I want a friend

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Chapter 11
Being together

  Ryan and I'd had a great holiday, with his tenderness, sweet love making, as sweet as his cum that I got the nerve to taste -- as he tasted mine too. Then, in the evening, he arrived, sad and cold, and all I could do was holding him close to me and I got truly glad realizing he would feel better and peacefully drift off, warm and close to me.

  A few hours afterwards, I woke up to drink some water and I found mom talking to Ryan's mom, in the kitchen.

  "Hi, Phillip. Your mom told me Ryan's here. Thank you." she said.

  I realized I was only in boxers and that she saw me like that. Gladly, they were talking and didn't seem to notice. With that, I'd better get some water and get back to my room. At least I was glad to make sure everything was fine.

  I don't know whether Ryan woke up during the night or not, I just know I had a great sleep -- which's quality just increased with Ryan to hug -- and, gladly, he looked fine in the morning. So, I woke up as the stereo turned on telling me it was time to go to school.

  "Jeez, Phil, do you wake up like that everyday?" Ryan asked, still huskily.

  "Hey, it's `Hung up'." I replied with a smile.

  "Yeah... `Time goes by, so slowly'." he said, with a small smile, which my day would start shining with.

  "Just in the lyrics... we gotta wake up." I concluded. Ryan moaned.

  "Mmm, but it's sooo good here." he said, rolling over me. "See? Our bare chests are warm against each other."

  "Alright... let's go." I said, patting his butt.

  As I got up, and stretched raising my arms very high, I felt Ryan's arms wrapping around my chest as he approached his chest against my back, resting his cheek on it too.

  "I still feel warmer like this." he lazily said.

  I took his hands on mine, on my chest and then reached his sides with my hands, caressing it for a moment, then letting go.

  We washed our faces, brushed our teeth and then went putting some clothes on to go to school.

  "Do you want some clothes, Ry?" I asked.

  "Do you think I'm okay with these I have here?" he inquired.

  "Nah, it's better you getting some."

  "Alright then, thanks." he said.

  "Well, I have the clothes but, what about my schoolbag?" he continued.

  "Oh, it's here." I handed it to him from the closet. "Your mom left it here yesterday night."

  "Mom!" he said all of a sudden.

  "She knows you're here, that's alright." I told him. He sighed in relief.

  That morning, I didn't have time to eat a lot and with that, we left to school.

  As we walked, it was a bit chill, but it was getting warmer as that was a very sunny and blue sky morning. I admit I was still yawning but it was Ryan who wasn't talking much. He was thoughtful and when I looked at him, he would just smile at me.

  I was pleased sensing Ryan looked much better in the morning than in the previous night, so sad and fragile. Maybe he was fragile indeed but I would never hurt him. I just know I would take advantage of this opening of his feelings, to me, to make him happy.

  That morning was fulfilled with dynamic classes and a history test that went just great and soon it was already lunch time.

  As I reached the halls, there was a distracted Ryan staring at the window, waiting for me, I assume. That was so temptating to resist, so I approached and suddenly gasped aloud grabbing his waist.

  "Ah!" he gasped aloud in surprise. I couldn't help chuckling at his reaction.

  "Phillip! You scared me." Ryan complained. "People looked!" he continued.

  "I'm sorry, I couldn't help." I told him. "Besides, that was for scarying me yesterday while I was naively brushing my teeth." I concluded, grinning.

  "I should've expected that!" Ryan said.

  "Wellll, as you didn't, it was better." I replied, giggling.

  "So, let's have lunch!" he concluded.

  We finished eating and were sitting on the grass.

  "So, what did you do this morning?" Ryan asked me.

  "Mmm..., P.E. is the next class, sooo, three are already gone plus the history test." I said. I barely finished saying it and Ryan gasped.

  "What?" I asked, puzzled at his reaction.

  "My next class is history. I'm supposed to have the test and I didn't study at all... with that confusion yesterday." he told me, all worried. "My problems at home are even disturbing my studies." he said and sighed.

