Hypnotic Tricks - 2
by sk8r

NOTE: The following account is completely fictional and any similarity to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are offended by descriptions of sex between young male teenagers, or it is illegal to read such material in your state or country, don't read any further!
I've always thought that the "Hypnotic Night" series posted to Nifty's archive (high school - January 1,1998) contained some of the hottest reading material I've seen. But since there hasn't been a new story in that series posted in over four years, I got a little antsy and decided to try my hand (ha ha) at it. I hope I've done the original series some justice. Comments and suggestions are always welcome at londonsk8r@hotmail.com. Thanks to all of the people who wrote to comment on chapter 1! My other stories (Summer Adventures, posted in young friends - March 24, 2001) have an old email address that I no longer seem to have access to, so please use the hotmail address from now on.

Brett Pelletier - 15 (9th grade)
Ryan Pelletier - 13 (7th grade)

From "Hypnotic Tricks - 1"

As I got up to get some more beers, I thought I saw movement on the stairs, and my heart almost stopped. I went over to look, but there wasn't anyone there. The door was ajar, but we might have done that on our way down. I knew my parents couldn't be home, and Ryan was sleeping over at his friend Billy's house, so I chalked it up to the alcohol and the hot sex playing tricks on my mind.

I returned with the beers and handed them around. As we popped the tops and all took big swigs, Todd spoke up.

"Ya know, Brett, that hypnosis trick was pretty cool and all, but Jordan and I just couldn't think of anything cool to have you do. But ya know Josh and Nate from the lax team?"

I nodded my head picturing those two 10th graders in my head. Both were built much like Todd and Jordan, and both were hot.

"Well, they're both cool guys to hang out with, and both of them are pretty creative," continued Todd. "Maybe we could all get together some day and you could show them?"

I nodded my head. "Sure guys, anytime..."

I woke up with a wicked piss hardon, and crawled out of my sleeping bag to head to the bathroom. I had been dreaming the most amazing dream about adventures with two friends from my lacrosse team. But when I had to step over the sleeping forms of Todd and Jordan, I remembered that it hadn't been a dream at all. A shiver went down my spine and I could tell that my ass was empty feeling, but a little sore. I wished we could repeat the scene right then and there.  But I also worried that Todd and Jordan would start treating me differently or start spreading rumors around school.

When the other two woke up, we headed upstairs to grab something to eat.  I could hear my parents moving around in the kitchen, so I knew my mom would offer to cook something for us. When I opened the door from the basement into the family room, I stopped short so Todd and Jordan ran into the back of me.

"Good morning, Brett," smiled my 13-year-old brother, Ryan, who was watching TV.

"Dude, what's up?" asked Todd. "Keep movin' will ya?"

I stepped into the family room and let my two friends pass on their way to the kitchen.

"What are you doing here Ry?" I asked. "I thought you were sleeping at Billy's last night."

"Yeah, I was, but Billy got sick 'cause we ate too much ice cream," explained my little brother as my mom came in the room, "so his mom drove me home late last night."

"And that was very nice of you to take time away from your friends to get Ryan to bed," said my mother as she came over to give me a kiss good morning.

I looked over at my brother with a questioning look. He gave me a quick wink when my mother wasn't looking at him.

"Uhhh, yeah sure, no sweat, mom," I said. "Ry was no problem... and then I just went back downstairs to watch movies with Todd and Jordan."

"Well, you boys must be hungry," smiled my mom. "I'll go throw together some eggs and bacon, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks mom," I said. "I'll be right in."

My mom left to head back to the kitchen, and I pounced on my little brother.

"Okay you little shit, what were you up to last night?" I said as menacingly as I could as I grabbed him by collar of his t-shirt.

"Nothing, I swear!" pleaded Ryan as he held up his hands in defense.

"That was you I saw on the basement stairs last night, wasn't it?" I demanded. "What did you see?"

I was trying to act tough, but inside I was trembling. What if my own little brother had seen what I had let Todd and Jordan do to me? The news would get around school before first period on Monday and my life would be over.

"It was me, but I didn't see much I swear!" squealed Ryan, grabbing my wrists to try to get me to let go of his shirt. "I promise I won't tell about the beers."

"Okay," I said, loosening my grip. "But what else did you see? How long were you spying on us?"

