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If Red could help

Part 2

When I get my battle gear on, I walk to a corner store to buy 2 big cigar and matches, I shoved them in the knap sack, when I get out of the store I smile at the clerk, he was really afraid of me. I have no trouble to find the place but the suburb it not good for me. In the hearth of the city I am invisible, here lot of people notice me. I scan the place and find a small park, I when to a bench and begin my watch.

I stay on the bench half hour and when to ring at the door, after 5 ring without answer perfect, I return to the bench. I really hope that it will be a smooth ride. I stay half a sleep on my bench it the best way to keep your mind quiet. After 3 long hours I see a rater cute guy around 6' about 180 lbs and looking some way like Thomas going in the right direction. I put my glove on and when in the same direction following him. Her get to the door and open it, I get quietly behind him and say `'I'' , he turn around to be intercept by a punch, the guy is though, just fell a bit on one knee, I punch him very hard on the jaw and the light when out. Nice job, no one seem to notice. I drag him inside, gag him with the ball and tape, lock the door, ok it is a split level I drag him in the basement, find a good chair and tie rap him ankle knee wrist and elbow, I find a blanket put it over him and tape it around his shoulder. I look if there his windows in that room and close all the store. The first step when smooth, ok let look at the place, I feel my hearth beat slow down a bit. In the basement there is the utility room, clean and well keep. The family room where I tie my guy and one bedroom clean a young guy room but if you ask me too clean. All the normal stuff audio system, computer, tv let search the place, first I turn over the mattress, the frame of the bed is a box and there is boards to hold the mattress I flip them and find a metal box that you can lock, I continue to search the room finding noting incriminating. But strange in that room, I find 4 key for handcuffs and good quality not novelty ,one piece of rope in a drawer under the cloth and in a box spring clip and electrical welder. I search for the key of the metal box and not finding it. I get to my prisoner how by the way his awake. I search his pockets in one I find his key ring the other one give direct access to his dick, remembering what I have seen on his brother body I grab it hard, he jump in the chair.

-Red I know what it your pleasure!!! Be ready to taste it

I open the box finding 3 CD and a 256mo USB drive and a booklet half full. Have to read that later. I get up the stair ok kitchen, diner, bath, suddenly I froze mid step, I heard a noise from behind a door. I put my ear on the door some breathing and winning from inside. A little shaken I put my hand on the door handle take a deep breathe and open the door. To my surprise I found a little guy tie on the bed drenched wet from mid chest to his knee, gagged, eye wide open whit a panic expression on his face. I move quickly and put his pillow on his face, I picked the pillow case from his other pillow telling him.

-Red Hey little bud I do not want to hurt you ok, but you cant see me I will put a blindfold on you do not panic

I put my hand under the pillow whit the case in my hand. I wrap it around his head moving smoothly, taking the pillow off I say

-Red I will tape the blindfold and take your gag off, ok

The little guy cry loudly ,when I take the gag off, his shaking like a leaf mumbling that he could not hold it that he was sorry do not beat him etc etc... Without answering I search in my pocket to find the handcuff keys and free him. He was completely freak out. I have to hug tightly his wet body talking to him softly and calming him. I ask him why he was tie up on the bed? He said that he have to learn to not having to pee all the time.

-Seth don't say it to Ernest please he will give me a treatment and I hate it please!!!

he was almost choking telling me that.

-Red Ok ok let the blindfold I help you wash and change you and your bed but let the blind fold. I don't want you to know how I am ok little bud?

I help the kid wash and change not easy blind and I did not abuse the poor kid you pervert. I talk to him learning that his parents are out on a search for his brother Thomas and that Ernest will be back soon.

-Red Seth stay in your room even if you ear lot of noise ok I will be back to tell you when you will can get out of your room ok, work whit me I am here to help ok

Before leaving the room I put a CD on his boom box. Leaving the little guy in his room I was really piss off, I stop in the stair to take a few deep breathe, what to do whit that ass hole. Getting in the basement I see my prisoner moving a lot, seeing that I make some noise in the stair, sit beside him lightning a cigar and blowing the smoke in his direction. After a few puff he freeze completely, I put a length of tape over his eyes, pulling the blanket up I could take off the tape and the rubber ball how gag him. He was sweating heavily and almost drooling but stay silent even when I blow the cigar smoke in his face.

