Hooking Up Wif Tony

- Part Two -

You all know the drill, if you’re not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don’t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, drug use and of course, gay sex.
So, if you’re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But of course, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, enjoy and knock yourself out...

- Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part Two -

You all know the drill, if you’re not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don’t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, drug use and of course, gay sex.
So, if you’re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But of course, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, enjoy and knock yourself out...

- Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part Two -

I dropped my waiting arsehole down onto Tony’s dick with a little too much enthusiasm. He jerked up with bliss but it dug into me at a weird angle. After I moved a bit, it started to feel good and feeling his dick inside me felt amazing. The minute I knew Tony was inside me, my cock was a hard as steel, with a wide-eyed Madison licking his lips with excitement.
“Fuck dude, you're tight” Tony grunted happily, I could feel his dick poking into the sides of my arse as we worked together to make the angle feel even better.
It felt soooo good being filled with Tony’s dick. I slid myself up and down, teasing at his cock as I slid it further and further in, then dragged it out right to the head. I looked down into Tony's eyes, he smiled at me before closing his eyes to moan even more, I just smiled back. I glanced down at Madison, who was nibbling at my dick.
I think my dick hadn’t fully reloaded properly, as although it was hot watching Madison sucking and licking my dick, it just wasn’t feeling that good yet.
Madison’s licking was interrupted a few times by Tony when he would drag me forward, pounding his thighs up so his cock squelched even further into me, grunting and panting as he did. It felt so fucking good that I wasn't gonna stop him.
I kinda felt bad for Madison down there, so I gripped onto his hair as he sucked my dick. I moaned, but it was Tony’s dick bouncing in & out that was causing them. Tony started grunting “Fuck” every few seconds, it sounded so cute, he could barely get the word out between moans & grunts. His strong hands held my thighs now and he bounced me up and down like a baby on his knee.

I could feel Tony's dick throbbing inside my arse. My cheeks had tightened and closed around his shaft like a fist. Suddenly, and even with a little disappointment, I felt huge squirts of Tony’s sprog spurting up into my hole at a tremendous speed. There was about 20 rockets of sprog welling up inside. It felt awesome, but I so just wanted to ride Tony’s cock all night! Then I remembered that he didn’t get to blow before, so him fucking me was like a little present…of sorts.
Tony slowly pulled his dick from my ass with a dribbling slosh of following sprog, sorry to get disgusting but it happened, and I could still feel my arse pounding from where his cock had been pounding. And I missed it.
Madison grunted out a weird noise and watched as his cock just exploded in his hand, onto to bed, all over the place really. He laughed to himself. Apparently he’d been jerking himself off while he sucked on my dick & watched Tony’s wet cock slide in and out of my hairy ass.

I slowly lowered myself down onto the bed. I was breathing heavily, sweating, and though my cock was still rock hard something in my head wasn’t clicking and I couldn’t imagine myself shooting another load right now.
Tony looked at me, he was laying on his side, he was drenched in sweat, he shone like a oiled wrestler, he was so fucking cute! Madison did a commando roll of the bed and disappeared down the hall. I think he said he was having a shower, but I couldn’t remember, I wasn’t really paying attention to him.
“That was hot mate….fucking hot…” Tony confessed quietly.
I just smiled.
“I know hey man it was great.” I said, strangely.
There was an awkward silence, the shower started, Madison was in there.
Tony did his own commando roll backwards off the bed and stood up with a loud stretch. I looked up at him from the bed, covering my dick cos I felt weird still having a hard-on for some reason.
“What’s up?” I asked. Tony smiled.
“Nothing man, it’s cool, stay in bed, I’ll get ya a drink.” He insisted, heading out the door.
I lay silently on the bed for a moment, and eventually stood up and grabbed my boardies off the floor. I pulled them back on and waddled out to the kitchen.
Tony had grabbed some cargo shorts from somewhere on the way back to the kitchen, and greeted me with a glass of water. He was a little flushed, but I guessed it was from all the fucking. I had an awkward request…
“Dude is there another bathroom?” I asked.
Tony pointed up at the silver metal stairs at the side of the lounge room.
“Yeah mate up there hey. Go freshen up haha” Tony joked.
I smiled, I was relieved, it was always sort of awkward with the whole clean up thing after sex. But Tony was cool with it all, so I felt better.

About an hour later, Madison was laying on the couch staring at the TV, while Tony and I sat next to one another eating M&Ms and drinking baileys, cos it tasted nice with M&Ms.
“…but it turned out that she was just addicted to ICE” Tony finished a story. I just nodded. I glanced down at Tony’s leg, that had his foot resting on the coffee table, he had an etched black Japanese letter on his ankle.
“Dude!...Tatt!” I said, pointing.
Tony didn’t know what I was talking about, and then looked down at his ankle.
“Oh yeah that. You’ve been that before man I showed you at work!” Tony said.
“No you didn’t dude!” I laughed. “It’s hot”
Tony laughed.
“Yeah, Mad did it. Can’t remember when but. Ages ago” Tony trailed off. I ran my finger down his hairy leg and over his tattooed ankle.
“What's it mean? " I asked.
“Property of Madison” Madison grumbled.
We all laughed, awkwardly, that was a really weird thing to say since we all just had a threesome.
“Nah its Harmony or something. Mad has got Lust on his leg.” Tony explained.
“Sounds about right” I joked.
“You want one dude? I can set ya up.” Madison grumbled from the other lounge.
“Nah, I’ll be right dude. But thanks for the offer” I said.
Tony laughed, patting me on the stomach, we were still all shirtless by the way, we just never bothered getting completely dressed.
“Maybe later hey” He said, smiling at me.
“Haha yeah or maybe not” I smiled back.
Tony looked down at my shorts and giggled. Yeah, I had a hard-on. It had never really gone away since I was sitting on Tony’s dick, it was just resting there in my boardies. But for some reason, my boardies tented up again rather obviously. Tony elbowed me.
“Why’s that there?” He whispered, his eyes darting over at Madison as he asked me. I laughed.
“I can’t help it dude, I’m horny!” I whispered back.
Tony rolled his eyes and laughed.
“Still?” He joked.
“Always, man. Always” I said.
With Madison just across from us on the lounge, it made what we were doing seem all so naughty.
Tony rested his hand on my hairy knee, but was slowly sliding his warm hand up inside the leg of my boardies as fas as he could get. I shuddered and squirmed slightly, but it felt good. Just naughty.
“Haha dude Mad’s right there!” I whispered.
Tony smirked.
“I know dude, he doesn’t care” Tony assured me.
And it didn’t look like Madison cared, if he did I guessed he would have looked over and said something by now. Tony’s other hand was now sliding across my stomach, fingering my bushy snail trail.
Tony’s leg of his cargo shorts began to slither to life with the outline of his cock. I looked down at snaking hard cock pressing against the fabric, straining to escape.
“Why’s that there?” I asked Tony, jokingly. He just smiled.
“You man, always.” He said. I think I blushed.
I felt Tony's warm hand slip down the side of my leg, still inside my boardies, and his fingertips touched the dribbling pre-cum covered head of my dick. Tony leant over slowly and dug his tongue into my ear. I had never felt anything like it before. The muffled sound caused by his licking tongue and his warm, heavy breathing was making me drip pre-cum with bliss.
“You wanna blow each other” Tony whispered, during a lick.
I turned my head. Tony looked at me with his hot brown eyes, they were beaming with sincerity. He seriously, desperately wanted to suck my dick. And who was I to argue.
“Fuck yeah man!...what about Madison?” I whispered back, feeling Tony’s finger start to grip the head of my cock. Suddenly, he ripped his hand out.
“Hey Mad we’re just gonna go watch a DVD.” Tony said.
Madison waved his hand.
“Whatever dudes.” He grumbled. He wasn’t tired, cos of the Speed it made it impossible, he might have been beyond Fried. It was hard to tell with Madison. Either way, I didn’t care, I wanted to blow Tony!

