Hypnotic Tricks - 1
by sk8r

NOTE: The following account is completely fictional and any similarity to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are offended by descriptions of sex between young male teenagers, or it is illegal to read such material in your state or country, don't read any further!
As a side note, I've always thought that the "Hypnotic Night" series posted to Nifty's archive (high school - January 1, 1998) contained some of the hottest reading material I've seen. But since there hasn't been a new story in that series posted in over four years, I got a little antsy and decided to try my hand (ha ha) at it. I hope I've done the original series some justice. Comments and suggestions are always welcome at londonsk8r@hotmail.com. My other stories (Summer Adventures, posted in young friends - March 24, 2001) have an old email address that I no longer seem to have access to, so please use the hotmail address from now on.

Brett Pelletier - 15 (9th grade)
Jordan Hamilton - 15 (9th grade)
Todd Brewer - 15 (9th grade)

After reading the Hypnotic Night stories on Nifty's archive, I finally plucked up the courage to try it out myself. My name's Brett Pelletier and throughout my 9th grade year at Grange Area Senior High, I had been plotting how to get my rocks off with some of the hot guys I'd been scoping out without getting labeled as a queer. I figured that the hypnotic trick would be my ticket because then I could claim that I hadn't been the one to initiate anything and hadn't been in control.

I've been told that I'm pretty good looking. I have short brown hair and blue eyes, and a smooth body except for some pubes above my dick and some hair under my arms. My dick is almost 6 inches (I just measured it again) and is cut. I'm about 5'11" and weigh 150 pounds. I love playing sports and was on the jv soccer and basketball teams. Now I'm on the jv lacrosse team, and had started to become friends with Jordan Hamilton and Todd Brewer. They're both freshmen too, but they aren't in any of my classes and both ran cross county in the fall and wrestled in the winter. They're both built like wrestlers, but are in the lower weight divisions, so they're not too muscled up (and they both looked hot in their wrestling singlets... did I mention I became a big fan of wrestling this year?)

Anyway, I had invited both of them to sleep over at my house Friday night after our game against the Stoneham Spartans and I figured that would be when I could put my plan in action. My parents would be out at a party until late and I had stashed some beer that we'd be able to drink to "loosen up."

We crushed the Spartans that afternoon, 15-2, and everybody was pretty rowdy on the bus ride back to school. My dad picked us all up and Jordan and Todd grabbed their gear and jumped in the back of our Wrangler (it's gonna be mine when I get my license). When we got to my house, we dumped our stuff in the basement where we have a finished rec room while my dad went upstairs to finish getting ready to go out.

"Dude, let's break open those beers you said you got stashed," said Jordan with a gleam in his eyes. "It's time to celebrate the ass-kicking that we gave to Stoneham."

"Chill, dude," I said. "Wait until my 'rents go out so we don't have to worry about anything. I'll order us pizza so we won't starve tonight."

We then settled down on one of the couches to watch a pirated DVD of Step into Liquid (my dad goes to Moscow on business a lot and can pick up movies that are only just getting into theaters). I'd already watched the movie tons of times because I think guys who surf are so hot, but I knew that Jordan and Todd would get off on watching it too as there are some hot chicks who surf in the movie.

Within the first 30 minutes of the movie, my parents headed out, saying that they wouldn't be back until 2 AM or so and not to burn the house down or anything. My dad left me money for the pizza and reminded me not to stay up too late. We didn't have to worry about my 7th grade brother Ryan as he was sleeping over at his friend Billy's house, so as soon as my parents were out the door, I went to grab some beers and handed them around.

The usual comments about the chicks in the movie were made, and we all made a show of grabbing our dicks through our shorts when describing how we would like them to suck us off and then bang all of them. And while I watched the movie, I also kept my eyes on the crotches of my buddies any time their hands went near. We quickly went through our first beers, and were on our second drinks when the pizza arrived. By the time we were done eating, we had all cracked open a third can each. All of us were getting tipsy by now and with the movie over, we were just watching Cinemax (waiting for the skin flicks to start later that night) and were just talking about nothing in general.

When there was a lull in the conversation and we were all just sipping our beers, I started to put my plan into action.

"Have you guys ever heard of self-hypnosis?" I asked nonchalantly.

Neither one had, so I started to explain.

"Over spring break I was at my cousin's house and he showed me this cool trick where he could put himself under hypnosis, and I had total control of him," I said. "Ya know in that movie  K-PAX when Kevin Spacey goes under hypnosis? It was kinda like that except my cousin didn't bring up repressed memories and shit."

"Whoa, Brett, that's fucking nuts!" said Todd. "So if you didn't make him remember wacky shit from his past, whadya do?"

"It was really cool because I made him do funny stuff around the room and he reacted to it all. Like when I tickled him he laughed and squirmed - he could respond to what I was doing, but he couldn't act on his own to tickle me back. And then when he woke up, he didn't remember anything that I had had him do," I explained. "It was like he didn't even realize he had been under."

"No way, man. That sounds kinda cool," said Jordan. "Did you make him go steal stuff for you or anything?"

