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                       It feels like Monday chapter 3

                                          Chapter 3

                                                      By Lostone



   Kevin and I were prying ourselves up and brushing ourselves off as Dad pulled around to the back of the house. As he pulled up, I looked toward the back of the pick-up and was kind of shocked.  He hadn't brought home a tiller, he had brought back a tractor!   As Kevin and I walked toward the trailed hitched to the back of the truck I heard Dad yell out, “Don’t even!” as he was getting out of the cab. 


Kevin said, “We were only going to look at it.”


Dad just looked at us and said, “It took the rental place an hour and a half to show me how to use that monstrosity; I’m not going to spend the rest of the day teaching it to either of you two.  If they would have had the smaller one I might have, but this was the only one available.”


I responded, “Is there anything we can do to help?”


Dad replied with, “No, I don’t want to go around fixing more than I already do.  Just go to the park or something.  We won’t even be able to start planting until tomorrow.”


   I glanced over at Kevin and saw the hurt look in his eyes.  Funny thing is, I would have never noticed before.  I nudged Kevin in the side to get his attention and said, “Come on Kevin.  I’m sure we can find something to do.”  We turned toward the house and walked away.  As Kevin and I reached the back door I said to him, “Don’t let it bother you.  You know he doesn’t really mean to act that way.”


Kevin responded rather sadly, “I know, but it still hurts.  I’m going to my room” as he headed up the stairs.


  I wandered into the kitchen and raided the fridge for a Mountain Dew, after drinking about half the liter bottle down, I headed up to my room to play a computer game.  I walked into my room and pulled my sweat soaked T-shirt off over my head.  As I shuffled though my room, I threw the T-shirt into my dirty clothes hamper and turned on my computer.  I went into my closet to get a fresh shirt while my computer was booting up.  I grabbed a light green knit polo out and was pulling it on when my cell phone started ringing, so I walked over to my dresser to answer it.  Just as I picked it up, the instant messenger on my computer announced that someone was saying something to me.


    As I turned to see who was sending me a message I pushed talk on the phone.  I said into the phone, “Hello,” as I read ‘John, answer the phone,’ on the computer screen.


I heard Tim’s voice on the phone say, “about time,” just as the next message saying the same thing showed up on my computer. 


   At that point I noticed that it was Jeff sending the messages and said, “This will get too confusing really fast.  One of you two had better stop right now.”  After about a second, all I heard was a dial tone so I sat down in front of my computer and typed in, ‘what…not even a good-bye over the phone.


The response that appeared was,   ‘T—Nope.  Going over to the park…want to come?’


My response was, ‘not even a hello from either of you…sure…mind if I invite Kevin?’


I got the typed response of, ‘hang on.’  A second later my phone rang and I answered.


I immediately heard Jeff ask, “What’s up?  Is something wrong at the homestead?”


I replied with, “Oh, Dad’s just being his normal self and Kevin is finally noticing.  Thought it might be a good idea to try and distract him.”


“Oh, hey, that’s cool man.  If he wants to come along, we might even be nice to him.”


I heard bickering over the phone as I said, “Cool, there in thirty?”


Jeff replied, “Just enough time to get there.  Later.”




   I hung up my cell phone and put it in my shirt pocket as I shut down my computer.  As I walked into the hall I yelled out, “Hey Kevin, I’m meeting the guys down at the park.  Want a tow there?  I’ll even wait to bring ya back.”


I heard Kevin holler through his door, “Give me five.  I want to get too a save point.”


I walked up to his door, opened it and said, “Sure, just don’t take too long.  The guy’s will be there in twenty minutes.”  If I gave Kevin the full thirty, he would have used twenty-nine of them getting to a place to save, whatever game he was playing.


“Don’t rush me.  If I die and loose all the treasure I found because of you, I’m gonna be pissed.”


