I Hate Anthony Chapter 15

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Written by Maddy A. and edited my Nikki  M.


How it went from being him and Carlos in Brianna's living room watching television, to a full blown party, complete with a crowed house, liquor and weed was beyond him. All Anthony knew was that as he walked back into the room, the stench of weed and booze potent, as tempting as it was for him to sit down with the other ten faces he recognized , he wanted to leave and go talk to Brian. He felt bad for the way in which he had treated him inside the restaurant, but seeing Brian, his Brian, sitting and laughing with Jackson was not something that he liked. Brian wasn't supposed to be having fun with any other guys and especially not with Jacky.

Anthony didn't want Brian to hang out with Jackson, especially after finding out about their kiss. Anthony was no fool and could tell from the way that Jackson acted around Brian that his feelings for him were more than what they should be. Call him possessive, call him a prick, but Anthony wouldn't have given a damn either way. He would somehow have to make Brian see that he couldn't hang out with Jackson. Oh, he was being an idiot. He knew he couldn't control what Brian did or who he may have hung out with, even if he wanted to. No, Anthony had to learn to control his actions and stop acting like such a child when it came to matters of the heart. He knew in his mind that realistically, Brian would never do anything to hurt him, but Jackson was another story. Jackson was out of his fucking mind to think that Anthony would let him have Brian without a fight. Anthony was just turning around to leave when he felt two slender arms come around his waist.

"Hey Ant baby! You wanna take a hit of dis shit!! It'll get you fucked up!" Brianna spoke softly, making her Puerto Rican accent more pronounced as the words slipped off of her full, red glossed lips. She smelled like roses, but the bitter smell of weed permeated her, polluting most of the sweet scent.

"Hey, I shouldn't smoke..." Anthony muttered as he failed his attempt to dislodge her arms from around his stomach. Her long, artificial lime-colored fingernails were digging into his skin from his baggy white t-shirt and the thick scent of her flowered shampoo was burning his eyes.

"What the fuck did you come here for if you ain't wanna smoke?" She shrieked as she playfully pinched his stomach with a giggle.

"Aw, WHAT!! Nigga, you ain't smoking?" A loud and brazen voice yelled. Anthony rolled his eyes in slight annoyance, not in the mood for any more of Carlos's judgmental annoyances.

"Naw yo! We shouldn't anyway for ball!" Anthony continued and Carlos grew quiet and turned his attention back to his own blunt, inhaling the bitter, compelling marijuana and enjoying the relaxing feeling it gave him.

"Damn yo! What the fuck is wrong wit you and shit? It's a fucking party and you don't know how to fucking chill out and shit! God, what's up with your boy Carlos, acting like some fag and shit!" Brianna shrieked as she licked her red glossed lips, balancing a bottle of beer in one hand while the other rested on her hip.

"Shit girl, you got me..." Carlos muttered as he continued to focus his attention on his blunt. Anthony stood up, prepared to just leave, walk out and away from a situation that he didn't feel comfortable in. His place was five blocks over and three floors up and right inside of Brian's tiny little apartment. He needed to talk to him and without saying goodbye, he headed towards the front door.

"Yo! Why da fuck you leaving and shit?" Brianna yelled after him with urgency in her tone and for a moment fifteen faces stared at them, wondering what was going on.

"Girl, I gotta bounce!" Anthony yelled back, not at all comfortable with the unwanted attention.

"Shit, why da fuck you acting like dat!" She shrieked as she rolled her eyes.

"Like what?"

"Like a little fag and shit! Like you're scared to smoke a little dip wit me!" She continued.

"Yeah kid, light it up! I don't see what the fucking problem is!" Carlos interjected from the couch where he sat, head resting against the back and eyes rolling up into his head as the blunt burned down to a low stub.

Looking around him and noticing all the faces staring at him intently, Anthony did the one and only thing that he could. He rolled his eyes and snatched the blunt from Brianna's hands and brought it to his lips.


"Yeah nigga! How you like dat shit..yeah, take it , take it!" Jackson yelled as he twisted his upper body from left to right, jerking his hands forward. His back rested against the headboard of his bed and he looked over next to him where Brian sat, eyes focused on the task at hand.

"God, slow down! Why are you rushing!" Brian laughed back, bumping his shoulder into Jackson's.

"Yo! It's a race, you know, key word being `race' as in `let me race fast and beat you'!" Jackson laughed as he pushed down the yellow button on his hand controller.

"You are THE WORST person to play against!" Brian groaned as he tried to fight a losing battle. Jackson's little red car had already run three laps around his little blue one and by Jackson's fourth victory lap, Brian had had enough and put his controller down and folded his arms across his chest.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are the WORST loser! Come on, one more lap!"

"No! I'm tired of losing, let's do something else!" Brian groaned and Jackson laughed as he reached behind his head and took a pillow off of his bed. He looked at Brian and watched as he tried to calmly get up off of the floor and walk towards the door. Brian made it no more than half a foot before he heard Jackson's bed squeaking as all six feet and one seventy pounds of his body lounged towards him, pillow in hand. Laughing to himself, Brian tried to run towards the door, but he was no match for a pillow happy Jackson and soon felt the soft pillow slam against his head.

