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It feels like Monday
By Lostone
Chapter 6

I felt a slight poking in my side as I started waking up. I felt it again. The third time I felt something poke me, I rolled over to avoid whatever was there.  I felt another little jab at the same time I heard stifled giggles coming from the foot of the bed.

Without moving I said, “Kevin, if that is you, you had better start running now.”

Jeff laughed just before he said, “I’m not Kevin, but he did put me up to it.”

As I rolled toward him I said, “Then I suggest you both start running before I get up.”

Just then Fred and the doctor walked into the room. Fred just laughed while the doctor said, “It sounds like the medication might be working to well. John, it’s good that you’re awake. I’ll just give you a quick look over and send you on your way.”

Fred must have seen the look of concern on my face because he said, “Jeff, if you and Kevin would go to the waiting area, I need to fill John in some.”

I could tell that Jeff wanted to argue with his dad about leaving till Fred said, “Should I have worn my suit?” Jeff must have known something about his dad because when he heard what his dad said, he just deflated. Jeff walked over to where Kevin stood. Grabbing Kevin’s arm, Jeff said. “I get the point…come on Kevin, let’s wait in the hall.”

Fred watched the door close before he started explaining what my legal status was, with the doctor interrupting occasionally, telling me to breath deeply, follow his light with my eyes, and to hold still while he looked in my ears. I didn’t know why he was looking so closely at me; all I did was faint, right?

When the doctor pulled up a chair, then sat down on the side of the bed, I knew something was a little off. Fred sat down in the chair as the doctor started his little spiel. “John, we haven’t been introduced yet, I’m Doctor Jamison. There were several reasons you had to spend the night here. The first being that you blacked out; the second being that you have a mild concussion; the third being that you had no parent available to care for you last night, and the fourth being your legal status was in question until 2 am this morning. Since Fred has temporary guardianship over you, he needs to be here, but Fred and I thought it would be best for Kevin not to be here when you answered a few questions.”

The serious look he had in his eyes made me a little wary and nervous.   I started to squirm under his gaze till he placed his hand on my knee and said, “John, I have never seen anyone get a concussion from getting hit by someone’s hand, and the bruising you have is quite substantial for getting hit only once. For my official report to the courts, I need to know what he hit you with, how many times he hit you, and how many times he has hit you before.”

I couldn’t believe it. The way he was asking made it sound like Dad beat me constantly. As I realized what the doctor was implying, I got pissed.   Don Forester may be a hard man to be a son for, but up until yesterday, he had never been violent. I looked him over, holding my gaze down at the hand that was on my knee, I said, “Aside from yesterday, physically, you’re being more aggressive than he has ever been.” Dr. Jamison jerked his hand away before I turned toward Fred and asked, “Can we get out of here any time soon? I’m more than ready to leave.”

Fred stood up, clearing his throat to get the doctors full attention, he said, “Yes, Dr. Jamison, could we go to the front desk to finish clearing John from the hospital. You can go through everything with me while we walk.” As they walked out the door, I heard Fred ask Kevin to take my bag in to me so I could get a fresh change of clothes.

Moments later Kevin and Jeff walked into the room, Jeff carrying the gym bag that was packed the day before. I looked over at Kevin and asked, “Who packed it? I didn’t get a chance to add anything.”

Kevin slopped an evil grin across his face as he said, “Don’t worry, Jamie made sure Jeff packed your ‘spider man’ pajamas.”

Jeff reached over with his free hand and smacked the back of Kevin’s head saying, “You goof, it was his ‘Batman’ pajamas; he needs a sidekick to keep him out of trouble.”

I got out of bed, still wearing the hospital gown. Grabbing the gym bag from Jeff, I sat it down in the chair Fred was in earlier and opened it up, to find a starter set along with my light green hi-tops and a lime colored polo shirt. I looked over at Jeff and asked, “Only one set? What will I be wearing tomorrow to school?”

Jeff said, “Mom had me clear out a few drawers in my dresser for you while you stayed with us. I took the liberty of unpacking for you.”

