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That said, let's continue with my story!

It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 10

         I had made my way to the hidden alcove in the barranca after school that day. I knew my mom was home so I cut down Citrus Avenue to where a path led down to the floor of the deep gorge, then made my way along the tiny creek to where I could push through some Scottish broom bushes which hid my secret place from view. Once inside the little clearing, I quickly stripped off all my garments and proceeded to get myself hard with long, slow strokes. My cock was four and 3/8 inches long, when fully blood-engorged  I knew this 'cause I'd measured it that morning. Lately, I'd been measuring it a lot and It proved to be growing in length each time.
    I was small for being a sixth grader, but since my first wet orgasm three months before, my cock had begun growing in length. It even seemed a bit thicker when I jerked it the last few times. Standing with my legs slightly apart, I continued stoking myself until my cock was fully hard. I was at the point where I would normally pick up the pace when I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned in a flash and nearly screamed with fright! There, half hidden behind a bush was the new kid from my school, and he was totally naked!

       "What the hell are you doing?! I shouted.

       "Same thing you're doing." he replied calm and quietly. "At least I was 'til you showed up."

       "This is my secret place!" I protested, covering my hard on with both hands. Matt started to giggle.

       "Yeah, I know." he smiled. "I followed you here yesterday and watched you beat off." As he spoke, he slowly stepped out from behind the bush until he was standing directly in front of me, not hiding a thing. I didn't respond to his admission of spying. I was in total shock, I think. He gazed straight into my eyes and spoke softly.

       "So, can we beat off together?"

    I found myself suddenly staring at his cock, which was very hard and pointing up towards my face. I blushed, knowing I was gawking at his stiffy, but I couldn't speak.

       "Hello?" he said softly.

    I swallowed hard, remembering where I was.

       "No!" I protested. "I..I.... I don't even know who you are!"

    Matt smiled at me before he continued.
        "OK, how 'bout we sit here and talk." he said and pointed to a spot where the grass had all been crushed over. "My name is Matt and you're Andy, right?"

    I was blown away by his cool attitude. Matt just has this natural way of making me feel at ease, even then, when I was naked and didn't know him. We ended up talking for over two hours that afternoon and never did jack off. That happened a few days later and we quickly became jack buddies, yet it was still a long time before we ever touched each other. We both knew we wanted to, but there was a nervous sexual tension between us. Mostly due to my upbringing, I think. Love was the ultimate in life and just having sex was supposed to be wrong. It was always more than sex with Matt and me, so when we eventually did go all the way, I was happy for doing so.
    Now I knew deep down that I'd blown it by not becoming his boyfriend, but hey! There's always tomorrow, right?

    Just then, a car passed by Grandmas house and the sound of it brought me back from my daydreams. I needed to get home now and ask my mom about school on Tuesday. Tomorrow would be Labor Day, so I hoped some of the shops in town would be open. I needed new clothes because there was no way I was gonna wear hand me downs from my older brother, Les. I'd been wearing his castoffs most of my life, but Tuesday was the first day of eighth grade and wearing his old shit would make me like a leper amongst the other students.

    I locked up Grandmas and headed home. This time instead of using the path between the trees, I walked on the middle line of the street that ran in front of our ranch, alternating between skipping and dancing as I went. When I got close to our house, I spotted the car belonging to my sisters friend Rosemary Butler, parked in our driveway. My sister and Rosemary were best friends and they sang together in the local coffee house. Mostly folk music, but some OK stuff too. I ran up the walk to the house and swung open the front door. Sure enough, Rose and my sister were in the living room, singing and playing music. My sister had her guitar on and Rose was sitting at my mothers grand piano, playing along. As soon as she spotted me, my sister stopped playing and called to me.

       "Andy! Come sing with me!" she shouted.
    I loved singing harmony with her. She had been teaching me for a while now and so I rushed to join them.

       "Let's sing Dream." she grinned. Katri started strumming the chords to the Everly Brothers song and we began.

