I want a friend

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  Chapter 9
Feeling good

  As Monday arrived and the week started, I was choosing... er trying to choose something to wear, and damn, I'd always end up "late" by late I mean that I wouldn't be early because I took too long choosing a t-shirt or a belt...

  I made sure my hair was waaay right and a blue t-shirt with a blue-red shorts along with my red sneakers would be good yeah... I have red sneakers, too.

  I ate cereal, bread, ham, cheese, milk, juice at breakfast, as the healthy person i am grin brushed my teeth to smile better, fresher, mainly for Ryan.

  It's incredible the way the sun was warming the morning fastly with a cool soothing breeze along, brushing against the trees, which had vivid shades of green that day, full of diverse flowers in the most different colors.

  When I arrived school in my best mood, with everythng looking so shiny and fresh, I entered the classroom and jeez, people were like slowly starting their week, taking the sand out of their eyes, ya know. They even asked me how I was in a so good mood. Well and I started making some talk to lift the spirits, of course.

  I had Lit with Ryan, and well, as soon as I saw him, I smiled helplessly. He was in front of the classroom waiting for me in a black t-shirt and green shorts with a book on his hand Lit book. There was a breeze ruffling his hair to the side and the sunrays were making it shine like gold.

  "Hi." Ryan mumbled and then looked at me.

  "Hey, Ryan." I replied. He just smiled.

  "I'm happier now, you know?" I told him.

  "Why?" he simply asked.

  "Because it ain't everyday that I can have such a wonderful view..." I said "...looking at you." I whispered to conclude.

  With this comment, his cheeks went pink to complete the picture.

  "Whatever." he said, not denying a smile.

  "I want a desk beside yours!" I said, stating the obvious.

  "You have to, don't you know that?" he said, pretending a serious look and jeez, it was so serious that even made me stop walking. "Unless you don't wanna sit next to me..." he concluded, looking in my eyes.

  "Of course I do." I surely replied.

  "Great, `cause now there's a fifty bucks tax to sit by my side." he continued.

  "Oh, shut up!" was all I could think of to say.

  "Good morning." the teacher said, coming in to start the class.

  With that, Ryan gave me a look and pointed to the teacher. I showed my tongue at him. He just chuckled.

  The teacher was talking about Goethe, romantic literature. She was telling us about the young Werther, one of his characters, and the way he was sad. Though I didn't read about him, that led me to remark about the way I used to have sorrow inside me. But I just looked at Ryan and smiled.

  "What?" he whispered as I smiled at him.

  "Nothing." I replied.

  As we were eating lunch, the day got really warm, but the breeze was still there.

  "The teacher was talking about Goethe during Lit's class." Ryan started. "You looked at me, and smiled. Why?" he asked.

  "You know, she started talking about the story of that guy, who was sad and that reminded of how I used to be." I was telling Ryan as he looked at me. "And then I looked at you, and smiled." I finished.

  "So, did you use to be sad?" he asked.

  "Well... yeah." I said and shrugged.

  "You gotta tell me about that when we have time, right?"

  "Are you sure? I mean, it's boring..."

  "I wanna know. I'm gonna ask afterwards and you're gonna have to tell me." he assured.

  "Oh, thanks." I said and giggled.

  I had a few more bites of my sandwich.

  "So, did you read the book?" Ryan asked.

  "About the guy?"

  "Yeah, about Werther."

  "No, I didn't." I replied.

  "I think you should." he said.

  "And you, did you read it?" I asked him.

  "No, not really. When you read it, you tell me, so that, I read it too and then we can talk about it." he continued.

  "That's so nerd." I replied.

  He betn his head down and I felt almost horrified for what he understood.

  "Let me finish." I said, smiling at him, lightly lifting his chin.

  "But I think it's amazing. Nobody has ever wanted to read a book with me, nor talk about it..." I concluded. That brought a smile to his face.

  "And I see you're getting emotional." he said.

  "You said you weren't happy, but you're happy now, right?" he asked.

  "Yeah." I replied with a smile and the bell rang.

  "So, do I meet you at the gym afterwards?" he asked as we woke up.

  "You bet."

  As I arrived at the gym, after the classes, Ryan was already there, just to spread a smile when I approached.

  "So, trainer, what are we gonna do today?" he asked.

  "Mmm, trainer... I like that. But I guess I ain't that much." I replied.

  "Sooo... about the workout?" Ryan continued.

  "Let's see..." I said and with that we started training.