"Hahaha!! That's what your ass gets for not being a team player!" Jackson teased as he reached his hand down to help Brian back up off of the floor. Brian laughed as he took Jacky's hand and pulled himself up. He pushed Jackson in the shoulder and rolled his eyes grinning. He looked down at the pillow still in Jackson's hand and then on his bed where three other pillows lay. Jackson was too busy laughing to see Brian move towards them, but he looked over just in time to see Brian leaning down on his bed, pillow inches away from his stretching finger tips. As if second nature he threw his body on top of Brian's and pinned him to the bed laughing. Brian tried to wiggle out of Jackson's grip, but his laughs got the better of him and he felt his arms give up and surrender.

As Brian laughed, Jackson stopped, realizing how close he was to Brian as old feelings started to return. He loved the way Brian's mouth curled up into a grin and how the whiteness of his teeth contrasted with the dark pinkness of his full lips and God, all Jackson wanted to do was lean in the few inches that separated his lips from Brian's and kiss them. But, he knew that would be wrong on several different levels. Brian was his friend, his friend who had something very more than an average friendship going on with Anthony. Jackson knew it would be wrong to give into his urges, he knew it, but that didn't stop him from wanting to feel his tongue ghost over Brian's and that didn`t stop him from wanting to touch him, trailing lines of erotic poetry over his limbs and ending the verse of a kiss with the start of another.

Brian felt something poking him in his thigh and knowing immediately what it was and who it was from made his eyes open wide with shock. Before he could even process what was going on, he felt Jackson's lips against his. Soft, full and tasting strangely, but pleasantly of stale gum. Brian closed his eyes, not pushing Jackson away. It was like he was in a trance and he couldn't remember ever experiencing, in the entire sixteen, almost seventeen, years of his life, a kiss so soft, so needy and so beautiful. He let his hand travel upwards from the bed, feeling his fingers tingling and trembling with the knowledge that he should push Jackson away, but unable to bring himself to do it. He placed his hand on the back of Jackson's head. Jackson moaned at feeling the contact and grinded himself deeper into Brian's body, letting his erection massage against Brian's denim clad thigh.

Enjoying himself too much to stop, Jackson found himself rolling over onto the bed, back pressed into the mattress as he rolled Brian on top of him. Brian pulled away and looked at Jackson with a mixture of shock, fear and regret, but before he could talk himself out of it, he leaned back down, kissing him again forcefully. No thoughts of all the confusion that erupted from the last kiss they had shared and no thoughts of Anthony, Brian let himself indulge in the warm pleasure of Jackson's moist mouth. The sensual flicks of his tongue over Brian's lower lip consumed them both so deeply that they didn't hear the bedroom door open. But the did hear the loud and surprised scream of a woman.

"Oh...oh...ohmygodohmygod!!" Jackson's horrified mother gasped, tripping over her words as her eyes bulged. Breaking apart instantly as if the other were fire and to touch risked being burned, Jackson jumped away and started babbling incoherently.

"Ma, ma, it-it-it-we-we-oh shit!" He muttered as he stared at her.

"I'm sorry...I should have knocked, you're a growing boy-oh, hello Brian, oh...I'm...here's your clothes!" She whispered as she walked into the bedroom, handing Jackson a pile of freshly washed clothes. Her short dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, exposing her high cheek bones that reflected her Italian heritage. She avoided his eyes and kept her gaze to the carpet before rushing out of the bedroom. Brian stood beside the bed, unsure if he should run away or stay.

"FUCK!! FUCK!!!" Jackson grunted as he kicked the a shoe across the room.

"I'm going to go..." Brian mumbled and walked towards the door. Jackson made no move to stop him.


"...and that's how you take the shit out of a cat without puking!" Carlos laughed to himself. Anthony's eyes were burning from the weed and he couldn't ever remember getting so fucked up off only a few hits of a blunt.

"Yo! What is dis shit? It's mad strong!" He asked Brianna, who leaned against his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against it and enjoying her high.

"Nigga, ain't you ever smoke Dip before?" She asked and Anthony laughed to himself. He wanted to lie, but for some reason, the truth came out.

"No, I never even heard of dat shit. What is it, like organic weed?" He asked and Carlos laughed lazily beside him.

"No, stupid. Dip is when you take the weed and dip in in embalming fluid! Yo! Dat shit can wake the dead---get it----embalming fluid---the dead! Ha! I'm on a roll!" Carlos laughed to himself. Confusion flowed throughout Anthony's mind as he was troubled with what he heard and even more bothered that instead of yelling, which is what his mind was telling him to do, he could only laugh.

"Hahahaha---Embalming fluid? Can't dat shit like---Hahaha----kill me---hehehehehe!" Anthony laughed and Brianna grinned as she massaged her head around his shoulder, snuggling in closer and placing her hand on his upper thigh, where she traced her finger tips slowly over his baggy jeans in figure eights.

