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If Red Could Help

Part 1

by Jarvis992003@yahoo.ca

Looking in the mirror to see if my spiked hair look good, I wear spikes of 3" to 4" inches long, bleached blond hair with black point, natural colour is dark brown. It been a long time a see that colour other place than around my dick. Almost 15 years old, 5' 11", 180 lbs or if you like 1,79 m, 82 kg. I practice Akibudo since my 12 years and Judo Hakudokan since I am 9 years old. I like practicing these martial art, first it keep my mind clear and it give me the opportunity to see guys in the shower. By the way I am gay, straight acting and deep in the closet.

My Akibudo trainer is mane Ray it a good guy, very traditionalist even for a Japanese and I is white. He really do not like my style, if I want to learn I have to undo my hair and change clothes before training and after it if I want to respect my image. My rents are not to found of my look but I am good at school and out of trouble most of the time they let me be.

At school when I change my look spiked and colour hair, hearing 8 of them on both ears plus a ring on my right eyebrow, I wear military pant black, black t-shirt with band logo or something like FTW on it, leather jacket, combat boots, dog collar or chain. I really look like an angel, no! I like it that way, it keep people away. When I get in 7 grade, I am a big guy, I find the biggest bully in the school yard and send him flying on is ass, I kick him cold out for good measure on the first day of school. I gave me the reputation being completed nut. It is a bit lonely, but I am safe. I see the other kid at school been pick on I feel sorry for them but they have to understand that you can not tolerate one abuse you have to exercise the Japanese principle of retribution, each action have is consequence just and fit for it. It go for the bad and good actions, it must be retribution.

Ho! incidentally my name is Reginald but out of home I do not respond to it. My name is Red, to the punk I hang whit. For them I am the guy that crack (skin head) head. I hate bigot and supremacist, enjoying being there nemesis, the gang care of me for that. They gave fake id, we go as a group in club trashing (dancing) an in show. I like protecting peoples it give me a good feeling and I am reward by the approbation of the gang. They expect me to be thought and having ruffs edge, this is the down side of the job. I am not dumb on the contrary I am quite bright, but bright angst safe if you want my opinion.

On this Friday evening, I get in the Hole (club) around 21H, it near summer break and it almost empty there is 7 punk, around 50 rockers, few yo and lot of tourists, the only good point is the music very loud and good. I sit down in view of the gate and drink a beer the temperature is warm and it is quiet for me, you would say that the music is not quiet but it relax me, I am quietly half asleep I suddenly open my eye and see the doorman push away a kid, ok ok is not really a kid is around my age but in t-shirt and short pant he look is age or less. They argue a few seconds I almost relax back when I heard a yep and a scream, I get on my feet and walk to the gate, the doorman looking to the right I look too.

-Sergio (doorman) say "they are not skin head"

the ting first I see it the kid on the ground holding to is back pack and a rocker around 18 trying to kick him and pulling the back pack. I asked my self I have to be involve the answer is no, if I want to it yes. The rocker try to kick me to but I grab is balls and throat in a single move I heard Sergio yep in sympathy for the poor bastard. I clench both hands with all the strength I could get. The rocker do mot emit a sound but eyes are tearing up instantly. I hold my grip for around 30 seconds he drop on the side walk unmoving.

I take a look at the guy flat on is back, is back pack in is arm, looking at me with a disbelieving air. I put my hand helping him up, when he stand see that he is around 5'7" for about 140 lbs, kind of cute light brown medium length hair, brown eyes, pale complexion. He get up and I get a sniff of a not so clean body, cute but dirty and smelly. He try to say thank,

-Red I interrupt him "if you can't fight it to late for you here" I turn my back at him and go on the terraces to finish my beer and listen to the music closing my eyes. When I open my eyes

-Sergio come to my table "hey Red the guy ask me your name and some weird questions?

-Red "humm!" I said "what did you said"

-Sergio "that your name is Red, you're a heavy hitter and that your straight on the edge" not talking about sex saying that,

-Red "it ok, what happen to that stupid rocker"

-Sergio "he stay down for around a minute and cry for 5"

-Red " no cops"

-Sergio "no cops"

I stretch my legs get on my feet wave to the gang and get out of the Hole (club). Walking I put my hand in my pocket to search for a bus ticket get it looking in front of me I saw the smelly guy with is back pack near the bus stop. When I get there he was not looking at me, he look to the ground in front of him,

-Smelly "thank you man"

-Red "humm!" "ok"

-Smelly "your style is really dirty"

-Red "it only my style that is"

-Smelly "is what"

-Red "for how much time you have run away"

-Smelly "I have not run"

-Red "yo man a guy that smell as if he have not wash for a week, with a back pack on the main street at almost 24H !!! I believe you no prob I haven't speak to you at all forget it"

After a few seconds of silence

-Smelly "My name is Thomas I quit my home 10 day a go I come from a sub town"

I look at him he look needy out of option, for a thought guy I am such a softy, yerk.

