Hooking Up Wif Josh - Part II

( or Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part Four And A Halfish...)

You all know the drill, if youre not old enough to read this, then don't.
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t know the drill, welcome aboard.
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But if you are old enough, and into that sorta thing, enjoy and knock yourself out...

…Before We Start


Dudes seriously I am sooo sorry about this not being posted. I thought Id sent this other half like a year ago until a bloke emailed me asking for 4.2.

Ive moved places twice since & been heaps busy with work & all that shit again, but still its not excuse. So I seriously feel bad cos heaps of you guys emailed me ages ago asking to finish the rest of the story.

So I hope its worth the wait haha but email me if its not or if u hate me now haha or if you just wanna say hey, thats cool too.

If you havent read Hooking Up Wif Tony - Pt3 or Pt4 ( Hooking Up Wif Josh pt1 ) then everything below will make no sense at all. This part jumps back & forth between those two parts above, with the new bits mixed with little recap snippets so if it gets weird & you dont know whats going on, or even just need a reminder, Parts 3 & 4.1 are here on Nifty.

And again, dudes, I am so sorry bout the wait.

Have a good one, Scott

Hooking Up Wif Josh - Part II

- Hooking Up Wif Josh…still -

Hooking Up Wif Tony: Part 4.2

We slid off each other and lay down side by side, I shuffled around so my head was next to Josh. I didn’t know whether to say anything or do anything, so I just lay silently. Josh did the same while the porno chattered away in the background, we hadn’t even looked at it once.

“…that was hot.” Josh said, eventually.

“Yeah…” I began. “…you shot heaps hey.”

Josh laughed.

“Sorry man, it’s been a while.” He apologized.

I laughed. Josh groaned loudly.

“Fuck man.” He said, stretching his arms. “We haven’t even gone to the bonfire yet!”

“What time is it?” I asked.

Josh squinted over at his phone.

“I dunno….9ish?” He asked.

I yawned.

“Shooting always makes me sleeping!” I said.

Josh laughed.

“Yeah same.” He began. “…we can just hang out here and fuck all night”

I laughed. Josh looked over at me and winked.

“Oh…you’re serious?” I asked.

Josh smirked.

“Well not right now obviously…but we’ll go get dinner…have a beer…work something out?” He asked.

I nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.” I said.

Josh sat up and patted me on the stomach.

“C’mon Cum Guzzler, lets go get dinner!” Josh joked.

I punched him playfully in the arm. We both started getting dressed before heading out to get something for dinner.

Being a city boy, I had never seen a holiday beach town Bonfire before. I thought it would just literally be a bonfire on the beach with a few people huddled around it burning stuff, but this was something else entirely.

We bush-bashed our way through a secret path that Josh knew, as we turned a corner I was blown away by what I saw. The entire stretch of beach, which was easily a 5 kilometre stretch, was filled with tents, little Christmas lights and like a billion people.

There was people everywhere, families, kids, dogs, cats, old people, hippies, everyone rushing around getting weird food, buying weirder crap, smelling weird smells and dancing to weird music.

In the centre of the beach, a little further down the sand, was easily a 2 story high mound of sticks, wood, metal, all random shit, all ablaze in a massive bonfire. It was like some bizarre cult party. It freaked me out completely.

“…so this is the bonfire…” Josh said, obviously.

I just stared at him.

“It’s mad…” I said, in a good way.

“It’s all shit but. We’re going up the other end.” Josh pointed out.

I just nodded vacantly, taking everything in.

The summer breeze from the ocean was cool and refreshing, the surrounding noise was like a party, cooking smells wafted past me as kids with painted faces and mums with trendy summer dresses glided past. Guys yelled, chicks laughed, bottles clinked, music blared. It was like a public holiday party that you see…but wasn’t on a public holiday.

Some Dad’s had a set up a few BBQ tents where stupid amounts of cooked meat were waiting, for free apparently, so you could help yourself to a sausage sandwich.

I am dead serious when I tell you that I have never seen anything like this before in my life in the city, sure, years ago back at primary school, we’d have market days, but this was like an all night party, it’s so hard to describe.

I grabbed onto to back of Josh’s shorts as he led me through the crowds. One thing I did notice was that there wasn’t any guys or girls our age. I was indirectly keeping an eye out for Fiona and Kelli, but more keen to see hot young guys haha. Josh stopped suddenly and I bumped into him.

“You want food?” He asked, over a man playing some bongos.

“…what?!” I yelled.

“You want some food?!” Josh yelled back.

“…what?!” I yelled again, joking this time, Josh smirked and pointed at the Dad’s BBQ tent. I shrugged. We pushed our way over.

“What’ll it be, boys?” A dad asked.

Josh grabbed a massive piece of steak and a bit of bread and slapped them together. He spurted some sauce onto it and threw it at me. I caught it awkwardly. He whipped together the same for himself and thanked the Dad.

“Beer?” A dad asked me.