  "What am I gonna do?" he inquired looking at the grass under that sunny day as the sun made his hair shine. The wind reached us and brushed his hair against his face, sideways as I looked at him. I'd say he was inquiring about the test but I had the impression it was mostly about his folks, himself and his problems, and concerning to that, I surely knew what he meant.

  I got up and stretched a hand at him. He was lost in his thoughts and didn't even ask me anything.

  As we were in the bathroom, I pulled him into a stall...

  "Hey, Phil?"

  ...and closed the door behind us.

  "Here, nobody can see us." I whispered in his ear and hugged him tight, running my fingers over his upper back, feeling the soft fabric of his t-shirt. I felt him inhaling on my chest.

  "You're gonna make it just fine." I told him in his hear as I had my fingers caressing his back.

  "Do you think so?" he asked me with a na´ve expression as his green eyes shone at mine in contrast with his pink almost pouting lips and I was sure he would do that.

  "Yes, I'm sure." I said, looking confident at him and placing my hands on his shoulders.


  "I want you to do this for me and you never let me down." I concluded with a smile. That brought a smile to his face.

  "You're gonna make it, aren't you?" I tentatively asked.

  "Yeah... I guess so." he replied, still smiling.

  As we were reaching the halls, I guess Ryan was already calm, after all, accomplished people shouldn't worry. And we were talking.

  "...I mean, if they ask you who was the French emperor you reply it was Napoleon, that little bege dog from the movie."

  And with that, Ryan was laughing, maybe already shining once more his natural bright that, different from that fake kind of flashy made up light, was discreet and mostly sincere, with the sincerity that came out of his smile, to me.

  That afternoon, during P.E., I decided running around the field because that would get me extra points, was the warming up for the gym -- right after classes -- and veeery healthy. As the afternoon turned to be warm I had to run shirtless, however nobody would look as I am no jock. It was also sunny, but that's what sunglasses are for.

  As I was running, it just happened that some people looked -- but hey, that doesn't justify anything, I'm still thin. And as I was finishing my endurance, I noticed one special person looking.

  "Phil?!" he yelled as he approached the field.

  "Hey, Ryan." I said, taking my breath as I stopped running. I was all sweaty, I guess, but it was still better than with a wet t-shirt.

  With that, we went towards the benches beside the field.

  "Great pace, Phillip." the teacher said. "Someone here could start running too." he continued, refering to Ryanwho just arrived.

  "Hey, but I already play some soccer, well and basketball often too."

  Yeah, I know Ryan, you both guys do just fine." the teacher said and went towards the other side of the field.

  "So, did you already finish your test?" I asked.

  "Yeah, I guess I managed it fine. I still have five minutes." he replied.

  "So, people are gonna ask me why you call me Phil..." I commented about him yelling at me beside the field, pretending a serious expression.

  "Oh, I'm sorry, Phillip. Do you really think people noticed that detail?" he was saying, even with a guilty expression, which, by the way, was so cute.

  "If people ask, I'm gonna say that I "Phil", everybody "Phils", we're human." I told him.

  "Oh, shut up." Ryan said.

  "I'm gonna "Phil" hurt." I said, giggling. That got me a poke.

  As we were sitting on the benches and Ryan was in shorts, I could see about all of his thighs with those blond hairs shining, that was sexy for sure. He noticed and smiled at me as I looked upwards at his face once more.

  "So, I was thinking about going to the gym today. Which do you prefer, gym or swimming?" I asked.

  "Oh, gym is fine, as we didn't train yesterday." he replied.

  "Phil, I gotta get back to my last class. See ya at the gym then." he said, getting up.

  "See ya."

  As I finished P.E., I arrived earlier at the gym and had time to organize the plates and some bars we'd use.

  "Hey, Phil, you arrived earlier." Ryan said as he approached.

  "Yeah, just as I got out of P.E."

