Into The Moonless Night

Episode 3: With Locked Hearts & Hand Grenades

Main Cast:

Gabriel Mancini

Carmine Mancini

Martino Mancini

Frankie Mancini

Robert D'Ambrosio

Joe Notoranni

Brian Rossi

Melanie Souza

Scene A

Dad rushed to the receptionist desk frantically. He had gotten the call. One of his sons had been shot. He was on his way to his private airplane about to fly to Italy to handle some business and he had gotten the frantic call from one of his grunts. One of his boys had been shot is all he gathered before he hung up and took off towards the hospital.

"Excuse me," He said panicked to the nurse.

She looked up to see the stressed man's face in front of her.

"Yes, how can I help you sir?" She asked him warmly.

"Uh...One of my sons...They have been shot...and brought here," He said hands shaking.

"What's his name, Sir?" She asked him.

"I..I...I don't know," Dad said getting annoyed. "I don't know which. Try Gabriel...Franklin...Carmine..Martino Mancini...Just tell me which boy it is."

The nurse begin typing rapidly into her compute.r

"Well, which one is it?" He asked her.

Scene B

2 days earlier...


Dad sat with all his business associates as they drank to the merriment and

watched the beautiful women around them dance.

"Are you excited, Johnathan?" Uncle Giovanni asked dad as he slid money

into the g-string of the dancer around him. "You're Four Quads are becoming

men tonight."

Dad smiled as he thought about the importance of the evening. "Yes, they

all make me proud," Dad said to them all.

Martino, Frankie, and Carmine walked over to dad and said there hellos to


"Martino, I am shocked to see you not snorting something son," Dad said to

Martino who blushed slightly. "And Frankie not chastising Carmine for his

treatment of women and Carmine...with no women around him. Where is

Gabriel? In the bathroom I hope."

"He won't be here, Dad," Frankie said with a nervous sigh. "You corrupted

and turned all three of us. Together...We are strong. We don't need

Gabriel. He doesn't need nor want to be apart of this."

Dad got up and beckoned for them to follow after him. "How dare you

embarrass me like that?" He asked his sons. "You all were commanded to

bring Gabriel and make sure he was here."

"Like he said, Gabriel won't be joining us," Carmine said to dad. "Take us

as we come or not at all."

"Guys..." Martino said noticing me walking inside the club.

"What the hell?" Frankie asked as the three of them made their way over to


"Gabe," Robert said as he sat at the bar drinking a drink. I walked past

him and ignored him.

"Didn't you get our text about not coming?" Frankie asked me. "What are you

doing here?" "I am here to take my part in our family," I said


Carmine looked at me. He can tell I had been crying. He looked over at

Robert who had a depressed look on his face.

"Gabe..." He began.

"We are officially the four brothers, finally," I said to them with a smile

that I was showing emotion I definitely didn't believe in.

I walked over towards where Dad stood leaving my stunned brothers standing there.

"Something happened with Gabe & Robert," Carmine said to Frankie & Martino.

"Well, whatever it is...Looks like dad got what he wanted," Frankie said with a sigh. "The four of us together...United as one."

"Boys, come on into the back room," Dad called out to the three of them. "We are ready to get it started."

"Gabe," Frankie said in my ear. "It is not to late to back out of it. We haven't taken the blood oath yet."

"I'm fine," I said with a smile. "Let's just get this over with."

The four of us followed Dad & other men into the back room...where tonight was the night everything would change forever.

I looked back at Robert and we locked eyes.

It was like he knew something had died inside of me.

His gabriel was gone...

Scene C

"Wow, last night was crazy, huh," I said to my brothers as we all sat around the table eating breakfast.

It was the morning after we took the blood oath swearing our allegiance to the family. Also it was the birth of our unit. The brotherhood.

They said nothing as they continued eating. I knew they were angry with me.

"Guys, come on, don't be like that," I said to them. "It's not that big of a deal..."

Frankie banged his fist hard on the table, startling the four of us.

"You are a fucking idiot, Gabe," He said angrily. "It it's a fucking big deal. Carmine, Martino, and I are conditioned for this stuff...You weren't supposed to be there. I told you not to be there because I thought we all agreed that you didn't want to be apart of this."

