WARNING: The following text contains scenes of graphic sex between consenting teenage and adult males. It also contains some intergenerational sex between an adult male and a younger man. If you are offended by such material, or are under the legal age of consent to read such material please do not read any further. All persons and events depicted in the following story are fictitious. Any resemblance to those living or dead is purely coincidental and a product of the author's imagination.


A Love Story

by Bob Grant

Part 1

It is nearly midnight. I am sitting in the fourth floor family lounge of the University of Oregon Medical Center. For days I have been immersed in the ambiance of the hospital; the constant announcements over the PA looking for various doctors and other personnel; the continuing hustle of activity; the many smells of disinfectants and medications; the occasional sobs, tears and laughter. Now, all of that has abruptly ceased for another day, leaving only the quick footsteps of the changing of the shifts ... followed by a strange quiet ... interrupted by an occasional ring of a phone or the electronic sound of a patients call ... the infrequent footsteps of a nurse answering those calls or going on their duties of the night.

It is very quiet. The hall lights have been dimmed. The patients drop into the welcome sleep of the night, to be watched over by the vigilant nurses on duty.

As I sit here in this sterile, cold environment, my mind wanders back to a morning in Indiana, in September, 1948. A beautiful, Mid Western morning; sunny and warm, without a hint of the autumn which is close at hand. I am sitting in the office of Middletown High School ... my first day. In May I had graduated from the eighth grade of a small, one room country school near Mill Creek; five others were in my class, with a total of 28 in grades one through eight. Middletown High with less than 300 students would be considered, by most, to be a very small school, but to me it was huge ... and quite intimidating.

The school was spruced up for the beginning of the new school year. The wood floor glistened from the recently applied wax, the pleasant, sweet smell of the polish was almost overwhelming. Older students and teachers greeted each other warmly as they anticipated a new year. The freshmen stood out in the crowd as they looked rather lost and lonely; except for a few who seemed to be familiar to older students, perhaps brothers, sisters or neighbors.

The office had a small waiting area near the door where several other freshmen and I were waiting to see a counselor and get our schedule of classes. Directly across the room was a boy who seemed to stand out from the others ... at least in my eyes. He looked somewhat shorter than me, dark, almost black hair and deep brown eyes which seemed to twinkle and dance as he looked around the room. He sat very quietly, quite erect, with his hands folded in his lap, occasionally flashing a big, beautiful smile which seemed to send a wave of warmth throughout the room. I never really noticed the others sitting around us; only this one boy attracted my attention. I was captivated by his presence.

The secretary would come forward every few minutes, announce a name and one of us would arise and go forth to meet the counselor. After a while she said: "Howard Carr," and the dark haired boy stood up and went into the office. "Howard," I thought, "Howard, what a nice name. Howard Carr." A name which would never escape my memory from that day forward. Even though there were several others in the waiting area, it now seemed surprisingly empty as I waited somewhat impatiently. I no longer felt the comfortable, friendly feeling as before; I now felt alone in this strange environment.

After a few minutes, he came out of the office and walked toward the door. As he grasped the door knob he looked at me and smiled as he walked out of the room. He didn't say a word, but that smile was the most wonderful gift in the world. I no longer felt alone; I felt filled with excitement. An excitement I could not explain, but it made me feel very good inside. This brief memory helped me cope with the trauma and frustration of beginning this new adventure. I didn't see him again that day, but I couldn't get him out of my mind ... nor did I want to do so. I couldn't understand this attraction I had for him, but I knew I wanted to see him again and to get to know him as a friend.

The next morning I nervously entered another foreign environment as I climbed aboard the school bus for the very first time. There he was, sitting in the third row next to the window. Unfortunately someone was sitting next to him, so I just went right on to the back of the bus. As I past him I smiled and nodded; he returned my smile (with interest) and quietly said "Hi." What a wonderful greeting. I knew right then and there that it was going to be a very good day ... and all of a sudden I was looking forward to high school.

At lunchtime everyone was going outside to eat their sack lunches on the lawn at one side of the school. Little groups of kids were gathering and forming small circles on the grass. Just before lunch I had been in General Science, where I met another boy by the name of Dan. Dan was slender, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was rather quiet and also in need of finding a friend in these new surroundings. Dan and I went outside with everyone else and looked for a good place to settle down. I saw Howard. He was sitting under a tree with several other boys. Dan and I continued toward the back of the school and found a place on the grass for ourselves.

We finished eating and were lounging around on the lawn when Howard walked over and asked if he could join us. I quickly, without asking Dan, responded with an emphatic "Yes!" I was worried that I was a little too enthusiastic, but I was overjoyed that I was finally going to be talking with him ... that he actually wanted to be with me. He sat down and said "Hi, my name is Howard." I nearly choked before I could say "I'm Bob." I can't remember if we even acknowledged that Dan was there.

This moment in time was to be one of the most significant and memorable moments of my whole life, and somehow, I think I realized that as it unfolded. As Howard sat down next to me on the grass, Dan ... the other students ... the school ... the entire world faded into nothingness. My total existence seemed to be centered with this wonderful boy sitting next to me. I was in heaven. All of my fears of this new experience had vanished. I have no idea what we talked about ... I don't know if we did talk, but I was as happy as I had ever been ... just being with him.

As the bell rang for us to return to our classes we shared our own little world until Dan jogged us back to reality to let us know that it was time to go in. Howard and I walked slowly toward the front of the school, with Dan a couple of steps back ... just walking quietly, side by side. Howard asked if I was going to be on the bus that afternoon; I said that I was and he said that he would save me a seat. I had never felt this happy before; I was walking on air as I went to my next class.