"No, no, he said there's a kind of general rule that when someone is under you can't make them do anything illegal or dangerous or shit like that. You don't want to hurt the person," I explained. "I just had him make my bed and clean up my room and stuff like that so I wouldn't have to do it."

"Ha, cool, dude," smiled Todd. "So, did he teach you how to put yourself under?"

"Yeah, actually, and he told me that when he looked around the room and realized that I had made him clean my room, he did the same thing to me," I said. "But when I woke up back in my room, it felt like I hadn't even gone under. He had to show me his room to prove to me that I had done it."

"Whoa, that's pretty cool," said Todd. "Have you gone under since then?"

"Nah," I said, about to close the deal. "I'm obviously not going to go under for my parents and I don't trust my brother Ryan. He'd probably have me do his chores and his homework every night!"

"Yeah, but you can trust us, right?" asked Jordan. "I mean, I know I wouldn't make you do anything bad and we're not at my house so it's not like I have chores for you to do."

"Yeah, will you go under, Brett?" chimed in Todd.

A shiver went down my spine as I realized that my fantasy was about to come true. I told my buddies that we'd have to darken the room and just use the light from the TV. The I laid down on the bigger couch where I could stretch out my legs completely. I told them that I would have to go through a series of mental exercises to clear my mind and put myself in hypnosis. They would know I was under when my arms dropped to my side. All they had to do to wake me up at the end was to say my name and tell me that when they counted to three that I would wake up. I reminded them that they couldn't have me leave the house or do anything dangerous, and they assured me that they were cool with that.

I closed my eyes and placed my arms on my chest. I started counting in my head and when I reached 60, I tried to slow my breathing to make it look like I was going under. Then, I slowly let my right arm and then my left arm flop down onto the couch.

"Brett?" It was Jordan.

"Dude, do you think he's really hypnotized?" asked Todd.

"It looks like it," answered Jordan. "What should we have him do?"

"Ummmm, Brett? Sit up on the couch," commanded Todd.

I slowly sat up in a robotic motion.

"Cool," exclaimed Jordan. "Okay, now stand up in front of the couch."

I followed that command too.

"Now what should we have him do?" I could tell that was Jordan again.

"Brett, go get me a beer, bitch," laughed Todd.

I went over to the cooler where we had our beer stash and grabbed a cold one for Todd.  Then, I slowly walked over to him and handed it to him. I was kind of tough to walk with my eyes closed, but I kept them open just enough to see where I was going. As I approached Todd, I had a chance to eye his smooth tanned legs going up into his blue and white Grange lax shorts. There was a faint outline of his dick swaying in the fabric and I had to fight not to spring a hardon.

"Alright!" exclaimed Jordan. "Our own servant! Ok dude, go get me a beer now."

I grabbed a beer for Jordan and had a chance to check his legs out as well when I returned. Jordan's legs were also tanned, but he had faint traces of brown hair starting to fill in on his calves, and I was dying to run my hands up and down them. His dick was much more noticeable through the fabric of his lacrosse shorts, and I wondered if it was because he was slightly hard or if he just had a bigger dick. I handed the beer over and hoped they would move on to "more interesting" tasks for me.

Both guys had popped their beers open and I could hear them chugging.

"Dude, I gotta nice buzz going," said Todd,

"Yeah, me too, man. Only wish we had some chicks here now so I could get one of them to swing on my dick," replied Jordan.

"Well, we could always order Brett here to do us a favor," said Todd and both guys broke up laughing.

"Whatever dude, this is getting boring," said Jordan. "Let's wake him up."

I swore to myself, knowing that my chances were slipping away. Damn, I guess my fantasy wasn't going to happen after all.

"Okay whatever," said Todd.

"Brett?" said Jordan. "Lie back down on the couch. When I count to three, you'll wake up. One, two, three..."

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times before bringing my hands to my face. I rubbed my eyes and then looked around.

"Well, sorry guys, I guess I just couldn't concentrate enough this time," I said, feigning innocence. "It usually works, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be tonight."

"Whaddaya mean?" asked Todd. "You were totally under for like 5 minutes."

"Yeah, man, we made you deliver beers to us!"" laughed Jordan holding up his fresh can.

"Really?" I asked, trying to act surprised. "Wow, I had forgotten that when you wake up you really don't even realize that any time has passed at all."

We sat some more and Todd and Jordan asked me a bunch of questions about going under and how I learned and stuff. I asked them what they had me do and they were honest about everything. Then the conversation turned to other stuff and we kept watching some stupid comedy on Cinemax. It was a hot night and with no AC in my house, even the basement had gotten kinda warm. I said so and took my shirt off. Jordan only had on a wife beater, so he kept that on, but Todd threw his shirt off as well. I hadn't even thought about my plan for a while as I thought it had failed me miserably. But then Todd asked me if I'd go under again. I replied yes and hoped that this time things would get more interesting.

I got back on the couch and went through my routine. Soon enough, I slowed my breathing and dropped both arms to the couch. It was Jordan who spoke first.

"Dude, why'd you ask him to go under again?"

"I wanted another beer and I wanted my bitch to get it for me!" laughed Todd, who then spoke to me. "Bitch, uh, I mean Brett? Go get a beer for me and Jordan."