"Not long at all, honest!" said my brother. "I had just snuck down right before you saw me. Just as I came down the stairs I saw you getting on the couch and saw Todd and Jordan waking you up. I heard them say something about hypnosis. Did they really put you under? Can you show me how to do it?"

His questions were coming fast and furious and seemed innocent enough. Thank God he hadn't come down any earlier, or he would have seen me come out of the bathroom naked to get dressed again.  I relaxed my grip, realizing that my little bro hadn't seen anything incriminating except for the beers.

"Yes, they were waking me up, but no, they didn't put me under," I explained with a sigh. "It was a form of self-hypnosis, so that means I put myself under. I don't think I can teach you because it's really hard, but you can't tell mom and dad I know how to do this because they would think it was too dangerous. And don't mention this to Todd and Jordan or they'll want to beat the shit out of you for spying on us."

"I won't tell I swear," said Ryan. "On one condition."

"What is it, you little punk?" I asked.

"Just go under hypnosis for me," pleaded Ryan. "I only got to see you wake up and I wanna see what it's like when you're under. Please? I  promise I'll keep my mouth shut about the beer and I'll never spy on you again... honest!"

I figured there was no harm in it as I would explain the "no pain" and "no trouble" rule about hypnosis to my brother. Generally we got along pretty well, so I knew he wouldn't try to make me play in traffic or anything.  I was so relieved that he hadn't seen what we were really up to that I agreed that I would go under for him later that afternoon once my parents had headed out to a wedding they were going to. I let go of him completely and went into the kitchen to grab some grub.

Breakfast was normal enough. Todd, Jordan, and I wolfed down eggs and bacon, all the while talking about lacrosse and the weekend tournament scheduled for the end of the month. I tried to sense if Todd or Jordan were treating me any differently or looking at me funny, but everything seemed normal.

When Jordan's dad came to pick the two of them up, I walked them to the door with their stuff.

"Well, that was cool, Brett," said Todd. "Thanks for havin' us over and stuff."

"Yeah, man," said Jordan. "And that hypnosis trick was fuckin' awesome too."

"Well, I guess," I said sheepishly. "But let's keep that a secret, huh? If people know I can put myself under hypnosis, everyone will want me to do it, and some people will try to make me do dangerous or stupid stuff."

"Yeah, okay, that's cool with me," said Jordan. "We won't tell a soul."

"But you're still into showing Josh and Nate, though, right?" asked Todd with his eyebrows raised.

"Oh, yeah, sure, I guess," I said with a shrug, trying to appear like it didn't matter to me one way or another. In reality, I was shouting YES, YES, YES! "I don't know why it would be a big deal. All I did was get you guys beers all night, right?"

"Yeah, those guys are sophomores, so they probably won't be as impressed," said Jordan, looking at Todd seriously and nodding his head.

"Well, my parents are staying overnight at our lake cabin this Friday night," said Todd. "All five of us could crash at my place and Brett could do his hypnosis thing then."

"Hey, I've got a shitload of beer stashed, so I can bring that," chimed in Jordan.

"Okay, sounds good to me," I said, trying to keep my dick soft at the thought of doing my act in front of four hot studs from my lax team.

"Cool," said Todd. "Well, see ya at practice on Monday, Brett."

"Later, dude," said Jordan as the two of them headed to the waiting car. As they approached the vehicle at the end of my driveway, they high-fived and I could hear them laughing. They must have figured they were so lucky, but I felt like the lucky one.

I completely forgot about Ryan's request until my parents had been gone for an hour. I was just sitting in the basement watching a Red Sox game (yeah, I'm one of the few lax players who actually likes baseball), when Ryan came bounding down the stairs.

"Okay, Brett," he said launching his little frame onto the couch next to me. "I'm ready."

"Ready for what, Squirt?" I asked, calling him by my pet name and trying to concentrate on the game.

"You promised!" Ryan whined. "I said I wouldn't tell about the beer as long as you did the hypnosis thing for me."

"Ohhhhhh, yeah, right. I forgot," I said, still watching the game. "You wanna do it now?"

"Yeah!" said Ryan eagerly.

I sighed, figuring that the sooner I got this over with, the sooner I could get back to watching the Red Sox blow another lead.

