I want a friend

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Chapter 14
Gotten by Love's arrow

  There was a wet kiss over my neck skin and then on my lips. I just know I woke up entwining my tongue in that long kiss. As I opened my eyes there was Ryan but then I just closed them again and moaned as I placed my hands on his back, pulling him at me.

  "Good morning." I lazily said.

  "Sorry, I didn't resist being here only looking at you." he replied, even some sheepishly.

  "Are you awake for long?" I asked.

  "No." he said with a shiny smile at me, which reflected on the light in his face. "I wouldn't resist that much." he continued.

  He lay beside me and I rested my head on his stomach. It felt comfy and safe as he lightly ruffled my hair with one hand and caressed my chest with the other.

  "We like each other so much that we say those beautiful things..." I said, looking at the ceiling.

  "Yeah." Ryan agreed.

  "I'd like you to know you don't have to say those things `cause I say them too. I'm honest on what I say." I continued and looked at him. I know I was ruining the moment but it meant a lot to me being sure as Ryan was the only one I didn't have to wonder about things with, I could just ask.

  "I know you mean what you say." he simply replied.


  "Because of the shine in your eyes, the way you look at me, mmmm... because of the much you like me other than... the way we are with each other." he finished with a huge smile that made me hug him tight as he smiled at my shoulder.

  "Do you think we can keep loving each other like... forever?" I asked.

  "Yeah!" he replied very affirmative. "Look at me." he said placing his hands on my arms.

  "Do you think we can't be friends forever?" he asked.

  "Yeah, you're right." I said and chuckled. "But, I was thinking... " I continued.

  "You think too much." he added and I couldn't help giggling with his light mood.

  "Sorry." he said and kept looking at me.

  "I feel happy with things we do, our lovemaking..." I was telling him, smiling at him. "the time we talk, laugh... hug." I was saying.

  "Me too." he said smiling at me.

  "But, don't you miss doing other things, ya know, `cause before it was so... fundamental to me going to the mall, going somewhere." I continued.

  "I feel happy with everything we do." he replied.

  "What about going to the park today?" I asked with an enthusiastic expression as I glanced through the window, the sun getting higher in the sky.

  "Are we gonna buy lollipops there?" Ryan asked, looking serious at me.

  "I don't guess so." I simply replied, puzzled.

  "Then, I guess I'm gonna need something else to suck!" he said with a sweet smile along with a teasing look.

  With that serious look, his lips reached mine for a feverish kiss as I ran my hands, hugrily, all over his back.

  He placed his hands in the pillow, close to my head, as I was pulling him down, and then on my hair.

  I kept pressing our bodies together, rocking our crotches together through the fabrics of our briefs as I slipped my hands to his butt.

  He kept kissing me as he was kissing my chin, then my cheek, my neck as I tried moving and breathing but mostly only moaned low in pleasure added to some happiness, too.

  As he had his face buried in my neck, I felt his hand over my crotch as I tried pushing against it without much success.

  He kept making his way down as he rubbed his lips over my chest as I closed my eyes for a moment lost in the sensation. Then, as he rubbed his lips, his tongue on my navel, I felt his hands running over my bare chest. They ran way too fast to my thighs as I felt my briefs being taken off.

  He lightly ran his fingers over my balls while he kissed my navel. That was making me gasp. Then, his fingers were tracing a line, lightly, slowly, on the base of my shaft, towards the top of it.

  I looked at him to see his huge smile, as he was looking at it very closely. As he looked at me, smiling, even with those shiny green eyes, he shook his head and tickled my navel with this blond hair. He looked at me once more and smiled.

  With that, he engulfed my cock in his mouth as he placed his hands on my thighs.

  I shivered as he ran his tongue all over the head and then the skin around it.

  He licked the base and the precum over it and took it in his mouth again and started sucking it while he moved his running hands towards my very inner thighs. That made me arch my back.

  I was moaning more and more. With that, he started fondling my balls while he was sucking my shaft and that only made me more helpless as the urge built inside me.

  "Ah, Ryan." I moaned but that only motivated him more.

  I exploded in his mouth, his throat, his tongue as he licked all of it and I just shivered.

  With that, he made his way up but I let it all for him to taste as I slipped a little downwards and started kissing his right nipple.