I do all this without a single word. Taking my heavy rough voice.

-Red Did you have a password on the CD you hide under your bed

He did not answered to my request then without a word I lift his t-shirt putting the cigar half inch of his right tit, I am a lefty, letting it there.

-Red For the last time, before your loosing that tit, did you put pass word on those 3 CD?

-Ernest No don't burn it pleeeease!!! he said sweating heavily, what fucking asshole and not one once of guts. I have a strong disdain for scum bag.

I kick him below the knee out of frustration, I know that I could not burn him I am not able to do it. I ask him about the book and the Usb drive. He tell me that the book is about what he know of his class mate, password of there e-mail and personal relation if any. For the Usb drive it was a key for his computer.

I when to his room install the Usb and boot up the machine. Lot and lot of porn all kind but large section of S&M bounding and piercing. I don't really like it disgusting. I put de CD on and literally jump out of the chair, it was photos of what he did to his 2 brothers forcefully keep myself silent I find the e-mail of his father and his password in the book what else and mail 5 of the worst photos to him. I recuperate CD and Usb drive. Passing near the asshole I kick his head. I climb to Seth room. He was quietly sitting on his bed waiting, he jump a little when I open the door turning in my direction.

-Red ok kid it me he extend his arm in my general direction, hugging him I sit on the bed.

-Red I will leave soon your brother Ernest his tie up in the basement I catch a look of disbelief in is face hear what I have to said to you ok? he nod leave him there and wait for your parents when they got here go to meet them and ask your father to look in his e-mail for the message (All the truth ) and open the attach file ok can you do that?

-Seth Ok but

-Red No but do it you will be treated again and Thomas will come back I promise ok?

-Seth I will do it

-Red If you give to much details about me to your parents or the cops I will be arrest and send to jail, just said that you have not the time to see or just your not remember and start to cry, are you ok whit that?

-Seth I will never have you arrest if Ernest stop hurting us

-Red Stay quietly in your room I going now I kiss him on his forehead caress a little his hairs and leave his room .

Going in the basement to pickup all my stuff I stop in front of the asshole and said to him.

-Red Hey scumbag kicking his right foot I leave keeping one eye on you touch one of your brother again and you will be sorry yes fucking sorry. So sorry in fact that you will wish that you are death. In fact I suggest that you move from here as soon as possible. Do you know why ... Because I watch you asshole. And I kick his left foot.

I left the house fast and quiet, looking around me I take off my glove there are some people on the street, no body seem to looking at me. Good I begin a bit relaxing, I take the metro and going home smiling. I relax it was a long Saturday but I feel good. I don't know if I will go out tonight I see how Thomas will flee?

At the door I heard my mother asking for me.

-Mother Where?

-Red Training and hanging whit friend how need me. looking around where is Thomas?

-Mother Better to have any news about your activity Reginald you about the boarding school.

-Red Mother a have already tell you boarding school don't like piercing and color hair my point is that no body in the world will be able to change those ting I said grinning at her. looking seriously at her I have been at Thomas home before screaming look at those CD

-Mother I will not like it I supposes

-Red Thomas could not see it go in dad office

-Mother That bad

-Red Worse than that

She left me brining the 3 CDs whit her. After a few minutes Thomas get in whit dad.

-Red Hi dad, hi Tom, how your doing

-Dad your training on Saturday?

-Red Yep ask mom

-Tom Training for that long it 19:00

-Red Yep, do you want to watch the tube in my room?

Hesitating -Tom Yes if you want to

When we get in the room I let him sit on the bed sitting myself in the hammock saying to him ok don't freak out, I have been at your house this afternoon. He look near desperation. I seen Seth he is good and happy to speak whit me.

-Tom Do have seen Ernest?

