Hooking Up Wif Kurt - Part IV

(…it should be Who Hooked Up With Kurt really haha…)

You guys all know the drill, if you
re not old enough to read this, then don't.
If you don
t know the drill, welcome aboard.
This story has gay themes, maybe drug use and yeah, gay sex.
So, if you
re not old enough, best keep moving along.
But, if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, hey, get a load off haha...

For you guys that are just joining, my name’s Scott.

I sent in my story about a botched hook up that happened a couple of years ago. Not that it was fucked up or anything, just that the guy had a boyfriend already and never told me. I changed the names to protect the innocent at the time haha...now, don't care so much haha...

Anyway, I’m 17 now and just trying to work shit out in general.

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Hooking Up Wif Kurt - Part IV

Two Years Later

Kurt was leaning back in his chair, arms stretched behind his head, sunglasses flopped over his eyes. His mates Daniel and Alex were at his side, not doing any work either. It was Science. No one cared.

“Oi…so, yeah, keep it in your freezer.” Daniel punched Alex.

“It’ll freeze, you dickshit.” Alex groaned, punching Daniel back.

“…Vodka doesn’t freeze. Are you serious? You think vodka freezes?”

Daniel laughed. Alex looked confused.

“Did you know that?” Alex asked Kurt, poking him in the chest.

“I don’t think most alcohol freezes, man.” Kurt shrugged.

“That’s bullshit!” Alex complained, flicking out his phone to Google it.

A new girl and new guy started at the school that day. She had sat quietly at the front of the class, but was soon talking to some new friends.

The girl was nice, but the brother was hotter. Someone said they were from an Army family that moved around a lot. Kurt didn’t get a good look at the girl, but he had a passing glance at the guy when they disappeared into the principals office.

From what everyone was whispering, the guy looked pretty Army. He had short, dark shaved hair with scruffy sideburns and a scruffy goatee starting. His shoulders were stretching tight against his school shirt, bulging out almost. His tanned, dark skin visible through his too-small-for-his-chest school shirt. His thick, toned arms bulged out, a tattoo peeking from under the sleeve, it looked like a tribal swirl pattern...

“…You right there man?” Daniel had leaned in, poking Kurt.

Kurt smirked slightly, blinked and shrugged.

“Wha?….what?” He stammered.

“…day dreaming?” Daniel whispered.

Kurt laughed and Daniel looked at him apologetically.

“…or checking out the new chick?” Daniel joked. The pair laughed.

So far, Kurt had only officially told Daniel that he was into guys. And he was fine with it. He just asked that Kurt never tried to rape him while he was drunk, though he was only joking.

“Are you guys talking about that new bloke?” Alex asked, as if reading their minds. Kurt and Daniel shrugged.

“I heard he got suspended from Kirrimbally.” Alex told.

“…Who told you that?” Daniel asked.

“Tiana in English.” Alex pointed out.

“Pfft, how would she know?” Daniel asked.

“She was talking to the sister or something I dunno.” Alex trailed off. He laughed to himself.

“I saw him before. He looks hell tough hey?” Alex asked, sarcastically.

“He’s got bigger arms than you.” Kurt added.

“Fuck you, he does!” Alex gasped, punching Kurt playfully.

“You can take him after school!” Daniel joked.

“I will! Fuck it, if he wants to roll, I’ll roll!” Alex boasted.

Kurt and Daniel groaned.

“You’re a deadshit, man, seriously.” Daniel said.

Alex stared at his phone again, dejected, after learning about freezing alcohol.

The door kicked open and the Hot New Guy sauntered in. His bag was falling off his shoulder, he was holding a bit of paper. His massive arms looked even better close up. Alex snorted.

“…pfft, what a fat cunt, his shirt don’t even fit!” Alex complained.

“That’s muscle deadshit, he’s buff, not fat.” Daniel defended.

Kurt suddenly felt a wave of confusion smash over him. He hadn’t really noticed when he saw the Hot New Guy earlier that day, but, he knew him already. But from where?

The Hot New Guy took a seat somewhere towards the front, looking back to nod at his sister who just waved, some girls around her giggled and whispered to her.

Kurt scanned his memory, trying desperately to remember who he was before he turned back around. He remembered the deep brown eyes, his cute smile…his thick brown cock…Kurt stopped.

“…now you’re checking out the new bloke.” Daniel whispered.

Kurt snapped out of it.

“…I know him…” He said, strangely.

