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It feels like Monday

By Lostone

Chapter 4

    Over the next four hours, I tried to do some of the easier stunts on the half-pipe and quarter-pipe, mainly just falling on my butt. If I wasn’t falling down, I was generally sitting on one of the benches that surrounded the skate zone. Tim, Jeff, and Kevin were doing much better than I could have ever hoped to, grinding across the steel rail set off to the side, and generally putting on a good show for the beginners.

   A few times I noticed Kevin talking to Tim or Jeff while they were waiting for their turn. Normally it would be nothing, but the third time Kevin waved someone ahead of him to get Jeff close enough to talk, I knew there had to be something going on. At four-thirty I invited Tim and Jeff over for dinner as I rounded Kevin up to head home. Both of them glanced over at Kevin before telling me that they had some things they had to do. As Kevin and I headed toward home I asked, “Kevin, what are you up to? You were acting kinda strange all afternoon.”

Kevin just put on the most innocent look he could muster and said, “Who, me… never.”

I looked over at him as I walked my bike next to him and said, “You had better not of gotten Tim or Jeff involved with the camping trip. When Dad figures it all out, I just can’t have anyone around.”

Kevin stopped walking, looked straight at me, and said, “You like Jeff, don’t you?”

I stopped cold, panicking inside, thinking to myself, ‘no-one can know anything. Too many people know too much about me already.’ I said, “Of course I like Jeff. He is my best friend, ya know.”

Kevin just turned and started walking down the sidewalk. Neither of us said a word the rest of the way home. Kevin just walked down the sidewalk with a look of total concentration on his face. As we walked up to the house I heard Dad yelling from the back yard something about ‘damned kids’ and ‘leaving without putting things away.’ I looked over at Kevin and asked, “Did you put the gas can back?”

“Ya, I did…really.”

“Just put everything from the park up and go on inside. I’ll go find out what Dad’s talking about.” I said.

“Wait up, I’ll go with.”

“Just go on inside Kevin. There is no reason we should both get nailed over something stupid.”


“Kevin, just go.” I said as I handed him my bike and started off toward the back of the house.

As I entered the shop, Dad turned around, saw me, and started yelling about ’being responsible’ and ‘putting things back where we found them.’ I just barely got my mouth open to ask what wasn’t put away, when he said, “Don’t even start, you worthless little shit.”

“But…” was all I got out. The next thing I knew, the whole left side of my face stung, not to mention my right hip and shoulder just ached from hitting the cement floor.

“Get out of my sight!” He yelled. “Go to your room and don’t come out until you’re told.”

I scrambled to my feet as best I could with the pain in my shoulder, turned and ran for the house. I yanked open the back door and ran through the kitchen, not even slowing down enough to close the door. With tears streaming down my face, I ran past Mom in the living room, up the stairs and into my room, closing the door behind me. Dad had never hit any of us kids before and it sent my mind reeling. I don’t know what I was even thinking when I went into my closet, but I did. I went all the way to the back corner and sat down on the floor, tucking my legs up to my chest. That’s when it started. All the emotional pain and anguish I had stored up for the past three years came to the surface in wave after wave of violent, body shuddering sobs, making it almost impossible to breath.

After a few seconds I heard my bedroom door open. In between my slowly quieting sobs I could hear feet shuffle across my room. As the light in my closet came on I could see Mom looking down at me. As I sat there, watching Mom, the look of concern suddenly melted off her face. I didn’t think she could get mad, and from the look on her face, she was well beyond infuriated. As quickly as she had shown up, she turned to leave.

Mom couldn’t have taken more than four steps before she roared out with a voice the devil himself wouldn’t even think about questioning, “Jamie, get a towel with some ice up to John’s room now!”

I could hear Mom storm though the hall and down the stairs. From the sound she had made as she went I figured Mom was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard her yell loud enough to rattle the windows, “Don, you had better get your fucking ass in here and explain yourself!”

About that time I heard Jamie close the door to my room and say, “I don’t think we are gonna want to hear what happens next. John, where are you?”