I found it difficult to concentrate on anything that afternoon as I kept reliving those precious few moments with Howard at lunchtime. I thought 3:30 would never arrive as I anxiously awaited the bus ride home. In the anxiety of getting on the bus that morning, I could never have imagined that I would be looking forward to the ride home with such enthusiasm, just a few hours later. High school was off to a great start. I would never have dreamed that my first day of classes would be so wonderful. My life took on much more meaning. I was looking forward to the days ahead ... the years ahead. What a glorious beginning.

That first year of high school was a fantastic experience. This can be attributed, in large part (a very large part) to my friendship with Howard. As the days and weeks passed we spent more and more time together ... there was a definite chemistry brewing between us.

We enjoyed each others company in school and out. It turned out that Howard lived only a few miles from me, so we started going to each others house after school and on weekends. We shared a fondness for the outdoors, so we spent a lot of time hiking in the woods and fishing. I never really liked fishing before, but I didn't care what we were doing as long as I was with him.

Often we would meet each other half way between our houses, at the Route 67 bridge and decide where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do that day. Some days, especially when it was raining, we would just sit under the bridge and watch the creek flow by.

As is the case in most small, Mid Western towns, high school football was a big event in Middletown. The Friday night game brought everyone out no matter what the weather. Howard and I would either get one of our parents to drive us to the game or hitchhike to town, but we always went together. When basketball season arrived, we were there as well. In retrospect, I don't think it was so much that we liked the sports as it was that we were doing something together.

Just before Thanksgiving we had our first high school dance. Howard and I double dated. My Dad picked us up after the dance and drove us home; I enjoyed that time with Howard more than the rest of the evening with our dates; I think he did also. Whenever there was a dance you would always find us double dating. One time I didn't have a date. Howard became sick and called his date off ... we spent the evening at my house playing monopoly. The bond forming between us would only grow stronger as time passed.

I had never had a friend like Howard. His significance in my life was growing beyond belief. This was something I could neither explain nor understand. There were occasions when one of us was sick or had to go away for the day or weekend. Those days when I couldn't see him seemed empty and meaningless. Neither of us would permit ourselves to be sick, if we could help it, and a number of times actually pretended to be ok so we could go to school.

I was quite active in the Boy Scouts and well on the trail to receive my Eagle Scout Rank. Howard had never been in the Scouts, but it wasn't difficult to convince him to join my troop. It is always a challenge for a boy to start in Scouting - as a tenderfoot - when they are nearly fifteen, but I knew I could help him to get to First Class by the time summer camp rolled around. Of course that would require me to spend a lot of time with him over the coming months, a fact I didn't seem to mind. This was a project I was looking forward to.

There were a number of densely wooded areas within two or three miles of our houses loaded with oak, maple, sassafras, pine and elm. We had one particularly favorite one just to the west of my house. We enjoyed following the trails as well as going cross country off the beaten path. There was one special place where we liked to hike; we called it Lone Pine Ridge. It was a small clearing on a ridge looking out to the South. You could see for miles. There were really quite a few pine trees up there, but one stood off from the others .. kinda alone ... and Lone Pine just seemed like a good name.

Another special place we called Midnight Hollow was in the valley below Lone Pine Ridge. It was a clearing between two steep hillsides. There were many tall trees surrounding so it was always rather dark. A small creek flowed rapidly next to the clearing leaving behind the melodic sound of the water rushing over the rocks. Just beyond the clearing was a small pond with water lilies and cat tails. In the warm weather the frogs would usually be croaking away as we passed on our way up to Lone Pine Ridge.

These places seemed to be a million miles from civilization ... totally apart from the rest of the world. Special pieces of the world where we could be alone and be ourselves ... without fear of what others may think. We spent many hours sitting on Lone Pine Ridge, looking out over the world below just enjoying the view. In the winter we would sit in awe of the sun glistening from the snow capped trees ... and then as spring approached we watched as the oak and maple began sprouting their new coats of green.

Midnight Hollow was a place where we would slow down and perhaps sit by the creek for a time as we passed through on our way to the Ridge. The serenity and beauty of these special spots only heightened the feelings which were emerging between Howard and myself and his friendship was becoming increasingly precious to me.

Both of us realized, however we never discussed it, that this bond that was forming was not one which would be understood by many people and we both seemed to instinctively hide our feelings from others. Our relationship, when we were alone, became quite different than when we were around others. Frequently, as we walked through the woods, we would hold hands; something we would not dream of doing when others were around. In the privacy of our wooded world, however, it seem like the right thing to do and we were not in the least embarrassed nor felt a need to explain.

Winter gave way to Spring and the world returned to life once again. The trees added their foliage and the flowers began to bloom. That first, glorious year of school was coming to an end. Howard and I were looking forward to the freedom of the approaching summer. As the daily temperature rose we started shedding our shirts and shoes and found the pleasure of wading in the creek at Midnight Hollow.

The pond just beyond the Hollow was shallow on one end and sloping to eight or nine feet at the deep end ... and probably a half mile long. One day early in June, while hiking up to Lone Pine, we decided to go wading in the pond. It was an isolated spot with no one around ... it seemed as if we had the whole world to ourselves. We waded in with the soft mud oozing between our toes ... it felt so good and the water was really warm. It wasn't long before we decided to take off our clothes and go in for a swim.