We disappeared up the hallway like excited school girls, though this time disappearing into a completely different room that was all white. Everything in the room was white. The rug, lounge, bean bags, TV, pot with the stick tree in it. Madison was one weird boy.
“This the White Room hey?” I joked.
Tony just nodded.
“Yeah, everything’s white” Tony said, matter of factly.
It was cute the stupidly obvious things he said sometimes. We fell onto the white lounge rather quickly, and Tony unbuttoned the fly of his cargos to let his stiff, wet, waiting cock slide out. I smashed open the velcro of my boardies and let them drop to the floor, I so didn’t care, I just wanted to eat Tony’s cock.
I pretty much fell awkwardly down onto the rug, with Tony's dick poking at my nose. He grunted in approval, gripping my hair tightly, guiding my head closer to his shaft. I got a whiff of his manly musk, it was so hot looking at him from his cock up his abs to his beautiful brown eyes.
His 7 inch tower of a cock looked so wet and inviting, it wiggled as it throbbed. His hairy ballsac was churning madly right in front of my eyes, getting his tasty Italian dick juice ready for me to drink.
I tried desperately to look sexy, as I awkwardly stretched my mouth wider, bigger, something, anything, just so I could take all of Tony’s cock in one gulp.
Tony let go of my hair and slightly craned my neck in a straight angle. My neck was now inline with my spine, as I was on all fours at this point. Tony adjusted his cock down at a right angle so I could just slide it right down my throat with no problem. And we did just that.
As I inched forward, I swallowed his wet dick. Tony began to slowly move himself backwards and forwards on the lounge. I gripped his dick with my lips, my tongue flicking against the head inside my mouth as it slid back out....then back in. Tony was loving it. He was moaning deep inside his chest, eyes closed, one hand keeping his cock at angle, and the other gripping my hair.
We did that for a few minutes until I started feeling more adventurous. I slopped Tony's dick from my mouth and licked down his shaft to his hairy balls. Feeling his wiry black pubic hairs tickle my tongue. I could smell some sprog that was entangled in his pubes from earlier in the night.
I used my trick where I licked from his balls up to the wet head of his cock, then would repeat. Something up licking right up the centre of a guys cock and sucking at the head for a bit at the end really got their dicks harder, I’d learned. So I licked at Tony’s dick like an iceblock on a summer day.
Then, taking his balls in my mouth, my eyes closed, I continued to lick madly, making his balls as wet as the towering shaft above them. I alternated between his balls and his dick, sucking one, licking the other. Licking one, sucking the other.
As I sucked at his throbbing cock head, I unexpectedly felt two large throbbing pulses rocket through my mouth. Then, the sudden rush of creamy, warm sprog splashed into my mouth, splattering my tongue, washing my throat, dripping from my teeth. More throbbing spurts followed, filling my mouth, I moved my head up slightly to let his load gargle at the back of my throat. Tony was in heaven, his body shaking in absolute pleasure. His hands nearly ripping out my hair.
Suddenly, he slammed my head back rather violently and dragged my head up to meet his face. His piercing brown eyes stared deep into mine, his forehead was drenched in sweat.
“Fucking kiss me man” Tony demanded.
I was shocked slightly, but did as he told me and we slapped lips.
His tongue scooped in and licked up his own oozing sprog, ferrying in back into his own mouth while keeping me in a passionate kiss. Fucking weird, I originally thought, but by this time I didn’t care.
Tony’s tongue explored my mouth for a few moments more, cleaning my teeth of his own seed. It was an amazing experience, one that I have yet since to experience again, so I suggest you guys try it.
As we kissed I felt Tony's hand tugging wildly on my dick. Unfortunately, with the whole new experience still racing through my brain, excitement took over and I felt my cock shudder. I shot a load about a foot from my cock, two spurts, straight across onto Tony's chest, abs and leg. I felt embarrassed, but then I didn't care. Tony didn’t care, he was too busy kissing me.

The whole experience was breath taking. I dragged myself up beside Tony on the white lounge. We were both sweating, again, both satisfied.
“Pretty fucking good hey dude” Tony panted, in a whisper.
“Fuck yeah man...Fuck yeah.” I agreed.
Tony put his arm around me, not in a friendly way, in a ‘something more’ kind of way.
“Dude, I have never seriously fucked and sucked and done so much with one bloke in one night” Tony confessed. I smiled.
“Nah mate, I’m dead serious. I fucking love it. It’s awesome!” He said, sincerely.
We sat in silence for a moment. I rested my head, took in the moment, closed my eyes. My mind raced again, like it had done earlier that night. What just happened? What would everything be like after tonight?
“Dude, you're so cool...I’m glad you and me are mates hey” Tony said, in all seriousness. I smiled back.
“Yeah its heaps good to have a mate like you” I agreed.
Tony burped and laughed.
“And now we’re fuck buddies too hey” He joked, scratching his snail-trail.
“Yeah I guess we are” I agreed. “All fine by me man”
Tony laughed.
“Same mate. Same.” Tony added.
There was silence.
“Are you even tired?” Tony asked, eventually.
“Yeah…” I trailed off, I think all the orgasming had made us tired, as opposed to our pills keeping us awake.
“Must have been weak shit Mad got hey if we’re tired” Tony grumbled to himself.
Tony ushered me off the white lounge, throwing my boardies at me. He bent over, and I saw his familiar hairy ass crack again. With a crack of metal, the white lounge turned into a bed.
“You wanna sleep here?” He asked.
I just shrugged.
“Yeah I guess so mate I don’t care hey” I replied.
“Cool. I’ll be back. I’ll get you sheets and shit” Tony said, disappearing down the hall.
I sat on the bed for a few minutes, hearing Tony saying something grumpy Madison, then he appeared with a couple of pillows and some sheets.
“Have a good one dude. I’ll be in Mad’s bed if you’re looking for me” Tony said, stretching into a yawn.
“Cool” I said, slowly making the bed.
Tony walked up behind me and bumped his thighs into my ass.
“Dude, I’d stay in here with you but Mad’s being a pussy cos we went off” Tony explained.
“It’s cool mate whatever.” I trailed off.
Tony looked at me. I just smiled from his cuteness.
“We cool?” He asked.
I laughed and punched him playfully.
“Yeah, we’re cool. Get to bed!” I said.
And when I finished making the bed, I did just that, still amazed at what had happened to me over the last few hours.

