I want a friend

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Chapter 12
Feeling complete

  Ryan woke up before I did, as I wouldn't miss that combed, brushed, longish blond hair shining in the morning nor that white smile, fresh as toothpaste, and he was only in white boxers. That was my milky Ryan... mine? I guess so.

  "Hey, Phil, wake up." he whispered, lightly kissing my earlobe.

  "Mmm." I moaned and stretched. I glanced at the stereo and there were five minutes left before it would turn on playing some crazy song, so I reached for the remote control to adjust it.

  Then, I looked at Ryan, who was sitting on the sheets, beside me, staring with his shiny green eyes as his pinky watery lips were picturing a smile.

  "Good morning, Ry." I said to him, spreading a smile of my own. "Did you wake up earlier?"

  He just nodded, keeping his sweet smile.

  "I'll brush my teeth, I'll be right back." I said.

  "Hey, you already made the bed. Thanks." I said as I quickly got back.

  "What are you doing?!" he inquired me, even showing disbelief.

  "Getting some clothes?" I replied, puzzled.

  "Where's my good morning kiss?" he asked, being clear.

  I kissed him and then reached for the wardrobe.

  As I reached the classroom, for biology class, Ryan was already there, with a small smile on his face, and got a desk.

  "Hey, Ry, why don't we sit closer to the window? The day is so beautiful."

  "Actually, it's getting cloudy." he said, taking the desk close to the window. I sat on the other one, beside him.

  As I was paying attention to the class, I looked at Ryan and he was staring outside, resting his head on the window.

  The exercises were easy, so Ryan didn't ask nor comment much. He had a serious expression, as he was managing them, that made it look like he was concentrated, although he wasn't doing it that fast. When he noticed I was looking at him, he'd smile at me.

  During lunch, I noticed Ryan was quiet. There was a fresh breeze brushing at the leaves as he looked at them.

  To break the gray on his face along with the clouds, I was staring at his beauty and tried a tentative smile.

  He looked back, as he noticed I was staring, with his somehow calm expression. My smile got wider and I brought the smile to my eyes, too. And with that, I was rewarded with a loose smile of his.

  "What?" he asked, not denying his puzzled smile.

  I just shrugged in reply, keeping my smile, as being lucky to be close to him, able to admire him was enough reason to be glad, along with the bright in my eyes at him, just to tease his mood for better, a little more. That got him motionless for a moment and made him blush.

  "Okay..." he started as he blushed. "So, are we swimming today?" he asked as I looked at him. "...as we did the lifting yesterday..."

  "Sure." I replied.

  As we were swimming, Ryan's improvement was noticiable and that was due to his accomplishment er... and the natural grace of the person he is, I guess.

  "Eight pool's length. That's definitely good." I told him.

  "I'm not as good as you are." he replied.

  I stared from the bulge of his blue trunks to his dripping water face.

  "I guess you're pretty good." I said with a wicked smile to his embarrassment.

  "You're making me embarrassed today!" Ryan stated.

  "I guess I'm gonna swim with you." I told him.

  With that, there were a few more strokes and I kept a slow pace, this way we could swim together and I could watch him swimming and his beautiful body moving through the water.

  "Hey, you are keeping a slow pace just `cause of me." Ryan said.

  "You said I swim well, so I can swim like that. See? I swim mostly like you, and I like it." I told him.

  "Alright." he said and we kept our swimming.

  After that, we were taking our showers, as I watched the water slipping all over Ryan's body, caressing his face, tracing a line on his lips, gently running between his neck and shoulders downwards over his firm abs, tracing his slim waist, and staring made me hard. But I guess he didn't notice, as he wasn't looking at me, as he wasn't saying anything.

  As we were drying ourselves, I placed one foot on the bench and looked at Ryan with a wicked smile and a hard shaft. He looked back for a moment but averted his gaze to the floor as he kept drying himself, although I could notice him getting hard.

  "Ry, are we coming home?" I asked, putting my briefs on.

  "Oh... er... I'd better go home. I have things to do." he replied, wearing his shorts.

  I knelt beside him, as he wasn't looking at me. I traced a line with my finger on his navel. He just looked with a blank expression from upwards as I glanced back, at his waist level.

  "Ry..." I started, brushing my lips on his tummy "please..." I said, lightly kissing his side.

