I want a friend

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  Chapter 5

  In a couple of days, I'd experienced many good sensations through the sorrow I've been drown in thank to Ryan, once and acquitance who'd turned into what I'd been asking for long and I just wouldn't stand seeing him sad, that's why I got him to talk to me and it just moved me the way he felt comfy with me and felt better and calm... and drifted off with me.

  I was sleeping so fine, it felt good as it didn't in a long time, not the usual sleep that would take too long to come and that'd feel heavy and leave me tired... I felt the warmth against my back and the tender wrapping but there were some movement... and some sounds too and I was awakening.

  Ryan was unwrapping his arms from around me as I opened my eyes and there was some sobbing too.

  "I'm sorry, Phillip, I'm sorry..." he said to me as I turned facing him "I didn't want to, I mean, I guess I do, but I won't..."

  "Hey, there's nothing to be sorry about." I said rubbing my thumb on his arm.

  "Why does it have to feel so good?!" he asked, I guess not to me exactly, in a so sad way like this feeling was even hurting him.

  "Stop it, k?" I whispered, lying on my side, combing his hair with my fingers.

  "I'm so ashamed, I'm not being decent." he said as he noticed I saw the tent on his shorts and he changed his expression to blank and then puzzled "Don't you mind?" he hesitated.

  "I like it a lot." I said in his ear and I knew that I was so crossing a line. With that, he stared at the bulge on my shorts, which was quite more noticiable as I was shirtless.

  Our eyes met and I just whispered at him to hug me pulling him upon me and wrapped my arms around him as he was caressing my chest, with his face buried close to my neck.

  "It feels good, doesn't it?" I said, above a whisper, as I was rocking my body against his. He just moaned on my neck in reply.

  I stopped rubbing, reaching for his t-shirt and when I pulled it up he stretched his arms for me to take it off as I messed up his hair and then reached his back with both hands. I was rubbing it lightly in circles, feeling his skin, the warmth as I felt his breathing on my chest, and his trembling... I could barely believe it was happening... that I was feeling his skin, his skin against mine.

  He faced me and I smiled at him as I was so pleased, there wasn't a huge smile but I knew I was smiling through my eyes, as his were smiling at me. He knelt on the mattress and with this I took my shorts off as he did the same. He had only green briefs on... my boxers were white.

  I reached for him to lie upon me, to feel his warm chest as he started pulling his crotch against mine. His soft cheek was close to mine as he was moaning in my ear and I had my hands running all over his back.

  I wanted to hold it back, as I didn't even take my briefs off, but I felt the warmth and wetness against my crotch with Ryan's moans and I felt an unbearable urge erupting out of me as I tensed, and added to the wetness I was feeling, just letting it out.

  He was breathing heavily as I felt his exhaling on my neck and his chest pushing against mine with all the heat.

  "Oh, it was so good." Ryan saidin my ear, still lying on me.

  "Did you like it?" I asked, ruffling his hair.

  "A lot." he said huskily in my ear running his lips against my cheek and reaching mine.

  I had my hands all over his back as his lips hungrily approached mine and I wanted to kiss him, and we kissed again... and again.

  When we let go, I was flushed, so was he, and I kinda didn't know what to say, I was feeling so happy. His cheeks were so pink and he averted his gaze, as he was lying with his elbows close to my head, and some of his hair fell over his chest. I decided then, just kissing his cheek again and with this he looked at me and giggled and then looked across the window.

  "Damn, s'already getting dark." he said, kneeling on the mattress.

  "And you need some briefs." I said, pointing at his briefs, making him blush "Mine are wet too." I continued and chuckled as he looked at them.

  "Lemme take some for you er... for us.", I said, getting up.

  "Where's the bathroom?" he asked as I handed him some boxers.

  "Next door on the hall."

  "I'll be right back then, k?" he said and left.

  With this, I changd my briefs and made the bed again as Ryan got back. He put his clothes on again and so did I.

  "Well, as I said, it's getting late." he said as we were already dressed.

  "And that means that you gotta stay and sleepover!" I concluded.

  "Yeah, it... er I mean, nooo, I should go, Phillip. You're really good on making me confused." he said in his cute way.

  "Alright, let's go." I said as I took him by the hand.

  "Phillip, hey... I didn't get my bag." he was protesting as we were going -- I was pulling him -- to the kitchen.

  As we were at the kitchen mom was already home.