“Well, quit talking and focus on the game then…and hurry up.” I said as I turned to go back for my soda.  After about ten minutes, I walked out of my room and down the hall and yelled out, “Kevin, I’m leaving.”  Just as I hit the top of the stairs, Kevin stepped out of his room with helmet and pads in hand.  Looking over my shoulder at Kevin as I got to the landing, I said, “Let me get my bike out of the garage and tell Dad where we are going, then we’ll be off.”


Kevin said, “Cool.  That will give me time to put on my pads.”


  We walked through the kitchen, into the garage where I used the automatic door opener, letting the bright sunlight fill the dark and dreary, extra deep, two-car garage.  Kevin sat down on the steps and started strapping on his knee pads as I rolled my bicycle out onto the drive way.  Just as Kevin started strapping his elbow pads on, I went around to the back of the house to find Dad just barely climbing up onto the tractor, getting ready to back it off of the trailer.  I called out, “Hey Dad.”


“Didn’t I tell you to go to the fucking park or something?” He yelled.


I just turned and went back toward the front of the house.


   I still remember the first time he did that to me. I was ten years old.  He was watching T.V. and I walked up to ask him a question about my history homework.  He didn’t even stop watching the game.  He just said, ‘Get back in there and do your damned homework.’  I didn’t even get to ask him to help me fill out this family tree we were given.  That was my first failing grade.  I still have that paper.  I told myself that I would get rid of it when I didn’t feel rejected any more, the bad part is, Dad never let that feeling go away, always kept feeding it, letting it grow.  The pain I kept feeling deep down inside, slowly tearing away my ability to feel happiness, joy, and pride.  I could still feel compassion for others, but myself, no.  I had learned to judge myself by my father’s standards, the one’s that could never be met.


    I used the back of my hand to wipe the solitary tear away from my cheek as I went around the front corner of the house and said to Kevin, “Come on.  Let’s go.”


Kevin saw the look on my face and asked, “What happened?”


As I climbed onto my bike I said. “I should have said I would try to tell Dad where we were going…Just forget it…let’s go.” I reached out for the strap Kevin used for towing.  The fifteen foot strap had a carabineer attached to one end of it, witch I snapped around the seat post of my bike, and a loop stitched into the other end for Kevin to hold on to.


Kevin looked over at me and asked, “You want me to grab your board?”


“Sure, I might need it to cruise the sidewalks, check out the girls.” I responded


Kevin just shook his head as he grabbed the bag that held my skateboarding equipment off the shelf and threw it onto his back.  He placed his board down next to my bike and said, “John, I know remember, you don’t have to hide it around me.”


“You don’t understand.”  I said, “I have to hide it all the time.  If I slip just once, and Dad hears it, the world as we know it, won’t be so pleasant.”


Kevin reached out and grabbed the tow strap as he said, “Whatever, let’s go before we’re late and have to hunt them down.”  With that being said, we both pushed off, heading down the two hundred foot driveway toward the road. 


   Once we got going, Kevin started hollering, “John, hit the sides.”  So I glanced over my shoulder to make sure there weren’t any cars coming up behind us and started weaving across the road and up onto the sidewalk where ever there was a driveway, almost jumping off the curb and back into the road.  Kevin was having a blast, following behind me like a water skier cutting across the wake of a boat.  Nine blocks later we arrived at the park, slightly winded, but cheerful.


   I road my bike into the parking lot and right up the handicap ramp for the main path through the park.  There are actually two main paths that formed a circle about five hundred feet across right in the center of the park, dividing it into four sections.  Every one called it ‘The park” because it was the main park in town, and it was huge. In one corner was the field where people played football and soccer.  On the opposite corner was a baseball field while the other two corners each held two basketball courts, some picnic tables, play ground equipment, and park benches.  The very center of the park, where the circle was, was a genuine skate park. 


Just as I was getting ready to stop Kevin called out, “skate park, please.” 


I glared over my shoulder at him and said, “What am I your personal draft horse now?”


Kevin got a mischievous grin on his face and said, “What’s the matter?  Didn’t you get enough oats with your hay this morning?”