“Really? How random. From where?” Daniel laughed.

Kurt shrugged and looked away. He noticed Daniel nod slowly and look confused.

“…oh…from…?” Daniel trailed off. Kurt laughed.

“I think so….I’m pretty sure…” Kurt trailed off.

“Eww!” Daniel joked.

“I used to…well, he used to do Nippers with me…years ago, like, 4 years ago easy.” Kurt explained.

“…And?” Daniel prodded.

“…You don’t want to know dude.” Kurt laughed.

Daniel just leant back and laughed.

“Yeah, I probably don’t, hey?” He smirked.

“Oi, how much you reckon Fat Shirt can press?” Alex interrupted.

“Fat Shirt who?” Daniel asked.

“…Fat Shirt…what’s his name…new guy?” Alex pointed out.

“…more than you man, I’m sure.” Daniel roasted.

Alex groaned. The boys continued their argument while Kurt leant back in his chair, his mind racing with memories of what had gone on, he felt his dick tingle and he shuddered all over. Something had to be done…

It was a hot afternoon. The classrooms had become unbearable. They didnt have air conditioning, the schools solution was to just crack open a window. It didnt work.

Kurt skated out of the school car park with his shirt unbuttoned, flapping in the breeze, welcoming the cool air across his chest. Being in your senior year of high school had its advantages, the best perk was hardly ever having to actually be at school.

He had finished for the day, yes, though still had hours of homework and study to be done. The final exams were later in the year. But one thing he had to look forward to was Work Placement next week, where instead of going to school you got to work in the field you wanted to pursue after schoolif that makes sense.

Kurt had signed up at his local gym to do Work Placement as a Personal Trainer. Daniel joked that it was only to scope on guys, and, yeah, basically it was, but it would be an interesting career.

Kurts house was not too far away from his school and downhill mostly, so that made it easier to skateboard home. Without checking for traffic, he spun round a corner while fumbling with his headphones and whipping out his phone to check for any messages.

“…Caitlin blew me…” one message said, from his mate Sean.

Kurt laughed to himself. Before he had a chance to reply, he felt his phone vibrate and Private Number flickered on the screen. He dropped out his earphones, nearly toppling off his skateboard in the process.

“…yo? He asked, the private number.

“…umyeah, Hi? Is Kurt there? The guy asked.

Kurt laughed.

Sorry mate, yeah, Kurt speaking He said, grinding to a halt.

Oh, hey Kurt, its Wade Wade said.

Oh hey Wade mate, how you doing? Kurt asked.

Good mate, yeah, look, about Monday?…” Wade began.

Sorry mate, wont be a sec…” Kurt said.

He slumped down onto the grass, letting his heavy bag slam onto the ground. Kurt pulled off his school shirt and groaned, rubbing the sweat off his chest. He settled himself on his skateboard and took a breath.

“…you there? Kurt asked.

“…yeah mateare you right? Wade asked, concerned slightly.

Yeah just had to get my gear off. Its hot man! Kurt laughed.

Wade laughed.

Fair enough, yeah, so, for Monday, come about 12ish. Wade said.

Kurt nodded.

Cool. And bring my folder and shit? He asked.

Yeah, bring your folder, dont worry about the shit.. Wade joked.

“…oh, you mean, dont bring my stuff? Kurt asked, missing the joke. Wade was silent for a moment.

“…sorry, what? Wade asked.

Dont bring my shorts & singlet & stuff you mean? Kurt asked.

Nah mate, bring that, bring your work out gear. Wade started.

Oh, sorry, cos you said dont worry about my shit…” Kurt trailed off. Wade laughed.

YeahI was joking cos you said Bring my folder & shit?…” Wade tried to explain. Kurt was confused. Wade just laughed.

Youre awesome mate. Wade added.

“…thanks?! Kurt said, strangely.

Yeah, so, bring your stuff you take to the gym and youre school folder or whatever they gave you. Wade explained.

Cool mate, will do. Kurt agreed.

“…and Ill just drop you back afterwards. Wade added.

“…back where? Kurt asked, scratching his stomach.

We probably wont get out till 11 so Ill drop you home if you want? Wade asked.

11 at night?! Kurt asked, shocked. Wade laughed.

Yeah mate, Ive got clients from midday till1030 I thinks my last one. Wade explained.

Oh, so, I help you out all night? Kurt asked.

“…pretty much…” Wade said, strangely.