"Naw, it can't kill ya! But it can make you tweak the fuck out...or want to fuck!" She stated.

"I want to fuck!" Carlos laughed.

"You always wanna fuck!" Anthony laughed.

"Yeah I do! Don't you?" He asked and Anthony laughed as he nodded his head. It was like his mind was telling him that something was wrong with him, but he was no longer in control of himself. Even though his head was telling him to leave, his body was smiling and laughing and making no move off of the couch. The smell of the burning marijuana continued to burn his eyes and he could feel soft and slender fingers wrapping around his hand as he was being pulled up. In his sleepy daze, he laughed as he was led up a flight of stairs and away from the noise and smoke of the living room and into a quiet room...a quiet and dark room that smelled of fresh paint and fabric softener.

He felt lips on his lips and he closed his eyes as he let Brian kiss him. He wanted to pull away and apologize for how badly he had behaved earlier, but the feeling of Brian in his arms was too good to break. He placed his hands on Brian's back, surprised to feel feminine softness where there was usually hard masculinity. He pulled away and peered down, only to see nothing but darkness and feeling a finger press into his lips as a soft voice whispered for him to keep quiet. He nodded his head and decided to show Brian how sorry he really was.


It has so hot that the skin on their arms stuck to each other with a light glazing of sweat. The air was humid and smelled of the beach which that they were only a few miles away from. They swung back and forth against the porch swing, letting the gentle creak of the swaying wooden seat relax them into a comfort that Riley hadn't felt for five years. Tracy sighed in contentment, feeling his broad arms wrap around her lithe frame, making her feel safe.

"Oh kids, can I make you something to eat?" Riley's grandmother asked from the doorway of the open porch. She was well into her eighties, short gray curls all over her head, but she had the gleeful smile of a child and the energy of a teenager. Although she was barely over five feet, her body was large and soft like her grandson and it was easy to tell that Riley had inherited his twinkling green eyes from her.

"No grandma. I'm fine, how about you honey?" Riley asked Tracy who shook her head in contentment. She stared out into the open land. Large, old and rundown houses surrounded the small block of a neighborhood, but everyone's hospitality and demeanor would make you think that they were in a nicer section of town that what they really were. The sun was shining, blazing in a fading glory of bright orange and for a moment, Tracy allowed herself to get lost in it's peaceful serenity.

"Oh, you kids don't stay out here too late now? Wouldn't want the mesquite's to get ya!" She replied before turning around with the aid of a cane and going back inside, with the screen door slamming shut behind her. Tracy turned around, breaking her embrace from Riley's warmth and peered up into his green eyes, which appeared to be heavy with regret.

"How long do you think we'll be able to stay here?" She asked and he closed his eyes and leaned his head down, shaking it slowly and that was all the answer that Tracy needed. She leaned back into his embrace and tried to forget that they would have to try to find somewhere else to go in a few days.

"I'm sorry..."Riley whispered.

"Don't be, I wanted to come with you."

"I know, but your family-"

"Hey, don't worry about that! My family will understand and what they don't, I'll make them. Don't think about that kind of stuff right now, please?" She begged, settling her head back down onto his chest and placing her hands on top of his where they rested clasped together against her belly. He sighed and kissed the top of her head.

"Okay sweetheart, alright."


The sheets were sticky underneath him and he could tell from the softness of the blanket thrown over him that he wasn't in his bed. He could hear someone lightly snoring beside him and momentary panic set in. He tried to will his eyes open, but it was like an unseen force was keeping them shut. After what felt like hours, he managed to slowly open one eye. Squinting from the tiny slit, he could tell from the bright, burning light that it had to be morning, more than likely just past dawn. The bedroom window's curtains were a faint shade of pink and knowing that neither Brian nor Lucia's curtains were that shade, shook him awake and he sat up with a panicked stare. Feeling a breezy draft blow across his chest, he was surprised to find himself topless, but grateful that his jeans were still on. Unfortunately he could feel dry, warm sticky matter that he was all too familiar with since he had been eleven and had his first, what his mother had explained as a `nocturnal episode'.

Hearing the soft sound of snoring he looked down to his left and all he was able to see was long black hair, sprawled over a white pillow. Anthony couldn't remember anything from the night before. The last thing he recalled was sitting on the couch, smoking with Brianna and from there, everything went blank. He could feel his stomach twisting and turning, knots forming as sweat pooled above his upper lip. He reached out one shaky hand and gently moved away some of the hair and it didn't really surprise him that the sleeping girl was none other than Brianna, who appeared to be naked, or at least from the waist up. He mumbled swear words at the knowledge that had very possibly done something which he should regret doing, even if he had no memory of actually doing it. He peeled himself out from underneath the blanket and scanned the room for his clothes. Spotting his brown work boots and sweatshirt he threw them on quietly, not wanting Brianna to wake up and find him trying to flee. He had more important things to deal with. He needed to find Brian and try to make things right, but first, he needed to figure out what he`d done wrong...

                                                       To Be Continued....

(c) Madison Aysha Dante 2005