'd catch up via TXT messages basically. Oh, and because he is the son of one our states most well known politicians, the stuff that we were doing had to be done discreetly...apparently...

I fucked around with that Ryan bloke I mentioned earlier, so our long weekend trip down the coast wasn't a complete waste of time. I was back home the next week, and back at school, though I couldn't wait to get my cock back into Faris...

My boys Owen, Wes, Lucas and Ford were more interested in working out our End Of Year Road Trip. It was recess and we were camped out in the sun at the back of the industrial arts block.

"...it's all done, basically. My bro has booked the places, we just have to give him a hundred bucks each!" Ford explained.

"Fuck off! A hundred bucks. We'd be staying in shit holes, no way they're worth that!" Wes complained.

"Err, nah, for food and petrol and shit...it adds up...hundred bucks is pretty good." Ford tried to reason.

"Are they near the beaches?" I asked.

Ford stared blankly.

"That's awesome, what's the bet they're nowhere near anything?!" Wes complained again.

"Nah, he said they're near them. Fuck off, I'll ask him tonight, just get the money tonight or something, he has to hire the van and shit." Ford pleaded with us all. We all nodded, except for Wes who rolled his eyes.

"...how long are you gone for?" Michelle, Ford's girlfriend, asked in her annoying voice.

"I dunno baby, a week? 10 days maybe?" Ford explained, in a baby voice.

"Aww, that's gay! Sad face!" Michelle groaned.

Michelle had an annoying, actually stupid habit, of saying emoticons out loud. Like, say, you type a smiley face in a message, she'd say something like "can't wait till later, smiley face!" and smile. Idiot.

She has a hot brother Duane actually, he was older, I'd fuck him if he asked, though it hadn't come up...The recess bell rang and you heard the collective groan around the school. The boys split up to go to class and I continued on with Owen.

"...so how's Willowpine? Did you hire yourself a Pool Boy?" Owen joked.

"I think the woman next door has one. Unless its just her fuck buddy while the husbands at work. I see them all the time when I skate round the back." I laughed.

"I timed my walk over the other night, it only took me like 15 minutes." Owen said, excitedly.

"Yeah, it's not that far. I'll have me own car soon so..." I trailed off.

"Bullshit." Owen laughed.

"...well, I'll get one eventually..." I trailed off.

One of our teachers, Mrs. Werner appeared from somewhere and stopped us.

"Josh! Hi, look, excellent essay, I was just going to ask, if you don't mind, I was going to submit it for the comp..." She stopped.

"...yeah, that's cool...whatever...I guess." I said, trying to sound tough in front of Wes.

"Excellent, I'll send it off this afternoon!" She beamed, disappearing again. Owen stared at me, his mouth agape.

"...what the fuck was that?" He laughed.

"Fuck off, it's that thing I did about Middle Acre." I said, quietly.

"Oh, Life Behind Bars: My Middle Acre Story? What the fuck man, seriously?" Owen continued to laugh.

"I didn't try very hard, it's not my fault I'm totz a good writer." I laughed.

"Totz? Oh fuck off, don't turn into Michelle. Angry Face." Owen joked.

"Totz is alright...people say totz." I objected.

"How is lover boy, actually, now that you reminded me?" Owen asked, quietly, we were at our classroom by now.

"Which one?" I asked, accidentally.

"There's another one? You fucking slut!" Owen laughed aloud.

A girl in front of us gasped and ran off.

"...oops." Owen looked away awkwardly.

"I'll tell you later mate." I said as we slumped into our seats and started listening to our history teacher drone on about nothing in particular.

The rest of the day went quickly, I followed the rest of my boys out of class before Owen whistled me over to the car park to his beaten up car.

It was cool that Owen had his license now. His older brother Warren had bought himself something new, so Owen was now the proud owner of a hand-me-down bomb, but hey, at least he had a car.

We made our way home, since I had moved it took a little longer to drop me off, but we still passed through my old neighbourhood. Owen kicked me out at my house and honked noisily as he disappeared down the street, some of my new neighbours sighed loudly, gossiping in the front of their yards.

My Dad had met a new `lady friend' his words, not mine. Her name was Rochella and she was the nicest woman Dad had ever brought home, other than my actual mum I guess.