I had no idea what time it was, but I had to go pee. I was dreaming about going out in the city with a friend of mine who had won money and was being really mean to chicks all night. And in the dream I even needed to go pee….so anyway, I got out of bed.
The bathroom was across from my room and light was shining out from under the door. Assuming someone had just left the light on, I pushed open the door.
Blinded by the brightness, I stumbled a bit further into the massively oversized glistening black bathroom. As my eyes adjusted I saw Madison sitting on the edge of the bath, naked, having a wank.
“Fuck sorry mate!” I gasped, trying not to look at his cock, until I remembered that I’d seen his cock, and a lot more, only a few hours earlier. Madison lifted his head up slowly. He didn’t care.
“Have to get it out somehow hey” He slurred, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he slowly stopped tugging his dick.
I didn’t know what to do, or where to look, or what, so I just moved over to the toilet. After I finished, and as I flushed the toilet, I turned to see Madison standing up, grinning strangely. I moved around to the side slightly and his gaze followed me. I started to wash my hands.
“So….You give good head right?” He grunted, sniffling slightly.
I laughed.
“I dunno mate....I guess so....why?” I asked, nervously. Not scared of him, just confused. Madison grumbled something under his breath,
I think whatever pill we had earlier was getting back at him.
“…What do you think?” He snapped. He wiggled his cock at me, rolled his eyes, and laughed. “…I’m kidding dude haha”.
Though he obviously wasn’t, I was never ready for Madison’s weird attitude or random mood swings, I didn't understand him.
“….what so you want me to blow you?” I asked, laughing.
He laughed.
“Derr” He mumbled. I just looked at him. I ran my fingers through my hair.
“….can't you just beat off?” I asked, snidely.
He looked at me with a sly grin, slowly moving closer towards me. I started to laugh.
“Dude, I just woke up, I’m so not horny hey!” I objected, seriously, but kinda turned on by Madison at this point. I shuddered deep inside, my dick stiffened slightly. Yes, Madison was hot, that was for sure, but something about the situation worried me. It felt as if I was betraying Tony….
“What about Tony?” I stammered, eventually.
Madison laughed. He pointed forward and slid his finger down between my pecs, down through my abs, tickling my snail trail and stopping at the waist band of my boardies.
“What about him?” Madison asked, his face stopping inches away from mine. I tried to move back, trying not to let Madison lure me in, but my dick just woke up….
“C'mon man, we can't fuck around…” I objected, my Tony crush struggling with my dick. Madison rolled his eyes.
“Dude, what Tony don't know, won't hurt him....” Madison grunted.
Here, was a relatively moral situation.
Granted, I’d just been in a three-way with this guy, but I had more feelings for Tony than I did for Madison. And I’d gathered that Madison was a bit of a player himself, thus why he ignored Tony and I when we blew one another. I could have taken the “Porno Option”, or the “Right Option”....and sadly, for you readers, I took the “Right Option”
“ Madison, mate, you’re cool & shit...but I’m Tony's mate more than you...it just doesn’t feel right him not knowing….sorry man...” was all I said. My argument made no sense, since I dashed off to suck on Tony’s cock earlier without delay…
Madison didn’t looked shocked. He didn’t even look like he knew what I had just said. He blinked slowly, like you do when you’re drunk, but I was guessing he was still Fried by whatever concoction he’d swallowed.
Eventually, as I turned to walk away, Madison just laughed. He was obviously just really horny, and out of it.
“…you can have him dude, I don’t care” Madison grumbled, turning back to get his porno magazine.
I stopped at the door.
“….What?” I asked, concerned.
Madison pulled up his jeans and headed towards where I stood, as if nothing had ever even happened. He looked in the mirror on the way past.
“I’m going out mate. Tony won’t care, I always go out” Madison said.
I just nodded. Madison fixed his hair and walked over to the door. I moved aside to let him pass. He patted me on the shoulder and looked right into my tired eyes. His eyes were bloodshot again.
“Dude, you’re cool as far as I can tell...” Madison began.
I shrugged.
“…just a tip but....Commitment means nothing nowadays...” Madison smirked, smugly. He started his way down the hallway, grabbing car keys from the bench top and his singlet from the lounge
“...Just a thought dude….have a good one” Madison said, leaving his apartment.
I wasn’t angry, I was just shocked and impressed that Madison, who acted so straight, ended up being such a bitchy queen. Though his cryptic comment about not wanting Tony lead me to believe that maybe I could save Tony from Madison.
But then my mind raced. Tony must have been enjoying his relationship with Madison, or he would have not endured it. Though I didn’t how long the relationship had been, parts of it seemed genuine. The whole three-some part was a bit weird, but as Madison so dramatically pointed out, Commitment meant nothing to him.
I stumbled back into The White Room and rolled into bed. The sun was coming up slowly outside and I could hear noisy birds waking everyone up. My mind was still running a million miles a minute. Should I be a good friend to Tony and tell him what Madison said? I didn't know. I had never had such a situation to worry about before. At least I had a few hours to think about it before Tony got up….
The door creaked open and I heard the light patter of Tony entering The White Room. He was in a black singlet and shorts, so it looked like a pair of buff arms and a head floating towards me on the bed. I laughed. Tony laughed too.
“Hey man, hows it hangin?” Tony whispered.
“Good man” I whispered back.
Tony slid down in the bed next to me. I didn’t care, he was so warm.
“Don’t mind me man, its cold!” Tony laughed, pulling the sheets over himself.
“Did you have a good sleep?” He asked.
I nodded. Feeling Tony’s body right next to me felt nice, his warmth, his smell…
“Yeah, we’re all good mate” I said eventually.
“Cool” Tony said.
“…Madison went out” I found myself saying.
Tony didn’t react.
“Yeah, I thought he would.” Tony trailed off.
There was awkward silence for a moment. A bird outside made a noise.
“….You want breakfast or something?” Tony asked, reaching forward to rest his warm hand on my bare chest. I shuddered.
“I do if you do” I said.
Tony laughed.
“Cool!” He slid his hand down my abs, over my boardies and out of bed.
“Up you get man!” He said, ripping the sheet from me. We laughed. I was relieved I didn’t have a hard-on like I usually do of a morning.
Tony led me into to kitchen and made me sit at the breakfast bar. He excited turned everything on.
“It’s cool mate we’ve never ever used the kitchen for anybody!” Tony confessed. I laughed.
“What? You’ve never had parties?” I asked.
Tony disappeared into the fridge and pulled out some juice.
“…Nah, not really. Madison hasn’t really met any of my friends, you’re my first” Tony said. I laughed again.
“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” I joked.
Tony just stared blankly at me. I laughed.
“Don’t worry dude….so, have you met his friends?” I asked.
Tony clicked the kettle on.
“Nah, nah not yet. But it’s only early days I guess.” He explained.
My eyes lit up. Success! Early days!...I can save Tony from Madison!
“…oh ok cool…” was my reaction to the comment.
“I don’t know if….” Tony began, though the rest was muffled by the clinking of cups and cutlery as he went through the cupboard.
“Don’t know if you want to stay with him?” I asked, when silent.
Tony stared at me.
“What?...nah, I was saying I don’t know if we have any milk left.” Tony said.
“Oh…haha!” I laughed, awkwardly. Luckily, Tony laughed too.
“We’re not full exclusive though anyway.” Tony added, randomly.
“…What? You and Madison?” I asked, over excitedly, and I knew Tony noticed.
“Yeah mate. Didn’t you think a three-some was a bit random?” He asked. I suddenly realized, and laughed.
“….I thought you blokes were just kinky!” I joked.
Tony laughed, he walked over to hand me a coffee.
“You’re cute mate.” Tony said.
I blushed.
“…but you’re the kinky one, getting fucked by two blokes!” He added.
We laughed and sipped our coffees.
“Oh hey what are you doing today?” Tony asked.
I thought for a moment.
“…Fucking you?” I said.
Tony laughed.
“Haha, nah other than that….?” He asked.
“Nothing mate, why?” I asked.
“Dude, come for a road-trip down me mum’s place!” Tony said, excitedly.
“What? Where?” I asked. Tony had the frying pan going.
“You want eggs?” He asked.
“Yeah….where are we going?” I asked.
“Down the coast to me mum’s place. It was my step bro’s birthday like three days ago so I’m going down there this weekend.” Tony explained.
“…totally come with me. Madison won’t cos he’s a prick!” He added.
I had no objections.
“Awesome!” I said happily. “…is he hot?”
Tony laughed.
“Yeah mate, my mum’s hell hot you can pound her all night!” He retorted. We laughed.
“Nah, I’ll stick with her son thanks.” I said, taking a sip of coffee.
Tony turned around for a moment and just stared at me. I was looking out the window. I knew what I said, and I wanted a reaction from Tony. I just didn’t want Tony to know I wanted a reaction from him…
“You’re just obsessed with fucking me, hey?” He asked.
I looked at him and smirked.
“Derr mate!” I laughed.
Tony laughed too. He turned back around to tend to the eggs.
“You can blow me on the way down if you get desperate.” Tony said.
I laughed.
“Sounds good to me” I flirted back, and we continued with breakfast.