“…just don’t tell anyone…” Another Dad added.

Josh smirked and swiped two beers.

We moved through the crowds of families and stalls until they all began to thin into darkness. The bonfire was far behind us now and I stumbled behind Josh as the ground began to get all bushy.

“ Are you taking me somewhere to rape me?” I joked, not really caring if Josh did want to rape me. Josh laughed.

“Nah, maybe later man. We’re going shopping” Josh said, slyly.

“…Shopping?...” I trailed off, with a mouthful of sandwich.

Josh turned back to me.

“Dude, everyone in LakesEnd is at that bonfire now.” Josh began.

I nodded. Josh stared at me and laughed.

“We’re gonna steal shit, ok.” Josh laughed.

I was shocked, like actually shocked, cos I’ve never felt the need to rob houses for no real reason. But I didn’t have it in me to object to Josh that night. Not sure why. Probably cos I loved the taste of his cock and I wanted to pound him….either way…

“…why rob them?” I asked, eventually. “…and steal what?”

Josh patted me on the shoulder.

“Dude, you’re lucky you’re hot cos you got no idea.” Josh said.

I laughed, even though he was insulting me.

“How’d you think I buy shit when I get back home from Dads?” Josh asked.

“…You work?” I said, patronisingly.

Josh laughed.

“Nah dude, I steal shit down here! It’s a victimless crime…” Josh trailed off.

“…except for the victims you steal stuff from…” I pointed out.

“It’s not like TVs or shit its just money from wallets or whatever they leave there.” Josh began. “It serves them right for leaving shit lying around at home while they’re out”

“…I guess…” I shook my head. “…but they are on holiday, so they’re trying to have a good time….” I trailed off. Josh stared at me. We had stopped completely now. Then, my dick slapped me back into the moment.

“Look, I don’t care man, the whole skater/stealing thing is hot, so lets go!” I found myself saying, my dick churning away. Josh smiled his cute smile and punched me in the shoulder.

“Fuck you man, you had me worried for a sec there!” Josh sighed in relief. The path had widened so he walked beside me.

“…I’d never force you into any shit anyway man…unless it was anal...” Josh joked. I laughed.

“Who said I wasn’t into anal?” I smirked.

Josh punched me and laughed and dragged me into the dark streets, ready to rob holiday houses I guess…

Josh stumbled up his front steps, breathing heavily, having just ran about 3 blocks. I followed soon after, as out of breath as he was. Josh just smirked at me and laughed.

“See…mate…easy…” He eventually said, leaning on his door.

I groaned.

“Fuck man, easy? Fuck off. I fully smashed me leg against the thing. That fucking dog nearly mauled me…” I began. Josh just punched me in the arm playfully.

“Um, dude, fuck off, we got $300.” He laughed.

He jiggled the doorknob and pounded the door, it squeaked open.

“A good night had by all” He concluded.

It was only because my dick was so interested in Josh, because seriously would have walked otherwise. My dick is always getting me into trouble. I had never done anything so illegal in my life, at this point anyways haha.

We only ended up ‘breaking into’ two houses. And by breaking in we pretty much just walked into their backdoors. Josh rifled through any bedroom drawers and ended up finding some Dads wallet with $300. The other house had nothing, except an overly vicious Bulldog.

I followed Josh down his hallway. He pulled off his singlet and threw it somewhere. I ended up pulling my shirt off too, feeling the coolness of the house and sighing. We ended up in the lounge room, Josh disappeared to get us drinks.

“Dad’s got a date with a lady friend” Josh laughed, reading from a note in kitchen. I just laughed. Josh emerged in the lounge room and threw a drink at me.

“So we got the house to ourselves mate” Josh beamed.

I nodded.

“Awesome” I said, sipping my can of bourbon and coke that Josh got me.

Josh pulled out the wad of $50s he had stolen from the wallet and fanned himself with them. I just laughed.

“…and you seriously do this every trip here?” I asked.

Josh smirked his cute smirk.

“Pretty much” He laughed. “…it pays the bills”

I shook my head.

“You’ve never robbed Todd have ya?” I asked.

( My brother, Todd, that is )

“Fuck no man…well, not yet…” Josh joked.

I reached over and punched him.

“You better not. Cos that’s slack!” I commented.

Josh just laughed. I was confused slightly.

“So why stealing man…like…what made you think of that?” I asked, genuinely interested. Josh grinned.

“It’s an old juvey thing man. That’s…sorta all we did. Worked out how to rob shit” Josh explained.

“When you weren’t fucking?” I joked.

Josh laughed.

“Exactly. We’d fuck then work out how to rob places” He said, punching me.

“Ya dick, nah, the boys had all these stories bout shit they used to do when they were out. One bloke I remember half robbed a KFC.” Josh told.

“Shit, really? He didn’t get caught?” I asked.

Josh stared at me.

“Dude…he was in jail…so yeah, he got caught.” Josh said.

I laughed.

“Fuck off man, I’m dumb remember” I joked.

