I want a friend

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  Chapter 10
Being there

  As the morning arrived, I woke up with low sunrays reaching me from across the window. I cautiously let go of Ryan and went to the bathroom.

  I also brushed my teeth and as I bent down to the sink to get some water, I just jumped in a jolt with two hands grabbing my waist with a shout.

  "Ryyy!!!" I complained. "You almost killed me."

  "It wasn't that bad. It was funny." he said with the first grin of the day, for me.

  "Maybe it's because you look like a caveman... who just woke up!" I completed.

  "Okay, I can do better." he said.

  With this, he washed his face and brushed his teeth. I just stood behind him, as I could see his hair falling from his neck to his face, and his smooth back, arched, as I could see all those little bones tracing a line that finished on his butt, covered only by his white briefs, slightly rounded after the grabbable waist, so squeezable, which followed to his bare legs with those thin lighty hairs in the back of his tights. As he finished, he passed his fingers through his hair and exhaled at the mirror.

  "And now, do I look better?"

  "Yeah, but still a caveman, I guess." I said, trying to be serious.

  "I'm hungry then!" he said, grabbing me by the waist. I would just let him satisfy himself `of me' then.

  As he grabbed me, he lightly bited my neck and then licked it. The sensations rushing through my body were so good, as we were lightly touching our bare skins, still warm from the bed, as we just woke up.

  He was sucking on my neck, tickling on my shoulder with his hair. I reached for his bulge in front of his briefs, lightly resting my fingers on it, already picturing its shape on my mind. I could feel it was already hard.

  As he was kissing my chest, in a wet way, I was caressing the back of his neck, under his hair, with my fingers and started kissing his earlobe. That was definitely getting great.

  I placed my both hands on his chest, running it over his nipples, sensing the texture of them, of his pecks around them, smooth, firm toward his armpits. He moaned on my ear slipping his hands from my back. He slipped one hand into my boxers, on my butt. I shivered.

  He ran his other hand on my waistband and I felt it lightly dropping. I quickly slipped my hands into his boxers to take it off, grabbing his soft buttocks.

  Before I had time to move, he knelt, tracing a line, kissing my navel. He started running his thumbs on my upper thighs, over those lines traced by my skin, that finish on my waist. That made me gasp and close my eyes.

  I almost lost my balance when he rested his hands on my butt and engulfed my hard shaft into his mouth.

  The warmth over the sensitive head and the wetness of his mouth mixed with precum were making my mind going blank.

  I gasped and opened my eyes as he ran his hands over my ribs, moving his hands in circles and I was so sensitive, in that moment, that I slightly contracted my abs moving my arms close to my ribs.

  He fondled my balls and took my shaft into his mouth again. He pressed my balls through his fingers and I felt them moving, aching, as if they had life.

  "No Ry, no, I'm gonna cum." I was saying.

  With this, he moved his fingers around my ballsac and sucked my dick. I could feel it and shivered.

  "Ry, Ryan, aaahh." I desperately tried to warn him, to hold it back and to keep my balance.

  I couldn't hold it anymore as I felt it explode on the warmth of his tongue.

  I looked at him as I saw him gulping and some load running on the corner of his mouth. He looked at me and smiled. I also could notice a rock hard cock between his legs.

  I offered him a hand, for him to stand. I pulled him up to clean his mouth, kissing him, bringing him closer and kneeling in one motion. Ryan was the one I'd surely kneel at.

  I ran my hands, feeling his firm thighs, and as I rested them on his butt, lightly pulled him closer, bringing his cock to my mouth.

  He gasped as I ran my lips around it, getting it into my mouth. As I took it out of my mouth, to kiss the head, I took hold of the warm, very warm shaft, in my hand and looked upwards at him. He smiled at me with a dreamly gaze.

  I got it inside my mouth again and felt Ryan's hands ruffling my hair as I got it in and out of my mouth.

  I was caressing his butt with my hands, placed there, as I sucked him, as he ruffled my hair and ran his hand on the back of my head, in a gentle way. But I had to press his butt with my hands, to keep his balance.

  His breathing was getting heavier as I took hold of his balls and started sucking harder for his load as I could feel the taste of his precum in my watered mouth.

  "Aaahh, Phil, I'm gonna cum... aaahh..." he was saying as he was losing his senses.

  I sucked it once more to feel his tasty load on my tongue. I guess I left some of it out of my mouth but he didn't care as he knelt reaching for a kiss.

