Disclaimer: If you are not 18 or the legal age in the state or Country you live in to read them then please leave now. This is a story about a gay boy or boys, if this is not what you want to read then please leave now. All resemblance with real person or organisation is purely accidental this is a writing of pure fiction.

If Red could help

Part 6

On Wednesday I go with Mike and Andrew at the mall, Mike insist to go alone in the library. In stay close to the library with Andrew, I was almost sure that Mike want info on gay peoples. I hope that the clerk will not give him hard time. Looking inside with Andrew I see that Mike was talking with a guy of about 22 average height and on the skinny side. He was pointing Mike to the door. I was not happy with that. I ask to Andrew to watch me from the outside it will not be long. Smiling at me he said ok. I when inside just as Mike was walking to the door. He grab my hand and said that they did not have the book that he want.

-Red "Mike look at me." I put one knee on the ground "Tell me that again?"

-Mike "They don't want to sell it to me" just on the point to tearing.

-Red "You want a book on gay peoples? Yes?"

-Mike "Yes"

-Red raising up looking at the clerk "Excuse me, my brother ask you to buy a book on gay peoples why do you refuses it to him?"

-Clerk looking at me confused "Sorry your little brother ask me for a book on the gay and I did not want"

-Red I interrupt him "To be accused of forcing it in the hand of a child? But you can sell it to me ok."

-Clerk "For sure sir" he insist on the sir looking at me.

-Red "What is the book title sir"

-Clerk "Is it a choice?: Answer to 300 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Gay and Lesbian People by Eric Marcus."

-Red "This book do not look offensive in any way."

-Clerk "To you perhaps but lot of peoples find it offensive."

-Red looking at Mike "I will take it do you think so Mike?"

-Mike "Yes"

-Clerk "What is the name on the invoice?"

-Red smiling at the clerk "Albert, Albert Einstein."

-Clerk "Wow a celebrity in the store, I did not know that." He said smiling at me.

-Red "Yep, I was tired of Princeton and I did not like the look of the mid fifty. Punk it more like it." With that he look at me kind of wary. He smile.

-Clerk "If you need some more info on gay people you can come back and ask me."

I smile back at him pay and wish him good day. I gave the bag back to Mike.

-Mike "That guy was flirting with you?"

-Red "Yep I think that he try to."

-Red "Let it go I am not interest."

-Mike "It is that I find it strange that a old man want to go with you."

-Red "Hi Andrew it was not to long?"

-Andrew "No why the guy have to speak to you before giving the book to Mike?"

-Red "Ask Mike"

-Mike "He think that I was to young for that book."

-Red "Did anybody want ice cream?"

This is a rather elegant way to end the conversation. We get home I leave the little one in the family room. I knock at the door of my father office. No answer I open, I have to call Tom . Tom answer my call we speak about the course later this morning. Tom said to me that her have to go to summer school he will have his schedule on the next week then we will see how many course of Aikido per week he will take. I said to him that it was cool with me. He seem more relaxed after that, I smile at the phone, I said my bye and hang up. I disguise for Ray and I have to take a cab, I really don't like having to rush. I breathe deeply trying to calm my spirit. I accede directly to the lockers room to take a shower and putting on my judogy and my hakama. I stay in the locker room fixing the wall in deep meditation for a few minutes. When I move I see Tom smiling at me with Pierre how have a hand on his shoulder.

-Tom "Hi, Pierre stop me from speaking to you, you where in meditation?"

-Red "Yes, I was, thank you Pierre, hi Thomas"

-Pierre "How do you feel?"

-Red "Good I just have a busy day." I smile at Pierre. "We have to proceeded guy."

Tom seem to adapt very well to his class mate and to the fact having me as teacher. We all have a good sweat. At large Tom learn to move and some basic dodge. He see happy with what he learn. After the course I practice with Pasqual my weapons kata, first with the boken (wood blade) lather on with katana. Tom stay to look at your practice, he was not alone around half of my class stay to look. This is not officially part of the course but seeing us practice prepare the mind and sharpen the will to go in that direction. We, nine persons including Thomas and me, get in a restaurant for lunch. At the end of the lunch I excuse from the table to phone. Ok the hard part. Hello this is the Hole yes this is Red the punk Sergio try to reach to me if you can ring him and let him know that I am near the phone. The person on the other end said to that Sergio is in the hospital he leave a letter for me at the job I could get it before 16:00H. I answer that it was ok by me but how Sergio was? She tell me that he was mostly ok, just get there and I will have all the news. What the fuck? I go back with the guys ,that by the way include three girls, I finish lunch and wave to them leaving with Tom. His father gave me a lift. Tom ask me if he could hang with me I said yes but I have something to do, did he mind staying with the little one for few minutes. NO was the answer. I put part of my battle gear said bye to my mother and Tom then leave. I got to the club at 15:20H. The girl in the office was medium build with black curly hair and dark complexion. She look nice for a rocker type.

-Shant "Your Red?"

-Red "Yep what happen to Sergio?"

-Shant "He was badly beaten, he have a broken jaw and few broken rib. He did not tell us any thing precise just that was a skinhead story and you have to take care of it."

