I want a friend

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  Chapter 6

  As I woke up, there was still a little dark. As I opened my eyes, I had my head resting on Ryan's tummy and he was holding me with his arms wrapped around me.

  "Hey, wake up." I said in his ear, kissing it.

  "Mmmm... this way, I guess I even want to wake up." Ryan said huskily, opening his eyes.

  "I want my good morning kiss." I said wrapping my arms upon his shoulders.

  "So, let me brush my teeth first, otherwise, maybe you're not gonna like it." he said, getting into a sitting position.

  "Aaalright, silly boy,... I'd like it anyway... let's go then." I said, getting up.

  We were brushing our teeth together, close to the sink, and looking at the mirror. Ryan looked so cute with foam all over his mouth... his cheeks got pink, his eyes really green, along with his messed up hair. He was adorable that morning.

  "Mmmm, good morning dear." he said after a peck on the lips.

  I pulled him close again with my hands on his back and wrapped my tongue in his.

  "Now, that's my good morning kiss." I said grinning.

  "Have you noticed that I woke you up earlier?" I asked with a wicked smile.

  "Yeah... it's still a little dark." he naively replied.

  "That means we have time." I said, opening the bedroom's door.

  "Mmmm, now I guess I'm getting what you mean." he said wrapping me in his arms and I moaned.

  As I let go of the embrace, I pulled him at the mattress and knelt making my way upwards to his lips.

  He bent his head forward to reach my lips and we kissed.

  I was making my way down kissing and exhaling on his neck and it made him shiver. With this, I put his hands behind his head.

  "Leave your hands there, don't move." I said to a smiling Ryan. "Let me kiss you."

  I smooched his tummy and then went to his left peck on the chest, kissing it lightly in a wet way, doing the same with the right one and then tracing a kissing line from the middle of his chest until his navel.

  He was already moaning when I started kissing his right thigh, with this I went to the left one.

  "Oh, Phillip, oh..." he was moaning.

  I started kissing his inner thighs lying my lips on the hairs that were forming there, as I had my hands resting on his ribs and then on his torso, to feel it tremble, as if Ryan was holding an explosion... with this, I made my way down with my hands to pull his briefs down and take them off.

  As I put my fingertips on his pulsing shaft, cum erupted all over his chest and I made my way up to kiss him.

  He pulled me down to the mattress, kissing me hugrily, as our tongues fought wrapping themselves as he was rubbing my ribs in circles and that was making me crazy as I was trying to rock against his crotch, but he went backwards.

  He bent his head to the sides meaning `no' and it made my heartbeat increase as I was already pretty horny and started kissing my ribs on the left and that was making me shiver a lot.

  He stopped, kneeling with his knees one on each side of my torso and smiled mischievously as he bent down towards my ribs on the right.

  When it was sending me to an edge, he started rubbing his soft lips on my thighs, but suddenly, he stopped and took my briefs off.

  He was only watching my chest raising and falling and then, met my expectant eyes, looking at his adorable face, which became pretty serious when he took hold of my shaft and pressed it tight. I gasped in pleasure.

  With this, he pressed my balls with one hand and rested his fingers on my shaft as I felt the hot drops of cum landing all over my torso.

  He made his way to my neck, exhaling in it, buring his face in it, as I breathed heavily.

  As my breathing was getting regular, I held him tight. He bent his head upwards to look at my face and spread a smile at me.

  "It feels good, doesn't it?" I said above a whisper.

  "We made a mess." he added and giggled.

  "That's why we're gonna take a shower." I replied.

  We made our way to the bathroom and I wrapped Ryan, walking towards the shower. The warm water started falling between us. I felt like hugging him through the warm water, kissing his shoulder, placing my fingers on his back.

  Ryan and I put our clothes on to start one more schoolday and went having breakfast.

  That was the first time I was walking to school with Ryan, and well, as you must assume by now, that made my morning become more beautiful.

  The morning light across the tree's leaves and reached Ryan's hair, making it golden, and the cool breeze ruffled his hair and mine too, letting the sunlight shine on his face as the breeze blew upon his t-shirt as I stared, as I knew the perfect shape underneath.

  I was watching him as he was looking around, at the buildings, the trees. He looked at me and smiled.

  "I think it all looks beautiful, what do you think?" I asked.

