I want a friend

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  Chapter 7

  I talked so much to Ryan on the phone in the previous night that it ended up with me going to his house on Saturday. He insisted so much. I was playing the polite but I'd accept the invitation anyway, as I'd miss him awful lots if I didn't get to be with him on the weekend.

  I didn't know how dressing that morning to go to my friends house as that was quite unusual and I hoped it didn't anymore. I chose a light-grey bluish t-shirt along with blue shorts as that was a beautfiul spring sunny morning... although I think it'd be beautiful to me even if it were dark and rainy.

  I had breakfast and made my way to take the bus Ryan told me to... that was, as usual, the only bus that didn't come, but instead of stressed and quite tired for that, I felt good, as I did about everything concerning to him.

  I followed the directions he gave me and got in front of a house I heard piano sounds coming from. I thought the address was wrong but the song was so beautiful I'd glance through the window. I know this isn't the most polite thing to do but... hehe.

  That surely was Ryan, and the soothing the song sounded to me, I should have known. I was looking as he had his back for me and was concentrating and his hair was shining with the morning light but as I was staring too much I'd better go to the doorbell.

  The sound stopped as Ryan went opening the door.

  "Hiii!" he said all enthusiastic and wrapped me tight, hugging me by the door. I was kinda giggling, I mean, I wasn't expecting for that and jeez, his mom just showed up.

  "Why did you take so long? I was about to call you!" Ryan said.

  "Oh, mom, this is my best friend Phillip." he said, as his mom approached. It was really nice seeing him all enthusiastic just because of me. It made me truly happy knowing I could do that to him.

  "Hi." she said. "I'm in the kitchen if you need something, k?" she said. I smiled and nodded as she went back to what she was doing.   He took me in an embrace again... yeah, in the middle of the living room.

  "Mmmm, I missed ya." he said.

  "It seems someone is in a lack of affection today." I commented.

  "Yeah..." he said. "Do you wanna eat, drink something?" he asked.

  "Oh, nope. Thanks.". I replied

  "Ok, let's go then." he said pulling me upstairs by the hand.

  "So, this is my room." he said as he opened the door and it was tidy and clean.

  "It seems someone's been cleaning the room like... very much." I commented.

  "Well... yeah, but you didn't have to find out." he said and bent his head down. I could only giggle.

  He lay on the bed and looked at me, smiling.

  "It seems so inviting with you there... I guess I'm won't resist." I commented.

  He patted the mattress as I took my sneakers off and lay. He took me in an embrace, smooching me a lot. I was giggling hopelessly.

  "It tickles." I was saying as he stopped and had me facing him.

  "I miss being with you." he said. "I like you a lot."

  "I like you sooo much." I said and reached his neck to kiss it.

  Then, he kept looking at me, like searching for words on my face.

  "Dear, do you wanna say somethin'?" I asked.

  "Actually I do." he said and kept averting his gaze, and there was a silence.

  I was watching him, hesitant and so beautiful, in his acts, his words, so on his face, and his body, of course. And I got to think why he got hesitant concerning to things towards me when he was so amazing as I didn't completely get how come I could be friends... best friends with such a wonderful guy.

  "Can you hold me?" he asked me.

  "Of course." I replied.

  And with that he had his back against my chest as I was wrapping him in my arms and caressing his hands on his tummy, with my thumbs, holding him.

  "Mm, do I hear you breathing?" I lightly asked and took a deep breath myself. He took a deep breath as well.

  "Now I do." I said as I could feel his breathing against my chest. "Tell me."

  "Well... I was thinking about it when you called me, yesterday." he started.

  "Actually, I've been thinking, sensing it..." he continued.

  "Do you know I like you a lot, don't you?" he asked.

  "Yeah, I do." I whispered close to his ear. "I'm holding you." I said and smiled on the back of his neck.

  "I mean, I like you so much that sometimes I catch myself thinking of you and I wanna be with you when we'd been together not long before." he continued.

  "Yeah, I know." I said.

  "And I wanted you to know that. I mean, you always say beautiful things to me and I don't really know how to reply. I feel like replying, I have those good feelings here inside of my chest." He was telling me and I could feel in our embrace that he was about to sob. "But it's like I get lost for words."

  "When we first were under the tree, when you first held me, when we kissed... you've been like awesome... those times, I really felt like saying what I felt, that was so nice, but I couldn't..." he said, sobbing.

  I was about to sob too, but I didn't want to. I should say I understood what he said but I wasn't expecting that. I mean, I already knew he liked me for his actions and the way he was cool to me and I should be honest. He lightly turned facing me.

  "You know, just the way you are and things you do and the time you spend with me, it's all amazing." I said, lightly tracing lines on his face with my fingers.

  "But I admit it means a lot to me that you're saying it all." I continued. "That when you show, you mean, you like me, it brings a warmth here." I concluded, placing his hand on my chest.

  He slipped his hands to take my t-shirt off and stare but I also wanted taking his t-shirt off as I reached it.

  He approached my lips for a feverish kiss and I ran my hands on his smooth back.

