I want a friend

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  Chapter 3
A friend

  "My head hurts, the light blinds me... though there isn't much light here..." I was thinking as I was waking up.

  "I should've drifted off soon, instead of being crying like an idiot." I said to myself... mentally.

  "Mmmmm" I moaned "I wanna stay here... with my covers, inside my room, where's warm... and dark." I thought to myself.

  And well, it just couldn't be... so with a deep breath I got up to take some briefs, oh yeah, and the lenses box, the lenses solution, the retainers box, my condiotiner and shampoo behind the zits cream and the sports cream, beside my goggles... oh, and the towel. See?... if my closet isn't settled with this lot of things... many of then to annoy me in the early morning... while and erection was pokiing inside my shorts.

  "Gosh, I'm so horny that I'm barely concentrating on what I'm doing." I thought.

  "I came a lot yesterday..." I kept thinking.

  "Aaahrgh." I gasped as I felt my erection contract and poke once more and almost a jolt "...and I guess I'm just gonna cum much more this morning." I concluded.

  I got to the bathroom with all `my stuff' that I'd brought from my room and was looking at the mirror, brushing my teeth.

  "How's it possible,... I'm gonna look much better in twenty-minutes." I was thinking.

  As I took my shorts off, my cock sprang and I got under the warm spray.

  I let the water soak my hair, then raised and flexed my arms to comb my wet hair with my fingers while the water ran all over my body.

  "Some tan wouldn't be bad..." I thought as I looked at my pale biceps, pale chest but as I looked downwards I realized there was no time to think of that.

  I took hold of my wet and warm shaft, as the warm water fell over my shoulders making its way through my back and I held my balls tightly as they were starting aching.

  I looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath and then, to look downwards at my shaft, I bent my head downwards as my wet hair whipped against my chest. My chin rested on my chest as it was redenning.

  I gasped with all the vapour around me as I saw an arch of cum close to my nose and felt it drip all over my torso.

  Then... well, I took my shower.

  After being ready, I went having breakfast -- and yeah, I looked much better than a few minutes before.

  As I walked towards the school, I just wished I had a good day, after all, I was tired of sorrow. I was watching the sunrise, the way the sky would lose its pink and orange shades to gain a light and forceful blue and the sun would come to life, to fulfill its duty of lightening the day, moving in front of my eyes, giving the impression it wasn't moving, while the light hit my hair, my face... to wake me up at all... against my eyes.

  There was the chemistry test to make sure I was awake... actually I hadn't studied much but it seems people really trusted on what I had.

  Sometime after the test starting, the teacher got a piece of paper with some answer and I just stopped what I was doing to glance, gladly it wasn't mine... `cause others were... one of these days I would get caught for some teacher... but what matters is that I finished the test and could go out to buy lunch, earlier.

  I joined the line as everybody was getting out to the lunch break and to make the noisy environment of lunch time and I saw Ryan approaching.

  "Hey, did you get out earlier?" he asked.

  "Yeah, I just had the chemistry test." I replied.

  "Mmm... how did you manage it?"

  "Fine... I suppose."

  "Aren't you gonna buy lunch?" I asked.

  "Yeah... er... could you buy it for me? I mean, it's almost your turn to buy, so..."

  "Sure, what do you want?"

  "The same you get for ya is fine." he answered.

  We got a table away from his friends and I was surprised that he was having lunch with me instead of them but I wasn't complaining at all.

  As we were having lunch, he started talking about the gym and the workout.

  "So, are you planning on training at the gym today?" he asked.

  "Yeah, sure." I assured him. Actually I had plans to go swimming but I just changed my mind. Of course, it'd be better gym with Ryan than swimming alone.

  "Today after class then?" he asked.

  "Yup." I said and smiled.

  Next, there was the grammar test and er... I hadn't studied for this one. As I entered the classroom people were freaking out, with their books, asking me things. I tried telling'em it wasn't good before the test but they never hear... I told'em they should get calm... they got some... after giving me pieces of paper.