I took off my pants and was ready to go in with my undershorts on when Howard announced he was going to skinny dip. He proceeded to take off his underwear, hang them on a tree branch and run toward the water. I managed to sneak a quick peek at what was being concealed by his shorts; very much the way I had been observing in the locker room after P.E., except here I didn't have the fear of someone spotting me grabbing a peek. I took off my shorts and followed Howard into the water. We swam, wrestled and splashed each other for a long time. We had a ball playing in this quiet, warm pond we had all to ourselves.

As we were both running out of steam, Howard and I were face to face in water up to our waist when he reached over and put his hand on my penis. This did not take me completely by surprise; I think I was subconsciously expecting it. I immediately started getting hard. I reached over and wrapped my hand around his already very hard penis. He was uncircumcised. I had never held another boy's penis, let alone an uncircumcised one. It was so very hard and warm and the skin so smooth and supple.

After fondling each other for a short time, we proceeded to masturbate each other. What a wonderful experience ... and it kept getting better with each stroke of his hand. It felt so nice to have his very firm penis in my hand as I pulled his foreskin back and forth over his hard shaft. There we were standing in the water, both of us experiencing pure ecstasy as we drew closer and closer to a climax. Howard came first and let out a little grunt as he started to cum ... I could feel his penis pulsating in my hand as the ejaculations continued. This was one of the greatest turn-ons I had ever known ... to bring him to the point of climax and feel him pumping his juices from deep within. He hesitated only a brief moment in taking care of me as he relished his own joy ... and then he brought me to that fantastic point of letting the cum flow forth ... it didn't take me long after his glorious climax.

I had first learned about masturbation from the Boy Scout Manual and had been jacking myself off frequently for nearly three years, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would enjoy jacking someone else off as well. This was a new and wonderful experience for me. We had reached a new level of closeness that afternoon and our friendship gained new meaning for me. Howard and I had shared a very private moment and our relationship would be forever altered because of it. He was now much more than just a friend to me.

We swam across the pond and back and then climbed out of the water to get dressed. Now, because of our shared experience, neither of us felt any need to be at all shy about the other seeing all that we kept in our pants. In fact we were enjoying looking over, and being looked over by the other as we slowly got dressed. That afternoon truly opened the door of opportunity for many more wonderful afternoons to come.

We walked, hand in hand, on up to the Ridge. We sat silently eating our lunch. As I ate my apple, I looked over at Howard ... and he looked at me with his black hair shining in the sun and his eyes sparkling more than ever before. I knew at that moment that this was what love felt like. It was my realization that I was in love with this boy. It felt so right ... it felt so good. I touched his arm. He flashed a warm smile and said "I really enjoyed today. Would you like to come back tomorrow?" What an invitation. I simply said "I would really like that." With the anticipation of tomorrow we made our way home and brought that wonderful day to a close.

Early the next morning we met at the bridge with lunches in hand, both anxiously anticipating the day ahead. I think we both had some preconceived expectations for the day ... I know I did. The day before was such a surprise and left me feeling so good about myself and Howard. It was quite inexplicable, but it was like having a great weight lifted from my shoulders giving me a freedom like I had never experienced before. This day I was almost giddy as we headed toward the Hollow ... and of course, the pond.

Yesterday we were friends ... today we were much more than just friends. There was a touch of nervous tension in our conversation as we walked, but the closeness of our shared familiarity was so evident. As we edged our way into the woods on our way to the Hollow, Howard's hand slipped into mine and he gave a gentle squeeze.

A sunbeam bathed the floor of Midnight Hollow as we approached. It was so quiet ... only the light wisp of a breeze, the singing of the birds and the lapping of the water over the rocks blending with the snap of the twigs beneath our feet as we made our way along the trail We didn't stop in the Hollow today, as we both seemed intent on reaching the pond. It was nearly ten o'clock as we first saw the blue water through the trees, and the sun was glistening off the small ripples on the surface and was already warming the air to a very comfortable level ... warm enough that we could shed our shirts ... and maybe more.

Howard and I never discussed what we wanted to do, we just went directly to the tree where we had hung our clothes the day before and started undressing. The day before we had undressed on opposite sides of the tree, some distance apart. Today, however, we undressed, by mutual, unspoken agreement, together ... within touching distance ... and in full view of the other. I watched intently as Howard took off his tee shirt to reveal his smooth body beneath, and then as he pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his growing penis and a cute, round butt. All the while I was also undressing myself and being observed by him as my body was being revealed to the world. By the time we were nude, both of us had very hard and erect cocks ... standing straight up in anticipation of what we were both expecting to happen next.

We stood, face to face, totally nude, in a clump of trees next to the pond ... in front of God and anybody else who might wander past. I had never seen anyone else up this way, it was always possible, but it never entered our thoughts. We looked each other in the eyes and smiled as our hands reached out to grasp the others full penis. For the longest time we just stood there fondling each other, completely enjoying each and every minute. I took this opportunity to familiarize myself with his uncircumcised cock, gently pulling his foreskin back to reveal his solid, full head, oozing drops of precum. I took hold of his exposed head with my other hand and gently massaged it with my fingers. His cock seemed bigger than mine. The skin was so soft and smooth.

After a while we moved from fondling to a more purposeful movement of masturbation ... each of us intently pumping the others hard cock toward the pleasurable moment of ejaculation. I was looking forward to that moment with great anticipation ... anxious to watch Howard cum as my hand was wrapped around his pulsating organ. The thought of making Howard cum was more exciting than anticipating my own climax ... however, his climax would heighten my own experience many times over and, as it turns out, the memories of this summer morning would serve to vividly motivate my sexual experiences for the rest of my life.