“…all week? Or just Monday? Kurt asked.

Wade laughed.

Well youre doing placement all week! He laughed.

Kurt laughed.

Oh, yeah, I guess hey. Kurt trailed off.

Nah, basically mate, if I dont need you with a client you can go work out, have a swim, do the weights, talk to the girls, whatever. Wade insisted. Kurt laughed.

Oh, ok, coolsounds good. He said, eventually.

Ok cool, well, Ill see you on Monday mate Wade said.

Cool mate, will do Kurt said, happily.

Have a good one. Wade finished.

See ya mate. Kurt said, hanging up, he stretched slightly before hoisting up his bag. Rather than worry about his hectic sounding placement schedule, all Kurt could think of was how hot Wade sounded on the phone.

He stretched up, hopped onto his board and scraped slowly down the street on while he found a song to listen to. Suddenly, with a slow and awkward crunch, he bumped into someone crossing the road.

Kurt ripped his headphones from his ears, annoyed, fumbling with his sunglasses as he tried to regain his stance. The New Hot Guy looked up at him, startled, apologetic.

“Fuck, mate, shit, sorry.” Kurt stammered.

The New Hot Guy pulled his headphones out also and smirked, he looked away nervously.

“Nah, bro, it’s all good, don’t worry about it.” the New Hot Guy said.

“…Soz, I was checking my phone and shit…Didn’t even see you!” Kurt apologised, trying to think of a way to swing to conversation to how they knew each other.

“Don’t worry bro, I’m fine, serious.” the New Hot Guy laughed, he was holding a torn page from a street directory.

“…are you lost?” Kurt asked, pointing at the bit of paper.

The New Hot Guy smirked.

“Yeah, kinda, I tried to find it on me phone maps, but it didn’t work.” the New Hot Guy trailed off.

“Where you headed?” Kurt broke the silence.

“Willow Street…?” the New Hot Guy asked.

“Ah, nice. I’m on Acacia.” Kurt started.

There was silence.

“…Willow is off of Acacia…” Kurt added.

The New Hot Guy nodded.

“…I live on Acacia.” Kurt said.

The New Hot Guy laughed.

“Oh, cool bro, awesome.” The New Hot Guy beamed, looking so cute.

“You near the oval?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah! Near there, I went jogging there this morning, did all my circuit and shit.” The New Hot Guy said.

“…did your what?” Kurt asked, interested.

“Circuit…like…worked out. It was good to just sweat it out. I’m used to doing it every day…” The New Hot Guy pointed out.

“…oh, till I find a gym I guess.” He added.

“I might be able to help you with that?” Kurt smirked.

“A gym?” The New Hot Guy added.

“Nah, I meant sweating it out with you.” Kurt joked.

The New Hot Guy laughed.

“Nah, actually, I’m working at the gym next week for Work Placement. I used to go there with my mates but haven’t been there that much…recently.” Kurt explained.

“Oh, cool, awesome. Nearby?” The New Hot Guy asked.

“Yeah, walking distance!” Kurt said, overly excited.

“Nice. We can be Gym Buddies!” The New Hot Guy laughed.

Kurt’s mind raced.

“Look, dude, this will sound heaps random, but did you used to do Nippers down at Culburra Beach?…like, ages ago…” Kurt asked.

The New Hot Guy nodded and smiled, he looked away for a moment before staring at Kurt’s bare abs.

“…I thought it was you mate, seriously, but I didn’t want to ask.” The New Hot Guy said. Kurt heaved a sigh of relief and the two boys laughed. The laughter trailed off before the pair just stood silently in the middle of the street for a moment. A passing car honked them, Kurt scratched his bare stomach.

“….It’s…ah…?” New Hot Guy asked, reaching out his hand, trying to remember Kurt’s name.

“Shit, fuck, sorry mate, I’m Kurt.” Kurt reached out his hand.

The New Hot Guy laughed, he tapped his fist onto Kurt’s hand.

“Fuck, that’s right mate, Kurt. I remember now. Your brother plays footy?” New Hot Guy asked.

“That’s right man yeah. I didn’t know you had a sister but?” Kurt asked.

“…I don’t think we ever got to that back then?” New Hot Guy laughed. “…we were busy. I just remember cos your brother was hot”

“…I’ll introduce you to him!” Kurt joked, laughing.

“It runs in the family though, just gotta say…” New Hot Guy trailed off. Kurt must have blushed.

