Hooking Up Wif Tony

- Part One -

You all know the drill, if you’re not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don’t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, drug use and of course, gay sex.
So, if you’re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But of course, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, enjoy and knock yourself out...

< Before we begin, I had this story submitted and published on Nifty about a year ago. Back then, I wrote it as it happened, and I would add parts as the month went on. Then, I had it removed, because of something that happened to one of the characters a few months after I had posted it. It put the story in a different perspective. Nothing wrong with it, I just felt bad about it. Recently though, as time has passed, I thought it only fair to re-submit it with a few alterations and corrections.

Very true elements still remain in majority of the story, though I’ve slightly tweaked a few parts. Name changes, obviously.
I hope you guys understand. Once you read the end you’ll know exactly what I mean here. Feel free to email me with any questions, or comments, or just email to say G’day, its all good, thank you, Scott. >

- Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part One -

My name’s Ryan and I work at a store called Value For U, which pretty much is just a supermarket. Yes, I’m a box packer. I stock shelves of a night after school so I can buy a car.
I’m in year 10 at high school ( which are senior years for our US readers ) and really didn’t want to still be there. My parents kept me in school because I’m still only 17, so legally I can’t officially argue with them till next year haha. Which I so plan on doing by the way.
School sucks. You guys know what I mean. I’d never learn anything, and if I did I’d forget it straight away. It was just a chance to hang out with my mates all day and I loved that part of it.
Luckily, a mate of mine had got me the job here at Value For U. And even luckier still was that the store was nowhere near where I live, so I never, ever saw anyone from my school. That was a plus, because was no chance at all of me being seen or paid out by any of my school mates!
I worked with heaps of different people, usually older mums just looking for something to do at night. There were trendy uni students, not very talkative heaps old people, and a few girls my age. Though, obviously, girls didn’t interest me.
The one person that did interest me was a guy who was in the same year as me at a different school. His name was Anthony Cavallo and he was my work-mate, in that I really only got to talk to him at work.

I'd been at work for about 3 hours, lifting up boxes of crap, putting crap out, standing around looking at crap, nothing exciting. Oh and I had been eating a packet of chips over the course of my shift, which we’re not supposed to do, obviously, but our shift manager didn’t care.
It was about 10ish at night when Anthony, though I call him Tony, got to work. He was 17 and half Italian, so to put it bluntly, he was fucking hot to look at. He had a sexy Italian accent when he spoke English, he spoke Italian too on the phone to his Dad a couple of times, and that was hot. He wasn’t tall, but was tall enough, athletic build with tanned olive skin, jet black hair and the most toned body I have seen on a guy that wasn't in porn magazines. His arms looked like they were bursting out of his work shirt when he lifted things, and his pecs were always pressed hard against the fabric.
Now, not to boast, but I had a pretty good body too. And lifting heavy boxes every night of the week was really the main reason for it.
My mate had a home gym in his garage, but it felt kinda weird going to his place to work out with him. And besides, seeing my mate all hot & sweaty while he worked out gave me a hard-on every time. So I didn’t want to risk him seeing me like that anymore haha.
Anyway, Tony always rode his bike to work. He didn’t live too far away apparently and he used to ride professionally when he was younger, but recently couldn’t be bothered. It was hot when he’d turn up to work, disappear into staff room, and change out of his shorts and shirt and into his work outfit. So many times had I been chatting with him while he was half naked, chatting about nothing in particular, while I tried to secretly stare at his hairy, tight abs without him noticing….
Tony made his way down the aisle toward me, doing up his shirt as he did. He winked at me, giving me a hand shake.
" Busy bro? " He asked, grabbing a chip.
" Nah. " I answered. “…Does it look it?”
Tony laughed, having a stretch.
“Did you ride today?” I asked.
“Nah bro I just came from work. I fully ran” Tony said.
“….You walked from the bizzos?” I asked.
Bizzo’s being slang for Businessmen’s Club where Tony also worked sometimes.
“Yeah mate it only took bout half an hour” Tony explained.
“….Yeah but its like 10 at night!” I said.
Tony laughed.
“You big girl. No one’s gonna bash me!” Tony said, punching me playfully on the arm.
“….So when you on till?” Tony added.
“Midnight I think. But we’ve done everything. Sean said we can go whenever” I explained. Sean was our shift manager by the way.
I started to unpack a box of laundry stuff and put it on the shelf.
Tony pulled down a massive box and started doing his side of the aisle.
Tony also worked as a table bitch at a club bistro near where I lived. He was just a table waiter during some afternoons, but hey he’s hot, so who wouldn’t want a hot boy coming to take your empty plates away?
I think even at the time he was doing mechanic classes on the side as well, because his Dad was a mechanic and Tony would eventually have to take over the family business. That’s what I gathered from random chats over the past year though.
On top of that, he still went to school and from what I could tell, was really smart. I’d ask him to tutor me just so I could make out with him afterwards….but I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking…
I admired him for caring enough to do so much work, while I on the other hand, really couldn’t be bothered working at all….I just wanted a car!!
The nights always went faster if Tony was there. He always had the best stories about his random family, or something that happened at the bistro, or someone did something on the weekend.
Recently, he’d always mention some guy called Mad. I’d never asked if that was the person’s actual name, but apparently Tony and Mad had been on lots of adventures recently. Mad knew bouncers around a few places, I learnt, and could get Tony into clubs, even though he was under-age. Tony was always inviting me out with him on weekends, but I’d always have stuff on. I should have just ditched my friends and hung out with Tony more outside of work, but it’s in the past now I guess.
We had finished our last remaining boxes, and Sean had earlier announced that everyone was free to go whenever, we took it upon ourselves to leave at 11:30ish.
Tony and I made our way to the staff room, still chatting about random stuff on the way. I went to pee and Tony went off to get changed. I waved at one of the girls and ended up talking to her for ages. After I’d been to pee, I made my way back to the lockers and turned the corner to see Tony getting changed.
He stood in his boxers, which is fine I’d seen all that before, but it was still hot to look at. I never really noticed how toned he was until I saw him at that moment. Under the poor lighting of the locker room, his tanned, toned abs looked like peaks of stone. He had tight, massive pecs with a scattered bush of hair between them, a hairy snail trail that went from his boxers right up to his pecs.....I could barely contain my boner, and I thanked my CKs that they kept my hard-on tucked away. Not caring, Tony looked over to me and laughed.
“Oh, hey bro” He said.
“H…Hey…” I stammered, then groaned, embarrassed by how pathetic that must have sounded.
“Hey, you right getting home tonight?” Tony asked.
I nodded.
“Oh yeah mate it’s all good I….” I stopped.
My mind raced, and I remembered that I hadn’t called my Dad to organize a ride home.
“…fuck!” I groaned.
Tony laughed.
“Forget again?” He asked.
“Yeah I always do hey haha. See if I had my fucking car we wouldn’t have to worry!” I began. Tony just nodded.
“…And I could give you a lift home & shit and you wouldn’t have to ride all the time…” I continued on. I found it kind of odd that Tony had not completely re-dressed yet. He had slid his cargo shorts on and just stood shirtless.
“Dude” Tony simply said. “I’ll get Mad to drop you home if you want”
I stopped blathering on. There was that name again.
“…Oh…oh your mate…?” I asked.
Tony nodded, laughing, he walked over and patted me on the shoulder playfully.
“Dude, you know I’m bi…….he’s my boyfriend” Tony said.
Fact was, I didn’t actually know Tony was Bi. We had never, ever talked about liking girls, or guys, or anything sexual for that matter.
Since I’d seen Tony in his boxers less than a minute earlier, my dick was now in charge of my speech. Tony grabbed his phone and wallet and pulled on his shirt.
“You want a lift dude? Mad’s on his way” Tony said.
I laughed, accidentally.
“That’s cool mate thanks.” I said. I stopped. My dick wanted to ask a question.
“You’re bi, dude?” I find myself asking.
Tony just laughed.
“You’re a dick man, c’mon” He said, pushing me out the door.