As my hand pulled his foreskin up and down, alternatively exposing his gorged head and covering it ... again and again ... he started breathing harder. His right hand, wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock, pulling on the skin while his left hand massaged my excited head in unison to his right hand movements. It was feeling so very good and I was rapidly approaching that wonderful point of explosion when Howard let himself go ... about five or six large globs of creamy, sticky cum came spurting forth from his cock, hitting my nude body about the waist line and slowly running down my right leg. That was all it took to inspire me to also reach that glorious moment and I sent four or five shots of cum directly into his bellybutton ... slowly running down and around his cock, dripping off his testicles and on down his legs.

We stood there looking at each other, dripping from our excitement, and laughed, nervously. I don't know what prompted us to do so, but at that moment we spontaneously hugged each other, pressing our cum-soaked bodies together for a moment and then walked into the pond for a relaxing swim. There was quite a bit of tender, gentle touching, but no wrestling, splashing or dunking as the day before. We didn't seem motivated to much rough housing that day; we were more laid back and desirous of being gentle with each other and rubbing each others body to wash the cum off.

We climbed out of the pond, got dressed and as we started on up the trail, he affectionately patted me on the butt and put his arm around my shoulder ... each of us sensing a new level of closeness. The day was beautiful and so was Howard. The sun was filling the entire valley with a warm glow when we reached the ridge. Howard's hair glistened in the sunlight. We watched two squirrels playing and jumping from limb to limb as we sat eating our lunch. Howard took my hand, looked at me and told me how much he had enjoyed that morning at the pond and I agreed. These were the most wonderful times I had ever experienced.

As we sat on the ridge, Howard was looking around the clearing and commented that it would make a very nice campsite. He even picked out a good spot to have a campfire. We began expanding on his thoughts and speculated as to the layout of our camp. Of course, one thing led to another and we began planning a camping trip to Lone Pine Ridge. The question came to when we could do this ... he suggested, "Tomorrow?" He was ready.

Unfortunately, an aunt of mine in Evansville was quite sick and my Mom and Dad were taking me down there to visit her in the hospital. I was going to be gone for two days. I was very dismayed with that prospect. I would much rather be here with Howard ... especially now ... after this morning. I asked if we could do that after I came back. He agreed.

That first night away from Howard found me alone in my bed with my memories of the day before at the pond and a very hard penis, which seemed to share those memories. I rubbed it and fondled my balls as I relived each and every glorious moment of that meeting. I imagined how nice it would be if Howard were there to share my bed with me and remembered our plans to camp together ... in the same tent ... we would be sleeping together.

As the vivid images danced through my mind I became more and more desirous of reaching a sexual climax right there in my bed. I knew I would not be able to get to sleep until that had happened. As I started to jack myself off, I let those memories of the day before fill my thoughts. I remembered fondling his hard, uncircumcised penis, pulling the foreskin back, gently caressing the head and then masturbating him to the point when he shot his cum all over my nude body. By the time my memories had reached those globs of cum spurting forth, I had shot my entire load upwards across my stomach. Those creamy streaks of cum reaching out from my excited, throbbing cock ... and I was left with cleaning myself up. I pulled my pillow down to my side and embraced it as I went to sleep fantasizing that Howard's warm, soft body was pressed close to mine.

I could hardly wait to get back from Evansville. I sat in the back seat of our Studebaker as we drove toward home, daydreaming of myself and Howard at the pond ... as we would drive by a lake or pond with a little clump of trees those images became more and more real. For the entire two hour trip my hand was playing with my hard cock through my pants. By the time we had reached Mill Creek, my cock was glued to my underwear from the precum which I had been encouraging since Evansville.

As soon as we were in the house, I called Howard. I had missed him so very much and I was delighted when he told me that he had missed me. He asked if we could meet under the bridge to make plans for the camping trip. I jumped on my bicycle and peddled as fast as I could to get to the bridge. Howard was already there when I arrived. We walked under the bridge ... and as soon as we were out of sight of anyone else who might wander by, we immediately went into a firm, warm, loving embrace. We were both so truly happy to see the other. At that moment I knew that I never wanted to be separated from him again, if I could possibly avoid it.

He began rubbing my crotch with his hand ... it seems he was as horny as I was ... I reached down and started rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. It wasn't long before we had each other's jeans unzipped and our hands groping their shorts to make contact with a cock which was yearning to be set free. Buttons were undone, jeans and shorts were pulled down to our knees and the desired freedom was granted to those lustful cocks. This time Howard moved over and placed his hard, smooth cock next to mine and held them together as he wrapped both of his hands around them and proceeded to massage them both at the same time. Oh, what a wonderful closeness. I could never have imagined this.

We went from holding our cocks together to going into a close embrace and rubbing them together and then back to holding them again. As we were in a loving embrace Howard would let his hands drop down to my butt and pull our cocks even closer. I also let my hands drop down to fondle his cute, round butt and pull him even closer to me. We allowed this to continue for at least a half hour before we could stand it no longer and started jacking each other off. This time, since we still had our pants on, albeit down around our ankles by this time, we were more careful to not let the cum shoot with such abandon. Howard was again the first to cum; he took care to let me know when he was ready and turned so it shot away from me, rather than on me. He then moved behind me and wrapped his arms around so he could jack me off with one hand and fondle my testicles with the other. As he pulled my cock closer and closer toward ejaculation I remembered the night before as I was alone in my bed. It felt so good to have him bring me to a climax ... much better than when I jacked myself off. This was different; there was something special happening ... the feeling of a shared experience ... bringing a closeness I could never have believed before.

We each pulled up our pants and began planning for our camping trip to Lone Pine Ridge. I had already asked my mother, as we were driving back from Evansville, if it was ok to go camping with Howard when we got back.

