Hooking Up Wif Tony

- Part Three -

You all know the drill, if you’re not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don’t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, drug use and of course, gay sex.
So, if you’re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But of course, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, enjoy and knock yourself out...

- Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part Three -

I watched Darren slowly tug on his dick. He obviously knew how to have a good jerk-off. His eyes would dart from the TV to Tony’s dick to my dick back to the TV then start over again. Watching his tight brown abs go up and down as he tugged on his dick, looked so hot, a bead of sweat dribbled down his pecs and settled at his snail trail.
I looked over at Tony. He was staring at Darren too, completely ignoring the porn. He tugged and squelched his hard, wet cock as fast as he could, his breath all short. He looked so cute.
“H…How often you jerk, dude?” Tony blurted to Darren.
Darren looked over at Tony, casually, his cock sliding up and down in his hand with effortless ease.
“You kidding, mate? Every fucking day!” He laughed.
“…there’s seriously nothing else to do here but jack off!” He added.
Tony laughed too.
“Serious?! How fun!” Tony beamed.
“Most of the chicks that come through here are skanks” Darren began.
Tony nodded.
“…I hardly ever get to hook up with hot blokes like you” Darren said.
Tony and I looked at each other and grinned.
“Dude, if we knew every country boy was as hot as you, we’d visit more often.” I found myself saying, slowly pulling on my hard-on.
“Totally dude” Tony agreed.
“…but at least you got the porn channel?” Tony added, changing hands to jerk off with. Darren laughed.
“Yeah, true, but there’s nothing like the real thing…” He trailed off.
“…You done heaps with dudes?...” I began. “…oh, and chicks?”
Darren nodded vaguely.
“Yeah, not heaps but, I fucked a chick that time, fingered another one at a party...that’s about it.” Darren confessed.
“…they’re feral hey?...Smell like fish” Tony objected.
Darren laughed.
“They’re just like dudes, mate, just not as tight!” Darren laughed.
Tony groaned.
“Yeah, tight blokes are the best hey?” Tony asked.
Darren nodded slowly.
“…yeah but I’m Bi so I like both.” He re-iterated. Though we so didn’t care.
“What have you done with guys?” I asked.
Darren thought for a moment.
“…just blow jobs and stuff...fucked, nothing serious…” Darren trailed off. I grinned at Tony, and he smiled.
“Cool” Tony nodded.
“You like blow-jobs?!” my dick asked Darren. I shocked myself, but didn’t care, I’d love to suck on this tight boys dick. Darren laughed, looking over at me from the chair, though my eyes stayed fixed on his long, stiff cock.
“Yeah mate” He said, with a smirk. “…if done right”
Tony laughed.
“Haha, you’re inviting the right man!” Tony said, pointing at me with his free hand.
Darren laughed, playfully it seemed.
“Inviting?” He asked.
“Yeah, with that random statement!” Tony pointed out.
We all laughed.
“I wouldn't mind.” Darren said.
I could see Tony's mind racing, he instantly snapped to attention in his chair. A guy was being rimmed on the TV, he grunted and groaned.
“…You serious, bro?” Tony asked Darren, eventually.
Darren laughed with bravado.
“I don’t wanna mess up whatever you guys have going here!” He said.
We laughed.
“We’re not together!” I found myself saying. Then I kind of felt bad. But I realized we’d never see Darren again, so why not take advantage of him now haha. Darren just smirked at the both of us.
“I’m a little rusty. And as long as you guys don’t tell anyone, we’re all good” Darren offered.
“Fuck dude, that’s hot!” Tony laughed, slumping back into his chair.
“What’s a bit of cock sucking between mates, right?” I joked.
We all laughed.
“Who sucks what?” Tony asked, bluntly.
Darren shrugged and laughed. Tony looked over at me.
“How bout you suck Ryan. I suck you and Ryan sucks me?”
Tony suggested. I laughed.
“…How’s that gonna work?” I asked.
Tony thought for a moment, Darren winked at me, he was obviously enjoying all this. Tony bounced out of his chair, and began pacing about the room, thinking out loud.
“I dunno....like....you lie there…I lie down here...” Tony wondered.
Darren stood up slowly, his dick bouncing, and he walked over to where I sat. He dropped down to his knees, and I could see Tony over his head staring, wide eyed.
“…I usually just start sucking, then work it out from there” Darren said, looking at me from my dick. Tony ran his fingers through his hair and groaned.
“Fuck dude, we are so visiting you more often!” Tony grunted, happily, grabbing his dick. He fell to his knees and lay on the ground like a sleeping baby, his head greeted with Darren’s stiff dick.
“…you don’t care if I suck this, dude?” Tony asked, reaching towards Darren’s dick. Darren just smirked.
“…You know how many blokes have asked me that?” He smirked.
“Go ahead dude, knock yourself out!”
Tony leant down, seeing the massive cock about to be in his mouth. It trickled with pre-cum. Tony dribbled a bit himself.
“Fuck mate, I can imagine” He drooled.
I was about to say something when I watched Darren's mouth slither down my dick. I grabbed the arms of the lounge chair in bliss and felt my legs stiffen with the reaction. I flinched slightly as Darren ripped my dick from his mouth, half a mouthful of his spit dribbled down my cock. He looked up at me, as if shocked.
“It’s fucking thick, dude!” Darren said, breathlessly. I shrugged.
“…sorry dude!” I joked.
Tony, meanwhile, took Darren's lead and quickly gripped the farm boy’s tight, thin dick in one hand. With the other, he rubbed and tickled at Darren’s churning, hairy, sweaty ballsac. Darren grumbled deep inside as Tony swallowed the head of his dick, sucking out some pre-cum that had been oozing out.
Tony held up Darren’s dick vertically, so the head rested against his snail trail, taking one big lick from his hairy ballsac and up to the head. The position Tony was in looked uncomfortable, and as I looked down next to Darren’s bobbing head, I felt bad for Tony.
“Dudes…lets get on the bed!” I groaned, as Darren sucked.
Darren let my dick spill out of his mouth with a breath of air and Tony rose up from his position down below, his face red.
“…sounds cool.” Darren agreed.
All three boys hopped up and dashed onto one of the beds. Though we knew we wouldn’t all fit comfortably, we didn’t really care. I brushed by Tony and squeezed his dick for me, he smirked back at me and gave me his sexy smirk.
I lay on my side at the end of the bed near the pillows, Darren clicked into place with his head facing my cock, and Tony lay down on his side so his mouth could reach Darren’s dick and my mouth could reach Tony’s cock. Confused?
It ended up being a hot boy triangle and after a few bad position test sucks, we moved ourselves until we were all comfortable and could suck each others dicks without a worry.
I found myself face fucking Darren as his sucking got more intense. He'd suck slowly, carefully, slipping his tongue around my head and shaft, licking the V under the slit of my dick. Then, he'd snap into a fast mode and move back and forth on my dick as fast as his spit and my pre-cum would allow. Whichever way I didn't care, I could feel my balls churning and aching to fill this farm boy with my sprog.
At that time, Darren was enjoying Tony's throat. One of his most renowned feats, I learned, was the fact that Tony could deep throat practically anything, and Darren's stiff long dick was no exception.
Though he literally couldn’t get Darren’s whole cock and balls in at once, he gave it his best shot, constantly gagging with each deep swallow of the farm boys wet, throbbing rod.
Tony ate Darren's cock, as he slid his dick in and out like he was fucking a loose chick. Tony slurped and gagged on the massive member enough that it began to make it’s way further down his throat with effortless ease. With each suck and lick from Tony, Darren grew closer to blowing his load.
With Tony engulfing Darren’s cock, his hips were grinding back and forth, so for me to try and suck on Tony’s red knob was a bit of a challenge without having one of my hands free. When I did get his dick in my mouth, I’d get a splattering of pre-cum with every suck. And I could feel his shaft throbbing faster and faster as we went along. I was sure we were all going to shoot soon.
We were only in that threesome for about twenty minutes or so before I felt my body spasm and I shot a thick, ropey load of sprog deep into Darren. He swallowed every last drop, before gagging and gurgling it back out onto the bed.
Tony shot next, firing rockets of warm sprog onto my chin, neck, and pecs before slumping onto his back, panting, satisfied. Darren didn’t make too much of a mess. Since Tony rudely rolled away from his dick sucking duties, Darren gave a few final tugs to his dick and he catapulted his sprog up and onto his chest, splattering down his pecs, settling at his abs. A clump of it got stuck in his pec hairs.
We were all heaving, sighing, moaning, groaning, tired, finished. Tony lay on his side, resting his head in his hand. He looked like a model.
“Sorry I didn’t finish you off dude” Tony apologized.
Darren shook his head.
“Fuck mate, don’t worry about it, that was fucking hot!” Darren said.
We just smiled at each other.