  As I sensed him tremble, I took the opportunity to roll him to his back and didn't stop, making my way to the other side of his chest.

  "Oh, Phil!" he moaned as he gently placed one hand on my head running it until my shoulder.

  As I caressed his sides, I kissed his chest once more.

  "Here's where you heart is." I said and looked at him with a smile.

  "I'd say something but I'm too horny." he replied, breathing a little heavily even with some anguish in his expression but I just got running my hand on his chest as I slowly pulled his briefs off.

  I kept making my way down but then I just missed the right spot and was kissing his thigh. I couldn't resist kissing the other one as they were so firm and `kisseable', making my way more to the inner side.

  "Mmm... Phil." Ryan was moaning, almost complaining.

  With small kisses on his throbbing member I reached the top of it and didn't resist anymore as I engulfed all I could. That made Ryan gasp and arch like in a jolt.

  I took it out of my mouth and caressed his torso for a moment.

  As I engulfed his shaft once more, I started sucking faster and was making his gasp.

  I heard a deeper gasp as I felt his load in my throat and then his cock pulsed several times, filling my mouth with cum.

  After having it all, I licked his shaft to make sure I didn't miss anything and then I just felt like lying over him, for him to hug me and make me feel safe, warm... loved.

  I was just hearing his fast breathing as he was ruffling my hair, for a while.

  "We have to get up if we're going to the park, huh?" he asked with smiling eyes as I looked at him.

  I just smiled back and we went having breakfast.

  We were eating as the sun entered the kitchen through the window. As I had the food in front of me, I stopped for a moment and was looking at Ryan, the way that only with his bare torso, only in shorts and his messed up hair he looked so beautiful.

  "What?" he asked with big green eyes along with his pink cheeks which were even more evident as he had his mouth full of cereal.

  "Is my hair that bad?" he asked, moving his hands to his hair.

  "Nooo." I replied with a smile, lightly taking his hand out of his head. "You're cute, that's exactly what I was looking." I continued.

  "Then you gotta look cute too." he said messing up my hair.

  "Stop that, stop." I was trying to say as we laughed and I tried avoiding.

  "Hey, you slipped milk over me." I said, taking my breath, looking at my chest.

  We had to go to the park by bus as it wasn't close to Ryan's house and we chatted about everything we could think of on the way. I just know we talked so much we needed buying a bottle of water for each one of us as we arrived.

  "Mm... much better." Ryan said after finishing his water.

  "Me too." I said as I drank my water as well.

  "There's quite sometime I don't come to the park." Ryan said. "My parents used to bring me here when I was younger." he continued.

  That got me to think that parents didn't used to go out with me, to give me much attention. I guess he noticed that in my look but didn't say anything.

  "But then, I just used to play video games and then there was the computer." he mentioned. I noticed the way he looked at the ground for a moment.

  "So, here we are." Ryan said with a smile again.

  We started the way the green grass was shining so much along with the green of the trees, which had shadows under them and flowers of the greatest variety of shades as the sun made it all shine bright in contrast with the blue sky. There were kids, people with their dogs, having ice-cream and abou that, it reminded me of a Ryan's previous comment about the park.

  We didn't know what to say to each other for a moment, so Ryan just giggled and I smiled looking at him as the wind brushed some of his hair.

  "So, what do you say about running?" I asked.

  "See? There's a track all around the park." I said pointing at it as Ryan also had a sight of it.

  "But it has miles." he argued.

  "We walk. Then we run a little, okay?" I tentatively asked, with a compatible look and smile, at him.

  "Alright then." he said not denying a smile as well.

  "So, take your t-shirt off." I said as I was taking mine off.

  "But here, in front of all these people?" he inquired.

  "Yeeeah... there are many shirtless people. See?" I said.

  "But where are we gonna leave them?" he still asked.

  "You attached it to your waistband, around your butt, see? It gets a little longer than shorts' length."

  "That's okay then." he replied with a small smile, even shrugging a little. I noticed him looking down to take his t-shirt off not to face people but could find it only cute, like his sincerity showing to me, so I didn't say anything.

  "Let's go?" I asked with an encouraging huge smile.

  "Walking first!" he reminded me.

  As we walked, I made sure of keeping a fast pace but I just couldn't deny at Ryan stopping to see two blue birds he noticed on a tree and then some white flowers. Actually I got amazed the way he could also realize those small beautiful things, and that we could share it together.