“I’m…ah…Raiden. Remember? Weird Name Raiden?” The New Hot Guy, well, Raiden asked.

“…sorry?” Kurt asked.

“Raiden, bro. My name’s Raiden. But remember everyone called me Weird Name Raiden?” Raiden repeated.

There was a moment.

“…Nup. Don’t remember that man. But it’s an awesome name.” Kurt said, sincerely. Raiden cracked a smile.

“Thanks bro. It’s…weird I know…” He trailed off.

“Oh!…Actually, I remember I used to say it like in the game I’d be like ‘Raiden’…instead of saying it normally…” Kurt laughed to himself.

“…Yeah, I don’t remember that…” Raiden trailed off, looking away down the street. Kurt stared at Raiden for a moment.

“I wasn’t really sure cos you’re hell buff now.” Kurt said, strangely.

“Yeah…I try.” Raiden joked.

“Nah, serious, we were both pretty weedy back when we…” Kurt stopped. Raiden looked at him and nodded.

“…hung out…” Raiden finished the sentence.

“…Yeah” Kurt trailed off.

“I got a shit load of English essays to finish.” Raiden groaned, changing the subject.

“I know hey, it’s fucked. It’s only cos of the HSC though I guess.” Kurt explained.

“Yeah that’s why my sis and me are back now…” Raiden pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, I saw your sis for a bit today, she looked cool.” Kurt said.

“She’s a psycho bitch, bro, I wouldn‘t bother with her.” Raiden warned.

“Oh, yeah, nah, I wouldn’t, don’t worry.” Kurt said quickly.

“Is she in all of your classes? Or just Science? ” Raiden asked.

“Not sure man. Didn’t really check…” Kurt trailed off.

“Ah, cool, whatever hey.” Raiden nodded.

“I guess we should start heading home now, hey?” Kurt asked, trying to assess the situation, but just making himself more confused. Raiden nodded and they both started slowly down the street. Kurt decided to drop the whole hooking up past for now and not bring it up again straight away.

“…So, is it heaps annoying having to start the same schools with her?…oh, your sister I mean…?” Kurt asked.

“Nah. This is only my second time at the same school as her. I was in the Army College.” Raiden explained.

“Oh, hot.” Kurt said, accidentally. Raiden laughed.

“Not as much hot man…more kinda torture.” Raiden didn’t seem to notice Kurt’s comment.

“Sorta like a jail?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah, basically, cos Dad’s in the Army, so all guys had to go to this Army College. It was still a school, just a rough as shit boarding school kinda thing.” Raiden told.

“Boarding schools are fucked.” Kurt agreed.

“You been to one?” Raiden asked.

“Oh…nah…I…just heard they’re fucked…” Kurt trailed off.

Raiden laughed.

“You’re right man. They are fucked.” Raiden smirked.

“It’d suck having to make new friends and shit all the time, hey?” Kurt asked. Raiden shrugged.

“I wasn’t mates with most of the guys in the college anyways…Had a couple but nothing major…” Raiden trailed off.

“Well, you’ve got a mate here and stuff so it’ll be all good, don’t you worry.” Kurt said, half jokingly.

“Aww, thanks bro, you’re too kind.” Raiden laughed.

“My mate Reece is having a party next weekend so you can come to that. And I’ll let you know about the gym and stuff next week when I know more…” Kurt listed.

“Cool bro, thanks. It’ll be good to get back into it.” Raiden nodded.

“You a gym junky?” Kurt asked.

“Nah, not really, just used to working my arms.” Raiden said.

Kurt nodded.

“You’re pretty cut mate, do you gym it?” Raiden asked, pointing at Kurt’s sweaty abs.

“Yeah, every now and then. Whenever.” Kurt said, blushing slightly.

“…Guns like yours would be good though.”

Raiden laughed.

“They’re good for whacking blokes with, that’s for sure.” Raiden smirked.

Without even realizing, the pair had reached the corner of Willow and Acacia. Raiden stopped outside his house. Kurt spun around.

“This is me…” Raiden said, pointing at the house.

It was a nice two storey brick home, new looking. Kurt seemed to remember an older couple living there years ago.

“Ah, cool…nice one…” Kurt found himself saying.

“Yeah, it’s awesome, you can see the beach from my window.” Raiden said, happily. Kurt ran his fingers through his hair. Raiden started walking backwards slowly.