-Red "when do you ate last time"

-Tom "moon"

-Red "do you want to ate"

-Tom "yes"

-Red "do you have bus ticket"

-Tom "yes"

-Red "then follow me"

We waited silently side by side for the bus, after around 15 minutes, it came and we have 30 minutes to do, we ran it in silence. When we get down of it I catch him looking at me side way, I smile to my self and walk to the Burger King the only junk food open around my house at that hour. Getting in I look to see if I know some one then I look at him

-Red "what do you want to ate?"

-Tom " the same as you"

-Red "ok"

He sat near the door and I go to give my order, take the tray and get seated with him, not aside him but front of him.

-Tom "tank you man"

We ate our late lunch without much talk, all the time we ate I look directly at him, he seem afraid of me, I have lot of practice at that.

-Red "why the running?"

-Tom "I don't want to talk about it"

-Red "humm! you are pretty smelly, you can not pass any where or find a job like that. Even for trick no way"

-Tom " trick?"

-Red "selling your self, male prostitute"

He look at me in shock not talking for more than a minute"

-Tom "are you crazy I will never do that"

-Red "then you know how to steal car, house?"

-Tom "I get a look of real disbelieve, I am not"

-Red I cut him "hey listen how do you intended to support your self? Are you a Gate"

Thomas look at me blankly!

-Red " Bill Gate"

-Tom " "

-Red "the computer guy that own millions"

He finally understood the reference. He look at me with a questioning look, and ask me if I was really what I look.

-Tom "no I do not have any money, I have 2 bucks that is that all" he says sadly

-Red "I do not want to be rude but if you want to trash home you have to wash in the first 5 or we are both sleeping out, ok" looking at him "what do you say"

-Tom "ok but I only have one other pair of short and they are filthy"

-Red "ok you can take one of my brief

We slowly walk to my house I explain to him that I live with my parents and 2 little one and that my mother is inquisitive, if you want to keep a secret don't stay alone with her, she good. We arrive to de front lawn, one standard town house 2 level medium size with flowers bed and beautiful little grove, yerk, my mother art, you could say. I look at the windows there is some light in the family room I hope that is my father in the room. I look at Thomas and say to him when I open the door it will be a stair in front of you take them and the first door at your right it my room, ok, in the room there is a door for my bathroom, there is something else that need explanation? No ok then lest go.

I quietly open the door and move to the family room as Thomas get up. There they are both there, fuck,

-Red "hi! something good on the tube"

There are standard answer but before I could leave my mother ask me if I have something else to say, fuck, not much I just have a bud to trash in. She ask me if he is clean? I ask her if I have did bring drunk or drug bud an not ask for help? No she say but she like to see him. Ok! Ok! I will send him down no prob. She remember me that I have promise Mike to help him. Is my 10 year old brother he is cool and like plastic model I help him whit it. Then I get up to my room to see all is clothes in the basket near my bed and heard the shower running. I open the closet and look for my old stuff, there is some that he can use yep blue jean that I out grow, button up blue shirt, stocking no trouble there but the underwear, humm! my satin lycra could fit him, I took a pair of blue one and knock on the bathroom door

-Red "hey Tom I put the clothes on the floor, the commandant, my mother, want to see you"

-Tom "what should I say?"

-Red "stay close to the truth it could pass"

After a few minutes he get out of the bathroom all dress up, a little to straight for my taste but definitively a improvement of his look.

-Red "get down and see the commandant for the interrogation." I say to him with a smile.

He swallow hard and go down, when he left I undress and go take a shower, as usual I take care of all my need in the shower including my sexual tension, I don't to gave you a description but Tom pass in my mind when a take care of that. After the shower I regain my composure get in the room. He was there sitting at my desk head down.

-Red "what the matter?"

-Tom "told her, told her all" he say silently crying.

He say to me that his older brother terrorise him and beat him, both is parents work until 18H then from 15H he is in is claws. He look at the edge of a nervous break down. I ask him how old is brother is? What school he go? How he look? At this point he ask me to do noting.

-Red "sure I will stay out of it, if you find a way to be safe, but for the moment you don't want that I beat an innocent, no? then answer my questions ok"

He gave me the info and more, he say that Ernest, is brother, manage to get him in trouble, there parents love very much the golden boy Ernest, if they find the truth, it will break there hearths. Saying he broke in tears.

It look to be the truth I have to see what it the other face of the coin. I feel for the guy, this morning I will ask the commandant what she think of this story.

-Red "Tom take the bed I will take the hammock, ok"

-Tom "no, no, I will take" he try to said

-Red "it to late to argue take the bed I like to sleep in my hammock"

I hook the hammock and stretch on the hooks looking at Tom with half smile on my face, he is very cute.

-Red "g'night hit the switch"

He close the light, I hear him sniff for few minutes then drift asleep.

