I want a friend

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  Chapter 8

  On the next day, I woke up, resting my cheek on Ryan's chest and my hand on his navel.

  I just stayed there for a moment, as I opened my eyes to see him sleeping, his pale and smooth skin, his golden hair all messed up and those soft lips that I so liked, that I kissed and where beautiful words came from... transformed feelings.

  I woke up to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and I thought about combing my hair, however, I had a much better idea.

  I went back to Ryan's room, knelt on the bed and soothingly, not to wake him up, put his shorts down.

  I started running my fingers on his cheek, lightly, then on his chest, reaching his tummy and his sides to caress it in circles. And I noticed this way having some effect on him and I was already sensing something else.

  I ran my hands on his soft thighs, up and down, and Ryan had a small smile, covering his lips but his eyes remained closed.

  I got his shaft in my hand and exaled over it, and I head a deep breath. With that, I kissed the tip of his hardness.

  "Oh, as Ryan's sleeping, I guess I'm gonna bite it!" I said, looking at his face.

  With this, he bent his head forward and a pair of green eyes were immediately looking at me.

  "Hey, no!" he complained.

  "So, you weren't sleeping..." I said.

  "Well, no, but it felt sooo good." he replied, stretching himself on the bed.

  "Good morning, dear." I said, approaching his lips.

  "Good morning, babe."

  We shared a wet, long kiss, tasting fresh like toothpaste.

  "Ry, did you wake up early before I did?"

  "Yeah, I went brushing my teeth, but I came back, it feels so good here with you." he concluded with a smile.

  "So, let me get back where I was." I said, with a large smile...

  "Won't you bite it, will you?" he asked.

  "Nooo, silly boy, I promise." I said and started smooching his soft skin on his navel.

  As I kissed his shaft and got it inside my mouth, I felt Ryan's hands on my shoulders. I took his hardness in and out of my mouth and was getting a sync.

  As I was sucking it, he seemed calm as he combed my hair with his fingers.

  It felt good, so I licked the base of his shaft and then sucked it some more. As I felt it getting harder in my mouth, and pulse, I took it in my fingers.

  "Yeah, dear. It feels good." Ryan was saying, and breathing heavily.

  As I fondled his balls, his cum spread all over his cock and my fingers, and he smiled widely at me, and his smile was even shining through the green of his eyes.

  I sucked my fingers and smiled, looking at him. He completely stopped as he stared. I got him impressed... hehe... and that was so cool!

  The taste was kinda weird, but as it came from Ryan... literally... it even tasted good.

  I reached his lips, his mouth, his tongue, for a feverish kiss.

  "I'm tasting my own cum and kissing ya..." he said in my ear after we broke the kiss. "this is so naughty." he concluded giggling.

  "Can you be naughtier than that?" I asked, meeting his gaze with mine.

  He rolled me on the bed and held my wrists as he sucked my neck and then rubbed his lips on my torso, then licking between my pecks, to make his way up on my smooth chest.

  "Does it work?" he rasply asked.

  "Yeah..." I replied.

  He went towards my inner thighs and as he licked my left thigh I moaned, deeply. When he made his way to my right one, I arched my back in response. Then, he grabbed my warm shaft, it was pulsing.

  "Yeah, it's really good." he said and he got it in his mouth.

  As I was to the point of losing my senses, he started licking the base, and again, and again.

  "Ryan, dear, stop." I said.

  He looked at me, smiled, and licked it again.

  "Ah, pleeease, Ryan." I pleaded but he didn't reply.

  With that, I felt the cum making its way out as it hit my chest and spread all over my cock.

  Ryan licked it once more and made his way up to my lips.

  As I was kissing him, I felt his soft tongue inside my mouth, I tasted my cum mixed in the kiss and, to be honest, I guess it tasted quite alike Ryan's.

  "Mmm, it feels so good here." he said, breathing close to my neck, as he was lying upon me.

  "Yeah." I said. "Er... haven't your mom asked for us to help with the cleaning this morning?" I asked.

  "Oh, that's true." he replied. "Let's go." he continued and patted my butt as I got up.

  "Hey!" I replied to that.

  We had eggs, bacon, sausage, juice, pie, bread, jam, butter, milk and cereal to be the breakfast... well, I know it's a lot, but who's complaining?!

  "It seems you are hungry this morning." I said.

  "Something made me really hungry!" he replied.

  "Yeah... I know." I said and giggled. He chuckle while he was eating... we were eating.

  "So... people... said that they'd help me. What about washing the porch?" Ryan's mom asked as we finished our breakfast.

