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It's a boys' life!
by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 12

    I woke the next morning when I rolled over in my sleep and onto my back. The bump on my head started to throb against my pillow and the dull pain brought me out of my slumber. I sat up slowly, rubbing the knot and looked at my little clock whose face and hands read 10:32 AM. "Not too bad for the day before school starts" I considered to myself, since I'm not a morning person and never will be. 

            "... Oh, shit!" I suddenly remembered. "I'm grounded!"
    Knowing my dad, there would be at least one, if not more, unpleasant surprises in store for me today. He could never just give me restriction without adding a little something extra, just to make me miserable. As if I wasn't already! I knew how much effort dad put into fabricating his guns. He'd taken a gun smithing course to learn how to make stocks, nickel plate the metal parts and he even learned engraving, so he could fully customize a rifle or shotgun. Guns and hunting were more than a hobby for him, they were his passion. So much so, that he would ignore me for days on end while working in his gunroom. He didn't used to be like that at all. He used to make me feel that I was his favorite child out of the three, but that had been a long time ago.
       Sometimes it bothered me that I didn't have a close relationship with him anymore, as most other boys I knew had with their dads. On days like today, however, I wished for him to forget about me completely. It wouldn't be so bad if he failed to remember me, at least until the day was over! However, I knew that wasn't going to happen. It would just be a matter of time until he sprung a 'surprise' punishment on me.
       I got out of bed and stood naked, stretching my arms over my head and yawning, until a sudden sharp pain shot through me and caused my arms to drop. It started at my left shoulder and ran down the left side of my body to right above my hip. I stumbled backward to the edge of my bed and quickly sat down. Looking at my left shoulder, I was grossed out by the colors! Black, blue green, yellow and purple were predominating, with almost no normal flesh tone at all. Maybe it was a good idea to stay home today, even if I hadn't wanted to.
    As I sat there naked and hurting, I heard footsteps approaching my door, and then a knock.

          "Andy? You up?" I heard dad say.

          "Yes, sir!" I called out while grabbing for a pair of my shorts that lay on the floor where I'd discarded them two days ago. I don't know why I wanted to cover myself, since my door was locked and he couldn't come in unless I let him in, but I jumped into the baggies as quickly as I could.

         "Hurry up, son!" he called out. "I want you to come into town with me."

          "OK, but I gotta take a shower." I answered back at him through the closed door.

          "No, take one when we get back." I heard him say. "Meet me in the car."
    I didn't like the way this felt. Something was up with dad wanting me to go into town with him and it made my stomach begin to knot up. Dad wouldn't be taking me out in public for a joyride, that's for sure. His footsteps indicated he was heading towards the living room, to the front door.
    I felt a complete sense of dread overtaking me, but I didn't know why. All I knew for sure was if I didn't get out to the car right away, I was going to be in even bigger trouble than I was already.
    Hurrying to get ready, I pulled on a t-shirt and slipped my long thin feet into my deck shoes. Taking only a brief moment, I studied my rather out of proportion extremities. If my feet were any indication of how tall I would become in the next few years, then I was going to be really, really tall! My shoes were bigger than the ones Les wore and he was three years older than I was!
    I finished dressing, unlocked my door and headed out to meet dad. I was just entering the living room when I heard my Grandmas' voice coming from the kitchen.

       "Well, I know my son and he's just being mean to poor Andy. The boy didn't do a damn thing wrong and I'm going to stop this right now!"

       "Oh, Grandma! It's only a haircut and besides, he needs it cut for school tomorrow." My mother said, sounding desperate to prevent my Grandmother from talking to my dad.

    I stopped dead in my tracks, desperate in my own way. Thinking quickly, I spun around and headed back to my room. Just in time, too! As I entered and closed my door, I heard the front door open and close. I locked myself in and peeled off my shirt and shoes before getting the glass of water I'd left on my nightstand three days previous. Using just enough of the room temperature liquid to dampen my skin and hair, but not enough to make me actually be wet, I crossed the room and sat on the window seat, so the sun could shine directly on my exposed upper body and face. I'd used this trick several times before to feign illness last school year and I hoped it would work again for me today. As I sat there, I could hear my Grandma talking excitedly out in the driveway.

       "Damn if you're not being mean to that child, Harry!" she scolded. "You may be his father, but I'm your mother and I'm telling you right now that you will NOT make him cut his hair today or any other day!"
       "Oh, really?" dad said, nearly shouting. "And what if I do make him cut it?"

       "Then you'll just have to move off this ranch!" she shouted at him. "You DO remember that the whole damn thing belongs to me while I'm alive don't you? And another thing, Harry! What do you think would happen if I told everybody in town why you give your youngest son the cold shoulder treatment, Huh?! Just what do you think they'd say about that?"