Just the thought of Jeff having his hand on my briefs caused me to start slipping into a dreamy state of mind, making my heart race a little bit. I shook my head a little to refocus, reached down, scooping up the gym bag. I swung it behind me, covering the part of my butt that the gown didn’t, I walked past Kevin and Jeff to get to the bathroom, saying, “I’ll be right back, just got to change.”

I turned on the light as I walked into the bathroom, receiving a bright glare from the white tiled walls. As my eyes adjusted to the new level of light I noticed the layout of the room. It had the usual oversized sink mounted low to the wall with those long handled knobs on the fixture designed for handicapped use as well as the extra tall toilet to make it easier to stand up from. What I didn’t expect to see was the shower area. It was more like they just mounted a bench to the far end of the room and added a shower head over one end of the bench.

I had just dug my toothpaste and toothbrush out of the gym bag when I heard a knock at the door. I hollered out, “I just got in here, can’t it wait for ten minutes?”

Kevin opened the door just enough to poke his head through, “Can we…um…can we talk for a minute?” Just from the tone in his voice I could tell he was upset about something.

I left my toothpaste and toothbrush on the sink as I said, “Come on in.” I went over and sat down on the bench, patting a place next to me. Kevin closed the door behind himself as he headed over to sit next to me. As he sat down, I said, “Why don’t ya tell me what’s been going on; maybe we can get some things straightened out.”

Kevin took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he leaned into me. I wrapped my arm over his shoulders as he spoke, “Right after I left you in the bathroom, I went down to the living room and told Jamie what you said. Mr. Forge offered to go up and talk to you and Jamie agreed that it might be best. Mr. Forge had Mom go into the Kitchen so Dad and her would cool off some more, and had Jamie keeping an eye on them. He also said I should go pack a bag for a few nights of my own while Jeff packed one for you.”

“I went up to my room, packed a bag and took it down stairs, stopping off to ask Jeff to get my stuff out of the bathroom. As I came down the stairs, I heard Dad saying that it would be best if you were out of the house for a few days. I guess Mom must have seen me hit the bottom of the stairs. When I stepped onto the landing, I saw Jamie get knocked into the door way. Mom came charging out of the kitchen screaming about loosing her babies and it was ‘all that bastards fault.’”

“Mr. Forge must have had the police send over someone to help keep everything clam, but it was too late. By the time Jeff got the front door open, Mom had already hit Dad three times, right in the face. Just as the cop came into the living room, Mom hit him a fourth time as Jamie came barreling out of the Kitchen. Before the police officer could stop either of them, Jamie grabbed Mom, spun her around and punched her in the face, knocking her off her feet.”

“Everything was just getting calmed back down when you came down stairs. I heard your voice and started out of the kitchen. I walked into the living room to see you being lowered to the ground by a huge police officer. Seconds later I was being pulled back into the kitchen. No one would tell me what was going on. Mr. Forge put me and Jeff in the back seat of the only police car left, telling me he would fill me in later.”

Kevin was shaking at this point. He took a ragged breath and finished, “I don’t know what happened to Mom, Dad or Jamie. I didn’t know what had happened to you till this morning when Jeff said we were coming here to get you.” Kevin turned to bury his face into my chest as his control slipped away, rough sobbing taking over his body.

I scooped Kevin up onto my lap, surrounding him with my arms. I still didn’t know what had happened after I blacked out. The one thing I did know, the stress of the past day had finally overwhelmed Kevin, and I was the only family member he had right now.

Kevin and I sat there for several minutes, me just holding him and saying anything I could think of to calm him down some, till I heard a knock on the door. Before I could respond, the door opened. Martin stuck his head in, looked at Kevin and me and asked, “Is everything alright?”

I responded, “Not really, Kevin had a rough night, not knowing what’s going on, and I am getting a little anxious to find out a few things too.”

Martin walked into the bathroom and squatted down in front of us. He reached out and patted Kevin’s shoulder before he said, “I’m sorry we haven’t gotten things cleared up yet guys. Uncle Fred hadn’t planned on it taking so long to get you cleared from the hospital or he would have talked to both of you sooner. Kevin, as soon as John gets changed, we can wheel him down to my van. I will explain everything on the way to Jeff’s house.”

“Where is Fred? Isn’t he driving us?” I asked.

