This is a story about a love between two young boys. The usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex between boys, so if you do not like reading stories that are sexual in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking.

"No, Jeff, I don't think we're Queer"

Jeff and I are seniors at a Massachusetts Metro-West high school, good students, and we both date fairly popular girls. We have been soccer players and friends since freshman year. In fact, last year I was the captain of the soccer team.

It was the second time within almost as many hours Jeff had asked me the same question, "Mike, do you think what we just did makes us queer?" As I licked his cum off my lips, I reassured him I thought we were just a couple of guy friends playing around.

Jeff and I had been sleeping over each other's houses off and on for about 4 years, as we always had a soccer game or practice to go to together. It was easier for either his or my "soccer mom" to take us, than the other would pick us up.

Every once in awhile when I slept over Jeff's, he has a double bed, we would wake up and discover we were cuddling each other in the middle of the bed. Nothing was ever said and we would roll away from each other and go back to sleep.

His mom had just dropped us off at his house as she and Jeff's dad were going out to dinner with my parents. Jeff and I went into the house and dropped our stuff. He decided to order us a large pizza from Nobscot, while I took a much-needed shower. I took off my shorts and shirt and was heading for the shower in my jock as Jeff came up the stairs. "Large pepperoni in about 20 minutes Mike, hurry up and shower as I want one before it gets here."

I ran the water, bent over and took off my jock and went into the shower stall. Jeff parents have one of those really cool all glass shower stalls with about 5 jets. As I soaped up and the steam began to cloud the doors, I saw Jeff stop by and watch as I soaped my cock and balls. He saw me look at him and he quickly moved away. No big deal, we often have seen each other in the showers at school. The jets spraying everywhere felt really great and I wanted to jerkoff, but I was afraid Jeff would come back.

I finished showering and dried off, than wrapping the towel around me walked out, passing Jeff in the hall, wearing just his jock, on the way into the bathroom. He closed the door.

I put on my soccer shorts and one of his T-shirts and went back downstairs to watch some TV. He soon came down, also in shorts, and just than the pizza came and we settled in the family room on the couch with the pizza and some cokes. It was about 6:30pm and all that was on TV was news and it was getting boring. "Want to see a cool tape" he asked getting up from the couch? "Sure, it has to be better than this," I said. "It is, I found it in my neighbors garage after he moved last month.

He put in the tape and right away "hot porno." I had never seen a porno tape before and this was really something. You could see everything and it had voices too. The guy and the girl fooled around and than he fucked her, pulling out just before he came. He groaned loudly and his rockhard bigcock kept spurting cum all over her. His cock just kept spurting. I was hard and could feel my cock leaking into my shorts. A large wet spot appeared and I wanted to jerkoff. I looked over at Jeff and the front of his shorts were up in the air and his were wet too. "Looks like the tape got to you Jeff," I said and he suddenly got all red in the face.

"Hey, mine are soaked and I didn't cum or anything," I said. He stood up which only made the front of his shorts stick out even more. "Let me turn this off before someone comes home." he said and left the room to hide the tape. I moved on the couch so my shorts would not look so obvious when he came back.

When Jeff came back he looked at me and just said "look, watch some TV, I'll be back in a few minutes. "You're going to jerkoff aren't you" was my response, before I knew what I had said. Jeff sat back down on the couch, swallowed and just said "yes." I did not know what more to say, I seem to have said enough. But I was still hard and my hands were covering my cock and I wanted to jerkoff too. "Me too Jeff, so hurry up."

We both sat in silence and rubbed out cocks through our shorts. "Come on Jeff, go do it," I said as I ran my hand up the leg of my shorts and rubbed the head of my cock, now leaking precum and making my cock slippery. Jeff was doing the same thing and he was pushing up the leg of his shorts to get a good grip on his cock. "You going to do it now, with me here Jeff?" "No, I'll go to the bathroom, be right back." "Hurry up, I am about to blast a load right here on the couch."

Jeff looked at me for a second and said "want to do it together Mike?" " What the heck, why not" I said as I pushed down my shorts. My 7inches sprung up and hit my stomach. My balls were already tight as I rubbed them. Jeff dropped his shorts and sat down stretching his legs out in front of him. He also had about 7inches of hard cut cock. His fist started to move up and down and I found myself matching his movements. He rubbed his hand over the head and spread the slippery juice up and down his cock.

"Our cocks are the same size Jeff," I said after a minute of watching him. "No, I am a little bigger Mike, but don't worry about it." Don't worry about it, I thought I had a nice cock and now my best friend tells me his is bigger. No way. Teenage jealousy dictated we measure and I said so. Well the tape measure was in the garage and neither of us was about to leave to get it, so I suggested we hold them next to each other to see who was bigger. As we stood our cock's hard and leaking precum, we held them next to each other, spreading our precum over each other. As I felt his hot cock next to mine I reached down and held them both in my hand. I had never before felt another guys cock in my hand. I started to stroke them together and looking up saw Jeff had his eyes closed. A quiet moan escaped his lips and his hips started to rock, pushing his cock into me. His cock was so hard in my hand and our precum was making them slippery. I jerked faster and harder and all of a sudden Jeff yelled out "stop Mike, I'm going to cum" and when he said that I started shooting my cum all over his cock, balls and stomach. His cock just kept spurting hot cum all over my stomach. His cum ran down over my cock and when I felt it warm against me I jerked our cocks harder to get all the cum out.

When we both finished and got our breath back, Jeff looked at me and said, "do you think we are queers Mike?" "Jeff, I jerk off and I know you do, so we just happened to do it together, No Jeff, I don't think we're Queer."

We again took showers and met back in the family room and watched a Bruins game. I had borrowed a pair of his Joe Boxers.