“Hot and dumb as fuck, its all good by me man” Josh flirted.

“Well you can be the brains, I’ll just be the cock” I said.

Josh smirked.

“So, what, my cocks useless?” Josh laughed.

I patted him on the shoulder.

“Nah man its good for a play” I flirted.

We both laughed for a moment.

“ I think I’m getting smashed from our bourbons” I said.

Josh groaned.

“Seriously? From 2 sips?…Pussy!” He joked, punching me again.

I grabbed his hand this time.

“Dude, punch me again and I’ll smash ya!” I joked.

Josh laughed.

“You reckon you could take me, do ya?” He said, flexing his arm.

“Check ‘em out man B1 & B2!

I just laughed.

“I know man I grabbed one before accidentally. They feel awesome”

I said.

“It’s all my bag work” Josh said.

I laughed.

“Your what? Ball bag?” I asked.

“Nah, dick, punching bag. Oh, and bit of weights” Josh explained.

“They’re hot mate, I need guns like yours.” I trailed off.

“Yours are just as good. Just need more tone” Josh said.

I just nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll come work out with ya” I said. 

We threw ourselves onto the bed instantly. Somehow Josh had kicked on the porn DVD from earlier, I guess the noise of guys balls slapping against a girl turned him on. I didn’t care. Josh had ripped off his cargos and was fumbling his boxers down as I kissed him onto the bed. He had fingered off my shorts and I’d forgotten to put my boxers back on before.

I found myself sitting on Josh, his head pressed against his pillow, my knees rested on either side of his hips. I let his dick poke my ass, but not go in. I grabbed his arms and held them above his head. I found myself licking down one side of his arms, those taught, tight arms of his. I could feel Josh trying to force his dick into my hole, but I just continued to tease him. I felt his pre-cum dribble amongst the hairs between my cheeks.

Josh eventually over powered me and grabbed my head forcefully, slamming his tongue into my mouth over and over again. Our faces and bodies were dripping with sweat already. I could feel my knob sliding up and down his hard abs as he lowered himself onto me.

I couldn't resist the randy 15 year old anymore, though I wanted to feel his cock slamming into me at hell speed, I moved down so his stiff knob knocked into my nose. I wanted to eat his cock for a bit.

I kissed his snail trail as I slid my chin down to his dick, when I felt his pubes, I licked my tongue back up his shaft and swallowed his dick once more.
Again, his tasty wad of meat was inside my mouth, making Josh grumble deep inside. He slowly begin to experiment with my cock swallowing abilities.

He’d slip his knob just past my lips, then pull out completely while I sucked. Then he’d slowly edge his whole shaft all the way down my throat. Once I even felt the knob nudge the back of my throat. It was fucking awesome. I could smell his boyish musk wafting from his sweaty pubes. It was a mix of ball sweat and dripping pre-cum.
I was about to swallow his whole dick again in one gulp when he jerked up suddenly. I leant back a bit and saw his expression. His mouth had dropped.
“…Wha?…” I asked.
“Shhhhhh!” Josh snapped.
I was silent. Outside, there was a rattling of keys.
“Fuck! It's me dad!” Josh gasped.
“FUCK!” I agreed, in my head.

We scrambled around trying to find our shorts and shirts. There was a mad dash, a crazed changing of DVDs, and that obvious noise that something was going on. Suddenly, the door opened.
Josh's dad looked in to see Josh and I sitting on his bed. Clothed, albeit in each others stuff, with me in an extra small Limp Bizkit T-shirt. We sat staring at the TV which was playing...of all things…Oprah. Smooth, I thought to myself. No one will suspect a thing…Josh's dad laughed.
“G'day” He grumbled, in a scary dad voice, you know the one I mean.
“…Hey” We replied eventually.
“Oprah, hey?” Josh's dad asked, in his drunken slurring.
Josh looked at the TV, and groaned.
“...Nah Dad, we were watching a skate DVD” He trailed off.
I just nodded.
Josh’s dad laughed for no reason.
“You two, 7. The doors open! Ting! Fucking ting! Stingy bastard.” He stumbled away. Drunk. Whatever he said made no sense at all.
A few moments later we heard a thud. As the door creaked closed Josh and I looked at each other...and sighed in relief. I waited for a moment.

“Fuck man that was close.” I laughed.

Josh ran his fingers through his hair, genuinely worried.

“I know hey, fuck, cunt said he wasn’t going to be home tonight” Josh groaned. Fairly harsh words towards his Dad I thought. I could feel my dick slowly settling down, my hard on instantly gone from fear I guess.

Josh scrambled off the bed and pulled off my T-shirt, tossing it to me. I found myself peeling off Josh’s Limp Bizkit shirt and handing it to me.

“How’s your dick?” I found myself asking, half laughing.

Josh grumbled, he flicked open the fly of his cargos and flopped out his limp dick.