I turned to face him on the couch and took a look at him for the first time. He was wearing a wife beater and a pair of my practice lacrosse shorts, but no shoes. I could see the waistband of a pair of boxers peaking up over the waistband of the shorts. He looked liked he had just gotten out of the shower because his short brown hair was plastered to his head. His green eyes were shining and I could tell he was really eager to see me go under. I had never really looked at my brother closely before, but his little 13 year-old face was pretty smooth and angelic looking. I laughed to myself, thinking, "if only he knew what his big brother had been up to last night on this very couch."

I proceeded to explain to him how I would put myself under and how he could tell I was hypnotized. He had seen the movie K-PAX before, so he new what I was talking about when I explained the kind of state I'd be in. I also explained that there's a kind of general rule that when someone is under you can't make them do anything illegal or dangerous or shit like that. Ryan nodded at everything and promised he would never do anything mean to me.

I said okay and booted him off the couch so I could lie down. I told him to go turn off all the lights but to leave the TV on for some light. Then I closed my eyes and went through the process of slowly counting to 60. By then I had slowed my breathing and slowly dropped one arm and then the other off of my chest and to my side.

It was silent for a time, and I almost wondered whether he had snuck off to leave me there as a joke.  But then I heard a sniff and the sound of Ryan clearing his throat.


I didn't answer, of course.

"Brett, are you hypnotized now?"

I nodded my head slowly while lying there on the couch.

"Wow... cool," whispered my little bro. "Ummm, okay, sit up on the couch."

I sat up slowly and swung my feet on to the floor, wondering what stupid little pranks he was scheming to have me do.

"Are you really under?" asked Ryan with some skepticism in his voice.

I nodded my head again.

"Well, then, let's test out to see if you really are," said Ryan slowly. "Kiss my feet."

"Here we go," I thought to myself. "Stupid little boy stuff. I guess a little brother is going to want to feel superior sometime."

I got down on my knees and peeking through my closed eyes, I spotted my brother's bare feet in front of me. I leaned over and kissed his right foot and then leaned back. I kept peeking at his feet all the while and realized that they were getting pretty big. In fact, his tanned feet were kinda a turn on. I had to fight the urge to get sexual here... after all, this was my little brother I was looking at and I'd never thought about him that way... even though he was kinda cute.

"Now kiss the other one," said Ryan, "and tell me that I am the greatest and that you bow down to me."

I thought quickly about his second request as I leaned forward to kiss his left foot. Did Kevin Spacey in K-PAX talk while he was under hypnosis? Yeah, I guess he did, so I figured it was okay for me to answer my brother.

"You are the greatest," I said in a monotone voice, "and I bow down to you."

I figured that now that he had gotten that out of his system, he'd get bored pretty soon and I would get back to the Sox game.  But then, he went on with his next command.

"Go get me a beer, bitch," said Ryan with a little laugh.

I figured he was curious about drinking, so the request didn't really surprise me. But there was something familiar about the way he said it.  Where had I heard that before? I couldn't figure it out immediately, so I just got up off my knees and shuffled my way over to where I had a few more beers stashed. It was a little tough with my eyes closed, but I was able to open them just enough so that I could see the ground, but Ry couldn't tell I was opening them.  I shuffled back to him and when I saw his bare feet, I held out my hand with the beer.

"Cooooool, it really does work," whispered Ryan to himself, as he popped the beer open. "Oh, but your eyes been closed this whole time... mostly last night your eyes were open. Hmmmmm.....Brett? Open your eyes."

I slowly opened my eyes and had to fight to stop my jaw from dropping open. There was my little brother standing in front of me drinking a beer... completely naked and sporting a throbbing hardon.

"I couldn't believe what I saw last night when I got home early from Billy's," said Ryan before taking another chug from the beer can. "But man, I must have cum five times watching what Jordan and Todd did to you. But now I've got you all to myself."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All this time, I thought my little brother was just an innocent little kid. I actually believed him when he said he hadn't seen anything last night, but now, here I was in front of him, about to do whatever he ordered me to do. I realized that he must have seen everything last night. My own cock started to rise in my shorts, and I know it must have been causing quite a bulge.

"Get on your knees, Brett, and crawl over to me," said Ryan.