Tony and I left the staff room and headed for the doors. Sean waved us off and we were in the car park outside. It was summer so it was still pretty warm in the middle of the night, so we didn’t mind waiting.
“We never really talked about shit like this hey?” Tony asked, as we sat down on the guttering.
“I know hey. We talked about everything else, like school and shit like that” I said.
My mind raced. I desperately wanted to tell Tony that I liked cock too, pardon the expression, but something in my socially repressed mind was keeping it locked up.
“See, chicks are awesome. They look good, all that shit.” Tony began.
“…but after a while, there’s nothing like fucking a bloke. They’re so tight!....I….Shit, sorry man, is this too much?”
I panicked.
“I’m BI too” I said, nearly in a yell. Tony was slightly shocked, but just smiled. He put his arm around my shoulder, in a friendly way. My heart skipped a beat.
“Good for you dude!” Tony said, kindly.
I laughed.
“Sorry that sorta just….blurted out…like that” I said.
Tony smiled.
“It’s fine man. Heaps of dudes are bi now hey? Or metro! Or Emo!” Tony said. I laughed.
“Metro’s shit me man. You can never tell if they’re gay or not” I confessed.
“Dude, its easy…..hot ones are gay…..ugly ones in metro outfits are straight haha” Tony explained his theory.
I looked at Tony’s horizontally stripped shirt he wore.
He looked like a sexy pirate.
“….Ah I get it….since you’re hot, you’re gay!” I joked.
Tony laughed.
“Well yeah Bi, but you get the gist haha” He joked.
There was a silent moment.
“So who’s Mad?” I asked.
“What? I don’t know? You are!” Tony joked back.
There was silence.
“….What?” I asked.
Tony stared at me. More silence.
“…What” He asked back.
We were both totally confused.
“Nah dude I mean, Mad. This Mad dude you keep talking about!” I explained.
“OH! Sorry man, I’m dense. That’s funny. Yeah, Mad. I’m sorta with him at the moment I guess” Tony confided, he took a breath.
“It’s weird, hey, talking about this with someone. My family up here don’t know anything about it hey, they think I’m straight, well I am, but, they don’t know I like guys as well…you know?”
I nodded.
“Yeah, I know what you mean mate. I haven’t really told anyone either. I kinda thought I wasn’t sure. But when you get a hard-on over blokes, yeah, that usually means you’re gay haha!” I laughed.
“Yeah it’s weird hey. I get hard over chicks too, like, they’re all good. But guys get me off too.” Tony began.
“Yeah….yeah same…” I trailed off. Luke remembered something.
“Oh yeah! You know how I was saying before about chicks? Chicks get all loose after a while. But when you fuck a bloke, they’re so fucking tight dude, it’s awesome, feels so good…” Tony explained.
“….I’ll have to give it a try” I said, taken aback by Tony’s information.
Tony stopped.
“ Oh….you haven’t done shit with guys yet?” Tony asked.
“…Yeah I’ve….well….yeah jerked them off before…” I trailed off.
“Not fucked though?” Tony asked, looking at me.
“Nah…nah not as yet, no.” I said, sadly it seemed.
Tony still had his arm around my shoulder.
“It’s all good man, you’ll get into it” He said.
“I’ve fucked chicks though….a couple of years ago” I said.
Tony nodded.
“Yeah same I pounded a chick when I was 15. So funny hey I had it in her for bout 2 seconds then shot. Had a rubber on though so that’s all good, wouldn’t want little Tony’s running around everywhere yet!” Tony laughed. I beamed slightly.
“That’s the same with me man! I had barely put my cock in her and shot straight away. But lucky I stay hard for a bit after so I just kept banging her. I don’t think she noticed, she was off her head.” I explained.
Just as a side-note, the fact that Tony was bisexual was a great relief to me. I felt a massive weight just disappear from my conscience. Because now I could act myself, not that I acted entirely different or anything, but if I wanted to say that a bloke was hot, I could without a problem.
I’m gay. Chicks no longer did anything for me. If I saw a girl naked nowadays, my cock wouldn’t even shift. I knew I was indirectly lying to Tony agreeing that I was bisexual, but being Bi was like a great bridge between us, and certainly brought as closer.
“…Blokes are easier to bang than chicks though” Tony broke my train of thought.
“…are they?” I asked.
“Fuck yeah man. Some of the clubs I’ve been to, you just walk in and can have your cock sucked in 5 minutes!” Tony said. I gasped.
“Serious?” I asked.
“Yeah dude its awesome.” Tony grinned.
“…You could anyway. Any guy would wanna suck your dick I’m sure” I said, unexpectedly.
Tony laughed.
“Well hey, come out with us tomorrow night! You can check it out for yourself” Tony invited.
“Come out where? What?” I asked.
“Just out. Mad knows a few blokes, he can get us in. We can get on it and get out there” Tony said, excitedly.
“Get on it?” I asked, then I realized what he meant.
“….oh…pills you mean?” I finished.
“Yeah Madison will get us some if you want” Tony said, looking off into the distance.
“….who’s she?” I asked.
“….what?” Tony asked.
There was silence again.
“Madison? Who’s Madison?” I asked.
“Oh haha fuck man we’re having a good one tonight hey!” Tony laughed.
“Madison is Mad, my mate, my boyfriend, whatever” Tony said.
“Ah I see, that mysterious Mad.” I said, I have no idea why.
“Madison’s a weird name.”
Tony nodded.
“Yeah, is a bit hey. His mums a bit of a hippy” Tony joked.
There was a moment again.
“…Is his last name Avenue?” I asked, giggling to myself.
“…Um…nah mate it’s something else…I can’t remember” Tony said.
I groaned to myself at how cute Tony was when he didn’t notice my joke.
“Dude…I was joking…Madison Avenue?” I explained.
Tony stared blankly, then he got it. And laughed.
“Oh haha....yeah nah haha” He laughed.
“Is he hot?” I asked, somewhat jokingly.
“Yeah, I reckon he is.” Tony replied. “Not as hot as you dude, don’t worry” He joked, patting me on the stomach. I laughed too but it was cute for Tony to say….even if it was a joke…my dick grabbed a hold of my brain again suddenly.
“Oh hey….You have the best body dude….by the way " I said quietly.
Tony laughed.
“Pfftt. Yeah, whatever eh” He replied, laughing.
“Nah dude. I’m serious. It’s hot. You got hot abs & stuff” I said, sincerely.
“Thanks dude.” Tony said. “You got hot arms, I always check em out when you get stuff down” He confessed.
“Really?” I laughed.
Tony blushed slightly.
“Yeah….sorry man if that’s creepy” Tony said.
“Nah it’s all good man. Just two mates appreciating their hotness, it’s all good” I joked.