It was early the next morning, about 6 I think, it was freaking freezing and a noisy rooster woke me up, while Tony grunted and snored next to me.
Though indirectly, it was the first time I have ever got to sleep with Tony! He looked adorable all snuggled up in the bed. I looked around the room and our clothes were scattered around from last night.
But no Darren. I slid out of bed and grabbed a juice from the bar fridge. I ended up wrapping a sheet around me because it seriously was that cold. On the dining table was a note on the motel paper, from Darren. “Thanks dudes. Keep me posted. Darren” with his number.
I hopped in the shower. While I was in there, I could hear Tony bumping around and farting and groaning, looking for food I think. We were packed and ready by 8. Tony and I had a kiss at one point while we shaving. I can’t remember why but it was cute. With everything paid, we were in the car and ready to go.
Since then, we never saw Darren again. I think he txt messaged us once while we were out, just asking how we were. We decided that next trip to WillowPine we’d take Darren with us to further down to the city and have a weekend out…but that hasn’t happened yet.
As we went along the highway, I just stared blankly out the car window. My mind raced with everything I had been through in the last couple of days. I had gone from an arguably inexperienced boy to a threesome enthusiast! I’d seen more cock in the space of those days then I had that whole year. And it was all fucking awesome.
I had completely fallen for Tony, even more so then when I had my Tony crush way back outside work late that night. Everything had changed, and I think it was that random kiss this morning in the bathroom. Sorry to get all mushy, but it was just how I was feeling.
The whole Anthony experience was at a surreal time in my life, where I had finally decided that, with the right guy, I could feel whole. Now I’m not saying that you definitely have to have a guy to feel whole within yourself, but that’s just how I felt at that moment in time. It was an abstract way to look at life, I know, as there was always happiness, sadness, steamy sex, random jerk-offs and blow jobs in single life, as well as when you were with someone. All that I’d ever learnt, I tried to forget. I’ll never explain again….
“You right there, quoting Madonna?” Tony asked, reading my thoughts. I just laughed at him.
“We're nearly there. About another hour.” Tony explained, nodding along to some dance music he had blaring, that I had not even noticed.
After a while, and a few random chats later, the trees outside the car turned into houses. We were passing through the outskirts, where all the half collapsing shanty houses were.
Though it all seemed like pointless country, the surroundings were familiar to me. WillowPine was a town you passed through on the way to LakesEnd, which as it turned out, was where my brother lived now with his fiancé.
At about 10ish, we made it to where we were headed, so Tony had me handling the street directory.
“…Turn here” I said.
“What? Here?” Tony asked too late, missing the street.
“Yeah, back there. You can go down the next one too.” I said, calmly.
“Which one? Where?” Tony asked, looking around, driving past the second possible turn. I groaned.
“Okay, see the street about four streets up?...Turn there.” I said, trying to remain calm.
“What? Which? That one? Richmond?” Tony asked.
“Yes, turn up Richmond street.” I said, patiently.
The houses began to look a bit more homely, and at the end of Richmond Place was a blue mass of water, which Tony explained was the river that lead to the beach.
“Okay, so, up here on the right is where we need to turn.” I said, pointing in the distance
Following the street along, we reached the two story house where Tony's mum and step-dad lived. It was a neat looking house with a big front yard separated by a winding stone path. Some bushes lined the driveway. A typical family house, I’d say.
We crunched up into the driveway, since Tony’s ute was so lowered every bump would crunch into the bottom. I looked over at Tony and he smiled at me.
“What are you so happy about?” I asked.
Tony looked at me.
“…I just realized, you’re the first boyfriend I’ve brought home to meet my mother.” Tony trailed off. I was stuck on Boyfriend. I must have melted.
“…she’s not gonna bash us, is she?” I asked.
Tony laughed, heartily, truthfully.
“Nah mate, she knows, she’s cool.” Tony began. “No one else has really been worth bringing home.”
I nodded, that was so sweet.
“…Except me…?” I asked.
Tony laughed.
“…Nah, not you either!” He joked.
I punched him playfully and we laughed. He took a deep breath.
“C’mon mate.” He said, opening his door, he looked back and gave me a sheepish grin. I would have kissed him, but it wasn’t the right time.

We both walked up the path to the front door, Tony leading the way. I think I felt more nervous than Tony did at that point, my stomach was churning with butterflies…but you know the feeling. Tony rang the doorbell and we waited a few moments. The door opened.
“G’day mate!” The man said, happily.
He was in his 30’s, tall, about 6 foot, and kinda beefy. He looked like a brickies labourer actually, complete with the five o clock shadow in the morning and the dark blue singlet with the chest hairs leaking out of it.
“Dunk, Ryan. Ryan, Dunk” Tony said, pointing at everyone.
The man smiled and shook Tony’s hand.
“You’re a dick. G’day Ryan, nice to meet ya, I’m Duncan, but yeah mates call me Dunk” He explained.
“Nice to meet ya, mate” I said, shaking his hand.
Strangely, Dunk looked familiar to me already, but I couldn't place his face to a situation. I didn’t let it bother me at the time, but it was in the back of my mind all day.
Dunk led us down a hallway, into the lounge room. Tony continued on further up the hallway, leaving me alone with Dunk. There was a woman sitting having a coffee in the kitchen. I guessed it was Tony’s mum. She beamed. Dunk patted me hard on the shoulders.
“Chella, love, this is Ryan.” Dunk said.
Tony's mum, Rochella, walked over and gave me a hug.
I laughed like an idiot, I was so embarrassed. Tony appeared from the hallway, he must have dropped something off into another room. Rochella beamed when she saw him.
“God, Anthony, you look great!” Rochella said, hugging Tony. He blushed and winked at me over her shoulder. Now Tony was embarrassed. I just grinned.
“At least your father is keeping you fed” Rochella trailed off.
“You still swim?” She asked.
Tony nodded.
“Ryan, you swim?” She asked me.
I shook my head.
“How's work?” She asked Tony.
“Yeah, it's...” Tony was cut off.
“It’s so good to see you! Your sister was down last week. She’s still with that drop-kick. She owns me 400 dollars you know…” She trailed off.
“Ryan’s a bit of alright.” Rochella said, suddenly. I blushed and looked at the ground. Tony blushed too, but I couldn’t look at him or we would have laughed.
“That’s my mate Ryan…from work…and stuff.” Tony explained.
“Want a coffee, Ryan love?” Rochella said, pushing Tony aside slightly to talk to me. Apparently, Tony told me afterwards, as Rochella moved me to the kitchen, she gave Tony the Thumbs Up. She approved of me haha.
I pulled up a seat in the kitchen as Rochella made me a cup of coffee. Dunk disappeared somewhere, and Tony came to join us at the table. He looked at me and smiled, a kind of 'sorry my families a bit weird smile'. I gave him a 'your families heaps cool man, don't worry about it' smile. He nodded back at me.
“Sugar? Milk? Biscuit?” Rochella asked.
“…Yep yep yep.” I replied.
“Oh, you’re a trickster!” She said to me. “He's a trickster this one.” Rochella ruffled my hair. Tony looked at me and laughed.
We settled into the table, each with a coffee and a biscuit, chatting a bit more. Tony and Rochella were talking about his sister a lot, then catching up on what his younger brother had been up to.
“What do you do, Ryan?” Rochella asked me.
“Oh, I just work, pretty much, school…nothing exciting.” I said.
“Same as Tony. Same school?” Rochella asked.
“Nah, no different school. We just work together” I explained.
She nodded.
“That’s cute.” She said, strangely. We just nodded, pretty much to shut her up. Rochella turned to Tony.
“Josh wants to skate professionally now apparently!” Rochella began.
Tony laughed.
“Yeah, good luck with that.” He joked.
“Oh, I know, since he dropped out, he just plays his Xbox all day. He applied for a job at that surf shop but didn’t follow it up!” Rochella explained. Josh is Tony’s step-brother, the one we were visiting for his birthday.
“...Is he a good skater?” I asked.
There was silence.
“Yeah he's pretty good, but not career good” Tony trailed off.
“…I’ve told him not the bother with it, but he’s not…” Rochella stopped.
In the doorway, a young guy stood in black cargo shorts and a tight black singlet. He had an eye-brow ring and a brooding look to him. It’s called Emo nowadays, but we just used to call it Goth. His brown hair was massed and tufted like he had just got out of bed, he was wiping his eyes as he sauntered into the kitchen. That nagging ‘knowing Duncan’ though popped back into my head, as I also recognized Josh now too. Something was wrong, but I couldn’t think what.
“Josh, Ryan. Ryan, Josh.” Tony said, eating a biscuit.
Josh didn’t react, he was looking through the fridge.
“Oh hey mum, can you give me a lift to Matt’s tonight?” Josh asked, from the fridge.
“Should be alright.” Rochella trailed off, sipping her coffee.
Josh spun back around, balancing the bottle of milk in one hand, while he had lifted his singlet to scratch with the other.