“…cool, so, I’ll see ya tomorrow?…” Raiden asked.

Kurt stared blankly.

“Oh, yeah, soz, yeah, totally, see ya then man.” Kurt stammered.

“Cool bro, see ya.” Raiden said, disappearing inside.

Kurt fumbled with his skateboard for a moment, trying to dig his headphones from out of his back pocket.

Kurt kicked his skateboard down and slowly began to push away. Though he hadn’t really been able to talk to Raiden about what they had done a few years back, it didn’t really worry him. His mind had stopped racing, though he still had flashes of what they did, and his cock wanted it to happen again.

Suddenly, a window flew open and Raiden hung out awkwardly. He was wearing a tight black singlet now, his broad, tanned, shoulders and hairy pecs were bulging out from under the fabric.

“Oi, bro, what’s your number?” Raiden called.

Kurt laughed, yelling out his number.

“You wanna come do circuit tomorrow morning?” Raiden yelled back. Kurt shrugged.

“Yeah…I guess…I…” He was interrupted by his phone ringing.

Raiden flashed his cheeky grin, lifted his singlet to scratch his hairy brown abs, and slid back into the window. Kurt answered his phone with a shudder, the image of half naked Raiden still in his mind. He was so much hotter now.

“Hey dude.” Raiden said.

“…Oh, hey, long time no chat.” Kurt laughed.

“Yeah, just jog n shit. There’s bars down that park thing, we can do pull ups…” Raiden suggested.

“…sounds alright…” Kurt agreed.

“…oh and sit ups, there’s tables there.” Raiden added.

“…at the ovals?” Kurt asked, starting to skate toward his house.

“Yeah, it’s cool, we’ll work something out. Come round here 7ish.” Raiden asked.

“7 man? Fuck!” Kurt complained.

“You pussy. I’ll prank you tomorrow morning. See ya bro.” Raiden laughed, hanging up.

Kurt grinned to himself and was home straight away. His cock stirred in his school shorts, though he wasn’t sure what to make of the whole situation. Yet, anyway…

A few hours had passed, and Kurt was camped out at his desk, the light from his laptop burning his tired eyes. He had finished his 3000 word English essay and was ready for bed. He stretched up slowly and groaned, his chair sticking to his bare back. It was 2am.

He had left his Facebook page open accidentally after checking out some photos a girl friend at school had tagged him in. It was a fairly good party, though he ended up having to cart a very drunk Reece & Daniel home after it.

Kurt laughed, seeing a shot of these girls that had slipped him their phone numbers in the hopes they could get with him. All he could remember was a tall, hot blonde haired guy that was there, from another school, though he wasnt in any of the photos.

He was about to shut down his laptop when the little Facebook Chat thing popped up. It was Luke. Yes, Luke Luke. Luke who had fooled around with him 2 years earlier and then been caught by his boyfriend. That Luke.

Oi…” Luke had typed.

Kurt rolled his eyes.

hey…” He typed eventually.

whatchu up to? Luke typed.

“…nothing mateyou? Kurt replied.

“…oh cooljust thought id say hey Luke typed.

Kurt groaned to himself.

“…OH and youre hot in them photos.. Luke added.

I know hey Kurt joked, laughing to himself.

He still looked pretty much the same as he did when he hooked up with Luke, back when he was 15.

Kurt was 17 now, as of last month, and had looked after himself. He didnt do Nippers anymore, because he was too old, but he jogged every night down along the esplanade and back around to his house. And now that Raiden was back, he had a mate to work out with.

Downstairs, Kurt had a set up a small home gym with weights. His arms were bigger now because of it. His pecs were more defined and solid.

He used the Fit Ball every couple of days to do his sit ups, his abs were tighter, covered in a furry brown fuzz that had crept up from his pubes over the years. Though Kurts adonis belt V was his proudest achievement. It was voted Best Feature On Kurt in a Facebook poll started by some girl. A couple of those party shots had girls lifting up Kurts shirt just to show it off.

He still had his boyish grin and a flop of blonde hair that practically covered his face now. He still had his all over brown tan from either playing footy with the boys or surfing, everything was done in the sun, and half naked usually.

“…Im off mate. Kurt lied, typing into the chat window.

“…you still local? Luke asked.

Kurt laughed to himself and gritted his teeth. He wasnt going to go through all that again.

“…see ya. Kurt typed, eventually.

Kurt groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. It wasnt the first time Luke had messaged him since that whole saga years ago.