She was Italian and pretty hot for her age. I might as well say she was a MILF haha. Dad had met her through work and she used to lived over in the next suburb. With our old house full of bad memories for my Dad, we ended up ditching the place in GreenAcre and moving across to the slightly classier suburb of WillowPine.

She had a son, Anthony, who was a bit older than me. She showed me a photo of him from school and he was pretty hot, he lived up the coast with his real Dad. She also had an older daughter who was hot too, I guess...for a girl, I never really asked where she was, travelling I think...She's a chick, who cares haha.

It didn't take Dad and Rochella long to get married, I know it's weird, they went on a holiday for a couple of weeks and came back married. I was happy that my Dad was happy, and Rochella was awesome to have around the house.

She kept my Dad in the best mood I had seen him in years, and she was kinda cool, modern, young and understanding. I had no problem with her being my step-mum. But enough of that mushy shit...

I pulled off my school gear and balanced onto my bed in my boxers, which was my usual after school ritual. Dad had walked in on me a few times playing the Xbox half naked and thought I was beating off, I ended up buying a lock for me door haha.

Dad had bought me all this stuff after our indirect agreement that I'd take school more seriously. The deal was I could play the Xbox if I had done my school work. But really, my `school work' laptop was just full of porn by this stage.

I read an email from a girl at school asking how I was after getting out of prison. I didn`t talk to her at school so didn`t really want to be her friend online. Pretty standard net shit really haha. My phone vibrated with a txt from Wes.

"Oi come over to mine tonight" he had txt'd.

I just laughed.

Basically, every night I'd been out hanging with the boys. My Dad even said I'd be sick of them by the time we went on our Road Trip. Which would probably be true, but we didn't care.

Most nights, I'd sneak out, or just out-and-out lie and say I was going over to theirs to study, and we'd just drink their brothers beer or bourbon or vodka or Jagermeister or whatever was lying around and get wasted. It was good to be back with my boys.

"...cool, yeah, whatevs, see you then." I txt'd back.

I had settled back on my bed, balancing the warm laptop on my bare legs when my phone buzzed again. I rolled my eyes, thinking it was Wes. It was Faris.

"Bro, city tomorrow night! Stay in the unit." he txt'd.

My dick stirred in my boxers and I grinned to myself.

"awesome mate. what time?" I found myself txting back.

There was nothing. I clicked around on the laptop for a bit, my phone buzzed again.

It was a shot of a dick. A thin, uncut, brown dick poking out from a bush of black pubes. I recognised it instantly. My cock shuddered to life in my boxers and I smirked.

"...fuck mate...nice..." I started to reply before another message arrived.

"...all yours tomorrow night bro" Faris had written. My cock was rock hard by now, straining upwards against my boxers.

Suddenly, my door swung open and I ended up throwing my laptop off the bed. My neighbour Matt stood at the door, laughing, he closed the door behind him while he pointed at the tight tent in my boxers.

"...sorry I interrupted hey...oh, and lock your door..." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

"...you always catch me with a hard on" I joked.

He stretched and laughed.

"...they're usually cos of me man, I understand." He winked.

I laughed louder, sliding out to the side of my bed, finding my laptop on a pile of clothes. At least it didn't smash.

"...so you were gonna bat one out on the net?" Matt asked, pointing at my boner.

I patted him on the shoulder and shook my head, making my way out the door the bathroom. Matt just laughed.

"That's fine...just walk off...whatever..." He joked.

"I'm pissing, dick. Be back in a sec." I said, bluntly.

I wasn't gone long so I continued the conversation as I walked back in my room.

"...nah mate, it was Faris." I started, noticing Matt had my phone.

"...I can see that. Nice." He winked.

"He's done that before..." I explained.

"Sent dick? Or got you hard?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, pretty much." I answered, vaguely.

"...Got you hard?...dude, fuck, he's getting me hard!" Matt joked.

I laughed.

"...last time he sent one I was out with you boys, remember? I was full hiding my phone from you?!" I groaned.

"...you're complaining?" Matt asked.

"...oh, nah, but imagine if the boys saw this?" I asked, pointing at the cock on my phone.