  We got up and he looked in my eyes. I don't know why I got bashful for a moment facing his powerful look, so green, as the morning light reached the white bathroom from behind him, making his hair shine at me, as his eyes.

  "Thanks, that was the best time ever." he said pulling me into a hug.

  "I thank you." I whispered in his ear, letting go of the embrace.

  "We'd better taking a shower." he said as I admired him.

  "'Cause we gotta go to the match!" he continued all enthusiastic. "Aaand I'll wash your hair." he concluded with a smile.

  I giggled at his sweetness and it was great seeing him happy.

  As he promised, after we washed ourselves, he took some shampoo on his hand.

  "Close your eyes." he tenderly said.

  "Mmm... am I gonna get abused now?" I teased.

  "Nah, I'm just gonna wash your hair." he concluded.

  He massaged my hair with shampoo, ran his hands over it under the water to take it off and then applied some conditioner on it too, all in a tender way. I did the same to him. I bet when we do that to each other, it even smells better.

  After that, we got out of the shower and dried ourselves.

  "Do I look like crazy?" Ryan asked as he just dried his hair and it was all messed up.

  "I am crazy... for you." I said, smooching him.

  "Alright, now let's get dressed." I continued.

  "Yeah, I like you dressed, you're fashion." he added.

  "Thaanks." I replied and blushed at his conceiting comment.

  We went having breakfast and Ryan got cereal with milk for us. Well, I love milk, and really like cereal too.

  "Phil, I'm getting only cereal for us `cause dad's gonna buy hot dogs for us later."

  "Oh, okay."

  "By the way, Phil, I didn't go to your house yesterday `cause I went buying the tickets with dad. It was a surprise." he told me as we started eating.

  "Can I hug you again?" I asked with a grin and that was a thank you hug, tender, as I felt his softness through the soft fabric of his t-shirt and rested my cheek on his shoulder, sensing, almost absorbing his care for me.

  "I had to go with dad `cause otherwise he wouldn't choose the right places, in the front." he said after letting go. "And as I said we're gonna have hot dogs `cause without'em it ain't a real match!" he concluded very affirmative about that.

  "If you say so..." I replied.

  "Why do you say that? Haven't you ever been in a match?" he inquired.

  "No, I haven't." I replied and couldn't help looking at the cereal bowl for a moment.

  "Really?!" he asked with his mouth full of cereal and big green eyes.

  "Dad's always working, he doesn't have the time to take me, besides mom's always said it's dangerous."

  "Well... you said sometimes he's at home... that he doesn't talk to you." he added.

  "Well, he's either at work or too busy or tired to talk to me." I concluded.

  "Hey guys, good morning." his dad said, entering the kitchen. I had the slight impression he just heard what I said but he didn't say anything, so I didn't sweat it.

  "So, dad, you're gonna buy hot dogs for us, aren't you?" Ryan asked.

  "Yeah, sure... Are you ready to go?"

  "Yes." Ryan replied.

  "Thank you, Phillip." his dad started. "Last time due to a lazy one we arrived late at the match."   "Alright. But as I'm early today, let's go dad!"

  "Can't I even have breakfast?" he asked.

  "Nooo, we're gonna eat hot dogs!" Ryan finished.

  "Alright, let's go."

  Ryan was telling me about his team, how good it was, in the car, and his dad would surely go along. Well, at least I got a team too.

  As we arrived there, the match hadn't started yet, but we surely had some soda and hot dogs. Ryan was right when he said eating it watching the match was better, but I guess it was just being with him.

  Ryan was explaining me everything, since when the field was empty and his dad would complete the explanations. I'm sure I couldn't get all that information. However it really helped going along with them shouting at each point.

  Their...er our team won and we had hot dogs and soda again as everybody was leaving.

  "Yeah, great, now we don't need waiting for lunch as we arrive home to play some too!" Ryan was all enthusiastic.

  "Well, why not, we're guys, we can eat a lot." his dad commented.

  "Phil and I are boys, your belly is getting bigger." Ryan teased his father, patting on his torso.

  "I don't have a belly!" his dad replied.

  "Maybe not, but you're starting to. That's why we're gonna play some after getting home!" Ryan said.

  And so were they playing when we arrived. As Ryan started playing with his dad, I sat under a tree, at the backyard, to watch.

  "Oh, you have to play with us!" Ryan said already pulling me.

  "But I don't know how to play baseball. I haven't ever played that!" I tried to explain.