He looked at me and flinched in shock. I looked at him and flinched also. My mind raced. Seeing those formed, pasty white abs with the bushy dark snail trail, the tiny mass of chest hairs between his pecs, the wiry pubes poking from the top of his boxers, that eye-brow ring… I realized who it was...
Josh noticed too, looking at me with a kind of 'oh my god it’s you' look. We said nothing, and luckily Tony or Rochella didn’t notice our collective shock. Josh moved over to the kitchen bench slowly, nervously, poured himself a drink of juice.
I tried not to stare at him too openly, as my mind filled with memories of what I had done with this kid. But it was messing with my head, what the fuck was going on!? It was like that show Lost! Everything was happening, for a reason it seemed, but with no explanation…
Josh disappeared back up the hallway. I snapped out of my thoughts. Rochella took one last sip of her coffee and moved over to the bench, and grumbled.
“He always leaves a mess!” She grumbled, putting away his cup.
Tony and Rochelle began talking about Tony's Dad. I sat silently, though I couldn’t let what had just happened go unattended. I panicked.
“Hey? Can I use the bathroom?” I asked, abruptly.
Rochella laughed.
“You don’t need to ask, love, it’s upstairs” Rochella smiled.
Tony laughed.
“Oh hey, get our shit from the car and put it in me room man, it’s up next to Josh” Tony said, throwing his car keys to me.
Rochelle smacked Tony.
“Anthony! Don’t speak to Ryan like that! Ask him properly!” He said, genuinely angry. I laughed. Tony stared at her.
“….can you?” Tony asked.
I nodded.
“It’s alright mum, he’s always like that.” I said to Rochelle.
She laughed.
“Oh, he called me Mum. You’re adorable!” Rochelle gushed.
With the keys, I made my way to the front door. At least now I had a few moments to clear out my thoughts. I needed this time to ask Josh what the fuck was going on. Though, it was starting to look like a completely fucked coincidence, I didn’t want to take a chance.
I made my way outside to see Dunk washing his car, he nodded at me. I grabbed our backpacks from the car.
“Need a hand, mate?” Dunk called.
I looked back.
“Nah mate, I'll be right” I replied.
I hoisted our bags and began my way back inside. As I walked up a step, another mind bending memory smashed into my mind. Dunk was Josh’s Dad!...well, obviously…We know that now, but I remember Duncan as the drunken Dad from down in Lakesend, where my brother lives. The drunken Dad that Josh and I had to hide from! This was all too confusing. My head rushed with info. It was the most profound and gigantic revelation I think I’ve ever had.

Having more info now running through my brain, I made my way up the hallway and upstairs, simply assuming where I was going. I dropped the bags into the empty room, next to the door with a Limp Bizkit poster. I sat silently on the bed. Thinking. Watching as a billion pictures flashed in front of my eyes.
I heard a creak of the door and Josh stepped into the doorway of the room I was in. Nirvana leaked from his room as he closed his door and made his way towards me. He closed the door behind him, staring at me. He was more confused then I was. At least I was able to piece together the whole saga.
“…Ryan?” Josh finally asked.
“…Josh.” I said, simply.
He looked away. He laughed awkwardly.
“How ya been?” He asked.
“…Good man good, how bout you?” I asked.
“Yeah, nah, good...” He trailed off.
I nodded, giving him a 'just explain to me what the fuck is going on' look. Josh looked at me.
“This is random hey?” He asked.
I nodded.
“…Do we tell Tony?” He asked, genuinely concerned.
I shrugged.
“I, seriously, have no idea. This is so fucking weird!” I replied.
“Nah, it’s just, no one knows I’m…like this…you know?” Josh began.
“I’m not out to anyone or anything dude, especially not Tony!” He finished, emotion to his voice.
“…It’s like, one day I’m boning a chick, next I’m sucking some guy in a cubicle at the movies, it’s too fucking much!!...” Tears began to form in his eyes. I felt bad.
Although I was still confused myself, I did feel his pain. I knew what it was like when I was first working out I liked dick. I stood up.
“It’s alright, dude. Don’t worry about it now” I said, patting him on the shoulders. He looked up at me, he looked so innocent.
“Thanks mate.” Josh said, he dried his eyes with his singlet. We were silent for a moment before sitting next to one another on the bed.
“Dude, you remember when I met you down at LakesEnd?” Josh asked. I nodded.
“…I'd never had a mate like you before. I mean, a mate I could talk with, hang out with, fool around with, whatever, it was so good...”
Josh confessed. I remembered the time we met down near my brother’s house.
“…You remember my dad? He was being full strict after I smashed his car. And then we moved here anyway, and he met Rochella, we moved in, it all just kinda happened then blew over...” Josh explained, and also justifying his story in his head. I just smiled at him.
“Dude, I don’t know what you’re so worried about. It’s in the past, for starters. I didn’t expect to hook up with you every time I visited my bro haha.” I began. Josh smiled.
“You’re fine, mate, you don’t need to worry about anything. I know how weird it is when you’re trying to work everything out for yourself”
We sat there for a moment, silently, thinking.
I didn't know whether to tell him about Tony and I. I gathered that he knew Tony was gay, and assumed he would have worked out that I was with Tony. Before I could say another word, Tony walked into the room and smiled.
“ Hey, J-man.” He said, giving his step-brother a high five.
“Hey bro” Josh said, returning the favour. “Howzit hangin?”
Tony laughed.
“Low and lazy man, low and lazy.” He said, taking a seat next to me.
“Where you going tonight?” Tony asked Josh.
“Just to Matt’s...pizza night.” Josh replied.
“Ahh, boys night hey? Triple P?” He asked.
I looked at Tony and shrugged. He laughed. Josh nodded.
“Triple what?” I asked.
Josh laughed.
“You don't know what a triple P is?” Tony gasped.
Josh laughed again, at least he had cheered up now.
“Obviously not if I’m asking, mate.” I punched Tony playfully.
“What is it?” I asked.
Tony smirked.
“Pizza, Piss Up, Porno.” Tony explained.
I was silent.
“Really?...” I trailed off.
Tony nodded.
“Guys sit around watching porno together?” I asked.
Josh laughed.
“Yeah mate, we watch porn together all the time, my mates and me!” Josh said.
“Don’t you talk mate, we did it last night!” Tony laughed.
I laughed.
“I know WE did, but…you know…”I trailed off.
Both boys laughed.
“Well, there you go. I did not know straight boys were that horny” I concluded.
“You taking yours?” Tony asked across to Josh.
He nodded awkwardly.
“Your porn?” I asked.
Josh nodded.
“Yeah, I got a few. They’re all good.” He trailed off.
“This is freaking me out to think guys just sit around wanking!” I joked. Josh punched me playfully this time.
“It’s not like that man it’s….” He couldn’t finish his sentence.
“I don’t care dude, it’s all good.” I assured him, patting him on the shoulder. Tony laughed.
“He’s got more porn than me, this one” Tony said, poking Josh in the stomach.
“Hey, Ryan and me had a Triple P the other night.” Tony began, strangely. I gasped, genuinely shocked at Tony's blunt comment. Not only because he was telling his step-brother, but because I had done that and a lot more with his step-brother without him knowing.
“…Did we?” I pretended not to know.
Tony looked at me.
“…Was it good?” Josh asked, grinning at me.
“Fuck yeah, it was heaps cool” Tony said.
I groaned to myself. Tony winked at me when Josh wasn’t looking, but I so just wanted to take Tony aside and tell him everything!
“…What pornos did ya watch?” Josh asked, grinning at me again.
“I don’t know hey, just random cable shit” Tony said.
“With dudes, but?” Josh asked.
There was awkward silence. At least I knew now that Josh knew his step-brother was gay. But I couldn’t say that Tony knew that Josh liked dick too on occasion. Confused? So was I!
“What?” I asked, for no reason.
“He knows, mate” Josh said.
I was awestruck.
“What? Knows what?” I tried to lie.
“About me...he’s cool...” Josh said.
I was still shocked, I turned to Tony, I put the most apologetic look on my face.
“You know?” I asked Tony.
Tony laughed
“Yeah...it’s all good mate. He's Bi though, he fucks chicks too” Tony concluded.
“So you know about Josh and Me down at LakesEnd last year?” I asked Tony. This time, Josh was the shocked. Tony looked at me with the cutest, puzzled expression I’d ever seen, though I accidentally continued on.
“What?...Who?...What happened at LakesEnd?” Tony asked.
“Josh and me, at LakesEnd” I said, like it was blindingly obvious.
“…What happened at LakesEnd?” Tony asked, eventually.
Josh groaned and punched me, half seriously, half joking.
“Fuck dude, good form! Way to out me!” Josh grumbled.
“ What ‘Out You’?! He already knows!” I replied, heatedly.
“Not about that though dude!!” Josh nearly yelled.
There was awkward silence. The whole house fell under an eerie silence. We all sat silently on the bed. Tony was the first to speak.
“…What happened in LakesEnd?” He asked again, quietly.
I looked at Tony.
“Okay...this was like, last year, I was down at LakesEnd staying with Todd…” I began. Tony was already confused.
“…my brother Todd…anyway, Josh was living down the road from Todd’s back then, with your step dad…” I began.
“Yeah…?” Tony nodded.
“Well, me and Josh hung out heaps, cos there was nothing else for us to do, and kinda fooled around a bit.” I finished.
Tony just nodded.
“So...that’s...it?” Tony asked, not really caring.
“Pretty much.” I trailed off.
“Just blow jobs, mostly” Josh added.
There was another awkward silence as Tony thought it over.
“You done anything more than blow-jobs, J-man?” Tony asked.
“Nah man, I swear, fucking oath.” He said, quickly.
Tony just laughed.
“Chill man, it’s cool, it’s cool, I don't care...just wondering is all.” Tony said. There was a moment.
“Why?” Josh asked, gathering his thoughts.
“Just cos Ryan and me have...you know…” He trailed off.
“…Derr mate.” Josh said. “I knew that!” Josh pointed out.
We all laughed. The mood had been lightened.
“…He's got a hot cock, hey?” Tony said, half jokingly, pointing at me.
I punched him playfully. Josh laughed.
“I know hey…Tasty too!” Josh smirked.
Suddenly, Rochella called from downstairs.
“Guys? Dinner!!” She called.
The whole seedy conversation screeched to a halt. Tony winked at me as we stood up. Josh led us out of his room, Tony massaged my shoulders as he followed out behind me…

