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It feels like monday ch 2

The next thing I knew I was sitting straight up in bed wondering what had woke me up. Then I heard it again, a banging that rattled my door against the frame and then my father yelling that it was time to ‘get my ass out of bed.’  I threw my covers off and swung my feet down to the floor as I said “moving”. I then stood up, walked over to my dresser, opened the top drawer, and grabbed a ‘starter set’ and opened up my bedroom door to head to the bathroom.    Dad was standing next to the door as I opened it and said “We have a lot to do today so ya need to move like you got a purpose. Chow in fifteen.” He then turned and walked down the stairs.

I crossed to the hall and went into the bathroom that Kevin, Jamie, and I shared and put my ‘starter set’ down on the counter next to the sink. ‘Starter set,’ that’s what Mom calls it. She is a professional organizer. When I was six, Mom decided I could at least put my own clothes on; she set my dresser up for speed. When I was little, it seemed I was a little slow on the move. I was the last one out of bed usually, and that didn’t mean I was awake, just moving. Her best idea for speeding me up in the mornings was to make a set of clothes I could just grab. This set contained socks, underwear, and jeans. Dad, being in the military, decided that each of the sets would be like a uniform and be identical right down to the brand names for each piece, Hanes socks, Fruit of the Loom briefs, and Levis’. At least mom understood fashion enough so, that when I turned thirteen, she told me to pick the brand and style. She only gave me a funny look when she saw the one pair of sports briefs tossed on top of all the rest of my normal selections. My response was one simple word…experimenting. At that point ‘little john’ wasn’t so little and I was looking for a more effective way of making him less noticeable when walking though the halls at school.

So I did my morning routine, going back to my room to find a shirt, and found Kevin sitting in my chair with his back to the desk waiting for me to return. As I walked in he said “Starter sets, gotta love em’.” I just smiled and said “I’m kinda in a hurry. Wha’cha need little man.”  I have called him that since he was eight so he just smiled and said “Dad sent me up to tell ya to wear old clothes today.” The first thought I had was ‘duh’, it was a weekend, and that meant top drawer; old clothes, just like it had been since I was five. I told Kevin, “No problem, I’ll be down as soon as I find a shirt,” as I walked into the back of my closet where my old shirts hung. I pulled a light blue t-shirt off a hanger, pulled it on over my head, and headed out of my room to go down the stairs, through the living room and into the kitchen, where Mom was just plating up breakfast.

I scooped up the bacon and the pancakes as I walked past mom and carried them over to the kitchen table where everyone else was already sitting. I placed the trays filled with bacon and pancakes that I carried in the middle of the five foot wide, twelve foot long dining table. I walked around to the other side of the room and sat down in my normal seat just to Dad’s right and poured myself a glass of orange juice. Mom brought the eggs in and placed them on the table then found her seat across from Kevin and next to Jamie. Once Mom got seated, we all filled our plates with food and started eating. Dad started the morning conversation out by telling Kevin and I that he wouldn’t be helping with the lawn because he had to go to the rental shop to pick up the tiller he reserved to do the garden and flower beds.

Mom told Jamie that they would be going to the local greenhouse to get plants to fill the beds and that they would start planting as soon as they got back from shopping. That was when I looked over at Jamie and mockingly said. “You always get to do the fun stuff.” Jamie looked over to my right and said to Kevin, “Take care of my light work Kev.” I never could figure out why Mom let Jamie and Kevin switch seats five years ago. Kevin and I have been fighting at the table ever since. Sure enough, as soon as Jamie said that, Kevin back handed me square in the gut, knocking most of the air out of me. Before I could retaliate Dad growled out “If your not going to eat at this table, then you are excused, both of you, now.”

Dad’s punishment wasn’t too bad since Kevin and I were both almost finished with our second helpings anyway, so I pushed away from the table and stood up. As I reached for my plate and silverware Dad said, “Jamie will take care of that. She isn’t entirely innocent in this one.” So I pushed in my chair and headed back through the kitchen and up to my room to get my shoes. Kevin must have flown through the family room and ran up the stairs because he was waiting inside my room when I got there. I walked in, sat down on my bed, looked over at Kevin and asked, “What’s on your mind Kev?” His response seemed forced, as he said, “I…I…I was wondering if I could do the trimming on the yard today.”  I responded casually with, “Kevin, Dad would kill both of us if I let you use the weed eater. You can use the riding mower and then use the shovel to edge the side walks while I use the push mower and then do the trimming. Sorry Kev, but that’s the way Dad will want it done.” He hung his head as he said, “I know, but a kids gotta try.” He then turned and walked back into the hallway.

After Kevin left, I reached under the edge of my bed and grabbed my oldest pair of cross trainers and commenced to put them on. Once I had on my shoes I went over to my desk and grabbed my mp3 player and started looking through my memory cards, trying to find just the right music to listen to while I cut the grass. After about fifteen minutes of sorting through things on my desk and putting things away I heard Dad yell up the stairs, “You two had better get your shoes on and get started on the lawn. The rest of us are off to get things done.” ‘The rest of us are off to get things done.’ I thought. ‘What were Kevin and I doing; sitting around playing tidily-winks?’ “We can’t be playing ‘pin the tail’ cause the jack-ass just left.” I muttered as I left my room to head out back to the shop. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard Kevin running down the hall, almost falling down the stairs in his efforts to catch up with me.  Just as I walked out the back door I felt his weight hit me in the middle of my shoulders and his arms wrap around my neck as he yelled out “Piggy back ride.” His ride didn’t last long because I lost my balance off the bottom step (there were only two) and fell face first into the thick grass of our two acre back yard. Kevin was laughing so hard he fell off of me and ended up red faced. I rolled over, looked at Kevin and said “Brat”, which only made him laugh harder.

