I'll Be:
Chapter 5
by Skyler

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"Hello?" The groggy, formerly half-napping boy answered.

"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" A slightly nervous voice asked.

"Um… I guess I'm gonna go to the party and then, well, nothing."

"Cool. You wanna stay over?"

Slight hesitation.

"Sure, I just need to check with my mom and I'll call you back."

"Cool. Later." Then the line went dead.

Cameron just wasn't sure of something… He felt apprehensive and most definitely surprised, but he couldn't tell who had been more so. Tyler, perhaps because he'd actually accepted the invitation or himself, at having been asked to sleep over in the first place after recent events in their friendship. Even more peculiar, he thought, was that Tyler had sounded nervous before Cam had even agreed to stay.

Yes!!! He said yes! Tyler bounded excitedly up the stairs to his room after hanging up the phone. Just like so many times before, their weekend hangout ritual would begin with a party and end with a sleepover. Tyler had been afraid his friend might refuse the invitation and that fear had played the ruler of his mind ever since he'd finally gotten the courage to shakily lift the receiver and dial. Much to his surprise and delight, the opposite had occurred! Perhaps this would be much easier than he'd expected…

What to wear? That now became the all-important question of the moment. Tyler scoured his closet, seeking out just the right combination. It had to be perfect. Yet the harder he looked, the more difficult and frustrating the process became. Nothing matched, nothing went. What look could possibly portray the ideal mixture of smart, in-control and sophisticated teenager while at the same time giving off a certain sex appeal and perfectly highlighting the color of his eyes?

Simply too much to contemplate! Disgusted, Tyler threw up his arms in defeat and marched off towards the bathroom. Cameron would know what he should wear. Cameron had an eye for it. He always looked perfect, had impeccable style. He would figure it out. Just so long as he chose something that showed off the eyes. Tyler thought he had gorgeous eyes…

Cameron stepped back, slowly and deliberately giving himself that final once over, insuring that not even a single blond hair stood out of place. With one final adjustment, a tiny splash of Tommy, his favorite cologne, he smiled to himself, deciding that he was, in fact, good enough to eat! Now to pick out the clothes…

Almost exactly ten minutes later he emerged triumphant from his room, fully dressed and licensed to thrill. That thought caused him a slight chuckle as he threw an overnight bag into the trunk of the Lexus. All this effort and no one to show off for. Indeed, the girls would be all over him tonight, like always. If only he was able to enjoy their staring and blatant overtures of desire. Oh well, at least he could practice his dance moves and hang out with Tyler, who would no doubt be in 7th heaven surrounded by all the ladies. What the heck, he thought, gunning the motor, maybe having him around might actually help Tyler to finally get some of the "action" he was always talking about. After all, that's what friends were for, right?

Who knows, maybe that special someone he so desperately longed for would be in attendance this evening. Perhaps they might even meet or know each other already. Highly unlikely, yes, he admitted to himself, but everyone has to dream…

By the time the bright yellow Lexus cruised to a stop on the winding country lane hardly a parking space was left. A few brave souls had actually maneuvered their way into a nearby cow pasture, presumably to allow for more security, though the walk back to the road might have proved to be a bit challenging.

Moments later, after a hefty trek, the boys finally arrived at their destination. Entering the foyer, they instantly became absorbed in the vast, endless-seeming mass of well-dressed adolescents that were milling about. Moving carefully through the horde, Cameron found his way to the kitchen, in search of a soda or perhaps even an alcoholic beverage of any variety, should that be available. Finding none, he settled on an ice-cold can of Sprite and headed outdoors, in the direction of the large pole barn that would be the center of this evening's activities, stopping every so often to chat politely with various acquaintances.

He bristled and buzzed with pent-up excitement, as the main event of the night was rumored to be fantastic and he could hardly wait to see if it were, in fact, true. Not only had Corey and Cody Mills, the hottest pop sensation in the school and indeed the entire United States at the moment (they were the hosts of the affair and their recent single, "Tear Drop", had recently hit number one on the charts, making them superstars virtually overnight), agreed to do a few songs live for their guests enjoyment, but it was being said in the gossip circles around school that the Christian rock group, B-Boys, were going to possibly put in an appearance, too.

The four boys in this band were the biggest claim to fame that Cameron's hometown had ever been capable of producing. They had landed a solid, rather lucrative recording contract in Austin, Texas about nine months back and were well on their way to groundbreaking success. They also happened to rank very highly among Cameron's list of personal idols. The nine posters that adorned the walls of his bedroom and locker, in addition to the fact that he owned every CD they'd ever released and knew the lyrics to almost every one of their songs might give even the most casual observer the idea that he was a fan.