Suddenly, we were blinded by the lights of a pimped out sleek black car as it skidded loudly into the car park, booming music screaming out of its windows. I groaned to myself, I was having fun flirting with Tony, but obviously Madison had just arrived and I wasn’t a home-wrecker. That is to say, I didn’t want to break up their relationship.
“Mads here dude” Tony eventually said. I just nodded and followed Tony to the car.
I walked up slowly as Tony made his way to the car window to talk Madison. He just nodded inside the car, he had an uncaring look on his face. From what I could see he had a mop of blonde hair, a tanned face and a devilish looking goatee. He looked pretty hot I suppose but nothing to rave about. I’m sure it was just my secret Tony crush clouding my judgement of Madison, but yeah either way Madison didn’t look that exciting.
Tony hopped in the passenger side and I slid into the back. The seats were black leather interior and it smelt like cigarettes for some reason.
“Mad, Ryan. Ryan, Mad” Tony said.
Madison looked back at me from the revision mirror. He had piercing green eyes. Piercing green bloodshot eyes, which I guessed was from smoking pot. But whatever, each to their own.
“Hey” was all I mustered to say.
“Hey” Madison said back, equally uncaring.
There was awkward silence. That was until we were all slightly deafened by whatever song blasted out of Madison’s stereo.
The car trip was pretty uneventful. Madison drove like a bat out of hell. A usual trip home would take me half an hour, but with Madison at the wheel, we were home in 8 minutes. As I slid from the car, Tony smiled at me from the window.
“We’ll come get ya tomorrow night man before work” Tony said.
“Oh ok cool. See you then hey” I said.
Madison just nodded at me.
“See ya mate” Tony said, as the car jetted off into the night.
I just laughed, I kinda felt sorry for Tony being with such a seemingly rude guy. But I didn’t want to pry. It was my dick and Tony crush playing with my mind again. I went inside and headed to my bedroom. I had just dropped everything and was about to hop into bed when my phone beeped with a message. I checked it, wondering who it was.
“Sorry about Mad man, don’t worry about him. He thinks you’re cool, he just doesn’t show it. See ya tonight dude, Tony”