"Things change," I said getting up and taking my bowl to the sink.

"Robert cheated on you didn't he?" Martino asked me causing me to drop my bowl on the ground.

I breathed in heavily trying to watch my emotions. I turned and face my brother.

"Yes...he did," I said to them, face void of emotion. "But that's not why I decided to go through with this."

"Then why?" Frankie asked getting up and standing in my face. "Gabe, why would you make the same mistake as us? You don't need this family. We do. We don't have your talents...Your intelligence...Your drive. You can survive without dad. We can't. Why would you sell your soul to the devil?"

"Because we are family and family sticks together no matter what," I said grabbing a broom and sweeping my broken bowl up.

"I couldn't have put it better myself," Dad said walking into the kitchen. "Boys, can Gabriel & I have a moment alone to speak."

"Whatever," Frankie said, still obviously pissed about this.

Dad waited till the three of them left out of the kitchen and out of the door.

"You okay, son?" Dad asked me. "I noticed you looked upset last night at the party."

"I'm fine, Dad," I said dumping the broken bowl in the trash can.

"You sure?"

I sighed and looked at him. "Dad...what if Frankie is right? What if I am not cut out for this? I mean, I don't want to screw-up."

"I don't want you to scew-up either," Dad said to me. "Because a screw-up in this business can cost you your life, son. But I have faith in you. Because I know you have your brothers and they will never let anything happen to you."

I smiled at him. "Thanks dad," I said giving him a hug. "I love you."

"I love you too, son," He said letting me go.

He turned and looked up to see me walking towards the living room.

"Gabriel," He called out to me.

I looked back at him.

"Yeah, dad?" I asked curiously.

"You know, no matter what...I have your best interest at heart...Even if it doesn't seem like it, I always do," He said to me.

I nodded and smiled. "Of course."

Dad smiled back at me and turned to fix himself some coffee.

Was he feeling guilt for what he had done? He had destroyed something dear to his son's heart. Love. Perhaps, it was a mistake.

Well it was nothing he could do about it now.

Scene D

"Well, it's nothing we can do about it now," Martino said as Frankie & He drove towards Hell's Kitchen borough of Manhattan. "Just deal."

Frankie grunted in frustration. "You know, I never had to worry about Gabe being the stupid Quad. That was reserved for you and Carmine. But I always expected Gabe to be better than this. I don't know. I'm just let down."

Martino glanced over to see his brother's face was fill of worry and concern. "Look, Gabe is smart. I am sure he somehod knows he is making the right decision. Besides, now we can say all of us are fuck ups now."

Frankie smiled at that. "Maybe," He said after a moment of thimking about it. "I am kind of interest to see how well he will do you know? Gabe has an amazing heart and is compassionated...Perhaps he can make such a bad job seem less evil."

"Who knows?" Martino asked as he pulled up the abandoned lot where they were supposed to pick up their product.

Frankie climbed out of the car and followed behind his brother as he headed towards the truck full of stolen t-shirts.

One of the Associates, climbed out of the driver's seat and smiled at the twins.

"What's up, bosses?" He asked them with a smile.

"What's good, Cori?" Frankie said giving him a hug.

"You two tell me," He said hugging Martino. "My boss' sons are now my bosses too. How does it feel to be in power."

"Feels great, man, Feels great," Martino said with a proud smile. "I just hope we can live up to our father and ancestors."

Frankie nodded in agreement.

"Well, I am sure you guys will be great, dude," Cori said with an excited smile. "I am shocked your brother, Gabe decided to go along and join. I always thought he would stay away from the business."

"Yeah, you me and both," Frankie said with a sigh. "But I guess we better inspect the product and get it shipped off."

Frankie, Cori, and Martino walked towards the back of the stolen Fedex truck just as a car with tinted windows pulled into the lot.

"What the..."Martino began as the windows rolled down and A gun hung out of the window.

"Fuck," Frankie said as the three of them scrambled to duck and hide.

Cori fell as he tried to run with the boys and hit the ground hard.

Martino and Frankie took cover. "Shit, you got any heat?"

"In the car, man," Martino replied.