Now, Willow Pine, in relation to where we were then, is about an 8 hour drive down the coast. It's pretty much wine country valley sort of thing but with a beach.
It was a turn of the century village that you’d see in Sleepy Hollow, mashed with a corporate beach town of try hard concept stores inside heritage listed buildings. Hard to describe I know, but it used to be a quiet little town until trendy people took over.
Tony's family situation was a bit confusing, so I’ll get you up to speed. Tony's mum and dad divorced up a few years ago. In the beginning, Tony and his older sister lived with his Dad back up near where I live, where we met of course. Now, Tony's mum lives down in Willow Pine with a new guy named Duncan.
Duncan has a 16 year old son, making Tony have a step-brother. The step-brother is the one who was having the party, and since Tony had not seen him or his mother for a while, a road-trip was in order...make sense?
Although I was excited about the whole road-trip situation, I was trying to control myself. I didn't know whether to take it too seriously, as a stepping stone to getting to know Tony, or just as a random road-trip with a mate.
I had no idea what Tony was thinking at this point in time. We had stopped by my place to tell my parents what I was doing and get a change of clothes. Tony stopped off at his dad’s also to do the same and grab some snacks and music for the trip. As we were driving though some boring bushland, Tony reached down and turned down the music.
“Can I ask you something weird man?” Tony asked.
I looked over at him, looking cute in his sunnies as usual.
“Sure man.....what?” I replied.
“When did you, like, know you liked dudes and stuff?” He asked.
I was about to answer when Tony interrupted.
“It's cool if you don't wanna say or anything”… He trailed off.
I looked out the window, trying to remember what first drew me to guys. I remembered.
“ Do you remember a guy named Jason Nydler?” I asked.
Tony shook his head.
“Nah....oh wait....yeah he went to my school. Heaps rough guy, played footy?” Tony asked.
I nodded and grinned, remembering.
“Yeah, yeah that’s him! Yeah, well, he went to the same primary school as me, right? And it was after school, back in year 6 this was, and I was in the toilet, like pissing, obviously, haha and he walks in and full stands next to me at the wall...” I explained. Tony nodded intently.
“...so, I’m like, this is a little weird and stuff like that, and so I go to move away a bit and I saw his dick man, it was....like I dunno...but at the time I thought it was fucking massive haha and I didn't get it...like, it wasn't how dicks look when you piss, if you get me” I stopped.
“...What?...was he hard or something?” Tony asked.
“Yeah...he had a full boner! So naturally I got one too haha it was so embarrassing cos we full just stood there looking at each others dicks for ages and stuff and then he said something like 'You got a stiff hey' and i was like 'Yeah so do you' and then pretty much that’s about it....but yeah that’s when I sorta worked it out” I took a long breath.
Tony was speechless. I looked out the window again and then back towards Tony, he was grinning.
“You're not gonna leave it like that man? Fuck!....Get me all horny and then stop!?” He groaned. I laughed.
“What man? You getting off on my story man?...” I asked.
Tony laughed.
“Well, thinking about your dick does that to a man.” Tony joked.
“…I guess I won't tell what happened to me in Year 10 then ay?” I trailed off. Tony laughed, reaching a free hand to re-adjust his shorts. He had a hard-on and it was creeping down…
“Nah man, tell me hey! You got me all randy!” Tony insisted.
I just nodded and found myself wiping sweat from my brow. It was about midday now as we passed through more boring countryside. And I mean country side country side, like cows, sheep, grass, shit like that on both sides for miles on end. I had rolled my shirt sleeves up on both my arms, not to show off my arms or anything, just because it was hot in the car. Tony looked over at me.
“Oh, you hot man?...I’ll put the air-co on if ya want?” He asked.
“Nah mate, its all good” I replied.
Tony nodded.
“You just wanna show off your hot arms again!” Tony joked.
I nodded.
“Yeah so? Says you in your hot singlet again!” I said, poking Tony in the stomach. He laughed.
“So, don’t leave me hanging, you were gonna tell me what happened in Year 10!” Tony beamed, over enthusiastically.
“…What happened in Year 10?” I joked.
Tony groaned.
“Come on man, I got a boner over here!” Tony laughed
His cargo shorts were slowly rising as his cock had slithered out of its hiding spot and started raising straight up. I just wanted to drop down over to his waist and suck on that beast till we got to our stop.
“…Did you want that car blow job now, did ya?” I asked, half serious.
Tony laughed.
“Nah man, save that for later. Tell me what happened!” He said.
I laughed.
“Ok, ok, fair enough” I said, continuing my Jason Nydler story
“So….Yeah, in Year 10, I played Touch Footy with Jase for a season. And one night after training, just him and me, he said to me 'so what are you doing tonight?' and I was like 'nothing ay, why?' and he goes 'well you wanna come over my place and watch some videos and shit?' and I was like 'yeah sounds cool' ”
Tony was enthralled by my story. As he drove with one hand on the wheel, the other hand was down on his shorts, slightly sliding up and down his cock bulge.
“…Yeah?...” Tony asked, eventually.
“Back at his place right, we watched shit on cable and that Halloween movie with Tyra Banks was on and he was like ‘she’s so hot hey. I’d totally bone her hey’…all this shit. Anyway, we end up jerking off...”
Tony stopped me.
“Ho...hold on! What?! You go from watching a movie to jerking off?” Tony gasped.
I was confused.
“Yeah man, I dunno it just sorta happened. So yeah anyway he had some porno in his DVD player and we chucked that on. We were tugging away like across from each other and he was like 'I wonder what its like to suck a guy off' and I'm like 'Yeah It’d be awesome hey' ….so we try it and - ”
Tony interrupted me again.
“Fuck man, we're gonna have to pull over or something, I need to jerk off!” He joked.
“It's not that exciting, dude” I said. “Besides, you wouldn’t need to pull over, I can just blow you, you’ve got cruise control hey?” I asked.
“You’re so aching to suck my cock, aren’t you dude?” Tony joked.
Which kind of deflated me. Sure, he had a hard-on, but didn’t want me to do anything with it. I assumed it was cos he was ‘with’ Madison. Whatever. Who’d turn down a free in car blow job?!...Tony obviously.
A wooden billboard whizzed past alongside the road with the words “Sleep-Ezy Motel, First On Your Right. Restaurant. Beds. Good Times.” Tony noticed it and looked over at me.
“…Did you see that sign?” He asked.
I got a glimpse but didn’t really care.
“Yeah, what?” I asked.
“It said Beds and Good times!” Tony laughed.
I laughed.
“Beds lead to good times!” I replied.
“You wanna stop there for some lunch or something?” He asked.
I looked over.
“or Good Times?” I joked. “ Yeah, that’s cool, I need to piss anyway” I added, bluntly.
Tony laughed.
“Same.” He agreed. “Good times and a piss it is!”
I nodded, and returned to the other subject.
“Oh yeah, um, anyway, that’s what happened with me and Jason in Year 10.” I said.
“ That’s hot mate” Tony said. “…You still speak to him?”
“Yeah, yeah...I always see him out heaps.” I explained.
“It’s weird hey seeing random dudes out at a club or wherever?” Tony asked.
“Yeah, not too weird, cos we still hook up to suck each other off”
I finished.
“Really?!” Tony gasped.
“Haha yeah dude, it’s not that shocking. I just ring him, he rings me, whatever. His girlfriend doesn’t know, but whatever…” I trailed off.
“Fuck man, that’s so cool” Tony exclaimed.
“Yeah, it’s pretty good.” I agreed.
“…Wish Madison was like that, hey.” Tony said.
I looked over at Tony.
“…Like what?” I asked, genuinely interested.
“Oh, it’s a whole fucking saga man, you don’t wanna hear it” Tony groaned. I laughed.
“Yes I do man, spill, we got ages till that Good Times Bed place anyway” I insisted.
“It’s not that long, it’s just…I met Madison out one night, he hooked me up with some pills, whatever, we went back to his place and fucked. But he had a bloke there already, an Asian bloke, oh sorry, Japanese bloke…” Tony began. The plot thickened, I thought to myself.
“…Anyway, just randomly, the Japanese guy disappeared and Madison was like ‘move in man I got room’ whatever, so I did.” Tony stopped.
“Have you been there long?” I asked.
“Nah mate, only a fortnight. I’ve know Mad longer than that but just haven’t, like, been with him that long. But I dunno, sometimes he's full nice to me and affectionate, but then sometimes he ignores me and brings random blokes back to his place….” Tony explained.
I laughed.
“Like me?” I joked, lightening the mood. Tony laughed.
“Nah dude, I bought you home! But you’re an actual mate though, not just a random fuck, you’re a good mate of mine so its different” Tony said.
“Aww” I joked. Tony laughed again.
“But you know what I mean? He’s weird, right?” Tony asked me.
I thought for a moment.
“…I just thought it was the drugs he was on” I said, truthfully.
“ But seriously, don't worry about him, mate. You're cool! You’re an awesome guy. And if he can't appreciate you for what you are, then he's a dick!” I said. Tony laughed.
“Aww, thanks bro. You really know how to cheer a boy up..." Tony said, sincerely. I laughed too.
“...and you know how to get them horny” He added, with a laugh.
“I full need to get out and stretch, I threw my back out last night when you were riding me!” He complained, jokingly.
“Aww gee, sorry mate!” I said, sarcastically. “I’ll try to ride it slower next time!”.
Tony laughed. My cock sprung to life.
“….now I got a hard-on mate, thanks!” I groaned.
Tony reached over and patted it.
“Join the club, dude. I still got mine” He said. And he did.
“Look, there’s a park thing up here. We can have a stretch and a piss…” Tony started.
“And a fuck?” I joked.
“If we got time mate.” Tony said, sarcastically, before adding,
“You’re the horniest fucker of a dude I know mate, seriously”
I laughed.
“Proud of it mate, proud of it.” I smirked.