He had tried to block the incident from his mind, as most memories were of them sucking Lukes cock and blowing accidentally and stuff like that. He couldnt really remember Lukes boyfriend anymore, he just remembered the awkwardness of walking home, half naked, after being sprung by the boyfriend he knew nothing about. He didn’t remember the good part of it I guess, just the embarrassment of going through all that.

About a week after it all happened, Luke dropped Kurts shirt off at his house and they had an awkward conversation. Nothing too deep, just that they could be still try and be mates.

Since then, Kurt had only ever really had contact with Luke on MSN chat randomly. Hed get the occasional txt message asking what was going on, but that was all. He just was happy to leave it in the past. But, with everyone being global friends now, Luke had been randomly commenting on shots of Kurt, or popping up to chat.

On his bed, Kurt’s phone grumbled. He fumbled over and swiped it off the bed, squinting at the message from Raiden.

“…Dude, no circuit, just come round before school.” the message read. Kurt yawned and drooped his head down slowly while he rubbed his eyes.

“…alright mate. Night.” Kurt wrote back.

He clicked his laptop closed and slumped onto his bed. Halfway through a yawn, his phone screamed out some David Guetta dance song at full blast, it was ringing. Startled, Kurt silenced it and answered.

“…Yeah?” He asked, without looking at who it was.

“Are you still up bro?” Raiden asked.

Kurt laughed.

“Yeah man, had to finish that fucking English essay.” He complained.

“FARRRK! I forgot about it!” Raiden groaned.

“We only got it this arvo man, how did you forget?” Kurt laughed.

“Fuck knows man, shit, when’s it due?” He asked.

“Tomorrow. You dick.” Kurt teased.

“Come over.” Raiden snapped.

“…What?” Kurt asked.

“Bring your thing over, I’ll scan it.” Raiden pleaded.

“Scan it?…” Kurt laughed.

“Yeah, dick, scan it in the scanner.” Raiden said bluntly.

“…Or, I could email it? Who scans shit anymore?” Kurt laughed.

“Can’t man! They haven’t set our net up yet!” Raiden complained.

“…You could print it at school?” Kurt asked.

“Pfft, nah man, just bring it over, please??” Raiden begged, he sounded so cute.

“They’ll know when they read it!” Kurt laughed.

“Err, dick, different teacher. They won’t swap them or anything.” Raiden said.

“And what if they did? Dick?” Kurt asked, half laughing.

“…I’d say I copied you man, I don’t care.” Raiden pointed out.

There was silence.

“You’re a dick.” Kurt eventually said.

“Just come round, it’ll take two secs. Dick.” Raiden begged.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever man. I’ll be round in a sec.” Kurt groaned.

“You’re a life saver bro, I owe you” Raiden said, happily.

“…Oh, we both used to be life savers! That’s funny!” He added.

“Fuck you man, keeping me up all night.” Kurt joked.

“Err, fuck off dick, you were up batting off anyways.” Raiden joked.

“You were, that’s why you can’t sleep. Be over in a sec.” Kurt laughed, hanging up.

He didn’t bother pulling on a shirt, it wasn’t cold outside of a night during the summer months. Kurt clicked open his laptop and was blinded as it started up. A few moments in, he started to print the 6ish pages and realized he had to pee.

By the time he got back, the essay was printed. He grabbed his phone and crept downstairs and over to Raiden’s. Eventually the door creaked open, Raiden was in his boxers, his hair ruffled.

“Here’s your essay, dick.” Kurt laughed. Raiden smirked and ushered him inside quietly.

“Come in ay….?” Raiden asked.

He dragged Kurt down the hallway quietly to his room, lighting the hall with his phone.

The pair crept into his dark room and were greeted by piles of boxes , half unpacked, a massive LCD flat screen TV, a 360, a PC in the corner, clothes everywhere, some surf magazines in a collapsing pile. Raiden quietly clicked his door closed and sighed.

“Shit, soz about the mess man, I fully haven’t unpacked anything.” He apologised.

“…I don’t care, it’s all good.” Kurt nodded.

“Do I have to put shorts on? Do you care?” Raiden asked.

Kurt laughed.

“I’ve seen it before man, it’s all good.” Kurt joked.

Raiden was silent for a moment before he realized.

“Hey yeah, that’s true.” He nodded.

“…I’m not dressed up anyway.” Kurt joked, scratching his bare chest.