A Flashback To LakesEnd…

Josh ran his fingers through my hair, gripping my head as he pressed his lips against mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth. I flicked out my tongue into his mouth, tasting remains of my sprog that was still oozing amongst his teeth.
My hand moved around his waist, scuttling through his wiry young pubes. His warm hand cupped my ballsac, tickling them, making me throb allover.
I couldn't resist the randy 15 year old anymore, I moved down so his stiff knob knocked into my nose. I kissed his snail trail as I slid my chin down to his dick, when I felt his pubes, I licked my tongue back up his shaft and swallowed his dick once more.
Again, his tasty wad of meat was inside my mouth, making Josh grumble deep inside. He slowly begin to experiment with my cock swallowing abilities.
I was about to swallow his whole dick again in one gulp when he jerked up suddenly. I leant back a bit and saw his expression.
“…What?” I asked.
“Shhhhhh!” Josh snapped.
I was silent. Outside, there was a rattling of keys.
“Fuck! It's me dad!” Josh gasped.
“FUCK!” I agreed, in my head.
We scrambled around trying to find our shorts and shirts. There was a mad dash, a crazed changing of DVDs, and that obvious noise that something was going on. Suddenly, the door opened.
Josh's dad looked in to see Josh and I sitting on his bed. Clothed, albeit in each others stuff, with me in an extra small Limp Bizkit T-shirt. We sat staring at the TV which was playing...of all things…Oprah. Smooth, I thought to myself. No one will suspect a thing…Josh's dad laughed.
“G'day” He grumbled, in a scary dad voice, you know the one I mean.
“…Hey” We replied eventually.
“Oprah, hey?” Josh's dad asked, in his drunken slurring.
Josh looked at the TV, and groaned.
“...Nah Dad, we were watching a skate DVD” He trailed off.
I just nodded.
Josh’s dad laughed for no reason.
“You two, 7. The doors open! Ting! Fucking ting! Stingy bastard.” He stumbled away. Drunk. Whatever he said made no sense at all.
A few moments later we heard a thud. As the door creaked closed Josh and I looked at each other...and sighed in relief.

The week had passed and it was time to go. Josh helped me pack my stuff into my brother's car. Fiona was crying with Kell, apparently they couldn't bear to part which each other. All up, the whole week, I'd seen my 'girlfriend' for about 3 hours in total, the rest of the time 'Fifi' and 'Kellkell' did each others nails, rang each other on their mobiles even though they were next to each other, and gossiped about boys and school and hair styles. Typical girls.
No one knew, but during the week, Josh and I had sucked each other off a few times. We even measured each others dicks at one point though I can’t remember why.
He was a great new friend to have met, and be able to do all those things with. I was sad to be leaving, but as Josh had said 'It’s not like I’m dead man, I’m gonna be round '.
The last bag of Fiona's had been packed, my ONE bag was packed about 73 bags earlier, so Josh and I stood in awkward silence while Todd revved the car a bit.
“You got my number hey?” I asked.
“…Yeah man, it’s in my phone. I'll ring ya when I come up” Josh said.
“Awesome.” I nodded.
There was awkward silence. Fiona was blowing her nose, Kelli was holding her forehead with one hand and crying hysterically.
“…I suppose I better go hey” I said, tapping fists with Josh. He nodded
“See ya mate. Nice meeting ya hey” He said, kindly, genuinely.
“….Same” I said, eventually.
Then, my little smidgen of emotion bubbled over and I hugged Josh.
It must have looked strange, two shirtless guys hugging, but I didn't care. I'd actually miss Josh until I saw him next.
“See ya bro” I said, as I climbed into the car.
“See ya” Josh said, putting his sunglasses back on.
Fiona moved into the backseat, holding a massive bunch of flowers. She tossed them aside and clung to the window like a dog that knew it was going to the Vet.
Kelli was distraught and kept looking away with anguish. Fiona was now reduced to not even using words, just mouthing Bye to her hysterical friend. Todd moved the car and we made our way up the street.
With Fiona glued to the back window, waving like she was having a hand spasm, I could still see Josh standing on the path, in his black cargos, no shirt, looking so hot, giving a slight wave…