  The training was going on and Ryan was improving fastly, for sure. I was really glad he started it, after all, it made his muscles, that I'd touch through his skin, feel so firm and completely desirable. I had to tell it to him later.

  So that, I felt, I knew I had to improve my training too and that day I was taking it extra seriously.

  "Hey, Phil, you're getting stronger." Ry commented helping me at the bench press and with some plates.

  "I also gotta increase abs." I said, grinned at him and winked. That made him blush for a while.

  "You already do a lot." he commented.

  "I know, but I'd really like to increase that for something like 700 per week."

  "As long as you don't make me go along..." he said.

  "Hey, don't be so lazy!" I said and patted his butt. He giggled while avoinding.

  Ryan couldn't be with me for the afternoon, so that I assumed it wouldn't be bad settling my wardrobe. It wasn't messy, but well, it can always get better, besides, it feels good simply seeing it settled. I think my bedroom gets more spacious when I do that, although it gets behind the closet's door. I know it seems silly... maybe it is... hehe.

  On the next day, I had biology class with Ryan and we were doing the exercises.

  "Did you manage the last one?" Ryan asked.

  "Yeah. Do you want some help?" I replied.

  "Yeah, thanks." he said.

  And I helped him.

  "So... we're finished." he said with a sigh.

  "Hey, what a lack of disposition." I teased him.

  "I want the holiday!" he assured me.

  "It's already tomorrow." I told him.

  "But it's faaar." he complained.

  "Hey, it starts today as soon as the school day finishes." I said with a smile. That got a smile from him.

  With this, the bell ran and we were making out way outdoor.

  "So, you're coming home, right?" he asked, even a little expectant, I guess.

  "I don't know. I mean, I gotta see about it at home, besides if I have something else to do..." I was telling him and he averted his gaze to the floor.

  "Er... but I think I don't have much to do." I concluded for him to look at me.

  "I mean, if you can't come home... my holiday ain't gonna start..." he said in a tender way. He so could make me go along. "Do you want to go?" he asked as we were sitting to start lunch.

  "Yeah..." I said and smiled at him expecting a smile in reply and then continued "That's what I want the most, I guess."

  "So, you're gonna sleepover and we're gonna be together tomorrow, right?" he asked.

  "I still have to ask mom." I said.

  "We go to your house taking your things and then you ask her, and we go! Right?"

  "Riiight." I giggled in reply.

  And with that we were eating, the breeze was cooling the weather, well, Ryan was with me and that was great.

  "It isn't warm as yesterday... it can't rain tomorrow." Ryan commented as we were eating.

  "Why?" I asked.

  "Er... because... because... it's holiday tomorrow!" he concluded.

  After classes, I met Ryan on the hall and we made uor way to the lockers. I surely found out that we couldn't keep looking at each other while changing because it made things ummm... inappropriate.

  We headed to the pool and it surely cooled things off.

  "So, let's start Ryan?" I asked him referring to teaching him something else about swimming. I'm sure he'd get great soon well, maybe not greeeat as he had... me as teacher, however... - he already had a great swimmer's body.

  "Phil, are you sure you don't prefer training?"

  "I'm really sure. I want you to feel good, I want us to be good... training together, soon, k?" I said flashing a smile at him and with this we started our training.

  "So, are we going picking up your things and then home?" Ryan asked drying himself, after training, as we were on the lockers and I was putting my clothes on.

  "Yeah, jeez, you wouldn't let me do otherwise." I told him.

  "No, I wouldn't." he assured, shrugging.

  "Hey, do you think you're the boss or somethin'?" I complained.

  "Aren't I?" he replied trying to be serious.

  "Oh, go combing your hair and let's go!" I said and patted the back of his head and he chuckled.

  "Well, you also gotta comb yours."

  "Ya know, it's just that my hair is perfect." I joked and ruffled my hair.

  "But you still gotta comb it." he replied.

  "Well, yeah..." I simply said.

  "Dear, I like your hair, I think it's very beautiful." I said after he combed it. "I think it shines like gold, and I like your face, your kindness and the way you care for me." I continued just to make him blush.

  And with that, we went walking home.

  "Oh, I guess mom isn't at home." I said. "I gotta ask her permission to go to your house."

  "But you don't have to ask permission to take your things, so let's go!" he said. I just giggled at him making sure I'd go.

  "However, I still gotta ask mom." I was telling him while getting some clothes.

  "Mom calls her later, k?" Ryan said.

