Cryptic Angel

Chapter 1

Although he didn't want to be there, Garret Shaw had to admit the beauty of the scene that shone down below him. The brown sand that bordered the gleaming ocean buzzed with activity as hoards of people went about their beach activities. From his fourth story hotel window he watched as bathing suit clad people ran about trying to hit balls over volleyball nets, tanned themselves on the sand, and ran toward the warm ocean. In the distance he noticed small surfers riding atop waves like kings on their thrones, ruling over their endless kingdoms. Hawaii was total in its differences from the posh upper class atmosphere that Garret was used to from his home in Manhattan, and it intrigued him immensely.

When his parents had first mentioned the trip, a second honeymoon they had said, to him over dinner, he couldn't help but grimace to himself. The picture that he had painted in his own mind of Hawaii was one, which constituted everything he despised. The sun, the fun, the beach... All were things that he hated, things that went against everything that he carefully picked to define himself. This was a social place and socializing was not his forte.

At home, his days were made up of classes, which ran from 7 am until 3 pm. Classes that took place in his parent's upscale apartment and were taught by a high priced private teacher, aptly named Mrs. Prudey. She wore huge wire rimmed glasses that mostly rested atop her head, making friends with the permanent bun that encompassed most of her hair. She wasn't a bad woman really. She took her job very seriously and was very strict on Garret, but that was what she was paid for; to create a well studied child for New York elite parents.

The rest of Garret's time was spent in isolation, as he sat in his room listening to his headphones and dreaming. Garret's only friends were the lyrics of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, which kept him company day after day, night after night, as he laid in his bed, daydreaming and writing. His lack of a social life wasn't created by anything but himself, and his parents. He was by no means ugly; in fact he was quite attractive. At 16, he had a very nice build that was capped off by the shoulder length blonde hair that hung from his head. His blue eyes, which darkened in shade when he cried at night was, in his opinion, his best feature.

Garret knew that he looked good and could have any stuck up bitch that populated his area and life, but it wasn't what he wanted. Although he was brought up to be superior by his parent's, Garret never felt it. He talked the talk and walked the walk, but the upper class, which surrounded him and took over his every being, was something that he loathed. He hated them all, their stuck up attitudes, their dinner parties, and their money. He hated THEM, and since the age of 13, he refused to associate with them, unless poked and prodded by his parents to thrust himself forward into their social fakeness.

Overall, Garret felt alienated, dropped into something that he would never choose to be in a million years. For him, being by himself all the time was a better alternative than being around that which sickened him so violently. He thought about the situation that he was born into every second of the day. He wanted to escape the snobbism, the elitism. He yearned for normalcy and the middle class. That was just where he felt he belonged and no amount of preening or teachings would ever convince him otherwise.

Garret left his hotel window and walked to the large mirror, which sat against one wall. He had the spacious room to himself and huffed at its large gratuitous size. It came equipped with a living room, kitchen, and a large bar/dining area, which was stocked with little bottles of liquor. His parent's suite, which was a few doors down from his own and across the hall, was much larger and reeked of horrible gaudy taste.

He ran his hand through his medium length hair as he checked himself out in the mirror. His shirtless body was slightly white and in need of a tan. He ran his eyes downward over the rest of his body, surveying the blue shorts that hung on his hips nicely and the brown sandals that protected his feet. Even though it went against everything he believed in, he couldn't help the calling of the beach outside. He grabbed his key card and left his room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Following the maze hallway to the elevator he wondered where his parents were. He came to the conclusion that they were probably off having dinner at some fancy restaurant, talking about how much they loved each other. It wouldn't be Garret's scene, and he was happy to be on his own to explore.

The back entrance of The Beachside Hotel opened right onto the sand, ocean, and busyness that Garret had been watching from his room window. The warm sweet air hit Garret in the face as he opened the main door and exited onto the beach. Everything around him was buzzing with an intense energy that quickly filled his veins and reverberated off his bones. It was as though Hawaiian air was made to cause excitement.

He made his way down towards the water, stopping about ten feet away from the beautiful ocean. The natural heat was intensified by the amount of people, causing Garret to fall under a wave of claustrophobia. Turning to his left, he made his way down the beach, looking for a more secluded place to take in the sites.

Walking slowly and breathing deeply (the air itself seemed to have an energetic quality to it, which Garret found quite pleasant) Garret noticed the people around him. Everywhere he looked, women wore bikinis, which showed off their perfectly tanned bodies. It was a playground for any straight male, a place where they could "hunt" for prey and a quick fuck. As beautiful as he knew the girls were, Garret wasn't at all interested. Instead, he focused his eyes and attention towards the boys and men that flashed by him.

Garret had known he was gay since he was 10 and had a crush on a boy that lived in his building. He had never made a move and the boy eventually went away, leaving Garret with the reality of his homosexuality. Being gay didn't really bother him, in fact he embraced it, but it was something that he kept to himself. He was smart enough to know that his orientation wasn't one that would be easily accepted by his parents or their upscale community.