       "Mother!" Dad cried out in horror. "You wouldn't do that!"

       "Oh, yes I would if you keep on being a horse's ass!" she shot back at him while I listened and grew afraid.
    I knew she was bluffing about kicking him and therefore us off the ranch. The fear I felt was over her threat to disclose why my dad and I didn't have a close relationship anymore.
    He and I had a typical father and son relationship until I was five, but everything had abruptly changed when I came down with tonsillitis while he was away on his annual deer hunting trip into the Sierra Nevada. It was about half way through his trip when mother got a hold of him though a friend in the town he was hunting outside of.  She'd told him I was seriously ill and our doctor wanted to take my tonsils out as soon as possible. Then she told him how I'd explained to her that because dad was away, I didn't get any of his special medicine and that's why I got sick. When she questioned me further, I explained how dad would take me into the shower with him and "inspect" my throat. He'd pronounce me healthy, but say that I needed to take his special medicine to keep from getting sick. I don't recall the exact words I used as a child, but I got the idea across to mom that he'd masturbate and just before he came, he'd have me suck on the head of his cock. I can still recall swallowing all his spunk and I remember I even liked the taste of it!
    However, Mom freaked out, of course! She really didn't need a phone to tell dad either. She had screamed at him so loud I think he could have heard it from where he was standing, nearly three hundred miles to the north!
    Right now, I didn't want the past to be brought up again, so I quickly made a new decision. I hopped to my feet, grabbed my shirt and threw it on as I unlocked my door. Walking swiftly to the front door, I exited the house and began walking towards my mom, dad and Grandma. They'd heard the front door open and had gone silent as I walked across the lawn towards dads' 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon.

          "Hi!" I greeted them cheerfully. "I'm ready, dad. Let's get going 'cause I got something I need to do in town if we have enough time."

    He starred at me climbing into his car for a moment before speaking.

          "What do you need to do?" he asked bluntly.

          "I wanted to go by Fosters Barbershop, if we have the time." I answered and then pulled the car door closed.

    The three of them just stared at me, while I glanced at them from the corner of my eye. Then they exchanged a few words quietly before dad went to his side of the car and got in. We drove the four miles to town in complete silence. Upon arriving at Main Street, dad parked in front of Dave's Hardware store. Before he got out though, he told me he was running late for an appointment and that we'd only have enough time to get a few things in the hardware store. The trip to Mr. Fosters barbershop would have to wait for another day.

    I felt a great relief upon hearing this. I would get to keep my hair long and the secret that destroyed our relationship would remain a secret. I could have lived through a haircut, but if the word ever got out that dad had done sexual things to me, I think I would die from the embarrassment!
    After he closed the car door and walked into the hardware store, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. 'Shit' I thought to myself. 'All I wanted to do today was get naked with Norman and Matt!' The thought of those guys made me grin, until the conversation I'd had with Matt yesterday evening came back to me. I frowned a little, thinking what might happen between Norm and Paul today, while I'm stuck at home. I figured It would be a good idea to call Norm as soon as I got home from town, since none of my friends knew what had happened last night.

    As soon as we entered the house, I excused myself to use the phone. As I was walking away from the living room, I heard dad say he was going to "check the Carlton groves". These were the citrus groves we owned on land that had at one time been slated to become a 'planned community', but never was developed. Dad and my grandfather had bought the land from the bankrupt developer before dad went into the service during world war two. These groves were about five miles away from the ranch and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing he was going there, instead of staying home.

    I waited until I heard him leave, then hurried to the den. This was my favorite place to make calls from, due to the fact it was isolated from the rest of the house and the old telephone set in there made a loud popping sound if anyone else picked up one of the other phones in the house. Good for detecting eavesdroppers! I called Norms house first, but his mother said he'd already  gone out. So, I dialed Matts' number and counted the rings until he answered.

          "Hello?" Matt's voice asked.

          "Hey, it's me." I said. "I got grounded and can't come over today. Is anybody there yet?"

          "Uh, Hi there Mr. Brown..." Matt began. I started to wonder what the hell was up as he continued talking. "No, my folks aren't home, but I'll be sure to have them call you. You can expect them to call in exactly one hour."

    I knew Matt was talking in some kind of code, so I just agreed to wait for his call.

          "OK, I'll be waiting. Call me for sure!"

          Yes, sir! I'll have them call. Bye!"

    Matt hung up and I felt my stomach turn over. What the hell was going on that he couldn't tell me right then? I looked at the clock, making a note in my head as to when I should expect the phone to ring and knowing the wait was going to drive me crazy!


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