I slowly got up from the couch and got two beers. When I returned and handed the beers over, Todd told me to sit down on the couch between them.

"Okay you lazy sack, he got us beers, so now what?" laughed Jordan.

"Ahh, let him sit there for a while," answered Todd. "I want to finish watch this movie and Brett kept wanting to talk. At least this will keep him quiet."

"Whatever, dude."

I sat there with my eyes closed getting more and more disappointed. At this point I thought my plan had failed miserably. I figured if they had me go under twice and hadn't even thought about messing around, it was never gonna happen.

But then, Cinemax saved the day. The comedy Todd and Jordan had been watching had finished and midnight had rolled around. I could hear the starting credits of some soft-core porn movie.

"Yeah, man, nothing better than Skinimax late-night!" hooted Todd.

"Awww, too bad Brett's gonna miss it," mocked Jordan.

"Hey let's have him watch it while he's under, and then we can give him shit when he's awake," suggested Todd. "Hey, Brett. Dude, open your eyes and watch the TV."

I slowly opened my eyes to see this guy and a girl going at it on the screen. The girl had big tits, but it was the guy who caught my attention. He was blond, tanned, and just lightly muscled. He had no hair on him at all (from the little that they showed) and I immediately felt a stirring in my groin.

I couldn't look at Todd or Jordan because they were sitting right next to me and they hadn't told me to move my head, but I could tell they were getting in to the movie too from their soft moans and heavier breathing.

"Hey Jordan," said Todd. "Look at Brett - he's thrown some major wood."

"Wow, man, you can see the outline of his dick down his shorts and it's throbbing up and down," whispered Jordan. "I can even see his dickhead sticking out."

Sure enough, I knew that at full length, my dick always stuck out of my shorts when it was snaking down my shorts. My cock was so hard now that it was starting to hurt being so confined.

"Brett, are you really under?" asked Todd.

I nodded my head.

"And you're not faking?" asked Todd.

"I shook my head this time, keeping my eyes on the screen.

"Then let's have a little more fun!" exclaimed Todd as he clapped his hands.

"Whaddaya mean? asked Jordan.

"Dude, he's hypnotized and won't remember a thing when we wake him up," explained Todd. "The poor guy obviously has a problem, so I think we should let him take care of it. Brett, grab your package, dude."

I reached over with my right hand and grabbed my hard boy-dick through my shorts.

"Whoa, dude, he really did it," breathed Jordan. "Okay, Brett, now jack yourself off through your shorts."

I followed Jordan's instructions as well, keeping my eyes on the screen and moving my hand up and down my hard shaft.  I loved the feeling of my lacrosse shorts and boxers rubbing up against my dick.

"Okay, now stop rubbing your dick," commanded Todd. "You're sure you're under, Brett?"

I nodded my head again, pleading with him in my head to keep going.

"Okay then, pull down your shorts and boxers and kick them off," ordered Todd.

I grabbed the waistband of my shorts and slowly started to pull them and my boxers off at the same time. I kept my eyes on the screen, but could feel my thumb brush past my soft pubes and a shiver went down my spine as the waistband dragged along my hard shaft. As the waistband continued down, my hairless dick was suddenly freed and it slapped up against my stomach with a loud smack. I could feel it swaying a bit back and forth, and I heard Todd groan softly. I finished pulling down my shorts and with a flick of my right leg, sent the shorts flying across the room. I sat back against the couch.

"Okay dude, now start beating your meat," ordered Jordan.

I grabbed my hot shaft with my right hand and starting a slow up and down motion. It wasn't much different from how I normally beat off, but having two of my friends sitting next to me while I did it made it all the more hot. I struggled not to stroke faster because the feeling was soooo good.

"Awwww man, I don't know whether it's hotter to watch the Skinimax flick or Brett here whacking off," breathed Todd. "I'm so hard I'm gonna hafta whip my dick out and go at it!"

"Dude, me too," said Jordan. "But why waste a good thing? Brett said he wouldn't remember a thing... and he didn't even know that we had him deliver beers to us. Why jack ourselves off when it's always better to have someone else's hand do it for you?"

I resisted the urge to break into a grin, so I just kept stroking my dick slowly.

"I don't know, man," responded Todd. "Isn't that going a bit too far? It's not like he's asking to jerk us off."

"Yeah, but he won't be saying no... we're just having him do it without him knowing it. It's not like he's gonna have bad dreams about it because even he won't know! So it's no big deal because nobody but you and me will know, right?" said Jordan.

"Okay," said Todd. "I'll do it if you'll do it."

I heard both boys moving around to take off their shorts (and I wondered if Jordan was taking off his wife beater), but I kept my eyes forward on the Skinimax flick which had moved on to two guys talking about how they wanted to get it on with their secretary.

"Stop stroking your dick, Brett," said Jordan.

I stopped stroking but kept my right hand wrapped around my cock.

"Grab Todd's dick with your left hand," commanded Jordan," and then grab mine with your right"

I moved my left hand over to where I could tell Todd was sitting, and after some initial fumbling into a pair of soft hairless balls, felt where his throbbing teenage dick was waiting for me. I slowly wrapped my fingers around it and heard him sigh softly. Then I let go of my own throbbing dick with my right hand and moved it over towards Jordan and quickly found his hard shaft. I could immediately tell that Jordan had the thicker dick as it was tough to get my fingers wrapped around the whole shaft. But I would soon learn that Todd's longer boycock could be just as hot if it hit the right spot.