  He started kissing, and nuzzling on my neck, as I just kissed his shoulders. I could feel our chests together and as we were getting heated I could feel our heartbeats increasing against each other.

  "Mmm, Phillip, let me show you I like you..." Ryan was saying huskily with his face buried in my neck.

  He was rocking against my body and I could feel his hardness against my thigh as mine also poked around.

  "Yeah, yeah." I was moaning. It felt so good touching skin against skin with all those good sensations.

  "Take your shorts off too, babe... your thighs are sooo lickable." I said, still lying and giggled.

  He flexed his thighs kneeling on the bed in front of me, only in white briefs as I was naked there. I wanted to hold my shaft but Ryan lightly put his hands on mine, and placed my hands one on each side of me.

  "I like you soooo much." he said with his face buried in my neck, even licking it.

  To my surprise, as he gently caressed my balls, he kissed the tip of my cock, and then again, and looked at me with a smile.

  Sensing where it was leading him to, I suddenly got a little nervous as my chest was rising and falling. I had my head bent forward to see his motions as his hair was falling and lightly tickling my navel.

  As he got my shaft in his mouth, I just gasped and bent my head backwards. I even closed my eyes. He did it twice more and I gasped, but I felt his teeth on my cock. It also felt good and I thought about not saying anything, but I thought he'd feel comfortable to say it on his turn if I said too, so...

  "Ry, you can nibble it, but lightly, k?... please." I said, as tenderly as I managed.

  "Oh, sorry, babe." he said.

  With this, he started kissing my navel, making his way to my shaft again and this time it felt even better.

  "Does it feel good, babe?" he asked.

  "Mmm, oh yeah... yeah." was all I could moan in reply.

  He started taking it in and out as he caressed my thighs and it was driving me crazy.

  "Oh, babe, babe, stop it. I'm gonna cum." I told him.

  As I was gonna reach my shaft to cum, he gently took my hands away and started stroking it, looking kinda amazed to it.

  I felt the urge building inside of me as he stroked faster and gasped deeply as I spread my load up in the air.

  He took his t-shirt off to clean it and after that I reached him for a kiss, gently lying him on the bed.

  I knelt and took his briefs off. I started kissing his chest.

  While I sucked his nipples, he started moaning a lot as I felt his cock brushing against my abs.

  I made my way down and caressing his tummy in circles, I licked the base of his shaft and he shivered.

  Then, I started running my hands on his chest as I took the head of his cock in my mouth. I tried to be gentle and slowly took it inside my mouth, and did it again. Ryan was gasping helplessly.

  "Does it feel good, dear?" I asked.

  "Yeah." he replied.

  "Really?" I asked, running my fingers on his navel.

  "Mmm, yeah, yeahh." was all he said.

  I took it in my mouth in and out, in and out, and Ryan gasped some more.

  "Oh, stop, stop!" he almost shouted.

  "I'm gonna... ahhh." he said, as his cock was pulsing.

  I just held it with my fingers and cum erupted all over his torso.

  After that, I took a t-shirt to clean it and made my way up for a kiss.

  As we broke the kiss he held me tight. Nothing needed to be said as he definitely went over my expectations to let me know how much he liked me... I also liked him a lot.

  It was one of those moments when it seems time stops, and the sunlight keeps shining and even the air stops, when I felt just lying beside Ryan was enough to make me truly contented.

  "Ya know, dear?" I said, after a while, lying beside him.

  "Yeah?" he said.

  "I'm so lucky, I have you, and you're nice, beautiful, like me a lot... and you're an artist." I told him. He gave me a puzzled expression.

  "I heard you playing a song when I arrived." I explained.

  "Oh, did you?" he inquired.

  "Actually, when I first arrived and heard it, er... I thought it was like the wrong place and it was so beautiful... I decided glancing through the window and I saw you playing... I didn't know you could play so well."

  "Well, I can't play so well, I play some." he replied.

  "I wish I could play some." I said.

  "I have an idea." he said getting up like in a jolt. "I'll teach you!" he concluded with a big smile.

  As we reached downstairs, his mom said that lunch was almost ready. With this, Ryan was settling things on the table. I insisted on helping but he didn't let me... actually, he gave me a glass of juice and told me to stay quiet. I try helping and being polite, but sometimes I guess I gotta listen to that...

  Lunch was great and after that I offered to help but didn't insist, besides, Ryan really made me enthusiastic about the piano.

  "Ya know, I haven't been playing for a while." he said.

  "But you were playing this morning."

  "Well, I was waiting for you for quite sometime, I was getting bored..." he said, shrugging and trying not to blush.

  "I'd love to play some cool songs, like Westlife,... Angel is so beautiful, it starts with the piano..."

  "Yeah, I guess you're gonna do that soon." he said.

  "And you were playing classical music, wasn't it?" I asked.


  "It's so beautiful... my friend plays classical music." I said and spread a smile. "You're chic!" I said for him to blush and with that he started his attemps to teach me.

  I felt so contented, I mean, spending a good time with Ryan and that was among those few times I could remember that someone was doing something for me not wanting anything back, just because he was good, and that was Ryan.

  After that... ok, I admit we spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games. His mom offered us ice-cream too, and well, I couldn't decline!