I got home from school early on Friday and just sat around the house, ate a sandwich, nothing exciting. I had work that night but only for a couple of hours. Tony was working that night too, and as we had organised in the wee hours of the morning, he was going to give me a lift to work.
We were due at work in half an hour when I heard Madison’s beast of a car rumbling down my street. I’m sure my neighbours would have to whinge to my mother the minute we left the street. I dashed out the front with my bag of work clothes and was greeted by Tony in the front seat, in tight white singlet. He had his sunnies on, as did Madison, so both boys looked kinda hot.
“Hop in mate.” Madison said.
Strange, I thought, Madison being friendly all of a sudden. I hopped in the car regardless. Tony just smiled at me.
“Dude, I’ve got good news and great news” Tony began.
Madison laughed.
“Such as?” I asked.
We sped off from my house. Tony sat up and turned around to talk to me.
“ We’re going out clubbing tonight. And you’re coming!” Tony said, happily.
“ Sounds cool mate. What? After work?” I asked.
“ Second bit of news….No work tonight!” Tony beamed.
“ What?” I asked.
“ Sean rang me before, he said to tell you, its not busy at all tonight and they didn’t get any stock so we don’t have to work!” Tony explained.
“Oh awesome!” I finally realized.
“So we’re having a boys night out” Madison added.
I laughed, it must have sounded awkward. Tony spun back round.
“Hey Ryan mate.” Madison began, looking at me in the mirror from over his sunnies. “…Sorry about last night dude hey. I was stoned”
I laughed.
“It’s cool I don’t care” I said, not really meaning it.
“Nah mate I was short with ya. Didn’t mean to be.” Madison apologised.
“It’s all good mate.” I replied, now sincere.
“Cool” Madison smiled.
“Hey, what do you want for dinner?” Tony asked.
“I don’t care dudes, whatever you want” I said.
“Poison Pizza!” Tony said, laughing.
Madison laughed too. I didn’t know what they were talking about.
“…Sorry man haha it’s off the Simpsons.” Madison explained.
I just nodded.
“Just get Burger Man cos it’s better to be full” Tony said.
Madison agreed, Tony turned back to face me again.
“Burger Man alright for you, dude?” Tony asked.
“Yeah whatever dudes.” I said back.
We continued on for a bit.
“You work out, hey?” Madison asked.
There was silence.
“Ryan?” Tony asked.
“….what?” I asked.
“Do you work out?” Madison asked again.
“Shit sorry man I didn’t know you meant me…..Nah…” I finished.
“You pretty built though” Madison complimented.
“…Oh…thanks….yeah its all that box lifting haha” I joked.
I was wearing a fairly tight t-shirt, so I guess I looked more built than I really was. My arms were struggling to fit in the sleeves, but that’s mainly cos the shirt was too small….
“His arms are hot!” Tony told Madison.
I blushed slightly.
“Yeah I can see that.” Madison said. “So you got a girlfriend mate?” Madison asked me.
“….nah…no girlfriend” I replied, awkwardly.
“Haha….boyfriend?” Madison asked.
“…Nah no boyfriend either.” I replied.
Madison laughed.
“You’re hot dude, you’ll be right.” Madison complimented, again.
“Yeah I told him we’d hook him up tonight” Tony added.
Both boys laughed.
“You’ll pick up straight away dude, trust me” Madison explained, over his sunnies.
We began to slow down and into a drive through Burger Man burger place. There was an overly happy girl at the window, she smiled and talked to Madison.
“What did you want dude?” Madison asked me.
“A whopping big one!” I said, trying to be funny.
“Yeah and a whopping big meal” Madison told the girl. I had forgotten there was actually a meal called a Whopping Big Meal.
We moved up to the next window, where Ben was. Ben was younger than us. He looked about 15, 16 or something. And he was hot. He looked like a surfer kind of guy. Kinda like a younger Madison but with no goatee and more pimples. We grabbed our meals and scooted off.
After about fifteen minutes, we were still driving around. We were all balancing our meals on our laps.
“So where are we going?” I asked anybody.
“….back to mine” Madison said.
Not too long after, we pulled into an underground car park under an apartment block. It was pretty nice looking building.
I was in charge of carrying the food and drinks up the stairs, while Tony followed behind me. Madison led the way, using about 8 different cards and keys to get through the various security doors. The lobby where the elevators were was more impressive than any hotel I’d ever been to. A guy sat behind a desk, guarding a glass door entrance that we didn’t use.
“This place is cool.” I found myself saying.
“Thanks mate” Madison said, as we all got into the elevator.

Madison had an awesome apartment. Because it was so new, it was more like a hotel room than a normal apartment. It was split level, with thin metal stairs snaking upstairs to a loft bedroom. He had random Japanese stuff hanging from the walls, a sand garden in the middle of his lounge room, and a massive dragon statue at the bottom of the stairs.
“Mad’s into Japanese stuff” Tony said, obviously.
“Yeah, I noticed” I laughed.
“Have you seen his tatt man?” Tony asked, pointing at Madison.
I hadn’t. Madison smirked and lifted up the leg of his jeans to show a black dragon etched into his hairy, tanned leg. It looked awesome.
“That’s awesome dude” I said, sincerely.
“Thanks mate. I lived in Japan for like 5 years” Madison explained.
“Serious? That’s cool!” I said, putting out dinner onto the coffee table.
Tony and I sat on one lounge and Madison sat across from us.
“How old are ya?” I asked. “…sorry, can I ask?”
Madison laughed.
“Haha I’m not that old man, I’m 19.” He said. “Have you got any tatts?”
I coughed a little on my drink.
“Haha fuck no man I’d chicken out or die or something!” I admitted.
“Nah its cool. I had to do this one myself” Madison explained.
“Fuck! Ouch. How?” I stammered.
“Oh nah its easy man. I’ll do one for you later!” He joked.
I laughed.
“He was gonna do one near my cock but my pubes were too thick” Tony blurted out, munching on his burger. I laughed.
“Of what though?” I asked.
Tony shrugged.
“I dunno….shark maybe?” Tony pondered.
“No one would see it but!” I replied. “…Oh, except Madison I guess”
“I’d show you dude, you know it” Tony said.
“What at work? Just drop your dacks?” I joked.
“Yeah mate haha wouldn’t be the first time!” Tony joked back.
Madison was half eating his burger and half turning on the TV. He put it on some hard-core trance music channel and nodded along to the beat.
“Chip mate?” He asked me.
( Chips are fries…)
I stared at him.
“Wha?” I asked.
Madison threw a chip at me and I laughed, completely missing it and it settled on my shorts.
“Hooo Yeah! Goal!” Madison joked.
I just laughed.
“Oh yeah!” Tony gasped, slightly scaring me.
“Is the pool open?” He asked Madison.
Madison looked over at the wall clock.
“Nah man you missed it, it closes at 6.” He explained.
“Sucks!” Tony groaned. “We could’ve gone downstairs, there’s a full pool and sauna and shit!”
“This is like a hotel hey.” I said, randomly.
“Yeah it’s pretty good. Fucking expensive though” Madison complained.
“I want to move out so bad hey but yeah rent sucks!” I agreed.
“Oh I own this….but it still cost me heaps!” Madison laughed.
That was pretty impressive, for a 19 year old to own a magnificent apartment really close to our main city.
“Fuck mate, what do you do for work?” I asked.
Madison smirked.
“I’m a Tradies apprentice man” Madison said. “…with a side business”
I was shocked that a Tradesmen’s apprentice could make so much money.
“Oh cool…what’s the side bit?” I asked, taking a sip of drink.
“Drugs” Madison said, casually.
I was shocked, though didn’t cough my drink that time.
“….oh…ok” I trailed off.
“Don’t worry dude, he’s not your typical drug dealer” Tony assured me, in all seriousness, it was so cute the way he said it.
“ Fair enough “ was all I managed to say.
Madison stood up and moved to his kitchen.
“Though seriously mate, if you ever need anything, money, whatever, let me know. Any mate of Tony, is a mate of mine” Madison said, truthfully. I looked over at Tony, and he just smiled back at me.
“Well, you boys keep yourselves entertained, I’m gonna go work out” Madison said, taking a sip of water. Tony just nodded.