A masked man walked over to Cori and shot him in the face and then the chest.

"We need to go," Frankie said to his brother.

Martino didn't want to leave. "But Cori..."

"Is dead," Frankie said firmly. "We will be too. We have no heat. No nothing. We were fucking ambushed. We need to go. NOW!"

Frankie pulled Martino and they slid down a hill to take off running.

"How the hell did they find us?" Martino asked his brother. "We were using an unknown Car to get around."

"I don't know man, I don't know," Frankie said once they knew they were a safe disrance away.

Martino punched a wall out of anger and then cried out in pain.

"That was stupid," Frankie said looking at his brother. "What the hell did you do that for man?"

"Because I need that money from the shirts we stole," Martino said wincing from the pain of the blow.

"Money for what?" Frankie asked him and then sighed. "Martino, who do you owe money to?"

Martin sighed heavily. "I...I owe some money to the dealer. He gave me a supply of drugs if...If I promised to give him my of the profit from the shirts plus another 2,000."

Frankie screamed out in frustration. "Are you fucking stupid? You told me that we were intercepting the Fedex truck and we were going to sell the shirts and have the money as pocket change after we gave Dad a portion. Why didn't you tell me you owed money to somebody? I could've given you my share."

"I wanted to fix this on my own," Martino said disappointed in himself. "Like you said I'm fucking stupid."

"Dude, I want to get that shit back," Frankie said angrily. "Even though we stole it initially, I want those fucking shirts back. I bet it was the irish dudes that Carmine is beefing with."

Martino looked up at Frankie. "What do you suggest we do then?"

"I don't know but I know we will figure something out," Frankie siad with a determined look on his face.

Scene E

"OW!" I said clutching my cheek and shooting Joe an annoyed look. "Do you have to hit so hard?"

Joe sighed and looked at me with a concerned look. "Do you think the guys you are going to fight are going to hit you where it doesn't hurt? Gabe, you have got to up your skills if you are going to be a strong soldier for your family or it could be your life that you lose or even your families lives."

I looked down, sore from the beating he had given me. He was right. Though it hurt, I had to learn. Or I would be forever weak.

"We can take a break for a few minutes," He said taking a seat beside me.

We were in a close proximity of one another and I kind of liked it. Joe was an extremely attractive guy, probably rivaled Robert. Although given how I hated Robert right now, he might even beat him.

"I'm surprised you actually went ahead and joined your brothers," Joe said with a pleased look. "I didn't think you had in you."

I laughed a little at that one. "Do I really? I mean, they are cut out for this stuff. I spent so much time with my mom and I didn't grow up in this lifestyle. When were all still kids, my mom decided to take me with her to live for awhile but her wild tendencies...She left and I had to come here with Dad. Ha, I much rather take an orphanage or Foster care. Hell, juvie. People think because we have a good life it's...good...but it's not. It sucks. It sucks having to be attacked in your school parking lot. It sucks having to watch your back everytime you leave home. It sucks that..."

I was cut off on my rant but Joe pressing his lips against mine and Kissed me. I was so surprised at it, and Robert was on my mind and I kissed Joe back passionately as if I was kissing Robert. But I remembered...Remembered Robert had hurt me. Remembered that Joe wasn't Robert.

I broke away and looked at him with a confused look.


"It's okay," I said to him as I stood up.

Joe wasn't Robert. He was different.

Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

I turned to see Robert standing there with an annoyed look. It was obvious he had seen the kiss and he was not thrilled.

I folded my arms and a nervous Joe stood behind me.

"Robert, what you saw was..."

"You kissing Gabriel," Robert cut him off. "I thought you two were supposed to be practicing. Not making out."

I smiled at Robert and turned to face Joe who didn't know what to do or say.

"Joe, he is absolutely right," I said to him. "I should be practicing. I think I just found my encouragement."

Joe noticed my smile turn into a look of pure hatred with an evil smile on my face. I Kicked my foot out hard and Kicked Robert hard down the steps. He rolled back hard and fell to the bottom with a painful sounding thud.

"Gabe..." He called out as I walked down the steps towards him.

Robert was a lot bigger than I but from working out and practicing with Joe I realized that didn't always matter.

