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It Must Be Nice to Disappear
Chapter 4

I slammed the front door shut, well actually I pushed it the wind grabbed it and slammed it for me, announcing my entry.

`I'm HOME" I yelled to my mother who was probably still on her cell phone with her job. This was normal. Her flight came in on Thursday, the day she told me that she wasn't coming back. Part of my mom's sick sense of humor I guess.

I loathed Saturdays more than anyone my age should. Saturdays a teenager is supposed to sleep in and just chill out. Sorry but in my life that is impossible, sleeping in when you cant fall asleep doesn't work well and chilling out is just a hopeful fantasy that will never be achieved.

I walked into the kitchen to get some food.

"No bill we need these forms in by Monday, we can't get anything from them until they're in. Oh, Damien I need you to clean out the back shed for me today, thanks love. No bill I did not call you love, now we need those forms or the case is worthless. I don't want excuses, just get it done."

I loved how my mom fit me into her little work scheme, her little stress ball. Between yoga, work and overtime I was surprised she had time for her own life and a boyfriend. My mom worked at a huge corporation doing IT support. In other words she was a professional computer nerd. But much like Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles, she was the queen of the geeks. She could probably get them to kill a person if she wanted them to.

I went upstairs to my bedroom. I guess it was how every teenager's bedroom looked. Dirty clothes on the floor, unmade bed, stacks of papers everywhere. I got into some old gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and went to clean out her shed. I don't know what she wanted me to clean out of it because the whole thing was full of old computer books and dead printers.

I was just getting out of the shower when my cell started to ring.

"Hey Sam what's up."

"Nothin just want to get the fuck out of my house and I would bet 10 bucks you do too.

"I aint takin that bet, I would much prefer to spend that 10 bucks on a person who actually deserves it. Myself"

"Great, so when can you pick me up."

"Gimme like 20 and ill be out k?"

"Ok, later"

Great, I had just agreed to take out one of the girls I hate. Lucky for me I had a school phone list password. I cracked in and called Sebastian.

"Hello, is Sebastian there" I said when his phone finally picked up

"Yeah he is, I'm guessing you want to talk to him," his mother said into the phone.

"Well that was the original plan."

"Well hold on a second while I get him."

I waited for about a minute before I talked to another person.


"Hey kid how's the hand?"

"Oh hey Damien, its doin better, not great but better.

"Hey can you get out of your house today?"

"Yeah, why you actually want to chill with me or something?"

"Well that was the original plan in my head, unless you would like to change it."

"No its cool, I can get out of here, what time?"

"Well I got to pick up Sam and I have no idea where you live so umm gimme like 20 minutes."

"Ok, and is 44527 West Pine Street."

"Got it, see you in a bit"

Well now I had a Saturday planned. This could be interesting.

My car screeched to a halt in front of Sam's house. I didn't feel like getting out of the car so I just honked the horn. She came running out of her house putting on her jacket. She opened the door and threw herself in the seat.

"Let me guess father is being a jackass?"

"Very funny Damien, lets just motor to the mall ok."

"Actually we got one more person to pick up"

"If it is Nicole I'm gonna nail your balls to a table"

"Its not Nicole, don't worry."

I drove to Sebastian's house; it was actually on the way to the mall so it made sense for me to be taking him. I pulled up in front of his house and honked the horn. He came running out with his wrist covered in bandages.

`Hey Damien, hey Sam."

"Hey kid"

"Hi Sebastian"

Pleasantries aside I drove on.

The mall is the home of insecure assholes and self-important bitches. The three of us strolled into the mall as if we owned the place. The massive structure was 5 stories of stores weaving its way between high rises in the dense downtown area.

`This mall always reminds me of Washington dc."

"Why Damien?" both asked in unison

"This is the fucking crystal city mall in a different city I swear to god"

They laughed and kept on walking. We made our way to some escalators so Sam could go to some store where you pay $30 for less than a dollar of fabric and thread. We walked into Wet Seal and she immediately started to grab clothes from every rack.

"We have just been elected as Sam's new fashion police," I told Sebastian.

"Dude I don't care as long as I'm out of my fucking house I is happy."

That sounded way too much like something I would say. I ignored it and went on with the day.

"GUYS I NEED OPINIONS" we heard Sam yell from the dressing rooms.

"See you at school Sam"

"You too guys, have fun"

I started off for the hills. I knew this really great mountain road that got to a point where the whole city sparkled.

"Where are we going Damien?"

"You said you hated to be at home so I'm stalling, and there is no cell reception so turn it off."

I got onto barrel hill drive and started up to the crest of the hills. Most of these roads are to old houses built on the hills with great views of the valley below, until it became the sprawling metropolis it now is. We reached the turnout so I pulled into it and turned off the car.

"Well kid, it's a nice enough night that the hood of the car may be a great seat"

We both got out of the car and sat on the hood of my car using the windshield as a backrest. From up here the city sparkles; you can see all the way to the bay on a good clear night, and tonight was perfect.

"So Damien what is really the reason you brought me up here."

"You want the truth, a lot of offhand comments you make remind me way too much of my own life, and I know how hard it is to live that life with no one listening to you."

"Where do you want me to start?"

"Wherever you want kiddo."

"Call me tomorrow ok"

"Ok Damien"

I watched him walk into his house. For the first time I saw confidence in his stride. He walked into his house and waved me away from the window. I drove home.

When I got to my moms house it was dark inside. I stumbled around until I could find a working light switch. I stumbled up the stairs and into my room. I took off the screen to my window and climbed onto my roof.

In the desert the sky is so clear, and full of stars, it's like fields of flowers in the sky

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