Tony and I pulled over into a camp ground that was off to the side of the road, next to a river, with a few picnic tables set up with a barbeque. We parked by a tree and Tony sauntered out of the car.
" Fuuuuuuccccckkkk. " He groaned to himself, resting his hands on the back of his waist, bending back so his snail trail was showing. I pulled off my shirt completely and left it in Tony's car. It was so good to be out of the car. I looked around for somewhere to pee while Tony walked around his Ute, complaining about how dirty the trip had made it.
“…so I guess I just pick a tree?” I asked Tony.
He laughed.
“Looks like it.” He said. “Oh hey, we should go for a swim!” He added.
I looked over at him.
“What? In that?” I asked, pointing at the river, sounding like a whinging queen.
“You’re the one with your gear off! I thought you were gonna hop in!” Tony joked.
“Nah I'm just hot...” I trailed off.
“You sure are” Tony said.
I laughed. He walked over towards the dark sad of the river.
“It doesn’t look that bad” He said, pointing.
“Pfft, no thanks mate, it’s full dirty creek water” I objected.
“Derr mate, we’re out in the country!” Tony trailed off.
I groaned.
“I’ll go in, if you go in.” I wagered.
Tony laughed.
“…You just want to see me naked again!” He said, slyly.
“Haha, well either way I need to take a piss first” I said, walking over behind a tree.
Tony pulled his singlet off over his head and left it on the car bonnet, he moved over towards the tree where I was about to pee. I pulled my dick out and began just as Tony appeared next to me and did the same. His dick was hard, it looked so good, just as tasty as ever.
“You got a stiff hey?” I said to Tony, with a smirk.
He smiled and looked over at me.
“Only cos of you” He replied. We laughed.
“Then after this we’ll go back to mine, watch Halloween and blow each other!” Tony joked. I punched him with a free hand.
“Yeah thanks Jason!” I joked.
When we were done peeing, we stopped and looked around the campsite. A makeshift sign was set up telling whoever about the surroundings. I noticed something on the sign and read it to Tony.
“There’s a swimming hole waterfall thing down that track a bit if you wanna swim there” I called to Tony, who stood staring off into the river.
“You wanna go? It's still pretty hot” Tony called back.
“….Yeah, why not.” I replied. Any opportunity to see Tony naked again was always fine in my book.
“Cool!” Tony called, walking in the direction I pointed. I followed behind him.

Walking through the quiet bush was relaxing. Hearing the birds off in the distance, the wind through the trees, the crunching of our shoes on the ground, it was like another world.
I knew Tony would appreciate the change from driving for the last 4 or whatever hours. Following the path down and could hear the roar of the waterfall. We eventually found the waterhole that the sign mentioned, it was a crystal clear rock pool with a cascading waterfall gushing from the cliff up above. Ferns, palms and weeds surrounded the stone pool and in the sunlight through the trees made it look like a paradise on earth.
“Go the mood settings” Tony said, admiring the view.
“Yeah its cool hey” I agreed, looking around.
We walked down to the edge of the rock pool. Tony reached his hand in and felt the water, it was cool but not cold. He turned back to me.
“I'm going in…and you know what that means!” Tony joked.
“…You naked?” I asked.
He laughed.
“Nah…You’re going in too!” He beamed.
I groaned.
“You first but…I’ll watch” I said. Tony just laughed and undid his shoes and socks, leaving them on the side. He tip-toed slowly into the water, inching further in. He shivered as stopped at waist height. He smirked.
“…that’s one way to get rid of a hard-on!...It’s fucking freezing!” He joked.
I pulled off my shoes and socks and made my way into the cool water. It was nice as I slowly lowered in....until it got to waist height and I shivered in shock.
“Fuck! My poor balls!” I joked.
Tony nodded.
“My balls are all good now, once you get used to it” He smirked, wading over to me.
“I’ll warm yours up hey?” Tony joked. I laughed.
Swimming around in the cool serenity of the place really felt soothing and kinda naughty. Not sure why, it wasn’t like we were fucking against a tree or anything, but it just felt like we were doing something naughty.
Anyway, Tony floated towards me on his back, eyes closed, grin on his face, a tent in his cargos. His abs looked so ripped in the sunlight and water.
“This is the life hey?” Tony commented.
“Fuck yeah mate, love it” I agreed.
“….It makes you…think about stuff, hey?” Tony asked.
I nodded, not really getting what he meant.
“I mean....like.....the other day when I left for work, I would never have imagined that my mate from work would be sucking my cock…” Tony pondered. I laughed.
He sank down into the water and giggled to himself. Then, playfully, he tossed his wet shorts over to me. I looked over through the water at naked Tony and smiled. Instantly, my cock ignore the cold and stiffened into action.
“You right there mate? Lose your pants?” I laughed.
“Yeah, looks like it hey. I haven't had a skinny dip in years! Since I was a kid.” Tony confessed.
I nodded. I slid my shorts off also, letting them slowly float to the surface.
“Same!” I agreed.
I floated over to Tony and my knee bumped his still hard dick, he just smirked at me.
“Dude, seriously, I'm glad I got a mate like you” Tony said, kindly, truthfully.
“Thanks man....same with you.” I replied.
And suddenly, Tony kissed me. He slid his tongue into my mouth, and I didn’t refuse. I returned the favour and we parted lips. Short, but very sweet. We just smiled at one another. Everything had fallen into place it seemed. Everything had changed.
“…We better go dude.” Tony said, eventually.
I just nodded. I didn’t want to go.
“That’s cool.” I lied.
Luckily we did actually go right at that moment though cos we could hear loud 30’s music coming from somewhere. We pretty much just walked out of the water, carrying our stuff in our hands.
As we crunched back up the bush track, a group of noisy old people with picnic baskets came down the path. There was about 12 of them, merrily walking along to their radio, past us soaking wet boys with tucked in hard-ons. An old lady smiled at us strangely. She was on to us! Haha!
Anyway, making our way back to the car, we slumped into our seats, shorts still wet but we didn’t care. Tony put his sunglasses back on. He looked so cute. I just wanted to kiss him again.
“Let's roll.” He smirked at me.
“You know how hot you look in those right?” I asked.
He laughed.
“…Of course mate!” He joked, as we jolted out of the bush and further up the road.