  "I think people should see what's beyond their prejudice." he replied as I had a kinda blank and puzzled expression because I didn't get what he meant with that.

  I mean, we see the beauty on things that are out here like... everyday... walking together, while people try making sensible people feel bad... it's very beautiful." he concluded.

  That was beautiful indeed and reminded me of the cold mornings, when I'd walk alone, drown in my thoughts, trying to deny the loneliness... I felt a tear running over my cheek.

  "Hey, babe, what's wrong?" Ryan tenderly asked.

  "Oh, nothing, dear." I said, trying a smile between two more tears falling over my cheek. "It's just that..." I said, avoiding my glance but then looking at him who had stopped and was staring at me "... I was reminding of the days I'd walk alone through this same way, and ya know, I used to cry sometimes, feeling so lonley and pushing myself to school..." I concluded, shrugging at my thought.

  "Don't cry, okay?" Ryan said, placing a thumb on my cheek. That made me look at him and smile. He tenderly smiled back, wipping my tears away. "You don't have to anymore."

  "I'm gonna be here, from now on." He continued.

  "And that's gonna make me happy." I concluded, smiling.

  That day, I had biology class with Ryan and it was like I couldn't help stare at him, and sometimes he'd look back and try avoiding it and then glance again to look at me thinking I wouldn't be looking anymore, and as I was, he'd giggle and I would giggle, and he was so cute.

  During lunch, he made sure choosing the spot under the tree for us to have lunch together. I can just assume that was perfect, as there was Ryan, along with the breeze and the spring's sunlight.

  As I stopped eating, to take a look at what I mentioned, Ryan was looking at me. I spread a big smile at him and he averted his gaze to the ground for a moment.

  "Hey, dear, you're barely eating." I pointed out.

  "Oh..." he just said looking at his food and then facing me again, not looking in my eyes.

  "Don't you say you're not eating `cause you're looking at me." I said with a joyful grin I couldn't help.

  "Well..." he simply said and blushed.

  "Dear... you don't have to stop eating to look at me, I don't want you to get hungry later." I explained to him.

  "You're so beautfiul, and is worrying about me..." he concluded with a huge smile and that was my turn to blush.

  When the classes finally finished that day, I went towards the lockers, and then to the pool, as I couldn't swim in the previous day due to greeeeat reasons, of course and I'd make up for it.

  As I was already with my trunks on and was heading to the pool, there wasn't anybody there, as usual, but this time I remembered Ryan was supposed to be there.

  I just hoped he hadn't forgotten I'd be there and then it occured me that as I was swimming because I didn't do that the day before, maybe he wouldn't know I was there.

  As I was getting worried, he showed up by the pool and he looked so adorable, and I'd say even a little shy in his blue trunks as he was in front of the me although I had already seen him naked, but I think this was different for him or something, and he even had the goggles and the cap to swim in his hands, and that was definitely good.

  "Hey, I'm glad you came." I said.

  "I thought maybe you didn't know I was here because I was supposed to swim yesterday..." I said as Ryan was looking at the pool. Actually, I assumed he was staring too much at the water, like he was nervous and there was silent for a moment, so I decided I'd have a try on starting at once, for him to get more comfortable, I guess.

  "Let's start then?" I almost shouted with a reassuring smile at him.

  "Er... dear?" he said above a whisper " Can we talk?" he asked.

  I just sensed that something wasn't right or at least that there was something I should know.

  "Dear..." I whispered at him and approached the pool. "Sit here with me, put your feet in the water." I said as I was sitting by the pool's border.

  "Now, tell me." I said to him, as he had his feet in the water, sitting by my side, looking at it and then at me.

  "Won't you get mad at me? I should've told you, but..." he was saying."

  "I won't, I promise." I interrupted him, taking the risk of promising before knowing what it was about.

  "I can't swim." he said and bent his head down, with his hair covering his expression.

  Actually I felt very honored that he was there even if he couldn't swim, I couldn't be mad at him for that. I admit I felt relieved as I was already starting thinking of awful things he could be afraid telling me like he found someone else he liked other than me, that he wouldn't join me anymore at training, that he thought I was boring... but it was just that he couldn't swim, though I wasn't gonna make it little because it'd be rude as I knew it was a big deal to him.

  "So, are you mad at me?" Ryan sheepishly asked.