-Red Yes we have a good chat, when I seen him first thing he say to me, hi, and when I leave, he assure me that he intend to move on his own as soon as possible

-Tom He say that

-Red When he look at me he seem dam serious about it

He cry a little trying to believe what I tell him, I think. I ask him if he want to look at some tape or DVD, take any ting. My mother call me from the first floor.

-Mother We have to call the police Reginald, it terrible.

-Red If you call the cops

-Mother The police

-Red If you want, if you call them we can't any explanation how we get those CDs, at best they could not use those in court at worse I will be arrest

-Mother What did you do to that ... Boy?

-Red Noting I was afraid that if I begin to hit him seriously. I can not stop to hit him

-Mother It good taking my head on her chest, hugging and rocking my head a little.

Bring your brothers whit you in your room to watch tv they ask for you today they miss the big goof, we will try to fix the mess tomorrow ok?

-Red Yes my commandant

-Mother Shut that mouth, you punk smiling at me.

I call for Mike and Andrew, by the way Mike is 13 and Andrew is 11. I bring them in my room whit Tom and me we watch Lord of the Ring the first 2. Andrew on the bed whit Tom and Mike whit me. We chat about noting serious truly relaxing, Tom need it. After the movie the little one have to hit the sack. That leave us alone.

-Red Ok Thomas listen quietly I will say all to you, your cool whit that?

-Tom Hit it

-Red As I said to you I been to your house, did you know that Ernest abuse your little brother as well?

-Tom No the bastard he did not

-Red Yes he did not as heavy as he did to you but he did, I took the CDs whit the photos of you and your brother and I use it against him, your are ok whit it?

-Tom Yes, what he did to my brother?

-Red You to ask him yourself. The point is when you return home you will have to talk to the cops, we have to come up with a story that hold the road, do you agree with me?

The story was simple and easy to deal with, he live in the street around Ste. Cath and St. Laurent, washing in public pool, eating at Pop youth shelter. We practicing the story for about 2 hours, he was fairly good. We where sitting on my bed side by side by accident I put my hand on his knee few time, getting hold on myself I move a little away from him keeping my hand off. He his really good looking. It was 02:35 I send him in the bathroom going in the kitchen for a raid. Back in the room I ate my snack waiting for him. We exchange place and I point the tray with his snack on. I shower and jack off thinking of him. I adjust my alarm clock for 08:00 not to much sleep this weekend. I fell like a rock in the hammock.

What is that horrible sound yerk! It already time. Let get up, put the alarm off, get down and the show must go on.

-Red Hi mom, hi dad do you want to talk to my before the other wake up?

-Mother What we do the thing that your father and me have seen yesterday it a criminal offense we have to report it.

-Red I have send some photos to Thomas father mail box, from there house no danger to be spot. I said looking at my father I have take note of the exact time and date they have to signal the criminal offence, dad you could ask to your friend to have a copy of the log and mail?

-Dad Yes I will what about Thomas?

-Red I will phone from a boot this afternoon from that we see.

Lather my brothers came down with Tom they all chat happily, fell good to see them all smiling like that. I drink a coffee when they ate all chatting like a good family unit. After breakfast I follow Mike to glue plastic J, the kid like it and he like doing it with me. Tom turn around us and finally sit down with us helping. We have a good time together.

At noon we have a lunch when we finish eating I take Tom aside.

-Red Come with me we will go to a phone boot to call your home

-Tom Are you sure? looking nervously at me.

-Red If it Ernest that answer at the phone just hang up you don't have to speak to him ok?

-Tom let do it if I have to he said sadly.

It take only few minutes of walking to get to the boot, I put a quarter in and Tom signal the number. He waited sweating a little, I see him holding his breathe, when he start talking I was certain that he was talking to Seth, he turn is back to me. He was crying for sure, he talk with other persons, he talk with more than 3 persons, looking at my watch I cut the communication after 3 minutes. He look at me shock.

-Tom Why?

-Red I don't want to be arrest, do you understand that

-Tom They want me home, they know about some one intervention, they don't know about Red the punk. he said smiling at me.

-Red ok first we move from this boot, we go home to take your stuff and we go to the metro I leave you there my friend ok?