Cameron didn't just admire these guys; he outright worshipped them, following their every move to stardom. For one, they were all both amazingly talented and incredibly cute. Their recent album cover, on which all four appeared bare-chested, had been blown up large enough to adorn the inside of his closet door (where his mother might not notice), and that image alone had given him many delicious dreams and private fantasies in recent lonely nights.

Still, his admiration went deeper than hormonal teenage lust. Cameron was also entirely devoted to who they were and what they stood for as people. The boys in this band, who sang about Christian principles and the love of God, happened to be one hundred percent out of the closet gay! They had overcome small-town bigotry and national criticism by so-called religious zealots to redefine popular Christian music and bring a formerly unwanted group to experience the true meaning of love that Jesus Christ himself embodied. Their strength and passion were inspirational beacons of hope for Cameron, hope for a bright, happy future filled with acceptance and maybe even love.

His biggest regret was that he'd never had the chance to meet any of them. He had been at many of their local performances over the years and remembered how frightened he had been last year when Bill Edwards, a senior in his own high school at the time and the youngest member of the group, had been beaten nearly to death by a few students shortly after the band had publicly announced their sexuality. Thankfully, Bill had fully recovered, but it was that moment, when he heard the news of the attack, that Cameron determined to keep his own lifestyle a complete secret until long after he left this hateful little town. He couldn't imagine dealing with the same fear and suffering that Bill, along with his boyfriend, friends and family had been forced to endure during that time…

Quickly pushing those unpleasant thoughts from his brain, Cameron focused his attention on his new goal: If the band was actually here tonight, he simply had to meet and talk with them. Hopefully at least with Blake, his personal favorite. There was so much he wanted to say, so many questions to ask. He longed for this chance. Maybe tonight would truly be special…

His eyes sparkled brightly, glowing like neon orbs in sharp contrast to his black shirt, the sleeve of which he was using to wipe the wetness from his lips while slamming the glass onto the table in gleeful celebration.

Tyler had found the alcohol.

After six shots of tequila in less than twenty minutes, he felt wonderful. He downed each one greedily, with a vengeance. He was on a mission: Either he would get laid tonight or simply kill the brain cells that filled his head and tormented his soul with their unnatural, confusing and most certainly wicked intentions. He might even get truly lucky and both events would transpire! Who could say? After all, the night was young, the tequila plentiful and the torture of his mind unceasing. One of the three was bound to change. Tyler simply needed the proper amounts of liquor and poor judgment, both of which were in endless supply tonight…
He knew his thoughts were wrong. He could never have what his heart desired. It was impossible. Not to mention entirely unacceptable. It simply could not, would never, come to be. If only he could rid himself of these feelings, just become normal, like everyone else! His heart felt as though it was about to burst from sadness and frustration, his mind raced a million miles an hour. Surely another drink would help. Maybe even two…

Cameron meandered aimlessly about the room, greeting people he knew, watching those he didn't and wondering exactly where Tyler had gotten to. The crowds were getting large enough that moving without bumping into someone was pretty much impossible. Nonetheless, he fell over with a start due to an unexpected shove from behind.

As he rolled over to stand up, his apparent assailant surprised him yet again.

"I'm so sorry, dude! Are you alright? Here, let me help you." The shock on Cameron's face was priceless! Standing over him, in the flesh, complete with outstretched hand and concerned expression, was none other than Blake Thomas, keyboardist of B-Boys! Cameron just sat there, staring blankly, unable to speak or move.

"Dude, are you okay? Do you need help? Can you hear me?" Now Blake wore an equally confused look, unsure exactly what to do.

"Uh, you're him!" Cam squeaked excitedely.

"Huh?" This was a little more weird than normal.

Cameron smiled broadly, lunging at the offered hand and literally leaping from the floor, which, in turn, almost caused Blake to lose his own footing.

"Wow! You're Blake! It's actually you!" Cam was so excited he could barely talk, words coming in speedy gusts.

"Yeah, that's me… Um, who are you?" Though standing by his own power now, Cam is so dizzy with awe that even the slightest breeze could knock him back on his butt.

"Dude, this is so awesome! I can't wait to tell Ty! You're, like, my hero! Do you know how cool that is?"

"Um, that's great and you're welcome, but you still haven't answered my question" Blake glanced around nervously, wondering if this kid could be another one of the crazy psycho fans who he occasionally ran into every so often and hoping to find an easy escape form the present situation if that were, in fact, the case.

"Oh, sorry… I guess I kinda got excited, I mean, this is the first time I've ever met somebody famous, especially somebody that I like that's famous… Er, I mean, somebody I admire, I mean…I'm Cameron… Cameron Mikels." Cam blushed slightly at his own blunder and miserable recovery attempt.

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