About a half hour later the Sleep-Ezy Motel came into view. Even from afar I could see the gnarled, dead trees that dotted the barren surrounding field. The collapsing metal fence, the dead grass, and… was that a horse skeleton?
As we drove up the dusty driveway, we were greeted by a young guy, about 20, in tattered jeans cracking into the ground with a pick-axe. He was shirtless, thin, built, sweating, hot, brown, tanned. Short brown hair, matted with sweat, deep brown eyes, a rippling set sweat drenched abs and short, bushy chest and stomach hairs that made him look so hot, so country. As we drove past slowly he nodded at us in greeting. Tony and I looked at each other, and grinned.
“Love the country boys.” Tony joked. I agreed. Completely.
We approached the Motel, which reminded me instantly of the Bates House in Psycho. You know that collapsing, haunted looking old wooden house that little kids would be scared of? It was a decrepit two storey homestead, withered with age. It had an elegant veranda with a large bay window. Above the old doorway was a stained glass window with cattle and a sunrise.
Clinging along the front, and around most of the side, were dead brown vines, creeping slowly onto the thatched roof. Some of the topmost windows were broken, attic windows they looked like, while the remaining windows held dead skeletons of plants in their rotting planter boxes.
A rickety fence jutted around the house a few meters from the veranda, a rusted wrought iron fence stumbled around the dead garden and the brown grass. If this house didn't double as a Haunted Mansion, then it probably should, and from my point of view it was the Bates House in the middle of the southern highlands Australia.
Hanging on a rusted chain was a broken wooden sign, similar to what we had seen earlier, though some letters had fallen down. The sun faded green letters only read: Slee Ezy Motel. Which made me laugh. Tony didn't get it. He was too creeped out by the place.
“This place is a dive!” Tony groaned, bringing the car to a stop.
“Yeah, is a bit. But it is the Sleezy Motel after all” I joked.
Tony groaned again.
“…I’m a little scared of this place, dude.” Tony joked. I laughed.
“Don’t worry dude, you got me to protect you!” I laughed.
We climbed out of the car.
I grabbed my shirt and hung it from the belt of my cargos. Tony, in his singlet, locked the car and motioned for me to make my way inside first, which I was pretty wary of doing. Tony was tapping his phone and grumbling.
“There’s no reception!” Tony groaned.
“….Are you serious?” I asked.
Tony started at me. He looked so cute. So clueless.
“….No, there wouldn’t be reception mate.” I said, patting him on the back. Tony sighed.
“…What happens if someone’s trying to message me?” He trailed off.
I walked up the front steps and squinted into the dark doorway. I cleared my throat. Some chickens clucked in the distance.
“…….Hello?” I asked.
There was no answer. Tony was behind me now, practically on my back.
“….Anyone in there?” Tony asked.
I shook my head.
“Hello?...” I asked again.
Tony and I stared intently into the gloom. He gripped my shoulders tightly.
“This is fucking like Texas Chainsaw man!” Tony said, his voice quivering.
“We’d hear the chainsaw if that was the case…” I said.
“You guys right?” A deep voice asked, suddenly.
We both jumped, and yelped, and spun around to see the young guy from earlier. He just smiled at us. Looking cute, while we looked fucking stupid.
“Fuck man......Hi......Hi......Um?...We just saw your sign back, down, down the road and just….you know, wanted to have lunch…” I began.
“....Yeah…yeah, if that’s cool...” Tony added, his voice still shaky.
The guy nodded slowly, one eye squinting from the glaring sun.
“Nah, you guys are right, it’s all good...” He began.
“…But the actual Motel, is down the road a bit further.”
Tony and I looked at each other.
The boy walked around the side of the haunted looking house. We followed him slowly around the side of the house to see, just down the road, an L shaped two story resort looking Motel with a small courtyard and fountain, with a massive sign reading The Sleep-Ezy Motel and Bistro. I laughed. Tony didn’t.
“Lot of people do that mate, don’t worry.” The boy explained. I was still laughing to myself.
“This was it, back like a hundred years ago or something. My aunty owns the new Motel now. If you go down just tell her you met me” The boy went on.
“Thanks mate...” I trailed off, trying to be manly and shake his hand.
“…I’m Darren, by the way” The boy added.
“Thanks Darren!” Tony said, enthusiastically.
Darren nodded at us.
He was cute. Even better up close. By looking at his boyish face he only looked around 16. But seeing the chiseled body with the wiry chest hairs made you think otherwise. Maybe the country life was good for him?
After many moans and groans from Tony about how embarrassed he just felt, we got back into the car and followed the drive down towards the actual Sleep-Ezy Motel. We parked near the fountain and made our way into the rather posh looking reception lobby. An older lady was behind the counter watching Oprah.
“You boys right?” She asked, kindly.
Tony took off his sunglasses.
“Yeah, could we be able to get a room to hang out in for a few hours? Have a bit of lunch, that sort of thing?” Tony asked, leaning on the counter.
“Yeah, I suppose you can” The lady joked. “What are two strapping young boys doing down here? You gonna stay the night?” she asked.
Tony smirked and gave her his sexy wink.
“Nah, don't think we’re gonna stay over, we’ll see.” Tony said, looking at me. I just looked back, staring blankly.
“Well, if you want to stay overnight, just let me know” The lady said.
Tony thought for a moment.
“Hey, do you reckon if we stay here the night, we'll get to Willow Pine about 10 tomorrow morning?” Tony asked. The lady thought for a moment too.
“Yeah, easily. If you left at 8, it only takes a couple of hours, you’d be there by lunch.” She concluded.
“….what do ya think?” Tony asked.
I just smiled at him.
“Whatever man, you’re driving!” I laughed.
Tony punched me playfully.
“Yeah, can we please get an overnight one?” Tony asked the lady.
She nodded.
“Sure thing boys. I'll just find you a key” She said.
She disappeared somewhere. Tony spun around and smirked at me.
“So we're making a night of it hey?” I asked.
“Yeah mate, why not? Get a bed each. All good” Tony smirked. I smiled.
“…as if we’re gonna use separate beds!” I said.
Tony winked at me.
“Shh, we don’t want Darren beating down on us!” Tony joked.
The lady appeared again, holding out a key.
“Here you go boys. Lunch should be about half an hour, I’ll work it out and bring it up for you” She said.
“Cool, thanks.” Tony said.
The lady stopped.
“Oh, actually, Darren will bring it up for you” She added.
Tony and I looked at each other and smiled.
“That'll be fine.” We both said, in unison.
She looked at us funny.
“…we just met him up the other house.” I explained.
She just smiled awkwardly.
“Enjoy your stay. The bars open till 8” She said.
We thanked her again and left the office. I walked out first, with Tony close behind. Something hard of Tony's nudged the back of my thigh as we left. I laughed.
“…Is that your cock again?” I asked.
Tony just laughed. Once we were outside by the car, I casually dropped my hand behind me and gripped Tony's hard on through the fabric of his cargos. It was so hard, I could feel it throbbing.
“Dude, is that cos of Darren?” I joked.
“Fuck yeah man he’s hot!” Tony laughed. “Nah dude, we get our own bed! Bed and Good times, man. Bed and good times...” He joked.