“That’s true too, you’re all buff and half naked.” Raiden pointed out.

“….me buff? Fuck off. You‘re the solid one here mate.” Kurt laughed.

Raiden did have an awesome body.

Alex used to be the mate with the best body, but now Raiden had taken that trophy. He was built all over. Kurt had stared at his back muscles for ages while he moved around his room. His all over tan came from his parents who were from the islands. Kurt couldn’t remember if his arse was tanned from last time, though he remembers fingering his hairy hole at the time.

Raiden had a tiny patch of bristly hairs at the base of his spine, the top of his arse cheeks. The Welcome Mat it was called. Kurt’s mind began to race, he would feel very welcome slopping his dick across that Welcome Mat. His tongue had been there before…

Kurt just stared at Raiden while he read over the essay as quickly as he could. At the wiry rug of dark chest hairs spread across his tight pecs, his impressively hairy snail trail slithering down between his pecs into a nest of bushy pubes. His brown hand slid down and scratched at his crotch loudly.

“…this is awesome mate, thanks hey.” Raiden said.

Kurt just nodded, staring as if the hand was scraping at the boxers in slow motion. He snapped out of it.

“Oh…nah, it’s all good mate.” Kurt said, happily.

Raiden groaned.

“…Sorry mate, itchy nads.” He complained.

Kurt just laughed.

“…Crabs?” He joked.

“Nah, shit school uniform you got.” He pointed out.

“…You’re not wearing it?” Kurt asked.

“Err, nah, from today. I’ve been hell itchy all night.” Raiden complained. He moved over to Kurt, sliding his fingers over his own wiry chest hairs.

“…See, oh, you can’t really see cos my hairs in the way, but it’s like I got little bites on my pecs.” Raiden pointed out, his finger flipping through chest hairs as it slid across. Kurt shuddered.

“…Yeah, I can kinda see them…?” He trailed off.

“It’s worse on my balls but!” Raiden complained. Kurt felt his dick shiver.

“…I’m not gonna show you my balls but…” Raiden pointed out.

“…again…” He added.

“Yeah…” Kurt managed to say, missing Raiden’s flirt.

“Do you shave yours?” Raiden asked.

“…Balls?” Kurt asked.

“Oh, yeah them too…Nah, I meant your chest?” Raiden asked.

Kurt looked down at his pecs and could see his light hairs.

“…There’s kinda some there. They’re blonde, you just can’t see them.” Kurt said, running his finger down between his pecs.

“Mine are full black as! It‘s annoying.” Raiden laughed, rubbing the crest of hair between his pectorals.

“Why? They look good.” Kurt complimented.

“…I shave them but they just come back, like, worse…” Raiden trailed off. Kurt ran his finger lightly down his own pecs again and shrugged.

“Yeah…I…same…they just take ages to grow back…” Kurt lied.

“It’s so much better being smooth. Hairs fucked!” Raiden groaned.

“You used to be smooth everywhere. I remember.” Kurt stopped. Raiden nodded slowly and there was a moment.

“…We were like 15 then, that’s probably why.” He laughed.

“We were always horny I remember.” Kurt laughed.

Raiden nodded again, looking away.

“…Dude, yeah, sorry we gotta talk about this hey.” Raiden blurted out. Kurt sighed.

“The essay?…Yeah, I…” Kurt was cut off.

“Dude, nah, I meant when we hooked up!” Raiden laughed.

Kurt coughed slightly.

“Oh, shit, yeah, that’s what I meant too…I wanted to talk about it this arvo but…like…didn’t know how to bring it up?” Kurt said.

“…Yeah, it’s kinda weird hey. It was a while ago.” Raiden remembered.

“Still good though.” Kurt added.

Raiden shrugged.

“I guess…” He trailed off.

“…You don’t reckon it was good?” Kurt asked, disappointed.

“Oh, nah, it was good, just, I’m….not…like…I’m straight now…I reckon.” Raiden eventually said.

“…Yeah, nah, that’s cool mate, so am I….” Kurt lied.

“Oh? Serious?” Raiden asked.

“Yeah mate, yeah, don’t do shit with blokes anymore.” Kurt dug himself deeper into his lie.

“…Oh…” Raiden said, looking upset. Kurt was confused.

“I mean…like…I don’t care if you do?” Kurt probed.

“Nah,…It’s just…” Raiden stopped, he laughed.