Madison disappeared down the hallway and we sat quietly listening to the hard-core trance channel from the TV.
“Work out where?” I asked.
Tony pointed vaguely down the hallway.
“He’s got his own gym. How’d you think I got like this?” Tony laughed.
I just nodded.
“….Madison’s cool.” I said, eventually.
“Yeah, he is hey” Tony agreed.
“Where’d you meet him?” I asked.
“Oh just a dude from school….got pills off him haha” Tony explained.
“Haha classy. Love at first sight” I joked.
Tony just laughed, but it seemed awkward.
“Did you wanna use the gym? You can if you want?” Tony asked.
“You saying I’m fat, bitch!?” I joked.
Tony laughed.
“Nah dude you’re hot. Just wondering.” Tony trailed off.
“You just wanna bench press me!” My dick joked for me.
Tony smirked.
“Yeah….so?....” He laughed.
We both laughed.
“Wait, show me your abs” Tony said.
I stared at him.
“What?” I asked. Tony laughed, he reached over and slid my shirt up.
He lifted up my shirt and looked at my brown stomach. I had abs, but not like Tony’s. I had like 4 definite abs, whereas Tony had like 8 well defined abs. He tickled my furry stomach. I laughed, pushing him away.
“You right man?” I laughed.
“Your abs are cool. They still look hot.” Tony said.
“Compared to yours, they’re not dude!” I said.
Tony laughed
“Yeh right man...it's all flab.” Tony said, lifting his singlet and patting his toned stomach.
“Well it’s better than my beer gut.” I joked.
We laughed.
“Do you even drink beer?” Tony asked.
“Nah, I’m a bourbon boy” I said.
“Hey same we can have shots before we go out!” Tony said, excitedly.
“Are we actually going out?” I asked.
Tony yawned.
“Yeah I dunno hey. We could hang out here I guess” Tony suggested.
“Yeah I don’t care” I agreed.
“Don’t you wanna go out and get some cock?” Tony joked.
“Haha I’ve got you for that!” I said, even shocking myself.
Tony laughed.
“You’ll have to ask Madison first!” Tony replied, standing up, grabbing his crotch to re-adjust. He started shuffling around with our dinner rubbish. But I could see he had a hard-on, it was pushing against his shorts.
“You got a hard-on dude?” I asked, again shocking myself. My dick had taken over the situation again.
Tony blushed.
“Haha yeah sorry mate, just ignore it!” Luke said, almost embarrassed.
My dick, instantly, smashed into a hard-on too. And because I was only in boardies, my tent was really obvious.
“I got one too man, it’s all good, I don’t care!” I said, laughing.
Tony made his way to the kitchen and tidied up the place a bit. I followed him over and took a seat on one of the stools.
“Hey, you wanna have bourbon shots now?” Tony asked.
I shrugged.
“Yeah, whatever man” I agreed.
“Cool, that’ll get our boners down!” Tony said, seriously.
“Wait, what?” I asked.
“Dude, you can’t get on Crank if you’re horny!” Tony said, as if it was deadly serious.
“Haha why?” I asked.
“Oh….its not bad or anything but….you just stay hard for ages but nothing happens” Tony explained.
“….what you stay hard all night?” I asked.
“Nah nah its like delayed reaction. So if we went to fuck, for example, it’d take ages to get up” Tony said.
I just nodded.
“….who said we’re getting up?” I laughed.
“Haha…nah it’s just the number of times I’ve tried to fuck and I hasn’t worked man….but then sometimes it does keep you hard all night. It’s weird. BUT if you do end up shooting your load, it feels fucking awesome…” Tony was now just talking to himself.