  "Phillip!" he said with a deep inhale "Someone can come in."

  I brushed my watery lower lip against his ribs. He bent his head back and inhaled.

  "Please?" I continued and got another gasp from him.

  "Alright, alright... people might..." he started saying, taking his breath as he put his t-shirt on.

  The grey weather reflected on Ryan's face as the wind brushed his hair against his face, as he looked downwards at the leaves it was carrying and with that, we reached home.

  "Mmm, I'm hungry." I said as we entered the kitchen.

  "Hey, drop your bag." I said as I kinda threw my binder on the table.

  I settled things on the table and took some juice. As I was talking the first bite of my sandwich, Ryan was looking at the window.

  "Ryan? Won't you eat?"

  "No, thanks." he simply said.

  I got up and went towards him as he was just standing there. I wrapped my arms around him, from behind. He looked at my arms as I did it. Then, I just rested my chin on his shoulder for a moment.

  "Make me company." I said and planted a kiss on his neck. "I know swimming left you hungry too." I continued, running my hands on his tummy.

  With that, we had our snack, drank some strawberry juice and went to my room.

  I lightly rested my hands on his waist and approached his lips for a kiss, but Ryan avoided it, bending his head to the left. All I got was touching my nose on his cheek.

  I pulled him into a hug but he pushed me with his hands. I didn't let go and pulled harder. He gradually stopped pushing, so I placed my chin on his shoulder. He rested his cheek on my shoulder.

  I was wondering why in the world he was disappointed with me, feeling his breathing change. He started crying.

  "Oh my God, why is Ryan crying?" I thought to myself. Seeing him crying hurt me like a blade cutting the flesh on my heart's surface.

  "Babe, don't cry..." I said, hugging him tighter. "Please, don't..." I countinued, hugging harder, wishing it could stop his tears.

  "Why are you doing this to me?" he said between tears and started crying even harder.

  "What am I doing? What am I?" I asked, getting desperate by his sorrow, kissing his shoulder, still holding him tight.

  "You're so cool, and kind... and and I can't stop thinking of you." he started between sobs, just to get me lost on what he meant.

  "You did that before, when I thought you didn't wanna come home, when you said the book's idea was nerd, when I assumed you didn't want us to be together everday." he continued.

  Something like a cold air filled my chest as I remembered what he said. I hesitated on his invitation, but I was just being polite; I said reading a book together was nerd, but I was just kidding, I didn't mean it, and I wanted us to be together every moment, I just didn't want to disturb. Maybe he thought I didn't want to play baseball, but it's just because I am not good at it, maybe he thinks everytime I left his house earlier it was because I didn't want to be with him, but it wasn't... maybe I was just a jerk, I assumed.

  "Then, I said I love you, I tried making love with you... and you refused." he continued, trying to keep his control, but not avoiding the tears that shed on his face.

  "Now, I guess you only wanna be my friend... Don't you want more? Don't you love me?" he inquired as I could see that icy fire on his eyes that transmited the powerful his feelings were.

  "Of course I do, hun. I do." I said on a trembling affirmation, not avoiding the tears anymore, as I promised myself not hurting him... and I hurt him, hurting myself.

  "Then say it!" he demanded, with his expressive eyes.

  "I have a problem with this fucking word!" I admitted to him, and to myself. He couldn't notice the hours I didn't sleep nor the arrow in my chest due to that.

  He looked at me with tears on his eyes, his cheeks, to match with the free running tears of my own.

  "I feel insecure, okay?!" I let out of my chest and started crying, helplessly, with my arms loosely beside my torso, looking at the floor.

  "I love you, Ry." I said, trying to find my breath in the middle of my helpless crying.

  He sat on the bed beside me and caressed my back, as I was sitting and crying.

  "Please, Phil, stop. It's making me sad." he said, with his watery eyes smile.

  Ryan reached my trembling lips for a kiss, caressing my wet cheeks with his thumbs.

  I lightly pulled him up and I was standing in front of him. I started taking my clothes off and so did he.

  As we were naked, I started kissing him and slipped my hands to feel his butt.

  Then, as we parted the kiss, I was looking at him, feeling so nave because I shared so deep feelings with him and I wasn't expecting that. As he ran his hands on my arms, I sheepshily smiled at him.