We get home my rents and brothers kiss him goodbye and wish him good luck. We take the bus and metro during the trip I look at him to catch his cuteness and store it in my memory bank. When we get to his metro I leave him near the bus stop. I move away and fly a taxi giving Tom address, I get out the taxi and go to the park hiding from his house.

I wait for about 1 hour before seeing him walk toward his house. I see his father opening the door Tom reaction confirm it. Seth and a woman join then, the job is well done and no cops. Opps! I have speak to fast after 5 minutes a guy get out of the house cross the street to speak with 2 others one in a car. Seeing that I raise from my position to leave quietly, fuck!, the guy leave the car to walk in my direction.

-Cop Hey kid wait

-Red What do you want?

-Cop Do you have seen

-Red Why do I have to answer to you I don't fucking know you, you could be a fucking perv?

-Cop I am sergeant detective Dubuc Opening his wallet showing me his badge.

-Dubuc Do you have seen a big guy around 6'2'' or 6'4'' punk style like you?

-Red Nope

-Dubic Do you smoke?

-Red Nope

-Dubuc Do you have your paper?

-Red Nope

-Dubuc What is your name and address please?

-Red Pierre Valmont, 1342 Des Erables, can I go now

-Dubuc Yes, if you remember something he gave me his card Ring me

I leave the place as fast as I could, because if he verify it was all bull. I get home without any prob. My mother give me the speech about all the problems that I have could cause, the parent are strange they could not face the fact that I have figure all the troubles that could fall on me and act on it any way. Strange how normally bright person fall in that kind of pattern. For the rest of the day I play with the little ones and listen to some old Bauhaus. The rents hate it but I love it.

Monday morning dring, dring, the alarm clock and I am still alone and it is my fault. Let go to school. I leave my brothers at their school and walk to my. As usual I grow and bark my way in. Most of the teachers like me I have good results, class it no problem with me hey. The day was a smooth ride. Back at home, mom was there with a lunch for me. I smile at her and get to my room to do homework as usual. At 17:25 mother call me to tale the line I have a phone call.

-Red Red listening

-Tom Hi I call to give you some news, it all good , I call you from a diner, Ernest his out of the place he is in a house for delinquent. They search for a really tall guy that Ernest describe to the cops. Your are safe.

-Red Thank you Tom happy to learn that it all ok for you I said smiling to myself.

-Tom No thank you Red, if you not step in I would have kill myself I was really down. Thank you thank you so much you have save your life Seth and me, soon it will be safe to you to come visit, it is ok with you?

-Red Yep, just give me a buzz and we will figure something. I was fighting very hard to hold knot that I feel in my throat and stop the tears.

-Tom I call you back as soon as possible Red bye

I have to breath deeply for few minutes to take a hold on my emotions. It was difficult but I manage. I get in the kitchen smiling to myself feeling happy for Tom. I snoop in sniffing around to know what was cooking. Mom wave me out it was not ready I when to help Mike and Andrew with their homework. After supper I watch the tube with my brothers holding them close to me. When I get in bed I feel really lonely, I have to concentrate on the principle desire is pain where there is no desire there is no pain, desire is mostly selfish, you have to center on your inner self. Don't let all transitory desire taking a hold on the soul. I manage to hold the emotions at bay. I sleep like a log. The week pass very well. At the end of the week, Sophie call me if I go at the hole on Friday, I answer her what time round 20:00H will be a good time, it will be some skinhead in town from Toronto to bash punk. I know that she will be out with her girlfriend and want me to watch over. I told her no trouble and I know that she will paid my drink.

On those kind of night I where only my jock strap, forearm and shin guard, not all the battle dress. Wearing jock strap with the cup it not comfortable, it warm and itchy but what you want better be safe than sorry. Entering the Hole I see Sergio.

-Red Hi Serg how it going?

-Sergio Hi Red good so far

-Red Do you know those dickheads from Toronto will be in town to bash punk and any ting else that is not white?

-Sergio Nope but you have make my weekend he said rubbing his knuckles with a ferocious grin on his face.

-Red Any way if any trouble I will be please to help