    Now, my voice is still higher than most guys, and maybe higher than some girls, so I sang Phil Everlys parts while my sister sang Don Everlys' lead vocal. I loved doing this song, 'cause we sounded so good together! When we finished I was startled to hear someone clapping their hands together, so I quickly turned around and there in the far corner of the room sat Rosemary's friend, Jackson Browne. Jackson was a senior at Sunny Hills High school and wanted to be a musician. He played guitar and sang folk and some new stuff, but he also wrote his own songs, which weren't very good. At least I didn't think so. Katri and Rosemary thought his songs were good, but they really weren't! I hated listening to him sing and I realy hated the way he treated me like a little kid!

       "Bravo!" he snickered. "Except you sound like the Everly Sisters, instead of the Everly Brothers."

       "Hello, Jack..." I mumbled, so he couldn't hear me add "..Shit."

       "Andy, Rose and I are going to a party with Jackson. Mom left some dinner on the stove and Les won't be home until midnight. Mom and Dad went to see some friends in Fullerton and they won't be home until late. If you get lonely, you can go up to grandmas and sleep there, OK?"

    I nodded my head and watched as she packed up her guitar and the three of them headed out.

       "Good bye, Jack!" I sneered and waved until the front door closed. "Off!" I added after it shut.

        "Jackson... What a dick! He'll never be a recording artist!" I huffed. "Fuckin' jerk!"

    Hungry as always, I headed to the kitchen and ate til I was stuffed! I giggled to myself thinking of what my Maternal Grandmother would say if she ever heard me use the word "stuffed". Her being such a proper Englishwoman, and me speaking like a foul mouthed Sylvester the cat, what with my lisp and all!

    I finished up and went to my room, where I discovered a pile of clothes on my bed with a note.

       "Andy" it read. "Your sister bought these for you. I'm not too sure if I like them, but we'll talk about it tomorrow. Love, Mom."

    The shirt on top was chartreuse with white pokka dots. "Cool" I thought to myself. Looks like something a "Mod" would wear. My maternal Grandmother, like I said, was English and still very up on current events in the UK. She had told me how my cousin in London was a Mod. Had something to do with motorcycle gangs or something weird like that. Anyway, my cousin had sent some pictures and all his friends were wearing cool clothes, and some even wore shirts like this one my sister had bought for me. I grinned, understanding exactly why my mother would want to talk about these clothes, Of course I decided right then to wear the shirt to school Tuesday morning!

    I didn't feel like watching TV, so I gathered my new wardrobe from on my bed. Setting them aside, I proceeded to lie down, clasp my hands behind my head and sink into my pillow. Staring at the ceiling, I soon became aware the room was too quiet. I reached over to my nightstand and switched on the radio. Dave Hull was reading some of the days news, and when finished he announced KFWB was going to play one of my favorite songs. The guitar intro started and The Searchers sang to me.

         "I can feel a new expression, on my face
          I can feel a glowing sensation taking place
          I can hear the guitars playing lovely tunes
          Every time that you, walk in the room."

    I smiled to myself, as I was still thinking of Matt. The song continued and I began to listen very closely to the lyrics.

          "I close my eyes for a second and pretend it's me you want
           meanwhile I try to act so nonchalant
           I see a summer's night with a magic moon
           Every time that you walk in the room."

    It seemed as if I was hearing the song for the first time and it was actually about my thoughts!

          "Maybe it;'s a dream come true
           Walkin' right along side of you
            Wish I could tell you how much I care
            But I only have the nerve to stare."

    "Oh, my god! This song is about me and Matt!" I cried to myself.

            "I can feel a somethin' pounding in my brain
             Just anytime that someone speaks your name
             Trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom
             Every time that you walk in the room,
             Yes every time that you walk in the room."

I was suddenly very aware of just how much I loved Matt and how much I wanted to be his boyfriend. I realized it was him all along, standing right there in front of me and now I couldn't do a damn thing about it 'cause he had Paul and I had Norm. The revelation was too much all at once for me to handle and I began to cry.


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