We decided that it would be a two night trip, what each of us should bring and planned to meet at the bridge about nine the next morning. Wow! Three days and two nights ... alone with Howard. I was not sure I would be able to sleep that night, however I knew I wanted to be rested for the trip with him.

That evening I got my pack and sleeping bag ready, my cooking gear and other equipment out and started getting the food I needed sorted in one spot in the refrigerator. The next morning I packed everything and went to the bridge to meet Howard. He arrived about ten minutes after I did. He seemed as anxious as I knew I was for this outing. Without hesitation we started toward our special places in the woods. Places which were becoming more special as the days passed and our memories of our time there grew more precious.

As we approached the pond, Howard asked if I wanted to stop. I said that I would like that very much. We walked to our tree and he started undressing me. I found it awkward trying to undress him at the same time so I waited until he had pulled my underwear off before I started to take his clothes off. As he pulled my undershorts down he ran his hands over my butt, into and down the crack and then around to my penis and gave it a little squeeze. After I had his undershorts off we pulled our nude bodies together and embraced and rubbed against each other for some time before we began masturbating, the fourth time together this week.

I had mixed feelings about this, as I had been looking forward to our having sex when we slept together that night. I had always held the belief that I could have one good sex experience each day, and that it took almost a day for my body to recharge itself. I was assuming that by having sex now we would not be recharged by evening when we went to bed, but I decided to enjoy this while I had the opportunity ... and it really was feeling quite good having his warm body close to mine again.

We again let the cum shoot forth with abandon onto each other and slowly run down our legs. That was really exciting to me and I think Howard enjoyed it as much as I did. I liked the idea of Howard cumming on me. I also liked the idea of us pressing our cum soaked bodies together and mixing his cum with mine; that slippery, sticky feeling as we rubbed ourselves together. This time, rather than going right into the water, we spread out a poncho and laid down ... totally nude ... and just relaxed together making small talk ... touching each other.

I rubbed my hand in the cum on his stomach, spreading it around ... he did the same to me. I don't remember how long we laid there, but the cum was drying on our stomachs and legs and in the hair around our soft cocks and balls forming clear, plastic-like sheets on our skin. Howard started peeling small sheets of cum off of my stomach. We decided it would be a good idea for us to go for a swim to get the cum washed off before we continued to our campsite, besides, we enjoyed rubbing and washing each other in the pond.

When we arrived at the clearing we ate our lunch before we began setting up camp. After we had the tent pitched and the fireplace built, we went to bring in a supply of firewood and water and then for a hike on a trail we had never taken before. It was a very pleasant afternoon with a good friend. We were enjoying each others company as we never had before ... occasionally touching each other on the arm or back or cheek. Frequently holding hands as we walked or sat by the trail. It was a very special day. As the sun started leaning to the West, we headed for our campsite to start dinner. Howard prepared the fire as I was getting the food ready. We had a meatloaf and salad. It was a wonderful meal and we were both hungry and ready to eat. We sat on a log eating our feast as the sun started to set over the hills to the West. Howard moved closer and put his arm around my waist ... he didn't say a word ... he didn't have to, I could feel his thoughts as we sat there so close together ... and I felt the same way about him.


After cleaning up our dishes in the twilight, we walked over the crest of the ridge and sat there, side by side, watching the valley below fade into the blanket of the night and the stars begin to emerge one by one. We laid back on the grass watching the sky come to life, listening to a whip-poor-will across the valley singing its mournful song and appreciating the closeness and presence of each other. As the moon entered the sky from around the hills to the East, we went back to the fire, put on another log and sat next to it in wonder of the embers as they sparkled and died. We both loved the outdoors, but for me this experience was being greatly enhanced by that fantastic, beautiful person sitting beside me.

The moon marched across the clear sky, the stars twinkled more beautifully than I could remember and our little fire had become a sparkling bed of embers dancing as they were fanned by the light breeze of the night. Howard put his hand on my knee, let it slip up to my crotch and asked if I was ready to turn in. I was! I was anxiously looking forward to spending the night with him, side by side in our little mountain tent. We doused the fire and climbed in the tent. Two people undressing in that small tent was somewhat cramped, but neither of us minded.

We quickly took our clothes off and laid down on top of our sleeping bags. The night was very warm, a typical Southern Indiana summer night, so we were quite comfortable not being inside the bags. We rolled on our sides facing each other, pressing our bodies close together. Howard's hands were wrapped around me slowly rubbing my back and my butt ... it felt so very good. They spent more time on my butt than my back as he pulled us tightly together. I could feel his cock growing larger against my stomach as he started moving his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock against mine. Mine responded and we were both rubbing our hard cocks together with our harmonized hip movements.

Howard rolled me over on my back and climbed on top of me with his legs spread to straddle mine, continuing his hip movements to keep his cock massaging mine with every thrust. After a while he pushed my legs apart ... putting his between mine ... and kept up the gyrations without missing a beat. I was getting very excited ... so much for my theory that I could only have one sexual climax each day; I was about to have my second. Howard rolled off to my side. I think if he had continued I would have blown my load of cum right between us. I told him that I thought I had almost cum and he said that he almost did too ... that was why he stopped; he didn't want to cum just yet. He just laid beside me rubbing my stomach with his hand ... and occasionally wandering down to my penis, sticky with our precum, and gently massaging my testicles. As we lay there, quietly fondling each other, he shared that he liked to get himself excited ... almost ready to cum ... and then let himself cool down for a while before continuing. That way he could stretch the enjoyment over a longer period of time.