  "I am so proud of you, that you actually came." I emphasized at him.

  "Really?" he asked with a huge smile.

  I looked to the sides while a puzzled Ryan waited for a reply. I kissed him on the cheek and grinned at him.

  There was a silence as he got bashful.

  "I think we shouldn't hide things." I started as Ryan looked at the floor, not looking in my eyes. And I didn't want him to feel bad, so I slightly lifted his chin with my finger.

  "I mean, you built up a bad feeling like anxiety and was getting nervous, and you didn't have to." I continued.

  "Yeah." he said with a smile.

  "We should trust each other, promise?" I asked.

  "Riiight." he said and laughed. "But I still can't swim." he said, looking at the water and then at me.

  "Let's go then!" I said and jumped into the pool.

  "See? It's not deep." I told him as I had the water on my chest's level.

  "C'mon. If you drown, I save you." I said, grinning at him.

  "I don't wanna drown, but I guess I gotta enter." He said, getting in the water.

  "Good, yeah, that's it." I said and laughed.

  "Aaalright, but I just got in the water." he said and tried keeping serious.

  "But I'm already proud of you." I said hugging him. He just giggled. It made me happy seeing him contented instead of nervous because of that.

  "Oh, let's start, put the cap and the goggles on." I instructed him.

  "Won't you put yours on too?" he asked as he had his cap and goggles on.

  "Not now, ya know, I look like an alien or something. I really don't like the way the goggles look nor the way the cap hides my hair." I replied.

  "Oh, so only I gotta be like this?" he protested.

  "Nope, you look cute. Besides, I'm not gonna just start swimming, I'm gonna teach you!"

  "Oh, but won't I interrupt your training?" he asked.

  "You think too much... let's start. Put your head in the water and exhale not to get the water into your nose." I said. "Alright, I guess I gotta putmy goggles on to show you..." I shrugged and he giggled.

  Sure he got water in his nostrils like once or twice but we just had a good laugh at that and we repeated this until he got some practice on breathing in the water.

  "I guess you're good enough at that, let's try somethin' else." I told him.

  "Do you really think?"

  "You're great, dear." I replied.

  "Now, hold to the border and exhale in the water, you'll see that you're gonna fluctuate." I told him and winked.

  He made it fine the first time though he swallowed some water, as it's quite normal, and then it was alright twice more.

  "Hey, I'mnot sinking." he said like amazed with a priceless smile, and already taking his breath too.

  "Now, you can do the same, moving your legs, like to swim, hold to the border, k?" I told him.

  It was incredible the way he was trying hard, and that made me proud, the amazing it was he was learning, the amazing he was. And after a few more tries, it was time to go.

  "Alright, time to go, champ." I said to him.

  "Good, it's quite tiring... I mean, and I was complaining of abdominals." he said, taking his breath with a contented smile.

  "You didn't swim, you were watching me. Do you wanna swim some? I mean, I can sit and wait if..."

  "No, dear. We're gonna swim together." I assured him, as I wouldn't swim if he couldn't.

  As I was under the spray taking a quick shower and so was he, he came closer to me.

  "Thank you, Phil, really." he said and wrapped his arms around me. It felt so cool.

  After that, he said he had to go home `because he was already disturbing too much'. I'd never go along with that, then he said his mom would get worried. I couldn't deny that as I knew my mom would say huge lots if I didn't get back home soon.   As I was at home, I did my homework, had dinner and well, didn't have anyone interested in anything about my day, and I already missed Ryan, as we were having a great time and he was... well, you know I think highly of him. Actually I was like `itching' to call him, buuut I didn't have a reasonable excuse and I didn't wanna be annoying.

  So... sigh... I didn't resist and went towards the phone.

  When I placed my hand on the phone, I hesitated, but I couldn't resist... and it rang, scarying me!

  "Hello?" I said, after taking my breath.

  "Hi, may I talk to Phillip?" he politely asked, and it was so cute.

  "Ryyy! Jeez, you so scared me." I said.

  "Hey, Phil. Why?" he asked me and I sense I shouldn't have said that because I'd have to explain.

  We talked a lot but then, his mom was yelling at him to hang up.

  As next day was Saturday, he invited me to come over and it was so ocool, and I was already thinking of the time we'd have on the weekend, and all the amazing things we'd do... as we became so close friends.

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