  In the end, we ran the last mile. After that, we lay spent under a tree. I told Ryan we took ot t-shirts off but they would be useful as we were lying over them not to have the grass tickling our backs.

  His cheeks were really flushed after running and I made sure checking my chest was reddened as well. We were taking our breathes as I looked the glimpse of sunrays through the small leaves, from downwards.

  "Do you feel good?" I asked.

  "Yeah." he replied, with a happy smile at me and I guess seeing hishappiness made me feel happier than being happy myself. I know it was kind of senseless. I suppose, then, I was really in love.

  "I'd like to tell you, Phil, that for me, our lovemaking is a huge deal, then we don't need to keep looking for cool things to do as it's only nice because you're here, right?" he said. I just nodded as we were lying over the grass, looking at each other. "And it feels very good the way you care if I'm good. Thank you." he continued.

  "I guess that's because we are in love." Ryan completed.

  "Then, I'm sooo thankful." I said, laughing and so did he laugh along with me.

  We were lying quiet as I watched his shirtless chest rise and fall with his breathing. There was the grass underneath and above I could see the leaves and the shades of sunlight.

  I looked to the side and saw the white clouds in the immense blue sky.

  "See that cloud? It looks like two people hugging." I said.

  "Where?" Ryan asked.

  "That one." I said, pointing at it.

  "And the other, in the right looks like a heart." he mentioned.


  "And that one... it looks like an arrow, doesn't it?"

  "For me it looks like a dick." Ryan said and giggled.

  "For you, everything must look like this." I added and chuckled.

  "I guess that's `cause I'm around you." he completed.

  "Then, when you see me that's all you think about?" I said pretending disbelief and gave him a light punch in the arm.

  As the laughter faded there was only his sincere look towards me.

  "Now seriously, it means a lot being around you." he started as I just kept looking at him. "It seems things get better... like more colorful... easier, ya know?" he said.

  "I feel elated as you're the only one I can be myself with. I guess I am myself just because of you, ya know?" I told him.

  "Yeah, we love each other." he completed and reached for my hand as we were lying under the fresh tree's shadow.

  As we arrived at Ryan's house I should get going back home.

  "Now, I gotta go." I told him as we were in the living room.

  "Oh, really?" he groaned at me taking my both hands and looking at them instead of facing me.

  "You know I must get going." I said and tried a smile.

  "Right." he replied, letting go of my hands.

  Ryan went towards the window as he heard a car approaching by the sidewalk.

  "Hey, it's your dad, isn't it?" Ryan said.

  I went checking through the window. It really was my dad's car but it was actually his dad and mine... only for my greater disbelief.

  I saw Ryan's dad talking to mine and coming towards the door. Well, with that Ryan already went running to open the door.

  "Daaad!" I heard him shouting as I kept looking at the window and then looked back at Ryan and his dad after he hugged him.

  "Dad?" I said as he approached the door as well.

  "Yeah, we were out together." Ryan's dad explained with his upbeat mood in his voice.

  "And this way I can take you home." dad completed with his calm voice.

  As he went out with Ryan's dad, I just hoped dad could learn with him how being a good father but, for sure, mom was improving as we arrived at home.

  "Phillip, as you like lasagna I was thinking about making it for dinner. Is it okay with you?" she asked as I came in.

  I was taken by surprise as I wasn't expecting my mother to ask me what I would like for dinner and even less in a low voice instead of screaming. All I could say was `yes'.

  "Great. Go having a shower and settling your school stuff, okay?" she said.

  "Okay." I replied, still kind of motionless.

  That night, I was tired and that would help me having a heavy and comforting sleep to restart one more week but also happy due to Ryan, as usual. It is amazing the way he always can make me happy with something new and the way it only adds to all he's been doing. Other than that, I was pleased even with some unexpected events which were surely God's gifts, as everything else, so I prayed.

  "God, I'm really thankful for everything You've been doing for me. I don't know if I deserve all of it, if I deserve Ryan, but I'm sure I'm gonna try my best. And I'd like to ask You one special thing. I'd like to tell you I know how it feels being lonely, so, please God, don't let my faith in You down, don't let those who feel this way suffer. Thank you."

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