   At that point, I thought to myself, ‘That’s it,” and stopped dead, right there in the middle of the walkway.  As Kevin came rolling up to me I launched myself, knocking him off the path and into the grass, pinning him to the ground.


I immediately heard Kevin squawking out, “Wet.”  I got off him and went back over to my bike.  As he was getting up I saw dark splotches all over his jeans and ‘No fear’ T-shirt, evidently the sprinklers hadn’t been off long enough for the grass to dry out. 


As I bent over to pick up my bike I heard Jeff yell over to us, “Dude, don’t kill him.”


   As I bent down to pick up my bike I heard Jeff laugh, then call out, “John, would you hurry up already.”  I stood up, looking toward the sound of his voice, expecting to see Jeff and Tim waiting for us, but no one was there.  I started to scan the area looking for the two of them. 


   After a few seconds of listening to the two of them laughing, Kevin nudges me in the ribs and points at the spiral tube slide attached to the jungle gym just off to my left.  I nodded Kevin off toward the side as I walked further down the path.  I worked my way back toward the slide opening while Kevin climbed up to the top of the slide.  Just as I reached the bottom of the slide, Kevin let loose with a mighty war call and jumped feet first into the tube slide.


    As Kevin came barreling down, Tim and Jeff bolted clear of the tube, getting tackled by me as they cleared the end.  All three of us were laughing before Kevin landed on top of us, knocking the air out of Tim.  Kevin, Jeff, and I separated ourselves form the pile, noticing Tim wasn’t moving really well. 


Jeff immediately knew what happened and said, “Breathe through your nose, Tim. You’ll get your air back faster with deep, slow breaths.”


That’s when Kevin said, “Tim, I didn’t mean too.  I’m sorry.”


After Tim recovered a little he said, “It’s alright, but man Kevin, you need to go on a diet.”


My scrawny little brother blurted out, “A diet,” and everyone that heard the exchange started laughing, including Kevin.


   I walked back over to the path, scooped up Kevin’s board, and walked my bike back over too the others.  As I approached the others, using a slightly acidic tone, I said, “Well, we’re here, now what?”


Tim and Jeff just stared at me.  Kevin, glancing over at them, said, “Dad got him…twice.”


Jeff responded sarcastically with, “What did old ‘Iron Heart’ do this time?”


Tim chimed in with, “Come on guys.  You know how my dad feels about this kind of talk.”


Kevin chimed in with. “Dad’s making him go on a ‘survivalist’ camping trip.  At least that’s what Dad told me last night; to ‘toughen him up’ is what he said.” 


   As Kevin spoke, my memories of last night came seeping back into my surface thoughts, causing me to withdraw into myself a little more; trying to avoid the numbing pain those thoughts brought about.


   Jeff must have seen the change in my demeanor.  He moved his slim, six foot tall frame next to me, threw his arm across my shoulders, leaned his head over so that his straw blond hair lay on my shoulder, and asked, “Is there any thing we can do?  You know, all you have to do is ask.”


    I knew I couldn’t ask.  I just couldn’t risk having that much close contact with Jeff, especially in the forest, with so few around.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my feelings hidden well enough, long enough.  I could barely keep myself contained right now, with his body brushing against my side, his arm wrapped protectively around my shoulders.  I just couldn’t risk our friendship.  That’s when I responded, “No, Guys I can’t do that to ya.  I’ll be fine.”


   That’s when Tim got this nervous look on his face and said, “You two shouldn’t get so friendly, people might start to talk.”  Both Jeff and I stepped apart quickly, looking at each other.  I could have sworn I saw a look of anguish flash through his eyes after we separated, but it happened so fast, I had to mark it up as my own desires clouding my senses.


    Kevin looked over at Tim and asked, “Where are your boards and stuff?  I feel like hitting the skate zone.” 


 “All our stuff’s over at the barbeque area, near the bathrooms,” Tim replied, “let’s go.”

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