  "Your hair is wet." he commented.

  "Yeah... I took a cold shower and I assume we're just gonna get another after the workout." I said.

  "With your hair wet your eyes are shining blue." Ryan said.

  "Well, they aren't really blue, but if you think it's beatiful..."

  "I do." he concluded.

  "Thanks." I said.

  And with that we started our workout that I so needed to look strong, beautiful, to be firm and er... grabbable for Ryan.

  So, my turn on the bench press was gone and Ryan was finishing it.

  "That was two more pounds. I guess I'm just gonna lie here for a moment." he said taking his breath as his blond hair would spread over the bench.

  I was looking at his eyes, he was also looking at mine, and the much they shone but got a balance of beauty with his small smile would even move me, however that was workout time and I was supposed to be strong!

  "I was wondering, I think about things while I'm doing exercises, like here. What do you think?" I asked.

  "I don't know, mostly I'm paying attention at you." he said and averted his gaze for a moment.

  "Jeez, Phillip, you just made me say that!" he concluded.

  "So, have you ever thought... what do you workout for?" I continued.

  "I do, to get firm for you to hold me in your strong arms." Ryan was saying, even huskily. "You're getting stronger, so I gotta get firmer." he finished with a powerful gaze at me.

  That made me blush and completely lose the track of what I was saying.

  "You're extra affectionate today." I said. With that, he averted his eyes once more.

  After the workout, we decided taking a shower before leaving, walking home as the sunny afternoon was getting windy and would brush Ryan's hair like thin gold chains.

  "Why don't you put your sunglasses on, hun? You look sexy with'em." Ryan suggested as we were walking.

  "I don't think I should have sunglasses on as you don't, besides I'm okay looking at you like that." I started. "And I don't want to... look stuck up..." I finished, bitting my lower lip, with my shy assumption.

  "You look adorable, I like it." Ryan said with the reassuring smile of his.

  "Alright." I accepted, still with a bashful smile due to my low assumption, or at least of something low that I was afraid turning into, and I put them on.

  "With you hair brushing, you look great." Ryan added.

  The wind blew against the trees and there were small flowers flying around Ryan as his hair brushed against his face and that was a magical moment when we could be thankful for having the perception to stop and spread our arms, smiling to each other, and enjoy the moment.

  When we arrived home, we went to the kitchen having some juice.

  "Hi, mom." I said as I was getting juice for me and Ryan.

  "Hi, guys. Oh, I talked to your mother, Ryan, and told her you're staying tonight." she said.

  I got jaw-dropped for a moment about mom being so cool, however, I quickly assumed that was to give Ryan's parents some time, as mom talked to his mom, but as he didn't seem to notice that, he didn't need me to tell it to him. With that, we went to my room.

  "Are we gonna do homework now?" I asked and sighed.

  "Yeah, but you don't have to be so low key." he winked at me as he took his t-shirt off. I didn't know what he meant but I also took mine off.

  He sat on my bed, resting his back against the wall and spread his legs.

  "Mmm, I so want you to join me." he said, staring at me, and even bent his head to the right. He was so cute.

  I just approached the bed and he lightly pulled me by the waist and adjusted me into a sitting position between his legs as I rested my back against his chest.

  "What do you think?" he asked.

  "Cool." I replied and giggled.

  "So, won't you get your homework?" he inquired.

  "But this way you can't manage yours." I said.

  "We go on switching. That must be fun."

  "It's gonna take twice more time."

  "But we have tiiime, besides one reads what the other is doing and I'm able to help you too."

  I took some homework and got back. It couldn't feel better doing homework.

  I was totally convinced by Ryan as it allowed me to be close to him, to feel his skin against mine and we went on, switching.

  It felt so comfy and safe as he warmed my back with his chest and would rest his chin on my shoulder to read what I was doing and we'd talk. It felt safe even when he was lying his back against me and I was holding him, just because we were together. And it really took all the afternoon, and I assume we enjoyed every second of it.