Fuck, how shake my arm, opening my eyes I see Mike smiling at me, I said to him ok I am up. Looking at the clock, yerk it only 7:30H less than 5H of sleep. I get in the family room to help him with is battle cruiser.

-Mom "sleep well Reg"

-Red I looking at her "what do you think of his story?"

She take a deep breath looking at mike

-Mom "if you want a coffee follow me"

-Mike "ya, ya it is not my business"

-Red I followed her in the kitchen "then what about the story do you believe it or not?"

-Mom closing her eyes a bit "I could believe it, did you see him in the shower"

-Red rolling my eyes "mom please, I do no look at guy in the shower, and no I have not see any bruise on him but I see him whit my boxer on"

-Mom "your prize new boxer?"

-Red "yes they are stretched and could fit him. Ok."

-Mom looking at me "humm! Humm! By the way it forbidden to you going around his brother. Do you listen to me Reginald."

-Red don't looking at her "for sure did I always listen as at you said, humm!"

-Mom thing a sip of coffee " ya you always listen and acted accord ling to your believe. And I know what you are believing now, for you information we are not in medieval Japan the tallion law did not apply in court" looking at me sternly "I don't want you around that guy ok."

-Red trying to have e very neutral facial expression "Mike is waiting for me" I get in the family room with my coffee helping my brother for the next hour or so.

Dad and the commandant are going to the mail around noon then I leave my brother in the family room and go up there to wake Tom.

Getting quietly in the room, Tom was asleep curled in a tight ball I see lot of tension in is body. When I sit on the side of the bed he jump almost 1' in the air, looking wildly around scare. Seeing it I flee for him but keep a strait face.

-Red holding is arm " hey Tom it me your safe here no bad guys just a punk" smiling at him.

He is not seeing to found it funny? Covering is body with the sheet,

-Red grabbing the sheet "wait let me see your ok I am not here to hurt you, it cool" he did not seem to believe completely. I switch the light on looking at is chest, just side of is left nipple a weird circle about " of wavy flesh, when I touch it he being to cry silently. I ask him to lift his arm, I discover under is left pit 2 spots looking alike and he did not have any hair on these spots.

-Red with a chocking voice "your brother is right handed?"

-Tom still crying "yes" said with a shaky voice.

-Red almost shaking from the control that I have to maintain "any more?"

Tom not saying a word push the waistband of the boxer, to show me 3 bald spots and the same wavy flesh and a 4 one not completely heal at the base of his penis a scab still on.

He look pretty upset and I understand it. Fighting to keep from crying with him, I have lot of physical guts, I hate pain but it do not stop me we can control it with breathing and it difficult to explain let it flow without giving it focus. But for the emotional guts it very difficult for me.

-Red clenching my teeth "it ok let get dress" when he let go the waistband I took him in a strong hug holding him until he stop crying.

-Tom with a stare full of hate "my brother is a fucken queer, a sick fag, and ass"

-Red I cut him " your brother is a sadistic first, some of my friend are gay they never act like that don't turn to be prejudicial it a good way to being my enemy"

I get up and say it time to dress up ok, I get down and make you a breakfast. When I get down Mike and Steve where there looking at the tube. I ask them what they want for lunch? It was hot dog and French fry, easy and fast. I make 12 hot dogs and lot of fry plus eggs and toast before I finish Tom is looking at me from the door of the kitchen I said to him to sit down it will be ready in a sec. He could have hot dog or egg or both I said smiling. His eyes look a little red he look mostly ok. I put a coffee in front of him and a plate with 3 eggs 2 hot dogs and fry. I sit beside him and ask him if he could watch the little one for me?

-Tom "what did you intend to do?"

-Red "noting I have to go to my training and the rents have left, If you say yes be sure to keep them safe ok they are my brothers"

-Tom "they are will be safe"

Then I call for Mike and Steve and we ate talking, I say to them that Tom will watch over them and to be good or else, when a say that they laugh at me, little grunts. They were still eating when I get up to put on my karate jock strap plus the cup. On my way out I when in the back yard in the garden shed I have a chest there lock with a magnetic padlock I open it and took my fiberglass arm brace and shim guard. I make it, you have to put petroleum jelly on your fore arm, be sure to cover it all, put the fiber mesh on the jelly and the two first resin coating. The problem is the heat from the chemical reaction of the resin. You put off your arm install leather strap before more coating of resin and glue inside the blue foam use for the camping floor mat. It is the same procedure for the shim guard. Take my sap glove and Cobra stick that I buy at US Cavalery. Cobra stick it a retractable stick 9" folded 24" extend, it a spring with weight on the tip very nasty weapon, I wear it in a holster on the back of my belt. The glove are leather glove with sand (1 lb) on the front it help when you want to punch a clear knock out. In the chest I take a military knap sack with in pieces of rope, duct tape, 2" rubber ball and 20 large tie rap. I call it my battle dress.