Madison appeared from down the hall, sweating, without his singlet. He was nowhere near as built as Tony, but more built than me. He was tanned and toned. A good package all round.
“Gonna hit the showers boys” Madison told me.
I just nodded. Tony was looking for bourbon. Madison looked down at Tony’s hard-on.
“What have you boys been up to?” He asked, laughing.
Tony groaned.
“Nah nothing man. We were talking about fucking on pills” Tony explained.
“Ah yeah, good stuff.” Madison winked at me. “Well, you know where they are if you want them. Keep me posted if you wanna go out.”
Madison disappeared back down the hallway, to the shower I presume. Tony had found the bourbon and was about to pour a shot.
“….shit dude, what are you gonna wear?” Tony looked at me.
I laughed.
“Fuck, I didn’t even think!” I groaned, though I didn’t really want to go out, I guess it would have been fun. Tony laughed.
“That’s funny!” He laughed. “Ah well…we’ll have a bourbon to celebrate not having anything to wear!”
He slid over a glass partly filled with bourbon and a few ice-cubes. We took our sips at the same time. Tony put down his glass and lifted his singlet off over his head. In proper apartment light he looked even hotter than the other day!
“Dude come check my stuff, I might have something” Tony said, walking down the hallway. I slid my glass away and followed the half naked Tony down the hallway.
We came to the master bedroom. It was massive. It had black carpet, black sheets, black pillows, black metal bed head, black everything I guess. Above the bed was a giant red flag was black Japanese writing.
“He really likes his Japanese ay” I joked.
Tony laughed, scraping through a hidden closet.
“Hi!” Tony called.
I stopped.
“Hi….?” I asked back.
“Hi’s Japanese for Yes dude” Tony explained.
Tony emerged in his boxers shorts now, and I stood stunned. His hard- on had gone down slightly but there was still a pretty large bulge in his boxers. He had massive, thick thighs too which I never really got to see at work.
My dick, which had settled down, instantly snapped back into a hard-on at his new sight of Tony. He saw my boardies start to tent up again and laughed.
“Dude, can’t you control that?” He joked, passing a striped button up collared shirt to me.
“Not when you’re standing there half naked dude” I confessed.
Tony grinned.
“You’re cute. Try this on. Shirt off.” He said.
I laughed. Tony wanting me to strip was hot. The shirt he gave me wasn’t that bad, though it wasn’t that good either. Tony looked at my chest as I pulled off my shirt. He smirked.
“It looks hotter now” Tony said.
“…what does” I asked.
“Your abs & stuff. You’re heaps built, it’s hot” Tony complimented.
My whole body shuddered. I was so horny I just wanted to shove my mouth onto Tony’s dick right then and there. But he seemed more interested in if this shirt would fit.
Sure, the shirt would have fit Tony because of his tree truck arms and massive chest, but on me it was draped like a nanna pyjamas. I slowly buttoned it up until Tony noticed the look on my face.
“Not good?” He asked.
“…nah it’s a good shirt, I just don’t fit it” I admitted.
Tony laughed.
“Yeah you do man, you look hot!” Tony said.
“Nah I don’t dude! We’re not all hot and buff like you!” I joked.
“You just need to show a bit of pecs” Tony grinned, he walked over to me and started unbuttoning the shirt right off me. I could feel his warm fingers slowly make their way down my chest, stopping above my abs….
“There ya go. Get a bit of chest hair action!” Tony joked.
I looked him in the eye.
“I don’t have chest hair dude! You’re the one with all that” I said.
Tony just smiled. He unbuttoned the last two buttons, tickling at my abs.
“We’ll just try another one on” Tony said, pulling the shirt off me.
He walked back towards the closet.
“…and stop giving me boners mate or we’ll never get out!”
I grinned. I was glad I was giving Tony a hard-on, I hadn’t even noticed.
Tony returned with another shirt, this time it was just plain white button up collared, nothing exciting. But he had a hard-on. His boxers were stretching out about a foot from his body. It looked hot. I could only laugh.
“Haha dude.” I pointed at his boxers.
“I know hey I’m gonna have to have a wank before we go or something” Tony confessed.
My hard-on felt like it was about to rip through my boardies and just explode out onto Tony. I could feel every vein pumping furiously inside. The whole situation was so random.
“This is some scary shit man” I said, strangely.
Tony handed me another shirt.
“What’s scary?” He asked.
“Dude, I’m standing in YOUR boyfriend’s bedroom, with a hard-on, you got a hard-on, you’re in boxer shorts!...it’s completely random!” I blurted out.
Tony walked over and held me by my shoulders. It felt good having his strong hands hold onto my bare shoulders.
“You’re not even on anything yet and you’re already fried!” Tony joked.
I wanted to lean forward and just kiss him, then and there, take him and throw him onto Madison’s bed and fuck the living daylights out him. But just as that through raced through my brain, Madison appeared from the hallway.

My jaw must have hit the floor. Even though we weren’t doing anything that suspicious…though I agree it was suspicious…seeing both of us boys standing half naked and with hard-ons would have looked a bit strange to Madison. Though, it seemed, he didn’t care.
He stood in a black towel, of course, still a little wet. It looked hot against his tan. Splashed across his right pec was another dragon tattoo, it had small Japanese symbols down the side that curled down and around towards his nipple. He had light blonde chest hairs, that weren't noticeable till he got under the light.
His abs and hairy pecs looked so good once he moved under the light. He smirked the whole time before running his fingers through his wet hair. He green eyes glistened in the light…he was on something.
“Every time I leave, you boys get up to mischief!” Madison joked.
“Next time I come back, you’ll be fucking on my bed!
I laughed awkwardly. Tony broke away from me and walked over to Madison. He slammed his tongue into his mouth and they kissed for a moment.
Strangely, though insanely hot, Madison stared at me around the side of Tony’s head while they kissed. He winked as they finished. He had something in one of his hands.
“You boys gonna get on the Glass?” Madison asked.
Tony nodded, taking a pill from Madison’s hand.
“…but I take it we’re not going out?” He asked.
I shrugged. Tony took the other pill and moved towards me.
“Did you want to? We don’t have to…” Tony trailed off, holding the pill to my hand.
I thought for a moment. I’d been on Speed before, that really didn’t concern me. But the whole situation seemed kind of odd. My dick was in charge now though, and I didn’t want to make him angry. I wanted to have a three-some!
“Sure I’m up for it” I said, swiping the pill from Tony.
I dry swallowed it. It felt disgusting as it powdered down my throat. Tony pulled a bottle of water from a bag by the bed and we all took a swig. It relieved it slightly.
I glanced down at Madison’s towel and could see the thick outline of his cock across his thigh. It looked massive. Thick and long. He moved over towards his bed and fished around in a drawer.
Behind where I stood, up on the wall, a painting changed into a TV. It was literally a plasma TV that was showing a picture of a painting, and I hadn’t even realized. Tony moved over towards Madison and rubbed at his towel, both boys laughed to themselves.
“So...Ryan's fine with all this?” Madison asked.
Tony looked at me, and I looked at Tony, then at Madison, then Madison's bulging towel which was straining with his hard-on...
“Yeh man I’m all good” I said, over eagerly.
On the painting/TV thing, a porno appeared.
A nice looking blonde haired girl was lying flat on a bed, with a man licking eagerly at her pussy. The camera showed the guy’s head in a close up, dribbling away at the girls wet cunt. Under the guy, however, was an eager young brown haired boy, barely 18, sucking at the guys cock like it was a lollipop. I looked backed at Madison and Tony, they just grinned at me.
“.....are we just gonna jerk off or what?” Madison asked, bluntly.
I smirked.
“Oh, is that all?” I asked, jokingly, though I was so serious.