  "Yeah, that's good. Now I can take a nap while you guys play." his dad said.

  "Oh, but you can't go, dad." Ryan complained.

  "Can't I rest some on my holiday?" his dad asked him, managing a spent expression.

  "We need you to stay because you're the best player I know!" Ryan said with those big eyes, and with that compliment and cute manner, he bought his dad.   I learned at least how to hit the ball, but I'm sure they were making it easier on my turn. I just got amazed as his dad took us to the match, played some with Ryan and how he could persuade for his dad to stay, and well, also because I was learning how to play baseball!

  Afterwards, his dad took me home and Ryan insisted on going together. He wouldn't hug me nor anything, but it's amazing, so flattering, the way Ryan would struggle to spent all the time he could with me. I didn't really know what made him wanting that so much, I was just sure I felt happy with him around, mostly when he was happy.

  My afternoon was winding down as I decided settling my school binder.

  As evening arrived, I took a shower and grabbed a bite. I was spent, spread on my bed listening to some cool music, thinking about the cool day I just had, about Ryan, while the fall's evening breeze was getting very cool as it was getting dark, blowing from across the window.

  The doorbell rang and I went checking. It seems nobody went opening the door. Dad was too busy, I guess watching TV, and mom doing whatever.

  I opened the door and it was...

  "Ryan?!" I said as I saw him standing by the door, in the hall, with a loose white t-shirt.

  "Hey, Phillip. I shouldn't have came." he was saying as I noticed his red-watered eyes, shining. He gulped and sighed.

  "I better get going." he concluded.

  I didn't spend time saying he should surely stay. I just hugged him tight.

  "Let's get to my room." I said above a whisper, after letting go of the hug.

  I closed the door and turned the light off, with the moonlight reaching from across the window along with the cool breeze and the donwtown lights.   Just as I closed the door, I hugged Ryan tight as if I could lose him if I let go feeling his breathing, trying to bring him calmness as I rested my hands on his back, and just got quiet in the moment.

  "I already feel better just because I could look at you." Ryan said in my ear and I admit that was getting my eyes watered.

  "You're cold dear." I said, running my hands on his arms. He averted his gaze.

  He looked at me with those sad eyes, that shone with the moonlight and slowly reached my lips with his. As we lightly kissed, I felt one tear of his between our faces.

  Our lips soothingly got apart as I felt a smile coming from my chest to spread on my lips at Ryan, looking at his features and the way his delicate feelings were coming out, for me, as he got a weak smile of his.

  But the moment couldn't freeze like that, so I got a cover and we were under it, on the bed, making ourselves comfortable.

  I was on my side, running one hand on his arm, his bare chest as I was looking at his cute features on his face, which the moonlight reached, that made his eyes shine and look at me.

  "How did you arrive here? By bus?" I asked.

  "Yeah." he replied above a whisper.

  I pictured him in the almost empty bus, as it was holiday for most of the people, resting his forehead on the bus window, looking through it not really paying attention, lost on his thoughts, as the tears ran on his cheeks.

  I was listening to his trembling breathing as I felt his chest lightly rise and fall, with my hand.

  "So, dear, what happened?" I asked, soothingly.

  He started crying and with that I rested my head on the pillow, close to his, wrapping my arms around him, feeling his sobs.

  "There's no hurry, I'm here, huh, I'm here." I whispered and took two deep breathes. "It's okay now, isn't it?" I continued. He just nodded as the sobs subsided.

  I wiped the tears on his cheeks with my thumb, tracing lines on his sweet face.

  "Ya know, dad left you here" he started and I nodded. "then, he dropped me at home and told me that his friends invited him to celebrate the team's victory." He was telling me. I was paying attention, but it seemed okay to me, so far.

  "He got home, and he avoided mom during all the day, I realized, and I got out of my room, as I heard mom saying louder that he was drunk and they started screaming. I didn't wanna see it. As I was outdoors, I heard some plates breaking." he sighed. "And now I'm here."

  "Yeah, beside me." I said as I ran my hand on his chest.

  "I only wanted looking at you... it already makes me feel better... I guess I didn't have to be here, to worry you." he said.

  "I'm never, never, gonna leave you alone in such moments." I assured him.

  "Yeah, you're always there for me." he added.

  "I love you." were the words that came out of his lips and he would sleep soon, as his breathing got regular.

  I felt my heartbeat changing as he said that, with that cold warm sensation filling my chest, but I also felt a lump in my throat and nothing came out.

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