"Okay dude, start jerkin' us off nice and slow," said Todd.

Keeping my eyes forward on the TV, I began a rhythmic up and down motion on both dicks. I could feel both boys squirm a little as they experienced another hand touching their cock for probably the first time. I wished I could get a good look at both dicks, but I had to keep my eyes on the TV so they wouldn't know I was faking, so I just contented myself with feeling their dicks as much as possible. To my left was Todd's longer skinny boycock, which was easy to jerk up and down, even though it was with my left hand. I loved the feel on my knuckles brushing up and down against the area above his dick that was almost smooth. There was just a small patch of pubes that I could feel brush against my hand as I stroked up and down. With my right hand, I struggled to keep my fingers wrapped around what I guessed was a pretty thick dick. Not only was Jordan's cock thicker, but he also had more pubes. My hand brushed up and down against his patch every time I stroked, and it made my nipples get harder every time I did it. My own dick was still rock hard and pulsing to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Precum had started to leak out of the tip of my dick and was pooling on my stomach. I really wanted to let go of Jordan's dick just for a second so I could stick my finger in it and lick it up.

I couldn't stop, so instead, I just kept stroking. Both boys were starting to moan a bit more and I felt my right hand getting wet from Jordan's leaking cock.

"Brett, dude, drip a little tighter and speed up on my dick," breathed Jordan through obviously clenched teeth.

I complied and could tell that Jordan was getting close. I tried to keep my same slow rhythm on Todd as I sped up on Jordan. His dick seemed to get hotter as the seconds passed, and he started breathing faster as I stroked harder.

"Little faster, ungh," moaned Jordan as I tightened my grip to follow his orders.

"Ohhhh yeah, dude, I'm gonna cum soon," said Jordan and I could tell out of the corner of my eye that Todd had leaned forward a bit to watch.

I kept my grip firm on his hot cock and continued to stroke up and down. Suddenly, I felt his thick cock somehow get even bigger and Jordan let out a series of grunts as his orgasm shot through his body. I couldn't see his cum flying out, but it must have gone far from the pulses I felt and the grunts I heard.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh fuck yeah," breathed Jordan. "Oh, shit man, that was fuckin' awesome. Brett stop strokin', man, you're killin' me"

 I stopped stroking but didn't let go of Jordan's dick. As I kept slowly stroking Todd with my left hand, I could feel some of Jordan's cum sliding down the back of my right hand. The hunk of boymeat that it was holding was still big, but was slowly getting smaller.

"Okay, dude, you can let go of my dick," said Jordan. "Oh my God, that was the fucking best thing I've ever felt."

"Yeah, man I know where you're coming from," said Todd. "It's pretty good, but I'm just not getting to that point of no return, ya know what I mean?"

"Hmmm, well, maybe it's because Brett's right handed and he's doing you with his left," said Jordan. "Maybe we should have him switch hands."

"Yeah, sure," answered Todd. "Sounds cool to me."

"Well, there's no more room on the other side of you," said Jordan. "So Brett, let go of Todd for a second."

I stopped stroking and let go. Now neither of my hands was holding a cock, but my right hand had Jordan's cum all over it and I had to fight the urge to bring it to my mouth to lick it all up.

"Get up off the couch and get on your knees in between Todd's legs," commanded Jordan. "Then grab his dick with your right hand this time and start strokin' again."

I got up off the couch and turned to face Todd. For the first time, I got to get a good look at his naked body as I slowly sank to my knees in front of him. His short blond hair was matted to his head from the heat in the basement, and his lips were slightly parted as he sucked in the muggy air. His chest was perfectly formed with pert pink nipples begging to be sucked. His stomach was a solid six-pack that I longed to run my hands up and down. As my knees got closer to the ground, I placed my hands on his hairless thighs for support and got a closer look at his throbbing boycock. It was probably over 6 inches, but pretty thin. As I had felt, he had just a small patch of blond pubes above his cock, but his big pink balls were completely hairless. The whole area was set off by his white skin which really contrasted with the tan skin all over the rest of his body. I reached out with my right hand to grab his dick, and started stroking again.

"Ohhhh, yeah, that's much better," sighed Todd.

Meanwhile, Jordan must not have been watching all of this, as I could hear him changing channels on the TV. Suddenly, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of hardcore sex and knew that Jordan must have found my dad's "special" channel that he didn't think I knew about. Unlike the Skinimax movies, this channel showed everything and boy was it hot to watch.

"Duuudde, look at that blond chick goin' to town on that guy's dick," said Jordan. "She's like a fuckin' vacuum."

"Yeah, man, that's too hot," responded Todd. "Too bad she isn't here now to give me the hoover special."

I kept stroking slowly with a dazed look on my face, but in my head I was hoping that this was going to lead even further.

"Well, Todd, my friend," said Jordan. "This just might be your lucky day."

"You don't mean..." asked Todd.

