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It feels like Monday

By Lostone

Chapter 5

The next thing I knew Jeff was calling back from down the hall, “John, just wait there.  I’ll go find out what’s going on.” 

I gathered up both Kevin’s and my toiletries, placing them in the shaving kit bag, and went back to my room. I walked over to my bedroom window, throwing the shaving kit into a gym bag on my bed as I walked by.

Just as I looked over the front yard, three police cruisers pulled up to the house, joining the one already here. Even I knew that the number of cop cars out front wasn’t good.

I headed down stairs to find out what was going on when I heard something crash to the ground.  I went rushing down the stairs, my feet barely touching each step. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned, dashing into the living room. 

Just as I entered the room, an arm clad in dark blue wrapped around the lower portion of my rib cage, taking me off my feet. I didn’t fall to the ground; instead, I saw the whole room flash past my view as I was swung around and pressed firmly against the wall with a huge hand pressing against my chest, holding me in place.

Before I fully realized what was going on, I started struggling against the hand on my chest.  The pressure against my chest increased as a deep voice drew my attention to the officer detaining me.  The police officer said, “Just stay right there. We don’t need any more excitement right now.”

I calmed down enough to see Mom being placed in handcuffs. I tensed up again just as the officer said, “Don’t even think about it.”

Fred walked out of the kitchen right then and said, “John, I need you to come into the kitchen for a few minutes.”

I said, “What’s going on! Why is Mom getting handcuffed?  Where is Kevin? Why does Dad have a towel on his face? And why does Jamie have a towel wrapped around her hand?”

Fred responded with, “John, I need you out of that room before anything can be explained.  I don’t even know what happened yet.  You need to come into the kitchen and wait for everything to get sorted out.”

After about two minutes of being pressed into the wall, it finally sunk in that I wasn’t going to get anywhere. The small boost of adrenaline I got from seeing all those police cars had worn off, allowing me to feel the throbbing pain going through most of my face and down my right side.

 My body started to tremble as the pain started to increase. I was standing there, trying to come up with something I could say that would get my release, when everything started getting blurry.  Suddenly, everything went black as I felt my legs give out, causing me to sag into the officers arms

I’m not sure what happened next. I heard voices for a few seconds, then, all my senses just turned off.



‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. ‘What is that beeping sound?’ Every time I heard that beep, my head just throbbed with pain.

I could hear a voice in the distance saying something about a ‘concussion’ and ‘more damage than a persons hand could make.’ I heard another voice saying things like, ‘All three kids…’ and ‘The mother was absolutely…’

While listening to the voices bicker back and fourth, the pain in my head quickly increased.  I tried to reach up with both hands to rub at the pain in my temples, when I felt something tugging at my left wrist.  It was dark in the room, so I reached across my body with my right hand to try and figure out what was wrong. When I felt something slip off my index finger, all hell broke loose.

The annoying little beep turned into a long, drawn out shrill. The pain that shot through my skull burned away all possible thought as I jerked both hands up to my head, pressing firmly against both temples.

As the lights came on I jammed my eyes closed to block out the painful light.  I then heard one of the voices much closer call out, “Would someone turn that damned thing off.  He’s awake and moving…I thought I ordered him sedated for the night!”

I heard a younger male voice respond, “I’m sorry Doctor, he was out cold already.  I didn’t even think to see if he was sedated.”

Suddenly the infernal screeching stopped, I heard the doctor call out for the lights to be turned off on one side of the room as I felt two pair of hands grab my wrists.  Fred’s voice slid through the pain as he spoke to me in a soothing voice, “John, we need you to relax till we can get you sedated. You are in the hospital John, just relax, everything will be okay.” 

I heard the young male voice say, “Doctor, I have the sedative”

The Doctor replied, “Push it.”

A few seconds later the pain started to leave. I finally opened my right eye to see both arms were being held down to the bed.  I couldn’t see out of my left eye as the swelling had closed it shut, but on my right was the Doctor. 

He looked to be ten years older than my father, somewhere around fifty years old, with silvery streaks running through his dark brown hair.  When I got a glimpse into his forest green eyes, I saw compassion and pain from an empathetic heart. That was all I could get a look at before the drugs started to take full, causing my senses to slip away from me once again.


I woke once more to darkness, this time without the horrid beeping sound of that infernal machine.  The darkness would have been quite calming, if it weren’t for the heavy smell of sanitizing floor cleaner and the slight chill in the room. My heart beat still throbbed in my head, but a much more urgent need took over my surface thoughts. I started to roll to my left side to get out of the bed, when I noticed my left arm wasn’t moving.  I tugged hard against the restraint holding my arm, feeling the whole bed shake with the effort.  As I collapsed back to the bed feeling defeat, my hand hit something hard…the call button!  Feeling my body needs becoming rather demanding, I mashed down on the button several times.

After what felt like an eternity to my bladder, I saw an increase in light through the curtains that surrounded the bed and heard the same young male voice from earlier call out, “I figured you would be calling a little later than this, is it the pain again?”

I urgently whispered out, “It’s the bladder, and I’m tied down!”

I heard a light chuckle escape from the other side of the curtains.  Then I heard the young male voice say, “I’m going to turn on the light, so brace your self.” The level of light increased in the room as the lights on the far side came on.  “I’m going to pull the curtain now, so it’s going to get even brighter.” He said.