“…I was gonna say…I reckon fooling around with you is alright cos we done it before…like…we’re mates?” Raiden tried to justify what he was thinking.

“Yeah, we’re mates I get what you mean.” Kurt nodded.

“So, like, yeah we’re just mates hanging out and stuff. And it wouldn’t be weird if we beat off watching porn or whatever.” Raiden said, sitting down awkwardly at his computer desk.

“Nah, yeah, I’ve beat off with my other mates a few times.” Kurt admitted.

“Really?!” Raiden gasped. Kurt flinched.

“Oh…not, like, all the time, just a couple of times…once maybe.” Kurt stammered.

“It was so weird today cos we you ran into me with your skateboard, the first thing I remembered was us beating off in the back of the ute…do you….remember that?” Raiden asked, laughing to himself.

“…Yeah, I do man…Remember we were like trying to 69 n shit but didn’t have the room…then you had to go?” Kurt asked.

“That’s right I had to go home. That’s heaps funny.” Raiden nodded.

“And remember we’d get full boners all the time at Nippers?” Kurt laughed. Raiden laughed too.

“I full remember that time we had to do Beach Relay for the whole morning and I barred up while I was waiting?” Raiden asked.

“…Oh yeah, and you full ran in the water and the bloke yelled at you? I do remember that!” Kurt leaned back against the wall.

“Oh! And…what’s his name…Donkey Shuttleworth with the massive cock!” Raiden gasped.

“Oh, fuck, Donkey yeah…Oh…um…I think it was Sean or something like that.” Kurt remembered.

“His cock was massive, remember he’d take ages to shower & full walk around showing it off and shit?” Raiden asked.

“He was older but, so that’s pretty weird when you think about it.” Kurt laughed. Raiden laughed also.

“…sorry to like, embarrass you man…but do you remember that first time you and me did shit there?” Raiden asked. Kurt shrugged.

“…I remember we both got hard?” Kurt asked.

“You don’t remember why though?” Raiden teased.

“…saw you naked?” Kurt joked.

“Nah…nah…we were getting changed and you said you had sand in your speedo…” Raiden began.

“…Yeah?…I don’t remember that?” Kurt smirked.

“…and I was like ‘yeah me too’ but when I flopped mine out it went hard?” Raiden asked.

“That’s right! Then I got hard and we were like ‘that’s weird’ and never did anything about it!” Kurt remembered.

“Yeah and we made up that full lie that we were remembering Penthouse mags we looked at or some shit?” Raiden continued.

“Oh yeah, I was like ‘yeah there was a hot chick in Penthouse that I remembered and I got hard’ Fuck! Yes, I remember that now. How funny!” Kurt laughed. Raiden had spun around slowly on the computer chair. There was a moment where their laughter died off.

“…then we had our sleepovers.” Raiden said, clicking at his computer.

“…Yeah, I remember them…” Kurt nodded, he noticed the clock on the computer.

“…Fuck, is it 330?” He gasped.

“Yeah, fuck, didn’t even realize!” Raiden asked.

“I should just full sleep over. We have to get up in like 3 hours anyway.” Kurt joked. There was silence.

“Yeah? Why not?” Raiden asked.

“…I was joking…” Kurt laughed.

“Makes sense, we can get up and train before school if you want?” Raiden asked, still facing away.

“…nah, it’s cool, I’ll just go home.” Kurt said, stupidly.

Raiden spun around in his computer chair with a massive tent in his boxer shorts. He scratched his crotch loudly again.

“That’s cool bro, I’ll see you at school then hey?” Raiden asked.

Kurt stared at the tent, Raiden looked away.

“…what is that?” Kurt asked, with a smirk.

Raiden stretched his massive arms behind his head and laughed.

“…I was just remembering a chick I saw in Penthouse.” He said, with a smile.

Seeing Raiden, half naked, hard, his strong, tight arms resting behind his head, his pitts overflowing with bushy brown hair, Kurt felt his knob slither down his shorts and turn rock hard. Raiden eyed the thick bulge in Kurt’s shorts and smirked.

“…you remembering too?” He asked.

Kurt must have blushed.

“…do you remember 69ing?” Raiden asked, abruptly.

Kurt found himself nodding as he watched Raiden slide his arm down and pop the button of his boxers. The thick, brown, wet head of his dick poked out.

“…well come do it now then.” He finally said, as Kurt made his way over to take Raiden’s cock in his mouth…

…to be continued in Part II…

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