"Why not?" said Jordan. "He's already grabbed both our dicks and not complained. He won't remember it when he wakes up, and we won't tell him. So what's the harm?"

"Hey, I'm not arguing," said Todd. "Brett, stop stroking for a sec."

I followed orders and stared at the smooth throbbing piece of flesh in my hand.

"First of all, you've got some of Jordan's jizz on your hand, so lick that up," commanded Todd. "You need to learn to be clean young man!"

Both boys broke up laughing at this comment that Todd said as if he were one of our parents.

I slowly lifted my right hand towards my mouth while staring straight ahead at Todd. I could now smell the tanginess of Jordan's cum on my hand and my dick twitched. I could see Todd's eyes get a bit wider as I stuck my tongue out and tentatively lapped up some of the jizz.

"Oh my God, he's really doing it!" said Jordan. "Wow man, he really will do anything we tell him."

I savored the flavor of someone else's cum for the first time as I continued to lap at my hand. Jordan's juice was slightly salty, but also sweet at he same time. I could feel my dick throbbing even harder as I swallowed, and I knew by now that this wouldn't be my last taste of cum this night.

"Okay dude, your hand's clean so you can stop licking now," said Todd. "Now, wrap your lips around my dick."

I put my hands back on Todd's hairless thighs and leaned forward. His dick was slowly pulsing against his stomach, pointing straight up. I had to reach out with my right hand to pull it away from his body, and then I moved my mouth down and slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his hot dick. I couldn't taste anything yet, but the tip felt a bit rubbery against my tongue.

"Holy shit man, Brett's lips are actually on my dick," sighed Todd. "Okay, Brett... start suckin' me off!"

I slowly lowered my mouth and took in more of Todd's shaft. I went as far as where it felt like it was touching the back of my mouth and then slowly backed up, running my tongue up the underside of Todd's smooth shaft. As I started a continuous up and down motion, my mouth kept watering and saliva started dripping down Todd's cock. His shaft felt so hard and hot in my mouth, but it also felt so natural. I kept my eyes on his small patch of blond pubes and wanted to run my fingers through the hair.

"Fuckin' A man, this feels soooo good," said Todd. "His mouth is like made for my dick."

"Dude, I need a better look," said Jordan, flopping down on the couch next to Todd; he was so close that his thigh touched Todd's, and my fingers were touching both of their legs. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Jordan's dick was beginning to harden again. I kept sucking on Todd's boycock and could taste a new sweet flavor. I guess his dick was starting to leak precum and I was lapping up his juices.

"Awwwww, fuck yeah, this feels soooo good," moaned Todd as he grabbed my head in his hands. "Speed up a bit Brett, and use one of your hands to jack the base of my shaft."

I took my right hand off of Todd's thigh and grabbed the base of his dick. This gave me a bit more leverage and I was able to increase my up and down motion and suck harder at the same time.

"Yeah, man, I can feel that awesome feeling comin' on soon," sighed Todd.

"Whoa, dude, look at that action," said Jordan who must have been pointing to the screen. "Let's get him to do that!"

"Awww, man I gotta cum soon or my balls will bust," whined Todd. "I don't wanna share yet."

"Fuck you man," joked Jordan. "We got all night. This won't be the last time you cum."

I shivered in joy when I heard those words.

"Brett, stop sucking Todd and swing on my dick for a bit," commanded Jordan.

Still between Todd's legs, I lifted my lips off of his dick and leaned over to start sucking Jordan. I got my first good look at his dick and now I realized why it was so hard to wrap my fingers around it. It wasn't as long as Todd's (maybe 5 inches), but it was really thick. That was going to be a test to wrap my lips around. But first it was just awkward in that position between Todd's legs to try and suck off Jordan. Luckily, they both realized they would need to shift.

"Wait dude, back off," commanded Todd. "Stand up and take three steps back."

I leaned back up and got to my feet, my hard dick pointing up at my face. I wanted to swipe the precum dripping down my shaft, but I couldn't ruin my hypnotic trick now.

"Let's sit on the floor with our backs to the couch," said Todd, "and then stretch our legs out towards the TV."

I watched intently as both boys slid off the couch onto the floor, rock hard dicks swaying against their stomachs. I focused on Jordan mostly because this was the first time I was seeing him naked from straight on. His buzzed brown hair was made him look younger than 15, but his tanned well-defined chest made him look older. He had no hair down his chest, but his patch of brown pubes was thick and complemented his thick dick. Both of them had now settled with their backs against the couch and had their legs spread so that the outside leg was splayed out, but the inside leg was resting against the leg of the other boy.

"Okay dude, enough resting for you," said Jordan. "Get down on your knees again and take turns sucking us off. Do me first and we'll tell you when to switch."

I stepped forward and slowly got to my knees, resting one between Todd's legs and the other between Jordan's so I was straddling both of their inside legs. Then I leaned forward some more, grabbed Jordan's thick cock with one hand and plunged my mouth down his shaft.

"Awwww, yeah," sighed Jordan. "Now I know what you were moaning about. His lips are so hot."