At dinner, after my unexplained flashback, I was more relaxed now. It was kinda trippy that Tony and Josh both knew other. And that they both liked cock…Not that I was complaining.
“Have a weiner love.” Rochella said, passing me a hot dog sausage.
I slid it onto my plate.
“Thanks….” I said, nicely, trying not to laugh.
“…so, I said to Frank, I'm not leaving the McKenzie file to Clarkson until he gets his act together!” Dunk finished, a previous work story he was telling Rochella. She didn't really care.
“….Oh! Josh…?” Dunk began, pointing his fork at his son.
“Wendy Allan, the Juvenille Justice woman, is coming over next Friday”
Josh rolled his eyes and nodded.
“Is she still on about that?” Tony groaned.
“Well, he's finished, that’s why. His community service is up.”
Rochella said, happily.
“He's been straight for nearly a year now” Dunk beamed.
Tony snorted his drink with laughter and then went bright red with embarrassment.
“Sorry....” He trailed off.
“…and we’ll never have to worry about it again.” Rochelle added, with a sigh of relief.
“What happened?” I asked, not knowing whether I should mention it.
“…may I ask?” I stopped.
“Oh no, nothing. He's not in trouble anymore, he's done with all that...aren't you Josh?” Rochella asked.
Josh smirked and shrugged his shoulders.
“Wendy's been really great about it. She just checks up now and then to see how he is, how school is and everything…” Dunk explained.
“…and just between us guys, she’s a bit of a looker!” Dunk laughed.
Rochelle rolled her eyes. Josh laughed.
“Ryan asked what happened before.” He said, strangely.
Rochelle and Dunk looked at each other, and laughed.
“Oh, sorry love, we didn’t even realize!” Rochelle said, patting me on the shoulder.
“I stole Dad’s car, hit some shit, ran from the cops and got nabbed for possession” Josh said.
There was silence.
“…Fair enough.” I said, strangely. Dunk laughed to himself.
There was another awkward silence.
“It's nearly time for you to go, Josh” Rochella said, looking at her watch. Josh groaned.
“Shit! Not yet, wait, I have to ring Matt!” Josh snapped, and dashed off upstairs to ring Matt. Tony, Rochella, Dunk and I sat in silence for a few minutes.
“So, who wants pie?” Rochella asked.