Martin peeled Kevin out of my grasp, scooped him up and gave him a hug saying, “If your brother would hurry up, I could explain everything on the way home.”

All I could do was glare at the door as he closed it behind him. I got up and dressed as fast as I could, packing my toothbrush and toothpaste back into the gym bag. I walked back into the hospital room where Jeff, Kevin and Martin were waiting with a pile of ‘souvenirs’ from my stay here and a wheelchair pointed toward the door to the hallway.

Martin pointed down to the chair with a grin on his face and said, “The proper layers for this trip should be John; Kevin; bag. John, you’re holding up progress.”

I opened my mouth to start asking questions again when Martin cut me off saying, “Sit first, then I’ll start explaining everything.”

I sat down in the wheelchair with Kevin sitting on my lap almost immediately. Kevin then opened the gym bag where Jeff stuffed all the ‘hospital’ junk. Martin then pushed Kevin and Me into the hallway, past the nurse’s station, and into an elevator.

When the doors closed to the elevator, and the four of us were alone, Martin said, “I’m taking the four of us back to the house while Uncle Fred picks your mother and sister up from the city jail. After Jamie knocked your mom down, and the police got a look at you, they arrested all three of them. The Judge that dealt with the legal stuff last night decided that everyone needed the night to cool off, whether charges were pressed or not.”

Just as Martin finished his statement, the elevator doors opened, allowing the four of us to go through the lobby, and into the covered parking area. As we arrived at the edge of the walkway, one of the staff members pulled up in an oversized cart. The four of us climbed into the cart as Martin gave the driver the location of his van.

I didn’t think it was strange at all when Martin started a whispered conversation with the person driving the cart; after all they did work at the same hospital. It wasn’t even odd that Martin tossed the keys to his van over to Jeff as we approached the front of the van. What did surprise me was when Martin thought Jeff, Kevin and I were out of sight; he leaned in and gave the driver a really quick peck on the cheek, said something we couldn’t hear to him, and headed toward the drivers door of the van.

My mind started whirling over the idea that there might be somebody I could talk to that would understand my feelings; someone besides a family member that I could tell without worry of my secret getting out.

Kevin walked up behind me, placing his hand on my back. With a strong note of concern, he asked, “Are you alright John; maybe you should get in and sit down.” His words broke up my thoughts, causing me to step in.

As I came back to myself, I realized that Martin’s van was actually one of those class B motorhomes. It had 3 standard captains’ chairs for the driver, front passenger, and rear passenger, but behind the driver’s seat, there was a built in table and bench for eating. At the end of the bench, towards the rear of the van, were a small fridge and 2 burner stove top.

As Martin opened the driver’s door, he said, “Kevin, John might be better off if you sat at the table, so he can have the extra leg room.”

Kevin started pouting as he moved over to the bench behind the table, saying, “But the chairs are so cool, it’s really neat how they move around.”

Jeff must have noticed the odd look I gave Kevin. He reached down, pulling a lever under the seat, causing it to freely rotate towards the back of the van. Jeff glanced over and said, “The upper lever let’s the chair rotate while the lower one allows to whole chair to slide over, so you can use the table. The seatbelts are a little odd though.” As he said that, Jeff reached both hands down along the sides of the seat, grabbing two seat belt straps, and Joined the buckle together making an ‘X’ over his body.

As Martin started the R.V., he started talking again…

“Uncle Fred brought this thing this morning, figuring he would have you out of the hospital, with enough time to get over and pick up your mother and sister from the jail. When Doctor Jamison insisted that he ask the abuse questions, it messed up Uncle Fred’s time table, so he asked if I would drive all of you home when I got off work. He took my car to pick everyone else up because it was smaller and I would have more people.”

I looked over at Martin and said, “That tells me what is happening with Mom, and with Jamie, but what is happening with Kevin and Dad?”

“From what Uncle Fred tells me, it was decided last night, that Kevin would be staying for a week, and you’ll be staying for a month. The Judge say’s that he wants to talk to you face to face before he makes any decision about your dad, so I doubt he will get out of jail today.” Martin responded as he pulled onto the main street, heading toward the Forge household.

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