Matt nodded, staring blankly.

"...they`ve seen worse shit, trust me!" He joked.

I tussled his hair playfully.

"Fuck off man, you know what I mean!" I said.

Matt shrugged.

"...Yeah, I guess? They'd only be jealous anyway." He smirked.

I smacked him playfully across the back of the head, I found myself scratching my balls through the fly of my boxers. Matt stared at me.

"...did you want me to take a return cock shot for you?" Matt asked, laughing. I spun around and squeezed my cock. We both laughed.

"...totally..." I smirked, smacking my phone out of his hands.

"You dick!"

The best thing about moving house was having Matt as my new neighbour.

Our new place was pretty awesome, it was about 20 minutes further away from my GreenAcre mates. I couldn't just walk down to Owen's anymore and hang out. Well, I could, but it'd require effort or take me half an hour. Dad still didn't trust me with the ute, which was fair enough...

Before we moved in, I had only met Matt a few times at school. He sat with the surfer boys down by the basketball court. Which basically was where the slutty girls and hot blokes sat, and occasionally they'd get up and maybe play a game of basketball. The guys would anyway, not the slutty girls.

This was before I was sent to Middle Acre Correctional Facility for Troubled Teens. Back when I hardly ever went to school. I'd notice his dark brown tan from miles away because it stuck out with his stark white blonde hair. That and he was hot. There was a boyish, relaxed

charm about Matt that I liked.

I never really got to know him through school. But I learnt we had something major in common. And it wasn't school or skate boarding. Matt was into dicks. He didn't even use the "bi" label to hide behind either. He was outright into dicks. I admired him for that.

Neither of us were out and proud at school, so to speak, only he and I knew the fact. Owen knew about me, but only cos we'd played around, he didn't know about Matt as yet. He called Faris `Lover Boy' to tease me, only because I had told him so much about Faris and Middle Acre and all that. But I didn't learnt that Matt liked dick at school...the way I found out was pretty hot...

...About two, three months before I was sent to Middle Acre Correctional Facility For Troubled Teens, I was standing around in the street with my mate Ford. His parents named him after the car he was made in. I'm serious. His Dad had a pimped out Ford car that they fucked in and 9 months later, Ford was born. Classy parents hey?

We had been skating most of the day, even though Ford had his phone permanently at his ear, listening to his whinging girlfriend. I didn't really care that much because that sorta thing happened so often.

I was leaning back awkwardly against a tree, munching on a hot chip. I'd pulled my shirt off hours ago, tucking it into my shorts. My hat was on backwards and my iPod was half hanging from my ear. I was well prepared for Ford being on his phone for most of the day. Ford hung up, finally, smirked, shrugged and turned away. I just rolled my eyes, he swiped a chip off me.

"...soz mate." He said, eventually.

I just smirked.

"It's all good man, I don't care..." I said, not sounding sincere.

Ford turned back, patting me on the head.

"We got a good skate in? Plus the girls saw your abs...that's all you wanted!" Ford joked.

"...how's Michelle?" I asked eventually.

"...yeah, she's alright. I have to go over to hers soon though..."

He trailed off. I nodded.

"Need a bit of pussy hey?" I joked.

Ford laughed.

"You know it." He said.

Ford was another of my hot mates. He wasn't hot hot, just down to earth guy hot if that makes sense. He kinda stocky, but built, his arms always did it for me, I could stare at them for hours.

I was jealous of his facial hair too actually. We were only into our early teens and he'd already grown a messy trail of hair from his sideburns down to his chin. His abs were hairy too, as if his snail trail had escaped from between his abs and stretched across his stomach. It annoyed me at bit, cos I was still smooth, I had them few random hairs but it wasn't the same.

"...dude, I'm out." Ford said, he had been txting the whole time I was undressing him with my eyes.

"...Oh?...ok...whatevs" I said, not caring.

He kicked down his board and gave me a weird little wave. I just nodded and waved back as he skated down the street.

I stretched and yawned in the sun, having no plans for the rest of the day, sure most kids were at school but...yeah, I'm not most kids.

I found myself walking slowly to the beat of the tunes on my iPod, making my way back home. The sweat was beading down my front, I didn't care, the cool wind felt good on my chest. I turned a corner and suddenly felt my abs cringe and cramp. I had to piss.