  As we arrived at his house, we went to his room for me to leave my bag there. Ryan took me by the waist in his arms.

  "I missed that." he said, burying his face on my shoulder.

  "So did I." I whispered in his ear.

  He inhaled on my t-shirt and then rested his chin on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a while as he was caressing my back in circles. It was already making me hard.

  He looked at the side, at his bag, and then back at me, still holding to my waist. And he had a disappointed expression.

  "We have homework..." he started.

  "Yeah, we do." I said. I was looking at his eyes.

  "Do you want to do it now or later?" he asked.

  "We gotta do it." I said with a sigh. "Let's do it." I continued.

  "Later, I wanna do much better things!" I told him as he let go of the embrace.

  "Ya know, Phil, you gotta stay!" Ryan was saying as we were going donwstairs. I just smiled.

  "I already told mom you're staying." he continued.


  "Yeah... she's even gonna cook more food and... well, you have to stay."

  "More food?" I said, raising my eyebrows. "Is that true?"

  "Well, no, but I'd say anything for you to stay." he said, smooching me, hugging me and turning, holding me, on the dining room.

  Ryan is truly cute and doing homework with his concetrate look, he is adorable.

  Occasionally, he'd ask me something and show me he was interested in every detail of my answer. I'd even ask one or two things to interact, making it more comfortable for him to ask too, and it's not only that. I found myself asking a few things to him, that he gladly explained and I realized I just so wasn't used to have someone to ask things. Instead of asking, I'd just struggle for the answer, but with Ryan's friendship and all his... care even homework felt good. Just looking at him doing homework could make me happy.

  In this meanwhile, his mom arrived and was cooking dinner. As we finished our homeworks, we went to the kitchen to drink water.

  "Hey dear, I hope you like chicken with white cream and pasta." Ryan's mom said.

  "The smell is great." was my reply.

  "... you didn't even ask if I like it." Ryan commented at his mom.

  "I know you do, besides I know you'd eat anything, would take more and wouldn't complain." she replied.

  "So would him!" Ryan said in his defense, pointing at me.

  "By the way, Ryan said that you bought more food just because I would stay for dinner."

  "Ryan?!" his mom said at him... in front of me and that made him blush. He had to avert his gaze to the floor.

  "Yeah... we surely had to." I heard to a voice coming from the hall.

  "Daaad." Ryan said as his father opened his arms and Ryan buried his face in his dad's chest.

  "Sorry, so, you're Phillip I assume?" his dad said to me.

  "Yeah." I said, still a little embarrassed.

  "I know he's a little big to greet me this way..."

  "Dad!" Ryan protested.

  "But it's just `cause I have tickets." he said.

  I got confused and looked at Ryan. He had a grin on his face.

  "We're going to the baseball match tomorrow!" Ryan almost shouted.

  During dinner, the talking was all about baseball and then as Ryan went having a shower, his dad was still talking to me, not really paying attention at the news. That made me at least surprised as mine would do anything to get rid of me during news.

  After we had our showers yeah, I could stay... Ry's mom was really good on talking to mine and vice versa we said our good nights and went to his room.

  "Oh, this training routine is ripping me apart." Ryan said as he threw himself on the bed.

  I just kept looking at his beauty, only in white boxers mine were black lying with his hair spread all over, around his head, his lickable neck, his milky chest, his firm thighs...

  "Aren't you joining me?" he asked.

  "I have an idea." I said as he got up.

  "Can you put the mattress on the floor?"

  "Why? Don't you wanna sleep with me?" Ryan asked with an almost sad expression.

  "No, it's not that." I assured him.

  "Oh, okay." he replied, quickly getting back his smile. I giggled at the way he got happy back so fast.

  "What are we gonna do?" he asked as the mattress was already on the floor.

  "You're gonna get a rub." I whispered in his ear.

  It brought a priceless grin to his face.

  "Really? I feel important now." he said and giggled.

  "Er... but don't you want a rub too?" he asked.

  "You first." I said with a smile. I felt my eyes were getting all watered.

  "What's wrong dear?" he asked me above a whisper pulling me into a hug.

  "Oh nothing. It's just that nobody has ever offered me a rub." I told him and a tear fell on his shoulder. As he felt that, he started smooching me, helplessly.

  "Don't think about that, I'm here."

  "Alright, let's start." I took a deep breath and said.

  As he was lying on his tummy, I sat on his butt, with one knee on each side of him to support me. I placed my hands on his shoulders and started rubbing.