  He looked at our hard shafts and smiled. I pulled him closer and rocked them together to hear him moan. I felt his precum between us.

  "I want it, you want it." I whispered in his ear.

  I knelt in all fours on the bed and realized the vulnerable I was. I felt Ryan approaching from behind as he placed his hands on my sides and bent over my back.

  "Lie, hun. Relax." he whispered in my ear.

  I lay with him upon me as he lightly caressed my shoulders with his thumbs, resting his head on my back.

  "Are you sure you wanna go first?" he inquired above a whisper as I felt his warmth against my back.

  Maybe I felt hesitant, but feeling his hard cock with precum between my upper thighs was making me so horny.

  As he started kissing my neck in a wet way, I shivered in pleasure and antecipation.

  "Yeah." I replied, breathing heavily.

  As he knelt behind me, I almost instintively, stretched my arms and flexed my legs to my previous position, not to lost contact with his cock.

  He placed his fingers on my butt and with that I felt the tip of his cock. I even raised my butt a little more and a little more got in. Ryan moaned with the sensation, almost as if he would cry but I knew he was happy.

  As I felt his hands on my shoulders, I pushed at his cock and gasped.

  "Is it okay, hun?" he asked, running his fingers on my back.

  "Yeah. Go on, do it." I assured.

  He stopped like that for a moment, kissing my back and then I felt he was putting a little more in, slowly, with love. I couldn't help hearing his helpless gasps.

  He took a little off and then pushed in again. He did it again.

  "How does it feel?" he asked, breathing a little hard and moving again.

  "Mm... great." I replied, almost numb. I wasn't expecting it to be good, and, oh, it so did.

  I felt his cock warm and pulsing. I pushed against his crotch.

  "Aahhhh, Phiiil." he gasped and tensed, holding to my shoulder, not to lose the balance.

  I felt an extra warmth and so much pleasure with his cum inside me, feeling the shoots and even my breathing was changing with the amazing sensation.

  I felt as Ryan took his shaft out, as he quickly lay beside me, then placing himself under me.

  "Now, it's my turn." he said, with a happy goofy grin that shone through his eyes and flushed face, as he took his breath.

  "Do you really..." I tried starting, to assure him he didn't need to do it, but he started kissing me, hungrily, honry, licking my lower lip, inhaling on my neck.

  He rolled on his tummy as I knelt and I noticed his blond hair falling down, showing his smooth neck that I kissed, his slim waist and his butt as I touched it with my cock. Ryan moved a little to the sides to feel it too.

  I gently placed my hands on his butt and the tip of my cock.

  "Are you ready, hun?" I tenderly asked.

  "Mm... pleeease." he replied and giggled.

  I couldn't help gasping as I saw, amazed, my cock's head buried inside Ryan. He gasped.

  I thought it was a good idea caressing his sides in circles. I kissed his back and he moaned in approval and before I realized he was pushing against my shaft.

  I placed my hands on his shoulders and gasped helplessly, feeling the sensitive head inside him.

  "Is that okay?" I whispered.

  "Mmmm." he replied, pushing a little in approval.

  I moaned as I moved a little out and then in again. I was feeling warm and the precum leaking was leading me to an edge.

  "Mmm, babe." Ryan huskily said as I felt him pressing against my cock and cum erupting.

  "Love ya, Ry... ahh." I couldn't help saying as I felt that amazing sensation.

  I took my cock out and kissed his back helplessly.

  He faced me and reached for a kiss.

  As we parted the kiss, I got up and stretched a hand at him. I stared at him standing in front of me, naked, smooth as the evening light traced his slim waist. His eyes smiled as his hair shone golden and all his face got illuminated by a different light... the magical sunset light. I realized I was looking at my beloved.

  I turned to the window, as the sun was getting low in the horizon and felt Ryan's soft hands on my sides as he stood behind me.

  "It's so beautiful." he said, close to my ear. "It's high here... far from the ground."

  "Yeah... I would finish my life with that... I had been thinking of that for long... but now that I know how it is feeling complete..." I said. Ryan giggled at my shoulder.

  We stood, facing each other as the sunlight reached us between our touching noses and lips as we shared a long and wet kiss.

  "I love you, Phil." Ryan said above a whisper, smiling.

  "I love you, Ry."

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