Scanning the street, all I could see were houses on both sides, not even a bush that I could hide behind. Further down the street was an oval that I recognised from years ago.

We used to have bonfires on there. I started the tradition after seeing it down the coast at our holiday place. The ones we had at this oval though consisted of us all getting smashed drunk and lighting some bins on fire. Either way, still good fun haha.

The oval backed onto the railway lines, and beyond the railway lines was basically "the bad part" of town. It had old, long abandoned warehouses and sheds. There was even a scruffy, angry dog that lived there. No one really went there anymore. It used to be funny back when we were kids. Like, I dunno, 8. But since then it just seems sorta creepy and sad.

The oval itself wasn't even really used for soccer games anymore. There was patches of overly long grass next to dead patches of soil. The back of it had collapsed into a greasy, rancid creek filled with oil drums, trash, shopping trolleys, just any shit really. Not really the most inviting oval to play a game of soccer.

As I crunched onto the dry grass I could see the stained, old bricks of the toilet block. It looked creepy from far away, even during the day, but stuff like that didn't worry me right now, I needed to piss like a racehorse.

I turned towards the entrance, looking around for some reason, probably from embarrassment. No one was around, just a car parked across the road. I pushed on the gate and it grunted. Locked.

"FUCK!" I groaned to myself. I kicked the gate angrily and stomped my way around to the cold side of the toilet block.

A chill wind blew across my chest now, freezing the sweat. I shuddered and groaned. If this other gate was locked I was just going to piss on the wall. I didn't care if anyone who lived on either side of the oval could see.

I slopped along the muddy ground and found the other entrance. The gate was unlocked...somewhat. The metal gate had been ripped from its hinges.

Inside it was dark, dank, and smelt of piss and wet bricks. The lights were shattered, only two of them worked, they flicked on and off. The cracked tile floor was slippery, slimy even. Covered in piss I assumed. I felt so dirty just walking in there haha.

The dark urinal wall was dry as a desert, strangely. It was covered in dust and dirt, mounds of leaves had settled in the trough. I don't think it worked or had been used to years. I didn't care.

Back then, my experience with beats was limited to what happened later in Middle Acre, but I could tell this abandoned block was so a Beat. Someone coughed and I completely jumped. I fumbled to stop my iPod and could feel my heart pounding. Looking around frantically, I couldn't see anybody. It was dark, but not that dark. Then, the voice cleared their throat with a long, hocking spit.

I found myself stepping backwards, sweat was starting to pour down my chest. I wasn't scared I don't think, just wary of who was in there. As I moved back my shoe slid noisily along the tile with a squeal.

"...that you, mate?" a guy asked.

I gasped, my heart still pounding. I wanted to turn and run but my feet didn't react. Then, I saw the guy poke his head out backwards from the stall. We were both startled.

"...shit mate, sorry." The guy said.

I just stared at him, motionless. Another bead of sweat trickled down my chest.

"...these stalls are feral hey." The guy said, laughing nervously.

He looked young, I couldn't really tell, he had sunglasses, something about his blonde hair struck a chord.

The guy stepped out from the stall and moved over to the sink. I hadn't moved yet, just stood still, staring at him. My mind was racing. I knew him. He was the same height as me, blonde hair, pretty good build in his tight, dark blue singlet. He wore short grey work shorts and dirty leather boots. A hot workman.

He had a deep brown tan, all over as far as I could tell. He splashed some water into his hair and turned to face me. He smirked.

"...hope I didn't scare ya or some shit, mate." He said, finally, in a hot, surfer sounding voice. I found myself gulping.

"...oh, hey, nah, it's all good, I was just gonna..." I stammered.

He laughed. Then, my mind snapped. I knew who he was.

"Oi, hey, sorry, do you go to Greensdale High?" I found myself asking.

The guy looked at me and laughed.

"Oh, yeah, hey I thought I recognised ya man." The guy said.

We both laughed. There was silence.

"...Oh, it's Matt, sorry." He said, with a laugh, reaching out to shake my hand.

"Awesome mate, Josh." I said, shaking his hand.