I did as I was told, and as I crawled over to him, I looked over his smooth body for the first time in a new light. His chest was well defined from all his time on swim team, and there wasn't a trace of hair anywhere on his body except one place. Right above his dick was a small patch of light brown pubes. And his dick... well it was obvious that it wasn't just his feet that had grown lately. His boycock throbbed at a 45 degree angle away from his stomach and looked like it was almost as thick as mine, but it was the length that surprised me.  I must have gotten robbed in the cock department, because my little brother wasn't so little.  His dick was definitely longer than mine, probably close to 7 inches... and he's only 13! God knows how long it'll get as he gets older.

"Well, big brother?" asked Ryan rhetorically. "Whadaya think? Judging from the bulge in your shorts, you obviously approve, so grab onto my dick and start jackin'."

I reached up my right hand and grabbed his thick rod. I started a slow up and down motion and heard Ryan sigh.

"Yeah bro, jack me off," said Ry, closing his eyes and licking his lips. "Use your other hand to play with my balls."

I followed his instructions, reaching out with my left hand to fondle his loose heavy balls. They were warm and smooth and I longed to suck each one into my mouth. Ryan must have been able to read my mind.

"Stop and let go of me," said Ryan, who moved over to the couch and sat down when I let go. "Okay, now crawl over here between my legs."

I moved over to between his legs and waited for his next command. I could feel my own dick twitching in expectation as I waited to see what Ryan would have me do next.

"Use your tongue to lick my balls, and then when I tell you, start sucking my dick."

I licked my lips as I moved toward my little brother's crotch, I could see down between his thighs towards his ass and didn't notice a single hair. I placed my hands on his firm, smooth, tanned thighs and dove in to his balls and started licking them all over. They had a fresh Dial soap smell and I now knew why he was freshly showered when he came down to the basement. I was able to take first one and then the other ball into my mouth to swirl around, but they were too big to take in together. Ryan moaned and started to squirm on the couch as I did this.

"Okay, Brett, lick your way up my cock and start blowing me."

I did as I was told, licking up his hard smooth shaft and then wrapping my lips around his pink head. I grabbed the base of his thick tool with my right hand and started to slowly lower my mouth around his shaft. It was soft and hard all at the same time and I loved the way it filled my mouth completely. I watched his smooth stomach contract with waves of pleasure each time I hit a sensitive spot that made him twitch.

"Ohhhhh , fuck this feels great," moaned Ry as he started rubbing the back of my head with his right hand. His left hand was grabbing the cushion of the couch tightly. "Go up and down, Brett."

I followed instructions, going up and down and creating as much suction as I could. My saliva started to drip down his shaft and I could see trails of it start to wind down the crevices of his loose boy-balls.

"Uhhhhnnnnnn," moaned my brother as he pushed my head away from his dick. "Gotta stop, Brett. I'm not ready to cum yet. I got plans for you first."

I sat back on my heels in between Ryan's legs and waited to see just what his plans were. He got up off the couch and went behind me.

"Okay, stand up and face me. Now, get rid of those clothes. You won't be needing those for a while."

I did as I was told, first taking my t-shirt off and dropping it on the ground and then slowly pulling my shorts down. My hard cock slapped up against my hairless belly and left a wet spot where a trail of precum had leaked out.

"Nice dick, Brett, but I think I got ya beat," smirked Ryan. "At least I'm bigger than you where it really counts. Okay, time for you to really find out how big I am. Turn around, get down on your knees, and bend over the couch with your legs spread."

I couldn't believe that my brother was actually planning to fuck me with that monster dick of his. I mean, I took Todd's cock last night okay, but Ryan's looked bigger. But there was nothing I could do without looking like a fool, so I followed orders and prepared my ass for another assault. Although I was worried a bit, my cock seemed to get harder as it rubbed up against the material of the couch.

I heard the distinct sound of the vaseline jar being opened, and then a rough finger jabbed into my hole. "Hmmmm, Todd didn't really stretch you out very much last night," murmured Ry, almost to himself. "We'll just have to change that."

I rocked against the couch a little as two fingers went up my ass. My nipples were hard and tingled as I rubbed them against the couch. I moaned involuntarily when the fingers withdrew; I felt so empty all of a sudden.

"Here it comes, Brett," said Ryan. "Your little brother's about to fuck the shit outta you."