I kicked him hard in the stomach repetively. I knew his ribs had to be in some serious damaged. I pulled my fist back to punch him hard in the face. I wanted blood. I wanted to hurt him because I was so hurt.

I made a move to punch him but he punched me in the face and threw me off of him and into a nearby wall.

"Whoa...hey this a little rough for a practice," Joe said walking down the steps.

"You actually hit me," I said to him.

"You hit me first," Robert yelled out exasperated. "HARD! I can't fight back? Fuck that."

"Well, you are going to see I am not an easy target to take down," I said before I ran at him and tackled him to the ground.

We began to wrestle around on the ground trying to pin the other one down.

Carmine walked into the room and noticed the fight. He looked at Joe. "Should I be worried?"

"Probably," Joe said simply. "But not for Gabriel."

Robert pinned me to the ground and had a tired look on his face. "Gabe, Stop it! This anger isnt you. You are better than this. Better than all of this."

"I'm better than you," I said to him. "I Deserve somebody so much better than you."

"Perhaps," Robert said as I tried to get free from his pin. "But whatever you say...whatever happened...I love you."

"Well...I don't love you," I said as I kicked him hard in the balls.

"OOH!" Joe and Carmine said in unision as they watched Robert fall to the side and clutch his crotch.

"I hate you," I said kicking him once in the head, knocking him out and heading past my brother and Joe.

Carmine and Joe walked over to an unconscious Robert. "Is he still alive?"

Carmine bent down and checked before he nodded. He turned back to Robert who just laid there. "Nigga...You just got knocked the fuck out!"

Scene F

"What happened to you?" Frankie asked as he noticed my face as he walked into the kitchen.

"You should see the other guy," I said eating my pasta. "What's up?"

"Junkie bro here decides that he wants to owe money to some dealer and now we have to clean up his mess," Frankie explained as Carmine & Martino took a seat at the counter.

"What the...Martino? Really?" I asked him shaking my head. "You have got to leave those drugs alone."

Martino growled in frustration. "Ughh...Don't you guys think I know that?

"Oh, wait there is more," Frankie continued.

"With Martino, there is always more," Carmine said taking a seat beside me at the counter.

"Martino and me had stolen some already stolen t-shirts to sell and make profit off of to split it five ways," Frankie said with a yeah right look on his face. "Us four and dad. But five became six because he was going to use the money to pay off his debt to the dealer and here's the topper. We were going to go inspect the merchandise only to be ambushed by some thugs."

"What?" Carmine asked alarmed. "What happened?"

"Shootout," Frankie explained, as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. Although for this family, it was nothing out of the ordinary to be in a shootout.

"But one of dad's associate didn't make it alive," Martino said with a sigh. "All because of me."

Frankie, Carmine, and I all looked at each other before we walked over to Frankie and gave him a big group hug.

"We will fix this," Carmine said to him as we hugged each other tightly.

"Some way...Somehow, we will," Frankie said, I could hear the determination in his voice.

I just hoped that I would be up for it and wouldn't let my brothers down.

Scene G

Joe walked into the room where Robert was fixing himself up.

"You okay?" He asked but realized it was a stupid question.

"No, Joe blow, I'm not okay," Robert said not bothering to look at him. "I just got my ass kicked by my ex-boyfriend. The same ex-boyfriend that I saw you kissing. The same ex-boyfriend that I cheated on."

"You cheated on Gabe? But why?" Joe asked confused and shocked by this revelation.

"Because I love him but I can't afford to lose what I worked for," Robert said sadly. "It was the only way I knew to end our relationship because I realized I could never just break up with Gabriel and he told me the only way he would actually breakup with me is if I cheated on him. So I cheated. Not because he wasn't pleasing me. Not because I found her even attractive. Because I can't lose all I worked for."

Joe looked down, still thinking about this revelation. Robert turned to face him.

"You can not tell him either," He said to Joe. "I rather have him hate me then hate his own father."

"I swear, man," Joe said and Robert nodded.

"Oh, and Joe," He said to him. "I've seen how you have always looked at him. I say go for it."

Joe looked confused, wondering whether he should deny it or not.