"...Cool." Matt said, eventually, leaning back against the stall wall.

There was silence again.

"Do you come here often?" Matt asked, with a smirk.

I just stared at him.

"What?" I asked, bluntly. "I came here to piss..."

"Oh, yeah, I know, I mean like, it's funny cos...like.." He trailed off.

My mind clicked and I laughed, Matt just shook his head.

"The stalls are pretty fucked though, man. I'd look out" Matt suggested. I moved towards them and shuffled into one, realising there was no door on it.

"It's all good man, I just need to piss and get out of here!" I said.

I waited a few seconds before peeing to give Matt a chance to leave. But after a while it was obvious he was hanging around to chat.

Finally, my body gave in and the second my dick left my shorts, piss smashed against the bowl like a firehouse.

"...actually man, you might be able to help me?" Matt asked from outside the stall.

"...yeah?" I asked, eventually.

"Where's Doolans Road from here?" He asked.

I'd finished peeing and tucked my dick away. I made my way out towards the sink.

"...It's...I think it's down a few on the right. It joins up to the shops I think?" I wondered aloud, not quite sure.

Matt was leaning against the entrance wall, smoking a self rolled cigarette with one hand and scratching his snail trail with the other. I had a hypnotic view of his hairy, brown, toned stomach.

"That's cool, I gotta go there and pick up some shit." He said.

I was still staring at his stomach before I realized he was wearing his sunglasses. I didn't know if he had noticed but I was instantly embarrassed. I quickly splashed my hair with some water. Silence again.

"Aren't you sposed to be at school?" We both said at the same time.

We laughed.

Matt had flicked up his sunnies to scratch his face.

"You first?" He pointed, with a smile.

I stretched my arms up behind my head and laughed.

"Dude, I haven't been to school in months." I said.

Matt nodded, looking me up and down.

"Same. Well, for half a year I reckon. I got this apprenticeship with a mate of my dads. I get cash in hand, don't do that much, just lift bricks and shit occasionally, it's fucking awesome!" He admitted.

"Nice!" I said, sincerely. "Plus you can work on your tan"

I think my dick made me add that compliment.

"I know hey, that's all we do, just stand around and get brown." He laughed.

"That's cool, I reckon I'm gonna end up doing something like that when I leave." I agreed.

"...what?...get brown?" Matt laughed. I groaned.

"You know what I mean." I said.

"Yeah, do it mate. It's so good having the money come in and shit. Except I can't do it full time cos I'm still only in year 9. I need to be older apparently..." Matt trailed off.

"Oh, cool, yeah, same as me." I added.

Matt thought about that for a moment.

"Oh yeah! We`re in the same year at school hey. Fuck, I`m stupid!" Matt laughed. "Are you in any of my classes?"

"I can't remember man, we're never there...." I joked.

Matt laughed.

"True that. But if schools giving you the shits, get rid of it. I`m so out of there after Year 10" Matt explained. I nodded.

"Same as me I reckon. I'm not getting anywhere. I`m not that smart"

I admitted. Matt laughed.

"Aww, you'd be right man." He smiled.

I just nodded.

"You'd be more help to me right now then most of the blokes there." Matt complained.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Pfft, the other bloke from the site should be here picking up this shit for me but when I rang him before he`s down the beach!" Matt explained.

"...yeah, well, it's a good day for it!" I joked.

Matt rolled his eyes, his cig hung loosely on his bottom lip.

"Oh, you smoke bro? Sorry, forgot to ask ya!" Matt said, kindly.

I nodded.

"I do, mate. Thanks." I said. Matt fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a rolled cigarette.

"It's a durry mate, does that matter?" He asked.

I think he was trying to apologise for it being a "Roll Your Own" cigarette instead of a packet one. I didn't really care.

"Nah, all good man." I said, lighting up.

We smoked for a few moments in the dimly lit toilet block.

"Oh, I'd offer you pot mate, but I'm all out." Matt laughed to himself.

"Aww, sucks mate!" I joked.

"Serious, my mates got a whole fucking back yard full!" Matt beamed, excitedly.

"Nice!" I just smiled.

There was something cute and innocent about him.

"You'll have to come round and get some shit mate. It's wicked."