Later that night, Tony and I sat in the guest room watching one of the Scream movies. We were decked out with M&Ms and drinks so we were all good. Rochelle & Dunk had gone out to a 50th or something, and since we were in our own room, we took it upon ourselves to relax.
It was summer and a fairly hot night, so Tony was in his boxers and I was in my jean shorts that I’d had on all day. We were pretty tired. Not just from the drive, but from our lack of sleep after we fooled round with Darren the night before. Either way, a quiet night in was all good.
Tony's phone started ringing somewhere and we snuck around the room trying to find it. It ended up being under the bags that I brought in. Tony looked at the screen and made a weird face. It was Madison.
“…Hey?” Tony answered.
“Bro, where are ya?” Madison asked.
“…down in WillowPine seeing my brother.” Tony said, obviously.
“What? Who's your bro?” Madison asked.
“Josh, my step-brother” Tony said, he rolled his eyes at me. I laughed.
“We were supposed to get a lift to Hydro!” Madison said, annoyed.
Hydro is a night club, I learned later.
“…You knew I was going! I told you!” Tony said.
“Whatever. Oh hey, what about Ryan? Where's he? Tell him to come get us!” Madison demanded.
“Nah man, he won’t!” Tony said.
Madison groaned.
“Fuck, you’re useless mate, seriously!” Madison complained.
There was silence. I could tell Tony was upset.
“Whatever hey, fuck it, I'll see you whenever you get back.” Madison said, coldly.
“Who's that?” A voice asked in the background of Madison’s.
Tony stopped.
“…who's that?” Tony asked Madison.
Madison just laughed.
“Doesn’t matter dude” Madison snapped.
“Come on man, dump him, lets go.” The male voice added in the background. Madison laughed. Tony was fuming.
“Seriously, Madison, who is it?” Tony asked.
“No one you need to worry about. Fuck mate, get over yourself!” Madison snapped. Tony groaned.
“Fuck that mate. You’re dropped!” Tony said, angrily, hanging up.
I laughed, in my head, because ‘dropped’ is such an old Aussie expression you’d use to dump someone. It was so cute hearing him say it. Tony threw his phone onto the carpet and slid down next to me.
“He fucking shits me, mate, to no end!” Tony complained.
I just nodded.
“Fuck him, mate. He’s a tool.” I said.
Tony just grumbled.
“…I meant like Fuck him off, not fuck him sexually…” I blabbered on.
Tony laughed and gave me a light kiss on the cheek.
“You’re adorable, dude.” Tony smirked.
I smiled back.
“What happened?” I asked.
Tony ran his fingers through his hair.
“Nah, nothing, he’s just off to Hydro with another bloke as usual…” Tony trailed off.
“…he’s the biggest fucking male slut to walk the earth!” He added.
“What’s Hydro?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s the club I met him at. You go there to get pills, basically.” Tony trailed off.
“Don’t worry about him, mate. He’s not worth it” I said.
Tony nodded, he took a deep breath.
“…you know what? You are right. I never felt right with him.” Tony began. I just nodded.
“…when I dumped Kylie for Madison, I thought he was the best thing ever.” Tony finished.
“…Kylie?...” I asked.
Tony punched me playfully.
“My girlfriend mate. I was Bi remember!” Tony laughed.
I laughed.
“Haha…was!” I joked.
“…I sorta turned gay for him…but it was seriously only for the hook up. Oh, and the pills too…” Tony trailed off.
“…but now I’ve got you as my mate, I want to stay gay…” Tony said.
I stopped and smiled at him. He was being sincere.
“Aww, that’s sweet!” I joked.
Tony playfully punched me again.
“Serious dude, fuck you, I was trying to be nice!” Tony said.
I laughed and kissed him on the cheek.
“You are nice dude. You stay gay for me all you like.” I said.
Tony laughed.
“What about Fiona?” Tony asked.
I laughed.
“She can fuck off!” I joked.
We laughed.
“Nah, she won’t care, she’ll be on the next cock that comes along.” I said. Tony just nodded.
“Would your parents care?” Tony asked.
I thought for a moment. Since they’d always thought that Fiona and I were destined to be together, bringing a hot boy home would blow their mind.
“…We’ll see mate” I trailed off. “…but for now, you and me, can be gay all we want!” I laughed. Tony nodded and laughed. He slid his hand down onto my shorts.
“Sounds good to me!” He beamed.
Our bedroom door opened and a young guy walked in.
He was same height as Josh, with dirty blond curly hair, green eyes, and deep brown tan. He was wearing a tight, white singlet and light blue boardies. He even looked a bit wet, I guessed they had come from the beach. From what I could see, he had a good build, strong looking chest and tight arms, with his face all boyish and cute.
“...and I brought Fisting Chicks 3 and...” the guy stopped, looking at Tony and I, kind of shocked. Josh walked in behind him with a smirk.
“Don't mind them, that’s Tony and Ryan” Josh said, pointing vaguely.
The kid looked at us. We slid away from one another, as we were practically on top of one another. We re-positioned ourselves on the lounge and sat awkwardly.
“Hey Ryan” the boy said to Tony.
“Hey mate” Tony laughed. He pointed at me. “That's Ryan”
He looked confused.
“Oh...Hey” He said to me.
“…Hey.” I said, eventually.
“Matt, Tony. Ryan, Matt.” Josh said.
We all nodded. There was awkward silence. Someone got murdered in the movie.
“You wanna dump ya stuff in me room?” Josh asked Matt, rather rudely.
“Wherever hey…” Matt began. “…Where are we crashing?” Matt asked.
Josh shrugged.
“Wherever hey, I don't care.” Josh replied, leaving Matt to stand there. Matt lifted his singlet to scratch his snail trail, which I instantly stared at. It must have been my weakness...a guy’s snail trail. He ran his fingers through his hair and dropped his backpack. Then, without warning, pulled his singlet off over his head.
I stared at his golden brown chest and abs, and the wiry snail trail reaching down from his outed bellybutton to the top of his grey boxers and beneath. Matt hoisted his backpack back onto his broad, brown shoulders.
“…You right mate?” Josh laughed.
Matt laughed.
“Sorry mate, it’s hot!” He pointed out.
And it was, so fair enough. Josh disappeared out the door.
“I’ll be back!” He announced. We just nodded. Matt stood awkwardly for few moments.
“Come have an M&M dude” Tony said, munching on some already.
Matt smiled.
“Oh…cool…thanks…”He said, moving over towards us to grab an M&M from the bowl in Tony’s lap. Matt continued to stand around.
“You can sit down mate.” I said, patting the seat next to me.
Matt slid off his backpack again and sat down slowly. He stared at the TV…while Tony and I stared at him.
“…I remember this movie!” Matt said.
We nodded.
“I think I saw it at the movies.” I remembered.
“I saw the third one with a chick and she blew me, but when I shot it went in her hair. I didn’t tell her but…” Tony trailed off.
Matt laughed.
“Nice…was she hot?” He asked, sounding so cute.
Tony winked at him.
“Totally dude.” He yawned.
Tony stretched back on the couch, his hands behind his head, eyes closed. Matt and I sat next to each other, and when he had sat down, his golden brown, hairless leg had slid onto mine, practically on top of it.
“So, you still at school?” I asked Matt, clearing my throat.
“Yeah. Yeah. Year 10.” Matt explained.
“…You gonna leave this year?” I asked, for no reason.
Matt nodded.
“Yeah I might actually hey, go work with my dad.” He said.
I nodded.
“Cool…what’s he do?” I asked, half staring at his chest.
“He’s a builder, so does bit of everything.” Matt began.
“That’s cool. You got the body for it anyways…” I trailed off.
Tony coughed, laughing to himself. Matt laughed nervously.
“Do you work out?” Matt asked me.
I laughed.
“Nah mate, not really, it’s all natural” I said, patting my abs.
Matt nodded.
“Cool…I do sometimes hey...its feels good...” He began.
“…you get so buzzed though, it makes ya horny” He confessed.
I snapped up.
“Does it?” I asked, with a laugh to hide my eagerness.
Matt laughed.
“Fuck yeah mate. All that sweating and lifting and sliding and pushing…” He began. I felt my dick shudder to life.
“I’m getting hard just thinking about it!” Tony laughed, kicking me softly with his foot, noticing how I was flirting with Matt.
“You right there, dude?...need a cold shower?” Tony joked.
I held Tony’s leg with one hand and tickled his foot with the other. Tony laughed and squirmed playfully. Matt looked at us. He didn’t seem shocked.
“…Are you guys going out?” He asked, bluntly.
I let go of Tony’s leg and he sat up on the top of the couch, his legs now next to my arm. We both looked at Matt.
“…Nah mate, we're just mates, why?” Tony asked, from above, one his legs brushing Matt’s bare arms.
“Oh, nah, it’s cool. It’s just that Josh and I are…going out, I mean.” Matt explained. We just nodded.
“That’s cool.” I said, kindly.
“…but I don’t know if we should tell everyone. You know, like, at school and shit. We’re trying to keep it secret right now.” Matt confessed.
Tony and I looked at each other, then at Matt.
“It's your decision, mate.” I said.
“Yeah, I don’t really want to hey. Just in case my rents hate me or whatever…” Matt began.
“Dude, it’s too big a thing to be thinking about at your age...cos what are ya, seriously, like 16 17...” Tony asked.
“Tell everyone if you seriously think you need to.” I added.
Matt looked at us both and nodded kindly.
“Cool, thanks guys” He said, genuinely, he rested his hand on my shorts. “…You've helped me out heaps!”
With that, Josh returned with a bowl of chips, some more bottles of drink, some glasses, and a couple of DVDs. Stumbling in, he left them on the table.
“…What did I miss?” He asked.
We all laughed.
“Nah, nothing.” Matt said, shyly.
“We were just saying how much of a hot stud you are with the ladies.” Tony joked.
“12 and counting, mate” Josh boasted, grabbing his crotch and shaking it.
“Pffft, 12.” Tony laughed.
“Pffft, Ladies!” Matt laughed.
Josh was shocked, he punched Matt playfully.
“Dude, you know I’ve broken in 12 skanks!” Josh objected.
Matt just kept laughing.
“That’s real classy, dude, thanks.” Matt added, having a chip.
“Rule of three though bro” Tony said, sipping his drink.
Matt turned to look at Tony.
“What’s Rule of three?” Matt asked.
Tony shuffled along the top of the couch.
“You take whatever number of chicks he says and divide it by three” Tony explained.
“…Why?” Matt asked.
“Because, then you get 4. That’s how many chicks Josh's actually been with!” Tony said, laughing.
Josh laughed.
“Fuck off! More than you, bro, more than you!” Josh punched Tony.
Tony laughed.
“Bullshit man, you know I’ve been with more than that!” Tony said.
The boys kept punching each other.
“That’s a cool little way to work that out…” Matt admitted.
“It’s the truth but. My mates and I always use it. Every dude boasts about chicks! It’s…dude nature!” Tony explained.
“Does it work on guys?...like, for guys, I mean” I asked.
“I’ve fucked round with too many to count!” Josh chimed in.
I was sorta shocked, but we all laughed, cos it was totally true.
“I’m so proud to be one of them…” I said, strangely, obviously my dick had taken over. Josh winked at me. Matt looked slightly shocked.
“…when are you boys going out?” Tony asked, suddenly.
Matt looked at us strangely. Tony looked at Josh, who just shrugged.
“…Oh, nah, we’re not going to Matt’s anymore. His parents are home.” Josh explained. Matt just nodded. Tony laughed.
“…And?” Tony asked.
“…So we’re not going over there.” Josh finished.
“So, what? You’re gonna hang round here and annoy us all night?” Tony groaned. Josh punched Tony again.
“Nah man, I thought it’d be cool to hang!” Josh said, almost angrily.
Matt looked dejected.
“…we can go skate or something…if you guys don’t want us here.” Matt said. I looked over at Matt and grinned.
“Awww. We want you here.” I joked, patting him on the head.
Though I did actually want him there of course. He was hot!
“Whatever dudes, we’re not doing anything exciting, we’re tired!” Tony said. Which we were, sort of, but now I was more horny than tired. I looked over at Tony.
“We’re only gonna get pizza dude. Chill out!” Josh groaned.
Tony punched Josh.
“Well we’re not watching pornos with you! You can go do that in your room!” Tony said. Though I’m sure he didn’t mean it.
“I don’t care if they watch pornos” I said.
All three guys looked at me. I just smirked.
“…Well I don’t” I finished.
“We’re not gonna watch pornos with you.” Josh groaned.
“Do you guys want Pizza, but?” He added.
Tony rolled his eyes.
“Whatever!...” He trailed off.
Josh stood up and stretched. He stared at Tony.
“…well?” Josh asked. Tony stared at his step-brother.
“…What?” Tony grunted.
“We have to go pick the fucking pizzas up, dude, they’re not gonna walk here!” Josh snapped.
“Err, ever heard of delivery? You dick smack!” Tony snapped back.
“It takes them an hour! The shop is 5 minutes up the road!” Josh said.
Tony shrugged.
“Yeah, and?” Tony teased.
“Fuck dude, you’re annoying!” Josh yelled.
Tony jumped up and playfully put his step-brother in a headlock. The boys wrestled to the ground before Josh commando rolled away.
“Hurry up, you fuck nut!” He snapped, stomping out the room.
Tony turned to Matt and I.
“Sorry about that boys.” Tony smirked. I laughed.
“What Pizza you want?” He asked us.
“I don’t care mate.” I said.
“Surprise us!” Matt joked.
I laughed at him. Tony patted me on the head.
“We’ll be back in a sec dude. You can keep Matt company.” Tony said.
I grinned.
“Will do…” I smirked. Tony pulled on a shirt and some shorts he found on the ground and left the room.