  As the test was going on, the teacher went answering some doubt and I was writing some answer in one of the `little papers'. As I got the paper in my hand, the teacher saw it and I put it between my thighs but she was already going towards my desk to aske me for the paper and see the test's answers written in it.

  "I may get caught one of these days... but not today!" I thought to myself as I got another blank paper under my thigh.

  "Where's the paper?" she asked as she approached.

  "Here." I said and handed an unwritten paper to her... and that was close. After that I threw at Ashley the right paper and I'm sure it'd help everybody. Actually it wouldn't, but how could I explain to them that instead of taking the answers they should study for their own good?!!?!

  As we were heading outside, after the final bell, the girls were gigging and talking in disbelief at such attempt, making me explain what I did more than once.

  "You were fast as a ninja!" Linda commented.

  "Hey `ninja'!" Trent yelled at the hall and we were all laughing as we headed outside. That'd be the joke of the week and I was even being laughed at... but it was a little funny... hehe.

  Shaking my head at these thoughts and situaton, I approached the gym, Ryan was already there, all smiles, and that was definitely something good.

  "Hi, it seems you arrived first, today." I said.

  "Yeah, it seems so."

  I don't know if it was his clothes, his hair, the light, but Ryan was more beautiful.. probably it was his smile.

  "So, what's your training today?" I asked.

  "I was thinking about biceps... anyway, what are you gonna do?" he asked me.

  "Today it's legs, calves and abdominals." I said and smiled back at him.

  "So, that's what we're gonna do today!"

  "But don't you wanna do exactly what you just said?" I inquired.

  "No problem." he assured "You're the boss."

  "Don't go saying that, I can get conceited about it."

  "Just don't!" he said.

  I was staring at him and he was looking at me when he averted his gaze to the bars, the bench and even the ceiling, creating an awkward silence that, at least, gave me time to think of something smart to say.

  "Alright, so that, we train biceps and shoulders on Friday."

  "Why Friday, aren't you gonna train tomorrow?" Ryan asked.

  "Of course I am, as I said, I train everyday, buuut tomorrow it's swimming." I told him "If you wanna join me, bring your trunks, right?" I said with a smile and kinda expectant, I admit.

  "Right." he said averting his gaze to the floor for one moment as his smile faded.

  "So, aren't you gonna start?" I said taking a bar.

  "Sure." he replied with a smile, vanishing the impression I said something wrong.

  The training didn't take long but that only meant that there was time for more abdominals... I really like them.

  "107, 108, 109,... c'mon, c'mon Ryan." I was saying, kneeling beside him as he was lying on the floor with his hands behind his head, yeah, he was finishing the abdominals and his cheeks were already reddish, but I think mine also were.

  "110, 111, 112... 113."

  "I'm done." he said taking his breath, spent on the floor.

  "Oh, just a little more..." I was pushing him.

  "Hey" he said and took a deep breath "it's not only `cause you made half-thousand that I can do it too."

  He was too serious saying that, I almost thought he got a little upset, but then he smiled at me.

  "Alright." I said with a smile of my own, getting up and outstretching a hand at him which he grabbed to get up as well.

  "I guess it's over now." he said as we were standing, facing each other.

  "Yeah, I guess so." I said.

  "Er... Phillip..." he started as I was looking at him. And he went silent for a moment, like thinking and I was only staring, I mean, waiting for him to say what he was gonna say.. which seemed he wouldn't say anymore or forgot or somethin'.

  "Could I come over to play some video games, if I'm not gonna disturb at your house... ya know, `cause you invited me yesterday..." he didn't finish saying.

  "Of course, let's go then!" I said with a smile, maybe too goofy, I guess, but I just wasn't expecting for that.

  "Where do you live?" Ryan asked as we were walking.

  "In a small village where there are no buses to, going through a narrow woody track, after the river, across the bridge..." and the smile spreading on my face, seeing him pay attention to that, was making me fail on my `tale'.