"I know what you are thinking and it's cool, man," He said to Joe. "I love Gabe with all my heart. But I am not the right man for him. You are and I hope you show him heaven because I showed him hell. I can't be with him because I'm his father's strongest solider. But you kid...You can have a great life with him."

"Kid? I am only three years younger than you," Joe said folding his arms, offended by that comment.


Robert walked past Joe and towards the door but stopped.

"Oh Joe?" He asked turning around.

"Yeah, man?" Joe asked him.

"Hurt him and I swear I will feed you your own dick," Robert said before turning and leaving Joe standing there.

Scene H

Frankie sat with an associate in his car. He handed him a bag with a bullet inside it.

"I got this from the body at the morgue," The associate said to him.

Frankie opened the bag and examined the bullet inside his hands. "This isn't a regular, every day bullet. It's been engraved. What is the mark?"

"A new organization from Italy with different migrants has been rumored around the New york/New Jersey area," The associate explained. "They have been rumored to knock of a lot of the families below you and..."

"Now they want to knock us off," Frankie said with a sigh.

While we had a strong family and very powerful, our family was 1/5 of pretty much an empire. We weren't the strongest family around. We were just apart of it. Now they wanted the Mancini organization...destroyed.

"This is the dealer that your brother owes the money too," The associate said handing him a paper. "Irish Guy. Drew Fitzpatrick."

Frankie looked at the picture and realized that first, he needed to handle this dealer.

"Alright, well we got to deal with this ass first," Frankie said handing the paper back. "You know where he hangs at? Where there is nobody around?

"He should be at his apartment around hell's kitchen," The associate replied.

"Well, looks like we have to give him what he wants," Frankie said starting the car. "Martino."

Scene I

I walked down to my car to see Joe sitting on top of my hood.

"Ha, is your ass comfortable?" I asked with a smile.

He smiled back at me and patted beside him on the car.

"I wanted to talk to you," He said to me as I sat beside him. "About that kiss..."

"Oh, I mean it's okay," I said to him. "It's no biggie that..."

He kissed me again, with a little more intensity than before. He broke it and looked at me.

"To me it is a biggie," He said with a small smile. "I like you, Gabe."

"I...Uh...I..." I wasn't sure of what to say.

I looked down at the ground still confused as to what to say and how to answer him.

"What's wrong?" He asked, lifting my chin up with his hand. "Talk to me."

I sighed and smiled at him. "I just got out of a relationship and I think you are a sweet guy but before I even consider another relationship, I need to let go of my anger with Robert...but right now all I need is a friend. Somebody who won't let me down."

Joe nodded and smiled at me. He pulled me into a tight hug.

"Then I can be a friend for now," He said kissing me on the forehead. "You are a good guy, Gabe."

"I hear that a lot," I said with a small smile.

I wrapped my arm around him and hugged him tightly. Unbeknownst that my father was watching from his bedroom window.

Dad turned and looked at Robert who stood in his room.

"And you are okay with that?" Dad asked him.

Robert refuse to let his face show the emotion that he was feeling. The hurt. The Pain. The Sadness. The Desperation. The loneliness. The longing.

"I don't care," Robert said simply. "It is what it is."

Dad nodded his head. "Well, that will be all for now, Robert."

Robert left my dad in his office, who had turned back to the window to see that Joe and I were both gone.

Robert stood at the door and he wiped the sole tear that ran down his cheek.

Perhaps love with a boy would make him weaker. This was for the best.

He told himself that...

Even if he didn't believe it for himself.

Scene J
Frankie stood in the elevator with Martino as they made their way to the dealer's apartment.

"Did you call your brother's and let them know what's up?" The associate asked Frankie.

Frankie nodded his head. "I told Martino that I was going to pose as him and get this squashed. I called Gabriel and told him to make sure he stays on his guard and be carefule. Carmine, I am assuming is on his date but I did leave him a message to be careful and to call me when he turns his cell back on."

"You sure you're up for this?" He asked Frankie. "You don't have to do this alone."

"I can handle one guy by myself," Frankie said determined. "I don't need my brothers and if I allowed Martino to do it, he would fuck it up. Carmine is busy right now and Gabriel is still beginning at this. I am the only option."