  It left us hungry by the evening, so dinner came in a great time, and as Ryan was sleeping over, time was a gift from the skies, that day, however Ryan's the greatest present.

  We brushed our teeth, then I washed my face with fresh water. As I closed the bedroom's door, I took Ryan in my arms.

  "Mmmm, I don't know why it took so long." I said in his neck, kissing it and making my way to his satin sweet lips.

  As we shared the kiss, I brought his body closer to mine and felt his heartbeat fast and forceful.

  I looked at his bare chest, where his heart beated forcefully... for me, I was almost sure... and moved my gaze upwards meeting his. It was wide, shining almost transparent to show his hesitance in it. Even my gaze got a surprising expression.

  "You know I'm so thankful for you to hold me yesterday, when it was sad and cold, and confusing... for you to be here..., don't you?" he said, with his voice trembling.   I just nodded, however being utterly affirmative with my look, as my breathing changed and so did his, in that mixed sensations atmosphere, as he rocked our crotches together through the soft fabrics.   "I'd like you to know that..." he whispered, looking downwards, at our navels, against each other.

  He held my both hands on my sides, tight, as if he was getting strength from it and let it go, all of a sudden. He put his briefs down.

  He adjusted himself on the middle of the bed and was in all fours, naked, and with his head down, as his hair covered his face.

  My eyes got wider, my heartbeat changed to a different pace as I felt what was going on.

  I approached him, standing beside the bed, lightly resting one hand on his side and with the other, took the hair off of his face.

  "Do it, Phillip!" he said with his cute butt up in the air along with the firm back of his thighs and that slim waist that I rested my fingers on, as his eyes shone, maybe because they were getting watered.

  I slipped my finger on his face to his lips to feel them tremble as he tensed his shoulders and held his eyes shut.

  "Babe, you're trembling." I said to him above a whisper as I felt a tear on my finger.

  He looked at my motion as I sat on a corner of the bed, resting my back on the wall as I pulled him to sit on my lap and rest his smooth back against me.

  Ryan adjusted himself in a curling position, holding his knees with his hands.

  "I don't want it to be like that." I lightly said as I held his legs tight with mine and embraced him to reach his hands and held them as he was shaky and crying. "I don't..." I smoothly continued.

  "Thank you, Phillip." he managed between sobs.

  "This way you're gonna make me cry, too." I said with my trembling voice already giving up to the tears.

  I couldn't avoid crying but I held him tight sitting curled between my legs and my arms as I smooched the back of his neck, managing my tears.

  "Thank you, thank you, Ry, that means a lot to me." I said and with that, his shining green eyes looked at me with his fragile expression.

  "Let's take a hot shower." I suggested with a tentative smile and he sheepshily nodded.

  I led us towards our shower. As we walked, I was holding him from behind and smooching his shoulder while he rocked his cheek against my ear.

  I turned the hot water on, still holding him as we were under the spray. He turned facing me to hold me tight and rest his cheek against my chest.

  I kissed his wet hair and he brushed his soft lips on my wet chest as the water fell, then he looked at me and smiled with those shiny eyes while holding to my waist. It felt warmer than the hot water as it brought a warmth inside me and I promised myself I wouldn't start crying as Ryan was smiling.

  I dried myself some to dry Ryan calm and soothingly, as he was sitting. I'd raise and hold his arms to dry then, run the towel against his torso and rock it against his legs. I dried his hair as I'd do for a little kid and I even dried his ear as his feelings for me were so pure in that very moment.

  He insisted on drying me better, being the sweetheart he is, and we hugged as I wrapped him in the towel.

  He drifted off beside me, peaceful as the moonlight reached his angelical white face. I was combing his hair with my fingers, admiring him, as the sleep took long to come, that night, as it didn't happen since Ryan lighted my life up. The way he exposed his beautiful feelings to me, gave an odd sensation in the bottom of my heart, like an arrow.

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