“Totally fucking gone man. Ruined.” Josh sighed. “I nearly shot in my shorts then”

I laughed.

“We could get back into it man” I said, standing up to stretch.

Josh just shook his head.

“Nah man, fuck, can’t risk it….fuck!” He groaned, upset.

I patted him on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry man we can fuck another night or something” I insisted.

Josh smirked his cute smirk, but looked disappointed.

“I was so fucking into it hey…fuck…Dad…fuck off” He trailed off.

I smiled.

“Don’t worry, it’s all good.” I said.

“I don’t even know when we’ll get the chance to fuck man.” Josh complained. I reached over and tickled his limp dick.

“We’ll work something out man.” I said. Josh laughed.

A Year Later, back with Tony, Matt & Josh…


…Together, finished, we all sat panting, tired and satisfied. Tony rested his head on my shoulder for a few moments, before drifting off to sleep. He was so cute. I looked over to see Matt's head resting on Josh's abs. Josh changed the channel back to something random, and we all sat silently before we all fell asleep then and there.

It was around 3am when I woke up. I could see Matt reclined against the lounge in his boxers, his iPod was resting on his abs. His blaring music had woke me up, but I didn’t care. Tony had crashed next to me, his head resting on a cushion. He was balled up with his boxers draped over his waist. He looked so cute. I couldn’t see Josh anywhere. I just sat up and stretched, smiling at Matt. He noticed I was awake and nodded.

“….hey” I said, eventually.

“….hey man.” he replied, casually.

“….can’t sleep?” I asked.

Matt shrugged.

“Nah, I’m always up late.” He explained. “It’s weird”

I just nodded.

“You didn’t sleep?” I asked.

Matt shook his head.

“Nah I just bummed round in here. Played 360 for a bit…” Matt trailed off. I nodded, looking around and stretching my neck at the same time.

“Where’s Josh?” I asked.

“Cleaning up…again” Matt smirked.

I was shocked.

“You serious? You boys fucked again?” I asked.

Matt laughed.

“Nah, just, cleaning up his room I think” Matt said.

I laughed.

“Cool, cos I was gonna say you boys are machines if you fucked again” I said. Matt laughed.

“I got a boner before but had no one to play with it” Matt confessed.

“You should have woken me up man, I’d return the favour” I flirted.

Matt smirked, he re-adjusted his boxers.

“Don’t get me hard again man.” Matt laughed.

I suddenly had the urge to pee, and felt slightly annoyed as I could feel my dick unrolling into a hard on over Matt. I stood up slowly and stretched, just to show off a bit to Matt haha and he noticed.

“I’ll be back man, gotta pee.” I announced. Matt laughed.

“Then we can beat off?” He asked.

I laughed.

“Totally man, I promise.” I said, and I was sincere.

I stumbled my way down the hallway, not knowing exactly where the bathroom was. A sliver of light was leaking from Tony’s bedroom.

Inside, Josh was laid back on the bed with his iPod as well. He looked asleep so I tried to close the door quietly when his eyes shot open and he instantly gave me his cheeky smirk.

“…hey” I said.

“…hey” Josh said, sliding to sit up, he squinted.

“what time is it?” he asked.

“I dunno. Early.” I said.

Josh laughed.

“Is Matt alright?” Josh asked.

I stared.

“…Yeah? Why? What did you do to him?” I asked.

Josh just laughed.

“Nah man we had pills before. He was thrashing around the room before. I don’t think he’s done them before.” Josh explained.

“Why are you on pills? At home?” I asked.

He smirked.

“Oh well before I thought we were going to Matts then going out…

That was till Tony said you boys were staying over….” He said, he groped his dick.

“…plus I need all the energy I can get to use on you” He joked.

I laughed.

“You’re fucked.” I shook my head, sitting down on the floor next to the bed. Josh patted me.

“What seems to be the problem, officer?” He asked.

I sighed and yawned at the same time.

“Nah, nothing, everything’s all good with me.” I said. “…You?”

Josh laughed.

“Dude, you have no idea.” He confessed.

I turned to face him.

“Tell me all about it. We haven’t chatted since last time I sucked your dick.” I joked. He smiled.

“Nah, it’s just, Matt and You and everything. It’s all weird.” He started.

“Oh the being out thing?” I asked.

Josh stared at me, shocked.

“The…what?” He said, finally.

“…being…out?” I said, strangely.

“Out where?” He asked.

I laughed.

“Nah, like, gay, out?” I said.

Josh laughed.

“Oh! Haha nah man not that, no one cares about that anymore!” He said. “Nah, it’s like….fuck!…”

I looked at him, he looked upset.

“It’s all good man, take your time.” I said, sincerely.

“You so don’t get it man. It’s you, its all you!” Josh said, gritting his teeth. I laughed.

“What have I done?” I joked.

Josh didn’t think it was funny.

“You being back, fucked me up royally.” Josh said, bluntly.

“What? How?” I asked.

Josh groaned.