The associate nodded and Frankie handed him the gun that he held.

"Hope this will go well," Frankie said with a sigh.

"I will be in place don't worry," The associate said as the elevator opened on the floor and Frankie stepped out.

"I never worry about myself," Frankie said to himself as he made his way to the apartment. "I only worry about my brothers."

He was met at the door by a tough looking body guard who was four times bigger than Frankie.

"You that mancini kid, right?" The guy asked him and frankie nodded.

"Name is Martino," he lied.

"Well, whatever kid, just realize that you won't be making it out of her alive," He said as he begin to check Frankie for weapons. "You were rather stupid to come here alone. We are going to kill you. Your brothers. Your father. But we want that pretty faggot brother of yours. I wanna fuck the hell out of the boy he bleeds to death for a gun shot wound."

Frankie knew it was a trap when he arranged the meeting. He wasn't stupid. His father taught them to expect everything to be a trap and plan accordingly.

Before, the guy had a chance to move to the back pocket and check for weapons, Frankie kneed him hard in the face and he fell back towards the door. Frankie pulled a sharp blade out of his back pocket and jammed it in the head of the guy,

"Don't fucking threaten my brothers," He said pissed as he grabbed the guys gun and left him there to bleed out.

He opened the door and before Drew had a chance to grab his gun, Frankie pulled the trigger three times and fired bullets into him.

Drew dropped to the ground and Frankie took out through the fire escape and climbed down and jumped to the bottom where the associate was parked and waiting for him.

"How'd it go?" The associate asked him.

He noticed blood was on Frankie's pants leg.

"Martino is safe," Frankie replied. "I say it went perfectly."

Scene K

Martino stood outside the police station. He was thinking hard that this was the right decision. He knew he couldn't keep screwing up. Not when he put his family in dangerous situations. Frankie would always bail him out whenever he screwed up but he shouldn't have to.

He had remembered talking about Dad about sending him to rehab but Dad was against that. He felt that Martino could just stop. But he couldn't. He was too far addicted to it to let it go that easily. He needed help.

So he had to go and do it himself. He had to get the help by himself.

The first step was to turn himself. He couldn't enroll himself into rehab being a minor but if the police saw that he was an addict they could forcibly enroll him in rehab.

He closed his eyes and walked to the side of the station and pulled a needle out. He prepared his arm for it and after a few moments and stuck it in his arm.

He closed his eyes and stood there for a few more moments. He could feel the drugs beginning to take it's affect.

He didn't want to do anything to drastic as to not be in jail for awhile so he pulled his clcothes off and begin to pee on a police car.

"Hey!" An officer called out running towards Martino as he peed on the car.

He shoved Martino the ground.

"Ow, man," Martino said with a goofy laugh. "That hurt."

"What the hell is wrong with you, kid?" The officer asked him as he handcuffed Martino.

"I need help," Martino said simply.

"Help with what?' The officer asked him. "How to use a toilet and how a police cruiser isnt a toilet for you?"

He drug Martino into the station and tossed him onto a bench.

"Help to save my life," Martino said with a smile.

He realized he was going to get to help that he needed. He hoped it wasn't too late.

That he wasn't a lost cause.

That he could truly be saved.

Scene L

"Took you long enough," I yelled out to Carmine as he walked towards me as I stood on the corner of the apartment he was coming out of. One of his latest conquest, I assumed.

"Gabe, man, you should know by now that I have stamina," Carmine said with a sly smile. "A lot of it too. I am a Mancini after all."

I laughed at him as my cell vibrated. I looked to see it was Robert.

"Yeah right," I said clicking ignore and turning the power off.

"You going to ever forgive him?" Carmine asked me.

I shook my head and sighed. "I made him promise he would never cheat. That if he had to cheat and couldn't stop himself. To at least call me and breakup with me before he did it. He broke his promise."

Carmine grabbed me into a hug as we walked down the streets. "Why didn't you drive?"

"Because I wanted to enjoy this night air," I said with a smile. "I figured I would pick you up and we could get a hot dog and just walk home. Give us sometime to talk."

"About what? You and Robert?" He asked me as we begin walking.