-Red "No cops I suppose." I said smiling.

-Shant "Exactly has he said. This is the envelope that he give me and he sing on the seal." She give it to me.

-Red "Ok nothing else ?"

-Shant "Nope, you will not open it?"

-Red "Not now don't try it babe."

-Shant "Don't babe me punk." Smiling at me

-Red "Bye take care."

When I get in the bus I open the envelope. Red I write to you from my room at St Luc hospital I have been to a place name Altitude 73, this is a place where they give bomber jacket and skinhead stuff to high school kid (like you). This is the address ***** street *****. They receive fund from the Vermont Cavern, this is the infamous KKK that try to put his fang in your turf find the people to kick their ass. They have not catch me when I snoop in their place I have been seen near the metro Papineau. I been catch by 5 dickheads they beat me good but you can beat them worse Take care Sergio. Bye the way "no cops".

I get home and call Alex first, he know lot of peoples and could be silent as a tomb.

-Red "Hi Tom, I have to make a call do you want to sit beside me and listen?"

-Tom "Yes, what up?"

-Alex "Hi Alex talking"

-Red "Hi it is Red, how are you?"

-Alex "Good and you, it all ok?"

-Red "Yep! Do you know that Sergio from The Hole is flat?"

-Alex "Nope first news. Are you concern by that?"

-Red "I have to talk to you now if it is possible?"

-Alex "Come at my loft, I wait for you."

-Red "Hey mom ,we will not ate here ok?"

-Mother "Why?" Looking at me.

-Red "We have to go at the club to see the guys."

-Mother "How about Tom, did is father new"

-Red "We will stay outside, it to soon to get in"

-Mother "Ok, but be home before 00:00 we are on the week.

-Red "If I have to be late I will call you." She look at me

-Mother "I hope that you will not have to be late ok?"

-Red "I will try." Smiling at her.

I was in hurry I call a cab. In the cab I ask to Tom if he new what is the KKK. His answer was not really, they are white supremacist that is. I said to him that he is right they are that and more I will explain it later. Getting in the loft I smile at Alex girlfriend and ask if Alex could come with me to take a coffee. Looking strangely at me he said yes.

-Red Designating Tom "His mane is Tom he is ok, will not speak"

-Tom "Hi."

-Alex "What do you want to tell me that is top secret?"

-Red "I was ask to find peoples ready to take skinhead out of the circuit as a organisation."

-Alex "Then we go." Getting to the coffee shop

-Red "How can you help me." Smiling at him. "No cops."

-Alex "Humm! organisation? Jew congress or LAM or Association of black student? What?"

-Red "Any and all, I don't know, it to flush an office of the KKK in Montreal."

-Alex "Humm! I would said that A. D**** of the LAM (League Antifascist Mondial), he have contact with the other I named convince him and you are in business."

Alex made some phone call and have appointment at the Hole next Friday. On your way home.

-Tom "You sound like this is cops business or something."

-Red "For that one I am over my head."

-Tom "What it is?"

-Red "Do you remember the night I met you the doorman how refuse you?"

-Tom "Yes around your height but larger, that one?"

-Red "Yes, he was beat, he have a broken jaw and broken ribs. He was, I don't why, in a place name Altitude 73. This as he said one office of the KKK in Montreal that give to group like ARN skin and other shit head free bomber jacket to give in High School with badge an stuff to bring young peoples in their rank. He ask me to find a way to put out of your turf, Montreal."

-Tom "It is dangerous Red, your not suppose to take risk like that."

-Red "Tom I will take risk if I feel that taking risk could save some peoples from pain or abuse." I said looking at him.

-Tom "Ok Red got your point, what next?"

-Red "If you want to we will go to see A. D**** you will serve as my witness wearing a numeric tape looking with concentration to all the face how come in."

-Tom "I will do it no problem but number one what to tell to my father and number two how get in the Hole."

-Red "To your father we will go to see a movie, you choose it and sleepover. For the rest stand by me."

We get in my room I assemble a punk kit, with ear cuff and chains neck choker humm! Offspring t-shirt black off course well used black jean that are almost grey, old combat boots, sleeveless leather jacket to small for me. I show him how to where the cobra to keep it handy but out of sight. We have only two day to make him fibreglass fore arm guard it is not possible, drying time, I suppose that we can begging doing it just in case.

And I start to show him how to use it, he will not be dangerous with it but he will look as he know to use it, I hope. On Friday we go to the course I get in at 09:00H I need some time of meditation I get on the tatami in sheza fixing the back wall. When o come back I feel relaxed and refresh. All the students where waiting for me. I smile at them and saluting them. The course begging smooth and at the end of it everybody have a good sweat because of the intensity of the exercises. After I get to work with Pasqual and André. Pasqual use the Bo (6' wooden stick), André use the Naginata traditional woman weapon (a katana blade on a 6' stick) and me with a Katana. I was a very good training, I have to said that I have lot of fun. It was a tri way everybody for himself. When it end we hear some applause, it was unimportant to us, we where looking at each other smiling and bowing to each other. After the shower we go to the restaurant for lunch, we talk and have fun. Tom and me left saying your bye to the guys, we take the bus to go home. We dress for the evening, me I put my full battle dress, shin and forearm guard, karate jock strap with the cup, jean and leather, sap leather glove and finally a mouth piece and one to Tom I ask him to keep it in his pocket. I get down to talk to my father.