Matt smiled, an alluring, flirty sort of smirk.

"Awesome, I'll take you up on that." I said, with a laugh.

Matt laughed too.

"Rihanna would love you, mate." Matt said, still laughing, staring at me. I nodded before I realized I had no idea what he was talking about.

"...the singer?" I eventually asked.

Matt scratched his chest and laughed.

"Oh, nah, Rihanna, she's my best mate. Heaps nice chick. She'd full love you." Matt explained. I just nodded.

"...fair enough.." I laughed, trailing off awkwardly.

"Nah mate, seriously, she loves cut, hot Goth-looking skater boys." Matt said. I gasped.

"Fuck off man, I'm not Goth!" I laughed, half insulted, half noticing that he called me hot. " I do skate but, yeah..."

"You look like a skater. Oh, nah, you're a bit more built." Matt complimented, pointing at my abs. I smirked.

"...Well, is she into cut, hot, surfer blokes like you?...or only skater Goths?" I teased.

I felt my balls tingle, something was up.

Matt took a puff of his cig and breathed it out with another laugh.

"Nah, nah, just the skater boys. With tatts too, you need a couple of tatts." He admitted.

"Have you got any?" I asked.

Matt shook his head.

"I wanna get the Southern Cross here on my right tit." Matt explained, pulling his singlet down slightly to show my his slightly fuzzy brown pecs. I just nodded.

"I`ll get it done eventually, but. All my mates have tatts." He trailed off.

"Is that why Rihanna's not into you?" I joked.

"...what?..." Matt asked, confused.

"...cos you haven't got any tatts?" I continued.

He laughed.

"Oh, nah, man, that's not it..." Matt trailed off again.

We had another moment.

"That's a shame, I guess." I joked.

He nodded and smiled.

"You'd think that, wouldn't ya?" He said, strangely.

"She doesn't go to our school but? Does she?" I asked.

Matt shook his head.

"Nah, she's from the city, not that far away." Matt trailed off.

"That'd suck having your girlfriend far away." I said, trying to gauge his reaction.

"Oh, she's not my girlfriend." Matt said.

Something clicked.

"Yeah, chicks, fuck em!" I joked.

Matt laughed, he shook his head.

"You'd think that, wouldn't ya?" He said again, this time laughing at his own joke. I looked at him.

"You're a strange cunt, mate." I joked. "...No offence."

"None taken. I always thought you were pretty bad ass." Matt smirked.

"Thanks?...I guess." I trailed off.

"Nah, I meant...like...I'd see you at school all brooding & mysterious.." Matt tried to explain.

"Brooding and mysterious?" I laughed.

"Yeah, you always looked like you wanted to pound somebody." Matt added. I nodded, before laughing in my head at the double meaning.

"I probably did, man, school's shit." I said, eventually.

We had another smoke moment.

"...I don't really know if you're bad ass or not. I don`t think I`ve ever spoken to you at school?" I laughed, scratching my bare chest.

"Oh, you keep an eye out for me, do ya?" Matt joked.

I must have blushed, I stammered.

"Nah, I meant, like, when I'd see you, when I'm there, you`re with your crew..."

I trailed off. Matt smirked.

"Yeah, with my girls." He said.

I just nodded.

"...the slutty ones?" I joked.

Matt nodded.

"Yeah mate, loose bitches that lot." He said.

I nodded.

"I guessed that." I trailed off.

Matt finished his cig and flicked it away.

"But, as you said man, Chicks...fuck em!" Matt laughed.

I nodded. Matt stood silently for a moment, lifting his singlet once again to flash me his hairy, brown, toned abs. I shuddered at the sight. Good shuddering, not bad.

"Oh, you go to the gym at the club, hey?" Matt asked, suddenly realizing something. I nodded.

"Yeah, I go with my footy boys." I stopped. "...do you?"

He nodded also.

"...I've been there a couple of times. But, I'm pretty sure I've seen you there with Guns." Matt trailed off, nodding to himself.

"...Guns?" I asked.

Matt laughed to himself.

"Yeah, sorry, Wes Browne." Matt laughed.

"Wes?...Why's he called Guns?" I asked, confused.