It didn't take long to get back a head of steam. After five or ten minutes we again were massaging the others hard, excited cock, bringing it closer to the ejaculation point. Before we reached that point, however, again we stopped to let things settle down for a while. The third time we activated our excitement, it began feeling so good so fast that we both decided to bring this jack off session to an end by letting the cum flow.

We both came ... almost simultaneously ... and, inspired by our foreplay, came BIG. We had large globs of cum shooting both ways at the same time. Oh, it felt so good. On one hand it seemed I was never going to stop cumming ... and on the other it ended much too fast. We had a major clean up job following that episode ... Howard had my cum all over him and his sleeping bag and I had his all over me and my bag. We really demonstrated our enjoyment.

Howard had brought a light blanket, so we just went to sleep on top of our bags ... still a little damp in spots from our cum ... and pulled the blanket over us. That was really nice; being next to him ... spending the night with him. When I awoke the next morning, Howard was still asleep. I laid there looking at him with his ruffled, black hair spilling over his forehead.

I lifted the blanket to admire his beautiful, naked body laying next to me with streaks of dried cum still on his stomach. I couldn't resist taking his cock in my hand ... it was soft and limp ... at least at first. I gently cuddled it, squeezing from time to time ... and let it slowly grow. Before long I was holding a large, hard cock which seemed ready for action. Howard was still sleeping, so I just started pulling the foreskin back and forth ... after a while his hips began moving forward and back and his breathing became heavy. He woke just before he was ready to start cumming and turned toward me. He let out a little grunt, sprayed his cum over my stomach and chest, looked at me and said "Good morning."

Of course, by that time I was ready to pop all on my own. Howard took my cock in hand and quickly brought me to a big, wonderful climax. We decided, after the way we spread our cum around both the night before and that morning, that it would be a good idea to go down to the pond and get ourselves cleaned up. We didn't get dressed; we just ran down the trail in the nude. That dip in the pond, of course did not result in sexual activity, as we had already spent ourselves. We did spend a lot of time washing and caressing each other ... a lot of touching ... gentle, caring touching.

After breakfast we went fishing at a small lake about a mile to the South. Sitting under a big oak tree next to the water with our bobbers bobbing as we talked and enjoyed the warm summer morning. Our conversation was quite varied ... from school the previous year to school the next year. I shared my ... now refuted ... belief that I could only have one good sexual experience each day. Recalling that "counting yesterday afternoon, last night and again this morning, we had reached a wonderful climax three times in less than 24 hours ... and I have really enjoyed each time more than I can believe." Howard shared with me that he jacks himself off as often as he has the opportunity ... usually at least twice a day and sometimes as many as six times. He said that he almost always jacked himself off every morning before he got out of bed and at night before he goes to sleep. I was astonished. For the past two years I have enjoyed the thrill of jacking myself off ... usually every day ... but I had never imagined the possibility of so much enjoyment.

The day was becoming very hot ... and so were we ... in more ways than one. Even though we were sitting in the shade, beads of sweat were forming on our foreheads. We were laying there with no shirts, socks or shoes, and both of us had talked ourselves into a big hard on. Howard asked if I had ever been sucked off by anyone. I told him that I had never had sex with anyone else before that day in the pond last week. He was the first person I had ever jacked off with and I had never heard about being sucked off. Howard asked if I knew Eddy Meyers. Of course I did. Eddy was a Junior last year ... two years ahead of us. He was a jock ... he played football, basketball and baseball and was very popular with the girls. It seems that one day the previous Winter, Howard had missed the bus home and Eddy offered to drive him home after his basketball practice. They stopped along the way and Eddy pulled down Howard's pants and sucked him off. Howard, of course, enjoyed the experience and agreed that he would like to do that again some time.

Howard shared that he and Eddy got together several times ... even during school hours ... Eddy sucking him off and then jacking himself off. By the time he had finished his steamy story we were both as horny as we could possibly get and decided to go swimming ... after we walked into the water up to our armpits, taking cocks in hand and bringing each other to a sensational climax, we were able to relax and cool off with a refreshing swim.

That evening after dinner we walked to the lake and back. It was a beautiful summer evening, with a welcome cool breeze sifting through the trees as the sun fell behind the hills. We walked, hand in hand, with the twigs quietly snapping beneath our feet, stopping occasionally to enjoy different things along the trail. A full moon was already rising among the trees as we approached our little camp. We straightened the camp for the night, prepared our sleeping bags and began to get undressed ... not for bed, but for each other. As each of us had stripped the last piece of clothing from our body, we stood at the crest of the ridge, facing each other in the warmth of the evening. Howard's black hair and deep brown eyes glistened in the bright moonlight. We gently caressed each other and pulled ourselves close. Our hardening cocks pressed tightly together.

We must have stood naked in the moonlight for at least an hour ... rubbing each other ... pulling ourselves close ... enjoying ourselves, before we climbed into the tent and again laid on top of our sleeping bags ... continuing to rub our bodies together. Howard bent down so that my cock was at his mouth. He kissed the end of it several times, rubbed my balls with one hand and let my cock slip into his open mouth. I could feel his tongue moving around my head rhythmically as my cock slipped in and out of his warm mouth ... his lips tightly wrapped around it. This was an experience I had never had ... I was enjoying it a lot. He asked me to stop him before I came, as he didn't want the evening to end just yet. It started feeling like I was getting ready to let it flow, so I told him to stop. He came back up to lay at my side, gently massaging my balls and kissed me on the cheek.