  "What?" he asked with a smile.

  "S'only a few more blocks." I said, being honest.

  "Much better." he said and chuckled. "Er... do you live here?" he asked with a puzzled expression looking at the builidings with trees and glassy balconies.

  "Oh, not that good, as I told, a few more blocks." I replied.

  "Would you come over even if I lived far, as I was saying?" I asked.

  "I guess so." he said.

  As we entered home, I went getting some water.

  "Do you want some water?" I asked.

  "Please." he replied.

  "Thanks, I was thirsty, it's not that close from school." he said after drinking the water.

  "Yeah, I like walking..." I replied.

  "You like walking, you like gym... abdominals..., an athlete indeed." he assured.

  "It's not like that..." I said not really knowing what to say and trying not to blush. "Dunno about ya, but I gotta eat!" I continued changing the subject.

  I got some bread, ham, cheese, soda and with this we were eating.

  "Hey, take one more, feel like home." I said to Ryan as he finished the first sandwich. I was already on the second one.

  We finished eating and I took the dishes to the kitchen.

  "Let's play." I said as I turned to living room's TV on and went towards the CDs.

  "Can youuse the living room's TV for that?" he asked with a kinda puzzled expression.

  "Yeah, why?" I replied.

  "At home mom doesn't let me..." he told me.

  "My parents don't really care..." I said. I was almost saying a few more things along, that he didn't have to know, but I kept my mouth shut.

  We were plaing really fine, as the afternoon was winding down. I think he was better than me, except for one or two games that he didn't have, I guess `cause he uses to play more than me as I don't play really often. I used to play more often but I don't see much fun on playing alone...

  We were playing the fight game and he was winning for five points and I guess it was taking some of my motivation, besides as we were still on gym clothes and sitting on the floor, I could see most of his bare thighs where he was resting his elbows on, his arms, his fingers moving... and his concentrating face as his hair was brushing, and he bit his lower lip...

  "Phillip, agaaaain?!" he said.

  "Er... mmm... yeah..." I dumbly replied focusing back.

  "S'already siiix points." he said with a little smile.

  "'Cause ya'r cheatin'!" I protested "You're abusin' of the special attack and... and er... you're using the same character all time!"

  "Yeah, I guess I'm better" he said with a smile and shrugged at me.

  "Yeah, suuure..." I said ironically and poked his rib.

  "Of course I am!" he replied and poked me and then tried to poke me again.

  "We're gonna see who's better!" I said as I starting poking his rib and then his belly.

  I pulled him onto the floor but he rolled over me and got to poke my ribs. I was trying to poke him back but I am too ticklish... so that, my bad.

  "Alright, alright, ya'r better" I was almost scraming as I couldn't stop laughing and was already gasping for air and he had a mischievous expression.

  He stopped, holding my both wrists down to the floor with his hands as we were taking our breathes.

  He was looking at me with his deep green eyes as his hair was slowly falling and covering his face and I couldn't help looking back as the smiles faded.

  "I guess I better go home." he said letting go of my wrists. "It's getting late." he said as it really was.

  That night, before drifting off, I was thinking about the events of the day and I couldn't help thinking of Ryan, of the much we laughed... and his touch, even if only for a brief moment.

  Maybe I found a friend that I could tell everything to, that I could touch, hug... I was thinking while hugging my pillow tight...

  I was thinking of him looking at me, while his hair fell over his face covering his deep green gaze, as a tear fell and hit the pillow and it brought a smile to my face. I finally found... a friend.

  My note
  The sunset is a magical moment, when for a brief moment, it seems the time stops, when you can see the sun moving in front of your eyes giving the same things a different shade of colour.

  Most of it has been written while I was at places such as parks and squares, allowing me not to be too much in front of the screen and writing at the same time, making some good to my mind, along with my soul and body, so that, I recommend you to read, but to spend some time outdoors and take advantage such simple thing that life offers us.

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