“I’m in here.” I said as I started prying myself out of the corner. I must have hit the ground harder than I thought because my shoulder and hip had already started to stiffen up, throbbing as I tried to stand on my own. Jamie, seeing that I was having a hard time getting to my feet, walked into the closet, wrapped her arm around my waist, and lifted me to a standing position.

As she did so, she said, “I don’t know what good ice is going to for a busted butt.” She no more than got the words out when she turned me far enough to see the left side of my face. The look of horror, then of recognition, that flashed across her face said everything.

Jamie walked me over to my computer chair, sat me down, and pressed the makeshift ice pack to the side of my face. Jamie grabbed my hand and placed it on the ice pack, saying, “Hold this, I gotta do something.”

She immediately reached into my shirt pocket and grabbed my cell phone. She went through the phone book on it really quick, pressed the send button, and held it up to her ear. After what could have been no more than four rings, Jamie said, “Jeff, this is Jamie, John’s sister, I need you to grab your dad and come over here as soon as you can….Thanks”, then pushed ‘end’ on the phone.

Jamie turned and walked over to the door as I was asking what she thought she was doing. She just held up her hand as she yelled down the hall, “Kevin, come in here please.” We both waited quietly for Kevin to come in. When Kevin came in, Jamie pointed at my bed and said, “Sit down will ya?”

Kevin sat down on my bed and asked, “What’s going on? John, why do you have a towel on your face, and why is it wet?” Kevin stopped long enough to take a breath before a flash of comprehension crossed his face. “He hit you! Awe shit, as if it wasn’t bad enough around here.” He said, as he slid off the bed, like gravity had tripled, dragging him to the floor.

Jamie looked down at Kevin and asked, “Kevin has Dad ever hit you?”

Kevin looked over at me and said, “I’m so sorry John. I knew he has been getting worse ever since the over seas business trips started six months ago, but I never thought he would go this far. I should have gone with you. He would have never done it in front of me.”

I looked at Kevin and said, “You can’t be around all the time Kevin. He would have hit someone sooner or later. The real problem now is…” I looked over at Jamie, “what are we going to do?”

“Well,” Jamie said, “Jeff’s dad works for child protective services, and he’s on the way over right now. You’re the one that got hit. What do you think should happen?”

“All I know is John can’t stay here right now.” Kevin said

“I agree with Kevin, I can’t stay, and neither should Kevin. Dad has been lashing out at him more and more. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for any of us to be here tonight.”

Jamie looked at the two of us, got a diminutive smile on her face and said. “I missed something didn’t I?”

I responded. “Kevin and I had one of those ‘is it as bad as I think,’ conversations today. That and he heard us talking last night.”

Jamie sat down on the bed like a balloon loosing all its helium and said, “Shit John, how many more people are going to find out. And Kevin, if you tell anyone…”

“Jamie, he knows what can happen if anyone finds out.” I said, cutting her off. “The biggest problem we have right now is that Fred is coming over. I don’t want Dad to go to jail. I just want him to get some help.”

Jamie replied, “I don’t think we can keep dad out of jail tonight. Fred is gonna take one look at your face and all hell is gonna break loose.”

The ice pack had done a good job of numbing the side of my face, so much so, as to make me think that it couldn’t be as bad as Mom or Jamie had made it sound. I looked over at Kevin and Jamie and said, “I can’t believe that this is as distressing as everyone says.” I slowly stood, feeling the inflexibility in my hip and shoulder intensify as I moved. “I gotta look at it.” I hobbled out of my room and across the hall, into the bathroom.

As I turned to face the mirror, I winced in pain, lowering the ice pack from my face down to my shoulder. As I looked up into the mirror, I was totally dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. My first look was horrifying. The only comforting thought I had was that I wasn’t bleeding from anywhere. The bruising started all the way back at my ear, working itself over to the corner of my eye and down to my jaw. The whole side of my face was black, with small spots of blue and purple mixed in.

Kevin walked into the bathroom about the time I turned to go back to my room and said, “Holy shit, your eye is starting to swell closed and the white of your eye is turning all bloody.”