Madison casually dropped his towel and I saw the bushy blonde mass of pubes with the rod of a cock reaching out. It would have been about 7, 8 inches long and as thick as a cucumber, to use a strange comparison. I gulped.
Next, Tony slid down his boxers. His dick popped out and over. His pubes were thick and black. It looked like an afro of pubic hair. His cock was dark brown and uncut. I had never really seen an uncut cock so close up before, but it was awesome anyways. Tony’s dick had a cute little bend to it, making it point up towards the end.
By this time, Madison had slid onto his bed and had his hand curled around his balls, fingering his arsehole. His other hand held his dick tightly, making it go red, throbbing and hard. It looked fucking fantastic. He wasn’t tugging his dick. He was just holding it, glancing up at the porno or at Tony and sometimes at me.
“….Dude…too full on?” Tony asked, sliding up next to Madison.
Though my mouth was agape, my pre-cum dribbling hard-on spoke for itself. I shook my head slowly, my eyes transfixed on both boys cocks.
“Come sit” Madison said. I nodded slowly, my eyes still transfixed on both boys cocks. As I slid onto the bed, Tony laughed.
“Take them off dude…” He laughed, pointing at my boardies.
I quickly fumbled my hand down and ripped the shorts down my legs. My cock sprung out and I swear I saw Madison lick his lips.
My dick’s a pretty good size. Last I measured it was about 7 inches long but it was a good thickness. So it could get in lots of holes! Haha.
Tony smirked as he watched me slide up next to Madison. I didn’t move in too close cos I was slightly nervous. Tony’s tongue hung slightly out the side of his mouth as he tugged on his cock. He looked cute. His free hand was sliding up and down Madison’s hairy thigh.
All of a sudden, Madison’s arse fingering hand slid over onto my cock and started slowly tugging. I grumbled deep inside and closed my eyes. It felt so good having another guys hand on your cock. I had forgotten!
I opened my eyes and looked at Madison. He stared at my cock in glee, it seemed. I looked over at Tony he just grinned at me and leant his head back a bit, clearly enjoying himself.
Madison had reached his other hand over to tug on Tony’s dick, as Tony had moved his hand onto Madison’s. I took the boys lead and nervously gripped Madison’s dick. He grunted as I felt the massive wad of throbbing cock in my fist. It was seriously like holding onto a rock hard cucumber. I started to tug slowly, feeling Madison’s pre-cum dribble down over my fingers. Now, he had his eyes closed. We were all giving each other hand jobs and it felt fucking awesome. At one point we all lay with our eyes closed, slowly tugging away at each others dicks.
“You....ever....done....blow....jobs...Ryan” Tony said eventually, his words scattered and whispered as he kept jerking.
“ Once or twice” I cooed.
Madison laughed.
Though I had my eyes closed, there was moment on the bed as someone moved over towards me dick. My mind raced. I didn’t care who it was cos this was fucking awesome.
I opened my eyes to see Tony’s hot smile looking at me from down at my knees. Madison had shifted now too, crouching next to me, still tugging on his dick as he watched. I moved my hand over to his cock and his eyes lit up as I tugged on Madison’s dick, just as Tony slid up my knees, his abs grinding against my legs.
I relaxed. My cock was the only part of me that was rushing with blood at this point. My mind was somewhere else. I didn’t think it was the Speed, but it so obvious was. I used my Madison hand to grip down as far as his pubes, I tickled his balls with any free finger. He was enjoying it.
I looked down at Tony as he arched his back up, even his back was muscly. His hands were on either side of my thighs, his arm muscles tensed and stiffened, they looked fucking awesome. I could feel his warm breath heaving on my balls. His back stopped so his arse was high in the air, and he was at an angle, looking at my cock.
My eyes wandered uncontrollably to everything around the room. On Tony, I could see his ass hairs that poked out from his crack. I could see every individual back muscle that he had. I could see Madison bouncing slightly up and down as if he was sitting on a cock, though he wasn’t, and my hand kept tugging at his sloppy, hard, thick cock. My hand was squelching up and down his dick with the pre cum his dick kept spewing out. His dick looked so fucking tasty. My mind was telling me to eat it. I was so obviously Cranked at this point…but didn’t care.