  By the evening, we stopped playing and Ryan asked me to help him with some homework.

  "Er, Phillip, can you help me with some biology homework?"

  "Yeah, sure." I replied.

  That wasn't much and when I asked if he had more pendant work, he said he didn't.

  "Thanks for helping me." Ryan said, still sitting beside me.

  "It's nice hearing that you appreciate things I do for you, as you always do."

  "Well... it's so common saying thank you!" he said with a smile and a little of disbelief.

  "Ya know, people usually don't. They'd been taking all from me and then just vanishing."

  He took in an embrace and held me tight.

  "You don't have to say sad things." he said, close to my ear as I had my face buried in his shoulder, that felt so safe and that made me feel it wouldn't happen anymore just because he said so.

  With that, he went putting his books back in his room.

  "Dear, it's getting late, I should get going." I said as he was settling his books.

  "You're staying." he said, peacefully smiling at me, holding my waist.

  "Er, Ryan, I just said it's late and that I gotta go!?" I repeated myself.

  He just contentely sighed and was pulling me downstairs. I know I just said that I felt something was possible only because he wanted to, but I thought, for a moment, that he was taking it too seriously!

  "Oh, hi." I said to Ryan's mom as we approached the kitchen... as he pulled me.

  "Dear, is it chicken, rice and lettuce okay for dinner?" she asked me.

  "Er... I was just telling Ryan that it's getting late and I should get going." I told her.

  "Mom, just tell him he's staying!" Ryan told her.

  "Oh, yeah, dear, I called your mom and convinced her to let you stay." she said.

  "Oh... thank you... if it is really not going to disturb..." I manage saying.

  "Dear Lord, you're so polite." she said. "You watch that Ryan." she said to him. "Now, you can go taking a shower and oh, take whatever you need with Ryan. In this meanwhile he helps me here." she continued. "And Ryan, give him a towel." she concluded.

  "You didn't tell me anything!" I told him and gave him a punch in the arm, as we were in the living room.

  "Nope." he said smiling, and got another light punch.

  With this, he took me to the couch as I felt lying.

  "Do, do you wanna fight?" he asked with a smile.

  "Yeah!" I said as I rolled over him on the floor.

  He started tickling me helplessly until I was down on the floor, telling him to stop.

  He took a shower after I did and we had dinner. His mom asked me a few things about school and he told some to her, too.

  After that, he decided it was time to go to bed... well, kind of.

  "Mom, we're already going to bed, k?" Ryan said.

  "Oh, that early? Does that mean you guys are gonna help... cleaning outside tomorrow morning?" she inquired with a smile.

  "Yeah." Ryan said all enthusiastic and looked at me. I just spread a large smile in reply... They'd finally let me do something to help!

  As we were in his room, after brushing our teeth, he just locked the door. With this, he made his bed as I was only watching.

  "Er, dear, do you want me to settle another bed for you?" he asked... with some sarcastic expression, I'd say.

  "Er, I should... I might say I do. I mean, if you think this might cause some problem for you and..." I started saying.

  "But do you?" he insisted, trying to deny a wicked smile.

  "Well... sigh. No! Ok?" I admitted, getting kinda embarrassed with that conclusion.

  He took me by the waist, pressing our tummies together, looking in my eyes, smiling.

  "Mmm, good!" he said.

  "This way, it's gonna be..." he said, gently pulling me "...easier!" he concluded, as I fell on the bed.

  He hungrily started kissing my neck, and sucking it.

  "Do you think you're gonna like it?" he asked, rubbing his lips on my smooth chest.

  "Mmm, I'm already liking it." I moaned and stretched on the bed.

  As we were already shirtless, he reached my waistband and took the rest off.

  He started with little kisses on my inner thighs as he fondled my balls and it was going kinda too fast, when he kissed the top of my shaft. I was already arching my back.

  He licked the head and it made me shiver and moan. With that, he took it in his mouth and each time he did it again, I felt I was closer.

  "Dear?" I whispered at him.

  He stopped and smiled at me as he started slowly stroking my cock, looking very close, almost touching it with his nose.

  It started pulsing and there was an explosion of cum.

  When it subsided, I reached his ear to kiss it and as I went kissing his neck, we gently switched positions and I didn't waste time to reach his navel and started caressing it lightly in circles.

  I started kissing it while fondling his balls, and it was making him moan as I took his warm shaft in my mouth and almost could feel it pulse with his moans.

  Ryan touched my head and then my shoulders with his hand. With this, I wrapped his shaft in my fingers.

  I was stroking it as I caressed his tummy and watched him. Soon, he jerked his body and with a deep moan, he made a mess as well.

  I cleaned it and lay with my head on his chest. I rested my left leg on his legs and had my hand on his shoulder.

  "There's a cool breeze." I said, after a while, still holding onto him.

  "Just pull the cover." he replied.

  "Don't you really want another bed?" he soothingly asked as he started running his fingers on my hair.

  "Treating me this way, I won't leave." I replied above a whisper.

  That soothingly made me drift off, contented but at the same time expectant for the next day, that was promising to be great.

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