It didn’t take much to convince myself to act on my next thought. Suddenly I rolled away from Kevin and got onto my hands and knees, faced Kevin, and charged like a bull. Just at the last second, I launched myself on top of him and started to relentlessly tickle him. I only stopped after he squealed out something about peeing himself if I didn’t stop. Before he could get his breath back, I jumped up and sprinted toward the shop. I looked over my shoulder as I stopped to open the bay door and noted that Kevin was barely getting off the ground. I stood next to the door and entered the code for the bay door to open. The shop was actually more like a detached garage on steroids; the bay area could hold nine full sized pickup trucks with room to roller skate around them. It would have been even bigger if Dad hadn’t blocked off the rear portion to make an office.

The shop held all of the family camping, boating, and yard equipment; and yup, it was full. All down the left side of the shop were built in shelves that held everything from our three tents to the family life jackets all neatly organized in large, closeable bins. The only section of wall that didn’t have shelves on it had a large red cabinet with the word ‘FLAMABLE’ written in black across the front. Down the right side of the shop held the ski boat and the bass boat, four four-wheelers and their trailer (mom refused to ride alone), two riding lawn mowers, one push mower, the weed eater, and various other yard tools hanging on the wall.

I walked over to the cabinet, opened it up and pulled out the lawnmower gas. I walked over to lawnmowers just as Kevin walked in. I looked at him with a big smile on my face and said, “It’s about time you got out here.”  I continued, as I handed him the gas can, with “Fill the mowers will ya.” I walked over to the wall and grabbed the edging shovel off the wall, then went to the bench on the back wall and put the shovel in the vice. I pulled a flat file out of the drawer in the bench as Kevin said, “John, I’m real sorry, I didn’t mean to listen in last night.” I didn’t realize what he was talking about. As I began sharpening the shovel I asked, “Last night?” 

“You know…you and Jamie.”

I stopped mid stroke with the file as I realized what conversation he was talking about.  “Kevin, what did you hear?” Deep down inside I was in full panic mode. However, I kept my outer appearance as calm as possible as I looked over at Kevin.

I could see the fear in his eyes as he said, “Please don’t be mad at me. I won’t say a word about it to anyone.”

I responded with “You do know what will happen if any of it gets out in the open?”

“Please don’t be mad at me John. Please tell me you’re not mad.” Kevin said with tears streaming down his face.

I put the file down and walked over to Kevin. As I wrapped my arms around my little brother I said, “I’m not mad Kevin, but I really need you to know how important it is that none of this ever gets out.”

Even though Kevin’s face was buried in my chest I heard him say, “I couldn’t do anything that would hurt you, you’re the only brother I have.”

After a few seconds, I hugged Kevin a little harder, then reached up and ruffled his hair as I said, “Go fill up the lawn mowers. If we aren’t done before Dad gets home; there’s gonna be hell to pay.” I gave him another quick little hug before I let him go completely and went back over to finish sharpening the shovel.

Kevin and I finished our tasks at the same time, so I walked over to the push mower and started it up. As I pushed it out of the shop, Kevin was just getting back to one of the riders after putting the gas back in the cabinet. It took almost twenty-five minutes to go around the edges of the yard with the push mower so the riders wouldn’t miss anything around the corners, and that was with the flower beds and trees set up to ride over the boarders, but that still left plenty of yard for both riders to mow.

After two hours and thirty-two minutes Kevin and I finally finished with all the yard work.  Kevin finished edging the walkways just as I got done cleaning up the weed eater so he was just putting the shovel away as I closed the bay door and headed out the entry door. Evidently, Kevin hadn’t gotten enough torture, because he let me get about half way to the house before he tackled me by running up and diving at my legs. I caught myself with my hands, so I didn’t ‘eat turf’ like I did earlier this morning. I quickly rolled over and reached down to start in on Kevin. He had me around the knees so it was real easy to reach his rib cage and start tickling him. He almost immediately started thrashing around and squealing, till he let go and rolled away from me. I thought he was done until I felt his weight land square in the middle of my stomach. Kevin and I wrestled around on the freshly cut grass, me trying to pin him and him me, until we were both totally out of breathe. We both just lay there in the grass, staring into the sky, trying to catch our breath.

After a couple of minutes, Kevin sat up in the grass and got this sad look on his face. We sat there just looking at each other when suddenly he asked, “John, does some of the things Dad says make you feel, like they make me feel?”  All the humor of the last few minutes was gone. I couldn’t be sure of what I saw, but I had a strong feeling as to how I should answer. I sat up, looked at Kevin and said, “Kevin, I don’t know how you feel, but I know that sometimes he makes me feel like I have no value, like he doesn’t trust me and doesn’t believe I can do anything right. I know he loves me, but sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I don’t believe that he loves me.” Kevin crawled the few feet between us and sat down in the middle of my lap. As he snuggled into my chest he said, “Thanks, I was afraid I was the only one.” I wrapped my arms around him as we both let silent tears fall.

I don’t know how long we sat there. If I had to guess, I would have to say it was at least fifteen minutes before we were drawn out of our depressive mood by the sound of Dad’s truck pulling into the drive way.

I would like to thank Kurtie for editing and Piecse rising for her response to chapter 1