Then, I felt Tony’s unshaven chin scrape up my thigh and his warm mouth slide over my dick. I jerked slightly and moaned, a weird noise for me to make since I usually grunt, but this was a new feeling entirely.
I could feel Tony’s tongue sliding up and down the shaft of my dick, tasting the pre-cum, tickling the veins. His mouth stopping for a few moments at the base of my cock before slurping back up to just taste the head. It was sooooo good.
I didn't know what more to do. I was in Heaven. I could feel Madison’s cock throbbing even more while he watched with happiness, his boyfriend sucking on my dick. My thighs started face fucking Tony on their own accord. He didn’t care, he groaned with bliss.
“Yeh dude go for it” Madison mumbled, groaning, I didn't really hear what he said, I was too busy being blown by his boyfriend.
I moved my hips slowly, feeling my dick scrape the back of Tony's throat. I didn't want to do it too much in case he choked or something but I knew that only a few more minutes of this would have me filling Tony up with a weeks load of my creamy boy sprog.
I tried to be a bit more adventurous and moved my hand to Tony's hair. Holding his curls as he sucked on my dick, Tony groaned and made strange sucking sounds, though they were fucking hot to listen to.
The Speed and the moment had got to me, though I was amazed that I hadn’t already blown my load. I remembered Tony saying that the pills prolong everything sometimes, so that was a plus. Then I remembered seeing Tony in the locker room at work, in his boxers. My mind was filling with random flashes of Tony, usually naked, just standing around. The moans and groans of the porno had blended with my mental montage.
Suddenly, Tony’s sucks of my cock got more and more intense, like he was trying to literally swallow my cock. I cracked my eyes open and found myself groaning aloud.
Madison was now standing behind Tony, grinning, poking his wet dick into Tony's hairy arsehole. As he ate my cock, I could see Tony squinting with pleasure as his boyfriend banged him hard. With every slam from Madison, my dick slipped deeper and deeper into Tony’s mouth. All three of us groaned with every movement, our bodies slipping and sliding on one another with sweat.
I watched Madison grip Tony's hairy ass cheeks tightly, like he was clawing them, he pulled them apart and shoved his dick with little more force into the hairy dark hole. I felt Tony lurch forward on my dick even more, taking my whole dick right down his throat at one point. I grunted, Madison grunted, Tony grunted.
The squelching of Tony's ass, as it was pounded by Madisons 8 inch cock, drowned out the background noise of the porno. Our grunts and groans would have woken the neighbours. I knew Tony was loving it, as his sucking got better and better.
Suddenly, Madison’s breath went in time with his thrusting into Tony, and he let out a great roar. His fucking had stopped completely and with a dribbling slop, he slid his dick from Tony's arse.
He took a few steps back, still watching Tony suck on my dick, and ran his fingers through his hair. I could barely keep my eyes open from the pleasure of it all, but I glanced at Madison’s dick as he stretched, it was wet, red and throbbing, cum still slightly dripping from the head.
“….Fuck...” was all he could say, between breaths.
I added to his comment with a grunt of my own, a mind-blowing growl from deep inside. It was like I was having multiple orgasms all at once.
“F….F….Fuck...I’m...gonna…shoot…eh...eh…uh...oooh " I screamed.
Tony slid his head to the side, as my sprog erupted into the air like a rocket, settling on his cheek, forehead and amongst my ab hairs.

Tony moved away slowly. I was having those leg spasms of joy, you know those ones you get sometimes when you shoot and some part of your body vibrates randomly. I watched as my dick dribbled it’s last drop of sprog and took a huge breath.
Madison kissed Tony as they stood at the end of the bed, licking deep into his mouth. The pair stopped and looked down at me, panting, sweating, totally Fried as it were. Madison winked at me, a strand of out-of-place hair hung over his face, he looked so hot staring at me with his green eyes.
“Good?” He asked.
I just nodded and smiled.
There was a moment of awkward silence.
Even more so because we were three guys naked. Who had just had a three-some. Madison scratched his chest.
“Did you shoot?” Madison asked Tony.
Tony shook his head, but with a smile.
“Nah man. Don’t worry bout me. It was fucking awesome.” He began.
“Hey Ry, it was awesome hey?”
I guess Ry was my new nickname.
“Fuck yeah mate it was wicked” I groaned.
Madison laughed.
“You up for another round?” Madison asked.
I laughed, I thought he was joking.
“Oh haha nah man I dunno…I don't think my dick’s much use at the moment ay” I said, apologetically, holding up my red, well sucked, slowly softening dick. Tony laughed, and Madison smirked.
“…that’s ok dude, we don’t need your cock for this” Madison said, bluntly.
“Haha…what?” I asked, only just realizing what was happening.
“Dude, we don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to” Tony began.
“...I’ve just wanted to fuck you so bad tonight”
My mind raced again with all those images of Tony. And I grinned.
“Dude, you can fuck me all you want!” I said, happily.
Madison was by the side of the bed now, holding a tube of lube. He just smirked at me.
“…You blokes have got everything here” I joked.
Madison laughed. Tony laughed too. He slid up next to me and smirked.
“You sure this is ok man?” Tony asked, sincerely, looking into my eyes.
I nodded.
“...Cos I know you haven’t done it before….” Tony began.
I stopped him.
“Dude…I lied…I been fucked heaps of times.” I said, and it was true, I just didn’t feel comfortable telling Tony earlier that night. Tony’s eyes lit up, he looked so cute, I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me.
“…which way you wanna do it?” I cooed.
Madison slumped onto the bed behind Tony, his head resting at Tony’s neck.
“I’ll blow ya while you sit on Tony’s cock” Madison said, rather specifically. I grinned.
“Sounds good to me” I laughed, then, like magic, my cock started to stiffen again. Whatever we were on, was good shit!
I shuffled on the bed, onto my knees. I rested them either side of Tony, who was lying on the bed in the same position I was earlier. I snatched the lube from Madison and got my hole ready. Madison laughed.
“Look at him getting into it!” Madison joked.
“Dudes, you have no idea how hot this is! I’ve wanted to get with hot blokes like you since...forever!” I confessed. Both boys just smiled.
“Yeah your cock is hot mate” Tony complimented.
“It is dude. Can’t wait to eat it” Madison winked.
We got into position. I could feel Tony’s re-stiffened dick poking at my tight hole. Madison had lay down sideways so his head was resting on Tony’s abs, with a slight move of his neck, he would have my cock in his mouth.
“Ready?” I asked Tony.
He smirked.
“….Fuck me dude.” He demanded.

...To Be Continued...


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