“Err man you were in my house for, what? A few hours and we’ve already had a fucking orgy!” He explained.

I laughed.

“Well, it was bound to happen” I smirked. “I did not guess the whole step-brother thing but”

“Poor Matt. I’ve pounded his arse like 4 times in the last few hours since you’ve been back. Lucky he’s into it or it’d be totally obvious!” Josh confessed.

“Yeah Matt said you liked fucking heaps. But you always did anyways” I said. Josh laughed.

“Not this much man, not this much. The minute I saw you again my cock was like aching to be in your mouth.” Josh sighed.

“…how romantic” I joked.

“You have no idea man, I told you!” Josh complained.

“You’re like a walking….I can’t even think…”

I stared in disbelief at Josh. There was a moment of silence.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you have a little crush on me, Mister” I said. Josh smirked.

“You could say that…I think its more just dick love though”

He said.

“Dick love?…sounds fun!” I said, standing up to stretch.

Josh looked at me desperately.

“Where are you going?” He blurted.

I stared.

“…Nowhere. I was stretching. Fuck man, you are so into me!” I said.

He laughed.

“I can’t help it! You’re just sooooooo hot.” He said, sarcastically.

I punched him playfully.

“Well you’re the one with dick love for me!” I said.

He laughed.

“You’re the dick man!” He punched me back.

I slumped down onto the bed at Josh’s feet. He put his hands behind his head and nodded at my playfully.

“Yeah bitch suck my dick!” He joked.

I laughed.

“Don’t tempt me man, you know I would.” I smirked.

“How long are you here for?” Josh asked.

I shrugged.

“I dunno man not too much longer I don’t think. We got work and shit” I explained.

“That sucks” Josh said, sincerely.

I just nodded.

“We could just fuck now I guess?” Josh asked.

I laughed.

“I guess…?” I trailed off.

Josh kicked me playfully.

“I’m serious man. But now you’ve spoilt it.” He groaned.

I felt my cock tingle in my boxers. It was that annoying reminder that I did need to actually pee. I stood up, Josh stared at me again longingly. I laughed.

“I need to pee man! I’ll be back!” I smirked.

Josh groaned, now more interested in his iPod.

I made my way up the hallway to what ended up being the bathroom. After I’d finished, I moved back as quietly as I could, though someone else was thumping around the top level of the house.

As I tip-toed down the hallway, Josh’s bedroom door was wide open with blinding light blazing from inside. I made my way into the room to see Matt sitting quietly on Josh’s bed, fiddling with his iPod, while Josh was scraping through his drawers. He had jean shorts on and his sunglasses on his head.

“Sunglasses? Too bright outside at 4 in the morning?” I asked, jokingly. He punched me playfully.

“Look at my fuckin’ pupils man. The servo guy will know for sure!” Josh snapped.

“Err and wearing sunglasses at night won’t tip him off?” I asked.

He groaned.

“Where are you going anyway?” I asked.

“For a walk man. I need to get out of here!” He said.

I was half shocked by what he said, but then remembered last time I was on pills and couldn’t imagine sitting anywhere quietly for any length of time.

“…walk where?” I asked.

“Just down the servo. I’ll get some shit then come back.” He said, bluntly. I just nodded.

“Oh, ok, cool.” I eventually said.

Josh spun back around, pulling on a shirt.

“Just entertain Matt for me. He’s not too bad, well, not scattered at least. He doesn’t know what to do.” Josh said, patting Matt on the head. Matt looked up and smiled, oblivious to what was being said. Josh just laughed. I let him pass me.

“Will you be long?” I asked.

Josh moved closer to me.

“…don’t worry man, I’ll be back in time to fuck you” He whispered his promise. I just smirked. And with that Josh disappeared down the stairs, with a bit too much inconsiderate noise.

Matt popped his headphones out and smirked at me. He looked so cute. I closed the door quietly.

“So you been pilling I hear?” I joked.

Matt laughed.

“Fuck mate, don’t talk about it!” He laughed, running his fingers through his hair.

“Bad batch?” I asked.

Matt shrugged.

“I have no idea but all they did was make me hypo before and now everything is just going in slow motion!” He confessed.

I laughed.

“Yeah, sounds like a shit batch. You should be better for ages normally. Usually, you don’t go down till like midday tomorrow” I laughed.

“You do them heaps?” Matt asked.

I shook my head.

“Nah mate, hardly ever. Maybe if I’m out on a big weekend with mates or whatever.” I explained. Matt just nodded.

“It was cool fucking on them.” Matt said.

I smiled.

“Yeah its weird hey. You pound for ages but not much happens.” I said. He laughed.

“I know hey how weird is it!?” He laughed. “I had so much energy but it never ended haha”

“Yeah it’s good if you just want to fuck aimlessly. Like Josh, I guess. He’s like that” I said.

Matt laughed.

“Yeah, he is hey. I thought he was gonna pass out from being in the pillow so much!” Matt said. I laughed, then thought for a moment.