  "Mmmm, it already feels good." Ryan said.

  "You're kinda tense." I said feeling his shoulders.

  "It's that we weren't together yesterday." he said and buried his face on the mattress. As I giggled at his comment I could see his cheeks redenning.

  "I also feel this way." I said and kissed his neck. He shivered.

  "That tickles!" he said.

  I slipped my hands on his back, first caressing it in circles, then rubbing it. I made my way to his sides and even his breathing was changing. I wished it was good.

  Then, I adjusted myself to a sitting position on the mattress as I had his buttocks on my hands, under his briefs. He wiggled it a little as I rubbed. After having my cock rocking against his butt, through our briefs, as I rubbed him, I was starting leaking precum.

  I rubbed his thighs with my fingers. I just grabbed his balls and checked he was also hard. He moaned and gasped at that. With that, I got back to the rub. I caressed and rubbed his calves, then rubbed cautiously his feet.

  After that, I made my way back to his shoulder and rubbing him was making me so hard, feeling all over his warm and smooth skin, having my dick rocking against him through my briefs and grabbing him everywhere.

  I felt his shoulders were relaxed as all of him, or so I expected, at least.

  "Done!" I said with a smooch on his shoulder.

  "Let me try now." he said, kneeling to switch positions and I couldn't help noticing the enourmous bulge on his briefs the rub caused to him.

  As Ryan was sitting on my butt, kneeling, he started rubbing my shoulders. I guess I was tense, it ached some too, as most of me, I guess. I could feel his balls resting on my butt through the fabrics.

  "You can press hard, dear." I assured him.

  "Mmmm." I moaned big time as he started rubbing really hard.

  "Am I hurting you?" he stopped and asked.

  Oh, no, that's great, hun, I'm yours." I told him.

  With that, I could feel the tension going away with some kind of pain, that actually felt so good.

  I could feel his soft hands on my back and then his fingers against my backbone, as he rubbed all over it in small circles.

  "Mmmm-uhh-ah." I was moaning, mainly when he reached my lower back.

  Then he went to my sides and it tickled some but after some adjusting he was rubbing it in circles. He slipped his hands to my butt and I could feel ihm spending extra time there. Well, I was glad he liked my butt.

  As he was rubbing my thighs, I felt his cock brushing against me many times. With that, he went towards my calves, and jeez, it ached. With my feet, he concluded that, making his way to my shoulders.

  He started rubbing it lightly, getting vigorous, then I felt so hard. I was containing myself not to rock my shaft against the mattress.

  He was getting more vigorous on his rub and I could feel his cock brushing against my back through the fabric.

  "Dear, it's great." I told him.

  "I gotta cum." I continued as I felt my boxers were getting wet.

  "So do I." He whispered in my ear and turned me facing him, lying on my back.

  I could see him taking his briefs off and when I reached the waistband he pulled mine off, too.

  He brushed his lips on my cheek and caressed my arms. His breathing was getting heavy.

  "This rubbing thing made me so horny." he said lying upon me.

  He kissed my neck whle out wet shafts rocked against each other and he had his hands on my sides.

  I had my hands feeling the warmth of his back as I inhaled his scent on his shoulder, chest.

  With a deep and loud gasp I felt his cum spreading over my cock and it was too much to bear as I exploded to add to the mess.

  "You can lie dear." I said above a whisper.

  Ryan lay, resting his head on my raising and falling chest, as he was taking his breath.

  I kissed the top of his golden hair.

  "I feel so good." Ryan said as he could feel the words coming out of his chest, resting against mine.

  "Yeah, I feel you care about me." I said wrapping my arms around his waist.

  "Do you remember the way we first came together?" he asked, now resting his chin on my chest, to look me with those green eyes.

  "Yeah, it was rocking against each other, like that." I replied and smiled.

  "We didn't even had time to take our briefs off." he commented and giggled.

  Then, he just kept looking in my eyes and I kept looking at his, which told me so much while nothing was said, that brought me peace and joy.

  "Thank you, Ry." I said, after a while. He kept looking at me. "For the ticket, the match tomorrow."

  "Dad invited me to go and I wouldn't feel good if you didn't go too." he said. "Your dad could come with us, what`s he gonna do tomorrow?" he asked.

  "He's gonna be working at the hospital, as he always do on holidays and mom... I just don't know." I said and sighed.

  "I'm so glad you're coming with us!" he said and we shared a long and wet kiss.

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