  "Hi, mom. This is my friend, Ryan." I said.

  "Oh, hi, Ryan." she greeted him. "Is he your friend from school?" she asked me.

  "Yeah... mom, I'd like to know if he could stay tonight." I said and he gave me a look like `what are you doing'. "He's having problems `cause his parents are getting divorced, so..." I continued.

  "Your dad and I are beyond the point of getting divorced" she said as she was cooking. "... but you already know that." she continued.

  "Does your mom know you're here?" she asked Ryan.

  "Oh, I guess she doesn't know... er actually, I don't wanna disturb, really." he said and little he knew he was `buying mom' with his politeness.

  "Mom... could you call his mom and ask if he can stay?" I asked.

  "Okay, I'm finishing cooking here and I'm gonna call his mom to tell he's here and to ask if it's ok." she replied. "Phillip, leave his phone number close to the phone." she asked me.

  "K, mom."

  "Are you gonna eat now?... dinner's almost ready."

  "Oh, we gotta take a shower, yet."

  "Alright, in this meanwhile I'll make a salad." she said and with this we were heading back to my room.

  "Phillip!" mom yelled from the kitchen "Don't forget giving your friend a clean towel."

  "Right, mom." I replied.

  Ryan went taking a shower and I went to my room listening to some music while I was thinking of everything that was filling my day, as I didn't really expect finding Ryan crying, much less that he'd want to hug me to do it... and I so loved it.

  I couldn't imagine seeing Ryan crying before that day. He'd always looked like so pleased and confident, but not too much pleased and confident as I did -- because I was pretending --... his actions looked natural and he had his friends. He was crying because his parents were gettind divorced and I don't guess I'd get sad if mine did. Besides, he's beautiful, but I suppose my opinion concerning to that was already `affected' at the time.

  As I was thinking... I was just hoping that Ryan didn't regret being so close to me, and that he wouldn't try getting away from me, like on the next schoolday. However, these thoughts just didn't make sense once I saw Ryan, after the shower, when he got back to my room with the cleaness image, his smile and his manner, that had became kinda shy, and with that I went taking a shower too.

  As I went to the living room, after the shower, mom was still talking to Ryan's mom as he was sitting on the sofa, kinda paying attention.

  He just smiled as he saw me and I smiled back sitting beside him.

  For what I could hear mom was already giving advices and everything and yeah, I kinda admit I never say things aimlessly in some situations, like when I told mom about Ryan's folks, no, I wasn't being rude nor impolite at Ryan as I know mom has `the thing' that makes everybody going on talking and talking to her... now you know where I got it from... intelligence is from dad as he doesn't give in about it, but talking is from mom, at least some.

  "Alright guys, go get dinner." she said as she hang up.

  "You know, I wouldn't get divorced from your dad " mom was telling us as we were eating. "even if he found another woman out there. I'd just be glad to send his clothes but I so would not agree with the divorce, after all, she'd get the laundry, I'd get the money." she commented. I know it isn't comfortable talking about such things this way but mom's like that... I just hoped it could help in this case.

  "Now, talking about it... I gotta do the laundry. You guys have dinner and if you want more, just go there and get it." she said.

  "By the way, the food is great." Ryan commented and it was noticiable as we weren't talking... we were eating.

  "Yeah, it's very good, mom." I completed.

  "I do what I can." she said and left.

  After eating, we brushed our teeth and we were going to my room.

  "Mom, we're already going to bed." I went saying to her.

  "You settle the sheets and stuff to your friend, right?" she said.

  "Right, g'night."

  I closed the door and stripped only to my boxers and Ryan did the same as I was getting the sheets and settling the mattress beside my bed as well.

  "Do you mind sleeping on the mattress, like on the floor?" I asked.

  "Oh, no, I really don't." he said.

  I lay on the bed and looked at him on the mattress, his slim form as he was lying, his beautiful hair, so golden and shiny like his very presence along with this pale back that ended in the black boxers he was wearing, and he was not aware of the much he was beautiful to me, as I could see on the way he looked at me, so simple, some confused and maybe a little insecure. I was looking all over him, his neck, his back, his legs... he looked at the mattress and then at me, with shiny eyes.

  "Can you stay close to me?" he asked and made room for me beside him turning sideways. "I mean... if you want to..." he continued.

  "May I?" I asked hesitant.

  "Please?" he said softly and it melted me.