“Oh…you were fucking Josh?” I asked, bluntly.

Matt nodded.

“Yeah, he loves it.” Matt said.

I made my way over to the bed and sat next to Matt. Not that Josh and I ever really got enough opportunity, or time, to fuck, but I’d always thought he’d do the fucking.

“He’s such a player. Before he was like ‘yeah I’ve fucked Matt heaps” I confessed. Matt smirked.

“Nah, nah we’ve fucked heaps tonight. He just loves having cocks in him I guess!” Matt laughed. He stopped for a moment.

“…didn’t you fuck him?…like…ages ago?” He asked.

I looked into his green eyes, he had a look of…not desperation…maybe acceptance…or hope?…it was a weird moment.

“Nah we never got the chance mate.” I said, eventually.

Matt looked shocked and nodded slowly.

“…Why? Did you think we did?” I asked.

Matt shook his head.

“Nah…nah, Josh told me you guys fucked once ages ago and that’s where he learnt all his tricks” Matt said, then he stopped, and looked embarrassed. “…sorry…”

“Sorry for what?” I asked, he looked so adorable.

“I just thought you guys fucked and stuff…” Matt trailed off.

I thought for a moment for the reasoning behind that, and just shrugged it off.

“Nah, it doesn’t matter but, we still had fun!” I laughed.

Matt laughed too, it was good to see him feeling better about whatever he was feeling sorry about. Suddenly, I felt my cock smash into action and my brain leaked.

“Oh, hey, we were gonna beat off before weren’t we?” I found myself asking. Matt laughed, he readjusted himself in his board shorts.

“Yeah I nearly forgot hey.” He smiled.

I felt the stiff snake of my dick slide up the fabric of my boxers, into an obviously tent. Matt noticed it too and shuddered. I watched as his boardies instantly poked into a mountain.

“Now look what you did!” He joked. I laughed.

“Sorry man, didn’t mean to.” I smiled.

Matt looked off nervously towards the door.

“…what about Tony?” He asked, that look in his eye again. I realized what it was. It was a feeling of, I guess infidelity towards Tony. Or even Josh. Like everything he was doing was wrong. But I also thought the pills might have something to do with his edginess. Either way I just smirked.

“He doesn’t care man. He was there before remember?” I laughed.

Matt’s mind clicked and he laughed too, realizing that yes, we had all beat each other off, or sucked on each others dicks, without any worry earlier.

“That’s cool then” He said, sliding his hand across my hairy thigh and onto the tent in my boxers. I tingled all over at the feeling and found my hand fumbling towards his boardies.

He gripped my stiff shaft through the fabric of my boxers, sliding back and forth slowly. His eyes were fixed on my boxers, wide eyed, excited.

I felt my fingers pop the buttons of his boardies and found myself ripping into them, like a vampire hungry for his dick. Then, I felt his thick brown mast of a dick in my fingertips.

Rudely, my other hand flew onto his pecs and pushed him back down slowly on the bed. His hand had just barely unpacked my boner just as I pushed him down. I pulled his boardies off quickly and he grumbled deep inside. His thick, stiff, tower of brown meat was glistening with sweat and a dribble of pre-cum from the head. The smell of sex floated from his cock haha.

He repositioned himself so he was half sitting, just enough so his hand could reach my dick. I could feel his hand fumbling around trying to find where to grab. I didn’t mind, it was cute, I swung myself around slightly so he could get a better angle.

I moved forward slowly, starting at his balls. Even they were slightly brown, which impressed me. Wiry pubes tickled my upper lip as I flicked my tongue out, tasting his ball sweat in one long lick. He grunted. I did it again, this time sucking on his balls and flicking my tongue at them. I could feel myself dribbling but judging by his quiet grunts, he was into it.

His abs were right by my eyes now and I watched them heave in and out with every lick. A bead of sweat slid down from his pecs and settled in amongst his snail trail. I licked my way off his balls and up the shaft, from base to the glistening wet tip. I eagerly tasted his pre-cum before engulfing the head entirely.

I felt his hand tighten around my cock as he pulled faster and faster, grunting as he went. I sucked on his head for a moment before taking his whole dick all in one gulp. He threw his head back and groaned loudly, letting go of my dick for a split second.

Suddenly, I found myself lifting up slowly, kicking off my boxers, moving Matts legs towards the middle of the bed. Matt slumped back flat onto the bed, his dick pointing eagerly at me. I fingered my asshole slowly, knowing what my dick had in mind.

I dropped my legs on either side of his waist and grinded my ass against his dick. It tickled ever so slightly and he groaned. I could still feel the wetness from when I swallowed him, but knew it wouldn’t be enough to feel him completely inside me, the way I wanted him right now.

“is there lube?” I grumbled, deep. Matt nodded, his eyes closed, he flicked his hand towards a bedside draw. With one hand I tickled his slippery cock head, with the other I shuffled through the drawer before finding the lube. I got a fleeting glimpse of the excitement in Matt’s eyes while I lathered my hands in lube.