I felt the hardness at my ass and almost willed it to go in. Suddenly, the tip of Ryan's penis burst past my ass lips and he slammed his cock in long and hard. There was no slow entry this time and I moaned in pain and clutched the cushions of the couch as I realized my brother's cock was all the way in and his hips were pressed tightly to the back of my ass. Ryan had me by the waist and he just held his dick in there.

"Whoa, fuuuuck, Brett," breathed Ryan. "Your ass is so fuckin' tight. Holy shit, I hafta just stay still or I'm gonna cum right now."

I was happy that he didn't want to start thrusting, so we both just stayed still. I was slowly releasing my death grip on the cushions as the pain faded away and my ass got used to the cock imbedded in it, and Ryan was leaned over on top of me, his head now resting on my neck.

After a time, the pain was gone completely, and my dick was throbbing again. Ryan must have cooled down, because he slowly started rotating his hip to move his boycock around inside me. He kept hitting my magic spot every so often and I could feel my dick lurch and spew some precum between the cushion and my stomach. Eventually, the rotation of his hips turned into rotations and short thrusts in and out of my ass, and I could tell he was getting hotter.

"Yeah, bro," panted Ryan as he began to pound my ass harder and harder. "Your ass is so nice and tight. Unnnnnnn, yeahhhhhhh."

The short thrusts turned into deeper and longer ones and pretty soon Ryan was fucking my ass so hard that a slapping sound occurred every time his hips hit my ass cheeks. I could feel his balls swinging into mine every time he thrust in to the hilt and it made me shiver every time it happened.

I started to grind against the couch to give my own cock some relief, and I could tell that we were both getting close to blowing our loads.

But then, Ryan pulled out all the way, and took a deep breath.

"Whew... man, that was hot," sighed my little brother as he put his hands on my back to push himself up. "But I'm not ready to shoot off yet. Time for stage three..."

Stage 3? What the hell did that mean? How long had he been plotting this?

"Okay, lie down on the couch, with your head on the armrest," commanded my younger brother.

I did as I was told.

"Now, put your feet flat on the couch so your knees are bent; spread your legs and relax."

I followed directions and wondered if my little brother was going to return the favor and suck me off now. My teenage dick twitched in excitement and a glob of precum oozed out.

Instead, he got up on the couch, kneeled down between my thighs, grabbed each of my legs, and put each one over one of his shoulders. I knew what was coming next, but couldn't believe that my brother was such a sex fiend.  He seemed so natural about all of this. Where did he learn all this stuff? My thoughts were cut off by his next mind-blowing command.

"Okay, Brett. You've had a taste of my dick in your mouth and up your ass, and I could tell you liked it," smiled my little brother deviously as he leaned above me. He had his engorged prick in his right hand and was rubbing it around the entrance to my hole. "But I wanna hear you beg for it. Say my name and beg for my cock to be buried up your ass. Beg me to fuck you hard and fast."

As much as I was surprised by his request to talk dirty, what could I do? Besides, it kinda turned me on.

"Please gimme your cock, Ryan. Fuck me hard. I wanna feel it up my ass, Bro," I moaned as he continued to tease me with just the tip of his prick. "Give it to me Ry! Ram it all the way, please!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely," smiled my brother as propped his dick against the entrance to my ass and then moved his hands so that they were either side of my head. He looked my straight in the eyes and smiled.


With one swift motion of his hips, he thrust his fat cock deep inside my ass. I almost came on the spot it was so intense. His soft pubes rubbed against my balls as he rotated his dick around my ass. His face was almost touching mine as he leaned forward, and a couple drops of sweat rolled off of his face onto mine. Ryan kept looking at me straight in the eyes as he pulled almost all the way out and then slammed his cock back to the hilt. I shuddered and moaned from the combination of the thrust and the look of pure lust in my brother's eyes; my own dick oozed more precum.

"Oh, fuck yeah, that's tight," breathed Ryan as he began a slow up and down rhythm. "But if you're gonna moan, you might as well moan my name, Brett. I think I wanna hear you call my name as I fuck you."

I didn't need much encouragement as his dick pounded in and out of my smooth hole. Sweat was dripping down my face and I stuck my tongue out to lick around my lips.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck Ry, push it deeper, bro," I moaned. "Unnnnghhhhhh, yeah, fuckin' pound my ass."

"Yeah, Brett, you got it bro," panted Ryan. "Sssssssss, fuck yeah."