He remained a virgin, having sex with neither boys nor girls, but had mastered the art of checking boys out and saving the memories in his mind for later jack off fantasies. He continued his forward motion, looking for a quieter place while he simultaneously checked out the younger guys that he found to be overly attractive. As he broke out of the large group of people and main beach, he found a more desolate area with a substantially lesser amount of people. He decided that it would be a nice place to chill as he laid down his blanket and sat on it.

As he laid down hoping to catch a tan, he noticed a surfer paddling out into the larger waves of the water. Surfing was never Garret's thing, but it was something to keep his attention on the almost desolate span of beach. He watched as the surfer just sat on his surfboard, bobbing up and down on his board, waiting for a wave. The boy's strong back muscles and spiked blonde hair caught Garret's attention. From the looks of him, the boy appeared to be the same age as Garret, maybe a little older.

Garret, tucking the image of the boy away in his brain for later use, noticed that he had caught a wave, and was now riding atop it, flying towards the beach. The boy was nicely tanned and about the same age as Garret, like he had theorized. The boy's stunning beauty caught Garret's eyes and held them as he rode the wave in. He had a nicely toned body, which came equipped with a stunning six-pack. His obviously dyed blond hair was the sweet topping of the perfection cake.

"Damn," Garret said quietly too himself as he forcefully broke his stare. The boy had ridden the wave back to shore, and was exiting the water only ten or 12 feet away. Up close, the boy was even more perfect, and it took his entire mite to look away.

" Did you like that?" the boy asked, to Garret's shock.

" Huh?" Garret replied out of confusion. He hoped that he hadn't been caught staring, outing himself to this kid, who could probably kick his ass if he so desired.

" Me catching that wave. I noticed you watching. Do you surf?" The boy had a beautifully deep and sweet voice that filled Garret's ears with a strange erotic stirring that he fought to keep down.

" Naw, it ain't really my thing. Not that I don't like it or anything. I just... I don't know, I haven't really been exposed to it before," Garret replied, careful to not let his lustful thoughts catch on.

" No problem bro, where you from anyway?"

" New York. Manhattan actually. I live in an apartment there with my parents. They dragged me down here with them, for the week... It's their 20 year anniversary."

" No shit. I'm from New York too. Long Island. So, you're like a rich kid, huh?" The boy's beautiful green eyes stared deeply into Garret's, making him feel as though the boy was searching him for something.

" Yeah, kinda. I hate it though," Garret responded, breaking the unsettling eye contact with this beautiful boy.

" That's cool. I'm down here for a couple weeks with my family. It's my sister's wedding and I'm the best man. So which hotel are you staying at?" The small talk started to make Garret uneasy as he began to think of ways to escape the awkward situation.

" The Beachside," Garret answered shortly and directly as he got up and folded his blanket.

" No shit? Me too. I'm in room 218, what room are you in?"

` Will the similarities ever end?' Garret asked himself as he started to walk backwards to the hotel.

" Ummm, 425. Hey, listen, I've got to get back for dinner before my parents get pissed at me. Maybe I'll see ya around, okay?" Garret asked, thankful for an excuse to leave.

" Yeah, maybe I'll stop by sometime. Nice meetin' ya dude,"

" Yeah, nice meeting' you," Garret replied as he turned and headed back to the hotel. It took all his mental strength to not give in to the arousal that he felt stirring in his pants as he walked back to the hotel. He wasn't sure what it was about that kid. Something about him had struck Garret, making him feel flushed and utterly out of it. He was glad that he broke the contact with him, before sprouting a hard on that was inevitably sure to follow.

As soon as Garret pushed the door to his nicely air-conditioned room open and walked in, he dropped his pants to the floor. Lying on the bed, he started to massage his semi-hard penis with his right hand. Images of the beautiful boy, naked and hard, filled his mind as his own member stiffened. The boy, now straddling Garret's chest, placed his 7-inch penis in Garret's mouth. He could almost taste the fantasy juices as he stroked his now hard six-inch penis. As Garret imagined sucking the beautiful boy's penis, licking its head, and tasting the sweet precum which oozed out of the piss slit, he fondled his own balls with his left hand, as he continued to stroke with his right.

He imagined the boy letting out little moans as he lost himself in the fantasy's ecstasy. As the imaginary encounter climaxed with Garret tasting the boy's orgasm, so did he, shooting four warm streams of cum onto his chest. Garret continued to stroke his manhood as the fantasy slipped away. It had been the most intense orgasm that Garret ever had, leaving him breathless on the bed, too spent to clean up the mess.

After a few minutes of rest Garret got up and wiped the cum from his chest with a hotel towel. As he put his pants on, still slightly out of breath from the jack off session, he heard a slight knock at the door.

" Fuck, they must be back from dinner," he said to himself, unhappy by his parent's arrival. He walked over to the door and opened it, startled by the site he saw. The boy, the one that he had just imagined fucking his mouth, stood on the other side with a crooked smile on his face. Garret's voice caught in his throat as he became speechless.

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