The room was pimped out like a typical motel room. Two beds, TV, Lounge, Bathroom, and a balcony sort of thing. We had nothing to unpack, just a change of clothes, so we just kicked off our shoes and flaked onto the bed.
“I might have a shower hey.” Tony announced.
I sat up.
“Can I join ya?” I asked, half joking half seriously.
Tony pulled off his singlet.
“…Yeah mate, can if ya want.” He said, disappearing into the bathroom.
I dropped my shorts as quick as I could, and threw my shirt on the floor. As I turned to walk into the bathroom, I saw Tony's naked backside and it was a welcome sight.
“You still hard dude?” I asked Tony, slinking up behind him and sliding my hands around his tight abs, fingering his snail trail, lightly touching his dick with my other hand. He moved his head to the side to kiss my cheek, his stubble was beginning to grow back for the day.
“I'm always hard with you dude” Tony cooed.
We moved into the shower, facing each other I could feel Tony's stiff rod poking into my thigh. My cock had parked itself upwards against Tony’s V where his pubic bone was. My hands rested on his chest, while one of his hands held onto my hip, the other held the side of my head so Tony could control our kissing, which I had been longing to continue since we were at the waterfall. The warming waters slithered down our bodies as our tongues flicked and slurped into each others mouths. Tony slid his wet, soapy hand from my thigh around to my ass, squeezing the cheeks forcefully. He had moved his head and kissed my chest, it felt so good, the smell of his hair wafted through me, it was Tony’s smell that I had always noticed since I first met.
I slid my hands down Tony's abs, feeling each one under my soapy fingers. The wiry, bushy snail trail led into his pubes as I began tugging slowly on his dick. Tony flinched slightly.
“Dude, dude, we’ll just make out and clean up hey? Save it for later” Tony murmured into my ear. I nodded, since I could feel his warm hand on my face while the other squeezed my ass, I had no reason to argue.
“It’s cool, sorry hey, you’re just too fucking hot!” I groaned, licking Tony in the ear. He melted and our kissing became more intense.
“…we can fuck later dude I so want to fuck you!” Tony confessed, his hands sliding up my stomach now. There was a knock at the door. Yes, we heard it, but we wanted to ignore it. There was another knock. And we both looked at each other and laughed.
We turned the shower off and blindly grabbed for any towels we could. Tony wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way to the door. I stayed in the bathroom, trying to wrap my hard-on away in a towel. Tony peeped through the curtains and laughed, it was Darren with the lunch. He was dressed now but still looking damn fine.
“It's Dazza!” Tony whispered, excitedly.
I laughed.
“We can fuck him!” I joked, though so wanted to.
Tony opened the door as Darren looked up.
“Hey, I have your - ” Darren stopped.
Seeing Tony standing in his towel, still wet, abs glistening like they tend to do, hair flattened, his stubble growing back, a vision of manhood practically naked….then me, standing in the background, not as chiseled a vision as Tony, but still impressive nonetheless….
“...Yeah, sorry,…I...Um...Have your lunch...here.” Darren finished, rather strangely.
Tony smirked.
“Hey thanks man!” Tony said, kindly, patting Darren on the shoulder. “Bring it on in, take a load off!” Tony laughed.
Darren nodded awkwardly as he carried the tray of sandwiches inside.
“Hey, want a beer or something mate?” Tony asked. I laughed. Tony was adorable. And it must have been so obvious to Darren that we liked him…
Darren was wary but also enthused in a sense. Possibly the promise of beer set him off, or maybe seeing Tony and I half naked tipped him off? Either way, he moved over to the dining table near the lounge, near me standing in my towel.
“It’s some chicken sandwiches and salad” Darren explained, pointing at them, trying not to look at my half naked body. I smirked.
“I love salad” I said.
“Oh cool…” Darren said, I guess not knowing how to react to my random salad comment.
“…We've also got ice cream and stuff, back at reception. Oh, and the bar. There’s a bar.” Darren said, edging towards the door.
“There’s a bar man, you don’t even have to leave!” Tony said.
I laughed to myself, because I thought Tony was referring to the bar in his towel, as in his hard-on, but he meant the mini-bar.
“Come sit down man, we’ll raid the mini-bar!” Tony exclaimed, pointing to the lounge. Darren didn’t really move and I had walked back over to pick up my other lot of clothes. Tony was digging through the mini-bar
“You want some Wild Turkey, Dazza? Or a beer?” Tony asked.
“Oh, nah...no, nothing, I'll be right, I’m at work mate” Darren objected.
“Dude, your aunty runs the place! She won’t care!” Tony pointed out.
Darren laughed.
“Yeah, but still, you know mate, don’t wanna get busted.” Darren trailed off.
“Throw me a juice hey!” I said to Tony.
“Juice!” Tony yelled, throwing it at me as hard as he could, jokingly of course.
The carton missed, and with a thud, splattered onto the dining table and covered most of Darren. At first, Darren sat silently, but then he laughed. We all laughed, but we did awkwardly, cos poor Darren didn’t realize that now he’d have to get shirtless…and that we’d like that!....and it wasn’t even intentional I swear it’s just us being idiots.
“Shit hey...” Darren groaned, looking at his clothes.
His navy blue polo shirt had a smattering of juice right across it. It looked like a baby had chucked up on him.
“Fuck man, sorry hey, shit!” Tony apologized.
“It’ll wash out.” I said, casually, enjoying a sandwich.
There was an awkward silence. I looked at Darren.
“…These are really nice, by the way” I concluded.
Tony held in his laughter, but I could see his face.
“…well, hey, I might go get cleaned up. Just ring if you want anything else hey” Darren said, getting up, juice dribbling down his front.
“Aww, I’m sorry dude. Stay for a beer, seriously. It’s like 5 at night. That’s quitting time!” Tony objected.
“I dunno…” Darren trailed off.
“Nah man, serious, don't go hey. I feel heaps bad, I've messed you up!” Tony said, patting Darren on the shoulders.
“Look, go have a shower, then come have a beer, have a rest, whatever, we'll watch the footy, it’ll be all good” Tony suggested.
Darren looked at me, then at Tony.
“...Really?...You guys don’t mind? I was gonna watch the footy anyway at the bar…” Darren started.
“Yeah mate totally, it’s my fault, have a shower here, then we’ll all have a beer, watch the footy, boys night in!” Tony sold his idea.
Darren was pleased with Tony's offer, not even noticing its cruel intentions. Though I am serious, at the time none of this was planned, it happened randomly! We’re seriously not that smart to orchestrate a plan on the spot like that in reality, trust me. So anyway, Darren headed into the bathroom.
“I won't be long” Darren said, closing the door.
“Take your time, we'll tell you when the footy starts” Tony called.
The bathroom door clicked shut and a few moments later the shower burst to life. Tony grinned at me from across the room. He looked so cute. I smiled back and shook my head at him.
“You are beyond horny hey.” I laughed.
Tony nodded.
“How fucking hot is he though!? Fully!” Tony exclaimed.
“Yeah, he’s hot.” I agreed. “I’d rather fuck you though” I added.
Tony laughed.
“Plenty of time mate, the nights still young!” Tony laughed.
“Oh hey yeah, speaking of the night…there’s no footy on!” I said.
Because there wasn’t. Actually, in hind-sight, I don’t think it was even the football season at this time cos it was summer. Tony just looked at me and smirked.
“….as if we’re gonna be watching any anyway man!” Tony laughed.