Matt flexed his arms on either side and smirked.

"Guns!" He said, nodding his head at his arm muscles.

I laughed, staring at his perfect arms.

"Yeah, why is Wes called Guns? His arms aren't that good!" I laughed.

"They're pretty awesome though, mate." Matt insisted.

I grinned.

"Yours are better than his, dude." I said.

Matt shrugged. My mind clicked

"Wait a sec...Do you have a nickname for me?" I asked.

Matt laughed, looking away.

"Nah, not yet." His laugh trailed off.

"Fuck off! Yes you do!" I teased.

"Nah, seriously man, I don't!" He insisted.

I glared at him.

"Ok, hey, how about I call you Smoothie?" He joked.

I continued to stare.

"Smoothie? What? Like a drink?" I asked.

Matt laughed.

"Err, nah mate, cos you're smooth..." Matt said, with a smirk, lifting his singlet, running his fingers down the smooth side of his abs. I just laughed.

"Smooth as a baby's bottom." Matt joked.

I punched him playfully.

"Fuck off man." I rolled my eyes, sliding my hand down my smooth abs. Matt pointed at me.

"Nah, mate, it's cool, chicks like the shaved looked anyway, trust me." Matt said, almost sympathetically. I laughed too.

"I don't shave! I'm just not heaps hairy like you!" I said, pointing at his stomach.

"You're cut but, so it's all good, you don`t need hair" Matt commented.

"Yeah, I know..." I joked.

Matt nodded.

"I must admit but, I'm the most cut of the guys. Like, the other boys try but yeah, just doesn't work." I laughed.

Matt laughed too.

"Oh, you know Hunter?" I asked.

Matt nodded.

"Yeah Hunter...I forget his last name...tall, buff bloke?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, buff, well, he was on steroids, like late last year right, and when we were getting changed after a game his balls were full blue and his dick was all tiny & shrivelled..." I started to say.

"Feral." Matt grumbled.

"...and yeah he had to go to the doc to get him off them cos they gave him hell bad roid rage. Oh, well that and it'd fuck up his puberty and shit. But, now he's disproportionate." I finished, I was babbling and I didn't know why.

"Disproportionate?! Classic." Matt laughed, thinking for a moment.

"He is, actually, now that you mention it. Like a weird hour-glass." He added.

"I know hey, I feel sorry for him. And his tiny dick...but, you know how it is, everyone's tiny compared to me." I laughed.

Matt looked at me over his sunglasses.

"...till you met me, that is." Matt joked.

I laughed and it trailed off.

"A massive cock ay?" I asked.

"Yeah, pretty much." Matt laughed, nodding.

"I had a mate once that had, like, a 10 inch fucking massive knob. He was from the country. The chicks loved him." Matt added.

"Sounds like my mate Donkey. It's full long and shit." I explained.

"Ah, Donkey Dick?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, Donkey. It's not that big though haha, I reckon my 8 inches is still pretty good." I said, proudly.

"Yeah, easier to handle." Matt agreed.

"Weird shit to be talking about in a toilet, hey?" I asked, strangely.

Matt laughed.

"Well, yeah, but I got nothing better to do, so..." He laughed.

I nodded.

"Yeah, same really." I trailed off.

"You're a pretty good package all round mate, so you got nothing to worry about." Matt complimented, randomly, breaking an awkward silence. I smirked.

"Aww, thanks mate, you too." I beamed.

"...even if you only got a little dick." Matt added.

"Fuck off!" I found myself punching him playfully again, he laughed.

Matt moved towards the toilet again.

"Sorry mate, gotta pee again." He said, disappearing into the stall.

"I had a full massive drink before."

I just nodded, hearing Matt pee.

"You got a lady bladder, more like." I snickered.

Matt coughed.

"Fuck off man." He grumbled from the stall.

"It's all good, I was heading home now. Are you going back to work?"

I found myself asking.

"...Did you need a lift back?" Matt asked.

I didn't really think.

"Nah, mate, I should be right, I've got my board and I'm only down the road." I began, staring at my iPod for a moment.

I stopped at the silence. When I looked up I saw Matt's plump cock hanging out in front of me. He was peeing sideways for some reason. He saw me out of the corner of his eye.