We heard Josh and Tony speed off down the road in his car, leaving me with shirtless Matt watching the end of Scream 2. We had a couple of moments of awkward silence.
“…can I ask you something?” Matt started, still staring at the TV.
I looked over at him.
“…yeah?” I replied.
“…when did you and Josh fool around?...can I ask…” Matt asked, almost scared. I laughed. Matt looked shocked.
“Sorry dude, not laughing at you. Um…it was early last year…” I said.
Matt nodded.
“…but, you’re with Tony now?” Matt asked, scared again.
I laughed again.
“Well, I’m not with Tony. But yeah, I guess so…” I trailed off.
“Tony is hotter than Josh…” Matt trailed off.
I laughed, in shock this time though.
“I guess so, but Josh is hot too.” I said.
Josh gasped.
“Shit, I mean, yeah of course Josh is hot too. That sounded so slack, I’m sorry, I just haven’t met Tony before…” Matt rambled.
“It’s all good, I get ya.” I said.
Matt sighed.
“You’re hot too…by the way.” He added, shyly.
I laughed.
“Thanks mate. So are you, by the way.” I said.
We laughed. It was good to have Matt a bit more relaxed.
“It’s cool to have a mate I can talk to about this stuff…” Matt confessed.
“…other than Josh I mean. He just wants to fuck all the time!”
I laughed.
“Yeah, he’s a randy boy I remember.” I joked.
“It’s cool to hear from experienced dudes too…” Matt finished.
I laughed.
“What? Like experienced, like I’m old?” I joked.
Matt was shocked.
“No, dude, I meant, like, shit, sorry…” He stammered.
I slid my hand up onto his shoulder and smirked at him.
“Dude, I was joking! Relax. Please!” I said.
Matt sighed again. He smiled at me nervously.
“I’m sorry hey. I’m just heaps nervous…” He began.
“…when Josh said we were gonna fool around with you guys, I didn’t expect you to be so hot…”
I stopped him.
“What?...Josh set us up did he?” I asked, half laughing.
Matt nodded.
“Well, he said we were gonna watch pornos with you guys and whatever happens, happens.” Matt explained.
I nodded, and my dick throbbed.
“He’s a crafty bugger isn’t he?” I joked.
Matt just nodded, like I was deadly serious. I laughed.
“Don’t worry dude. I’ll have a word with Tony. We won’t lay a finger on you.” I joked. Matt laughed too.
“I don’t mind if you do…” He trailed off. He slid his hand up his boardies to scratch his crotch. He knew I watched every second of it.
Matt grinned.
“…sorry, just had to readjust, I’m getting a hard-on” He slyly confessed. So naturally my cock rocketed straight down the leg of my jean shorts. I laughed awkwardly.
“That’s no good.” I joked.
Matt scratched his chest and sighed.
“Seriously though, dude, when Josh said we were spending the night with you guys, I was heaps into it” Matt confessed, bluntly. His attitude had changed completely. He was no longer wary. He was horny.
“If I had known you boys were hanging round, I would have dressed up more” I joked. Matt laughed too.
“Nah, you half naked is all good.” He said.
I laughed. He was flirting like mad.
“I hate jeans cos it fully hurts when you have a boner!” I found myself saying. Matt snapped to attention even more.
“Yeah, same with boardies hey.” He said, rubbing his board shorts.
“I’d say ‘take them off’ but the boys might not like that” I said, and I actually meant that. Matt laughed.
“Yeah, wouldn’t want them to find us blowing each other on the lounge…” Matt trailed off.
“…Yet, anyway…” I growled.
Matt shuddered all over.
“Pizza boy’s here!” Josh announced, marching into the room.
Matt recoiled back across the lounge, like a vampire seeing a crucifix.
Tony ambled in after Josh, balancing pizzas and another bottle of drink. Josh pushed everything off the coffee table so Tony could make room.
“…I don’t need a hand or anything, Josh!” Tony snapped, sarcastically.
Josh grabbed a pizza off Tony and then grabbed Matt by the arm.
“We’ll be in my room!” Josh announced, dragging Matt away.
Matt’s boardies were tented with a massive hard-on, and although I don’t think the guys noticed, Matt and I knew it was there. He just looked at me apologetically as he was dragged out the room.
Tony slumped down onto the lounge and looked over at me. He settled the pizza and stared at the ground.
“We’ve got like 18 different bottles of drink here.” Tony pointed out.
I laughed, taking a slice of pizza.

About half an hour passed. Tony and I had finished our pizza and were watching some random celebrity countdown on cable. I’d unbuttoned my shorts, purely cos I always did that after I ate pizza. It was like a bad habit. But Tony didn’t care, he just laughed. My dick wasn’t hard anymore, but I was still horny. Even though Tony looked genuinely tired, I had a confession for him.
“…so Josh brought Matt over here so we could all fuck, you know” I said, sitting forward to look back at Tony. He just laughed.
“Serious?” Tony groaned, like it was the most obvious thing ever.
“Yeah…why? Did he say something?” I asked.
Tony reached forward and hugged me from behind. It felt nice being held by him.
“He told me that they just came over to watch a porno and whatever.” Tony explained.
“Yeah, Matt said he said that too.” I started.
“And whatever happens, happens”
Tony laughed.
“Fucking randy boy, that one.” Tony laughed.
We had a moment.
“…I wouldn’t care, either way.” I smirked.
Tony laughed and smacked me on the arm.
“You wouldn’t man, you’re always fucking horny!” Tony joked.
I slid my hand down Tony’s shorts and felt his dick stiffen.
“And it’s always cos of you. You know that” I grumbled.
Tony smirked.
Matt stood in the doorway in his boxer shorts, sweating, his hair all matted. He cleared his throat to get our attention, but seeing him practically naked and sweating got our attention well enough.
“Hey dude.” Tony said, kindly.
“Hey” Matt said.
There was silence.
“…come in…” I said, laughing.
Matt laughed too and edged his way into the room.
“Sorry dudes, didn’t want to interrupt, you know, whatever…” Matt trailed off.
“You know, whatever, hasn’t happened yet.” Tony pointed out.
Matt was confused.
“Don’t worry, dude. What’s up?” I asked.
Matt walked over and slid onto the other lounge chair.
“Nah, nothing…” He trailed off.
I laughed.
“Why are you all sweaty?” I asked.
Matt laughed.
“Oh, nah, it’s water, we were in the shower.” Matt said, casually.
“…as you do.” Tony joked.
Matt nodded at us, not getting the joke.
“So, where’s Josh?” I asked.
“Cleaning up.” Matt said, bluntly.
There was silence.
“Oh, ok, cool…” I trailed off.
Josh appeared in a towel.
“…You coming back in?” Josh asked.
Matt smirked at him.
“Nah man come chat.” Matt said, strangely.
Josh trudged into the guest room with us and sat on the arm of the chair Matt sat in.
“Get a bit dirty hey?” Tony joked.
Josh laughed.
“Nah, just had a shower.” Josh said.
“…So, what are we doing?” Matt asked, rudely.
We were all silent.
“Wanna circle jerk or something?” Matt asked.
There was silence again.
“Yep, sounds good.” Tony agreed.
Josh and I gasped.
“What?” I asked, though not objecting.
Tony leant forward and slipped his tongue into my ear as he whispered.
“C’mon dude, we’ll help the guy out.” Tony cooed.
My dick had already made the decision for me.
“Only jacking off but, nothing else!” Josh ordered.
Everyone nodded, not really caring.
“Circle jerk and see what happens?” Horny Matt announced.
Tony and I nodded.
It never occurred to me, at the time anyway, that Tony would be jacking off with his brother in the same room. But then again, Josh was his new step-brother, it wasn’t like they were close. Then again, who was I talk? I’d sucked both of their cocks!
“…Sounds good” I said eventually, feeling Tony’s tongue leave my ear.
“Hot!” Matt said, ripping down his boxer shorts until his brown dick rocketed out. It was only small but it looked damn tasty all wet and shiny. It was about 6 inches long and fairly thick.
“You’re both randy little fuckers aren’t ya?” Tony joked, rubbing his own hard on through his shorts. I slid my hand over to join Tony’s, as I wouldn’t want to miss holding onto his dick again.
With my hand, I started to rub the thick snake down the leg of my jean shorts. It felt so good to finally do something about this hard-on that Matt had caused originally.
Josh, meanwhile, clicked on some meaningless porn channel. A girl getting fisted by a hot young guy was on the screen, though I didn't care. I had enough hot young guys right in front of me.
Tony and I slid out our cocks first and they settled in our warm hands. We pulled slowly on each others hard ons, watching as Josh and Matt tugged each other also.
Then Matt, the randy little hot tanned stud that he was, had a brilliant idea.
“Let’s jerk each other off!” He announced, proudly.
Before he could finish explaining, I was already in between Tony and Josh tugging on their dicks. Tony’s thick rod felt awesome as I tugged on it, just feeling the thickness of his cock made my cock throb so much.
Tony held my cock, fingering the head slowly, using his finger to slip and slide pre-cum up and down my throbbing shaft. He leant over to lick my ear a few times, and take glances as I tugged on his step-brothers dick.
Since Josh slid down next to me with a sly grin, I had no objection to playing with his dick. I gripped Josh's dick tightly, that towering thin cock of his that tasted so good a year ago, it dribbled its shiny goodness down my knuckles with every squelch and tug.
Matt had slid onto the lounge next to Josh, laying back slightly, his eyes closed, his tongue slipping out the side of his mouth and Josh caressed his cock for him.
With little else to do, Matt was cupping Josh's balls with one hand, sliding his pre-cum drenched finger into Josh's hairy ass cheeks, sliding under his hairy ballsac, licking the sweaty taste from his fingers after various trips.
I wanted to reach over and play with Matt’s dick. It looked so new and inviting, I wanted to have a go. Suddenly, Tony had leant over to lick at my lips while I tugged slowly, then quickly, on his cock. I pressed out my tongue into Tony's mouth for a few moments, exploring it, enjoying him, tasting him.
Still teasing my cock while we kissed, I felt Tony's hand be moved away by a warm, softer, less experienced hand. As I opened my eyes for a brief moment I saw Tony's hand on my stomach, fingering my snail trail, and Matt's hand pulling on my dick.
I glanced briefly to see Matt’s tight brown arm leaning over from Josh's stomach, where he was licking at Josh’s cock happily. Matt had his mouth wrapped firmly, tightly around Josh’s wet cock, his cheeks collapsing with each deep, long, hard suck.
Josh was in heaven, lying back groaning to himself. Matt’s hand gripped Josh’s hard-on tightly, while his other slipped up and down on my dick. It felt good.
With Matt’s tight grip on my cock, I tightened my slippery hold on Tony’s throbbing shaft. I watched as Matt looked up at me from his dick sucking position, and I smiled, turned, and engulfed Tony's whole cock in one easy gulp.
I could feel the mass of meat throbbing in my mouth. I slid it back out to take a breath. Tony was slipping in and out of my mouth, wet, dripping, pulsing, sliding against my teeth, bumping into my cheek and the back of my throat. Pre-cum was dribbling over my tastebuds.
It was then, with Tony gripping my hair and slowly lowering my head onto his cock, that I felt a warm mouth cover my own dick. I loved that feeling, the warm covering sort of feeling you get, you know that one I mean.
I learned, after the fact, that it was Josh sucking on my dick, but I didn't care at the time. I had trusted him with my cock before and I knew he was a master.
We remained in that position for a while, the porno humming in the background, while we ourselves hummed and grumbled on each others cocks.
Josh was the first to shoot, rocketing his load deep into young Matt’s mouth. Though he choked and coughed it back up, he thoroughly enjoyed it.
Tony was next, his thick, creamy load spluttering down my throat, his body shaking as he sweated and grunted out his last few drops. I loved when he did that.
I found myself blowing next. Josh swallowed a bit, but being lazy after shooting, he just moved his head back to watch my cock splatter wildly. Some splattered onto me, some onto Josh.
Finally, from the smallest dick of the group came the biggest load I had seen...well...ever. His dick fired a huge burst of creamy sprog across the room, before shooting out clear liquid running bits…hard to describe, but that’s what it was. His stomach, chest, Josh's leg, the lounge and a chip on the floor, were all covered in Matt’s load. It was an impressive feat.
Together, finished, we all sat panting, tired and satisfied. Tony rested his head on my shoulder for a few moments, before drifting off to sleep. He was so cute. I looked over to see Matt's head resting on Josh's abs. Josh changed the channel back to something random, and we all sat silently before we all fell asleep then and there.