I worked up a rhythm, running my tongue down the shaft as I went down towards his pubes, and then sucking as hard as I could as I moved up.  Out of the corner of my right eye, I could see Todd watching intently and playing with his own leaking dick.  As I bobbed back and forth on Jordan's dick, I could feel my balls swaying back and forth against both boys' legs. After a few minutes, Todd claimed me back.

"Dude, it's my turn now," said Todd. "You've already blown a nut once.  Brett, switch over to me, man, and suck me until I blow my load down your throat."

I lifted my lips from Jordan's dick and moved my head over towards Todd. He had taken his hands off his hard dick and was leaning back against the couch with his hands behind his head, I noticed that his armpits were hairless, but were just as tanned as his chest. Then, I grabbed his shaft and wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick; I could taste the precum that had dripped down his shaft and I savored the sweet tangy taste. When Todd grabbed my head with both of his hands, I knew that was my signal to start sucking. With one hand working the base of his dick, my mouth started my now familiar up and down motion.

"Oh yeah man, gonna fill your hot mouth with my cum," moaned Todd. "Fuckin' A man, this cocksucker is so good. My balls are on fire."

Up and down I went sucking for all I was worth. Todd's dick may have been skinnier than Jordan's, but it was longer so I couldn't get it as far in my mouth. More and more liquid was seeping out of his dick and I knew I was going to get a mouthful pretty soon.

"Oh fuck yeah. Suck my cock, Brett. Ssssssssss, unnnnn, yeah that feels so fuckin good. Fuckin' suck me harder man," moaned Todd, his voice speeding up in time with his thrusts with his hands. His hips started bucking up into my face in an attempt to ram his hard cock further down my throat and I had to fight the urge to gag as his dick kept hitting the back of my throat.

"Ohhhhhhh, man... I'm sooo close, yeah yeah, here it comes man, you're gonna eat my cum, Brett, uhhhhhhhhhhh...."

I could feel Todd's dick expand even bigger and I could feel the pulses from the base of his dick with my hand.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," sighed Todd.

I could feel six hard pulses in my mouth as I was suddenly flooded with cum. My mouth quickly filled with the salty sweet liquid and I started swallowing as fast as I could. I swallowed and licked and continued to pump with my hand, until Todd slowly took his hands off of my head. I couldn't swallow it all, so I could feel Todd's thick jism leaking out of the corners of my mouth.

"Uhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh. Okay, Brett, stop sucking man, that was fuckin' great," said Todd. I could see that his eyes were glazed over as I leaned back. I tried to lick my lips to get some of the cum that was hanging there.

"No rest for you suck-slave," said Jordan. "Move over here between my legs and start working on a real piece of meat."

I slid over to between Jordan's legs, grabbing on to his muscled teenage thighs that had just a smattering of thin fine brown hair. Then I dipped my head forward and wrapped my slimy lips around his thick cock. Jordan's dick slid easily into my lubricated mouth, but his shaft stretched my mouth as wide as it could go. His hands were soon on my head, and as he grabbed my ears, he tried to force my mouth even deeper on his boycock.

"C'mon cocksucker, I know you can take more," encouraged Jordan. "Suck it all in."

Todd was still sitting next to Jordan absently playing with his now soft boydick and watching the hardcore porn on the TV. Every once in a while he stopped to watch my suck on his teammate's dick and when he heard Jordan's latest command, his attention was all on me. I worked my mouth down onto Jordan's piece of meat, trying to suck in and allow his shaft to penetrate deeper into my mouth. And although it was thick, it wasn't as long as Todd's and I soon realized my nose was in Jordan's pubes. I sniffed hard, inhaling the scent of teenage musk and Dial soap.

"Awwwwwww fuck dude, he's taken it all," exclaimed Jordan. "What a mouth!"

"Holy shit Jordan, that's so fucking hot, I'm throwing wood again," breathed Todd.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Todd's dick had quickly filled with blood again and was slowly pulsing against his stomach.

"Don't stop there, Brett," said Jordan when he realized I had stopped with my mouth completely around his shaft. "Suck harder."

I began a slow up and down movement on his dick again, but this time I was going all the way down so each time my nose was buried in Jordan's pubes.

"Oh shit, Todd, look at the action on the screen," said Jordan, who had stopped trying to move my head with his hands. I wondered what they were looking at until I heard the moans and commands on the screen.

"Dude, go get some Vaseline from the bathroom and you can do Brett up the ass while he's sucking me off," said Jordan.

"I don't know man, I'm fucking horny and all, but that's gotta be takin' things too far..." responded Todd.

"Dude, he's already done all of this, so we might as well go all the way," said Jordan. "Besides, look at how much that chick is getting off on getting it in the ass, so there must be something good about it."

"Man, I'm so horny, I'm not even gonna argue with you," said Todd as I heard him scurry off to the bathroom.

I kept slowly sucking Jordan's cock and eventually heard Todd get behind me.

"Stop sucking for a minute, Brett, but keep your hot mouth on my rod," commanded Jordan. "Todd, use your finger to spread some in his ass, and then smear it all over your dick just like they did in that porno."

"Oh, thanks, what are you my mother?" snapped Todd with a laugh. "I think I can handle things back here."