I replied, “Yea, well, when I hit the cement on my way down, I think it messed up my shoulder and hip. It hurts whenever I move my arm, and walking isn’t too much fun right now”

“Jamie sent me in to get you, Jeff and his Dad just got here. Jeff’s in your room now, and Fred is downstairs trying to calm Mom and Dad down.”

“I can’t let Jeff see me like this.” I groaned out. “I can’t let anybody see me like this.”

“John, get over yourself. You sound like the two of you have a thing going or something.” That comment was to close to home for me and I don’t think I hid it very well. The look on Kevin’s face went from joking around to shocked recognition. “Shit John, does he have any idea?”

“No, and he had better not get an idea either. The last thing I need is for Tim or Jeff to find out.”

“You don’t have to get all hostile about it. I already said I wasn’t gonna say anything to anybody. You’re the one that told Jamie I knew.”

“I’m sorry Kevin. I don’t mean to get defensive about it. I just don’t think I can handle any more confusion right now, probably not ever.”

“Have you ever considered that you coming out might not change much at all? It might even make life a lot easier for you.”

“Are you nuts!? Don’t even go there Kevin. Just go tell Jamie that I can’t come out. Tell her I won’t be seen like this.”

“Fine.” Kevin said as he turned and walked out of the bathroom. I reached over and closed the door.

I walked further into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain away from the tub. I threw the towel that I was using as an ice pack into the tub, it just being a wet towel now. I turned around and sat down on the edge of the tub with my elbows on my knees and my forehead resting in the palms of my hands. I just sat there, contemplating the notion that all I wanted at that point, was to disappear. After all, if I wasn’t around, things would be better for everyone. Tim wouldn’t need to remind me that ‘rumors could start.’ Jeff wouldn’t have some ‘homo’ pining away for him. Dad wouldn’t have to deal with some irresponsible little kid. You get the idea.

All these thoughts were running through my head, pointing the blame for all the problems in ‘my world’ straight at me when there was a knocking at the door. I mumbled out, “Go away.” I thought to myself, ‘I should have locked the door’ when I heard the door knob rattle and then turn, allowing the door to swing open.

Fredrick Forge, Jeff’s dad, opened up the door saying “John, you doing okay?”

“I’m fine.” I replied. I looked up at Fred and asked, “What is going to happen now? I know Dad needs help, but I don’t want him going to jail.”

Fred walked in and sat down on the edge of the tub saying, “I haven’t started anything yet. I have gotten your Mom and Dad calmed down and in separate rooms down stairs. Jamie is keeping an eye on them for me while I talk to you. Because your friends with Jeff, and you don’t want the police involved, I’m going to give your parents two choices. The first choice is that they let you spend the next week at my place; and Kevin the rest of the weekend. You will all have to go to family counseling as well. You will have to go to the emergency room to make sure nothing got knocked loose up there, but I should be able to keep it out of the legal system if your parents cooperate.”

“And if they don’t?”

“The only other option I have is to get the police involved. I’m not about to leave you here, considering what happened and how bad you look.” Fred answered.

­­­“I don’t think I can let anybody see me like this.”

“The only person that hasn’t seen you so far is Jeff. Would it help if I talked to him first? Maybe have him pack you a bag for a few days. Go ahead and gather up your things from in here while I have Jeff get some clothes together for you.” Fred stood up and headed to the door as he was saying his last few sentences. As Fred opened the door he said, “I’ll be back up in a few minutes to tell you what’s going to happen.”

I stood up, which was a major accomplishment considering how stiff my hip had gotten in the last forty minutes, and began gathering my toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and deodorant, when I heard a knock at the door.

I looked over to see the door open about six inches. I was about to say something, when I saw what could only have been Jeff’s hand poke through the opening, holding a shaving kit bag. I heard Jeff’s muffled voice say through the door, “Kevin asked me to have you grab his stuff too.”

I waked over to the door. Taking the bag from Jeff I said, “You might as well come in Jeff. You’ll see it when we get ready to leave anyway.”

Still standing behind to door, Jeff said, “Dad told me how bad it looked. I don’t think I can handle it quite yet.”

I stood there staring at the door, trying to figure out what Jeff had meant by his response, when I noticed flashing light reflecting into the house from every window in the front of the house. Evidently, the police had arrived.

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