I was very moved by this episode, and bent down with my lips next to the head of his penis. I stuck out my tongue, touched the end of his cock and let my tongue penetrate the hole at the end of his hard cock. I let my lips touch the end, keeping my tongue moving around and under his foreskin, gently pulled back his foreskin and took his big, hard cock into my mouth. I started moving it in and out of my mouth with my lips tightly grasping his shaft, and gently massaging his head with my tongue. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this ... feeling his head become more firm as I sucked. It wasn't long before he asked me to stop as he was getting close to cumming. I could taste the drops of precum being released in my mouth. As I moved back to his side he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me again ... only this time it was right on the lips. Holding me very close, breathing in my ear, he said "I love you." I felt tingly all over. I had known for some time that I was in love with Howard, but I never had confirmation of his love for me.

We took turns sucking on each other ... close to the point of cumming ... and stopping to cool off a bit. After trading turns for nearly an hour, Howard rolled on top of me ... kissed me ... and whispered: "Are you ready to let it go?" I told him I thought I would burst if I didn't. He said he wanted to suck me off all the way this time, bent down, took my cock into his mouth and set out to bring me to the point of ejaculation. While he was sucking me, I asked him if he really wanted me to cum into his mouth and he said he did. I settled back and enjoyed the warmth of his mouth slipping over my excited penis ... it felt so very wonderful. I could feel the pressure of the cum building inside of me and as I was about ready to let it shoot into his soft, warm mouth, I said "I am cumming," and let the cum fly, one volley after another. He continued sucking until he had sucked every drop out of me ... and came back up to lay beside me ... rubbing my stomach and chest ... and again kissing me on the lips as my penis retreated to a soft, limp state.

We laid side by side for several minutes holding each other and kissing before I bent down to take his penis into my mouth. I was somewhat apprehensive about taking his cum into my mouth, but it had felt so good when he made me cum that I wanted to do the same for him. It was wonderful bringing him to increasing levels of excitement with my mouth. As he was getting close to cumming I could feel the head of his cock becoming more firm and I began to anxiously look forward to him shooting his globs of cum in my mouth. As he came, the thrust of each shot gave me thrills I had never known before. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this with Howard again ... and again. I went back up to his side. We embraced ... kissed ... and I went to sleep in Howard's arms. The camping trip to Lone Pine Ridge was more than I ever had expected. As I had prepared for the trip, I thought we might jack off a couple of times, but ...Wow! This gave a whole new meaning to "sex".

Much to our dismay, shortly after our camping trip to the ridge, Howard went on a two week vacation with his parents. I was lost. I didn't know what to do with myself. My entire summer had been revolving around Howard, and now he wasn't there. I really missed him. I missed not being able to do things with him ... I missed not being able to have sex with him. Once again I shared my sex life with my right hand. I would lay in bed at night jacking myself off and dreaming about the experiences I had with Howard ... jacking off in the pond ... sucking him off ... him sucking me off ... rubbing our naked bodies together ... cumming on each other. I now had so many rich memories, but they didn't take the place of the real thing.

Every morning I would wake up with a hard on and dreaming of Howard. I was now jacking myself off almost every morning as well as each night ... thinking of Howard. It seemed as if he was gone for a year instead of two weeks. I missed him so much. This extreme desire for sex had come upon me so quickly. Just a month before I had felt guilty about being so oversexed that I wanted to masturbate every day and never dreaming of having sex with anyone else ... now I was jerking myself off at every opportunity and dreaming of holding Howard's cock between my lips and feeling the spurts of his cum fill my mouth.

It was, however, more than just missing having sex with Howard. Even after I had jacked myself off with those vivid memories dancing in my mind, there was still a void. I truly missed him ... not just his cock. I loved him so much and this, I realized, was more important to me than merely having sex with him. The sex seemed to be a form of expression for my love, but it was my love for Howard which was bringing me joy. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the sex, but I found Howard was still in my heart and thoughts long after the cum stopped shooting.

He returned on the Friday before we were going to Scout Camp. Within an hour after he got home we were under the highway 67 bridge, hugging each other ... kissing each other ... fondling each other ... sucking each other. I was so glad to see him. The next morning we went up to the pond, spread a poncho under the tree and went in for a swim in the nude. Of course we couldn't keep our hands off of each other; before long we were laying on the poncho and well on our way to a session of hot, steamy sex. For the past year or so, I had felt somewhat guilty about being so horny, but here I was with someone who was more horny than I was ... but I was learning to keep up with him ... and enjoying every minute.

It was this day laying on the poncho that I experienced my first wet, French kiss. It was so good. We rolled around pressing our bodies and cocks together for a while, when suddenly Howard turned around positioning himself so we could both suck on the other at the same time. My face was in his balls and his cock in my mouth ... I was in heaven. We sucked until we were ready to cum and stopped ... sucked and stopped ... until we were ready to explode. Then at that mutually agreed moment we let the cum flow ... and flow ... into the other's mouth.

Since we were not certain about our opportunities to have sex together for the next week while we were at Scout Camp, we met again after dinner that evening ... under the bridge ... with the express purpose of sucking each other off ... perhaps the last time for the next week. Sunday afternoon arrived and we were on our way to camp. The troop assembled at the church and we car pooled to the camp, which was about twenty five miles from Mill Creek. We were given the opportunity to choose our own bunks, so Howard and I selected bunks in the same tent. The first activity was a physical examination in the swimming pool dressing room. The previous year in P.E. class I would look around discretely to see the other boys' cocks ... not thinking of having sex with them. Now, however, I was viewing all these cocks as objects I would like to get to know better ... wondering if any of these boys enjoyed exercising their penis as much as Howard and I did. I also admired the cute little butts walking around the room, wishing I could pat one or two as they went by.