We sat watching random TV for a while before Darren stepped out of the bathroom. He was in tight black CK trunks, I owned a pair like them actually, but they looked hotter on him I must admit. But what they had inside them, bulging to get out, was what caught our eye.
Glancing down from Darren's pecs, you could practically follow his snail trail between his 8 pack of toned, tight abs. His pecs had a bushy splattering of chest hairs, though only a thin slither of hair parted his abs to join his snail trail.
Around his belly button and leading down to his pubes was a little more hairy, forming a sort of reverse fountain from the bottom of his belly-button downwards. His pubes were escaping out the waist-band of his trunks, and the side bulge we saw as he walked out meant that what lived inside was nice and big.
Tony was slumped down on one side of the lounge, his leg up and over the arm rest. He had his other pair of shorts on now and never bothered to put on a shirt. I didn’t complain, he looked hot. I put my change of clothes back on too, just some jean shorts and shirt. Darren looked around the room.
“….You right mate?” I asked, eventually.
“Yeah, nah, um, just looking where to put these….?” Darren asked, holding up his juice stained clothes.
“Dump them wherever hey” I replied.
Darren put them neatly on a chair and stood awkwardly.
“ I...I should probably go back and get a change of clothes.” Darren began, shyly.
Tony instantly snapped to attention.
“Nothing we haven’t already seen dude” Tony began. Darren laughed.
“Come watch TV, get a drink!” Tony added.
Darren sat down in a separate lounge chair, somewhat reluctantly. We watched him squirm as the leather felt cold against his bare skin. Tony looked over and him and smirked.
“They’re cold hey!” Tony joked.
Darren laughed.
“Dude, we seen a guy in his trunks before. Don’t worry about it hey” I found myself saying, trying to make him feel at ease I guess.
Darren laughed again, though followed by awkward silence.
“How long you been working here mate?” I asked Darren.
“Oh, about 3 years now.” Darren said. “My uncle owns the place so it’s been good”
“Cool” I trailed off.
“What? You live here?” Tony asked.
“Yeah, I live here. It’s cool. My parents are divorced and stuff so yeah I live with my cousins” Darren explained.
“Any of them hot?” Tony asked.
Darren laughed awkwardly.
“I suppose Lauren’s pretty hot...for a cousin I mean, I wouldn’t go there” Darren joked.
Tony laughed.
“That’s true hey....my cousin Sam is pretty hot.” Tony said.
“She hot hey?” Darren laughed.
“Yeh 'she' is.” Tony said, laughing.
Darren laughed too. I laughed too but then felt slack because we were indirectly being mean to him.
“Oh, so you don't do school or anything?” I asked.
“Yeah, I did. I finished last year. I left in Year 10.” Darren explained.
“Fair enough” I trailed off.
“So you're like 16, 17?” Tony asked.
“Nah I'm 18 mate. I didn't start school till late” Darren explained.
“Well throw back a beer, mate! You're entitled.” Tony said, throwing over a can of beer. Darren caught it and nodded in appreciation. The three of us stared at the TV for a moment.
“How old are you boys?” Darren asked.
I laughed.
“I’m 16.” I said.
“And I’m 17” Tony said.
Darren laughed.
“And you’ve cracked open the mini-bar? Lucky I’m here to keep an eye on you!” Darren joked. We all laughed.
“Where are you guys headed, anyway?” Darren asked.
“Down Willow pine” Tony said.
“Oh ok cool That’s only about a three, four hour drive.” Darren said.
“Yeah, nah, it'll be easy. We'll take it easy. We’re not in a rush” Tony insisted.
“Cool. Holiday or?...” Darren trailed off.
“A 15th birthday party!” Tony laughed.
Darren laughed.
“Sounds awesome!” Darren said, though was slightly serious.
“Yeah, its my step-bro’s so should be totally random.” Tony said.
Darren took a sip of his beer. Tony flicked through a few more channels and groaned.
“So where's the spice channel, Dazza?” Tony asked.
Darren laughed.
“The what?” He asked.
“Porn.” I said.
“Oh haha, its channel 51. But you boys are too young anyways.” Darren said, slyly.
“Haha, fuck off mate!” Tony joked. “I bet you watch it every night!”
Darren laughed.
“Yeah, keeps me company.” He said.
“Do you bring heaps of ladies back to your room?” Tony asked.
Darren blushed slightly.
“Nah, nah not heaps. Nah.” Darren stammered.
Tony flicked it over to the porn channel, and it was static.
“I always say, you’re hands your best friend!” Tony said.
I laughed.
“I’ve never heard you say that.” I said.
Darren looked over at Tony.
“Chuck us the remote, dude.” He said.
Tony did. Darren tapped in a couple of numbers and instantly a girl with large tits was bouncing up and down madly on a mans cock. Neither of them were very attractive.
“Fark!” Tony exclaimed.
“Yeah, it’s pretty funny. I never said it was good Porn” Darren joked.
“I'll say.” I added, staring more at Darren in his underwear than the actual porn channel. Which Tony was doing the same.
“….Still it’s good for jerking off to.” Darren said.
Tony smirked.
“Nothing beats the real thing mate” Tony said.
“Yeah…” Darren said strangely, trailing off.
“You’ve fucked a ho right, mate?” Tony asked, rather rudely.
Darren blushed again, his allover tan went from brown to a pinky brown colour.
“Ignore him dude.” I said, kindly.
Darren just smirked at me.
“Yeah, I tried to fuck one a while ago but it didn’t go to well” Darren began.
“Aww dude.” Tony said, sadly. “Did you blow before you got in?”
Darren shook his head.
“Nah, I just couldn’t…well…I think I was too drunk…so….” He trailed off.
“Oh….” I realized what he meant. Tony didn’t.
“What happened?” Tony asked.
Darren just looked at Tony.
“I couldn’t get it up mate.” Darren said.
Tony just smirked.
“Then she wasn’t worth it!” Tony said, in a matter-of-fact kind of way.
“Yeah, I guess so hey.” Darren agreed.
“You do get hard but?” Tony asked, interested in Darren’s dick.
“Yeah, yeah, I can beat off and stuff that’s all good.” Darren said.
“…Just not in real life?” Tony asked. “…I mean, with a chick?”
Darren nodded.
“Yeah I guess so.” He said, sadly.
“For example….” Tony began, Darren looked at him.
“This feral chick here, she’d never get me off.” Tony said.
Darren nodded.
“Oh, there’s another channel.” Darren said, he changed it.
The minute two men flashed up onto the screen, I could feel my face blush red instantly. Now, I didn’t care that there was a guy licking another guys dick, but I felt embarrassed for Darren. The men groaning filled the room and my cock instantly slithered down the leg of my shorts, Tony’s bulge began to rise and Darren’s trucks…..
“I think I better go. It’s been cool hanging out with you guys…” Darren said, getting up slowly, though my eyes were fixed on his trunks and I saw them grow…
“Aww dude, you only had one beer!” Tony insisted.
Darren laughed.
“Nah, it’s cool. It’s just if I see anymore porn, I’ll bar up!” He said, with a laugh. Tony gasped.
“….this porn you mean?” Tony asked, instantly.
Darren blushed again. There was an awkward silence. A man on the TV said ‘yeah, suck it’.
“…You gay dude?” Tony asked.
Darren looked shocked.
“Nah man, I’m bi, I like chicks too…” He began.
Tony laughed.
“Chill man its all good, so are we!” He said, happily.
And both our minds ticked off.
“Hang around, we can jerk off together” Tony said.
Even I laughed at that invitation. Darren laughed too. At least he Bi and no threat to us two gay boys out in the deep country. Darren reached down and fixed his boner.
“Just hearing it gets me hard. I hate that hey?” He asked us.
We just nodded, eagerly.
“Hey, I don't wanna seem like too much of a freak, but you guys seem cool, so it’s cool, I’ll kick back with you guys and whatever hey”
Darren said. A wordy way to ask if you could jerk off with someone, I thought.
“Dude, be our guest. You got us the goods, after all”
Tony said. Darren laughed. He took his seat back on the lounge and his bulge was even more obvious. Strangely, we all just started loosening or adjusting our selves so we could rub or touch our dicks.
I let my stiff dick slide out of the fly of my shorts. Darren casually tried to look at my dick, without me noticing, but I did. I knew he was looking at my dick, and he knew I was looking at him, but we didn't say anything.
“It's classy how you city guys just whip it out like that” Darren joked, pointing at my dick.
“…Yeah, sorry hey.” I smirked.
Tony laughed too and his huge stiff cock rocketed out of his shorts.
“It’s the best way to be” Tony said.
Darren just laughed. He rubbed his hand over the fabric of his trunks a few times as he watched the porn. Tony and I both stared intently at our new friend, waiting to see his cock. He rubbed a few more times, before squeezing his rod in a tight grip.
Then, he slid down the band of his trunks giving us full view of his bushy brown pubes. He had an immense tan-line, his pubes were a dark brown while his skin was a thousand shades lighter than his dark brown stomach. It looked hot. I hadn’t seen a hot tan-line in ages.
Darren slid his briefs down to let his cock tower out. From a guess, I assumed it was about 7 inches and a bit long, which was good, same as mine, and it was around the same thickness as mine too actually. It looked damn fine on him though, just like the rest of him.
“Shall we start…?” Darren asked, as he watched a wide-eyed Tony and I nod with agreement…

...To Be Continued...

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