I slopped my hand up and down his dick just a few times before sliding into and fingering my hole with the other. Then, as slowly as I could imagine, lowered my ass onto his throbbing dick.

Matt breathed out slowly as the head of his dick poked into me. It wasn’t until I was readjusting to ride his dick that I remembered that fucking on pills was like doing everything fast, and doing everything slow, all at once. And I remembered once the feeling of fucking a bloke when I was on pills, and how as I slid in my dick it felt like I was doing everything in slow motion.

He groaned loudly as I felt my ass cheeks drop on either side of his dick. I could feel his powerful thighs pushing up against me so slowly, feeling his thick cock scrape and slide inside.

I lifted myself off slowly, feeling Matt frantically pulling at my dick like he was shaking a can of coke. My dribbling pre-cum was flickering from my dick, splattering onto his abs, some even on his neck. He was loving it.

I lowered myself down again slowly, feeling his dick just slightly enter, then would lift off again, stopping just as the head of his dick was at the peak. He shuddered all over. I rode his cock, while he jerked me off. We had started to sweat.

We were sliding and moaning until we heard the door of Josh’s room click closed. I snapped to look and saw Josh, a wide grin on his face. Matt saw him too and, though shocked, smiled also.

“…is this what happens when I’m gone for 20 minutes?” Josh asked.

I didn’t stop riding Matt’s dick while we spoke. I laughed.

“Sorry dude, we couldn’t wait!” I joked.

Josh dropped the bag he was carrying and groped his dick, I could see his was getting hard in his shorts.

“ Come suck me dick!” I said, rather rudely.

Josh laughed.

“Alright, alright” He joked, pulling off his shirt. Matt groaned as his dick slid up as far into me as it could. He looked at Josh and smirked.

“….its fucking awesome man…” He stammered.

Josh laughed, dropping his jean shorts to show that he wasn’t wearing underwear. His dick went hard instantly.

I slowed my cock riding for a moment while Josh slid himself onto us. He rested his knees on either side of Matt’s head, not the most flattering angle from Matt’s point of view, though Josh settled in and I saw what he was doing.

He arched his back before stretching out as far as he could go. Josh had settled so his dick was literally in Matt’s face, plopping in and out of the boys mouth. I could still hear Matt grunting and moaning while his own dick slid in and out of me.

Josh looked up at me and smirked. I reached forward and gripped his hair as he slammed his mouth onto my cock. I grunted this time. Feeling Josh swallow my cock while my ass was pounded my Matt’s thick brown dick. With my free hand I had reached down to tickle Matt’s balls while he pounded me, fiddling with his sweaty balls, feeling his wet shaft slide in and out of me slowly.

Josh choked slightly and gurgled as the feeling of Matt swallowing his cock must have felt awesome. I started to carefully face fuck Josh without sliding my hole off Matt’s dick. We ended up in a hot position where I could get deep throated by Josh while Matt’s dick poked and slid into my hole every now and then. I could feel Matt underneath me shivering and shuddering with bliss.

I took my hand of Josh’s hair and slid it down his tight, toned back, resting on his arse cheek. I gripped it hard, grabbing at his cheek, finally having the opportunity to have my way with Josh. Plus with Matt, it was an added bonus.

Strangely, I felt Matt slide his dick out me completely and he grunted loudly. I fumbled to slide it back in but he grumbled from beneath Josh. We slowed down, Josh flopped my dick out of his mouth.

“…you okay?” he slurred to Matt.

Matt laughed, slopping Josh’s dick to rest on his chin.

“…yeah, man, yeah, just my cocks sore, like, from rubbing” Matt confessed. A feeling I knew from the past, and that it was painful.

Josh gracefully flipped himself to Matt’s right side, while I slowly moved my now tired legs from either side of his waist. I just smiled at him.

“It’s all good man we’ll give your dick a rest” I said.

Matt smiled sheepishly.

“Thanks…you know what I mean but when the lube dries…” He tried to apologise. I slid my hand down his abs and tickled his snail trail.

“Dude, I know what you mean, it happens” I smiled.

Matt sighed.

“Fucking awesome though” He said. “Fucking awesome”

I nodded.

“Your cock feels good in me man.” I found myself saying.

I looked at Josh who was looking away blankly.

“Wanna have a go?” I joked to Josh.

He smirked.

“Nah, his dicks sore!” Josh objected.

I slapped his thigh.

“Nah, you dick, I meant You Fuck Me!” I laughed.

We all laughed. Josh played with his dick, he slopped off a dribbling of pre-cum.

“…you can fuck me if you want?” Josh eventually said.

I smirked, looking at Matt, he was grinning widely.

“What about Matt?” I asked.

Matt scratched his chest.

“I’ll blow Josh!” He beamed.

I must have made a weird face.

“Yeah like you fuck Josh doggy and I’ll get underneath and blow him” Matt explained. I groaned, my dick throbbed.