I looked over at him and asked "you okay," "yeah, I'm okay, it was kind of strange doing it with someone else." "Yeah, it was" and no more was said about what had happened.

We went to bed and went right to sleep about midnight with the wind blowing and the temperature dropping. No snow yet, but it was getting cold. I woke up about 2am and Jeff was cuddling against my back. I felt the heat of his briefs against my ass and his warm breath on my neck. I was warm and decided to just go back to sleep.

Jeff woke up and realized he was right up against Mike. His right arm in fact was over Mike. His fingers felt the smooth skin and warmth of Mike's stomach. He knew if he moved Mike might wake up and wonder what was going on, and from what had happened earlier, that was the last thing he wanted. He felt his cock hot against Mike's ass and as he thought and felt it, he started getting hard. His felt his cock rise up along the crack of Mike's ass, the head pushing against the cotton of his briefs. He couldn't help himself as his hips pushed forward rubbing his cock harder against Mike. Once was not enough and as Mike slept he slowly rubbed back and forth against his friend. He knew if he shot his cum, Mike would wake up and feel the wet spot on his ass. He stopped moving and as he did, he felt Mike push back against him. Again. Than again. Jeff felt his cock rubbing hard against Mike as Mike pushed back again and again. Jeff felt Mike push his hand down over Mike's hard cock rubbing it. They were doing it again. It felt so good and without speaking, they both knew what was going to happen.

Mike pushed down his shorts and felt the wet of Jeff's briefs rubbing against him. "Take off your briefs Jeff." He whispered, "you're getting me all wet back there." "Sorry Mike, I don't know what happened." "Just take them off Jeff." Jeff pushed off his briefs and rolled over to his side of the bed and wished he were dead.

Both boys lay quietly for a few minutes feigning sleep. Jeff felt Mike roll over and up against him, his hard cock now against him. Jeff felt the warm liquid escaping Mike's cock and rubbing against him. "Turn about is fair play buddy" Mike whispered to Jeff. Jeff lay there quietly not knowing what next to do. Mike grabbed Jeff's cock and started to stroke it while he rubbed the head of his cock deeper into Jeff's crack. Both boys knowing what they were doing, because it felt good, but with no agenda. "Judy ever suck you off Mike," Jeff asked. "No, I want her to, but she won't. It can't be any different than sucking on my fingers, and she does that." "How about Deidra, she ever do you?" "She did once, but her teeth scratched me, so I had her stop." "I guess only guys know how that feels." "I guess" was Jeff's reply, now knowing where this was possibly going. The next question cinched it, "want to try it Jeff?"

"I'll do you, if you do me, okay," Jeff said as he turned over on his back and looked at Mike. "Are you sure Mike. Because if we do it you can't cum in my mouth, okay?" "Yeah sure" said Mike and leaned over and fisted Jeff's cock. He scooted around so he was facing it and slowly licked the precum on the head of Jeff's cock. Jeff was facing Mike's cock and he took it in his hand and moved his tongue toward it. Mike moved further down Jeff's cock, feeling the head going smoothly against the roof of his mouth. He felt his cock jump as Jeff started to lick the head of his cock and suck on it. Jeff felt Mikes cock against the roof of his mouth and Mike starting to move it in and out, going deeper and deeper into his mouth with every stroke. It did not taste weird, although doing it felt somewhat strange. The feeling of Mike's mouth on his cock put away any other feeling, other than how it felt going in and out of a warm moist mouth.

Jeff had never been laid, but if it felt anything like this it must be all that every said it was. He moved his hips, pushing his cock deeper into Mike's mouth. He heard Mike gag and then hold his fist around his cock to guide it and prevent Jeff from pushing it all the way in again. Jeff kept sucking and moving up and down on Mike's cock. He realized he had all of Mike's cock in his mouth when Mike groaned and he felt Mike's balls against his lips. He let Mike's cock slip from his mouth and started to suck Mike's balls. They felt like soft walnuts as he sucked them and pressed his tongue against each one. He than felt Mike start to suck his balls. He spread his legs to give Mike more room. As Mike sucked his balls, Jeff felt Mike push a finger against his hole. He continued to suck Mike, tasting precum for the first time and now felt Mike's wet finger push against him. He was feeling so great and Mike's cock tasted so good, he suddenly realized Mike was moving his finger in and out of him. Mike suddenly touched something deep inside him, which made his cock suddenly explode. He could not help himself, he had no warning. He was spurting his hot cum into Mike's mouth. Mike, as he tasted the first shot of Jeff's cum took the cock out of his mouth as Jeff's cock continued to shoot load after load over his face. This was so outrageous, and for the nanosecond he thought about it he began to shoot into Jeff. Jeff, totally out of it having shot his load into Mike, immediately began to swallow load after load of Mike's cum gushing from Mike into his mouth. It tasted kind of bitter and salty. Something he would not forget. Mike slowly took his finger out of Jeff ass as he slipped his cock out of Jeff's mouth. He moved around and lay against Jeff. His arm across Jeff's chest holding him close. "I'm sorry Jeff, I did not mean to shoot in your mouth." "What are you talking about, I could not help it. When I felt you fingering my ass and touch something in there, I just started to shoot, I couldn't hold back.

Mike, it felt great. I have never cum so hard and so much before. how about you?" "Well, when you started to cum, it just felt so wild, I started to cum and I could not stop, your cum kept spraying into my face and mouth, it tasted salty." "What did mine taste like?" "Salty too and warm."

They lay there quietly for a few more minutes. Jeff turned over and faced Mike, their half-hard cocks against each other. "Mike, do you--?" "I don't know Jeff, I think we would have to do more than this to be that way. No Jeff, I don't think we're queer."

Oh really.