Apart from our moans and groans, the only sound in the basement was the rhythmic pounding of Ryan's hips slamming into my ass cheeks. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap...

My dick was leaking an almost steady stream now as I could feel my balls starting to tighten up. Ryan started to increase his pounding and then he reached down and grabbed my throbbing dick with his right hand and started stroking up and down, using my own precum as lubricant. Now that squishing sound joined in with the slapping of his hips on my ass.

"Oh God, oh God, fuckin' do me Ry," I moaned deliriously as I could feel my orgasm begin to take over. "Gonna cum Ry, gonna cum, fuckin' gonna... arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh , ugnh ,ungh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Seven bolts of electricity shot through my body as my cock shot ropes of cum across my chest and onto my face. Ryan kept pumping my dick with his hand until the flow was just an ooze, and then he let my dick flop against my stomach trailing cum from his hand. I could feel my ass muscles contracting in time around Ryan's pumping cock and it must have sent him over the edge as well. He grunted loudly and slammed his dick into me so hard I was pushed up the couch a few inches.

"Ohhhh fuck, oh fuck, take it Brett, fuckin' take my load!" shouted Ry and he swiveled his hips to grind his spasming dick in my ass. "Guuuuuungh, Unnnnnhhhhhhhhhh,  ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeahhhhhhh."

My little brother, spent of all energy, collapsed on top of my sticky chest with his dick still embedded in my ass. I could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest and his breathing was as ragged and fast as mine. I was stunned by what we had just done, but I decided that I loved the feeling of his dick up my ass and his smooth chest against mine.

Eventually, Ry propped himself up and looked at me. His dick had shrunk down and had slowly slipped out of my lubricated ass.

"Well, look at the mess all over your chest," she said, running two fingers through the pools of my cum on my chest. "Can't let this go to waste."

He scooped a glob up and brought it to my mouth.

"Open up and lick my fingers, Brett."

I opened my mouth hungrily and stuck out my tongue. Ryan's fingers came closer and I wrapped my mouth around them. I sucked the cum off of his fingers and licked them clean as if I were sucking a small dick. He withdrew his fingers and dipped them back into another pool of jism on my chest around one of my nipples. He rubbed his fingers around before scooping more up causing my nipple to get hard.

"Well, you seemed to like that," whispered Ryan to himself, as he moved his fingers to his lips and sucked them in. He closed his eyes as he licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmmm, that's a bit sweeter than Billy's."

What was that?  Did I hear him right? Has he and Billy been messing around? Is that why he seemed so experienced with all this stuff? A hundred questions popped into my mind at once, but then I stopped, realizing that I couldn't ask him any of them because I was supposed to be under hypnosis right now and "wouldn't remember a thing when I woke up." I cursed to myself, wondering how I could find out if what I thought I just heard was true.

Satisfied that his fingers were now clean, Billy moved himself off of my and the couch. I watched as he gave his slimy dick a few tugs and then brought his hand to his nose for a sniff. Then he sauntered off to the bathroom and I heard the shower running. When he came back, he ordered me into the shower to clean myself up, and he began to get dressed. By the time I came out of the shower, he was fully dressed and sitting on the couch watching "South Park."

"Get your clothes back on, Brett, and then lie down on the couch," said my brother, moving over to make room for me. He followed the procedures for waking me up and when I opened my eyes, I blinked several times to act surprised.

"Huh? What happened? Did it work?" I asked. "Was I under?'

"Ummm, yeah, it worked fine," replied Ryan slowly. "You mean you really don't remember a thing?"

"Noooo," I said. "Why? What did you make me do you little creep?" I tried to sound pissed off.

"Ohhh, I just made you lick the entire carpet down here in the basement... not!" laughed my brother, showing his stupid goofy side. "Nah, just kiddin' Brett. I just made you run around the house and stuff. You even lent me that DMB bootleg that you swore you'd never let me borrow."

"You little shit!" I yelled. "And you made me miss the end of the Red Sox game. See if I ever go under hypnosis for you again."

"Ohhh., please," Ryan whined. "I was just foolin' around. It was cool. You'll go under again for me sometime, won't you, Brett?"

"Wellll," I said, trying to make it look like I was seriously thinking about whether or not to submit to his request. "I guess I will, if you ask nicely..."

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