"...you right man?" He asked, with a smirk.

I looked away embarrassed.

"Shit, sorry mate, I thought you were finished." I said, spinning to look away.

"I don't care mate." Matt said, simply.

"I wasn't checking out your dick or anything." I found myself saying.

Matt had stopped and turned to face me, his dick still hanging out. He slowly started to tuck his dick away.

"Seriously mate, I don't care, we're both blokes." Matt said.

I nodded, I could feel sweat beading down my forehead. Not that Matt looked like the violent type, but just the situation gave me a cautious rush.

"...it's just annoying trying to tuck a hard-on in. I hate that." Matt said.

"Yeah I know hey." I agreed, before realizing what he had said.

Matt moved over towards the sink before my mind snapped.

"What?" I laughed "Why have you got a hard-on?" I asked, bluntly.

"Cos you're hot mate. It's a rare find." Matt said.

I was taken aback.

"You're here for the beat right?" Matt asked.

I was silent for a moment.

"Nah, I just came to pee..." I trailed off. "...is this a beat?"

Matt laughed.

"Yeah mate, but if you're not interested, I'll go." Matt said, moving away.

"Oh, nah, don't go man, it's...it's all good." I said.

Matt smirked.

"I'm gay mate, did you know?" Matt admitted.

I was shocked.

"...really?" I asked.

Matt nodded.

"I would have told you before, but I just had to work out if you're a psycho...and you`re not..." Matt said.

I nodded.

"Oh, cool, thanks mate. Nah, I'm not." I stammered.

"I'll let ya go man, sorry if this was weird." Matt said.

"I'm gay too." I found myself blurting out.

Matt smirked.

"...really?...or are you just saying that?" He asked.

I stared blankly for a moment.

"Nah, serious, I've done heaps of stuff with blokes." I explained.

Matt ran his fingers through his hair.

"That's hot. Oh, with Guns? That'd be hot if you've fooled around with Guns..." Matt said, looking excited.

"Oh, nah, not Wes...this other bloke. Other guys..." I trailed off.

Matt shrugged.

"Still hot though." He said, sincerely.

"It'll be cool to have a gay mate nearby." I admitted.

"I was just thinking that. Plus, you're a hot one. So score for me." Matt smirked. I laughed.

"You're hot too, mate, so...score for me too" I said, sincerely.

"Let's just agree that we're both hot." Matt laughed.

I nodded.

"Agreed." I trailed off.

There was an awkward silence.

"...Well, I probably don't have to tuck my dick back in?" Matt flirted.

I laughed.

"Nah, I guess not." I nodded, smiling. "It looked good, well, what I saw, anyway."

"Thanks mate." Matt said, sincerely, looking over his shoulder, I guess to see if anyone was outside. He slid open the buttons of his tight, dirty work shorts and a tower of underwear poked out.

I felt my own dick slither down my boxers, straining against my shorts. I rearranged my hat nervously, wondering if Matt was looking at the snake in my shorts that was now rock hard.

"Oi, you know before, how I said chicks like shaved blokes?" Matt asked, lifting up his singlet to run his fingers down his hairy brown abs.

"...Yeah?" I gulped.

"...I meant to say I like shaved blokes." Matt laughed.

I laughed.

"I seriously don't shave!" I complained.

Matt reached over lightly and slid his fingers down between my abs. I shuddered with the feeling. His finger shone with my sweat.

"...it's hot...makes it easier to clean up afterwards." Matt explained.

I was half in a daze.

"...clean what up?" I asked.

"If I shot my load on your abs, it just slides right off." He said, with a smirk. I grinned and my cock throbbed.

"Ah yeah, so if I blew on you, it'd be harder to clean up?" I flirted.

"Well, not harder. Just messier." Matt said, stretching his arms back behind his head. He checked his watch and groaned.

"I gotta get back to fuckin work bro!" He grumbled.

I slumped, annoyed, horny.

"...so get in that stall so I can blow you." Matt added.

Matt reached forward and grabbed me by the waistband of my shorts, he slid me forward and smirked, flicking his sunglasses up and into his hair.

"You don't mess around hey?" I asked, reaching into my boxers...

...to be continued!...



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