  Ryan lent me a t-shirt and shorts. He was in sleeveless t-shirt and faded shorts.

  As we were washing the porch, Ryan was spraying water over me.

  "Hey, it's no the floor, not on me!" I complained.

  "But you look cute! Are you gonna get mad at me?"

  "Yes, unless you let me spray water on you too!" I demanded.

  As I was spraying water on him, he was shaking his hair, then blowed me a kiss.

  "Oh, my t-shirt is wet!" he said, stating the obvious.

  "Really?!" I asked.

  "Yeah... see?" he said. "I guess I gotta take it off."

  With that, he threw the t-shirt away and put his hands upon his head.

  "Do you like?" he asked, laughing. I was laughing too.

  "Definitely!" I replied.

  "Great, my turn!" he said and started spraying water on me.

  "Oooh, are you gonna make me do that?!" I asked, pretending some disbelief.

  "Oh, yeah, I am... I mean, your t-shirt is wet, you can get a cold." he replied.

  "I don't want a cold...I want a hottie!"

  "Oh, are you gonna replace me?" he asked.

  "Nah, I already have a hot guy... ooonly for me." I replied.

  "Then, get your t-shirt off for him." he asked me.

  I did it, he sprayed some water on me, and we were laughing and giggling as we were finishing the washing.

  "Ryan, water the grass!" his mom yelled from upstairs.

  When the grass was watered, it looked so green, so fresh, as the day was warm.

  Ryan sprayed water all over me again.

  "Hey, don't you spray it on me!" I said.

  You can't do anything... I can spray water!" he replied, smiling, in a cute way.

  With that, as I was trying to get it from his hand, I took him to the ground and then he rolled over me as the water was spraying everywhere.

  We were rolling over each other and giggling and laughing, on the wet grass, under the shining sun.

  "Guys, lunch is ready!" Ryan's mom yelled from the house.

  After lunch I had to go home as I didn't want to be late nor hear bullshit at home.

  "So, Ry, I gotta go." I told him.

  "Awww, we didn't even had time!" he complained.

  "I gotta go. I don't want complaints at home." I told to a looking at the floor Ryan. "k?"

  "Right." he said, not really happy.

  He pulled me to his room and closed the door.

  "I want my good-bye kiss." he soothingly asked. I could only tenderly smile at such sweet asking.

  "Close your eyes." he whispered in my ear.

  I did it and even bent my head forward.

  I was surprised by Ryan, when he wrapped his arms on my tummy, from behind, and kissed my neck. I remained with eyes closed.

  "Mmmm." I said, leaning on him. "We gotta do it more often."

  "But now I want my kiss, and go!" I said, unwrapping his arms from me and turning to face him.

  "Do you really have to?" he insisted.

  "You were cheating! I gotta go." I said and reached for his lips.

  "We embraced and kissed for a while, and it was good feeling Ryan, but maybe too good...

  "You're making me me excited... I gotta go!" I said, breaking the kiss.

  He went donstairs, with me. I said `bye to his mom and thank you for the good time.

  He closed the door behind him, as we were outside.

  "Hey, are you gonna be here outside?" I asked.

  "Oh, it's just that I wanted a good-bye kiss but I didn't tell you that I'm going to the bus station with you." he explained.

  "You were really cheating..." I told him.

  "Well... yeah." he shrugged and as he got a serious look, from me, he poked my rib. I giggled.

  "Hey, stop that, not here." I said.

  "Alright, let's go." he concluded.

  Gladly, as I arrived home earlier, there was nobody and nothing to hear, either.

  I seriously considered a nap, after being spent due to my great weekend with Ryan, and so I did.

  I woke up after a while and decided eating something. I noticed dad wasn't at home, or at least I didn't see him and as mom didn't bothered talking to me, I leaved it at that.

  And with that, I decided managing some extra work from school as that was, for a little while, my life without Ryan.

  As I finished homework, I was lying on my bed, thinking about what would be happening to me if I didn't have Ryan. The way I'd feel empty, be empty and try filling it with stuff I bought, maybe the way I was stuck up with people and that I expect I haven't been, so far.

  As I was thinking, I realized my life kept complicated the same, and I can't say Ry's was easy and I tried to comfort him in all the ways I could, and he did it very well for me too. However, all these issues were there, as my parents... sigh... well, just the way they are and so people and their attitudes kept the same towards me, but knowing that Ryan is there for me, no matter what, really gave me strength to face it all.

  At the time, when Sunday was fading, I'd feel down knowing the much I hadn't done anything to make my week start better, but, that day, I felt glad, because I had a warmth that Ryan left in my heart.

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