“Sounds good to me!” I said. Josh smirked.

“Nice!” He added. He snatched the lube off the bed that was near my knee and slapped a handful onto his hole. I slowly rubbed my dick with lube, careful as to not get myself off, I couldn’t wait to pound Josh finally. Matt watched us like a kid at Christmas. Well, a kid that wanted to suck some dick for Christmas I guess haha.

Josh slumped himself over Matt, kissing him lightly as he did. Matt giggled. Then he moved himself back so his legs were at the end of the bed, his tight, toned arms on either side of Matt.

I moved myself behind Josh, seeing his tasty, hairy hole in all its glory for what seemed like the first time. I slid my hands up the backs of his thighs, feeling his wiry leg hair. Finally, as I saw Matt slide around to eat Josh’s cock, I parted the cheeks and poked my dick to his hairy hole. He grunted an excited “…yeah” from deep inside and I pushed my stiff wet knob into him.

He yelped slightly before grunting happily. My cock head was in his tight hole, though from the thickness it must have been a little painful. I didn’t push the rest of my 6ish inches into him just yet, I wanted him to feel awesome.

Josh groaned slowly and I moved my dick in more and more, an inch at a time. Matt was slurping at Josh’s dick with glee, moaning to himself, lightly fingering his own dick so as not to hurt himself.

I grabbed either side of Josh’s hips and with one long, sustained slide, pushed my dick in as far as it could go. Josh roared in ecstasy, his arms slightly buckling at the feeling, nearly choking Matt with his dick. He moaned “fffuuuccckkk”.

I glided my dick out as slow as I had entered, so as not to rip his insides out. Josh was shuddering completely with every movement of my wet, throbbing cock. His arse was completely gripping my dick now. Tight as I have ever felt. I had a feeling Josh had not been fucked for a while, or at all?…it was weird.

We stayed on that position for a while, it turned out to be nearly an hour, just slowing fucking. After a while, Josh had made room for my dick so I was able to slide it out completely and ram it back in without much hassle. Anytime I would feel I was about to shoot, I was move my cock out completely and slam my tongue into his hairy hole, tickling his insides. He would groan with appreciation.

Josh shot first, I felt him smash back onto my dick as his load smothered Matt’s face, neck, pecs, abs, and most of the bed. It was a sticky, awesome mess. We were all drenched in sweat at the point so a little sprog didn’t worry us. As Josh’s dick surged with rockets of cum, his arse cheeks massaged my cock into a torrent of warm sprog. I blew my load hard and deep into Josh. Even as I slid my dick out, a dribble of my load followed. We were all so exhausted and satisfied at this point we really didn’t care.

We slopped onto the bed on either side of each other, tired, breathing in and out heavily. Sighing. Finished. I rested my arms behind my head and smiled to myself. Josh was on the other side of Matt, watching his boy fiddle with his dick. Then, with a hearty grumble, Matt’s dick erupted in a thick and creamy load…

It was about 10:30 in the morning now, and we were packed and ready to go. I had my clothes back on, and Tony was back in his singlet and sunnies. Josh and Matt stood on the porch, while Rochella hugged Tony for a moment. Dunk had gone to work, but he wished us a safe trip over the phone. Tony walked over to the car and hopped in. I was already seated.

“You boys can come down whenever you want. You're both always welcome” Rochella said, kindly.

Tony's relationship with his mother was cute. In fact, I’d let myself realize, everything about Tony was cute.

“See ya bro!” Josh called, waving.

“Yeah, see ya bro” Matt added.

We both waved and they smiled.

“Ya’ll come back and see us, ya hear?” Josh joked, even though I doubt he knew where he’d picked that up from. After a few moments of goodbyes once again, we drove out of the driveway and left WillowPine behind us.

Our return trip went without any problems. We did get home around 8 that night, only because of Tony’s non-stop speeding along the highways.

Tony dropped me off at home and came to my front door to meet my mum. As far as she knew, Tony was a new mate of mine who I went on a trip with. Which was fine with me.

So, after those few days away, Tony and I were best mates. I'm not too sure what the situation is with him now, but either way we had a great relationship while it lasted. I went out with Tony for about a year and we split up, on good terms, before I went off to the states for a bit.

From just having a mate at work, I had evolved from a bisexual, though really gay, shy guy to a somewhat experienced 3-some slut ( for lack of a better word haha). I had been with more guys then I could have imagined in the short space of time, and experienced things that, to this day, haven't been able to match. The whole Tony saga is one I'll never forget...

I did get to see Josh again recently. It turned out he was working on site near where I live with my mates. He's still awesome. And yeah, shit happened, but if you wanna hear what happened thats a story for another day haha....though I promise I'll post it the minute you guys ask for it!


...The End?

Thanks again for reading mate. And remember if you wanna say gday or tell me you liked it or even if it was crap haha send me an email hey. Have a good one , Scott

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2009 written by Scott