I felt a hard finger circling my boy-pussy and then plunging in. I moaned softly - not from any pain, but from the sheer pleasure. Luckily I had been practicing with things much larger and had once even worked a pretty large carrot up my ass. Todd worked some Vaseline in and then went back with two fingers to loosen me up more.  Then I heard him smearing some more on his own dick and then the sound of the Vaseline cap being replaced meant that my virgin ass was about to get broken in for the first time. I still had the tip of Jordan's fat cock in my mouth so I was breathing heavily through my nose as I prepared for the initial push.

Okay Brett, get ready for the ride of your life," said Todd, as he started to press forward.

At first, it felt like Todd's finger was at my hole again, only this time it was much larger. The head of his dick slipped around the entrance to my boy-pussy as Todd struggled to get it past my ass-lips.  At first I didn't think it was going to fit until Todd pushed my ass forward with his hand. My mouth slipped further down Jordan's dick and I forgot momentarily about the invader at my ass. That was enough for the hole to open up and for Todd's dick to start sliding in. I moaned softly again and closed my eyes for a few seconds.

"Ohhhhhhh shit, man," sighed Todd. "His ass is so fucking tight. I've only got a bit in and already it's the best feeling I've ever felt."

"Hey and when you pushed forward, Brett's mouth went down on my dick more," said Jordan. "Keep pushing, man. Bury your cock up his ass."

When Todd's dick first entered me, it wasn't very painful, thanks to the practice I had been having and to the fact that his dick wasn't that thick. But as he slowly pushed further and further, I could feel my insides stretching in places that I had never touched before. Suddenly, he hit a spot that made my own cock jump and ooze out more precum. I moaned again much louder this time, but with my mouth stuffed full of Jordan's cock, it kinda kinda just came out as a muffled vibration.

"Dude, what did you just do to him?" asked Jordan. "He just gave a big sigh and moaned on my dick."

"Jordan," whispered Todd. "I'm all the way in, man. He took it all."

I could feel Todd's soft pubes grinding against the top of my ass.  I wanted to rotate my hips to get his dick to move around in me, but I didn't have to wait long for that to happen anyway.

"Well, whaddaya waiting for Todd?" asked Jordan. "Start fuckin' the shit outta him. Brett, start sucking my dick again. You're gonna get a mouthful soon!"

I started to lift up off of Jordan's dick as Todd started to pull out of my ass. It felt really empty when he was almost out, but then he slowly started pushing back in. In time with his thrusts, I went up and down on Jordan's thick piece of teenage meat. I was drooling with lust as Todd's dick started a smooth rhythm in and out of my ass, and my saliva started dripping down Jordan's cock.

"Yeah, fuck , yeah, I'm gonna fuckin' pound your ass, Brett," moaned Todd as he started to speed up. "Ohhhhh, yeah man, so fuckin' hot."

Every time Todd's dick hit rock bottom, it hit that magic spot in my ass causing my own dick to twitch and ooze more fluid. My cock was so hard that it ached. Meanwhile, Jordan had grabbed me by the ears and was pulling my down on his thick dick moving my head from side to side.

"Suck it harder, Brett," commanded Jordan. "You know you want my cock, man. You took Todd's load but mine's gonna be even bigger."

Todd's thrusts were getting harder and faster, and his groans and moans were increasing with each thrust. He was fucking so hard that I could feel his large balls swinging against mine every time he thrust into my ass. The force of his thrusts was also slamming my mouth down on Jordan's dick which was now leaking precum into my mouth.

"Oh, God, I'm getting close, fuck fuck fuck, my dick is so fucking hot in this ass," moaned Todd even louder.

The speed of his thrusts in my ass was so fast and so hard that my own dick just couldn't take it any more. I felt the boiling in my balls, my toes curled up, and suddenly my own cock was spurting shot after shot of hot cum. Because I was on my knees with my ass in the air for Todd's fucking, my dick was pointing straight at my face on Jordan's dick.  The first shot hit me on my chin, and then the next two splattered Jordan's huge balls. I could see the jizz dripping down his nuts as another spurt landed on the base of his shaft while I was on an upstroke. I quickly lapped that up as I went down.

"Fuck, man Brett just shot off without touching himself," said Jordan. "His jizz got all over my balls."

"Holy shit, that's what it was," said Todd. "I almost came when his ass started squeezing the shit outta my dick just now."

Both boys had stopped pumping for a few seconds and I was able to catch my breath from my earth shattering orgasm. If I had been standing up, I probably would have collapsed.  As it was I was seeing stars and wasn't very steady on my knees.

"Dude, get your lips on my balls and lick your fucking spunk off of them," ordered Jordan, as Todd started pounding my ass again.

I lifted up off his dick and let it fall back on his stomach with a wet slap. I stuck my nose against his dick so I could get at his balls and started licking up my own seed. I lapped at his loose, heavy balls and loved the different feel they had on my tongue compared to the hardness of the shaft. I seemed to be getting hungrier and hungrier for this stuff and couldn't wait to taste Jordan's teenage spunk.

"Man, look at him go to town on your balls," said Todd. "I wish I'd had him do that to me."

 "It feels fuckin' awesome," said Jordan. "Okay, that's good, Brett, now get back to sucking my dick and get ready for a hot load."