Howard and I agreed that we would be very careful while at camp ... to not attempt anything foolish and get caught. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably would not be able to touch each other all week. On Wednesday, when we were going in for our free swim, I looked over just as Howard was taking off his pants and caught the welcome sight of his nice penis, so smooth and soft. He was watching me undress also. I was so very horny. We went into the showers and both of us started getting hard, just looking at the other. Fortunately there were only two other boys in the shower with us and they were not paying attention to us. We smiled at each other, winked and quickly pulled our swim suits on to hide our desires and headed for the pool. The cold water quickly dissipated our longings. This episode inspired us, however, and we started looking for an opportunity for us to be together and alone.

The next day we were being sent out on a nature scavenger hunt looking for various types of leaves. We had learned earlier in the week that someone could "disappear" in the middle of one of these classes and not be missed for a while, so when the instructor let us go to seek our leaves, Howard and I carefully made our way into the woods where nobody else was headed. We walked a few hundred yards into the woods then went off the trail another hundred yards or so to find a quiet little place where we could be alone for a while.

We kept it fairly basic. Howard pulled my pants down and sucked me off and then I returned the favor. It felt very good to reach climax with him again. Neither of us had cum since we arrived at camp, so we were really loaded and both of us gave the other a mouthful. We embraced briefly, kissed and headed back so we wouldn't be missed. Howard suggested that perhaps we try to get together again on Friday.

That evening after the campfire, Jerry, one of the swimming instructors, came up next to Howard and me as we were walking back to our campsite. He asked if he could see us for a minute in his cabin. It seems Jerry had been in the woods that morning and saw us having sex. He told us that he liked doing that too and wanted to help us. He asked if we jacked off together at home. We were hesitant to answer, but finally Howard spoke up and said "Yeah, a lot." Jerry said that the staff was having a meeting after lights out that evening and it would be easy to sneak out of our tent without being missed. He told us he had a key for a utility shed down by the creek and he would meet us there. We met him about 10 o'clock and the three of us went into the dark shed.

Jerry lit a candle, sat down on a chair and pulled both of us close to him from behind ... reaching around and playing with both of us at the same time. We were quite nervous at first. so our cocks were limp. However, he was rubbing our cocks through our short pants and then started reaching up under our pants legs to get a better handle on them, so it wasn't long before we began to relax and the erections quickly followed As soon as our cocks were hard he had our pants down and our hard cocks fully exposed. He began jacking both of us off at the same time ... Howard with his left hand and me with his right. Very quickly we knew something was really different ... it felt VERY GOOD ... much better than it had ever felt before ... almost like he was sucking us off. Howard and I both exclaimed how good it felt and asked him what he was doing. He had used Vaseline on his hands. When he massaged my cock with his lubricated hand it sent chills up my spine it felt so good.

Howard and I came at almost the same time ... pumping our cum out on the floor of the shed. Jerry held on tightly until the last spurt had been shot, and then wiped the Vaseline off of us with a towel. This had been an unexpected surprise. Jerry said if we wanted to be late for swimming the next morning, we could use his office to get together by ourselves.

That was an offer we couldn't refuse. The next day we got our swim suits on for class. Jerry was standing in the doorway of his office; he smiled and nodded to us. Howard and I casually went into his office and sat down on the bench; Jerry closed the door and said the office was all ours, and asked if he could take our suits off before he left. Our suits came off and he spent some time playing with both of us before he went out to conduct his class ... leaving us both with a very hard penis ready to be serviced. Before he left he showed us where he kept his jar of Vaseline, in case we were interested and wanted to use it.

We welcomed this opportunity to fondle each other ... rub against each other ... hug and kiss each other ... and suck on each other before we put some vaseline on our hands and set about massaging the others receptive cock. We would bring ourselves to the point of climax and stop and kiss for a while before we started the masturbation again. We did this over and over until we were ready to let it go.

This time, since we were in Jerry's office, we tried to catch our cum in a towel; I was almost successful, but the first shot came with such thrust that I overshot the towel and sent it onto his desk. It felt so good having Howard jack me off with vaseline. After cleaning up and putting our suits on, we went out to join the rest of the class in the pool. Jerry helped by distracting the attention of the others to the fact that we were arriving late. After the class we asked Jerry if we could do it again the next day ... of course he was very much in favor of that as he was getting his "feels" in as well and seemed genuinely pleased that we enjoyed the time together. I told him I accidentally came on his desk ... he didn't mind, in fact I think he was rather glad to hear that news. He was probably disappointed it was only one shot.

Our swimming pool encounter on Friday went very smoothly. Howard and I were both thrilled with the opportunity to be together ... and found it exciting that the encounters were being made possible by someone else. That evening was the big campfire of the week. Walking to the campfire circle, Howard and I simply slipped off the trail and walked back into the woods, with a poncho in hand, to a place which we had found earlier that day ... where we felt certain we could be alone. We spent more than an hour being together and loving each other in every way we knew how until we reached a magnificent climax. As we walked out of the woods, the campfire was just beginning to come to a close ... we waited until the other campers began walking back to the campsites, merged in with them and acted as if we had been there for the whole show.

After the experiences of that week, both of us realized that it was our love for each other which was most important to us and the sex was just a very enjoyable way to relate that love to one another.

The two years before I had always enjoyed Scout Camp, but this year it was something really special. I was leaving with so many memories of unexpected pleasures. The two previous years I went home with the anticipation of the next summer. This year, however, I was leaving with the knowledge that so many of the pleasurable highlights would not have to wait to be repeated. They were as close as tomorrow.

The End of Part 1

(Continued in Part 2)

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