Breakfast. I made my way down the stairs in my boxers and Tony's singlet. I turned the corner into the kitchen to see Tony and Josh sitting at the table, eating toast. Rochella smiled at me.
“Late night, hey boys?” She asked.
I just groaned and smiled.
“Coffee?” I grumbled to Tony. He smirked and pointed to it.
Rochella laughed and brought one over for me. I looked at the clock, it was nine in the morning. I groaned.
“Why are you guys are up so early?” I asked, wiping my eyes.
“I’m used to it.” Tony said.
“Same. I usually have paper route anyway.” Josh explained.
I just sat there, dazed, still half asleep.
“Well, you’re crazy” I concluded.
Rochella took a seat next to me and patted me on the back.
Tony had finished his toast and stretched, showing all his muscles, he was shirtless by the way. Josh was the only one clothed...oh and Tony’s mum of course.
“…where's the other one?” Rochella asked.
Tony laughed.
“Matt?” He asked.
“Yeah. Where did you all sleep? We’ve only got two beds!”
Rochella trailed off, taking a sip of coffee. We all looked at each other and laughed. Rochella didn’t get it.
“We gonna go back this arvo?” Tony asked me.
I looked at him, then at Rochella.
“…I dunno, are we?” I asked.
“Aww” Rochella said, patting Tony on the head.
“Cos we got work and shit tomorrow, mum” Tony grumbled.
“I know, I know” Rochella said.
“…do we?” I asked.
Tony shrugged.
“I’ll ring them later and ask.” I said, not really caring.
Matt turned the corner into the kitchen wearing my jean shorts.
He was wiping his eyes, his hair all ruffled.
“Here's Mr. Sleepy.” Rochella said.
Matt laughed.
“Sorry, hey, what time is it?” Matt asked.
“It's only nine.” I said.
“Nine?...Cool...” Matt trailed off.
Rochella stood up and made Matt some toast.
Tony and I sat talking about our return trip. He turned to his mother.
“We might leave about 11, mum” Tony said.
Rochella nodded.
“We'll be home by 9ish. Hopefully” Tony worked out.
“You should really stop and rest” Rochella began.
Tony shrugged.
“Nah” He joked.
“What about the Sleep-Ezy Motel? Duncan and I stayed there once. It had good service, nice people.” Rochella started. Tony and I laughed.
Rochella just stared at us. Tony grinned.
“Nah, mum, we had a pretty hard night last nite…I don't wanna have another hard one tonite” Tony said. I laughed harder. Matt and Josh had no idea what was so funny.
“Oh, I know how it is. Sometimes it’s so hard to get a good one in those hotels” Rochella confessed. Tony and I were in hysterics.
Rochella and the boys didn't get it, and we didn’t care. Tony stood up, stretched again and scratched his pubes. Rochella gasped.
“Tony! Not in front of your mates!” She objected, shocked.
Tony laughed.
“They’ve seen it all before mum, take a chill pill” He said, leaving the room. “…and on that note, c'mon Ry, we gotta pack.”
I stood up and put my coffee cup into the sink. Josh and Matt talked amongst themselves as I headed towards the door. I stopped and looked back at Matt.
“Oh, I'll need them back, mate.” I said, pointing at my jean shorts. He just smirked, and I made my way back upstairs.

It was about 10:30 in the morning now, and we were packed and ready to go. I had my clothes back on, and Tony was back in his singlet and sunnies. Josh and Matt stood on the porch, while Rochella hugged Tony for a moment. Dunk had gone to work, but he wished us a safe trip over the phone. Tony walked over to the car and hopped in. I was already seated.
“You boys can come down whenever you want. You're both always welcome” Rochella said, kindly.
Tony's relationship with his mother was cute. In fact, I’d let myself realize, everything about Tony was cute.
“See ya bro!” Josh called, waving.
“Yeah, see ya bro” Matt added.
We both waved and they smiled.
“Ya’ll come back and see us, ya hear?” Josh joked, even though I doubt he knew where he’d picked that up from. After a few moments of goodbyes once again, we drove out of the driveway and left WillowPine behind us.
Our return trip went without any problems. We did get home around 8 that night, only because of Tony’s non-stop speeding along the highways.
Tony dropped me off at home and came to my front door to meet my mum. As far as she knew, Tony was a new mate of mine who I went on a trip with. Which was fine with me.
So, after those few days away, Tony and I were best mates. I'm not too sure what the situation is with him now, but either way we had a great relationship while it lasted. I went out with Tony for about a year and we split up, on good terms, before I went off to the states for a bit.
From just having a mate at work, I had evolved from a bisexual, though really gay, shy guy to a somewhat experienced 3-some slut ( for lack of a better word haha). I had been with more guys then I could have imagined in the short space of time, and experienced things that, to this day, haven't been able to match. The whole Tony saga is one I'll never forget...

...The End...

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