-Red "Hey dad I need to borrow your mini recorder can I?"

-Father "Why do you need it?"

-Red "I need to do some negotiation and I want proof of it"

-Father "It is dangerous? Red tell me."

-Red "No not at all tonight it only speaking with a guy but I don't want to be carry away by a big mouth."

-Father "I believe you son but that you don't tell all of it as usual, don't try to protect everybody from every thing."

-Red "No dad, I know that life have thorns, a bunch of it. You know that she have wonderful flower to. You have found mother and the little one to"

-Father "You to Red even if you have your own thorns, you put it there to protect your self and the one that you love."

-Red "Thank dad for the recorder." I have to control my berating to keep my emotions from showing."

-Red "Tom pull your shirt off." He look at me then see the recorder. He pull off is shirt.

"You will be happy that you have nit any chest hair." I put talk on his chest under the recorder then tape it on his left side.

-Tom "It fell strange does it show?"

-Red "Put your shirt on and your leather vest. Wait I will put it on to test it. Ok go on."

-Tom "How it is?"

-Red "We have to make a true test follow me, keep smiling and parade your outfit ok?"

-Tom "No problem."

We get on the first floor in the kitchen to be seen by the commandant. The first ting we heard it.

-Mother "Reginald what did you do to that boy he look like."

-Red I interrupt her "Like me I suppose." Smiling at her

-Mother "Yes, but he did not as much practice to scold and growl."

-Tom "Red did not scold."

-Mother "He scold even to some of his teacher, to them scold was when he was happy. It is true Reginald."

-Red "Yes it is true I have tendency to put at their place those control freak that she talk about."

-Mother "Sadly enough I mostly agree to his judgement but not to his bad attitude."

-Red "This is not bad attitude this is my way of expression when they make mistakes and refuse to acknowledge it those stu"

-Mother "Watch it, those uncaring persons."

-Red "As you said."

-Tom "He always been like that?"

-Mother "Yes, he learn to read alone around three and half but up side down."

-Tom "Up side down?"

-Mother "I read story to him and he was in front of me, from his side the book up side down. One time I ask him to read me a story he took the book up side down and read it to me."

-Red "Mom this is old stuff."

-Tom "It is ok I like it."

-Mother "He was in first grade at four years, he ran away from school because his teacher don't like him and he was right. When I go to school after his stun she call him erudite monkey. I ask that he will be change to one other class."

-Tom "Wow a heavy punk that his also a nerd." Looking at me. "I get it right?"

-Red "Not really it was when I was young I am not like that now."

-Mother "Yes he soon ask lot of question about the reaction of the others and note that to bright peoples are not accept. He learn by trial and error and he adjust his result to the reaction of the average student in his class. It is like the martial art and his punk look it all calculated to give the optimum result."

-Red "Mom you make me sound like Machaviel. I am not a Borgia prince and I do not kill parents. On top of that I am not Italian."

-Tom "Your pretty weird man." Smiling at me "Good kind of weird for me."

-Mother "Your are lucky Reginald, you have found a guy how like your kind of weirdness."

-Red "Ho mom! I just take a coffee, what do you want?"

-Tom "Coffee it good to me."

Getting in my room I look at Tom smiling.

-Red "Strip off your shirt."

-Tom "Ok boss, spying it so difficult."

The recording was good but the sound of the clothing have to be filter to have a clear recording. Any way we where happy with it. We have to wait till 18:00H to go to the Hole. At 18:35 we where in front of the Hole, looking at the pedestrians. At 19:00H a guy in suit with long brown hair, brown eyes and a suitcase with LAM logo on it. I get in front of him.

-Red "Hi! I am Red, this my friend Paul, you are A. D****?"

-A "Yes you want to speak to me Red?"

-Red "Come with us in the Vietnamese restaurant just behind us so we could talk, I pay the lunch."

We get in, the first reaction of the staff was to move toward us, when the stewardess spot me she smile and sing the waiter to back up. She bow us, I bow back and ask for a table without neighbours. She show us a table in the back and far from the door. We order Tom look at me from behind his menu, I show him six fingers then he ask for a number six.

-A "What is the business?"

-Red "Do you know something about Altitude 73 and the implication of the Vermont Cavern?"

-A "No not really" he open is case pull a file and open it in front of me. There was the address, phone number and time of opening.

-Red "Ok I understand you don't know any thing."

Then we write back and forward. You know the bastards but can not do any thing legally. Yes. My intension is to fuck up the bastards I need contact with peoples that will take direct actions. Give me your phone number I will make the contact. Nope I give you a e-mail to contact me. Ok. Red how are you? I heard that you are kind of martial artist and that you are bashing skinhead. Yes to both, I do not tolerate control freak in any ways.

We end your lunch keeping the sheet of paper that we use under the confuse look of Tom.