  I got up to turn the light off and lie beside him and I didn't even think when I lay wrapping my arms around him.

  "Feels good." he said above a whisper.

  "Are you feeling better?" I asked.

  "Mmm, now I am." he replied. "They're so wrong, it feels so good being like this, it's like the problems go away." he continued.

  "Aaand, do you wanna talk about some problem right now?" I asked.

  "Well, I've already talked quite some about my folks's issue, so..."

  "Oh, yup. I'm sorry being rude, but I told mom about it for good reasons, I mean, for her to know why you're here and she was talking to your mom, I guess." I commented

  "Oh yeah, she handed me the phone to talk to mom and then kept talking to her... I guess I understand why you told your mom about it." he told me.

  "If there are people who wouldn't get divorced, even having all the reasons in the world, I guess these would be my parents, so that, I want you to know that if mom can help your mom some, she will."

  "I sense you have problems with your folks, too." Ryan commented as he also turned facing me. "And you don't sweat it that much, nor start crying for it, right?" he said with a positive smile but couldn't help being a little ashamed so far, blushing some.

  "That's okay, whatever it is... you're my friend." I assured him.

  "You're my best friend, Phil." he said with his arms around me, looking in my eyes, and that was filling my eyes with tears. "And I don't want you to think that I'm gonna be away of you like tomorrow `cause now that I have a friend I won't let him go." he concluded tightening his embrace and reaching for a kiss.

  I could feel his warm exhale and then his lips touching mine and the way his tongue pulled anxious to feel mine as I just surrended and felt like I could fly wrapped at him.

  I closed my eyes as I felt his smooth back with my fingers and then broke the kiss, gasping for air with a sob, feeling the salty taste of the tears that mixed to the kiss.

  "Thank you, God." I whispered with tears running on my cheeks.

  "Thank you, Phillip." Ryan added with watered eyes and tears already falling. "Thank you for being so nice to me and everything you've been doing to me and..." he took a deep breath and I took him in a tight embrace that I never wanted to let go.

  "Now, stop it `cause I've already cried too much today." Ryan whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek.

  He spread a smile on his face, reassuring me as I knelt to appreaciate his body under the moonlight coming from across the window and to take his briefs off as he reached to take mine off, too.

  I ran my hands on his smooth chest, way down on his firm abs, tracing a lien towards his thighs and calves, making my way up on his inner thighs.

  I took hold of his balls and he moaned... they were moving like if they had life... and then ther was his shaft, which felt so warm when I held it.

  I stroked it once, holding his balls, stroked it again and then moved my hand to his tummy.

  "Mmm, mmm." he was moaning as he arched his back.

  I kept stroking and running my hand on his torso as I saw and arch of cum landing on his chest and then two more, and more cum fell on my hand.

  I took a t-shirt from the bed to clean it as he was breathing heavily.

  "Oh my god, it feels so good. Thank you, Phil." Ryan said taking his breath as I reached for a kiss.

  As I lay onto him he ran his hand downwards looking for my erection.

  I adjusted myself comfortable lying on the mattress as he bent down to kiss me, then running his hands on my chest, my sides, reaching my thighs, that he caressed in circles.

  Then he took hold of my balls and I gasped as I was already leaking precum and could feel the urge builiding up.

  He took hold of my hard cock and started stroking it as I moaned in pleasure.

  Then as he started running his hand on my torso and increased the pace, it became too much for me.   "Aaahhhhhhh." I whispered as I felt the warm cum falling all over my chest, tummy and on Ryan's hand who I looked at, watching in amazement with light in his green eyes.

  I smiled at him as I was breathing heavily and he took the t-shirt to clean my torso.

  After cleaning it, he was looking at me, so beautiful, calm and I'd say happy too, so that, I knelt on the mattress as well and hugged him tight.

  He pulled me to the mattress and I lay with my head on his chest, not letting go of him as he rested his hands on my back.

  "Mmmm, I guess I don't wanna get back to my bed." I said huskily, resting my cheek on his smooth chest.

  "I don't want you to go, either." he said above a whisper and bent his head forward to kiss my head.

  "I can barely believe I'll sleep like this." I said.

  "We will, we will." he said, tightening the embrace and making me more comfortable, feeling his warmth and smooth touch.

  "Yeah." I replied.

  I kissed his chest and drifted off with him ruffling my hair.

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