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If Red could help

Part 4

I wake up without my brother again, on the weekend it abnormal to me. I get down to find both my parent in the kitchen. They smile at me and ask if I had a good night. I almost smile back and said yes.

-Mother `'Are you hungry?''

-Red `'Yes'' I sigh.

-Father `'Reginald your so unhappy, try to come over it.''

-Red `'I try'' I could not say that it was out to soon and to fast for me.

-Mother `'If we don't stop talking about it. It will not go away.'' She say smiling, putting on a brave face.

I ate, they both make all the talking. I go to the family room to phone to Alain and Tom. Mike and Andrew were looking carton on tv.

-Red `'Hi it Red''

-Tom `'Hi how are you? Dad was worried about you. He forbid us to call you. Why?''

-Red `'Can I speak to your dad I will have to speak to you after ok?''

-Tom `'Why don't you speak to me now'' It was a hind of panic in his voice.

-Red `'It ok Tom I will speak to you in few minutes''

-Alain `'Your ok Red?''

-Red `'Yes, you know why I call you?''

-Alain `'Not really, I am sorry I did not know that it was unknown to all.''

-Red `'It not your fault, I don't have the right to blame it on you.''

-Alain `'How it his with your parent? They really don't intend''

-Red `'Sorry I will not discuss it with you, it between us, I could say that is thought.''

-Alain `'Ok it not of my business, your not a easy one to deal with, why do you call?''

-Red `'I will break the new to Tom, I want you to stay around. In case he take it hard, ok.''

-Alain `'It ok with me break it smooth to him''

-Tom `'What the problem Red?''

-Red `'Ok Tom, it difficult for me to said it, I hope that you will not mind and think to badly about me? Thomas I am gay''

-Red `'Tom Hello'' Fuck the line stay silent, after around 10 seconds I hand up.

Mike look at me interrogative climbing on me.

-Mike `'Red are you fag?''

-Red `'Yes! Mike does it change ting between us?''

-Andrew `'Mom come''

-Mike `'No it change noting, it was the ting that you have to think about?''

-Mother `'Yes Andrew''

-Andrew `'Is it true that Reg is f... gay?''

-Mother `'It is possible he is not sure''

-Red interrupting her `'I am sure, I am gay but I am not a fairy to heavy for that.'' Smiling to him.

-Andrew climbing on my lap `'It ok''

-Mother looking at me `'Why are you''

-Red `'They have heard me talking on the phone'' I look at her half smiling.

-Mother `'Be good all of you we go to the mall''

We stay on the room looking at the tube for an hour. I leave the little one there getting in my room. I feel very sad, Tom reaction it deceive me. I don't want really to have sex with him but I want his friendship. It ok I am not so lonely I have my family unit and my gang. I feel to listen Berurier Noir. I crank up the volume reading a physical book for the next term. I boot on my machine to take some notes. Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder, I jump from the surprise. I have not heard or see any ting. It Mike smiling.

-Mike `'We are hungry and you have a phone call''

-Red `'Ok close the CD I come down right now''

I close the Word and the machine. On the phone it Pat Tattoo a friend, he is a tattoo artist. I new that some of my friends gather fund to pay for my first tattoo.

-Red `'Hi Pat how are you?''

-Pat `'Ok. Hang over but ok, are you ready for your tat? Do you have your drawing?''

-Red `'Both answers his yes, how about 14:00H your place do I need salve and what kind?''

-Pat `'Any Poly*** shit will do my machine is clean and I use needles only one time after that I trash them.''

-Red `'Ok I will be there''

For lunch I make hamburgers and fry we ate and after get in my room to print the drawing that I want. It is a dragon that will cover all my right shoulder from the point of my shoulder to my elbow, from the middle of my biceps to the middle of my triceps. It a big tattoo I will speak to my father first. I speak to my father first he seem not to happy about it, ask me lot of time if I was sure that I want it. He could not speak a lot against it he have a lot of tattoo himself. He even have a big FTW on his back. Finally he said ok if your mother said ok. When I begin to speak to her said.

-Mother `'Not an other piercing!''

-Red `'No just a small tattoo on my shoulder, my friends pay it to; me.''

-Mother `'A tattoo humm, are you sure?''

-Red `'Positive''

-Mother `'There is no come back''

-Red `'Wrong, there his the laser to remove it.''

-Mother `'What do you want as a tattoo?''

-Red `'A dragon''

-Mother `'I should have know, a Japanese dragon?''

-Red `'What else''

-Mother `'Thank for asking, it ok,"

-Red "Thank you'' I smile "I have to go, probably be here for supper. Bye"

I when to a drugstore to buy the salve. On my to express the dragon on me. Where Pat live it almost a shed the only thing that is clean and in good condition it his tattoo stuff. We speak a bit he look at the drawing and ask me if I was sure about the colour of the dragon? I said yes I want that purple and green dragon, the design and colour are traditional of the Ashikaga period. He took the drawing and adjust on my arm. At the tattooing was uncomfortable after half hour it was numbs. I almost fell asleep it took 5 hours to complete. I was surprise by the amount of blood on my arm. He put the salve on and cover it with a dressing. My upper arm feel stiff a bit. I when home late it was 19:35H. I was received by my mother how ask to see it. I said later I got a dressing on and I am hungry. After the supper all 4 of them want to see it. I Have to go in the bathroom with my father to wet the dressing and peel it off gently. First reaction of my father was whispering.

-Father "Good job"

-Red "How do you like the colours"

-Father "Nice"

From outside

-Mother "What do you said"

-Father looking at me "Not so bad but it big" making gesture to me to shut it up.

The door open suddenly.

-Mother "Yes it bigger than you have said Reginald"

-Red "For me it is smaller than a back" I said smiling at her.