"No, I am not thinking about that anymore," I said with a sigh. "Carmine, you are the one I am closest with out of all of us. Frankie is such a hothead and he can't listen if he thinks he is right. Martino is always on something so he cant give good advice. As different as you and I are, you understand me so well."

"Because we are literally contradictions of each other," He said nodding his head. He stepped in front of me. "We understand the differences between us. I am the party boy playboy type with no concern for others except you guys."

"And I am the shy, quiet smart guy who cares about everybody else before myself," I said with a smile. "I just...Do you think I made the right decision?"

"I think you made the wrong decision," Carmine replied. "But I am happy you did it. Like you said, you care about others and you know we so need you if we are going to be a strong force to be reckoned with."

I nodded my head. "Are you proud of me?"

"Bro, I have been proud of you before you decided to join us," He said with a pleased smile. "You are the strongest out of all of us because you don't have anything bad inside of you. You're all good. That's why I love you."

"I love you too," I said hugging him in a tight hug.

Carmine closed his eyes and we just stood there hugging for a few moments till something bright began to blind him. He opened his eyes and saw something like headlights that were coming straight for us.

"Gabe," He said suddnely as we both rolled down the hill, to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

Carmine and I hit the ground below rather hard.

"Fuck," Carmine said as he reached to grab his gun.

Somehow, he had lost it during the fall.

"What's going on?" I asked him as I winced in pain. A bullet narrowly missed us and hit the ground beside us.

"Run," He whispered as we took off running.

We ran as fast as we could as we could here the bullets being shot behind us.

"I have to protect him," Carmine thought to himself.

I heard a bullet fire and I heard a loud thud behind me and I turned to see Carmine laying there. He lifted his head up weakly.

"Gabriel, run," He said as I made a move to go back to him.

I kept on running through the abandoned field.

The shooter finally caught up to Carmine who was laying there bleeding.

He dialed a number in his phone and turned looking around in the darkness.

"I only got one of the boys," He said with an aggravated sigh. "I don't know where the other one went."

"Right here," I said running up behind him and kicking him square in the balls.

He screamed in pain and hit the ground hard. I ran to my brother and began to dial 911.

"911...what's your emergency?" The operator asked me.

"Yes...My brother has been shot," I said as I begin crying. "He...He is still breathing and conscious but barely. He is losing...A lot of blood. Please help us."

"Where are you, sir?" She asked me.

"I...I...I don't know," I stammered out as I began shaking. "God, can't you fucking trace the number. Just fucking send help."

I shut the phone out of frustration and had to make it back to the car. I turned to see the shooter was back up and had his gun in his hand.

"Gabe..." Carmine whispered.

He pointed the gun at me and I froze momentarily.

"Born together, die together," The shooter said with a sneer.

"I don't think so," I said kicking the gun out of his hand.

It flew to the side. I did a hi-jump kick and he hit the ground.

I took off running towards the gun but he grabbed my leg and tried dragging me back.

"No...No..." I screamed out.

My hand was inches from the gun. I had to get it.

I had to save my brother.

My hand finally was able to grab ahold of the gun and I turned and fired a bullet at the guy right in his head, killing him.

I looked at the dead man in horror.

I had never even fired a gun till now. Now, I had killed somebody.

I could hear sirens all around me. The police and ambulance were near.

"Gabe...give me the gun," Carmine said to me.

I looked at him and nodded.

"The police will try to spin that you shot him out of a vengeful rage," He said to me. "I cant have you going to jail."

I handed him the gun and grabbed his hand. He held my hand tightly.

"Carmine...You can't die.." I said with a tearful gasp.

"I will be fine, Gabe," He said weakly.

His tight grip began to get rather limp and his eyes began closing.

"No...No," I said as I laid my head on his chest.

My brother was dying and there was nothing I could do about it.

Except Pray that they would find us in time.

Author's Note:

Into The Moonless Night Update. FINALLY!

Well, a lot has happened in this chapter.

In the beginning, we discover that one of the quads had been shot but you didn't find out who until the end. Will Carmine survive?

Martino may finally get help but how will he handle the news of his brother?

Frankie is still trying to accept the fact that his brother has choosen to walk the same path of his brothers but is having a hard time.

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