As he pulled the curtain back, the brightness of the lights behind him caused my vision to blur.  I blinked a few times, sharpening the images of the hospital room. It was still fairly dim on my side of the room, but the other side was well lit, with an adjustable bed and white nightstand centered along a plain white wall and a tall white wardrobe towards the end of the room. The male nurse walked over to the foot of my bed.   Grabbing a clipboard, he flipped through a few pages, mumbled a few times, and said, “Here is what I’m looking for…removal upon request…fully mobile.”  He closed the cover on the clip board, placed it back on the hook, then looked at me, with a mischievous smile plastered on his face, and said, “It says ‘upon request’…but I haven’t heard one yet…”

I rolled my eyes, glanced toward my left side and said, “Would ya mind getting me out of this contraption before it becomes necessary to change the sheets.”

He chuckled lightly as he moved toward my left side. As he reached out for my arm he said, “This will only take a few minutes.  You don’t need the I.V. any more so I’ll take that out, remove the restraint, and help you out of bed so we don’t have to worry about you fainting again.”

I could feel him peel some tape off my arm and remove a needle.  Throwing it into a container marked for ‘sharp’ objects, he turned back toward me and said, “Now for the restraint.”

I turned my head to watch what he was doing as I said, “You might want to hurry with that.  I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.”  I saw him grabbing a wide strip of Velcro strap. Hearing it tear away from the rest of the restraint, I started working my way up to a seated position.  As the sheets fell away from my chest, I realized that all I had on was my Jockey Poco’s. I lay back down, pulling the sheet back up to my chest. I looked toward the wall and said, “Could I get a little privacy. I really need to go to the bathroom.” I really don’t like the look of my body, all thin and boney. I mean, for my height, you would think I would weigh more that 134 pounds

He elevated the head of the bed, reached over to the nightstand, grabbing a hospital gown and said, “If you just hold your arms up for a second this will go much faster, and no, you can’t have any privacy yet.” I did as I was asked, while keeping the sheets as high up on my chest as I could.  Before I knew what was going on, he had the gown in place, tied, and draped over my front.  “I’m guessing that you’re on the shy side.” He said, “So I’ll go turn on the bathroom light while you get ready to get up, but those feet need to stay off the floor till I get back over here.  The doctor wasn’t sure what caused you to faint the first time, so we need to be careful till the doctor says you’re released.”

As he was walking away I questioned, “I thought you said I was fully mobile.  Why are ya being so careful?”

“When my favorite cousin calls me at work and tells me that I’m keeping an eye on somebody he cares about, I kinda take it seriously.” He said as he turned away from the bathroom.

As he approached the bed I had my legs dangling off, I asked, “Your cousin?” He stopped in the middle of the room. I could see him tilt his head off to one side as he considered my question. If it had been a little brighter in the room I might have gotten a decent look at him, but this damned headache had me sure I didn’t want it any brighter.

His whole body seemed to change as realization set in. He started walking toward me as he said, “I forgot you were out of it when I came on shift. I’m Martin Forge; Jeff is my cousin from my father’s side.”

I was dumbfounded.  Not because Jeff had a cousin, but because Martin had finally gotten close enough to actually see clearly in the dim light. The family resemblance was uncanny, Jeff’s hair was a golden blond, were Martin’s was a rusty red, and Martin had his cut a little shorter, but that was where the differences ended. They both had those crystal blue eyes that had an inner sparkle, with a strong chin and nose that demanded awe from everyone nearby. Martin did have a slightly heavier frame than Jeff did, but I suspect that was mainly from the age difference.

“We need to get you closed up the rest of the way.” Martin said as he reached around me, grabbing the last set of ties on the gown. A few seconds later, I was still slightly flush over thinking about Jeff, when Martin said, “Now let’s get you on your feet so you can get to the bathroom.”

He stepped off to my right side, throwing his arm around my shoulders to steady me as I stood.  I was a little unsteady as I placed my right foot on the floor. As I placed my weight on my right foot, the pain in my hip started to throb slowly, causing me to limp as I walked across the room.

Martin asked, “Are you going to be alright standing by yourself? If you can, I can get something for the pain while you’re in there.”

“Considering I don’t care for an audience while using the restroom, I will be fine by myself.”  I replied.

Martin chuckled lightly as we reached the door to the restroom. As he removed his arm from my shoulder, he said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes with something for the pain.”

I continued into the bathroom, took care of my body’s demands, and hobbled back over to the bed. Just as I was getting back into the bed, Martin returned holding a small paper cup.

  He stopped at the sink, near the bathroom, just long enough to fill a big insulated mug with water before he approached the bed, saying, “This will make you a bit drowsy again, but it will take away the pain and help with the swelling around your eye.”

Martin handed me the paper cup and the mug saying, “All we need to do now is get your vitals’, then I’ll let ya go back to sleep till the doctor comes around to release you.”

I tipped the paper cup into my mouth, holding the three pills there until I could get some water from the mug. After swallowing the pills, taking a large drink in the process, I handed the mug and paper cup back to him.

Martin placed both containers on the night stand next to the bed before grabbing a pressure cuff to slide over my arm. I must have still been really tired, or the pills worked really fast, because I don’t remember Martin lowering the bed or him leaving the room.

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