-Mother "You have to wear long sleeve to go to school, your in the same as your father now. In your public life you have to think about that tattoo now"

-Red thinking that I have worse to think about in my public life "It not the first I have to care you know it. I will do it as usual"

-Mother "I hope so" smiling at me, touching my shoulder."

-Mike "Can we get in?"

-Father "Yes and keep your hand off the tattoo, it fresh and can be infected."

They look, Andrew was interested period but Mike look in awe he almost touch it before my father catch his hand.

-Father "You have to wash your hand if you want to touch it and you have to ask first"

He wash his hand .

-Mike "Dad can I touch it"

-Father "I don't know" he smile at me "It not my arm"

-Mike making a face to dad "Reg can I touch it? It so nice. The colour are soft and the dragon his fierce in same time. "

When he see some blood smearing the skin he look worried, I said to him.

-Red "Ok Mike take the salve and apply it to the tat"

-Mother "It not a tat it is a tattoo Reginald"

-Red smiling "I new it."

The end of the evening was quiet. Mom as make the dressing on my arm. We all when in the family room to relax a bit. At 22:30H I wish them goodnight catching a hug passing by my mother. I know her indiscretion but the idea that it was a mistake was include in the feeling that I got from it. Around 23:00H Mike and Andrew come in to hug and wish me goodnight. The day was good to me, I hope that Tom will be ok. Desire his pain, relax he is ok whit his family, he and his brother are safe now. I am happy for them and I did not act to be reward. I have been acting to correct a situation that his unjust and dangerous all three brothers. Ernest would have build a more worst karma. It was good to him to be stop like that. In that I have been an instrument, I don't have to put pressure an any one. No one own an other soul. Soul can travel together you can show the middle way you can not impose it. I relax quietly drifting into sleep.

Monday morning last day of school for me, I have to go to pick up my stuff. I dress to impress, black jean, leather jacket, Circle or jerk T-shirt, black boots, chains all my rings and my hair freshly spike. Looking in the mirror I said to myself vanity all vanity but fun any way. I smile at my reflection after that I scold a bit to see the result. Looking unfriendly enough, good to me. I get with the family unit we talk and ate I let the little one at their school and go to mine. Not a lot of students at school today, first I get to see most of my teacher to wish them good vacation. I did not bother to see those teachers that I did not like. I really hate control freak and I let them know for sure. When I see my history teacher we speak for more than one hour he and I love history. He gave me some title of book and wish me good vacation, we shake hand.

-Teacher (Louis) "Red you could make history of the punk movement from the beginning to now could be a good project or the history of the building influence to structure the punk movement."

-Red "Do you listen to what you said? Structure in punk movement?"

-Louis "Yes the move that was take to be sure to not any having structure. Then it not all punk movement that are anarchist"

-Red "I see your point I could work that."

-Louis "I you do that we will manage to give you grade on it. I will like to see that"

I get to my locker and empty it. I have 2 full bag of books, knowledge can be heavy. On my way out I notice a small guy having trouble with 3 larger guys. Did I want to have problem on my last day of school?

-Red "Hey! Shut the fuck up" I shout at the big guys. In fact they are smaller than me, as I said I am rather large guy and on the top of it a reputation.

-Big guy 1 "It that fag how complain for noting"

-Red the guy have make a big one "Humm as I know of there is only one fag here" I raise my hand in his direction. He try to move out of my way and I feel a hand on my wrist.

I twist the arm that go whit the hand, kicking the guy in front of me. Number 3 leave the fight, he is a really brave and a good friend leaving his buds alone whit me. The guy how I twisted the arm scream when I dislocate his wrist. Good vacation dude. As I look back the small guy was kicking number 1 in the nuts.

-Red "Hey leave his balls alone he can have use for it."

-Small "Ok sorry, can I leave"

-Red "Have you finish your exam?"

-Small "Yes. I have to take my stuff from my locker when those dickhead catch me"

-Red "What they want from you?"

-Small "They have been on my case all the year, they call I fun time"

I when with the small guy how name his Peter. We speak walking to his locker. He took his stuff and we part in the school yard. I drag my bags home, mom seeing me with those ask when I will make a sale of used books. I answer her that I am a collector.

-Red "Did I have to be home for supper?"

-Mother "Yes, don't dare leaving, it your birthday today and your know it."

-Red "Ok I will be in my room"

I take the stuff for my lunch with me. I have to tidy the books I bring back. I sit in front of the machine booting it on. Music first then I surf the net searching for stuff on the origin of the punk movement. I was surprise there is lot of info on the punk movement. Soon I pile up more than 300 pages. I have select files and sorting the pages. I look in the lower right corner of my screen is 18:35H fuck I space out again. I close the music I can hear some noise from the first floor. Opening my door.

-Red Loud "I will go down to take a coffee."

In one instant Mike and Andrew where with me on the top of the stair.

-Mike "Red do you want a coffee?"

-Red "Yep"

-Andrew "I will get it"

-Red "Thank you Drew" Mike follow me in my room sitting on my bed

-Mike "You will not be mad today?" Looking worried.

-Red "What the problem Mike?"

-Andrew "Red there is your coffee" he give it to me smiling

-Red " Thank you Drew can you bring us some soda?"

-Andrew "Yes" running down.

-Red "What Mike?"

-Mike "Tom father is there, last time he was there it was not good for you. It your birthday I don't want him here if it disturb you"

-Red "It ok he have done noting last time" I said smiling.

-Andrew sit on the bed with 3 soda. "There it is" giving one to each of us.

-Red "Thank you Drew"

I drink my coffee talking with them. Few minutes later we be ask to go down. I want to know what Alain want from me?