I wrapped my lips around his dick again and we got back into our rhythm. Todd was pounding my ass with wet slaps, and his balls were swinging against mine. His thrusts forced my mouth lower onto Jordan's dick and I sucked with all my strength.  I wanted to taste more than just the precum that was leaking down my throat.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck, man, I'm gettin' close," moaned Jordan.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap ,slap, slap...

"Yeah, man, me too," said Todd. "Brett's ass was made for my dick. I've never felt anything so tight gripping my cock. Fuck.... ohhhhh yeah, man gettin' close to cumming."

I could feel my own dick starting to get hard again and both boys began to reach their peaks.

"Im gonna cum soon, Brett, gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna, gonna..." Todd moaned and stammered as he thrust one more more time to the hilt and then froze. "Awwwwwwwwwunghhhhhhhhh, ungh ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh..."

I could feel his dick expand and then start pulsing in my ass. I knew he was releasing his load and I could feel my ass getting fuller with each grunt and pulse. His dick was lodged to the hilt, but he collapsed on my back with his arms draped over my sides.

These noises and images must have sent Jordan over the edge, as his explosion wasn't far behind.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh..." Jordan's grip on my head got tighter and his dick seemed to expand ever more, completely filling my mouth. "Ohhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuckkk, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, yeah, fuckin swallow my cum, Brett."

His dick started at the back of my mouth and I could feel his load shooting down my throat, but I couldn't taste it. As he continued to shoot though, his hands pulled my head up a bit so that his cock was halfway out of my mouth. I could feel the pulsing of his dick and now I could taste his cum as it rapidly filled my mouth. The tangy liquid kept coming and coming as spasms racked Jordan's body. I couldn't take it all and some of it spilled out of my mouth down onto his balls. I kept sucking and swallowing until Jordan pulled my head up by the ears. His wet dick plopped out of my mouth and onto his heaving stomach. A trail of cum stretched from his dick up to my mouth.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhh. Dude, Brett, man, ya gotta stop," moaned Jordan. "Dick's too sensitive now."

He dropped his head back on the couch and closed his eyes, tanned and smooth chest heaving. He spread his arms behind his head and I stared at the small hairs in his armpits that were matted with sweat. I had to fight the urge to stick my face in there and lick up all the sweat. Todd still lay against my back, but his dick was shrinking and slowly slipped out of my ass. He pushed against my back to stand up, and then flopped down on the couch next to Jordan's head.

"Holy shit man, I can't believe what we just did," said Jordan. "You think he'll really not remember any of it?"

"I fucking hope not or he'll wanna kick our asses," said Todd. "But I think we're safe."

"I need a fucking shower man," said Jordan.

"Yeah, me too," said Todd, "and we better make Brett wash up too or he'll wonder why he's got cum all over him when he wakes up."

Jordan ran to the basement shower first, followed by Todd. Then they ordered me to go clean up and come back to them. I quickly washed off their spunk and tried to clean out my aching ass a bit. Then I walked back to them still naked. Both of them were back in their shorts, but still had their shirts off and were sitting on the couch watching a late-night comedy.

"Brett, pick up your shorts and boxers and put them back on," commanded Todd. "The come lie on the couch."

I followed instructions and got back on the couch.

"Now close your eyes," said Jordan, following my directions for how to wake me up, "and when I count to three, you'll wake up. One, two, three..."

I slowly opened my eyes and blinked them several times as if I were confused.

"Did it work again?" I asked trying to sound confused. I didn't need to pretend to be dazed, because I was after that experience. "Was I out?"

"Yeah, man, you were hypnotized again," laughed Todd.

"Was I out for long? What time is it? What did you guys make me do this time?" I asked in rapid succession.

"Well, we couldn't think of much, except to get us beers again," said Jordan, exchanging a look with Todd. I could tell they were trying to see if I had remembered anything. I acted normal.

"But you were out for a long time because after we started drinking, we started to watch a movie and kinda forgot you were hypnotized still," explained Todd. "Sorry 'bout that bud."

"Yeah, man, ya missed a good movie," smiled Jordan.

"Oh well, they show repeats all the time; I've probably seen it," I replied. "Fuck, man, I'm thirsty for some reason. I gotta get a beer. You guys want another one?"

As I got up to get some more beers, I thought I saw movement on the stairs, and my heart almost stopped. I went over to look, but there wasn't anyone there. The door was ajar, but we might have done that on our way down. I knew my parents couldn't be home, and Ryan was sleeping over at his friend Billy's house, so I chalked it up to the alcohol and the hot sex playing tricks on my mind.

I returned with the beers and handed them around. As we popped the tops and all took big swigs, Todd spoke up.

"Ya know, Brett, that hypnosis trick was pretty cool and all, but Jordan and I just couldn't think of anything cool to have you do. But ya know Josh and Nate from the lax team?"

I nodded my head picturing those two 10th graders in my head. Both were built much like Todd and Jordan, and both were hot.

"Well, they're both cool guys to hang out with, and both of them are pretty creative," continued Todd. "Maybe we could all get together some day and you could show them?"

I nodded my head. "Sure guys, anytime..."

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